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	              Call of Duty Black Ops Perk Guide
				  By: KOH13
				Copyright KOH13
Table of Contents 							[TOC]

Version History		[VH]
Suggestion Box		[SB]
0. Introduction		[000]
I. Disclaimer		[001]
II. Perk Tier 1		[002]
III. Perk Tier 2	[003]
IV. Perk Tier 3		[004]
V. Contact		[005]
VI. Special Thanks	[006]

Version History								 [VH]

Version 1.00 (December,16,2010)

- FAQ is is created and uploaded onto GameFAQS

Verison 1.01 (December,16,2010)

- Updated warlord challenge 3
- Tactical Mask suggestion completed, added with pros and cons

Version 1.02 (December,23,2010)

- Updated special thanks to people
- Added new con to scavenger perk
- Updated the Hardened Perk
- Added pro to the Scout Perk
- Added pro to Second Chance Perk

Suggestion Box								 [SB]

I’m putting this here since I’m not sure of some of things I put hear are not
all correct or off, I will put things here so you know whats off or not sure
of or I just really need help on doing this. I will date when this suggestion
has been added and give credit to the person who comes up with the best way
to solve this.

- Flak Jacket: Need a better idea to do this. [Dec.16.2010]

- Warlord Challenge 3: Is this there a easier way to get a 2+ kill with a 
grenade. [Dec.16.2010] Completed by Fox Great

- Tactical Mask Pro: Does it show where the enemy is on your radar when you 
hit them or is it the other way around. [Dec.16.2010.] Completed by Fox Great

0. Introduction								[000]

This guide is not a walkthrough for the actually game for Black Ops this is 
for multiplayer online, this not a perfect guide so I would some help if I get
some stuff wrong or to correct me so I make this better. This guide helps
tells you what , the perks on what they do, how to get the pro version and what
are the most useful for players.

I. Disclaimer								[001]

This guide is written by KOH13. This may be not be reproduced under any
circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any
web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission.
Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is
strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.


This section shows all the perk tiers 1-3 or Blue, Orange and Green. This will
help you understand what the perks do, how to unlock pro and how to do them
fast so you can unlock them. [NOTE THAT EACH PERK IN THE GAME COSTS $2000 COD

II. Perk Tier 1 (Blue)						        [002]

Lightweight - Move Faster
Lightweight Pro - No fall damage

- Move faster 
- No fall damage when pro

- Can't switch weapons faster like in MW2, 
- Not as fast like in MW2

(1) Kill the enemy with your knife 15 times
(2) Escape death 5 times after being hurt
(3) Get 10 offense medals by killing the enemy near their objective

- 1st challenge: Is simple just go around knifing people and you’ll complete
in no time that is if your good.

- 2nd challenge: Is quite simple as well but can be painful sometimes, just get
enough red on the screen then run away and heal and repeat to complete this 

- 3rd challenge: Is quite easy as well just play a objective game like
domination, CTF, sabotage, headquarters, demolition and kill the enemy players
when they are trying to complete their objective.

Scavenger - Replenish ammo and lethal grenades
Scavenger Pro - Start with extra mags and replenish tactical grenades

- Resupply ammo and lethal and tactical grenades

- Can't resupply everything in MW2, only resupply ammo and lethal grenades when
not pro, resupply tactical grenades when pro, can't resupply equipment.
- Cannot resupply launcher ammo but will start with 1 extra shot.

(1) Resupply 150 times
(2) Get 5 grenade kills with a scavenged (resupplied) grenade
(3) Get 5 kills without dying 5 times

- 1st challenge: Is just go around and finding blue packs to resupply, its 
simple but annoying to pick up 150 bags.

- 2nd challenge: Is to throw away your grenade and then resupply and kill someon
 5 times to get it [I suggest using a semtex and finding campers to achieve this
challenge or if your skilled enough just do it].

- 3rd challenge: Is to be a camper with a motion sensor and just kill the enemy
easily, this tactic is the best way to do it unless you’re really skilled and
do it without camping.

Ghost - Remain undetected from enemy spyplanes
Ghost Pro - Remain undetected from enemy aircrafts, infrared scopes

- Almost like colded blooded
- Your name or a red crosshair will not appear on the enemy screen when aimed

- Must pro it out first before it is good since aircrafts, IR scopes and
killstreaks like chopper gunner and gunship can see you.

(1) Get 20 kills with a spyplane or blackbird activated
(2) Shoot down 30 aircraft killstreaks
(3) Destroy 1 enemy sentry gun

- 1st challenge: Is to just kill people when the spyplane is on, simple task to

- 2nd challenge: Is to use the M72 LAW to shoot spyplanes for now, or you can
wait till your level 30 to unlock the strela-3 launcher and do this challenge.

- 3rd challenge: Finding an enemy sentry gun can be a hard task because not
many people use this killstreak, so from what I learned us to unlock the sentry
gun killstreak and throw it to the enemy and let them have it, then follow the
person who took it and knife it to complete this challenge.

Flak Jacket - Take less explosive damage
Flak Jacket Pro - Deflect fire damage and reset grenades

- It's like the blast shield except that its a perk, 
- Reset grenades like in CODWAW.
- Pretty much invincible to fire damage including napalm strike after
its landed


(1) Survive 10 explosions
(2) Plant/Defuse 10 bomb’s in Demolition, Sabotage, Search and Destroy
(3) Throw 5 grenades back

- 1st challenge: This is an annoying challenge since many people use semtex
instead of frag’s, my suggestion is to do this with a friend almost like
boosting in MW2.

- 2nd challenge: My Suggestion is to play demolition to complete this challenge
the fast.

- 3rd challenge: Like challenge 1 just do it with a friend.

Hardline - 1 less kill for killstreak
Hardline Pro - Change the contents of the care package

- Like MW2 hardline except the pro is replaced with switching care packages to
random killstreaks or ammo.

- Nothing really bad about it
- No deathstreaks to help you out

(1) Share 10 of your care packages
(2) Get 7 killstreaks with the hardline perk
(3) Get a 7 killstreak without dying

- 1st challenge: This can be a daunting task sometimes since people on your
team doesn’t want to pick it up, so throw the care package where all your
teamates are and then spyplane to keep your care package safe from the enemy,
you can also do it like the Flak Jacket challenge 1 with a friend.

- 2nd challenge: For this challenge you want to put on small killstreaks like
Spyplane, Counter Spyplane and Care Package so the killstreaks are 2,3,4.
- 3rd challenge: You can camp or run and gun doesn’t really matter, my choice
would be to camp with a motion sensor and kill a couple and then move to 
another location to do complete the challenge.

III. Perk Tier 2 (Orange)						[003]

Hardened - This is pretty much FMJ or bullet penetration for any gun used
Hardened Pro - Extra damage to aircrafts, sentry guns/ SAM turrets and flinch
less when being shot

- Usually win when you get shot first since you don't flinch as much
- FMJ people you are protected when couching to take them out easier.

- It is not like the stopping power perk but the FMJ attachment in MW2,
- Not a good perk to use

(1) Get 10 kills through walls
(2) Shot 200 bullets into enemy aircrafts
(3) Destroy 1 enemy equipment through a wall

- 1st challenge: This is challenging since that FMJ is actually a perk and not
an attachment, so just find campers and shoot them through the walls to kill

- 2nd challenge: When a helicopter comes out just shoot it.

- 3rd challenge: Have hacker on and find an enemy equipment and shoot it.

Scout - Hold breath longer
Scout Pro - Switch weapons

- Sniping is easier since you don't need to pro it out like the steady aim pro
in MW2
- Switching weapons is fast [almost everything on your character is weapon
which means equipment, grenades and secondarys can be swtich or thrown faster]

Cons: Can't say anything bad about it

(1) Get 50 kills with your secondary weapon
(2) Get 50 1 shot kills
(3) Get 30 headshots

- 1st challenge: Take the Python or the Makarov and just kill people or get a
RPG with the scavenger perk and go blowing up people.

- 2nd challenge: Buy the WA2000 and try and go for the head otherwise go for
the armpits or higher.

- 3rd challenge: Straight forward task, get 30 headshots with any weapon with
this perk equipped.

Steady Aim - Increased accuracy when firing from the hip
Steady Aim Pro - Aim down the sight faster after sprinting and recover faster
after knifing

- Just like Steady Aim in MW2
- Pro replaces the lightweight perk in MW2


(1) Get 2 knife kills in 5 seconds
(2) Get 100 kills after sprinting
(3) Get 150 hip fire kills with the perk

- 1st challenge: Use a ballistic knife to help you complete this task faster.

- 2nd challenge: If your sprinting and you see an enemy stop to either knife of
 shoot them, this challenge is more suited towards the shotgun [preferably] but
 I guess you can use anything.

- 3rd challenge: Shotgun is the best for this either wise use a submachine gun
when hip firing.

Sleight of Hand - Reload faster
Sleight of Hand Pro - Aim down the sight faster [except sniper rifles]

(1) Get 150 kills aiming down the sight of your weapon
(2) Kill an enemy within 5 seconds of reload your gun 30 times
(3) Reload and kill your enemy after you wounded them 10 times

- Reload alot faster
- ADS is great

- No more quick scoping with snipers

- 1st challenge: Just aim down the sight and kill the enemy, pretty straight
forward challenge.

- 2nd challenge: After reloading your weapon kill an enemy

- 3rd challenge: When having a fire fight hit them a couple of times, prone or
hide and reload then kill the enemy.

Warlord - Put on 2 attachments on the primary weapon
Warlord Pro - Start with extra lethal and tactical grenades [except smokes]

- Just like the Bling perk in MW2

- Cannot attach the all the things you want [see Warlord Attachment Guide]

(1) Get 150 kills with 2 attachments on your gun
(2) 10 kills with a frag/semtex grenade
(3) Get 1 multi kill with a frag/semtex grenade

- 1st challenge: Just equip 2 attachments on your gun and kill.

- 2nd challenge: Just kill 10 people with your grenades.

- 3rd challenge: This challenge is really hard to complete since you need to
kill 2+ enemies with your frag or semtex, spyplane to see where everyone is
hiding or might be to this. I’ve have learned that you should play like
Objective games to complete this task since people like to run and capture
objectives making a lot of people in 1 spot easier to kill.

IV. Perk Tier 3 (Green)						        [004]

Tactical Mask - Protect yourself against nova gas
Tactical Mask Pro - Reduce the effect of flash and concussion grenades also 
can see on radar where the enemy is when hit by a tactical grenade

- Yellow arrow appears to show which direction the enemy was hit
- Tactical Grenades are less effective on you

- Nothing bas to say about unless otherwise 

(1) Get 20 kills after you flash banged an enemy
(2) Get 20 kills after you used a concussion grenade on an enemy
(3) Get 20 kills after you used a nova gas on an enemy

- 1st challenge: Kill after you flashed the enemy [NOTE THAT THE ENEMY MUST

- 2nd challenge: Get the kill after you stunned the enemy [NOTE THAT THE ENEMY

- 3rd challenge: Get the kill after the enemy is affected by nova gas [NOTE

Marathon - Sprint for a longer duration
Marathon Pro - Sprint forever

- Sprint forever

- Need to pro it out before you can sprint forever
- Not as good as MW2 starting perk

(1) Sprint 26 miles
(2) Get the first blood medal 10 times
(3) In CTF mode, get the CTF medal 15 times with the perk on

- 1st challenge: This challenge is simple because you are always sprinting
this challenge might take awhile but is a easy one to do.

- 2nd challenge: This is hard since you need to draw 1st blood, to achieve
this you need to think where the enemy might be moving then you can either
grenade ahead of time or shoot them or play objective games to achieve this.

- 3rd challenge: To achieve this you must play capture the flag, to do this
need to get the enemy flag and return it to your base to get 1 medal and there
are 2 ways to do this.
(1) You can always follow your flag carrier and let him die so you can get the
flag and return to your base to get the medal.
(2) Have a tactical insertion and plant it close enough to the enemies flag but
not to close so it can be heard or seen [in a secluded spot where people
won’t think to look] so you can grab the flag and if you die you’ll spawn
close to it.

Ninja - Move silently
Ninja Pro - Make no sound at all but enemies movements are louder

- Quiet as mouse when not pro
- Pro gives the Sit Rep Pro perk from MW2


(1) Get 150 kills with a silenced weapon
(2) Get the backstabber medal 5 times
(3) Plant the bomb 10 times in Demolition, Sabotage or Search and Destroy

- 1st challenge: Equip the suppressor on your primary weapon or secondary
weapon and kill the enemy

- 2nd challenge: To achieve this you need to knife the enemy in the back
[your character put actually put the knife in the back and not a swipe to
get the medal]

- 3rd challenge: Play demolition to achieve this challenge faster.

Second Chance - Pull out pistol before dying
Second Chance Pro - Survive longer so you can get revived by team

- Can be revived over and over again if someone heals you

- Can't be revived if knifed, grenaded, exploded or shot in the head which
cancels the effect of this perk.

(1) Get 10 kills in second chance
(2) Kill the enemy who downed you 5 times
(3) Get 1 headshot in second chance

- 1st challenge: Have the python or CZ75 when using this perk since these to
pistols are strong but I prefer the python to do this.

- 2nd challenge: Kill the enemy who put you in second chance mode.

- 3rd challenge: Now this hard since you must aim for the head when your on the
ground, to get this you can have either high sensitivity to aim for the head
or just lucky, [My suggestion is to this with a friend]

Hacker - Detect enemy equipment, explosives and turrets
Hacker Pro - Sabotage enemy equipment, turrets, booby trap care packages and
invisible to motion sensor

- Like the Sit Rep perk in MW2 but a bit better
- Pro is good since you can tamper enemy care packages and are invisible to
motion sensors

- Nothing really bad to say about it

(1) Destroy 10 enemy equipments
(2) Get 25 kills with claymores or C4’s
(3) Get 25 kills within the radius of your motion sensor or jammer

- 1st challenge: Since you can see enemy equipment just go around looking for
them and blowing them up.

- 2nd challenge: You can use claymores or C4’s but I prefer claymores since I
don’t need to look where the enemy is but I’ll tell you how to do it both ways.
Claymores: Always plant the claymore on an angle so people with Lightweight and
Marathon Pro can’t get to you, also note that you can only get 1 kill per life
with a claymore.
C4: Play objective games like Domination, Demolition to complete this, plant
your C4 near your objective and when you hear see or hear the enemy taking you
objective blow them up to get a kill. [NOTE THAT C4’S ARE NOT AS STRONG AS IN

- 3rd challenge: Camp in a defendable and not noob tubeable position to this
Motion Sensor: [You want to plant the motion sensor in the middle of the room
to give you maximum range or put it in a spot when it won’t be destroyed but 
can give you a lot of range as well, then wait for people to show up and kill
them to complete this challenge

Jammer: [Play objective games and plant your jammer near the objective so the
is covered, then hide and wait for people to come kill them.

V. Contact								[005]

If you got any tips or information that is useful for the FAQ, please email me
@ [email protected], you get credited for sharing this info with
me but make sure you check the FAQ before emailing me, it might be covered
in the FAQ.

VI. Special Thanks							[006]

- jeanejean for telling me for missing info for steady aim pro and how
to complete challenge 1 for it

- Robert Llano for correcting me for the Hardline Perk Challenge 2, sorry if
I missed read it.

- Fox Great for helping me out on the Warlord Challenge 3 and what does
tactical mask pro does.

- Eric Sandoval for adding stuff to the Ghost perk

- Gallen Allport for giving tips on how to complete the Ghost challenge
Destroy 1 enemy sentry gun.

- Elliot Nahm for stating out the flaws and adding things to this guide,
thanks for all your help.

- Jon Ducker for clearing some things that I wrote in the guide for adding to
them as well.


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