Characters and More! - Guide for Super Smash Bros. Melee

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How to unlock the characters.

jigglypuff, beat classic or adventure mode with any character or play more
than 50 vs. matches.

Dr. Mario, unlock him by beating classic, adventure or all-star mode with
mario without continuing, or play 100 vs. matches.

Pichu, successfully beat event match 37 (legendary pokemon), or play more
than 200 vs. matches.

Falco, survive the 100 man melee or play more than 300 vs. matches.

Marth, use the first 14 characters in vs. mode or any 1-p regular match or
play more than 400 mode games.

Young link, beat classic or adventure mode with more than ten characteres 
or play more than 500 vs. matches.

Ganondorf, successfully beat event match 29 (triforce gathering)
or play more than 600 vs. matches.

Mewtwo, unlock him by play 1-p or vs. for more than 20 hours
or play more than 700 vs. matches.

Luigi, unlock him by finishing stage 1-1 of adventure mode with a 2
as the last digit of your time. then in the next match you face luigi 
instead of mario beat him in under a minute to get him.
or play more than 800 vs. matches.

Roy, beat classic or adventure mode with marth with out continuing.
or play more than 900 vs. matches.

Mr. Game & watch, compleat classic or adventure or taget test with all the other
guys. or play more than 1,000 vs. matches.

      Hidden stages

Mushroom kingdom 2, get it when you get the birdo trophy,get the trophy in the

brinstar depths, fourside, pokemon floats and big blue, every time you 
play 50 melee matches you get one.

Dream land,beat target test with all the characteres

Yoshi's island, set a record of 1'477 feet on the home run contest.

kongo jungle, survive the 15 minute melee.

Battlefield, clear all star mode.

final destination, beat all the 51 event matches.

flat zone, beat classic or adventure with mr. Game & Watch.


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