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                   -=     Chracter Guide: Tidus     =-
                   -= By Black Fox (i.e Paul Gavin) =-
                   -= copyright 2003 (c) Paul Gavin =-
                   -=     [email protected]     =-
                   -=          Version 0.8          =-

     Table Of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Tidus
3. Sphere Grid
4. Strengths
5. Weaknesses
6. Team Benefits
7. Weapons List
8. Armor List
9. Ultimate Weapon
10. Credits
11. copyright


What up? Name's Black Fox. I'll be writing many chracter guides. Tidus is just the 
first. If you have any questions about the chracter guide e-mail me at 
[email protected] If they are related to Tidus I'll answer it.


Tidus is a guy who is exactly like us except for... his cloths, sports, social life, 
resolve, and school. His life is Blitzball, his dad is a spherical object(for some 
reason everything is in FFX) that all leaves widespread destruction everywhere it 
goes, the person he has a crush on can summon super monsters from the skies, or hell 
to destroy evil fiends, and he does it all with a smile on his face(I would say 'how 
could he do that' but it's a video game! Much less an RPG...).

Sphere Grid

Here I'll tell you how Tidus develops on the Sphere Grid.

*Fully Developed Tidus:
3000 HP
130 MP
39 Strength
18 Defense
6 Magic Power
8 Magic Defense
26 Agility
19 Evasion
19 Accuracy
1 Luck

* This is the adition to the chracter's beginning stats

A Fully Developed Tidus' Skills, Special Abilities, Black Magic And White Magic:

Skills: 3
Delay Attack
Delay Buster
Quick Hit
Specials: 3
Black Magic: 0
White Magic: 4

* Of course you can put Tidus in other grids(which eventually you will) to 
strengthen and broaden his techniques

What all of Tidus' Abilities do:

Delay Attack:
Does slightly increased damage and delays a single targets next turn.

Delay Buster:
Does slightly increased damage and greatly delays a single targets next turn.

Quick Hit:
(I do not have this skill yet)


Increases the party's offensive attributes(Strength and Defense)

Aids the whole party in fleeing a battle(cannot be used during ANY boss fights)

a single target automatically attacks the user of this technique during it's next 

White Magic:

Doubles the speed of a single target.

Doubles the speed of the whole party.

Halves the speed of an enemy.

Halves the speed of all enemies.

*The scale of half and double used are NOT guaranteed, they are EDUCATED GUESSES.

Questions? Was i unclear? [email protected]


1. Speed
2."Swiss Army Knife"
3. Sphere Grid Speed
4. Main Chracter

You know how in sports timing is everything? Well in RPG's speed is *ALMOST* 
everything. Tidus has it in spades.

"Swiss Army Knife":
This is just a word I like to use to describe something very versitle. The Swiss 
Army Knives of the game are Kimahri, Tidus, and Rikku. Due to location on the sphere 
grid, AP Gain speed, and beginning stats. Kimahri is exactly in the middle of the 
sphere grid with a couple Level 2 Keys you can make Kimahri a thief, a brawn no-
brain, a speed demon, or a White/ Black/Both Mage. The other two are at two ends of 
the sphere grid. Immediatly accessable to two allie's grids, and accessable late 
game to one. This is how they're arm knives!

Sphere Grid Speed:
As i said the army knivesgrow quickly. Need i say more?

Main Character:
For some reason just because someones the main chracter, for some reason with A LOT 
of people i know they're played alot more. I'ts just sort of an automatic thought i 
guess but it's still a factor.

1. Overdrives
2. HP

Niot that his ovedrives are bad just unattainable. Quite annoying to get too
! And for some reason it's always in the middle of a boss fight and when you see how 
much damage it can do, you start wishing you had it sooner.....

Don't worry about it his evade and accuracy allow him to relinquish HP for speed.

Team Benefits
Tidus' Hastega is a key role in all BOSS battles, and on't overlook it. Tidus should
(in my opinion) always be in the party to cast his support spells. In Fiend fights 
delay moves kick a**. only LATE, LATE, LATE, LATE, LATE, LATE, game monsters are 
immune much less resistant. Also as i said Swiss Army Kinfe.

Weapons List
Coming Soon

Armor List
Coming Soon

Ultimate Weapon
Cming Soon

--==--==--==--==--==--==--, Posting my guide, Posting my guide
Mom, letting me use her computer
God, he's God need I say more?
Myself, wanting to share knowledge with da world!

(copyright(c) 2003 Paul Gavin)

You may not use this guide pther than personal use without my EXPLICIT PERMISSION. I 
MEAN EXPLICIT. I must e-mail you or else you may not use it.
Feel free to e-mail me about Tidus!
[email protected]
YIM name is blackfox541

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