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hi im josh and this is my first walkthrough so I hope it works out. This guide is 
about me rating the character's jumps,strength,and lightness. please dont copy 
anything here without my permission. if u wanna ask me somethin then contact me at 
[email protected] RATING SCALE:1 BAD 5 DECENT 10 AWESOME (the lightness 
scale is 1 light 5 kinda heavy 10 heavy)
Dr.mario:jump 5. his jump is the exact same as mario's.
         strength 5. i think he is as strong as mario.
         lightness 5.
Mario:jump 5. his special jump(up+b)could be better.
      strength 5.mario's attacks are pretty decent.
      lightness 5.
Luigi:jump 5.his jump is better than mario's!
      strength 5.luigi has weaker attacks then his brother.
      lightness 5.
Bowser:jump 1. bowser has a bad jump but his special jump is good.
       srength 10. bowser is one of the strongest people on melee.
       lightness 10.
Peach:jump 10. not only does peach have a parsol put if u hold the jump button you 
can make her float!
      strength 1. she only has one powerful attack. peach bomber!(left/right+b)
      lightness 1
Yoshi:jump 5. i would've given him 10 but he has no special jump.(no im not crazy)
      strength 5. yoshi has some cool attacks! try his egg swallow on an edge and 
the egg with the enemy inside will most likly die.
      lightness 5.
Capn. Falcon:jump 5. falcon has a pretty decent jump and his special jump is strong 
and can be repeated.
             strength 10. almost all of falcon's attacks are strong.
             lightness 5.
Ganondorf:jump 5. his special jump is the same as falcons.
          strength 10. not only does ganon have the same attacks as falcon but his 
attacks are stronger.
          lightness 10.
Falco:jump 10. his buddy fox has the speed. falco has the jump.
      strength 5. falco's blaster makes enemies flinch.
      lightness 5.
Fox:jump 5. falco is the one with the jump.
    strength 5. fox's blaster  fires rapidly and doesn't make enemies flinch like 
falco's blaster.
    lightness 5.
Ice climbers:jump 10. popo and nana's special jump is long. this is how it works 
popo throws nana and then nana throws popo astounding!
             strength's a cool trick that I like to do. U know that hammer 
attack where popo and nana stand back to back and twirl their hammers around and 
around well use that attack and keep pressin b they should start rising of the 
ground! but wait there's more do this attack in the air and you'll  rise  very high.
             lightness 5.
Ness:jump 10. ness' jump is so cool and if u hit him with his own pk thunder u can 
send him skyward.
     strength 10. it does sound outragous but ness has alot of powerful attacks.
     lightness 1.
Kirby:jump 10. what can be cooler than kirby's jump. i mean he can jump 5 times.
      strength 5.i noticed that when people are kirby they always suck up the enemy 
and then swallow them but try this. have 2 com on one team and u on the other when 
they get close suck one of them up and then spit him out towards his friend it 
should hurt both of them.
      lightness 1.
Samus:jump 5. samus's screw attack(up+b) can be powerful.
      strength 5. samus has alot of projectile attacks.
      lightness 5.
Zelda:i just wanna say i love zelda!
      jump 10. if u use her special jump she'll teleport!
      stength 5.use daimond attack(i cant spell the name) :) and zelda will deflect 
      lightness 1.
Link:i like link too :)
     jump 5. because of link's equipment he cant jump too well.
     strength 5.he has an arsenal of weapons with him.
     lightness 5.
Young link:jump 5.he his the same as link.
           strength 5.try this(its ironic) in melee link vs. young link youll fight 
your self.
           lightness 5.
Pichu:jump 5. this adorable pokemon is hard to hit because of his small size.
      strength 5. this pokemon is hurts itself when it attacks!
      lightness 1.
Pikachu:jump 5. this pokemon is the most popular.
        strength 5.pikachu doesnt hurt itself like its pre-evelution form pichu.
        lightness 1.
Jigglypuff:jump 10.just like kirby in many ways.
           strength 5. u probably didnt know but jigglypuff has 2 very stron attacks 
try to figure out what they r.
           lightness 1.
Mewtwo:jump 10.i like teleporting rite when an enemy is about to attack.
       strength 10.mewtwo can flip enemies and put them to sleep.
       lightness 5. and watch:jump 5.this guy is over 20 years old...really!
                  strength n watch has alot of CRAZY moves!
                  lightness 5.
Marth:jump 5.did u know marth is a girl?!
      strength 5.tthis guy isnt as strong as roy.
      lightness 5
Roy:jump 5.this guy has firebased moves.
    stregnth 10.roy's charge up attack can knock out 10 bowsers just like that(not 
well i covered all the characters.if u wanna email me about somethin email me at 
[email protected] tthis is my first walkthrough and now its done i hope 
u all like it.

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