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jump's height **
jump's lenght ***
attack **
breaks: none
unlock: start out with him.

Biographie: Yoshi is a small green dragon on Mario's side. Yoshi's attack swallows 
the enemy. In a second, it will turn into a egg that he can throw. Yoshi is able to 
flutter when he jumps.
jump's height **
jump's lenght **
attack **
breaks: red blocks
unlock: Once you have 8 stars you can unlock Mario. Go into the room where you 
switch characters. Go through the door in the middle, you will be in the rec. room. 
Go through the door that says 8 on it. jump into the picture of Mario. In the 
course follow the map to the big X in here you fight GOMBOSS as Yoshi, catch the 
GOMBAS behind the GOMBOSS and go to the front of him and throw the egg at him. Do 
this 3 times and get the key to Mario's room.

Biographie: Mario is a human that wears red clothes. Mario's attack punches and 
kicks. Mario is the most known Character. Mario is normal he is normal height and 
normal weight.
jump's height **
jump's lenght ****
attack **
breaks: red blocks
unlock: Once you have 8 stars and Mario, you can unlock Luigi. Go to big Boo's 
haunt. Go in the mansion. Go to the second floor and the room all the way on the 
right. In here you'll see a ? box. Get it scince you are Mario you will become a 
ballon. float up. You will see another platform land there. go through the door and 
jump into the picture of luigi in this level go right, left, right, left. Deafeat 
KING BOO by punching him three times.

Biographie: Luigi is Mario's closest brother. He wears Green clothes. Luigi's 
attack is the same as Mario's. Luigi is the tallest of the brothers. He is normal 
jump's height *
jump's lenght *
attack ****
breaks: Boulders, red blocks, black blocks
unlock: once you have 30 stars and luigi, and have beaten Bowser in the Fire See,
go up the tower, with luigi. Go in the mirror room you will see 2 power flowers get 
one of them. You are now invisible run through the mirror on the side of the mirror 
jump in the Wario picture. Run towards the X and jump in. make the ice monster fall 
off the side 3 times to deafeat him.

biographie: Wario is Mario's and Luigi's brother. He wears Yellow clothes. His 
attack is simmilar to Mario's and Luigi's attack eccept it sends enemy's flying. He 
is small and fat. 
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