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1. Characters
2. Secret Characters
3. Attacks
4. Homerun Contest Easy


Mario - Born Living With Yoshi, Mario is Very Skilled. Although He is A plumber he 
is very powerful. With his flaming ball of fire, he can take out anyone!

Luigi - Mario's Brother also a plumber. Together they protect the world. Very 
strong and with his special attacks, no one can get into his way.

Dr. Mario - Mario DR Form. Shoots out Colorful Pills that Really Hurt. He can Blast 
you oof the ring easily...

Bowser - Marios Main enemy. Very Big and power, his flame attacks are very strong. 
Although bowser can lose to mario. He is still so big and powerful.

Peach - Marios Girlfriend. She is very light. She has her umbrella to Float and 
then drop back down. Dont make her looks fool you. She can whoop anyone.

DK - Very Big and Strong. His spinning attacks are useful against Light Characters. 
Be very careful, or he will smash you on the ground.

Yoshi - His tounge so very long can stick you into his mouth and swallow you. He 
can use his eggs and aim at you then BOOM. He can also Roll into an egg then spin 
towards you very fast. Watch Out, cause hes a Speedy!

Samus - Very slow, But very powerful. With one Long Charge, His Lightning Balls can 
Knock You Out of The Ring! Jumps High and Speedy...

Link - His Spear can Shoot From Long Distance. His Chain can Capture you and Throw 
you right out! Careful For his Big Bombs!

Young Link - Same as Link only A Bit Smaller. Also his Bombs are Not too Big. But 
dont Let That Fool you. Hes a very strong warrior.

Pikachu - With Lightning quick attacks this pokemon can Zap you to death! He can 
easily get right back into the ring...

Pichu - Pikachu is the Second Pokemon Form Of Him. He is Faster Than Pikachu! 
Stronger Lightning attacks than Pikachu Even. But One Thing Can Stop Him. His own 
Attacks!!! When he Uses his Lightning attack, he gets Hurt...

JigglyPuff - Very Small and Slow. But can Hold Her Breath For Lots of Time. Known 
as a balloon, She is Lightning Quick When charged!

Fox - Very Speedy! Once he Attacks, He will only look like an illusion to you. Can 
block all distance attacks with his Down + B Block. Can shoot Out Lasers With his 
Gun. Very Hard To Beat.

Falco - Same as Fox. Maybe a bit Slower than Fox. But still very Fast. Quick Moves 
also. Very cool...Love to have him...Fox and Falco on the same team will be almost 
impossible to beat.

Zelda - Very Quick And Powerful. Can turn Invisible on Dodging. Can Turn To Shiek!

MewTwo - Very Very Rare Pokemon. Very strong and hard to use. Can Use Samus's 
Attack But A bit different color. Shoots powerful attacks. When grabed By Mewtwo, 
theres no Going back...

Marth - Speedy Character and Fast. Long Sword. Although not very strong, His 
Counter can Get you for payback.

Roy - Very Strong Charater. Trades Fastness For Strongness...Shorter Sword than 
Marth although more powerful when charged...

Mr Game and Watch - Very Strong and Fast Character...Thats all I can say...

Secret Characters (NOT YET HERE)

Normal - A
Special - B
Smash - Up, Down, Right, or Left + A
Other Special - Up or Down + B
(Note: Up + B is a way of getting into the ring when knocked out)
Homerun Contest Easy

Each Character has a Special way of Hitting the punchbag without knocking it out. I 
have found out All of them! Here They All Are:

Mario: Cape Attack (Right + B)

Pikachu: Thunder Jolt (B)

Bowser: Powered-up spin attack (Smash Down + A)

Peach: High Kicks (Right + B)

Yoshi:Fast Kicks (Jump, Down + A)

D.K. Powered- up clap (Smash up + A)

Captain Falcon: Bat (Smash Right + A), then 
Falcon Punch.

Fox: Blaster (B)

Ness: Falling Kick (Jump,Down + A)

Ice Climbers: Hammer twirl (hold up + tap A)

Kirby: Spin kicks (Jump, Down + A)

Samus: High kicks (hold up + A)

Zelda/Sheik: Charged smash (Smash up + A, hold, 

Link: Charged Bow (B, hold, release)

JigglyPuff: Upward Smash (Smash Up + A)

Mewtwo: Confusion (hold right + B)

Luigi: Luigi Cyclone (hold down + B)

Marth: Downward Smash (Jump, Smash Down + A)

Mr.Game and Watch: Upward Smash (Smash up + A)

Dr. Mario: Cape Attack (Right + B)

Ganondorf: Upward Smash (Smash up + A)

Young Link: Bomb (hold down + B)


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