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The Sniper's Comprehensive Field Manual v 1.0 | {} {} [] [] {} {} [] [] {} {} |

  God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not shoot,

            The courage to shoot the things I can,

            and the wisdom to hide the bodies. (unknown)


    ooo        ooooo                 .o8                                 
    `88.       .888'                "888                                 
     888b     d'888   .ooooo.   .oooo888   .ooooo.  oooo d8b ooo. .oo.   
     8 Y88. .P  888  d88' `88b d88' `888  d88' `88b `888""8P `888P"Y88b  
     8  `888'   888  888   888 888   888  888ooo888  888      888   888  
     8    Y     888  888   888 888   888  888    .o  888      888   888  
    o8o        o888o `Y8bod8P' `Y8bod88P" `Y8bod8P' d888b    o888o o888o 
oooooo   oooooo     oooo                   .o88o.                              
 `888.    `888.     .8'                    888 `"                              
  `888.   .8888.   .8'  .oooo.   oooo d8b o888oo   .oooo.   oooo d8b  .ooooo.  
   `888  .8'`888. .8'  `P  )88b  `888""8P  888    `P  )88b  `888""8P d88' `88b 
    `888.8'  `888.8'    .oP"888   888      888     .oP"888   888     888ooo888 
     `888'    `888'    d8(  888   888      888    d8(  888   888     888    .o 
      `8'      `8'     `Y888""8o d888b    o888o   `Y888""8o d888b    `Y8bod8P' 
                                  .oP     .o 

       _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _     _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _  
      / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \   / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ 
     ( S ) n ) i ) p ) e ) r ) ' ) s ) ( H ) a ) n ) d ) b ) o ) o ) k )
      \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/   \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ 
                     | File History | {} {} {} {} {} {} |
                     || Started: June 14, 2010         ||
                     || Finished: June 21, 2010        ||
                     || Current Version: 1.00          ||
                     || Written by: jimmythesnowman    ||
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| Table of Contents |                                                     {TOC}
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| {T} Table of Contents                                                 {TOC}||
| {V} Version History                                                   {VHS}||
| [1] Introduction                                                      {INT}||
| [2] Quick FAQ                                                         {FAQ}||
| [3] Lexicon                                                           {LEX}||
| [4] The Weapons                                                       {WEP}||
|      ~ Overview                                                            ||
|      ~ The Guns                                                            ||
|      ~ Weapons Chart                                                       ||
| [5] Attachments                                                       {ATC}||
| [6] Secondaries                                                       {SEC}||
|      ~ Pistols                                                             ||
|      ~ Shotguns                                                            ||
|      ~ Machine Pistols                                                     ||
|      ~ Launchers                                                           ||
| [7] Perks                                                             {PRK}||
|      ~ Blue Perks                                                          ||
|      ~ Red Perks                                                           ||
|      ~ Yellow Perks                                                        ||
| [8] Other stuff                                                       {OTH}||
|      ~ Equipment                                                           ||
|      ~ Special Grenades                                                    ||
| [9] Methodology                                                       {MTH}||
|      ~ Basics                                                              ||
|      ~ Hardscoping                                                         ||
|      ~ Quickscoping and noscoping                                          ||
|      ~ Dropshots                                                           ||
|      ~ Secondary choices                                                   ||
|      ~ Map count                                                           ||
|      ~ Observational skills                                                ||
|      ~ Staying hidden                                                      ||
|      ~ Fighting enemy snipers                                              ||
|      ~ Playing dead                                                        ||
|      ~ Playing spotter                                                     ||
|      ~ The art of the FMJ wallbang                                         ||
|      ~ Laying claymores and C4                                             ||
|      ~ My classes                                                          ||
|      ~ Opinion                                                             ||
|      ~ Console only: Sensetivity                                           ||
| [10] Mapwork                                {MAP}||
|      ~ Overview                                                            ||
|      ~ Afghan                                                              ||
|      ~ Derail                                                              ||
|      ~ Estate                                                              ||
|      ~ Favela                                                              ||
|      ~ Highrise                                                            ||
|      ~ Invasion                                                            ||
|      ~ Karachi                                                             ||
|      ~ Quarry                                                              ||
|      ~ Rundown                                                             ||
|      ~ Rust                                                                ||
|      ~ Scrapyard                                                           ||
|      ~ Skidrow                                                             ||
|      ~ Sub Base                                                            ||
|      ~ Terminal                                                            ||
|      ~ Underpass                                                           ||
|      ~ Wasteland                                                           ||
| [11] Basic things to Increase your K/D                                {K/D}||
| [12] Quotes                                                           {QUO}||
|       ~ Sniper-centric                                                     ||
|       ~ Totally unrelated                                                  ||
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| v. 1.00                | 6/21/10 |
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| are done, and added a section on |
| the classes I use. Have fun...   |

  ADVERTISEMENT:                                         < Please read.
  Wanted: Strong burly sniper with low profile and a       Until someone
  good record to write up the Mapwork section for          handles this this
  the Resurgency maps. Willing to pay in Credit.           guide is incomplete.
 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^      Oh well.

|[1]| Introduction |                                                      {INT}

In the real world the job of the sniper is to take out enemy targets from long
distance, affecting enemy morale severely. It's a dangerous job; you're an easy
target to anyone flanking you, and should you be captured, treatment is usually
harsh; the US Army Field Manual recommends tossing away all sniper
identification if you are captured.

In Modern Warfare 2, however, Snipers play more of a key overwatch role. Their
ability to take out targets at great ranges means that a sniper can park a long
stretch, wait for someone to walk by, and take them out. Since snipers are,
generally speaking, one shot kill, and at the worst two quick shots, they won't
have time to duck and cover as would happen if you were using an assualt rifle.

That being said they are also by far the most difficult weapon to use in the
game. Using a sniper effectively requires detailed knowledge of the map, choke
points, camping spots, sniper posts, etc., as well as a high level of skill in
the user himself. This guide is meant to accelarate the process. I'm supposing
that the results of this writing will be more competent snipers out there
hunting me, but oh well, I enjoy the challenge ^^. Enjoy!

Also you may notice that I like quotes a lot. They add something to the guide.

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| |  the Table of Contents."                       | |
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|[2]| Quick FAQ |                                                         {FAQ}

How do I quickscope?
The first step to learning how to quickscope consistantly is  to learn how to
hardscope consistantly. The stepping stone before the big rock, mate. Once you
know how to hardscope well (and I mean point aim shoot and kill at a distance
within a second) then you can make the jump to trying to qs. Mind you it takes
a lot of practice.

What's the best sniper in the game?
Statistically, with snipers there are two things to consider, power and recoil.
Most people say power is more important. So do I. But there's no true gradient
for "best" in this game...if there was a true best it would be overpowered. Try
everything and see what YOU specifically are best at, and stick with it.

What's the best quickscope set up?
Intervention FMJ, Stopping Power Pro, and Sleight of Hand Pro. Also possible to
use the Barrett but you have to fight the urge to facespam with it.

I keep sniping but I can't seem to do really well...
Then you obviously need to read this guide right away.

Can you rush with a sniper?
Sure. 100% movement rate combined with quickscoping makes you a fierce fighter
in close quarters. Still not reccomended of course. Snipers are for range not

Why does everyone use FMJ? I think it's stupid, and so is Stopping Power.
A noob opinion for sure. Your perspective will change over time, my friend.

Why didn't you include anything from the map pack???
Cause I'm cheap and spend my money wisely, that's why. If you want you can
write that section for me. I'd credit you. HINT HINT.

I want to friend you.
I'm sure you're a great friend and all, but considering 50% of the people
reading this will want to do the same thing (and then bother me >.>), I'm not
going to give out my callsign at this time. *cough cough Freaknizzle cough
cough spam his inbox for me will ya cough cough*...urm I might have throat

I want to 1v1 you...
Not doing that at this time. In fact I've dropped playing Mw2 for good really,
or at least until Black Ops comes out.

Quickscope Intervention style!
Still no.


With a sprinkle on top?

Is that a yes or no?

Hey your guide helped me a lot, how can I congratulate you?
Go to the very top of this guide. You'll see a little bar. Press on 
"Recommend this guide." Thank you, you just (possibly) helped me get a shiny
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M'kay, write that on the forums so I can laugh at you (or not).

There's a typo!
Yeah, and?

Can I use your guide on ?
Sure. As long as you email me beforehand and give me credit. Definetly not if
you're some gay Cheatcodecc or something, but then again you'll just take it
without asking anyway, won't you! Hope they get sued into the ground soon...

Anything else I get bugged with goes here, so I can ignore repetitive emails.

|[3]| Lexicon |                                                           {LEX}

To get it out of the way...

OHKO = one Hit KO, followed by 2HKO, 3HKO, etc.
SP = Stopping Power (perk)
SoH = Sleight of Hand (perk)
QS = Quickscope
HS = Hardscope
MP = Machine Pistols (sidearm)
CQC = Close quarters combat
CB = Cold Blooded (perk)
Shotty = Shotgun
Tube/Pipe = everyone's worst enemy
TDM = Team Death Match (game-mode)
SnD or S&D = Search and Destroy (game-mode)
FOV = Field of Vision

|[4]| The Weapons|                                                        {WEP}

The sniper is the worst romancer, they never make the first move. (SF)



All sniper rifles do the same damage, 70 exactly. In addition they do not lose
any power over range - the only other gun that does this is the LMG. The
differences between the guns are in recoil and hit multipliers. Meaning, the
lower the recoil the lower the hit multipliers. They are Head, Neck, Upper
Body, Torso, Appendages. The best multiplier is 1.5 - that means that the gun
will OHKO there. Then there's 1.1 - this means that it will only OHKO with
Stopping Power. Last is 1.0 - it will always take two shots to kill. Also
remember that snipers have wide, wide crosshairs when unscoped. In addition
there is a small amount of shaking when ads'd, this can be stabalized by
breathing (press Shift). Lastly, all snipers are perfectly accurate down the
scope when aimed in, despite what some fanatics have to say.


Intervention (start)
Markers: x1.5 Head, x1.5 Neck, x1.5 Upper Body, x1.1 Torso, x1.0 Appendages

This the only bolt action sniper in the game, in the family of the Remington
from the original COD. Despite being the first gun in the list, it is actually
the hardest one to use. That's because you have to be accurate - bolt action
rifles aren't very helpful when you miss, as they have a generally lower rate
of fire.

Statistically speaking, the Intervention is inferior overall to its closest
rival, the Barrett. Despite this, bolt-action killing so damn sexy (Interven.
is easily #1 choice of sexies gun in the game) and the fealing you get going
on a quickscope spree with it...awesome. However it does have a small magazine
(5 bullets), a low rate of fire (although the cursor settles back onto the
original spot relatively fast), and less bullet penetration then the Barrett.
This is, generally speaking, the proffesional's choice. With Stopping Power and
FMJ, it virtually never gets hitmarkers.

IRL: In real life, the Intervention is acclaimed for being THE longest-distance
accuracy sniper in the world, being able to put 3 bullets within
16 5/8 inches of each other at 2321 yards - not feet, YARDS. It also uses a
specilized weather guage system and personal balistic computer to increase
accuracy at these extreme, extreme ranges. The bullet it uses is the .408
Chay Tec, specially designed for the gun to fill the slot between the .50 BMG
and .357 rounds, both favorite rounds, but the first one lacks power and the
second, accuracy. Needless to say, of all the snipers out there, being #1 is a
difficult thing indeed, and an attesment to the high calibar of this gun!

- It says C-975 INTERVENTION MOD-D type on the side.
- The Intervention has the highest movement sensitivity of all the guns, this
can be seen in a lot of reflex quickscopes.
- It has a bipod and a laser sight, and scope rails...all of which are useless.

Barrett .50 Cal (start)
Markers: x1.5 Head, x1.5 Neck, x1.5 Upper Body, x1.1 Torso, x1.0 Appendages

Of the two starting weapons the Barrett is much more noob-friendly, reason
being its semi-automatic (vs. bolt-action) abilities, which translates into
a few miracle saves at close range (by spamming shots), and into a quicker
second shot if you miss. That being said, the Barrett is a greatr choice,
another heavyweight sniper that usually kills in one shot, though it does get a
few more hitmarkers then the Intervention does (or does it? it's debatable :D),
and has a longer reload time (offset by a larger magazine).

IRL: in real life this gun is a staple of military snipers all over, including
the US Army's sniper corps (though it's not their main gun). The Barrett M82,
as it's called by the military, is semi-auto and fires a .50 BMG round, the
type originally used by the World War I era Browning machine guns (as is 
evidenced by the developer's choice of name). It's an anti-material rifle, as
opposed to an anti-personal rifle like the Intervention, and in actuallity the
use of .50 rounds agains human targets is forbidden by the NATO treaties. This
heavy build allows it to penetrate deep through armor, and in Mw2 this
translates, albiet weakly, into it having the best penetration of all the
weapons, snipers included.

Did you know:
- The Barrett has a sticker on its cap, the persona being Mr. Yuk. He's a
trademarked poision symbol. It can also be seen more clearly on the WA2000.

WA2000 (level 36)
Markers: x1.5 Head, x1.5 Neck, x1.5 Upper Body, x1.0 Torso, x1.0 Appendages

The WA2000 is an interesting gun. On the one part it has a semi-low recoil
pattern, much lower then the Barrett's or the Intervention's. Also, note that
the cost for this lower recoil is that the Torso multiplier is reduced to 1.0,
meaning that Stopping Power is totally useless on this gun.
The WA2000 combines great markers with semi-low recoil, at the
cost of no OHKO to the Upper Body. This is a bit of a wierd gun however;
reason being, it takes extremely long to pull out and also to put back. So
when using the WA your choice of secondaries is basically limited to Pistols
and the Raffica - everything else is far too bulky. Also reccomended to pull
it out before calling something in as it takes FOREVER, again, to pull out
after calling something in. It also takes a bit to reload, similar to the
Barrett, but Sleight of Hand easily offsets this. Overall, this gun is the
best gun used Silenced with Stopping Power, but it's also a viable option
unsilenced if you wish to sacrifice OHKOs for less recoil.

WA2000 is decent at noscoping, however the crosshairs ARE wider then the
Barrett's and of course it gets moar hitmarkers.

IRL: The WA2000 is less a practical sniper then a highly valuable collectable.
Only 176 were built and it retails for >40,000$, so it's highly strange that
the Ultranationalists use it so extensively (most enemy snipers in the game
have WAs, esp. in the Spec Ops mission Hidden). It's a semi-auto bullpup rifle,
bullpup meaning it was designed to be space-efficent and thick and fat rather
then thin and long, like the other guns are (it's higly impractical to carry
the big Barrett or Intervention snipers by hand in the field). It was
manufactured in the late 1970s and early 1980s by West Germany, and was too
expensive to see widespread use.

Did you know:
- Same as with the Barrett, there's a Mr. Yuk sticker on the cap, but he's much
clearer on the WA2000, and you can make out his whole face.
- The WA has a fingerprint on it; apply Urban Camo to see it most easily, under
the right light. Looks like your weapon's "borrowed," hehe...

M21 EBR (level 51)
Markers: x1.5 Head, x1.1 Neck, x1.1 Upper Body, x1.0 Torso, x1.0 Appendages

The M21 rarely gets OHKO - the only affected areas is the head,
and with SP the Neck and Upper Body, which is a relatively small area. Instead
it has other things working for it, namely triggerspam-ability - the recoil is
very low and allows for multiple accurate shots within half a second of each
other. While this isn't bad, the more shots it takes the more likely it is you
can be killed. In a battle against a sniper using one of the other guns, you
will lose more often then you would think. Also this is a great hiderance at
extremely long distances, as you have to shoot, then align again and shoot
(the recoil, however low, is still more then enough to throw off your aim).

I'd say that it's the most noob-friendly gun, but it's unlocked at level 56,
so...but still if you're new to sniping I reccomend you give it a try. Other
then that it has a gracious magazine and a good reload, however this is the
only gun I could possibly reccommend Scavenger for, as you burn through 20
rounds quick. People using the gun tend to shoot twice quickly even if one shot
will do, a bad trigger-mashing habit that wastes ammo like nothing else. It's
also decent for trigger mashing, but the Barrett does a better job of
saving your ass in those situations cause of its higher damage.

This is a great choice for sniping silenced with SP, and 
really the only one for sniping silenced without SP.

Overall I don't like ths gun that much. It has some things going for it, but
also a lot of negatives. One last thing, with an ACOG attached it's a decent
Battle Rifle, similar to the FAL, except with more recoil, no damage dropoff,
a faster shot, and OHKO to the Head and Neck (the FAL is OHKO, amazingly, to
the head with Stopping Power. No other non-sniper gun can do that). It's a fun
thing to try when you're bored as heck.

Did you know:
- The M21 EBR stands for "Enhanced Battle Rifle", but in reality it's the M14
EBR, not the M21. This was probably done to avoid confusion with the similarly
named M4A1 and M16A4 rifles, but it seems retarded to me.
- On the right side of the gun, yellow lettering says "SD-619". THis refers to
an area code in San Diego, California.
- This is more or less Soap's favorite gun, or at least his favorite sniper.
- An M21 (M14 in Single Player/Spec Ops) without a scope can be aquired in
the Spec Ops mission Breach & Clear.
- It was voted favorite sniper on the IW site...can't say why >.>

IRL: In real life, The M14 EBR was originally commisioned by the United States
Naval Special Warfare Command, including the Navy SEALS. They needed an
adapted battle rifle taht could be multifunctional both in its original role
and as a sniper rifle. The M14 was chosen for its specifications, traits, and
for an ability for a quick second shot. It was commisioned in 2000 and got to
troops in 2004. It's praised for being user-friendly, a low-cost conversion of
aging surplus M14s, and being compatible with the full line of standard
military gear.

| Weapons Chart |

This is a chart optimizing the different guns with different setups - aka 
which gun is best used in which way. For why, check above.

KEY: Silenced/Unsilenced and SP (Stopping Power) xSP (no Stopping Power)

 Gun          | Unsilenced, SP | Silenced, SP |Unsilenced,xSP | Silenced,xSP |
 Intervention |  Best Choice   |  Bad choice  |  Bad choice   | Worst choice |
 Barrett .50  |  Best choice   |  Bad choice  |  Bad choice   | Worst choice |
 WA2000       |  Worst choice  |  Best choice |  Best choice  |  Bad choice  |
 M21 EBR      | Decent choice  |  Good choice | Decent choice | Best choice  |

|[5]| Attachments|                                                        {ATC}

1. Silencer

Sniping silenced is a whole other ballgame. Attaching the silencer lowers the
base damage from 70 to 50, making SP a must. Although it allows you to avoid
being spotted, it comes at the cost of more hitmarkers, which can kill you in
the long run. If you choose to run a silencer, use Stopping Power, always, as
it's two shots to any part of the body without, and except with the EBR, that's
bad news.

Silencer allows you to effectively snipe lying around out a field. By letting
you move less it allows you to rack up kills in a safer way (moving attracts
attention attracts fire attracts death). Be careful of revenge killers however.

Also Silencers suppresses the gun and removes muzzle flash. Translation: you're
much, much harder to pinpoint via sound and via kill.

2. Heartbeat Sensor

Hearbeat sensor causes red dots representing enemies to appear on a screen on
the left of your gun. The Hb updates slightly slower then a regular UAV, and
gives away the positions of nearby enemies, except those using Ninja. When an
EMP is activated the Hb turns to static. Even without looking at the screen you
can tell enemies are nearby because it makes a beeping noise when it detects

A lot of people find the Hb sensor distracting as they constantly glance at it,
and even sit in one spot waiting for it to update - a big no-no. Instead, the
way to use it is to look down when it beeps, figure where they are, and then 
prepare to engage them.

Not enough people use this attachment, really. But it's a great choice if you
don't feel like running FMJ on a regular kit. It gives you a basic mini-uav
that tracks the locations of enemy blips on a small screen, giving you a one-up
on moving opponents. Ninja counters this, but it's not often enough used to
warrent not using the Hb.

Heartbeat sensor is unlocked by 20 kills with a Silencer attached.

3. ACOG Sight

The ACOG sight is a tritinium-lit (aka red) sight that has higher zoom (4x) 
then RDS or Holographic. The screen has a few lines converging with mil dots on
a red dot at the center. ACOG scope increases felt recoil, hinders in the short
range, and on most guns, also moves around.

Ugh, ACOG. This helps with quickscoping somewhat but sacrifices what the Sniper
does best - range. I don't particularly reccommend it but if you feel you're
good with it use it. Some people are actually pretty good at quickscoping with
ACOG. Use it at your will.

4. Thermal Sight

Thermal sight outlines opponents in white against a gray background, making it
easier to see opponents at long range. As with most other things it can be
countered, this time by Cold Blooded, which reduces a player to the gray color
of the background.

Thermal definetly helps at long distance. It lets you spot enemies you'd
otherwise pass over. This makes it a great option for large, open maps like
Wasteland. It helps A LOT when you're conducting a sweep, ae. scouting out a
large area far away with your sniper.

That being said, as I say in the Methology section, there's a right way to 
sniper and a wrong way. Lots of noobs sit down, ads and go back and forth from
here to there waiting for something to come up. WRONG. The real way is to stay
at hipfire and look for targets that way, only ADS when you pick someone up,
and this is the best bet in most situations and on most maps, and Thermal
doesn't help you there at all, really. In fact I find it makes it slightly

Thermal is useless on snow maps, which also appear white giving opponents an
extra layer of camo at your expense. Thermal in conjunction with smoke grenades
reins in kills against other snipers at the beggining-of-the-game sniper spawn
and later on as well.

Thermal is unlocked by 20 kills ACOG style.

5. FMJ

FMJ stands for Full Metal Jacket, and it enhances bullet penetration on a
sniper, which basically means that you can wallbang people through things
thicker then sheets of metal. While some things are completely inpenetratable
(think banana leaves on Favela; wtf is up with that?), FMJ gives the perfect
amount of penetration to carry out things like through-the-house shots on 
Estate, fucking up someone prone in the bunkers in Afghan, and braining someone
trying to escape you behind the windows on Underpass.

FMJ is under-rated by noobs. The most common sniper out there is Intervention
FMJ, with Barret .50 FMJ a close second. FMJ is immensly, immensly useful.
Picture this: a guy is standing behind a barrel, and you get a hitmarker on
him. He instinctively goes prone. If you have FMJ, you can now easily headshot
him for some clean points. If you don't, you're stuck in ackward position with
a target you can't quite get.

6. Extended Mags

Extended Mags is simple, it just gives you extra ammo to a magazine, allowing
you more shots before you have to reload.

Extended Mags is both tedious to get (40 FMJ penetration kills) and
overshadowed by other options you can take. Overall it only serves a purpose on
the 5-cartridge Intervention, even then I wouldn't use it (Sleight of Hand, 
DUH). If only it gave you more ammo...

|[6]| Secondaries |                                                       {SEC}

  Bolt actions speak louder then words. (Unknown)


Most of it actually comes down to personal preference.

| Pistols |

Pistols have an extremely fast swap time, so if you're caught sniping the quick
swap (.25 seconds) can save your ass. However they're underpowered in terms of
range and RoF. A good choice, especially with the WA2000. Plus, you get that
feeling whenever you outgun someone using a shotty with a pistol :)

Akimbo Pistols are an interesting alternative to using Shotties. Though weaker
at close range, they don't have a bothersome range cap and are a lot of fun to

The USP .45 has 6 rounds to a mag, great accuracy over distance, and decent
power. M9s have more rounds, are less accurate over distance, and also have
decent power. The Magnum has 6 rounds to a mag, ok accuracy, and lots of power.
The Deagle has I think 8 rounds to a mag, bad accuracy, and lots of power.

| Shotguns |

Shotguns are CQC beasts. They own the arena with their massive firepower, but
remember that they also have a range cap, past where shots won't go. For that
reason the Shotgun, alhough a great choice all around, are more suited for CQC

The Spas is pump-action, but makes up for it with a great range, however if you
miss a shot you're screwed. The AA12 is considered a "noob" shotty for its
automatic function, allowing you to spew out rounds at close range. However it
is only really viable with Scavenger because it has really low ammo count, and
not-great range. The M1014 has the same range as the AA12 and only 4 bullets to
a mag (Ext Mags is a must!),but counters it with a great OHKO chance (AA12 just
about always takes two bursts to kill) and a lot more ammo then the AA12. The
Striker is the intermediate of the two groups, it has a lot of ammo to a mag
but is usually 2HKO, range in betweeen the Spas and the AA12/M1014, and semi-
auto function. The Rangers should always come in pairs, they are double-
barreled and clicking once fires one chamber then the other. It has the worst
range but frightening power, retty much overkill-worthy. The Model 1887 has the
most range of all the secondary Shotties, but also an extremely long cock (not
like THAT you pervs ><) and a bad reload time. I generally don't advise it
after the nerf. Although, the coolness factor is over 9000.

| Machine Pistols |

Machine Pistols are good choice if you want/need a bit of range on your
secondary. For big open-area sniping they're probably the best (erhm, erhm,
Wasteland, erhm, erhm). They basically give you Assualt Rifle reach as a 
secondary at the cost of some of the AR's versitility and power.

Akimbo Machine Pistols: see Pistols section.

The PP2000 has a great iron sight, some recoil, and good magazines. The TMP has
no recoil, decent iron sight, and fail-level ammo (who would use a MP at long
range? You have a sniper...). The G18(s) are the cheapest gun in the game aside
from the pro pipe, akimbo G18s have rediculous range, magazines and firing rate
(think bullet hose). The Raffika is a burst fire gun, it fires a 3-shot burst
that is OHKO if all hit. It's an interesting Akimbo choice, however the iron
sight sucks so I advocate a RDS. Also, it is the only MP you can use in Last

| Launchers |

If you're that pro, or use an aimbot, use one. Otherwise, no.

RPG for the tube, Thumper for the tube, Javelin for fun, Stinger for anti-air,
and AT4 for a RPG/Stinger blend at the cost of ammo.

|[7]| Perks |                                                             {PRK}

  Peace and love makes the world go round, War prevents it from going round 

          too fast. (SP)


Unlike other setups, part of sniping involves semi-mandatory perks, that is,
mandatory if you want to win. The most commonly used class is:

Primary: Intervention or Barrett .50 Cal FMJ
Secondary: Any
Perk 1: Sleight of Hand [Pro] (From now on, SoH)
Perk 2: Stopping Power [Pro]
Perk 3: Any
Deathstreak: Any
Equipment: Any
Special Grenade: Any

Obviously there's a reason everyone uses it. Both the Intervention and Barrett
have amazing power, and although FMJ "Decreasing" hitmarkers is a myth, it does
help a lot with walling people. Sleight of Hand basically makes quickscoping
possible, and at any rate gives you a BIG advantage over your foes in terms of
how quickly you scope in (then again, every self-respecting sniper is using it)
Stopping Power again means much fewer hitmarkers. There's a reason it's so

| Blue Perks |


Marathon gives you infinte sprint, useful for getting from place to place but
inadvisable really on anything but an SMG/Knifer build.

Marathon Pro just lets you climb things faster, which is seldom useful really.


Bling allows you to put two attachments on your weapon. This is a fun perk to
play around with on AR builds etc., but generally inadvisable on a sniper.

Sleight of Hand

This should be your choice 99.99% of the time. Although reloading quick is
always helpful, the main thing comes with the pro effect - faster ADS.
Absolutely vital!


I seriously reccommend this perk for ar classes along with claymores and a
silencer, but for Snipers...not so much. 15+ bullets standard is a lot of kills
way more then enough to launch your big streaks. The only sniper that could 
ever really use it is the M21, and again that's more of a weakness then a
strength. It does help with claymores, though...

| Red Perks |

Stopping Power

Most of the time this is the best choice. A 1.4 multiplier expands OHKO parts
of the body on all snipers. 

SP Pro doesn't help much with a sniper, on ARs you can use it to shoot down
UAVs but in terms of ammo its impractical on a sniper.


An interesting choice, it makes you immune to ai support (mostly) and invisble
to UAvs. It's good if you want a little bit of a challenge.

Cold-Blooded Pro has an amazing and little-used use, I will explain in the
methodology section. It basically prevents red crosshairs and your name from
appearing on the field, useful for blending into the surroundings - again, a
stealth option.


Hardline is an OK perk, but I would go with one of the two above, really.
Pulling out streaks faster is always helpful, but compared to SP and CB on
Snipers it's not a good choice, really.

Danger Close

This is only useful for whores with pipes. Don't.

| Yellow Perks |


As much as people hate it, Scrambler is semi-semi-useful with a shield.
Scrambler fuzzies up the screen of enemies near you, so in that respect it's
a dead giveaway to your position. It's easy to gauge where you are by fuzziness
and area. Although delaying claymores is a decent pro effect, honestly
SitRep does the same thing and better. DON'T USE IT.


Ninja protects you from heartbeat sensors and headphone-wielding no0bs (like me It prevents you from appearing on Hb sensors, with complete with a
Silencer and Cold Blooded, keeps you from being seen or killed by any way
except direct visual contact. It's an S&D staple, and a great stealth perk for
a sniper.

Last Stand

Last Stand...this is the bane of all snipers. All in itself, if Last Stand
allowed you to not die or use your primary, I would use it. As is, getting
dropped to the ground with 1 hp and being confined to a pistol, with a limit to
your life span and a die-to-anything hp count, isn't really good. Last Stand
will cinch you an ocassional kill (I'll say 1/100) when they are noobs/out of
ammo/fail knife/do something stupid. Worst of all, IT RUINS BEUTIFUL OHKOs.


It's not bad at all. Mainly, its the Pro effect I like. Being able to hear
people at 4x volume = OWN. However, being able to beast off claymores and tacs
(they're highlighted in red, situational report DUH) is great too. Imagine the
pissed off sniper (me) when his clay gets stunned and then he gets shot up.

Steady Aim

This is in my opinion the best perk in the set for tier 3, because its main AND
pro effect both work directly towards your sniping. THe main effect is that it
shrinks crosshairs, enhancing non-ADS'd accuracy greatly on all gun, but on
Shotguns especially. In addition, this shrinks the noscope reticule on a sniper
which is great mostly for new players (the better of us can deal with a nice
clean quickscope)

The Pro effect, meanwhile, is totally contradictory to the main effect. It
allows you to hold your breath for 5 seconds longer then usual. Which is great
on a sniper, obviously, most of your shots will be on breath and it's a useful
thing to have a longer one, both for accuracy and for outcamping people.

|[8]| Other Stuff |                                                       {OTH}

  If you find yourself in a fair fight, 

  you didn't plan your mission properly. (David Hackworth)




Claymores are a sniper's best friend. If you know how to set them, one claymore
or two is enough to cover your back while you snipe away at a window or
doorway. Claymores are a promimity activated mine that protects the user from
people running up behind them. Well-placed claymores kill people before they
even know it's there. Remember that claymores only blast in the direction they
are placed (the side with the lasers...), and that SitRep makes them into a
highlight reel of your position while Scrambler Pro nullifies their effect.
Otherwise tossing a stun or flash grenade or even shooting a claymore will
temporarily defuse it and in the second case, destroy it. Except in Search and
Destroy claymores dissapear when you respawn, sometimes it's meritous to watch
a killcam hoping that the guy who killed you will walk into it.

Also, people with Lightweight can litterally run right past it, making it no
garuntee against knifing backstabbers...

Claymore methology in detail is covered under methology. Also try surfing


I'd put Semtext as second in usefulness of a sniper to Claymores. While they
don't cover your back quite as well, they can be used to kill someone who runs
into a corner and you cant quite get him. Just toss a 3-second sticky grenade
and poof, fried chicken. I personally perfer claymores however, and most people
do. Semtex is a more "general use" choice.

Fragmentation Grenades

Ah, the frag. A FPS staple returns to Mw2 to, unfortunatly, negative acclaim.
The frags in this game are extremely underpowered. With a 5-second fuse you
can't just toss it like the Semtex, you have to hold it first and THEN toss,
as it's easy to run away/throw back a five-second fuse. Even worse, the frags
have a heck of a lot more physics to them, wheras Semtex can and will stick to
surfaces/players, frags will bounce and roll around, totally ruining a good
throw. Occasionaly however you can roll one into a camper and...well, you
know what happens next. Don't use it.

Tactical Insertion

Tacs are a camper's best friend's neice, but on a sniper they're not as
practical as on an Assuant Rifle or SMG. Really the usefulness of a tac depends
on the game mode. It helps hugely in Objective games, especially Demolition,
but isn't very useful in games with variable spawns, where the goal is to kill

Throwing Knives

As incredibly fun they are to play around with, and as stealthy as they are,
Throwing Knives are hardly a viable option. Although I encourange you play
around with them sometime, it's not a weapon you would use for its


C4 is a vastly underated remote detonation device. Press to throw, but beware
of its extremely laughable throwing distance, and then press to detonate. Use
reload twice to detonate it without having to wait out the delay. Not much to
say except that it's a stronger, riskier version of the claymore. 

| Special Grenades |

Flash Grenade

The Flash Grenade explodes with a big bang and blanks out the screen of anyone
you use it on into one big sheet of white. It has a larger area of effect then
the Stun Grenade, but will have less of an effect if they are not facing the
direction of impact.

Although Flash Grenades are powerful, they're troublesome in two respects.
Firstly, they're far more prone to getting hitmarkers that leave the opponent
partially disoriented but still capable of fighting, which can turn into a bad
situation for you quickly. Secondly, they take longer to pull and throw then a
stun grenade, enough time to get your body riddled in bullets. For those two
reasons alone I much perfer the Stun grenade, but it's always your personal
decision which of the two to use.

Stun Grenade

Stun Grenades work differently from Flashes. Instead of white-washing the
screen in resonance, they hit the target with a little bit of sound and a lot
of movement limitation. They are far less prone to hitmarkers, aren't affected
when the target is hit in the be-hind, and take less time to pull out, at the
cost of having a smaller effect radius and not being 100% effective. If you hit
someone camping a corner, well he can still spray into your body as you come
around, as he doesn't have to move anything to hit you. Stuns make their target
move very slow, and they can't move their sight to you as you riddle their body
with bullets.

Smoke Grenades

Simple. They release smoke. It takes about 1 second to reach an appreciable
level of cover, and it disipates in 5 seconds. Smoke grenades are VERY useful
if used effectively, and in conjunction with a thermal weapon. On objective
games they provide enough cover singlehandidly to allow two people or even one
to capture an objective or plant a bomb. However remember that Thermal pierces
straight through and that smoke is a grenade magnet.

Some examples of how to use smokes:
- Toss it at the sniper spawn (especially Highrise!) and have fun raining hell
on everyone with your thermal scope.
- Run close to a bomb site, toss a smoke grenade to attract attention, and then
run like hell to the other side (works wonders for clutches on SnD).
- Use one at a chokepoint to provide safe passage and protection from snipers/
- If you are ambushed and manage to dip out of sight, toss one at the ground to
give you enough cover to run or swap to your secondary.
- Throw it somewhere close to the enemy and then wait for someone to walk into
it hoping for a kill.
- Cover yourself stealing a crate. Especially friend's crates >:)

Some example of how not to use smokes:
- Forget you have smoke and toss it at an enemy. (Impact damage is neglicable)
- Toss it at a corridor one of your friends is camping (unless they have
- Throw it for absolutely no reason (you only get one, not two! Use them
wisely >.<)

Smoke grenades are limited- you only get one and if you use one you pass up
some combat capacity. But they're great for mindgames and cover - in the right
situation. Problem is a lot of noobs have no clue how to use them, hurting your
team more then helping...

|[9]| Methodology |                                                       {MTH}

  The careful application of terror is another form of communication. (unknown)


The following comprises a long but very neccessary monolouge about sniping
methology. This is really the meat of the guide, as propper map knowlege and
how to use your gun are the two biggest contributing factors to a successful
sniping terror.

| Basics |

Know your gun
Know what your gun can and can't due. That's the due basics. If you're using a
Barrett feel free to aim for wherever you want, but with the M21 be selective
about your shots and aim as high as possible. Know what you can and can't
penetrate. Lastly, know if it may be better to let the target slip by if it's
a hard shot and you're worried about being surrounded.

Know the maps
Sniping requires knowledge of the map - detailed knowledge. For help with that
see the Mapwork section.

| Hardscoping |

All sniper shots can be divided into two categories, hardscoping (shots that
take more then a second from ADS to kill, aka HS), and quickscoping (shots
that take less then a second from ADS to kill, aka QS). Hardscoping is, of
course, easier.

A dissapointing thing I see a lot of is novices grabbing a sniper then zooming
in and hardly ever going out. This is bad for a simple reason, and that is
that this limits your FOV severely. When you're always scoped in you are bound
to miss targets moving around, and they are bound to kill you, regardless of
the minor already-ADSed bonus you get from it.

In reality most shots are quickscopes at higher skill level. Under a second
sounds hard but with practice it's really not. Distance shots and tricky shots
require Hardscoping, however, to land. This is why I reccomend Thermal for
point fodder, er, no0bs, as it gives them a fighting chance at landing shots
on harder targets (if you can do it right, you can manage without).

Even for novices the right way to do it is to not ADS until you see a target.
Take your time with shots noobs, and don't worry about the one-second "time
limit." Also, if your shot misses, keep trying until you hit.

After landing a shot drop down. Unless there's another target right there this
is better as it allows your breath to recharge and leaves you less exposed. The
seconds after you fire are critical to how much attention you attract.

| Quickscoping and noscoping |

Quickscoping is one of the most difficult and probably also the most rewarding
ability in the game, as it allows you to be an absolute terror running around
at close quarters with a sniper. Loosely defined, quickscoping is any shot that
takes less then a second from ADS to shot. However, under that defenition 80%
of my shots are QS. Quickscopes can be divided into 3 sections: "true"
quickscopes, dragscopes, and a third with no name - I'll key it "fastscoping."

True quickscopes are the hardest shots to achieve with a sniper in the game.
In a true quickscope, you spot a target, zoom in, and just as the reticule
appears you fire off a shot and ADS out. There are clans out there obsessed
with the thing. Safe to say it's the hardest skill in the game to master.
Quickscoping a target moving directly towards/away from you at short range
isn't altogethor too hard, but pulling a fast one on a target shooting you at
medium-long range takes a hell of a lot of time and sacrifice on the part of
your K/D to master.

For all your effort, you get...the ability to arbitralily rush with a sniper
when you want to. The stakes are high, however. You can be overun by people
with more standard weapons for the one part, but mainly missed shots spell
doom. Some of the time you can sqeeze out a second shot by dropshoting, but
don't count on it.

Dragscoping is a lesser form of pure qs. Instead of putting your reticule
right on the target, you kind of drag it across their body and fire. For
example, imagine the x is my reticule and the h is a guy:

         X       H

I now proceed to drag it across:


And then fire. Presto! It ends up looking like:

                  +100 ->X

I even drew pretty pictures...hope they help. An-e-way, dragscoping is more of
a reflexive shot then quickscoping. A guy sitting atop a roof spots someone
moving right of his crosshairs. So as not to waste time he squeezes the ADS
whilst speeding his reticule rightwards quickly (!) aquires the target and
fires. That is dragscoping.

The last subcategory under QS is my so-called "fastscoping." In reality this is
where the majority of a good sniper's shos lie. Fastscoping consists of lying
around un-ADS'd, scanning your FOV for targets. The prime advantage of a sniper
scope is that its zoom allows extremely long shots, while its prime
disadvantage is that that very same zoom makes it impossible to scan a good
FOV while ADSing. So the soution is not the ADS until you see a target. At
that point ADS, quickly align the target within your sight, and fire. THe whole
operation usually takes less then a second, therefore is, technically, QS. But
it's not really, because this method allows accurate shots within a short time
over a long distance with even modernate novices being able to pull it off 
(skill and practice are definetly 2 big pluses, however).

Noscoping is simply firing shots without scoping in. With all of the guns
except the Intervention you can spam shots until they are dead. This ONLY works
as a last ditch effort and ONLY when you don't have time to switch to your
secondary (having a Pistol almost always eliminates that problem). Steady Aim
helps, as does rushing head-on into the target to eliminate distance. Snipers,
suprisingly, have maximum mobility on SMG levels, but their extremely wide
margins severly limits their close-combat usefulness.

Noscoping is not a "skill kill." To illustrate that, you can park yourself in
a window and fire a single shot across the map and kill someone (did that once
on, and you can also spam out an entire Barrett magazine
into someone at point-blank range and not register a single hit. Sheer luck
falls more into the equation then actual "skill."

After the shot you can keep in the scope if you're not confident about your
shot placement, or descope of you are (to quicker scan for more targets). If
you miss simply shoot again, if they start firing at you trying dropshooting.
Generally, except at very long range, it's better to descope after.

Last thing I will cover here is jumpshots. It's exactly what it sounds like.
You know there's an enemy there and you want to get him but your current
position puts a wall between him and you. To solve that problem simply jump
and shoot. Jumping quickscopes leave people screaming on the killcams >:D.

| Dropshots |

Oh yeah, totally forgot to mention this. Dropshoting is simple, it just means
that you go prone as you fire. With ARs SMGs and the like you can go prone as
you shoot someone. This carries a good degree of surprise, as it vastly shrinks
your profile versus standing up or even crouching. All of the sudden, your
ankles from before becomes your head level.

With snipers dropshotting can give you a second chance in battle. Imagine you
meet someone in a hallway, you try to quickscope them but you miss, and they
start firing at you and start layering hitmarkers. Drop down for the second you
need and try another qs. If it just saved your ass!

Dropshoting does not always work. Sometimes it doesn't give you enough time,
sometimes it does. Also, note that you can't knife someone if you choose to
dropshot. This only works with SoH, but what are you doing sniping without it?

| Secondary choices |

Your choice of secondaries is critical to your stradegy. Each class option
offers you advantages and disadvantages, which will be covered here.

Shotguns are the kings of close. I've gone on really long streaks running
through crowded indoor rooms and blasting people to chunks. No other secondary
is matched by the shotgun in power. In fact, no other weapon, period, matches
a shotty in power.

The biggest disadvantage is obvious - shotguns have a very short range. While
the exact ranges of the different guns differ (in order from shortest to
longest it is Ranger, AA12, M1014, Striker, Spas 12, Model 1887, Masterkey
attachment [AR only]). Shotgun shells spread out over distance so they are not
quite as effective at the edge of their range. Because of this balance of power
and a major range cap, shotguns often strap you between shotty rushing (rushing
in general is not a great idea with a sniper) or camping across a corner,
potentialy exposing yourself to flankers and explosives tossed around the

The other problem with using a shotgun is that they take forever to pull out,
alost as long as launchers. A lot of the time if you walk into someone and you
have a sniper out, there just won't be enough time to pull it out before you
get brutalized. So if you are using one, be VERY careful. Also, don't ADS with
a shotgun...that actually decreases accuracy. It's been proven time and time

The next choice is the pistol. Many people have stopped using pistols with
the emmergance of the more powerful machine pistol, but the pistol still has
some advantages that the machine pistol doesn't. Namely, everythinmg about the
pistol is fast. Fast reload, fast ADS, and fast draw time. In fact, the pistol
always takes exactly 0.25 seconds to pull out regardless of the other weapon,
speading up their "put away" animation.

This means that you can run around pretty much without caring if you have a 
sniper out. Although .25 is still some pullout time, it's enough to be ready
for a lot of your encounters. Unlike the powerful and bulky shotty however,
the Pistol is low on power, the weakest of the secondaries. In addition its
sights are very bad, making shots at distance difficult to land, although not
impossible. Also, if you choose to use Last Stand, you need to use a pistol
for it. You CAN go without but who wants a plain M9? :)

A special note goes the to Raffika, although it's classified as a Machine
Pistol it has the quick swap capacity of Pistols. The Raffika is a burst fire
weapon, sort of a pocket M16 at the cost of recoil and damage over distance.
It's a powerful weapon but loses some hipfire capability because of its burst
fire weaponality. It also has crapy iron sights but as a machine pistol the
addition of reflex sights to the attachment choices helps greatly with the
Raffika, specifically.

The last practical weapon to use is the Machine Pistol. Machine Pistols are
like pocket SMGs and ARs, with a punch, good sights and capacity at a distance
at the cost of ammo and damage. I've pulled off miracle Demoltion saves by
rushing headfirst into the enemy with a PP2000 blasting away. Having a machine
pistol tucked away in your pocket lets you go into relatively open areas where
snipers lose to assualt rifles, allowing you to bridge that critical gap
between long (snipers), medium, and short (shottyS).

The last catgeory are launchers, no point talking about them since you aren't
using them...are you?

Now another major note, this time on the topic of Akimbo weapons. Akimbo
weapons are cool, and they're a choice avaiable for all secondary classes
except launchers. What Akimbo basically does is it gives you double weapons.
While you lose the ability to ADS, and thus, accuracy, it allows you to pump
out lead at a doubly alarming rate. It also doubles your ammo count.

Among shotties you can only choose Rangers and 1887s for Akimbo. There's no
reason NOT to use Akimbo Rangers, since you can't ADS with them anyway and
using them doubled gives you 4 shots to a load instead of two. 1887s used to
dominate, but alas it is no more. In reality at present 1887s are broken.
Single 1887s have insane range but also an insanely long cock and an inability
to knife whil you cock it, which screws you over severly if you miss. Dobule
1887s used to be king but with patches their range nowadays is worthless. Oh

Akimbo Pistols are fun to use. They swap quickly and pack a decent punch and
spray potential. The bad iron sights don't matter anymore, and although they
don't have the OHKO potential of shotguns they also do not have a bothersome
range cap. Plus they're FUN, and make certain guns, namely the Deagle, much
more affable, as they take recoil out of the equation.

Akimbo MPs are also a blast to use. However, I personally perfer either
shotties or akimbo pistols. Akimbo MPs are a median between Pistols and
Shotties, as in they pack more punch then pistols but less the shotties, swap
faster then shotguns but (still) aren't quite as strong.

Interesting fact: Snipers have maximum mobility. Only SMGs also have maximum
mobility. SO theoretically running around with a secondary at close quarters
is more affable for snipers then for 90% movement AR users.

| Map count |

Although this is covered extensively in Mapwork, I'm giving an overview here.
The most important factor in Sniping is the map you're playing on.

Starting from the beggining. After playing for a few days you'll see a regular
pattern develop in terms of distribution of players from the beggining. Your
spawns are set in stone and don't change, so as people rush to get the map
occupied and get a leg up, you see a sort of "pattern" of distribution. This
changes over the game, but at the beggining it is very predicatble - and easy
to use to your advantage.

Knowing enemy patterns you can set yourself up on a high-traffic area and take
down everyone heading your way. Another important early component is the so-
called "sniper spawn camp." The most noturious of this is the window sniping on
Highrise (similar in many ways to Showdown...), but there are  similar "windows
of oppertunity" on virtually all of the maps.

To a sniper, knowing the enemy spawn is KEY. Worst case scenerio for a sniper
is being left behind an enemy spawn. More versitle SMG and AR builds could
theoretically survive back there but snipers would have a much harder time. So
try to predict spawns as best you can. Valuable tools to this degree are the
skull markers leftby dying teamates. If they start approaching you, be ready
for a spawn swap if one happens.

| Observational skills |

In Mw2, there are three important senses: speech, sight, and hearing. A well
prepared sniper will know how to use all three to his advantage.


Nothing I can really tell you about sight. It's the ability to distinguish
between a fat roll of metal and an actual organic figure. Knowing how to "see"
helps a lot in spotting enemy snipers hoping to get away by lying prone, camo
and all. The only way to learn the "see" better is to play more...or get a
better moniter, I guess. Probably not.


Unfortunatly for PC, very few people have microphones, as it doesn't
come standard as with the consoles. Speach is a very important skill, and it's
more prevelant on high-stakes high-skill game modes like SnD, and less on nooby
modes like TDM (*cough cough noob sweeping cough cough*).

Speach is a very very important skill. It allows you to forwarn and to warn
others of enemy position, where the campers are, where you are moving, and
where the fight is, if you have a heartbeat sensor you can call out enemies to
your buddies, so if worst case scenario you die at least they know where they
are. Well-coordinated team use speach to support each other extensively,
enhancing survivability for everyone. If you do not have a microphone, you can
type what you have to say out, but this has the severe downside of limiting
your ability to fight while you type.

As much as speach can help you in battle, it can also be a limitation. If some
random kind on your team is spamming music out his mic or being annoying in
general. Luckily, there is an easy way to get rid of them: the mute button. 
Ahhhhhhhhh, peaceful silence. Plus it allows you to effectively use another
important sense, hearing.


This is by far the most underused ability in the game. There's a limit to how
far you can go without being able to hear anything. So, how do you hear? When
glass somewhere breaks, you hear it.When someone shoots, you hear it. Being
able to pinpoint where the shots are coming from is a vastly important, and
vastly underused skill.

The reason so is that to "hear" effectively you need to but headphones; a
speaker simply won't cut it. Higher-end headphones allow you to hear enemy
footsteps from afar (thus allowing you to predict them before they even know
you exist) and hear the opening of the pad when someone is planting a bomb. So
BUY HEADPHONES. Even cheap ones help!

Things that go "moo" (or at least "clink clink"):
- Running or walking. Plus, one can tell what you are walking on and further
pinpoint you.
- Shooting, even silenced. Obviously that's going to attract attention.
Silenced weapons can still be heard at close range.
- Reloading. You make a nice click-type sound.
- Breaking windows. You can pick this up even without headphones.
- Random things soldiers yell.
- make a kind of gutteral sound x,x
- Switching guns.
- Throwing a grenade, the pin is loud.
- The opening and clattering of a flash/stun/smoke on the ground.
- Falling from up high, even with Commando Pro you make a loud crunch. (are
those bones or leaves? cant tell oO)
- Using a knife or a riot shield.
- Calling out a killstreak
- Setting a claymore, tactical insertion, landing and detonation of C4.
- Throwing Knives. Although they are 100% silent when they hit, when they miss
they make a loud clanking sound on the ground, and they will know someone just
chucked a knife at rude...but at least they won't know where it came
- Critically, setting/defusing a bomb.

Two perks help with this, Ninja Pro and SitRep Pro. Ninja reduces the sound of
your footsteps and SitRep Pro makes enemy footsteps louder. SitRep is actually
very slightly stronger then Ninja, I think...or was it the other way round? :L

| Staying hidden |

As for keeping others from seeing you, that's a sniper's specialty. The nice
camo you wear has a major function, allowing you to blend in well with the
surrounding. Lying down and not moving is only functional, and practical, with
a sniper's camo. For that reason when you are a sniper it's actually BETTER to
lie down in a big field (*cough cough Wasteland cough cough*) then among a few
bushes. Mainly cause you can't see shit in the bush, so you lie in front of it,
and then your foe laughs at how rediculous your "hiding" spot is.

When you snipe out of a window, make sure your gun doesn't stick out. Someone
noticing it, that's a dead giveaway. Obviously moving attracts attention. 
Switching weapons, walking/running, reloading can be heard from up close.
(see the section above), and shooting from pretty far away.

When facing an enemy sniper, or anyone else really, MOVEMENT IS KEY. Watch for
movement and act upon it. If you hear someone nearby pull out your secondary
and investigate.

Don't stand in the middle of a big field. Crouch or if you can go prone (there
are complications turning the weapons while prone sometimes, however).

| Fighting enemy snipers |

In an equal sniper fight advantage goes to the first to steady, aim, and fire.
Only one shot is needed. Spamming only hurts you. It's reccomended to drop
down, steady your aim there, move a little then pop up again to come up under
him with an advantage.

Cover is key. A fired sniper that misses is a dead giveaway to the enemy of
your position. If you don't think you can do it simply move on. No point
fighting what you are going to lose.

Never ever ever take over half a second in view. That's more then plenty for
even a noob to drag along their scope to wherever you popped up. Jumpshots work
well, as they can catch them off guard.

If they're not aimed at you, listen for the sound and glance at the mini-map to
pinpoint their position. Follow up with a friendly yodel to your buddies.
And/or outpredict them and put a bullet in their head.

| Playing dead |

For this rarely used skill, you will need Cold Blooded PRO.

1. Lie down somewhere. Make sure no one sees you doing it.

2. Switch weapons as fast as you can. You will go into a sort of sideways
posture, and enemies will walk right by you thinking you're just another
casualty in the war.

3. For effect, stand up and hit them in the back with a throwing knife. For
effectiveness...only do that if they're alone >:) Otherwise wait for the spawns
to swap around.

This is useful for waiting out an enemy on top of you when you have a
killstreak you absolutely HAVE TO preserve. The reason you need the Pro effect
is that it removes red crosshairs when peope point at you and your name when
they look at you for a second. Beware of the Heartbeat sensor!

| Playing spotter |

Snipers have an advantage in terms of telling where the foe is spawning/moving/
etc. Use this to inform your team of that as well, increasing overall
effectiveness. Although sometime's it's ok to be greedy and just rack up kills
while your team is probing around elsewhere >:).

Be sure to report enemy snipers to the team. It's easy to tell apart the
unsilenced snipers with a bit of practice. Barrett makes a distinctive BOOM,
the Intervention is a long TCHOAW, WA2000 goes EH-AAH, and M21 is similar to
the WA but shorter and typically multiple shots are fired.

Be sure to move with your team. A sniper without his flanks covered is as good
as dead. WATCH the skulls. As get closee to you get ready to skedadle.
| The art of the FMJ wallbang |

Caveman: BRUHAAA! I kill a AR guy todahy.
Caveman 2: Whaht?
Caveman: I take sniper. Aim down scope. It make large noise and hurt him. He
ducks behind crate. Muuhh, I aim at the crate and shoot through. His brains
make good pasta paste for soup. Yummy!

After that bit of comic effect, lets talk about FMJ. Using FMJ allows you to
"wallbang": shoot the shit out of people straight through walls and all. It's
a bit of a tricky art however. You need ingame experience to learn to "vector"
a guy with a gun sticking out a doorway but his face behind a wall. Otherwise
you would have to shift positions to get a crack at that beautiful shiny head
of his...

If you wound someone and they drop down, great, now finish them off with a shot
through the wall. Different surfaces are penatrable in different amounts.
Alumnimum fences and such offer next to none. Concrete walls offer medium
protection. Cars will explode from sustained fire but are next-to-imprenatrable
Metal barrels are also hard to penetrate, as are trees. Foilage however offers
no protection.

If you're not sure if someone's there, it never hurts to fire. Some of the best
wallbangs are complete luck.

| Laying claymores and C4 |

A lot of people are cluelesss when it comes to laying claymores. They stick
them exposed and vulnerable at the front doorway to your enemy. There is a
right way and a wrong way to lay claymores.

The wrong way is to leave them exposed in front of a doorway or at a corner.
Problem is, enemy can easy see them, and then blow them up/stun-flash them. In
addition they can sprint right past a poorly placed claymore. That's not to say
that all hitmarker plauged claymores are due to terrible placement: latency is
als a major issue. Claymores have two laser "triggers" in front of them, these
are what trigger the explosive. Claymores do nothing if you walk past them on
the side the lasers aren't oriented.

If the opponent is deemed to move in a straight line, like through a doorway or
such, place the claymore sideways such that the laser trigger is oriented 
sideways to the way they are walking. 

On stairs it's best to place claymores to face the front, as placing them in
any other way will obscure the pointers od death, aka the laser pointers silly.

C4 is a little bit more tricky because it requires your remote detonation. Do
NOT press the equipment button to implode it, this involves a delay. Instead
press reload twice quickly to detonate withoout having to pull out the switch.

This means you have to watch your enemies and predict them. Headphones help. C4
is a lot more difficult to use effectively and generally underated by players,
but it DOES have a much bigger, all-sides blast radius.

| My classes |

This is what I use, mostly.

.-----------------------==-.   .-----------------------==-.
|| Standard  |||||||||||01||   || Thermal   |||||||||||02||
|-----------------------==-|   |-----------------------==-|
| Barrett .50 cal FMJ OR   |   | Barrett .50 Cal Thermal  |
| Intervention FMJ         |   | Spas 12 Extended Mags    |
| Spas 12 Extended Mags    |   | - Semtex/Smoke Grenades  |
| - Claymore/Stun Grenades |   | - Stopping Power [Pro]   |
| - Stopping Power [Pro]   |   | - Sleight of Hand [Pro]  |
| - Sleight of Hand [Pro]  |   | - Steady Aim [Pro]       |
| - Steady Aim [Pro]       |   |__________________________|
|__________________________|   | ~ Same as above, just    |
| ~ Standard fare class.   |   |   with Thermo-magic.     |
|__________________________|   |__________________________|
'--------------------------'   '--------------------------'

.-----------------------==-.   .-----------------------==-.
|| Silent 1  |||||||||||03||   || Silent 2  |||||||||||04||
|-----------------------==-|   |--------------------------|
| WA200 Silenced           |   | M21 EBR Silenced         |
| USP .45 Tactical Knife   |   | Spas 12 Red Dot Sight    |
| - Tac/Stun Grenades      |   | - Claymore/Stun Grenades |
| - Stopping Power [Pro]   |   | - Cold Blooded [Pro]     |
| - Sleight of Hand [Pro]  |   | - Sleight of Hand [Pro]  |
| - Commando [Pro]         |   | - Ninja [Pro]            |
|__________________________|   |__________________________|
| ~ With special adaptions |   | ~ About as stealthy as   |
|   for the WA2000.        |   |   they come...           |
|__________________________|   |__________________________|
'--------------------------'   '--------------------------'

| Opinion |

Notice how rediculously long this guide is? There's a reason for that. There's
a lot of tequnique and knowledge that goes into sniping well, and trying to
cover that all in one fell swoop takes a lottttttt of writing on my part. So
that explains the way-too-big-file size.

About snipers themselves, if you ever watched WingsofRedemption's sniper
commentaries on Youtube (I sure as hell did), he says a lot of stuff about the
inefficencies of quickscoping, etc. Don't listen to him!!! As much as I respect
his as the first "legit" 10th prestige game guru (his K/D is like, double mine!
wtf!), me and pretty much every other (good) sniper out there more or less
agree that with practice, quickscoping can turn into a deadly weapon. No I'm
not saying you should run around with it like an SMG, but that bit on qsers
having "at most, a K/D of 2" is mean...mine is 2.63 atm >.>

Now a lot of people are concerned about prestiging, and if you are, I don't
reccomend sniping as a "fast track" Try the SMG instead. The reason is that as
good of a sniper you may be, the logic behind a sniper is "slow but sure." Not
"run in kill 5 people run out." You do get a lot of bonuses to your kills but
an equally competent smg runner can do even more damage. Of course, it's
nowhere near as risky and steadier over time :)

| Console only: Sensitivity |

You can't really write a version bridging sniper guide without mentioning
sensitivity. Although I'm a PC sniper, I know enough about sensitivity to tell
you it straight here.

Sensitivity is an adjustable option on both the Xbox and the PS3, from 1 to 10.
No, there's no 9000. A higher sensitivity is just what it sounds like. By
turning it up to 10, your screen will do a 180 just by touching the pad, and at
1, you'll need to cruise 5 seconds just to turn around (these are an
exageration of course). If you can cope with the higher sensitivity, it rewards
you with a high movement rate that allows you to sometimes shoot back when your
being riddled with bullets in the back. Another plus: with a control stick it's
far easier to work while stunned, so I'm guessing that on consoles, Flashes
aren't as clearly outclassed as they are on PC.

It's a critical thing for a sniper because turning the sensitivity up is
essential to quickscoping, being able to attack targets, etc. Personal opinions
vary of course, but statistically the higher the sensitivity you can work with,
the better.

PC has something similar in mouse sensitivity, but the power of a mouse (both
large and fine movements in one fell swoop woot woot) means that the standard
sensitivity is enough for all movements. Which may be why PC gamers are said to
have a much shorter reaction time then their console-bearing peers by crossover

|[10]| Mapwork |                                      {MAP}

  Sometimes I think war is God's way of teaching us geography. (Paul Rodriguez)


Remember when I said that effective sniping requires knowledge of major choke
points, abused camping spots, and player movement in general? This section is
meant to aid you by giving my view on each of the maps, including spawn camps,
general areas, map overview, spawn overview, camping spots, "secret" jumps and
all the usual riff-raff. Read up! This is with Methodology the meat of the 

KEY This section will be presented in the following format:

Map Name: Name of the map...duh.

Summary: Overview of the map.

Spawn camp: The sniper spawn camp of the map. Basically, the first shot you can
get at the still-spawning, often-rushing foe. For some maps this is less direct
then others.

Base distribution: Where the front usually lies at the beggining of the game.
SMG users should rush straght into the fray. AR users can stay back a bit or
rush as well. Snipers and LMG users should stay back and move foward more
tenatively (for snipers' it's because of the nature of their weapon, for LMG
users it's because of their slow speed). If you choose to use a riot shield, up with someone behind you and givethem cover

Spots: Good spots for your sniping.

Secret jumps: Secret jumps that you can use for your purposes. I'll only
include the ones I know (duh) that are actually useful.

| Overview |

Last thing, I'm arranging the maps in difficulty right here (and how often
you see enemy snipers/what class is most common).

Sniper Maps:
* Derail - Most people opt into sniping, but ARs and SMGs are also viable.
* Wasteland - Almost all snipers, a few ARs.
* Estate - A lot of snipers, some of everything else.

Great Maps:
* Afghan - Bunker madness! I'd say an even split.
* Highrise - Usually 1 or 2 or 3 per team, otherwise even split.
* Quarry - same as Highrise.
* Sub Base - same, but often more SMGs then ARs.
* Rundown - Bridges! Considering the campers, it's sniper and AR heavy.
* Terminal - Very few. Mostly ARs.
* Karachi - Only 1 or 2. Even split.
So-so maps:
* Invasion - Bleh. Almost no one, lots of runners!
* Scrapyard - I've carved something out before. Mostly the size that gets to
  you. SMG running abound.
* Skidrow - AR versitility is sorely, sorely missed.

Don't even bother:
* Favela - hahahhahaha. Lets all commando to death ;L
* Rust - um, you only ever get it once a week and it's f*ing small...lmao?

| Afghan |

Summary: A nicely built map with a lot of milage trecking around the outer
ring, but a lot of danger treking down the broken plane in the center of the
map. There's a lot of high ground, rocks to perk up on, and especially
barracks from which to take heads. This is a good sniper map although you can
be suprised and killed by an enemy.

PLACES: Opium farm, Big bunker, small bunker, cave, catwalk, rocks (near
cave), sniper ground, high ground (drop from sniper ground to opiom farm) 
cliff, broken plane, humvee park, artillery rock (behind cave)

It actually depends on which of the two spawns you get (yes, there are 2...).
If you get the opiom farm one, rush towards the big barrack and camp in the
back with a sniper zoomed in or if you have a shotgun, rush into it and catch
anyone rushing into the front.

If you get the high ground spawn, you can still rush that way but be more
wary, or you can rush in the direction of the plane and loosen a few heads of
people going towards the big barracks.

Run to the Humvees and punish anyone stupid enough to try and rush your team
(assuming your buddies can hold the barracks) or go into the small barracks.

The area all the way from the Humvees to the Sniper Cliff area belongs to
the OpFor. The large bunker is a fight zone that can go either way. The
plane wreck is also no-man's ground.

+ On top of the rock in the bushes behind the Humvee farm (great for hiding).
+ Inside/besides a Humvee, good view of small bunker/plane/sniper ground.
+ Atop the plane wings, good view of Humvees, both barracks and the high
  ground, decent of cave.
+ Behind the plane tail, same as on the wing.
+ Underneath the wing...yes you can cllimb under the left side...great view
  of the big bunker, no one knows it, lots of shade!!! 
+ Inside the plane cockpit, minimum viewing angle on you, great view of them
  Humvees. Beware of rushers!
+ On the big rock behind and to the right of the plane. Great view of Humvees
  and the distance ensures they'll have a hard time getting you.
+ Small banker. Heavily overused, just stay there for one kill tops.
+ Big bunker, same with the small ones but even more so.
+ At the wall on the high ground, overview of the opium farm.
+ In the central shack behind the opium farm, great view of high ground.
+ Behind the artillery on the sniper cliff, great view and cover of the rocks
  down to the cave; protect your team from rushers/mount up kills!
+ Atop the scalable rocks among the rocks, especially the one at the
  artillery rocks (overview of rocks and bend to sniper cliff) and the one
  directly by the secondary cave entry.
+ Staring down from the artillery rocks at the path down to the Humvees.

+ I hope you know the mattresses keep you from dying when you drop down from
  the sniper cliff...
+ Climb the top of the plane's tail and jump to the left of the sniper spawn
  at the rocks. You'll land on the edge, and can skedadle onto it and into  
  the sniper spawn. Scare campers up there ;)
+ You can jump from the high section of the plane (well everyone
  knows how to surmount the plane...) and onto some barrells, then onto a
  grassy patch. Insanely hard jump, only seen it done competitively once but
  he hurt our team hard. Blend right in with the grass.

| Derail |

A very large map covered in snow, trees, buildings, and a broken down train
road going down the center of it all. Derail is a great sniper map, albiet
overused and in a few ways a bit spliced.

~ Most people don't know that this makes a fantastic SMG map as well.
  Running the corners of the map from one side to the other and then
  getting into the back area ensures havok.
~ Never use Thermal on this map, it reflects right off the snow, and your
  screen will be whitewashed.
~ Fighting generally centers around Warehouse 1.

A lot people go straight to the roof and camp there the whole game. As high
of a position as it is, the view is pretty poor, blocked by rolling hills
and the train to the right and the big building to the left. It's a decent
position to take people rushing into the two story building or perched up
at the top of the train catwalk. This position is a lot more useful if you
manage to get there and people on the enemy team are spawning right below

You can also try rushing leftward and waiting for someone to pop up.

OVerall this is NOT a map with a quick start.

You can run into the electric plant and hit anyone running down the side
of the map. Or you can surount the train platform and wait a bit for
people to start rushing around the two-story building.

AREAS (from Spetsnaz Point of View):
Field Left, Field Right, Warehouse 1 (two stories), Neightborhood (back
of Spetsnaz spawn), Warehouse 2 (three stories, Task Force spawn), Train,
Bridge, Train Overpass, Radio Tower, Train Staging Area, Frozen River
(edge of map, besides Warehouse 2), Crate Stack (adjacent to Warehouse 1),
Storage Shack (in field left), Cabin (field right). A lot!

+ In any of the windows of Warehouse 2, second or third story.
+ On the peice of roof sticking out of the thid floor (break the window
  and climb onto it).
+ In any of the windows of Warehouse 1, but beware, it's dangerous.
+ Near the frozen river, looking at bottom of the train underpass (if they
  are aggregating there).
+ On top of the Train Overpass. Great spot!
+ Anywhere among the field of left or right. On the left side Spetsnaz
  snipers can pray on people leaving the Task Force spawn from the side,
  and on the right Task Force can hit people trying to enter Warehouse 1.
+ On top of the crates behind the Electrical Generator. Climb up them to
  get a view of the front part of the Task Force space.
+ Atop the stacked crates near Warehouse 1.
+ Behind the crate on the side of Warehouse 1, Field Right.
+ If you can get there, the cabin in Field Right is decently good.
+ So is the one in Field Left.
+ If you can infiltrate their spawn, the rooftop of Spetsnaz is EXCELLENT.
  It allows you rain down fire on them from above. otherwise, lackluster.
+ Standing on a guardrail of the train in the back of the map. (Task Force)
+ In the Electric plant.
+ On the underside of the train platform, looking at the Task Force side
  area (if you're Spetsnaz).
+ Atop the train cars. You can get on on the one that's buried sideways
  in the ground and move along from there.
+ Behind the stone wall seperating Field Right from the Train.
+ At the Radio Tower.

+ From Warehouse 2, you can drop down from the third floor roof onto the
  fence below. From here you can move on or you can set yourself up on the
  crates there.
+ A careful spring from the center corner of the broken train will take
  you to the train car above it (the one spliced on the two piers, you
  can walk under it in the center).
+ At the buried train car near the stack of boxes (Warehouse 1, TF side),
  you can sort of scale the underneathness of it and gain a perch on it.
+ There's a train car standing seperate at the back of Spetsnaz. There's a
  ladder in the back that you can scale to give yourself a perch on it.
+ If you're on the roof and they're coming for you, you can jump across the
  two failry easily, and from the leftward one land on the gas tank below.

| Estate |

Another sniper map! Estate is a vast overgrownn lot with a large building in
the center (the Estate) and a lot of secondary ones scattered all over the
place. It's a woody place and fairly overgrown. Great sniper map.

~ Predator missiles can be dropped into the Estate via the wide windows.
~ You can climb into the house via most of the bay windows people like to camp

As with Afghan, what you should do depends on where you spawn. Spawning behind
the Estate run into it and camp it out there, or go towards the greenhouse and
snipe away. If you spawn in front of it, get behind the low brick wall
overlooking the long downhill road and kill anyone running through the growth
all the way down.

If you spawn at the bottomr building, set yourself up down there to kill anyone
running into the house (beware of enemy snipers by the wall described above).
If you spawn down the ramp to the electrical plant, just run up it and set up
to kill people in the house on any of the ramps, or move fowards a ways and
shoot people rushing you.

Boating House, Estate, Low Building (Spetsnaz spawn), Electrical Plant, Road,
Overhang, Greenhouse, Pier Road (Low Building > Greenhouse), Estate Front,
Estate Back, House (center between), Front Path (Electrical Plant > Boat House)

+ At the windows of Estate. Overused and watched for.
+ On to rungs of the ladder on the second floor of Estate, watching the main
+ On the outdoor patio (both floors) of the house.
+ Besides the patio (nice, hidden angle to catch people running in).
+ On the second floor, overlooking the back of Estate.
+ On the mattress in the second floor bedroom. Fantastic view of the Boathouse.
+ On the rock pinnacle next to the Estate (back is the Greenhouse, wall on side
  and a great view in front).
+ In the Greenhouse. (if trying to take Estate).
+ At the wall besides the Greenhouse (same as above).
+ Small shack behind Estate (^).
+ The wall facing the main road down from Estate.
+ Behind any of the cars parked on the road (beware of explosives).
+ At the wall adjacent to the one above, looking at the front of Estate.
+ Behind the truck looking at Estate.
+ At any of the windows of the boathouse.
+ Behind the cliff adjacent to the boathouse.
+ On the white wooden planks to the side of the boathouse, good view of Estate
  and the road.
+ Also on the planks but looking down the side road at the Electrical Station.
+ Second floor of the house (overused).
+ Crates and car next to the house, facing the Estate.
+ Top of the electical building (rarely used).
+ Second of the broken building (Spetsnaz spawn).
+ Behind the fence in the Electrical station (rarely used).
+ Atop the roofing unit at the backside of Estate (above woodpile).

+ At the broken down Spetsnaz building, jump onto the bricks that jutt out from
  the center of the second floor. Jump across them and then you can jump to the
  roof. This can also be done by climbing up the woodpile stacked at the back.
+ It's possible to access the roof of the boathouse by climbing the stack of
  trinkets at the side. Jump onto the crate, then onto the barrels, then onto
  the cage thingie. Now jump across to the pole facing you. From here you can
  sptrint-jump to the roof.
+ Behind Estate there is a woodpile which you can surmount to gain access to a
  seclusive view via the window.
+ By jumping across the panels of the window (somewhat difficult angle) you can
  jump to the top and get to the top of the Greenhouse, and even to the top of
  the adjacent tree.
+ Inside Estate, on the second floor, you can climb on the railing and then
  jump to some posts overlooking the back of Estate and the Greenhouse.
+ Same place as above, but jump on the railing to the inside and then you can
  jump next to...the moose's head. xD Great sniping spot and suprising as well.

| Favela |

Summary: Easy, don't bother using a sniper on this map. Use an assualt rifle or
better, an SMG (or go all out and knife people OMG OMG OMG). A combination of
tight spaces, narrow multiple-entrance corridors, and someone always being
behind you makes this one bad map to use a sniper on. If you do use one (for
the challenge? or maybe qs training), try to stay around the outer rim, it's a
bit less caustraphobic there. Still...

If you spawn to the road, set up on people going down there, if you spawn on
the growth, set up on people going down there...easy.

+ Behind the couch, first floor of the corner building overlooking the road.
+ At the window of the same (looked for).
+ Behind the bricks of the unfinished mortar building.
+ Atop the metal platform thingie on the road.
+ Behind one of the cars on the road.
+ Where Bomb A would be, behind the dumpster.
+ On top of the roof complex, or at the opennings at the same.
+ Any of the windows and roofs of the center (watch the've been
+ On the grassy patch or in the...waste hole pipe thingie on the road where the
  spawn is.

| Highrise |

Ah, the ultimate secrets map. There is a plethora of extremely useful jumps
in this map that reveal a whole new layer to it that only noobs don't know
about. Exploit time! In addition it has the best sniper spawn in the game!
Oh yeah, it's a rediculously high-leveled highrise, with construction mostly
complete and below you nothing but concrete and sky. However, occasionaly
one team will get locked up in their spawn by the other and it will turn
into a bloody massacre.

~ Care packages can be dropped through the bay windows above the Ranger can Pave Low rape and bombs galore. A mixed blessing.
~ Thermal is reccomended, as it allows you to see people through the
  obscurive shades covering most of the central windows on either side.

Don't go anywhere. Run down to the window. Lie down. Take your breath,
coordinate yourself then rise and shoot whatever poor sniper is facing you
on the other side. Now DROP DOWN AGAIN BEFORE HE CAN SHOOT YOU. Aka, there's
a sniper camp window right there that can be easily exploited...both sides
are equal in what they can do, and it depends mostly on skill. I've gone on
7-killstreaks fucking up enemy snipers like this ^^.

Oh and for effect, if you kill at least 3 snipers that way, type out
"nah-nah-nah-nah-nah, can't touch this." just to piss them off all the harder

Spetsnaz building, Rangers building, Underground, Helipad, Center, Left Side,
Right Side, Electric plant, Elevators (sides determined from Spetsnaz spawn)

+ The sniper camp at the beggining is great at the beggining, BUT it can also
be used late in the game as well, if they're spawning there.
+ Behind the counters on either side.
+ Behind the big crate in the center.
+ On top of the helicopter pad.
+ On the crane (more on that later)
+ On top of the Rangers building (later)
+ Catwalk of the Spetsnaz building (later!)
+ At the ladder holes in the electric plant.
+ Atop the elevators.
+ In the elevator looking at the electric plant.
+ Behind the barrel looking down the left side.
+ Inside the small cubicles on either side.
+ Staring down the hallway entering your spawn (for desperate times, boths
+ Inside the small office bloc besides the Spetsnaz spawn.
+ At the corner of the Rangers building looking down the (for Rangers) right
+ On the side of the helipad.
+ Side of the elevators.
+ By climbing the ladder at the back, on top of the independent cubicle near
  the helipad on the Spetsnaz side.
+ Behind the barrells looking down at the slits to the Rangers in the helipad.

SECRET JUMPS (Oh boy...)
+ Jump onto the handrail of the broken window-washer thingie on the side of
  the Ranger spawn (this takes practice). Climb up and then move along the
  railing up top. You're super highly exposed, this is why I only reccomend it
  when they are spawning below you (rare that they would look back at their own
  spawn, hopefully). Climb to the next broken window-washer ladder and now
  access the roof. Now with tactical insertion you can destroy. Note the Teddy
+ Spetnaz have something similar. A bit complex here. See the crane in the 
  background? And the hanging beams?
+ You can climb to the top of the big sign near the Rangers. From there you can
  jump or climb a ladder to the top of the elevators. From here you can go to
  the right to access several hanging beams eventually leading to the Helipad,
+ You can go left and drop down onto two hanging beams leading to the bigass
  crane in the distance. Great view but you're highly exposed to anyone you
  kill, so be patient.
+ Same crane can be accessed from the window-wiping board hanging off the side
  of the elevators, just run and jump.
+ On the crane you can run left get to the controls then surmount them to climb
  the supports and reach even insaner hieghts.
+ Or you can move along to yet another window-washer station, then cross some
  railing to a catwalk with a great view above the Spetsnaz spawn. Cookies for
+ From the top of the helipad jump down and you can land on top of the gas
  tank and get some surprise kills :)
+ If you go to the side of the helipad, you may notice yet another hanging rail
  which by now should be a flag to you of something secret. Drop down onto it
  to access a precoriously located ledge, move along to find another hanging
  rail, surmount it and you dfind that you can surmount back to the surface.
  Imagine the surprise of people on the Spetsnaz side...(btw you can do this
  from either side).
+ The cubicle from the Spetsnaz side can be accessed via ladder, well then what
  about the Rangers? By climbing up the bricks of the adjoining broken wall you
  can reach the top and a rediculously good, if slightly exposed, view of the
  central part of the map and all the way into the Spetsnaz base camp.
+ On the Spetsnaz side, climb atop the ladder in the corner...yes it can be
  climbed! Now sprint-jump to the hanging cealing fixture and also to the
  smaller one. The ladder is highly exposed but the cealing isn't.

| Invasion |

Invasion is very similar to Favela, just a jump in setting and
generally shorter buildings. Sniping here is a little tricky but potentially
rewarding, as long as you avoid the center (shotty users, ignore that).

You can run up to the wall, get on it, and scope in, but be warned that the
horizon all the way across to the OpFor spawn is small, and the angle
difficult. Not a map with a quick start.

Same as for the Rangers. However, you can also climb atop the building to the
right of the ruined car and get on the wall on the second floor, the vantage
point offered by the higher elevation is slightly advantegous.

Humvee Park, Rangers Road, Mosque, Mosque Courtyard, Courtyard, Ruined Tank,
Counter Shop (across Rangers Road, from their spawn to the left), Grassy Knol
(in front of Counter Shop), Ruined Building, Sniper Post (down the road),
Building w/out Cealing, Parking Lot, OpFor Backlot, OpFor Roof, Center Building
1, 2, the Book Shop, Side Building (down the left road from the OpFor
perspective), Dummy Building (in front of OpFor spawn)

+ On top of the roof complex, OpFor spawn. (very defensive).
+ If you're a Ranger and get to the OpFor spawn, behind the car looking through
  the buildings to the the Parking Garage.
+ In the Dummy Building, besides the counter in the back if you're being chased
  or need to hide.
+ Behind the low wall of the Dummy Building.
+ Behind the broken tank looking down the street, OpFor side.
+ In the side building, behind the sandbags.
+ Behind the sandbags on the (same) road.
+ Behind the counter reccessed into the house near where the bomb site would
+ Behind the Humvees looking down the road. Very underused!
+ Atop the Mosque, at any of the windows or atop the openn sniping spot.
+ Behind the walls of the courtyard (both sides).
+ Hiding the recess between the wall and the dumpster at the wall near the
  broken tank.
+ On the ruined buildings. Geat view of the entire main road.
+ Prone in the Counter Shop.
+ Behind the car and bunkers and walls down the OpFor side of the road to bomb
+ Behind the low wall of the Counter Building, looking at the exit of the
  Ranger spawn.
~ In general, avoid sniping in the center, and stay around the sides.
+ Atop the dumpster, OpFor spawn.

+ You can climb the tank near the Counter Shop, where the grass is, with a bit
  of effort and skidding around. I think you can climb the other two on the
  map as well.
+ You can climb atop the vending machine in the central building.

| Karachi |

Summary: Yay, Karachi ~! Karachi has a plethora of secet jumps that, unlike
Highrise, no one knows about. Cuz they haven't read this yet ^^. Karachi is a
urban map, medium sized with a fair bit of vertical structure to capitilize
~ Interestingly, both sides have a fairly extensive back area that goes
totally unused. Good for hiding.
~ There is a minigun on this map, on the wall with the white truck nearby.
  And also one in the car wrecjs behind OpFor, and behind the TF spawn.

You can go either of two ways. One way to go is to climb the truck (gasp! yes)
And onto the rafters, and wait for people to start popping up on the roof. Or,
yu can climb the ladder and head onto the tin roof to the left. Beware however
that the tin roof is pretty exposed.
note: when I say Task Force, I really mean SEALS! Sorry!

Go straight through the door and fight anyone that pops out of the alley, or
go left and get to the marketplace (be careful of enemy snipers though, and of

Back Spawn (Task Force), Sidee Building, TF Roofs (ladder up leftward), Narrow
Alley, Restuarant, Bus, Housing Complex, Tin Sheds, Main Road, Back Area 
(Militia), Marketplace, Statue Terracce (the raised terrace with the statue),
Ruined Building (center), Spawnside Church, 

+ On the little gardens down the road to the Marketplace.
+ Behind the minigun.
+ On the balcony of the building besides the TF spawnside road.
+ On the balcony of the little stone church-thingie besides the TF spawn.
+ Behind the car underneath the raised terrace with the statue.
+ On top of the raised terrace (good view of the passageway to the center and
  housing complex entrance).
+ On the wall seperating the road from the marketplace (and on the plank
  besides the same).
+ Underneath the planks mentioned above, nice cozy shady spot to attack from...
+ At the window of the two story building in the marketplace.
+ Next to the shack of the super over-camped third-story building.
+ On the air conditioner building just below the above. Good view of terrace,
  you can jump into the window in front of you to access the terrace and
  complex there.
+ Behind the doorway on the floor of the marketplace.
+ Behind the stall in the back corner of the markeplace, great for harrassing
  people trying to get to the camping ground, view goes all the way to the
  shacks in the distance.
+ In the small storage space besides the entrance to the three-story-building.
  There's a bunch of sacks of grain to stand on and a window to shoot from,
  view down to the shacks (if you're getting pushed from there).
+ The counter of the store behind where the ruined car lot back area is.
+ Behind the sheds or behind the fence if you're pushing down the street.
+ Behind the counter on the first floor of the housing unit...I've seen people
  get nukes from there with luck, noobs, and a spas-12.
+ Behind the window besides the counter of the same housing complex.
+ At the window on the second floor of the housing complex.
+ At the terrace on the second floor of the complex.
+ Near the broken entrance of the complex, from the ledge there.
+ Lying prone where you can climb into the complex (same ledge as above), you
  get a good view of people going down the alley and people on top of the ledge
  (competing points of view...just be careful of people going down the side).
+ If there's someone camping atop the tin roof adjacent to the ruined building,
  you can catch them by running up to the three windows facing it.
+ Behind the ruined car near the resturant. Fortunatly or unfortunatly, there
  is no cover in the short sprint between the corridor and the car, but it does
  make good cover against people encamped in the housing complex.
+ Behind the counter of the resturantm, looking down the corridor from the 
  spawn to the resturant.
+ Inside the bus (gasp! yes, inside >.>)
+ You can snipe people from the resturant, but the lighting there is strange
  and the walls and windows make shooting a tad difficult.
+ In the resturant-TF spawn corridor, you can set up on top of the church or
  behind the low wall a bit ways down. The spaces here make for a good hiding
+ The back of the Millitia spawn, there's a crate to climb to the top of and a
  wall for shelter to shoot people coming down the road from.

+ Right at the SEAL spawn, climb atop the truck (gasp! almost all of the
  white trucks in the game are climbable and no one knows it >.> ninja skills!)
  From here you can jump to the tin roofing and canvass above the storeroom
  besides the truck, and suprise anyone camping on the roofs for an easy kill,
  if you can wait the ~20 seconds it takes for them to set up there.
+ On the right side of the SEAL spawn, there are a few balconies. These can
  be reached by climbing the little electrical outlets on their walls.
+ (Lightweight required) Climb the ladder next to the TF spawn and run along to
  the tin roof. With a careful fling across the air conditioner at the corner
  of the roof, you can land on the balcony indented into the (inaccesable)
  building in the back.
+ From the same tin roof you can jump clear acoss to the windows of the broken
  building below, crouch and enter it this (novel) way.
+ Again on the roof (suprise surprise ;) ), see the canvass roofing above the
  door, across from where the ladder is? Jump onto it, and then sprint jump
  to vault across the roof to a nice, cozy, shady, open area indented into the
  building. Simply put, it's a chunk of the wall broken off, so dark and damp
  and a nice hiding spot in the side of it. Don't stay long though...people
  tend to get smart, come around the back, and toss a grenade in. Ow... ;L
+ By not-really jumping (just dropping) down from the edge of the roof of the
  church, you can land on the ledge BELOW the balcony of the building besides
  it. Not many people know about. Give it a try :).
+ From the same balcony you can sprint jump onto the ledge of the air
  conditioner building just below the camping spot (there's a ladder here you
  can climb). Very exposed, but as always surprising and sometimes comes in
  handy. (the lightposts block further movement). Can also be done from the
  spot outlined just above, but much harder.
+ Jumping from the air conditioners will put you on the balconies of the
  building across. These can be traversed.
+ From the camping shed, jump to right to land on the ledge of the adjacent
  building (or perhaps in the windows). An invisible wall on either side blocks
  further movement, but a surprising alternative to the campground for people
  running in the center and running down the road to the marketplace.
+ Same shed, you can jump to the lower building left of you to access its roof
  (and I thought it had something to do with the crates within...)
+ Or more conservatively you can land on the tin roofing right below you.
+ You can also jump onto the tents below, but that's not very useful is it?
+ Next to the sheds, there is a low fence with strangely high posts. Climb atop
  the fence and then atop the posts. Sprint-jump to the air conditioning unit,
  and you have now accessed the roof of the tin shed, congradulations, you want
  a cookie? I'm only fooling, those are expensive...cookie hogger >.>
+ On top of the bus/signpost/umbrellas at the resturant. How? Well I'm getting
  there :D. Break a window in the front, on the side facing the bus stop. Now
  sprint jump out of a jumping position onto the top of it. It takes a bit of
  practice, but you'll get it. Now, jump atop the bus. From here you go along
  and back and vault to the umbrellas, or, more usefully, sprint-jump across to
  the sign. Amazing for SnD. Practically invisible, except to people on the
  roof to the left and the balcony, also to the left.

| Quarry |

Exactly what it sounds like, a stone quarry! There are cut out rectangular
blocks of stone permeating over a signifigant chunk of the map. Skilled
players know how to take advantage of the little-scaled rocks, but most of the
fighting is on the facilities and roads across the quarry instead. Also there's
an actual camping ground'll show you later. Fighting here tends
to develop on certain parts of the map, much like Sub Base.

Another map with two spawns. If you spawn near the fueling facility (where all
the explosive barrels are), you should run downhill and set up behind the block
of the corner of the building below to catch people trying to run up the
canvass walk to the feuling space. If at the other spawn, run to the camping
spot there and snipe people that pop up at the water towers and in or below the
passageway between the spawnside buildings and the bomb B building.

On the first spawn, run under the bridge and take out anyone that trys to set
up at the sniping camp. On the second, run up the canvass walk and set up at
the fueling station.

Feuling station, Canvass Walk, Bomb B Building, Bomb A Building, Quarry Walk
to A, Giant Warehouse, Water Towers, Radio Station, Warehouses (Militia spawn).

+ The feuling station of course! There's a low wall here that is amazing for
  sniping downwind.
+ Also there is a break in the fence where you can climb out and sit on the
  patch of earth for an amazing view in the opposite direction.
+ And by mounting over the quarry cuts you can set up on a nice ledge there as
  well for easy shooting.
+ By going prone behind the fuel canister in the corner, you can shoot straight
  past at enemies down the road, but not terribly far.
+ Atop the window in the warehouse to the right of the feuling station (from
  the view of someone in the station, the one with the missile launcher
+ Atop the other window in the same, this one looking at the other warehouses
  (for attackers).
+ Behind the stack of rubber tires on the ground floor of the warehouse.
+ Behind the low wall of the windows of the warehouse at the corner of the map,
  provide a great view of both paths into the spawn.
+ If you're hiding, the corner on the inside is a great asset.
+ In the small warehouse adjacent to the sniper camp, there's a buldozer, climb
  it and you get access to the window. Most people don't know this but you can
  get between the warehouse and the sniper camp through that window.
+ Sniper camp of course!
+ You can climb out of the sniper camp onto the quarry stones against the wall
  there. It's pretty exposed, but comes with one major, major benefit - it
  offers a clean view to the bomb site at A. So if you want to defend it
  effectively, you need only hide there and kill anyone trying to defuse it. :)
+ Behind the stone on the side of the water tower, in that little area around
  the side that leads into the main road. Best spot on the offensive side for
  attacking the warehouses from that side.
+ Or, if you're hiding, behind the car in the small lot between the warehouses
  and the water towers.
+ On the railing of the water towers, nothing special.
+ On the quarry blocks that are divided into their own little group by the two
  roads, top and bottom, in that area behind the water towers leading to bomb
  site A. Great sniping post.
+ Besides the towers, there is a little spot between the towers and the
  neighboring warehouse that is blocked by quarry rocks, you can climb up it
  and snipe from there.
+ At the window of the site A warehouse, and behind the forklift if you are
+ Among the cars in the lot at the corner of the map. Good hiding spot and back
+ In the big warehouse of course! Hiding in the corner of the first floor is
  good for bomb defense/offense.
+ In the walkway between the second floor of the bomb A warehouse and the third
  floor of the big warehouse.
+ On the top (4th) floor of the warehouse. There are two ways to get onto that
  railing up there. One, there is a ladder on the outside of one of the windows
  that leads all the way up. It's located at the little warehouse-tower area.
  The other way is an internal climb up a ladder on the opposite side of the
+ The window facing the canvass is great for shooting at people coming down
  that and the path below it. The window facing the warehouses, meanwhile, is
  a bird's-eye overview of the exit area of the warehouses and a little of
  everything else. Also, there are a few secrets associated with this building,
  check then in the section below this one.
+ At the windows of the walkway between the big warehouse and the B bomb
  building, but be careful because people watch for movement up there, esp. on
+ Behind the metal counter, under the stairs, and on the second floor with the
  desks are all good spots to defend the bomb, particularly the last one, which
  in addition to being underused it's impossible to frag you out there.
+ Under the archway connecting the buildings.
+ On top of the containers standing besides the warehouse. Easy.
+ In the center, inside of the electrical station is OK, but on top of it is
  better. Bonus: no one uses it so no one expects it.

+ As with all other white trucks the one near the feuling station is climbable,
  and from it you can jump to the ledge atop the main entrance of the warehouse
  across from it (the one with the missile launcher inside)
+ Speaking of missile launchers, you can jump onto the missiles from the
  walkways alongside the warehouse.
+ Against the edge of the map on the TF side, there's going to be a sort of
  "dirty" block near the water tower on the way to Bomb A. You can climb up
  this, and then up another block and what do you find? A camp ground, complete
  with a sleeping bag, a pot, and a chair! xD And as an added bonus, it's
  actually useful (gasp!)
+ In the large warehouse (3 stories, dominates that side of the spawn, get it?)
  you can jump off the railing on the second floor and land on the cherry
  picker parked inside.
+ Again in the large warehouse, you can jump of the railing on the fourth floor
  and get on the beams there. A good jump will even take you to the windows.
  Needless to say it's difficult to get to but it's the best position on the
  map to overview the canvass and walkway wwwwaaayyy below.
+ On the second floor there is a crate in the corner, and an open window. An
  easy way to overview the walk there without anyone even realizing you're
  there. You can climb out onto the top of the container standing outside as
+ On top of the red truck standing on the side of the road. Unlike Terminal, it
  can't be climbed, or can it? For some reason it only works part of the time.
  If anyone figures it out yodel to me.

| Rundown |

I personally dislike this map, but in terms of a sniper, it's absolutely golden
so...The problem with it is that there are three bridges seperating the two
sides. As there is no cover on any of them, often the battle becomes a camp-off
between the two sides. Also notice the huuuuuuuugge gas station/sheds/grass
back area that no one ever ever ever goes too.
~ Yes, there's a mingun here!

The margin here is pretty simple, and similar to Highrise in a few ways. On
the Militia side set up behind the jeep, and on the Task Force side, on top of
hill, and snipe away at enemies that dare to appear on the horizon. Task Force
has an advantage here, but Miltia snipers can descend to the camping spot just
below and wreck havok on the small bridge.

Militia Back Building, Sheds (behind the houses, Militia side), Central House
Complex, Square, Small Bridge Building, Back Woods, Gas Station, Sniper
Building (way down behind the small bridge, TF side), Fish Market, Tractor,
Banana Building, Tin Building, Ice Cream Building, Small Bridge, Middle Bridge,
Big Bridge, and more!

+ Behind the jeep. (Militia spawn)
+ At the low wall next to the jeep.
+ On the second floor of the fancy building in back of the Militia spawn.
+ On the little roturd of the small building just right of bomb site A, to
  defend the bomb.
+ On top of the box adjacent to the wall that seperates the bomb from the
  building in front of it.
+ Behind the car under the stairs leading down from the building (hiding spot).
+ On the second floor of the building over looking the bridge (same as above).
+ On the tin part of the same roof.
+ Camping out at the foot of the bridge.
+ In the river looking at the same small bridge.
+ On the other side, going back a ways to the hills gives a view of the sniper
  camping spot on the second floor of the building overlooking the bridge.
+ In the building way in the back here. Good view of the one and same bridge.
+ In any and all of the buildings. Really there are too many to list. They all
  have windows to camp at, and are camped on by other campers trying to
  outcamp the campers camping there for a win. So basically 12 bullets in one.
+ Behind the tractor and the wall on the Task Force side.
+ Behind the low wall on the Militia side.
+ The spot underneath the tin building is useful for hiding.

+ Stand on the box adjacent to the low wall by bomb A. Now, you can vault to
  the top of the wall for a really good view that I use all the time.
+ In the building by the church (part of the housing complex), you can drop
  down from the window and land on some canvass below.
+ (lightweight required). In the back of the Militia spawn, behind bomb B,
  there is a shed near the wall. Climb atop the wagon behind it. A good jump
  takes you to the tin wall jutting out of it, and another jump foward onto the
  roof itself. Great spot for Dem/Search.
+ From the Ice Cream building, get out on the roof in front of the second floor
  and jump right to land on the shed there, and then again to land on the next
  one down. Increasingy good views + great cover = win.
+ On the small bridge, you can wak along the tiny bit of land between the wall
  and the river below, to a point.
+ In the ice cream building, you ca climb up onto the rafters if you're being
+ The minigun. Yes there is one, in a little sandbagged area that's above the
  entrance to the little square behind the housing complex. You can get there
  by scaling the wall and then scaling the sandbags. Yes, it's possible...

| Rust |

The smallest map in the game. Also by far far far the least played on. It
hardly EVER appears on the cycle, and never in Ground War, due to the size.
Safe to say, never sniper here, although quickscope private match battles here
are loads of fun. Use an Assualt Rifle or an LMG instead.

| Scrayard |

A fairly small map arranged around an airplane graveyard. Um...this is a very
caustraphobic map. I personally dislike it. There will always be like 3 people
behind you with a silenced SMG tearing up your b-hind, not cool guys, my
spine's there >.>. Still, I've been able to work something out...sometimes.
~ Believe it or not, but the scraps are NOT safe cover from a Pred or air

TASK FORCE: As soon as you spawn, sprint leftward. You can also try rightward
for surprise but less foot traffic.

Same as. Rush rightward (different POV, see?) and go prone to shoot people
rushing the bunker by the line of sight besides the truck. Again, going the
other way is OK too.

Backlot, TF Building, Storage Area (between the flaming truck and the TF
building), Flaming Truck, Side Shed, Grassy Knoll, OpFor Building, Tower Area,
Airplane Scraps, Side Shed (near the flaming truck), Truck (between the
airplanes and the Shelter), Shelter (bigger then the counterpart shed on the
other side)

+ Lying prone on the road besides the Shelter. Works from either side. A short
  but safe beeline straight to people rushing into the Shelter. Then again,
  there's the flankers. xL
+ Atop the rock besides the Tower, on the OpFor side of the Shelter. Great view
  down to the other side of the shelter, but exposed on the typical.
+ On the second floor of the OpFor building. Good, not great.
+ On the low wall at the front of the exit of the OpFor building.
+ Next to the tank blocking out of bounds, lying prone and shooting anything
  that moves wayyyyy down there, be careful of people coming around the stone
  pier to the left!
+ Besides the wall adjacent to the stone pier. Good for infiltration, but watch
  it get hot, fast (best way to them IMO is through the windows by the truck to
  the side).
+ Lying down in the aeroplane scrap directly leftward of the OpFor building, if
  someone's camping in the block ahead (blocks...I think I'll call 'em that)
+ Behind the crate at the window directly leftward of the TF spawn.
+ If you're assualting, lying prone in the same.
+ Behind the airplane engine in the space between the two airplane blocks in
  front of the Task Force building.
+ At the corner of the aeroplane bloc directly right of the TF spawn. There's
  a disjunction here, it's nice and shady so you're hard to spot (too bad
  a lot of people kno to look there), if you go prone or crouch you can even
  catch the objective just outside on Dom.
+ Behind the tanks besides the burning truck. You actually get a view through
  to the other side (and on bomb modes, the bomb site), so good for defending a
+ In the Task Force building, on the second and third floor of the building.
  Ok but line of sight is slightly obscured.
+ Lying prone besides the burning truck I guess. Ok smoke cover but that works
  against you as well.
+ Behind the dumpster in the corner of the outside of the shelter. Safe view to
  the inside.
+ Standing on the incline into the shelter. WATCH OUT.
+ On the step-down inside the shelter, where you have to climb up to get up,
  the side entrance.
+ Behind the tire rack, barrells, etc. on the inside side of the building.
+ If you're hiding, among the desks of the OpFor building and behind the
  crates of the Task Force building.
+ Behind the crane in the Storage Area, good view into the Task Force bunker.

Secret Jumps (only a few, but they're pretty sik):
+ I mentioned before that the white trucks in the game are climbable, right?
  Well I'm saying it again. There's one on the TF side, near the Shelter,
+ One on the road besides the shelter. TF can easily climb onto the one on
  their side, while the face to climb is on the OpFor side for the one besides
  the Shelter.
+ You can sorta jump onto the tire rack in the corner of the back area besides
  the Task Force building. From there you can surmount the whole thing, and
  then climb the crates and carts and whatnot back there.
+ You can surmount the arragement of stuff in the OpFor backside of the
  Shelter, and get to the metal cabinet in the very corner.
+ Best Sentry spot ever alert: Climb the truck on the road. Now, aim carefully
  and sprint jump onto the aeroplane block besides you. You don't need
  Lightweight but it helps. If you're clinging to the side but can't get to the
  top, move along until you get to the end, there's a folded tail thingie that
  you can climb to get fully to the top. From here drop a Sentry to rape with
  then having no options to kill it, or...
+ Move round the plane peices! From here you can either jump to the top of the
  Flaming Truck (shweet!) or back a ways to the top of that pile on top of the
  Storage Crate in front (surprise surprise least until the air
  support gets to you).

| Skidrow |

A medium-large urban map centered around a loooooonnnng corridor inside of a
building complex. There are lots of possibilities to snipe on this map, but the
versatility of the other guns are sorely missed. Shotguns are seriously
reccomened on this map.
~ There is a minigun mounted in the apartaments.

As soon as you spawn, you have two choices. You either can go right and behind
the crane to shoot people onthe map's spawn camp, or run leftward and set up in
the building there on people going thata-way. Honestly the indoor face-of goes
to Spetsnaz 95% of the time, because they have a far more extensive back area.
On the left side however, you have the advantage, if you're willing to wait for
a few.

Spetsnaz have a tendancy to have a good sitation, don't they? The extensive
back area between the entrance and the back of the Spetsnaz spawn is gold for
people trying to get through the corridor.

Playground, Laundromat, Apartments, House (right side of Ranger spawn), Tunnel,
Parking Lot, Loading Dock Building, Central Corridor, Second Floor (the
"Skid row," get it?)

+ Laying prone besides the ruined taxi in the playground, cover & view through
  to the other side.
+ Ever tried climbing the slide? :)
+ Behind the bookcase is a good hiding spot for both sides.
+ Sitting in the corner of the green room, you can get anyone running through
  from the Rangers spawn.
+ Sitting on the stairs up to the second floor Skid row (massive corridor),
  you can get anyone running between the hallways.
+ Behind the window of the house, good spot for killing people trying to get
  down the tunnel.
+ In the tunnel behind the barrell there.
+ Besides the wall or at the foot of the loading dock building, opposite view
  to the House.
+ Behind the wall if you're flanking.
+ At the windows of the Loading Dock. Not very useful for TDM game, but great
  on FFA.
+ Behind the sandbags on the truck besides the building, similar to above.
+ Behind the crane on the Rangers side of the 1st floor corridor.
+ Atop the metal containers in the back of the parking lot, covered beeline to
  people camping on the open roof of Skid row.
+ There's a break in the wall of the Loading Dock building, you can hit people
  escaping the tunnel (it's very conservative though).
+ Behind the low stone wall in the parking lot, if someone's running down/up
+ Next to the dumpster in front of the parking lot.
+ In the little depressed space between the Rangers entrance into the corridor,
  and the Loading Dock. Good for hiding.
+ Sitting atop the stairs leading up from the corridor to the skid row (low
  light, use a shotty).
+ At the two windows pointed at the Spetsnaz spawn and back area in the Skid
  row (watch for enemy campers!)
+ At the low window above the crates across from the Skidrow open area, great
  view of the stairs, and the open area directly below. Be careful of climbers.
+ In the corridor, lying prone at the doorway, this can catch people running
  across the stairs.
+ In the Skidrow open area! Of course! Just watch the crates if they get smart.
+ As opossed to the corridor, you can shoot from atop the stairs leading down,
  but be careful.
+ Behind the dumpster besides the walkway. This is if someone's camping you
  there. (this is all on the Spetsnaz left side, btw)
+ The best spot on the stairs is on the Spetsnaz side, you can set up with only
  your head peeking out and a goodd horizon ahead.
+ Same goes for the stairs leading up to the skid row.
+ In the laundromat, if you're defending a bomb sitting at the window or in the
  corner work well.
+ Apartments, either the break in the wall or the window, but the window has a
  better angle.
+ Shooting people coming around the path through the laundromat wall (done this
  with an RPD and a uAV >:) )
+ Behind the sandbags and reccessed corners of the shops on the Spetsnz side. see the stores? If you walk into their entryway (you can't go in,
  obviously), you'll be practically invisible.
+ Beside the parking lot there is a dumpster kind of tucked in there. Good
  hiding spot, and good sniping post as well.

+ Next to the containers in the parking lot is a peice of the fence that is
  sort of squashed and rolled over. By carefully climbing that, you can get to
  the top of the fence ringing the complex. From here you can, with Lightweight
  of course, jump across to the tin roofing of the store directly in front of
  you, or onto the dumpster, or whatever.
+ (Requires Lightweight): You can sort of cclimb the antennas on the Skid row
  outside area, towards the left. Jump to the air conditioner unit, and then
  with a mighty leaappp you can land on the railing of the store across from
  you. VERY hard.
+ You can climb onto the metal roofing from the second floor of the loading

| Sub Base |

Wrote 90% of this, then my computer crashed >.> SO I have to write it again,

Sub Base is anotehr snow map. Just like Derail, don't bother using Thermal
here. Sub Base is set in some far away frozen submarine facility somewhere
deep in Russia, and the two factions are the Russians and the SEALS. It's a
map with a lot of vertical gameplay, kind of like Favela, but snowier.

Spawn and run upto the central gate. Set up on anyone daring to pass through
the tunnel on the other side. if no one come's, it's an indicator that they're
smarter then they look :)

Spetsnaz definetly have an advantage in the quick KO, but the SEALs have more
buildings to set up in, so I reccomend you use them.

Spetsnaz Building, SEALS Construction Building, Tunnel, Center, SEALS second
floor, Electric Building (right of the SEALS spawn, down the road there), 
Pathways (like 4 parts, all around the right side of the map), Submarine,
Construction Area (next to the Spetsnaz building, map corner).

+ On top of the crates of the building directly in front of the SEAL spawn.
  This provides a good view of people trying to enter the building, and the
  slope and shadiness makes you easy to miss, somewhat.
+ More conservatively, under the staircase in the corner of the building.
  Hiding here is a great option.
+ On the second level of the building, good view of the construction zone but
  if the battle is to the right of the map, you may have to akwardly climb out
  onto the window railing.
+ Alternatively, you can go just out the door and snipe away from behind the
  box standing there at the edge. Or is it a container? Can't tell :L Anyway,
  you can also hide behind the box adjacent to it to kill people coming out
  from the second floor of the electrical building, which is on the right side
  of the SEAL roof.
+ There's a ladderway leading off the edge of the top, from here you can kill
  people moving down there near the tunnel.
+ The windows of the electrical building are a good spot as well. If they're
  coming up for you from below, a position sitting on the railing of the window
  overlooking the staircase up helps.
+ The window side of the electrical building is usable as well, if there's
  someone on the top-right rungs.
+ The windows of the SEAL spawn building are somewhat obscured, but you can
  stand behind the tank there for a nice view and a wall of cover.
+ Behind the ventilator boxes works fine as well.
+ In the tunnel, you can go prone behind the stack of fenced barrels, or you
  can hide and kill from the little nook across from it. See it? There's a
  fence and a barrel's underused IMO.
+ Sitting on the desk of the office built into it is...decent.
+ On the outside, a good spot no one cares for is behind the fences in the
  back of the SEAL spawn. Yes, you can hide there and snipe people there as's the little snowy back pile behind the fence.
+ Behind the crates besides the strange rectangular stone thingie works
  wonders, if you're not sniped yourself.
+ Prone-and-crouch behind the barrels and low wall on the left side of the
  road is ok too.
+ People tend to escape snipers by running among the indented columns on the
  left side, but you can handle them by camping with a sniper at the corner of
+ Standing on the other side of the rectangular block.
+ But being waaayy in the back of the piers down the side road adjoining the
  main one at the SEALS spawn is a great hiding spot, if conservative.
+ On the other side of the story, peeking around the container you can catch
  people on the first and second level of the electrical building, and those
  running down the road to the right (central part).
+ Behind the crates waayy at the endge of the road. Great spot! Use it more
+ Standing in the track thingies on the covered part of the road. Good view of
  the center.
+ At the doorway on the right side, the one that leads via highly exposed
  walkway down to the Spetsnaz building.
+ Atop the two buildings making up the walkways from the Spetsnaz side to the
  center of the map. Great view, but be careful, it's watched for.
+ Sitting in the outside corner of the center. Hard to describe...its just
  like the doorway, except you drop down to the ground, and catch people
  running out the Spetsnaz side.
+ Behind the railing leading to the central walkway out on the Spetsnaz side,
  if you're flaking.
+ On the submarine! Gosh people! Yes you can climb it! Sitting on the metal
  pads around it (it's a dry dock) is great on FFA.
+ Behind the two crates in the little-used corner of the Spetsnaz side. 
  Sitting push against the wall, they offer a peircing vantage into the
  entrance of the mezzanine leading to the center (I just can't describe
+ At the  window on the first floor of the Spetsnaz building, the little nook
  below the ladderway, if you're camping out a streak.
+ Or at the window above the same.
+ Outside, at the low wall adjacent to the building, besides some, um, again
  I don't know what they are >.>
+ Outside again, in the construction area to the left, behind the wierd
  foundery things on the right side.
+ Inside the Spetsnaz building, there's a window out, fire can come in - and
  go out - from there.
+ Just outside the Spetsnaz building, the low wall completing the stairs up
  to the construction area.
+ At the corner of the construction zone (and the map), there's a container
  and an oil station, and a nice little knick I love to use from Demolition...

+ From atop the Spetsnaz sniping spot, you can jump to a lightpost just below,
  and then follow that up with a mightly leap to the bow of the submarine. And
  everyone will just be "wtf?"
+ By climbing onto the railing of the Spetsnaz building second floor walkway,
  you can jump onto the mimi submarine hanging from the roof, or onto the 
  yellow electric blocc standing against the wall. Or whatever else peice of
  furniture in the place.
+ Break the window of the electrical building and you can climb over to a nice,
  dark, shady corner stacked up against the wall on the ledge outside the
  second floor.
+ A mightly leap from the window will take you atop the container below,
  putting you in easy shotty range of people rounding the corner.
+ You can jump from the second SEAL level down to the tops of the air
  conditioner units just below.

| Terminal |

This is the funnest sniper map IMO. A combination of narrow corridors inside
and large openess outside makes for an incredibly fun sniping experience.
Unfortunatly, 99% of the time this is impossible. Why? Simple answer. The same
kind of middle-sized open-and-closed map that breeds balanced snipers also


From the Spetsnaz side you spawn below the elevators up to the main terminal
"level." From here, you can climb up the stairs to the top of the little side-
building to perhaps the most useful, but also most over-abused, spot on the
map. Directly in front of you is the fuel tank, and across from you is a great
overview of the corridor, the hallway to the bar down from the Spetznaz spawn,
the plane, and 50% of the outside area, as well as great cover. Be aware
however that people will be looking for you up there, you can climb up there
from the crates in front of the building, and the tank can be shot to blow you
up or, if you're hiding, injure you.

Alternatively you can run up to the counter and catch anyone trying to rush/
pie slice around the corner there. Once your killfeed from there subsides, also
try watching the corridor. That's a heated battle corridor that is often tubed
to death...sigh.


Poor Ranger snipers don't get much in terms of sniper spawn. The Spetnaz has
a definitive advantage in the overwatch of the corridor thanks to a larger back
space and the leg room above the secondary building. Trying to snipe someone
across the counter at the eatery down from the elevators is incredibly
dangerous as well. Best to just wait for the lines to switch, and enjoy the
outdoor advantage the plane gives you.

Places: Plane, outdoors (left and right of plane), ground floor (Spetsnaz),
elevator messofloor, small corridor, eatery, big corridor book shop, magazine
shop, lobby.


The back Rangers spawn area and the plane go to the Rangers pretty quickly. The
central corridor is hotly contested on both sides. The larger hallway goes to
Rangers as well, at least up to the eatery around the corner, from where 
Spetsnaz has a huge advantage. The escalators and back of spawn obviously go to


+ Narrow corridor
+ Plane


+ Atop the side building besides the Spetsnaz spawn.
+ Besides the counter of the eatery down from the Spetsnaz spawn (dangerous).
+ Inside the building on the side of the Spetnaz spawn.
+ At the large windows behind the Spetsnaz spawn.
+ Behind the counter looking down at the eatery.
+ Behind the golfng cart.
+ Behind the X-shaped flower bed in front of the elevator messolayer.
+ In the plane cockpit.
+ Back of the plane, behind the explosive barrels.
+ Behind seats in the plane.
+ Looking out the plane passenger windows.
+ Below the inflatable walkway leading down from the plane.
+ Behind the barrells uderneath the main walkway to the plane.
+ On top of the oil tanker behind and to the right of the plane.
+ In the lobby looking down on the main entrance to the plane and the Ranger
+ In the lobby on the couch, looking out the slits in the windows on the wide
+ Behind the flowers in the center of the larger walkway.
+ Behind the overturned boxes, center of the mall hallway (be careful of people
  camping up top)


+ You can jump from the inflatable walkway on the plane onto the boxes besides
+ Climb up the rack behind the Spetsnaz spawn and up again to access the large
  bay window.
+ Jumping across the ventilators and air conditioning units at the top of the
  side building you can get to the top of the tank.

| Underpass |

Underpass is a slightly confused mishmash of construction site, Brazilian
shanty, and warehouse that takes a bit of getting used to to understand. It's
a fairly large map as well. Great sniping going on here, but remember to watch
your back and not drop any care packages onto the bridge! If a CG gets stuck
up there your teamates will rape your behind. Trust me, I know >.> Also, this
is another map with a lot of places to go.

This isn't a map with a fast start out of the gate. The vast distance between
the two spawns and the mush of undergrowth and building between them makes an
across-the-map shot difficult at best. You may be able to take someone down
while they're running under the bridge, but that would be luck mostly. I'd
wait for people to start popping up at the warehouse windows, which is a huge
danger zone for your team. One last thing, whatever you do DON'T RUSH DOWN THE
BRIDGE. Except if you have Marathon/Lightweight, you'll be dead meat to any
enemy snipers smart enough to watch that.

A lot of people rush into the warehouses, but I know a better place. Instead
of going up there, as it's usually watched extensively, it's better to go
under it. There's a small shrubery just below the window that provides good
visual cover, and is not somethin lots of people know about. The main point
here is to take out anyone stupid enough to rush down the bridge on their

Warehouses, Storage Building (where the bomb site is), Parking Lot, Back Road,
Underpass (all TF spawn), Shanties, Bridge, Side Area (Militia spawn), River
(under the bridges), Central Shanties, Industrial Road (where the other bomb
site is), Paved Road, Control Building, Central Grass

+ As mentioned above, behind the shrubery beneath the windows of the
+ At the windows of the warehouse, just don't stay long.
+ At the windows of the construction building. The door is OK too.
+ If you manage to peirce the enemy behind, the view you get by going prone
  behind the truck in the parking lot is beutiful, and highly useful for
  covering the back on Demolition.
+ Behind the low stone wall of the path adjoining the warehouses and the
  constructional building on the outside.
+ In the open container that's part of the litter on the slope seperating the
  shanties from the warehouses, or behind the car.
+ In the corner under the low shanty to the left of all the other ones.
+ Or in the grass of the one adjacent to the other ones, next to the road down.
+ Behind the low wall that's above the stairs leading down to the paved road.
+ On the railings above all of this.
+ On the second floor windows of the little-used building that's all the way to
  the side of the TF spawn. Yes, you can actually go in! Surprise!
+ Behind the police car near the same.
+ Atop the shanty in the middle. You can get there by climbing the dumpster
  behind it.
+ Behind the dumpster on the side leading down to bomb B. Not very glamerous,
  but by getting there while whoever's on top of the building is distracted and
  going prone you can avoid being spotted long enough for the kill.
+ Behind the chain link fence above the explosive barrel.
+ If your goal is to get people running through the side, behind the ruined car
  in the river.
+ Behind the low wall seperating the bridge from the spawn area.
+ On top of the container besides the control building.
+ In the control building.
+ At the fence leading down to the bomb site (execute care!)
+ Behind the low wall seperating the grassy area near the warehouses from the
  control building and staircase down.
+ In the little storage area underneath the building next to the bomb.
+ In the space between the train cars, great view of the railing and
  construction entrance above. Too bad you can't climb them...
+ Behind the forklift parked next to the building at B.
+ Of course, atop the building!
+ The containers tucked into the back of the grass make for a great hiding
+ In the shanties in the center of the map, nuff said.

+ From atop the shanty in the middle of the Militia spawn, with a good leap
  you can land onto and climb into the covered shanty that's to the left of it,
  you see the one just over the bridge? The view isn't quite as good, but it's
  unexpected and there's more cover.
+ Climb to the top of the ruined police car on the right side of the Militia
  spawn. You can jump onto the railing and platform there, and even better,
  off the railing onto the fridge and then the railing above. Had fun raining
  confusion off of there, that is until someone got smart and threw a Semtex.
+ By falling off the railing above the road leading to the warehouse, you can
  land on the waste pipe there. And boy is it filthy.
+ All the way down the railing, you can jump onto the and into the small
  shanty that's standing alone. Woot woot fist pump. And you can also land on
  top of the adjacent tree :) Be warned, if you miss you will die (probably).
+ You can get on top of the lone container by jumping out of the window of the
  warehouse (gasp! another suicide victim!), or by getting onto the wierd AC
  thing piled onto the car next to it and vaulting.
+ Even seen the people on the roofs of the shanties in the center? They got
  ninja skills ~! No, jusst kidding. There's a stack of boxes next to the
  bridge that can take you there, and also a ladder in the complex itself.
  Gosh people, think!
+ Not really a secret, but with some Commando magic you can safely assend the
  two bridge columns in the middle of the map, and shoot people in the bunkers
  at a rediculously good angle. Just be ready for a looooooonnng drop down.
+ In the inner of the two warehouses, you may notice a walkway above it. You
  can get up there very simply, by vaulting over the giant canister thingie
  there. (gasp! ninja!) and then onto the platform. ...Notice the Teddy
+ Dropping down from the ladder onto the crates below at the bomb site A is a
  remrkably underused skill...
+ Climb atop the ruined car under the finished part of the bridge (on the
  side of the Warehouse) and you can sprint-jump to the (explosive!) metal
  container on the side. And kill people coming out of the warehouse.
+ (Lightwight required). Get up on the wall that you must get up on to climb
  to the container, but instead of surmounting that, get on the ledge going
  along the wall and go left. Round the corner, and what do you see? A pipe,
  and a whole new camping roof! But you have to jump past the pipe...curse you
  pipe >.> Because of the pipe it's one helluva jump to execute. But it can be

| Wasteland |

A big open field with a hedge seperating it into three parts and a
cave in the middle connecting them all. Some people hate this map. I love it.
This is a sniper map, it's extremely open lay-down-in-the-grass-and-shoot kinda
thing. Nowhere else my friend! Well...maybe Estate...and Derail :D

~ miniguns are located at the wall at the heli pad, at the end of trench f3, in
trench f2, and in the car yard next to the big red dumpster, oh and in trench
f1 too.

The whole point of this one is that to catch the players you have to go in the
direction opposite to the side you spawn on. For the Brits that means rushing
towards the safety of the cars and then moving up slowly. Also possible, camp
the cave from downwind with a sniper rifle.

I'd say that this one goes to Spetsnaz. You can rush down to the ruined house,
climb up the broken fence and then jump to the scaffold roof (GASP, you can do
that? Yes I can, I'm Superman...) and hit anyone that trys to round the corner.

AREAS (so generic ><):
Field 1:
Car Yard, Broken Tanks, Ruined House, Trench f1

Field 2:
Churchyard, Trench p2, Back Area, Grass f2, Trench f2

Field 3:
Helicopter Pad, Back Houses, Houses, Huge Field f3, Shed, Trench f3

+ Behind the wall of the Helicopter pad.
+ Anywhere among the hills in the really big field in f3...and f2...and f1 too.
+ Behind the dumpster in the Car yard area.
+ Behind the twin stack of cars.
+ Inside or atop the broken house.
+ At the windows of any of the houses in the "neighberhood" (Mr. Roger woulda
  hated this place...)
+ Downwind from the cave, any side, good sniping window.
+ Behind the ruined tank down all the way from the f3 helipad.
+ Behind the Shed.
+ Among the broken walls at the church.
+ In the trenches, any of them.
+ In the small fenced grassy hill seperating the Helicpter buildings from the

+ By jumping among the two missiles/guns on the helicopter and then foward to
  the wing you can jump all the way to the top of it.
+ You can jump at the wierd twin tree in f2 and climb it a bit for a useful if
  precarious perch.

|[11]|Basic things to increase your K/D (Sniper Edition)|                 {K/D}

There are lots of indicators of your skill level, but the clearest one is your
K/D or Kill-Death ratio. It's available to you in the Barracks. This section of
the guide consists of very, very simple things that will help you perform
better. Everyone should know these...but if you don't (such a no0b), well it's
your lucky day.

- Don't know if someone is there? Throw a stun grenade. They toss much quicker
then flashes, have the same disorienting effect (albiet in a diffrent form),
and are much less likely to get hitmarkers that only warn them of your coming
instead of supressing them. If you get a marker, toss a semtex; 9 out of 10 it
will kill them, or at the very least seriously weaken them. If you don't have
Semtex switch to your secondary and charge instead.

- Don't ADS when using a shotgun. It only decreases accuracy. For groups of 2
or more enemies it may actually be benefitial to ADS for splash damage.

- Don't use the right weapon in the wrong way. Aka: don't camp in the back of
the map with an SMG, and don't rush recklessly with a sniper.

- Stick to your strengths. SMGs do better at close range so stay indoors. ARs
can do everything, but snipers work their magic in open areas.

- Do a few Private Matches with friends and scout the maps out. You'll discover
some interesting and useful jumps that will give you a leg up by putting you in
an unexpected place to great effect. Plus, all your friends will want to know
how to get there.

- Don't be afraid to's a sniper not a submachine gun.

_ Don't quickscope of you don't know how. It's not an easy skill by any margin.
You're better of noscoping and hoping for the best.

|[12]| Quotes |                                                           {QUO}

Totally awesome quotes I did not have space for, but wanted to share with you,


-  One man can change the world with a bullet in the right place. (McDowell)

- The only thing I feel when I kill is the recoil from my rifle. (TRU Sniper) 

- Two lines you should never cross...the horizontal and the vertical.
          (Army Sniper)

- Invisible souls..........leave .308 holes. (USMC) [.308 Lupa is a common
sniper round, both the Dragonuv and I think the WA2000 use it]

Totally unrelated

-  War does not determine who is right, just who is left. (Bertrand Russell)

-  A slipping gear could let your M203 grenade launcher fire when you least

          expect it. That would make you quite unpopular in what's left of

          your unit." (Army's magazine of preventive maintenance.) 

- Cluster bombing from B-52s is very, very accurate. The bombs always hit the

          ground. (US Air Force)

- If your attack is going too well, you have walked into an ambush.

          (Infantry Journal)

- It is generally inadvisable to eject directly over the area you just bombed.

- A Purple Heart just proves that you were smart enough to think of a plan,

          stupid enough to try it, and lucky enough to survive. (unknown)

- It's not paranoia if it keeps you alive. (unkown)

- Use a gun that works EVERY TIME: All skill is in vain when an Angel pisses

         in the flintlock of your musket. (US Rangers Rules for Gunfighting)

- In God we trust. Everyone else, keep your hands where I can see them. (???)

- If war is the answer, then the question must have been stupid. (Unknown)

- Eagerness for combat is an asset for a soldier, dangerous  for a commander,

          and criminal for a politician. (???)

- Only the dead have seen the end of war (Plato)

- It takes 23 muscles to frown but only 6 to pull the pin out of a grenade.

{C} Contact Me                                                            {CNT}
Sure, you can bother me at [email protected] Irrelavent and flame-type
comments will be ignored.
{P} Copyright                                                             {CPY}
This guide is (C) 2009 jimmythesnowman.  This may be not be reproduced
under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not
be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without
advance written permission.
{R} Credit                                                                {CRD}

- You, for bothering to read the credits. (What? Your scroll down key broke?
- Me, for bothering to write it.
- cJayc, well...cuz it's you know...his site?
- IW for making an awesome game
- Not IW for being so insanely good at the game that their staff times are nary
  impossible to beat.
- IW for breaking apart like cluster bomb.
- COD Black Ops for keeping me HYPED.
- Anyone who contributes: YOUR NAME HERE.
Have a fun one!

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