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Cheat  	 Effect
SHRUB1 	Brushes
IG72X4 	Big Blasters
L449HD 	Classic Blasters
NR37W1 	Silly Blasters
PUCEAT 	Tea Cups
LD116B 	Minikit Detector
RP924W 	Moustashes
YD77GC 	Purple
MS999Q 	Silhouettes
4PR28U 	Invincibility
U63B2A 	Gonk Droid
R840JU 	PK Droid
KF999A 	Battle Droid (Security)
987UYR 	Battle Droid
EN11K5 	Battle Droid (Commander)
DH382U 	Droideka
PP43JX 	Royal Guard
92UJ7D 	Padme
H35TUX 	Darth Mual
F8B4L6 	Clone
BEQ82H 	Princess Leia
L54YUK 	Rebel Trooper
A32CAM 	Darth Sidious
VR832U 	Disguised Clone
MS952L 	Mace Windu (Episode III)
RS6E25 	Clone (Episode III Walker)
N3T6P8 	Clone (Episode III Swamp)
BHU72T 	Clone (Episode III Pilot)
ER33JN 	Clone (Episode III)
SF321Y 	General Grievous
ZTY392 	Grievous' Bodyguard
14PGMN 	Count Dooku
EUW862 	Shaak Ti
CBR954 	Kit Fisto
DP55MV 	Ki-Adi Hundi
A725X4 	Luminara
LA811Y 	Boba Fett
PL47NH 	Jango Fett
XZNR21 	Super Battle Droid
LK42U6 	Battle Droid (Geonosis)
19D7NB 	Geonosian

Lego Star Wars Unlockables

Extra level
After achiveing true jedi status on all levels, in every episode, (You have to
collect a number of studs to fill up a meter) after you do so for every level, a
mystery level door next to the episode selection doors will be unlocked, (There
should be a ? sign on the door before unlocking it) letting you buy, Stormtrooper,
Darth Vader, Princess Leia, and rebel trooper at dexter's diner, after beating the level.

Lego Star Wars Easter Eggs

Star Wars Disco
In Episode II Chapter I After you get to Jango Fett's room go across the hall and
enter the other room. Inside you will find a large set of switchs. Useing R4 and
yourself light all of the floor panels to start the Star Wars disco. The floor will
turn into a disco mat and a techno version of the Star Wars theme song will start
playing, also the Kamino's will start dancing.

Lego Star Wars Secrets

Dexter's Diner: Breakable Stools
In each of the rooms in Dexter's Diner you will find some stools situated in the
corners of the room. You'll notice that they don't give you any studs as they cannot
be broken, and the only interaction is using your Force powers to flip them over. But
it is possible to break them, netting you the many studs they contain.

To be able to make these stools breakable you have to use your Force powers to flip
over EVERY stool in that room. You have to do it quick enough so that all of them are
still flipped over because after a while they will flip themselves back. Once you've
got all of them turned over they will stay flipped over, and with ONLY A LIGHTSABER
can you break them open for their studs. You have to do the same process for the
other rooms in order to make the stools there breakable.

Personally, I prefer to break all the stools in the diner for all of the rooms rather
than getting studs from the other objects (such as the lights). It seems more
efficient and least likely to have the studs spew all over the room.

"LEGO" Blocks
In the secret level, "A New Hope," there is a corridor that branches off to the right
of the first locked door. Inside, you'll find a jumble of blocks. If force
manipulated correctly, they will spell out "LEGO."

Yellow blocks- First up are the yellow blocks. First, take the long piece and force
manipualte it. Then do the same on the short blocks to spell an "L."

Blue blocks- Go to the blue blocks next to the "L." First, force manipulate the long
piece, then a short piece. Next, manipulate the medium sized piece, and another short
piece. Finally, put another long piece on top. This will create an "E."

Green blocks- This is the first time you'll encounter bridged pieces, which are
pieces with a grey, slim piece between. First, force manipulate a long piece, then a
bridged piece. On top of the bridge piece, place the short pieces. Then manipulate
the last green long piece to fit on top of the short ones. This spells out a "G."

Red blocks- This one is pretty simple. First, manipulate a long red piece. Then do
the same to three bridge pieces. After the bridge pieces, manipulate the final long
piece to spell out an "O."

After a few seconds, an explosion will be heard, and many blue studs and hearts will
rain down at random spots in the room. There are so many, you may need a partner to
pick them all up!

Lego Star Wars Glitches

Infinate Health
This requires 2 players.
Have one player stand next to a ledge. Have the other player stand nex to a door.
As player 1 jumps off the ledge, and he screams, have the other player walk through
the door. Player 1's health will show 0 Hearts, and the only way he can die is by
falling again.
Repeat this with Player 2 to have infinate health with both players.

* This information is 100% true and has been tested

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