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                                   Character Weakness
                                     by: JustinCase
                                   Updated Aug. 7 2003
3.Dr. Mario
8.Ice Climbers
13.Young Link
21.Capt. Falcon
25.Mr. Game and Watch
26.additional info

Hello. This faq contains character's who can easily defeat characters and 
stats. If you have any questions about this faq or anything else, please contact me 
at [email protected] 
As you should know Mario is pretty decent all-around. But Mario is no specialist at 
long range. If your close up Mario can fight pretty well. If you go long he has 
fireballs, but also that annoying cape move. No character is a weakness against a 
cool move: cape someone to turn them around and punch them over and over. 
Dr. Mario
Dr. Mario is a pretty close character to Mario. He has only a few differences. He 
throws pills instead of fireballs, he wears a Dr.'s coat, and the one most people 
overlook, he is stronger, but slower. Although he is not much slower an 
exceptionally good spead character may defeat him with less difficulty than Mario. 
(spead characters are like Fox, and others.
cool move: try repeatedly caping someone.
Luigi is also close to Mario. He has a lot more different moves than Dr. Mario has 
over Mario. Luigi can charge a side missle-like attack instead of cape. He has no 
real character weakness.
cool move: try waiting for someone and doing up b. A very strong attack will be 
unleashed if your on the ground when they are near you.
We're finally off the people similar to Mario. Bowser is a slow and powerful 
character. His weight may also keep him alive through heavy damage. He has a bad 
long range attack until they get a little close. You can scorch them with fire. He 
is almost useless against a very fast character, therefore, Shiek, Fox, Pichu, and 
others like them are a weakness.
cool move: try pressing right/left b and sometimes you will grab them and do tons 
Peach is a good close ranger. She has various weapons, frying pan, golf club, and 
other things. Unfortunately, she has a bad long range. Her long range is a 
that she throws. It does little damage, can be caught and thrown back, and is slow. 
She is very good in F-zero levels where she can float over cars. (hold y) Her 
weakness character is probably good all-around characters and pikachu, who can zap 
her when she's floating.
Kirby is a fun character because he can copy character's b button powers. If your 
him go for a Samus hat to make him the ultimate character. With the Samus hat he 
two long range and plenty of close. His rock attack is very effective and he's good 
in mid-air with his spinning hammer. He is a little light is the only problem. His 
weakness character is pikachu who can zap him when he's trying to turn to a rock. 
(The rock move is a great shield, but be careful of grabs.) 
cool move: go over someone who is trying to get back to a ledge and rock until you 
hit, then puff back to the edge. 
Ice Climbers
These two are not horrible. One ice climber is the computer when you're separated 
and the computer cannot give you damage if it's hurt. They are mostly close-range 
but have a mild ice attack for long distance. Try not to lose your partner or 
be weaker. A skilled long ranger can kill the ice climbers. 
cool move: try freezing someone and hitting them. (freeze-down b)
Samus is the best long-rang fighter. She has missles, a chare beam, and a very long 
grab. She isn't horrible at close combat with punches and bombs. Samus's weakness 
probably Fox or Falco, generally the fast reflectors.
cool move: if you press foward b suddenly you can get a super missle. (not seaking, 
but stronger)
One of the many best close range fighters. Marth has a charge sword attack. Marth 
has a fast combo move, and the most useful a counter attack. (down b) If anybody 
hits Marth in the middle of his counter move he will strike back taking no damage. 
He is faster and can swipe quicker than Roy. His weakness is long range, like Samus.
cool move: try swiping people up and up repeatedly until they're off the top of the 
Roy is very similar with almost all the same moves as Marth. He is stronger using 
fire in his attacks, and is a little slower in combat than Marth. His weakness is 
the same as Marth's. (see above)
cool move: charge all the way up (b) if you hit someone an explosion will appear 
killing the victim in one hit! This move will give you 10 damage.
Link is a common favororite. He is good all-around (boomerang, arrows, bombs) and 
excellent close-ranger. Link's spin attack is one of the best in the game. Doing 
spin attack in the air is more effective because you can slice multiple times. 
Link's only weakness character is Kirby, because he can turn to a rock over Link in 
his mid-air spin. 
cool move: grab and throw someone up, then jump and press a up, it causes some 
useful damage.
Young Link
Young Link is very close to Link with a few differences. Young Link's sword attacks 
are weaker, except for his spin attack which holds people in swiping over and over. 
His arrows are fire, and stronger than Link's. Young Link is also faster. But if 
like to hit the enemy far away, don't use him. His weakness is Kirby for the same 
reason as Link. (see above)
cool move: grab and throw someone up and throw a bomb to hit them, this can cause a 
lot of damage.
Zelda and Sheik are the same character, you just change into them. (down b) Zelda 
a light character, which means it takes less damage to knock her off. She uses 
powerful attacks especially in mid-air. Try using a in different positions. Her 
weaknesses are powerful characters, like Roy, Falco, DK, ect.
cool move: in mid-air press a up when someone's above you for a powerful explosion. 
Shiek and Zelda are the same character (see above). Shiek is very fast. Her attacks 
aren't the strongest, but she's fast enough to get a lot in. She's good all-around, 
and can easily beat Bowser if skilled enough. Her weakness is Samus, because she is 
mostly close range and will have trouble getting to a skilled Samus.
cool move: grab someone and throw them up, hit a up to do a twist attack. Repeat 
over and over to accumulate a lot of damage.
Fox is also a very fast character like Shiek that can get a lot of hits in. Fox's 
blaster doesn't keep the enemy back, so don't use him if you don't like that. Fox 
weaker than Falco, but he's faster and his fire fox goes farther than Falco's fire 
bird. Fox's weakness is probably Falco, a stronger version of him.
cool move: do your reflector move when your next to someone to get some distance.
Falco is a stronger version of Fox. Although Falco's fire bird doesn't go very far 
compared to Fox's. His blaster however, is stronger and can keep the enemy back. 
Falco's weakness is no one. He can be defeated but he's good all around.
cool move: reflect a shot from another Falco or Fox, and have them reflect the same 
blast going back and fourth.
D.K. is a heavier and stronger character than others. Although he isn't as slow as 
Bowser he is a little lighter and a big target. He can charge a punch and kill off 
light characters in a heartbeat. He's especially good in large groups where he do 
spinning kong (up b) or slap attack. (down b) His weakness is the good old Samus 
him being slow, a big target, and no long-range. 
cool move: grab someone and leap off an edge, this is good if you have like two 
lives and they have one, grab and jump until you die with the for the win. (don't 
to Kirby or Jigglypuff, who can float back up!)
Pikachu is very fast like Fox. It uses electrical attacks and its best move is 
probably thunder jolt (down b). It can kill Kirby easily because it can just zap 
when he's flying. Pikachu is good all-around, but stronger characters like D.K. and 
Bowser are its weakness. 
cool move: get someone against a wall and hit them a lot. Then do thunder jolt and 
send them flying!
Pichu is a little faster and stronger than Pikachu. Pichu however has a bad side-
effect. It gets hurt from using its electrical attacks. Because of this you 
shouldn't use Pichu in stamina mode. Pichu's weakness is Gannondorf and Captain 
Falcon who are strong enough to kill it when it's weak from its attacks.
cool move: try skull bash (over b) and then thunder jolt. 
Captain Falcon
Captain Falcon is the ultimate close-range character next to Marth, Roy, and 
Gannondorf. He is fast and powerful especially his falcon punch move. (b)He can 
almost anyone in clost range. His weakness is Samus, he has no long-range.
cool move: get over someone then do (down b) and then (up b). 
Gannondorf is one of the strongest players in the game. He is stronger, but slower 
than Captain Falcon. Although he's so strong, he has many weaknesses. For one, he 
easily defeated by a skilled speedster. He is also defeated by skilled long-
I think if you had to pick one weakness character it would be Falco.
cool move: try jumping into the air below someone and kick them up and up.
A lot of people see Jigglypuff as a weak puff-ball. But if your good with it you 
send enemies flying with down b. If you miss it could be fatal. Jigglypuff also has 
a good grab when it throws opponents higher than anyone else. It's not the best, 
it is often underestimated. It's weakness are strong characters. (Gannondorf, 
Bowser, D.K., ect.)
cool move: do down b on someone and then keep kicking in mid-air.
Ness is a good all around character. He has two pretty good long-range attacks and 
few close-range. His baseball bat can send enemies flying a long way and his yoyo 
effective in many directions. He can also gain hp when you press down b from long 
range shots. Ness's weakness is Kirby who has the great ability to rock but Kirby 
only a little more effective.
cool move: grab someone, throw and then use your yoyo to cause lots of damage.
Mr. Game and Watch
Mr. Game and Watch are very strong and a little on the slow side. He has one long 
range attack but it's pretty weak. His foward A attacks are very good though. His 
b goes far and is pretty powerful. His weakness is probably Falco or Samus.
cool move: hit up b and then over b to cause a death if done enough times.
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