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Hi, my name is Joe Mancuso and I will be telling you how to unlock the characters 
to the game Super Mario 64 DS. My e-mail address is [email protected]; if you have 
any questions, don’t hesitate. This FAQ is v1.0 and just because it is the first 
version does not mean that it is bad. And be prepared to red the “Character 
Unlocking guide”.

   Thursday, July 27, 2006 (all in one day)

Unlocking The Characters: Mario
	Mario is the first person you will be unlocking in this crazy adventure 
game. Unlocking him is quite simple. Just get at least 8 stars and go up to the top 
floor and then make a right. You should come to a door with no star. Walk in it. 
Then you should be in a room with 5 doors. On the far left it is a green carpet 
representing Luigi. Then to the right of that door it has a red carpet representing 
Mario. Then to the right of that it should be normal double doors. Go in the double 
doors and when you should be in a pink colored ‘’girly’’ room. There should be a 
picture of a paradise looking picture. Go to the right of the picture and you 
should see a bunch of draws. At the end of that it is a door that has the number 8 
on it. Go up to it and you should unlock it by using the power of the stars. Then 
go in that door and you should see a picture of Mario. Go in that that picture and 
you should appear in a scary looking board. It may look confusing but it is quite 
simple. Just head down the slide and avoid the potato head guy. Then keep going 
until you are in front of a piranha plant. Just avoid him or sneak up to him and 
eat him. Then keep going until you see a blue platform with a dark blue diamond, 
jump on it and then jump again and you will be on the other side. Look a little 
more beyond and you should see 3 floating logs. The 3 floating logs float upwards. 
Then after you jump across them you should see 2 potato head guys and behind them 
should be a piranha flower. Sneak past him and then jump on the log that has the 
green vine. Jump on the green vine and ignore the guy on the cloud. Go all the way 
up the vine and you should on another floating half of the log. Jump on it and find 
out where the bridge is (it is somewhere around the small log.) and go across it. I 
suggest you eat the potato guys so you can kill the rest of them. When you are on 
the third 1, wait until he comes into the egg formation and throw it at the piranha 
plant. If you miss it, then simply jump on it. After you kill it go to the right of 
it and you should see a heart. Go through it if you need more health. Then jump 
down the whole in the log. Now you should land on another log with purple haze in 
the middle. A big king potato guy should talk to you and say that you cant defeat 
him and blah blah, like all of them do. Then go behind him and eat one of the 
smaller potato guys. Then go the other way until you are in front of him. The guy 
you ate should be an egg by now and you have to throw it at the king. When you do 
this he will poop out more small potato guys. Just repeat this 2 more times and 
then he will blow up. And a key will come out with a green cap on it. 

Unlocking The Characters: Luigi
	Luigi is the second person you will unlock in this crazy adventure game. 
RED BOXES! Unlocking him is only a little harder then unlocking Mario, of course. 
So to do this, just go in the courtyard part of the castle (the backyard). And you 
should be facing a pond, go to the left and there should be ghost. When you face 
them they disappear so it is hard to kill them and they have blue coins in them to 
trick you, DON’T fall for it. Keep looking at them until you see one with a cage 
inside him instead of a blue coin. Kill him by diving into him. Then jump above the 
cage and you should shrink into it. Now you are facing a huge ghost house. Go into 
the front door and then you should see a striped sort of chain looking thing on the 
floor. Try to line your self up because you are about to triple jump onto the next 
floor. Do this by pressing UP+A+A+A. So after you do your straight A’s, you are 
ready for the next grade. Now you must try to find the next door. WITH my help, 
simply go to the first door on your right. Then you should see Mario’s front of his 
body. Direct him closer to the screen. You should see a stage. Jump up with Mario 
and hit the red box. A power flower should appear. Mario will now be able to float. 
Just float back to the door that you can from but go a little bit up. You should 
see another door. Go to the door and press R. You should do a butt slam and get out 
of power flower mode. Go through the door. To your right and to Mario’s left. You 
should see a picture of Luigi. Jump in it. You should come down in front of a big 
mirror. Go towards the mirror and a short story should be played. In the reflection 
of Mario, Luigi should appear. Then a ghost will talk to you and it is up to you to 
defeat it. Simply go behind the ghost and start punching and diving and attacking 
the ghost form behind. But…your will only see it in the reflection the first and 
third time. So use the reflection as a study board. After 3 times of defeating him 
he will give up and tell you that you can never kill a ghost. He will blow up and a 
key with a green hat should be on top of the key. You now have the key to Luigi’s 
door. You can now unlock Luigi!

Unlocking The Characters: Wario
	Wario is the last person you will be unlocking in this crazy adventure 
AS HIM WHEN YOU ARE ATTEMTING THIS UNLOCK! Unlocking Wario is the most hardest and 
difficult of all the unlocks. Since he is the last one. So to do this, go and get 
Luigi. And bring him to the top floor of the castle. Make a right and you should 
see an indent in the wall with a red carpet and a door. Go through the door. Then 
you should be in front of a mirror and there should a picture of Luigi on the 
complete right of the wall. In the reflection of the mirror, Luigi’s picture should 
turn into a picture of Wario.  Then jump into the Wario picture (which is on the 
right hand side). When you jump in it, you should be in a winter wonderland. Luigi 
should be facing a big icy slide. Just slide down it and watch him till the end. 
You should slide off the slide and should be falling to nowhere until the wind 
catches you. You will float up and land on an icy island. Don’t mind the small bull 
guys. Just go left and jump on the platforms. There should be 4 of them, all 
diagonal from each other. After you get across them you should be on another isle. 
It should have 1 small bull on it and a bridge to the right. It should have a cage 
running up and down the track. Jump on the cage and stay on it until you get to the 
other side. When you are on the other side you should be standing on another icy 
isle. Then go right and jump off the edge. You will be drifted up by the strong 
gust and then fall in an icy puddle. You have to get out of it fast because you 
will lose health for being in it so long. Jump out of it and go on the icy isle 
where there are about 10 small bulls. Ignore them and jump over the fence but not 
to fast. Then wait until the icy pillar come by and jump on it. Then jump on the 
other one. And continue to jump on them until you reach the other side. You should 
see a cage with a red box and a red coin. Ignore that and watch out for the snowman 
that pops up out of the ground. Ignore him and start jumping on the moving icy 
pillars again till you are all the way up to the top. Then jump in the big hole and 
you should fall all the way down on a big icy circular piece of ice that is very 
slippery and see a big ice ball with eyes and a mustache. And start making fun of 
your mustache and calling it peach fuzz. All you have to do is punch and kick him 
until he falls off the edge. He will jump back up and jump on the sides and knock 
them off. The first time he falls he knocks of just a small part of the edge. The 
second time he knocks off a really big part of the icy edge. So don’t be near the 
edge. And the third time he blows up and a key with a yellow hat representing Wario 
will appear. Get it and…you have unlocked Wario, CONGRADULATIONS!!! You have 
unlocked all the characters. 

  No part of this document shall be copied, rewrote or sold in any form by means of 
CD, DVD, recorded, documented or directed. If wanted to do any of the following, 
the author must permit it. –Thank You, Copyright ©, 2006, Joe Mancuso. Any 
questions, Please do not hesitate to ask me at [email protected] -Thank You

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