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This is the guide to the characters info with all the information you could ask 

Example Setup:
Original Assist Characters:
Fighting Style:Strength,Defence,Chakra,Taijutsu,Ninjutsu,Genjutsu,Medical,Long 
Rage,Speed,Extreme Weapon Use,Animal Control,and Natrual Element Control
Personal Info:
Authors Comments:

Now, let's start the Info.

1.)Naruto Uzumaki
Original Assist Characters:Iruka,Kakashi,Sasuke,Sakura
Fighting Style:Strength,Ninjutsu,and Genjutsu
Personal Info:Naruto was always shunned as a kid for having the Nine tailed fox 
Kyuubi sealed in him which in doing so, the Fourth Hokage died.Once the Fourth 
died in sealing away Kyuubi, everyone blamed Naruto for his death. Naruto was 
hated by everyone so he acted out for attention. He did stupid things and then, 
he relized people cared. Iruka cared for him when nobody else did even though 
his spirt killed his family. Then, Naruto learned and finally graduated the 
Ninja Academy to become a ninja and have more people who care about him. 
Naruto's dream has always been to be the Hokage one day so everyone in the 
village will stop disrespecting him. He is very outspoken and his mouth can 
sometimes get him into trouble. His childhood matches much to Gaara of the Sand.
Authors Comments:This Naruto is okay and i do like him but out of all the 
Naruto's in the game, he is the middle of the three. He is still pretty good.

2.)Sasuke Uchiha
Original Assist Characters:Kakashi,Sakura,Naruto
Fighting Style:Ninjutsu,Genjutsu,Strength,and Speed
Personal Info:Sasuke has seened a lot of pain in his young 12 years. He watched 
his clan die out by the hands of his brother Itachi and Sasuke was only sapred 
by the fact that Itachi thought he could be the only other person who would be 
a match against him. He was always in the shadow of his brother since his 
brother was a total geinuos, he was always expected to be able to do great 
things such as become a chuunin young and use the Sharigan at 7. If he wanted 
to surpass his brother he would have to learn the Sharigan early and graduate 
with in one year. He finally found people who cared for him in Naruto, Sakura, 
and Kakashi, which made him feel better. Later, though, Itachi came to capture 
Naruto and said he was to weak without enough hate. Then he left them for ever. 
To get the power he had always desiered.
Authors Comments:Sasuke is an okay character so you should use him at times so 
don't worry that you will constantly lose as him. I think Sasuke is pretty good.

3.)Rock Lee
Original Assist Characters:Guy,Neji,TenTen
Fighting Style:Taijutsu,Speed,Defence,and Strength
Personal Info:Lee could never use the art of Ninjutsu or Genjutsu, he always 
got made fun of during the ninja academy days and never could stand that 
happening. One day while doing laps with his class mates. He was so upset when 
they started teaseing him that he ran to a secluded place and started to cry 
and then Guy came over to him and told him there is other ways of passing then 
just Gen and Ninjutsu. When Lee passed the Ninja Academy only using Taijutsu, 
he was taken to a team with Neji and TenTen with Guy as his team leader. Guy 
then took Lee under his wing. Tought him everything he knew and helped Lee to 
become what he always dreamed of, to be a splendid ninja.
Authors Comments:Lee is definently a very good playable character so he can 
really help you on missions and junk. He is definently what he always dreamed 
of being, a splendid ninja!

4.)Gaara of the Sand
Original Assist Characters:Temari,Kakuro
Fighting Style:Natrual Element Control,Defence,Long Range,and Strength
Personal Info:Gaara is the youngest brother of the three Sand Gennin, Temari
(his older sister) and Kankuro(his older brother) who's father is the Kazekage. 
The Kazekage sealed Gaara with Shukaku, the sand demon, so when he was being 
born, his mother died and gave him his name in a final curse on the Hidden Sand 
Village. the only person who cared for him was his mothers brother. He was 
ordered by the Kazekage as an optional mission. Gaara then was scared for life. 
He has unbelievable power and when Orochimaru killed the Kazekage and the Sand 
village reliezed this. Gaara became the Kazekage from inheritence. His life 
long mission was to kill others and not ever care for anyone else but himself 
until Narutofought Gaara and tought him that you shouldn't only care for 
yourself and that you should defend the people closest to him. Whcih when 
Temari and Kankuro were going to head back to the Sand Village. Gaara said he 
was sorrry which surprised them.
Authors Comments:Gaara would be perfect if he didn't get hit if he is currently 
attacking. I highly recommend Gaara if you need an ultimatent defence.

5.)Shikamaru Nara
Original Assist Characters:Ino,Choji,Asuma
Fighting Style:Ninjutsu,Long Range,Strength,and Defence
Personal Info:Shikamaru was always called a lazy good for nothing who would 
never amount to anything. Thats what everyone said but he actually is an 
amazing ninja with an IQ over 200. He also thinks ahead and during the Chuunin 
exams, when he caught Temari with his Shadow Possesion Jutsu, he gave up cause 
he ran out of Chakra and said he had the next 200 moves planned out. He also 
was the only person who entered the Chuunin exams to pass and become a Chuunin 
which shows that he has great potential.
Authors Comments:Shikamaru is my Favorite Character cause i see alot of him in 
me and i see his great potential. He is a far person to use. Use him if it is a 
nessacery thing to do. I use him alot but thats just me.

6.)Sakura Haruno
Original Assist Characters:Naruto,Sasuke,Kakashi
Fighting Style:Taijutsu,Chakra,and Medical.
Personal Info:Sakura has always been shy and teased cause of her huge forehead. 
It took her friend and rival Ino to show her that it is fine and that you 
should always show off your traits no matter what they are. She always thought 
she was a good ninja but instead, she relized everyone always had to protect 
her and that she was a dead weight, she never did anything until the fifth 
Hokage came along and Naruto and her returned from the rice country where she 
asked to be Tsunade's,the fifth Hokage,apprentice and learn everything she 
knows to help out in fights rather than being a dead weight!
Authors Comments:I don't care much for Sakura so just find a way to use here 
and go do it.

7.)Kakashi Hatake
Original Assist Characters:Guy,Sasuke,Naruto,Sakura
Fighting Style:Everything
Personal Info:Kakashi was the only person in Konoha after the destruction of 
the Uchiha clan to be able to use the Sharigan until Sasuke learned how to 
harnest this power to do the Sharigan. Kakashi is not at all related to the 
Uchiha clan and that in fact his Sharigan came from a surgery that he had from 
a dying friend who offered his Sharigan to him which is why he only has it in 
one eye. If he had it in both then he would be related to the Uchiha's. He also 
has a long rivalery with Guy. the score is 49-49 at a tie so they still have a 
long way to go before one gives up. He is very strong and has two 
nicknames, "Sharigan Kakashi" Since he has the Sharigan and uses it alot, and 
The"Copy-Cat Ninja" which is because he has copied over 1000 different types of 
Authors Comments:I think Kakashi is pretty good and i do recommend using him 
because of his special abilities. Use him when or if you feel like it. It is a 
good idea to use him.

8.)Neji Hyuga
Original Assist Characters:TenTen,Lee,Guy
Fighting Style:Strength,Defence,and Ninjutsu
Personal Info:Neji only believes in destiny because he is from the side branch 
of the Hyuga clan which has a seal on their head and that is what makes him 
think you have a set out destiny where you have to follow it and it is 
unavoidable but Naruto Shut Neji up about that destiny stuff when Naruto beat 
him in the Chunnin exams.
Authors Comments:Neji is way to serious for me to really like him but he is a 
good player to use when in battle or battleing against someone.

9.)Zabuza Momochi
Original Assist Characters:Haku
Fighting Style:Strength,Genjutsu,Ninjutsu,and Long Range
Personal Info:Zabuza is a missing Nin from the Hidden Mist Village, he is 
ranked as an A ranked criminal. When he found Haku, he could relize right away 
that he had a lot of potential for being such a young boy. He decided to take 
Haku under his watch before someone else did and made him his assistant and a A 
ranked criminal, just not as well known as Zabuza. He had really great 
potential but Zabuza working for Gato held him back from reaching full 
Authors Comments:I don't care at all for Zabuza so i really have nothing to say.

Original Assist Characters:Zabuza
Fighting Style:Long Range,Strength,Genjutsu,and Defence
Personal Info:Haku was special from his birth. His mother had a special ability 
which let her control and summon water whivh was hated by their village and 
clan. One day Haku learned this and showed it to his mother and she slapped 
Haku and told him not to ever show anyone or do that again. Haku's father found 
out about this and killed his mother and attempted to kill Haku but Haku killed 
his father and the men attempting to kill him as well. Haku then was found by 
Zabuza who took him in and tought him how to control his incredible power.
Authors Comments:Much like Zabuza, I don't have much to say about Haku. I use 
him if you feel like it. I won't say not to.

11.)Hinata Hyuga
Original Assist Characters:Kiba,Shino
Fighting Style:Medical,Ninjutsu,and Defence
Personal Info:Hinata is a shy girl who is from the main branch of the Hyuga 
clan. She has always felt that she is holding everyone back and doesn't like to 
disagree,argue,or upset there team mates. She has had a crush on Naruto since 
the Academy days but she is to shy to tell him. She tries to use the Byakugan 
but she really has trouble controling until you use the second Hinata in the 
Authors Comments:This Hinata is okay but i highly recommend the second Hinata 
cause she is amazing.

Original Assist Characters:Guy,Neji,Lee
Fighting Style:Long Range and Extreme Weapon Use
Personal Info:TenTen is very use to using weapons and that is her main 
attacking sorce. She always focuses on the task at hand and never looks back 
till the task is done. TenTen is the second strongest female in Konoha's new 
Authors Comments:TenTen is could because of here various long range attacks and 
i recommend her tool summoning jutsu cause that is what I use when i use her.

13.)Choji Akimichi
Original Assist Characters:Shikamaru,Ino,Asuma
Fighting Style:Strength,Speed,Chakra,and Defence
Personal Info:Choji has been marked as the fat one of all the Gennin. Nobody 
calls Choji fat because that word his taboo for Choji. He is Shikamaru's best 
friend cause as kids Shikamaru saw past Choji being fat and treated him as a 
normal person and not any different then he would treat anyone else. Choji uses 
his fat and turns it into Chakra and makes himself into a ball in which he uses 
his massive speed to turn into power and to crush his enemys.
Authors Comments:I only like Choji cause he is Shikamaru's best friend and 
Shikamaru is my favorite character. I use him when i need someone strong but 
that is about it.

14.)Ino Yamanaka
Original Assist Characters:Shikamaru,Choji,Asuma
Fighting Style:Long Range,Ninjutsu,Chakra,Strength,and Speed
Personal Info:Ino is a long time friend and rival of Sakura. They switch off 
between being friends and enemys but they are usually rivals(Or so thought). 
She uses a Mind Control and a special jutsu to paralize the body long enpugh 
for someone else to get an attack in. She is the strongest female ninja in all 
of Konoha's new set of Gennin.
Authors Comments:I like Ino and use her often. She is pretty good and her 
flewability in the game gives her stronger attacks. She is also my favorite 
female ninja in the game.

15.)Kiba Inuzuka
Original Assist Characters:Hinata,Shino
Fighting Style:Animal Control,Strength,and Defence
Personl Info:Kiba has had his dog Akamaru for 3 years and over this time they 
have learned to be partners in battle and work together in sink to win their 
battles and beat their enemies. Kiba would risk his life for Akamaru and vise 
versa. Kiba is very strong and in the beginning, the team would focus on 
strength attacks, but eventually, they learn to use their strongest attack to 
take the time an heal themselves. Kiba is strong, the second biggest lound 
mouth in Konoha(Next to Naruto of course),and is one of the strongest male 
ninja's of the leaf gennin in Konoha's current new set.

16.)Shino Aburame
Original Assist Characters:Kiba,Hinata
Fighting Style:Animal Control,Chakra,Long Range,Strength, and Chakra
Personal Info:Since Shino is from the Aburame clan, he has had a bug planted on 
him since he was a child that would feed and thrive on his chakra as long as 
they follow his every command and heal him when he is hurt. For him, it started 
with one and turned into many, he regulary goes into the forest just to collect 
bugs and let them go inside him. Everyone learns he has bugs inside of him when 
Zaku Abumi from the three Sound Gennins during the Chunnin exam blew a hole in 
his face and everyone saw the bugs inside his face healing him. HE is very 
strong and uses his bugs to suck out the chakra of his enemy as well as suck 
the life out of them in the process.

17.)Might Guy
Original Assist Characters:Kakashi,Lee,Neji,TenTen
Fighting Style:Taijutsi,Speed,and Strength
Personal Info:Guy has been a long time rival of Kakashi. they are at 49-49 and 
Guy's hopes of winning are high. Then again, they are only hopes.*Wink* *Wink* 
He is always doing stupid challenges to make himself stronger or so he thinks. 
Everyone thinks he's weird but his ideas are actually able to help him grow 
much stronger.
Authors Comments:Don't care about Guy, no comments, do what you want with him.

Original Assist Characters:Kabuto,Tayuya,Sakon/Ukon,Jiroubu,Kidomaru
Fighting Style:Everything
Personal Info:Orochimaru summoning animal is a snake which aids him in battle 
during some of the time. His rigth hand man is Kabuto who cares a lot for 
Orochimaru.Kabuto's over protectiveness though, get's on Orochimaru's annoyed 
side which is bad but Orochimaru knows he can trust Kabuto and he knows without 
Kabuto he would be nowhere.
Authers Comments:I like to use Orochimaru in combat but he sometimes can suck a 
little. Use him when it is in your best intrest.

Original Assist Characters:Orochimaru
Fighting Style:Genjutsu,Strength,Speed,and Chakra
Personal Info:Kabuto was found on the battlefield and was adopted into Konoha's 
Medical core where he learned everything he knows now. He is Orochimaru's right 
hand man and is always looking out for Orochimaru's best intrest which can get 
on Orochimaru's nerves.But Orochimaru wouldn't hurt Kabuto cause Kabuto knows 
if he keeps doing what he does, no matter how annoyed, will never hurt him.
Authors Comments:Kabuto reminds me of, only play as him cause he has 
a killer combo you can find if you look around the Naruto Ulitmate Ninja 2 

Original Assist Characters:Naruto
Fighting Style:Ninjutsu,Strength,and Defence
Personal Info:Jiraiya is the author of the famous book, Come Come Paradise.(AKA 
The book Kakashi constantly reads.) He is called the pervy sage by Naruto cause 
he is constantly looking at naked girls which is a pain in the butt. He summons 
frogs. His battle toad is usually Gama-Bunta but he does summon others at 
times. He is strong but sorta slow. Everyones got to have their bad traits.
Authors Comments:I don't give for Jiraiya. He is sorta annoying so i don't have 
any comments.

Original Assist Characters:Gaara,Kankuro
Fighting Style:Long Range,Strength,Defence,and Speed
Personal Info:Temari is the older sister of both Gaara and Kankuro. She saw 
Gaara's true form when she was young and felt scared for life. She uses her fan 
to blow her enemies away and uses her long range attacks to win her battles, 
she is possibly the strongest female ninja to take part in the Chuunin exams 
although she did not become Chuunin then.
Authors Comments:I only use Temari because i find her easier to use then some 
other characters so if you like handleing characters a little easier than go 
practice your attacks on her.

Original Assist Characters:Gaara,Temari
Fighting Style:Long Range,Genjutsu,Ninjutsu,Extreme Weapon Use,Strength,and 
Personal Info:Kankuro is the older brother of Gaara and the younger brother of 
Temari. He uses his puppet crow to get a hold of his opponent and then moves in 
for the kill. He is strong and uses all sorts of tricks to kill his enemy.
Authors Comments:I use Kankuro alot so use him when you want.

23.)The Third Hokage(Sarutobi)
Original Assist Characters:Iruka,Naruto
Fighting Style:Long Range,Ninjutsu,Genjutsu,and Strength
Personal Info:Sarutobi was the sensi of the three legendery Ninja's 
Jiraiya,Tsunade,and Orochimaru. He is the Thrid Hokage and his grandson s named 
for the village, Konoha.His grandson's name though is Konohamaru. He uses a 
varity of jutsu's to seal chakra and make it so people can stop hurrrasing the 
village such as he did with Orochimaru when he sealed his arms.
Authors Comments:I really don't care about the Third Hokage but he is pretty 
good i guess. I would use him if he was one of my more favarable characters.

24.)Itachi Uchiha
Original Assist Characters:Kisame
Fighting Style:Everything but Animal/Nartural Resource controls and Medical
Personal Info:Itachi is most hated by Sasuke, his brother, because he killed 
all of the Uchiha clan because he wanted to test his strength. He is a missing 
nin from Konoha, the Hidden Leaf Village. He is one of the few who can use the 
special Sharigan. He only let Sasuke live because he thought he could use the 
same type of Sharigan as him. He is also an A ranked criminal and a member of a 
special organization to capture Naruto and harnest the power of Kyuubi, the 
Nine-Tailed Fox
Authors Comments:Itachi is actually one of the best in the game. His freezing 
time jutsu or slow down time jutsu is the definent best because you can regain 
all your chakra and destroy your enemy easily. I highly recommend using Itachi 
once you unlock him all the time.

25.)Kisame Hoshigaki
Original Assist Characters:Itachi
Fighting Style:Strength,Speed,and Defence
Personal Info:Kisame is a missing nin from the hidden mist village and is an A 
ranked criminal like Zabuza,Haku,and Itachi. He is part of a special 
organization that is trying to capture Naruto to harnest the power of the 
Kyuubi the Nine-Tailed Fox. He is a shark so he has a special ability, rough 
skin, which cuts his enemy to shreads just like his weapon.
Authors Comments:I like Kisame too because he is like Itachi which makes him 
very strong and very good. Using his jutsu's are perfect for winning.

Original Assist Characters:Shizune
Fighting Style:Medical,Strength,Defence,Long Range,Ninjutsu,and Genjutsu
Personal Info:Tsunade is the fifth Hokage and uses a jutsu to make herself look 
much younger than she really is. She uses her slug which she can summon. She 
gambles constantly so she is ovbiously really bad at it since she always does 
it. She uses her age change jutsu to get away from paying back her dues. Her 
and her partner Shizune always are side by side. Shizune is sort of her right 
hand woman.
Authors Comments:I like Tsunade cause she is very strong and easy to play as so 
i recommend her to new players once unlocked. She is very,very good but not 
better than Itachi.

Original Assist Characters:Tsunade
Fighting Style:Ninjutsu,Strength,Defence,and Medical
Personal Info:Shizune is Tsunades right hand woman and says that she should 
stop gambling and running away from her dues. She is always telling Tsunade 
what she thinks in protection but Tsunade doesn't always listen to Shizune. 
Shizune has a pet pig TonTon who leads her to the places she needs and the 
people she must fight, she is cautious but sometimes to cautious.
Authors Comments:Although I see some of me in Shizune, I have nothing to say 
about her.I guess you should use her if you feel like it.

These may spoil some of your fun so if you don't want to know then don't read 
past here till you unlock everyone!!!

28.)Nine-Tailed Naruto
Original Assist Characters:Iruka,Sasuke,Kakashi,Sakura
Fighting Style:Strength,Ninjutsu,and Genjutsu
Personal Info:Read Naruto #1.)
Authors:He is the best Naruto in the game!

29.)TaiJutsu Naruto
Original Assist Characters:Iruka,Sasuke,Sakura,Kakashi,Guy
Fighting Style:Strength and Taijutsu
Personal Info:Read Naruto #1.)
Authors Comments:Never use him or avoid whenever possible

30.)Anbu Kakashi
Original Assist Characters:Asuma
Personal Info:Read Kakashi #7.)
31.)Byakugan Hinata
Original Assist Characters:Shino,Kiba
Fighting Style:Hinata #11.)
Personal Info:Read Hinata #11.)
Authors Comments:The best character in the game definently

THanks for reading and no plagerism cause i worked all day on it!:P

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