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Character Unlock/Zenie/Capsule FAQ
        -Written by Omegaforce725

****Table of Contents****

1. Introduction
2. Unlockable Characters for DU
3. DU Character Capsules
4. Characters NOT in DU
5. Zenie
6. Character Levels/Attributes
7. Ferquently Asked Questions
8. Closing
9. Copyright

WARNING! If you have not played the game, my listing the moves and unlockable
characters could be spoilers.  But don’t worry, you probably want to know anyway.  

***1. Introduction***
	Welcome to Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3!  This game is a definite improvement over
Budokai 2.  The story mode (Dragon Universe ) is the biggest improvement. 
Overall, the fight sequences look a lot like the ones in the show…that is, if your
good enough at the game.  Many people have questions about how to get capsules for
characters, especially since the World Tournament is pretty hard in this game-and it
takes a while to accumulate Zenie.  This FAQ will hopefully answer all questions.

***2. Unlockable Characters for DU***
	Of all the characters in the game you unlock, only a few have a DU.  Here are who
they are and how to get them.

1. Teen Gohan- Beat Kid Gohan’s DU
2. Gohan (Adult)- Beat Teen Gohan’s DU
3. Broly- In Goku’s DU, when he is looking for someone to fuse with, instead of going
to the red marker on the map, head towards it.  Close to it should be a “???” event.
 Go to it to meet Tien.  Then go nearby to an event called “Mountains”.  You will
meet Kabitokai-yes, not Kabitoshin like the game calls it.  It is Kabitokai.  He will
tell you about a power greater than Buu’s.  Now go to the marker and fuse with
Vegeta.  After you fight Super Buu (Gohan) you will fight Super Buu in his head. 
After that, instead of going to Kid Buu, Vegeta will tell you to go check out a
bigger power.  Go to the new marker and fight Broly.  Defeat him, and you will unlock
4. Uub- Defeat Kid Buu (with Goku) with a successful super spirit bomb.  (Equip
Kaioken, Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 2, and Spirit Bomb.)  Do spirit bomb while in
normal state or Kaioken,(if in SS it will not work), and win the power struggle. 
Then, the story mode will continue.  Go to the World Martial Arts tournament and beat
Uub.  If you defeat him, you will unlock him.

***3. DU Character Capsules***
	This is a list of ALL the characters in DU (Dragon Universe).  
ALSO!  Some of the characters you have to unlock, so don’t think you can go on in and
play as anyone.

1. Goku
2. Kid Gohan
3. Teen Gohan
4. Gohan
5. Vegeta
6. Piccolo
7. Krillin
8. Tien
9. Yamcha
10. Uub
12. Broly

For the most part, you can receive every character’s capsule in their DU.  Some you
will receive automatically, others, you will have to find them.  If you collect all
the Dragon Balls, you can wish for that character’s Breakthrough or memory.  These
are only the characters in DU.

Kaioken--Get automatically is Saiyan Saga.
Super Saiyan--Get automatically in Namek Saga
Super Saiyan 2--Get automatically in Buu saga 
Super Saiyan 3--Get automatically in Buu saga
Super Saiyan 4--There are two ways to do it; I will tell you the EASY way.  Follow
the steps to unlock Broly.  After Vegeta tells you to go fight Broly, don’t go to the
marker.  Instead, go to the southern islands east of the world tournament.  A ???
will appear.  Go to it and watch as Goku turns into SSj4.  
Kamehameha--Get automatically in beginning of game.
Dragon fist-- I found it accidentally on Earth in the Android/Cell saga.  Just look
around- or buy it.
Warp Kamehameha-- Just north of the Cell Games arena, talk to Krillin and you will
get it.  
Spirit Bomb--Get automatically in (Kid) Buu Saga

**Kid Gohan**
Unlock Potential--Get automatically in Namek Saga
Masenko- Find it in western mountains on west continent by Baba’s Palace in Saiyan
Saga, but you get it at the start of the game. (?).

**Teen Gohan** 
Super Saiyan--Get automatically in beginning of game. (not exactly right away.)
Super Saiyan 2- Get automatically in Android/Cell saga.
Kamehameha--Get automatically at start of game.
Soaring Dragon Fist-- I accidentally found it in Cell saga, but you can buy it.
Father/Son Kamehameha--Get automatically in Android/Cell saga.

Super Saiyan- Get automatically in Android/Cell saga.
Super Saiyan 2- You either get it in Cell saga or Buu saga.
Super Saiyan 4- When you are brought back to life after you fight Majin Buu, go to
Muscle Tower, not the marker!  It is at the frozen island.  You will talk to
Kabitokai.  Then go to the marker and fuse with Goku.  Beat Super Buu (Gohan) and
Super Buu.  Goku will then tell you to go fight a new power.  Don’t go to the marker.
 Instead, fly around in the southern islands.  There will be a scene of Vegeta
complaining about Goku.  Then go fight Broly.  After that, don’t go to the marker, go
to the “Plains” near Baba’s Palace.  Talk to Bulma, then go home to West City.  Bulma
will give you the SSj4 capsule!  Then go fight Goku at the marker as SSj4 to get
Galick Gun-Get in DU
Final Flash-Go to West City in the Android/Cell saga
Final Impact-??? event on the northwest island on Namek.
Big Bang Attack-Get in DU.

Sync with Nail- Get automatically in Namek Saga.
Fuse with Kami- Get automatically in DU
Destructive Wave- Get at start of game
Light Grenade- Find it in DU or buy it. 
Special Beam Cannon- Get automatically in DU
Hellzone Grenade- Get automatically in DU

Unlock Potential- Get automatically in Namek Saga
Kamehameha- Get at beginning of game
Distructo Disk- Find in mountains near Baba’s Palace
Fierce Distructo Disk- Get automatically in Android/Cell Saga

Dodompa- Find it at the “plains” event near Kami’s lookout.
Ki Blast Cannon- Get automatically in DU
Neo Ki Blast Cannon- Go to Kami’s Lookout during the Android/Cell saga.

Kamehameha- Get automatically in DU
Wolf Fang Fist- Look for it in a “Plains” event.
Spirit Ball Attack- Find it in DU.

Ki Cannon- Get automatically in DU
Fierce Flurry- Get automatically in DU

***4.Characters NOT in DU***
	Here are a list of characters NOT in DU and how to get them.  My thanks goes out to

1. Kid Goku- Go to Grandpa Gohan’s house as Goku after fighting Raditz 
       but before Nappa.  Or, beat Broly’s DU.
2. Great Saiyaman- Beat Gohan’s (Adult) DU.
3. Trunks- Beat Vegeta’s DU.
4. Kid Trunks- Defeat Majin Buu in Vegeta’s DU
5. Goten- Defeat him in Gohan’s (Adult) DU at Grandpa Gohan’s house.
6. Hercule- On a time through Piccolo’s DU, search around a desert near Baba’s Palace
before fighting Buu.  This can be the first time, it does NOT have to be the second
time through.  Go to the desert near Baba’s palace and talk to Hercule.  Then go to
Central City and talk to Videl.  She will give you the Hercule capsule.
7. Videl- In Gohan’s (Adult) DU, before you fight Dabura, go to the plains near
Goku’s house.  Then go to the southern island with the ??? over it.  Talk to Yajarobi
and Videl and you will get the Videl capsule.
8. Supreme Kai- On a second time through Gohan’s (Adult) DU, go to the plains near
Goku’s house.  Then go to where you got Videl.  Then go north of west city and defeat
Vegeta.  Go to the northeastern mountains and use R1 to find and talk to Vegeta. 
Then go defeat Debura.  After that, stay where you are and defeat Majin Vegeta. 
Then, before you go to Buu, go to the plains area west Central City.  Talk to Supreme
Kai and you will unlock him.
9. Raditz- Beat him with Goku.
10. Nappa- Beat with Piccolo.
11. Captain Ginyu- Beat with Goku
12. Recoome- Beat with Goku  
13. Frieza- Beat with Goku
14. Android 16- Second time through Krillin’s DU, it will go into Cell saga.  Go to a
southern island near the tournament (or on tournament island) and talk to 16.  Then
go to West City to get his capsule.
15. Android 17- Beat with Piccolo
16. Android 18- Beat Krillin’s DU
17. Dr. Gero (Android 20)- Beat with Yamcha
18. Cell- Beat Teen Gohan’s DU
19. Majin Buu- Beat with Goku
20. Super Buu- Beat with Vegeto in Goku’s DU
21. Kid Buu- Beat with Goku
22. Dabura- Beat with Gohan (Adult) in Gohan’s DU
23. Cooler- The second time (or after) you play Goku’s DU, go to the Namek saga. 
After you fight Frieza the first time, three red markers should appear.  Go to the
one south of you, at Frieza’s Spaceship.  Talk to Vegeta, then fight him as a Super
Saiyan.  Then a new red mark should appear, go to it and fight Cooler.  If you beat
him, you unlock him.
23A. Metal Cooler- To unlock Metal Cooler, after you fight Frieza the first time, do
NOT go to the south marker to fight Vegeta.  Instead, go to the marker on the Central
Continent.  Fight Cooler.  Then he will re-appear as Metal Cooler.  Talk to him. 
Before you fight him, go north to his spaceship.  North of his spaceship should be a
“???” event.  Go to it and receive the “Cooler’s Spaceship” capsule.  This allows
Cooler to turn into Metal Cooler if you are defeated in Duel, World Tournament,
Dragon Arena, etc.
24. Bardock- To unlock Goku’s dad (YES! Bardock IS Goku’s dad!), play Goku’s DU a
second time.  In the beginning of the game, fly over Raditz’s spaceship.  There will
be an event over it.  Go to it and unlock Bardock.  
Omega Shenron- To unlock the strongest character in the game, Omega Shenron, follow
the steps to unlock Broly.  After Goten and Trunks will challenge you to a Fusion
fight at the world tournament arena. Instead of fighting him, look for a “???” event
to the NE of the world tournament on one of the small islands. There you should get
Goku's SS4 capsule. From there head to West city near the bridge. Talk to Bulma about
the Dragon radar.   It’s broken or something.  After that, head to the world
tournament and take on Gotenks. You will receive Godeta’s capsule.  Relax, its only
for SSj2.  Then Omega Shenron will show up. Head to Central City. There you will fuse
with SS4 Vegeta and get the SS4 Gogeta capsule. (Finally!) Defeat Omega as SS4 Gogeta
to get his capsule.  Be warned, he is no pushover, and is still stronger than you
even with SS4 Gogeta.  Plus, your fusion will most likely wear out in the middle of
the fight.  

*** 5.Zenie***
	Many people find it hard to collect Zenie in this game because the World Tournament
is so darn hard.  I have a few methods for you to try.

1. Beat worls tournament on Adept or Advanced, hard as heck but you get a nice amount
of money.
2. Play through a DU to get a nice little profit.  This may take some time and you
wont get a lot.
      3.  I like to call this one the Kid Gohan technique.  It takes about a minute
and you get 50,000 Zenie each time.  Go to New Game at DU, and choose Kid Gohan.  At
the beginning, go to the “Forest” event between Grandpa Gohan house and Goku house. 
Talk to Goku.  Then go just NW of  Central City to receive 5,000 Zenie.  Now go to
the SW corner of the frozen island to receive 5,000 Zenie.  From there, turn directly
south.  On the Southeastern most island, you will receive 12,000 Zenie.  Then go to
an island east of the tournament area to get 5,000 Zenie.  Last but MOST CIRTANLY not
least, go to the very bottom of the map.  Turn west, and skip along the bottom of the
map until you reach a “???” event in the middle of the ocean.  You will receive
23,000 Zenie.  Once mastered, this little technique can get you 50,000 Zenie in about
a minute’s time.

***6.Character Levels/ Attributes***
	This is the subject I have the most trouble with in the game.  Here are all the
attributes and what they do.  I want to thank the gamefaqs author of the “Attribute
FAQ” for this!  I quote this from his FAQ.

Adding points into health increases the amount of health your character
has.  One bar of health is 1000 hit points.  So in that regard with zero health your
character will have 3000 hit points.

Each point in Health gives you about (but not exactly) 200 hit points.
With 20 points in Health you will have 7 life bars, so 7000 life.

This means MAXING Health will give you about a 133% bonus to your life.
(The reason I say 'about', and not give an exact number, is because it is indeed a
decimal number and Budokai 3 rounds up to the nearest whole

Ki is your energy.  Whenever you use a special move, or if you teleport
it uses up a set amount of your ki.  Putting points in KI will reduce
the amount that gets used up.  Putting points in KI will NOT increase
the damage of KI based attacks.  It ONLY reduces consumption!!

I found that on average having the max 20 points in KI will reduce the
consumption by about 1/3.  For example: it costs exactly 3 full bars of energy to
teleport-dodge.  With 20 points in KI it will take about 2 full bars.

Also with a typical Level one death move a full bar is consumed, but
with 20 points in KI it will consume SLIGHTLY OVER half of one bar.
Of special note is that the more points in KI, the earlier you can
transform.  With KI at 20 you can transform slightly more than 1 full
energy bar sooner than usual!

Attack controls the amount of damage you do.  Each point you place in
attack increases your damage by 5%.  At 20 points you will have an extra 100% added
to your damage, thus your damage is exactly doubled.

This goes for all of your damage, special moves and ultimate included!
Now: Let me give a simple example.  If you usually do 20 damage
per punch, with ATTACK maxed, you will be doing 40 damage per punch.
No-brainer right?

Guard controls the overall amount of damage you take.  This includes
even when you do NOT block!  Each point in Guard increases your defense
by 5%.  This means that about 2.5% damage is reduced per point.

At 20, Guard will increase your defense by 100%, meaning that all damage done to you
is cut EXACTLY in half at 50%. For those non-math wizards out there, I am saying if
someone does 20 damage to you per punch, with Guard maxed, they will only do 10
damage per punch!!

Arts increase the damage of your Death Moves (like kamehameha) and your
Ultimate attacks!  Yes, Attack does that also...but Arts is a way to
boost your special attacks' damage higher STILL.

Each point you put in ARTs gives a 2.5% increase in special move damage
ending at a 50% bonus at 20 points.

For example: The Saibaman's Acid attack usually does 250 damage.  With 20 points in
the ARTS stat, it will be doing 375 damage instead. 
(50% increase)

Ability is one of the most asked about stats (other than COM).  What 
ability does is increase the effectiveness of ITEMS that you equip on your character.
This doesn't just include Items that you use by holding in X and pressing
down,down...this also includes items in the EQUIPMENT page too, such as Old Style
Armor, or Potential for example.

I sorted items into 3 different categories.
1. Equipment that increases attack/defense
2. Equipment that lowers ki consumption
3. Items that you use

The results of the test show that each of these different categories
receives a DIFFERENT kind of Bonus from the Ability Stat.

(1.) Equipment that increases attack/defense.
This category includes the armors such as Old Style Armor, or Vest from 
grandpa Gohan to name a also includes Rage! items and Potential.  Each point
into Ability will increase the power of these items by .04%  Yes that is .04, not .4!
 That means with 20 Ability you only get about 8% attack or defense added to these
types of items!

(2.) Equipment that lowers ki consumption. 
For the most part Maxing Ability will add less than a 1/3rd boost to KI 
consumption-reduction items.  

(3.) Items that you use.
These are items on the 3rd tab.  You use them by holding in Guard and
pressing Down,Down.  These types of items receive a 30% bonus with 20
points in Ability, making them the most useful.  

As mentioned above in the FAQ section, COM controls how well your 
character will battle when controlled by the Computer.  It effects 
NOTHING MORE! To answer the dozens of questions asked all-to-frequently, COM does not
effect anything WHILE YOU ARE CONTROLLING your character.”

    I have a little strategy I
used to get my Goku to a decent level.  Go to New Game in DU.  At the beginning of
Goku’s DU, go to Kami’s Lookout.  Talk to him about training and you will level up by
1.  I did this a few times, but now it doesn’t work.  If you have any ideas why,
contact me at [email protected]
	Other than that, now I just play through each character’s DU to raise their level.  
You can play Dragon Arena, but that doesn’t help that much.

***Frequently Asked Questions***
****Frequently asked Questions*****
     So far I've had a few people ask me questions about the game.  Here are some of
their questions and my answers:

Asked by just2fly
Q. Can you play with fusion characters in duel mode. Like can you pick them from the
start, if so what do I have to do to unlock them. And also who is the powerfulest or
best character to play with. Right now I am playing with piccolo. Iam really good with
him and also like that he has those long arms. But not sure if he is a powerful
A. You can play with fusion characters in duel mode, but you cant pick them from
character select like you can pick Goku or Vegeta.  Lets assume you want to be SS4
Gogeta.  Equip the capsule to Goku or Vegeta and when in Duel mode, go SS4 and use
P+K+G+E in hyper mode.  This transformation, and SS2 Gogeta, only last a little
while.  Same with Gotenks.  
    This will work in Dragon Arena, World tournament and practice modes also.  
    The question of "Who is the BEST character" is the most asked about the game. 
You can approach this question two ways.  You said you play with Piccolo.  Not the
best character, but he has a few powerful attacks and nice offence.  Really, any
character you are good with, could be considered the "best" for you.
    The second way you can approach this question is with FACTS.  Overall, Omega
Shenron is technically the "best" character to play with.  He has the highest offence
and defense.  Like I said in my "Omega Shenron Character Guide", if you add just 1
point to attack to Omega, he already has a 110% attack power where as Broly or Goku
(or any other character) only have 105%.  In guard, add 1 point, he has a 110%, and,
like attack, everyone else will have 105%.  
    This goes for all his attributes.  His attacks are overall stronger, and he has
perfectly balanced Ki consumption, because all 7 kai bars are his base (where as Goku
in SS4 or Vegeta (SS4) only have around 5 or 6.   
    With all this in mind, there is one more thing I would like to add.  If you are
going for the ACTUAL strongest, fastest character, your best bet would be SS4 Gogeta.
 The fusion lasts for 15 seconds, but if you can pull off a 
100X Big Bang Kamehameha you can finish your opponent with ease.

Q. When boosting up your caractor what are the best places to power up on? Like
1,2,3,4 and so on.

A. When boosting up your characters levels and attributes, which one you choose to
raise first is personal preferance.  But, I would have to say, try to raise health
first.  Health, Attack, Guard, and Arts are the most valuble attributes your
character has.  
    Try to max out health, then work on attack and guard.  Once that is done, go on
to Arts.  You dont need any in COM, that just makes your character harder to beat
when you vs. it in world tournament. 

	In closing, I hope this FAQ will help you.  If I have any false information, or you
want to help me solve my problem with the Goku DU strategy, contact me at
[email protected]  Thank you.

	This FAQ is my sole property.  You may use it for your personal use, but you may not
take credit for my work.  If you want to quote my work on your own, or use my FAQ on
another site, I MUST GET CREDIT!!!!!  Any website you post this on, I MUST GET CREDIT.  
If you dont give me credit, I will charge you to the full extent of the law.

Copyright, 2005, Omegaforce725

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