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Complete Boss Guide
Game:Resident Evil 4

Bosses - They are big, they are grotesque, and they are the heart of this

Boss # 1: Del Lago

Del Lagos is the result of a salamander-like creature being infected with Los 
Plagas. Although sealed a long time ago by Salazar's ancestors, Bitores Mendez 
resurrected it. It has expanded to a great size, and inhibits the giant lake which 
connects the village to the location of the key to the church. Inside it's mouth is 
where the parasite resides, and thus, it is it's weak point. During the battle, you 
must maneuver between floating growths and also must attack the Del Lagos with 

Before this fight you should have picked up the yellow herb in the cabin off to
the side. Combine this with the green herb (and perhaps a red one) to help you.
I suggest not using this just yet, unless you are low on life. Now, head into
the motor boat and drive in the lake. A cut scene will appear and you will now
be dragged around the lake by a serpent called "Del Lago". First thing's first,
your choice of weapons: Harpoons. You can't use anything but these so get used
to it. To use them, hold the "R" button to aim and a red targeting reticule
will pop up. Aim this at the boss and press "A" to throw it. Now, at the
beginning of the battle you will probably be dragged into the way of debris.
Even though you are being dragged, you can control the boat by moving your
analog stick left or right. Once you are clear of debris, pick up a spear and
fire away. You will probably only get one chance, so make it count. After he
drags you for a bit, he will go under water. This is a bad thing because he
will poop up aimed right at you with his mouth open. Maneuver the boat away
from him and pick up another harpoon to throw at him.

*Note: If you get hit you will be knocked out of the boat. At this point you
have to tap the "A" button repeatedly until you swim back to the boat. Do it
fast, he will be on your tail.*

At some point during this battle the Del Lago will disappear from your screen.
He won't even continue pulling you. What do you do? You pick up a spear and
look for red arrows on your screen. If they point to your left, the Del Lago is
to your left, and if they point to your right, he is to your right. Move to
either direction and look for splashing in the distance. He will be coming at
the fairly slowly, slow enough to get 3 or 4 harpoons off on him. Use this time
to pummel him with your harpoons.

*Note: Since he is coming at you, you will have to adjust your aim up or down
to make sure every shot hits him*

The Del Lago can only take around 9-13 Harpoon shots and isn't really that
hard. If you need life, use your herbs or a first aid spray. If you have it,
use your Green/Red/Yellow (G/R/Y) herb combination to heal yourself to the max
AND raise your life bar.

Boss # 2: El Gigante

A giant hulking behemoth, and a result of diabolical experiments performed by 
Saddler involving the Los Plagas parasite. Being such a huge size, El Gigante has an 
immense amount of physical power. However, this is outweighed greatly by his slow 
speed and lack of intelligence.

This guy can be a pain if you aren't good at running. At the start of the
battle, IMMEDIATELY run through his legs and pick up the yellow herb across
from him. There are items scattered around the place, including in the
cottages. However, you wont be safe from him in these mini-houses, so don't
take too long picking the stuff up. At some point in the beginning (after you
pick up the yellow herb) he will pick up a boulder and roll it at you. The only
way to dodge this is to keep moving out of the way. It's not hard to dodge, but
you should be aware of it. If you get too close to the El Gigante he will
either kick you or grab you. If he kicks you, this will knock you down and
leave him open to stomp on you. If he grabs you, he will squeeze the life away
from you. Move the analog stick left and right AS FAST AS POSSIBLE to stab your
knife in his hand. So how do you BEAT this tough guy? Take it slow and steady.
If he is far away from you, pull out your pistol and aim for his head. If he is
close, pump a round of pellets from your shotgun into him. You should do this
once, so that you have enough time to get away from him. If you have any
flash bangs, use them here. They will blind him, allowing you to get 3-5 shotgun
blasts on him. Once you hurt him enough you will see a cut scene of his
parasite popping out of his back. Get near him and press the "A" button to
"climb" onto him. Tap repeatedly the "A" or "B" button to cut his parasite.
Which button to tap is completely random so you will have to be aware of what
button to press. After you do this another cut scene will appear showing the
wolf you saved at the beginning of the game coming to your rescue. The wolf
will distract the giant, giving you time to pound on it. After you hit it
enough times, he will fall again, and his parasite will appear once more. Climb
back on him and start slicing. After this he will get up again, however he will
come after you some more. Use the strategy you used in the beginning to make
him fall again (Flash bang/shotgun). The third time you cut his parasite he will
fall down, and finally die.

*Note: randomly throughout the fight he might pick up a tree to swing at you.
Not to worry, a prompt will appear telling you to press the "L" and "R" buttons
to roll out of the way*

Boss # 3: Bitores Mendez

The true form of the Village Chief is revealed, and boy is he a toughie. This 
centipede like creature is not an excessively hard creature to defeat, but it can 
take a long time and also drain a lot of your ammo. Don't think you've won though 
when he falls in half, because he'll merely detach his human legs and jump around 
the place using the rafters in the roof. 

This guy is easier than he seems... at first. He has two forms, so be ready.
His weak spot in his first form is his spine.... the thing that connects his
pants to his... upper torso. Pull out your pistol, TPM, or shotgun and blast
this a few times. If you're lucky, he will fall over. Take this time to shoot
it some more then run past him. There should be a ladder. Climb up it and run
to the right to pick up a yellow herb. Look down near the ladder. There should
be a red barrel that you can shoot. Shoot it when the Chief gets near it to
deal extra damage to him. Now, run around the top area, picking up extra items.
When you can't go any further, jump down and turn towards the boss. He should
be far enough away to get around 9 pistol shots in his spine. Once he is close,
he might try to swing his arms at you. Press the "L" and "R" buttons to dodge
it and climb up the ladder again (The one you climbed up at the beginning). As
he walks towards the ladder, put more pistol rounds into him, then run around
the upper area and jump down once more. Shoot another round of bullets into his
spine and repeat until he breaks in half.

Now time for round 2. He will use the beams around the building as poles to
swing from. He's fairly fast and since I don't know much about his attack
pattern, I'll just say: Stay on the bottom floor. If he is far away, pull out
your pistol and shoot him a few times. He will get VERY close to you. Close
enough to pull out your shotgun. Well, pull it out and shoot him. If you hit
him hard enough, he will fall off the beam and onto the ground. This is the
PERFECT chance to pump more rounds into him. Beware that even though this guy
can only swing from poles, his attacks can hurt and are long range. If you
cannot knock him off the poles with the shotgun, run away and wait for another

Boss # 4: Verdugo

Remember those red-robed things that seem to follow Salazar around excessively? 
Well, this thing is what's under those red robes. Having both the abilities to get 
around on the roof, and move with great agility, the Verdugo is an extremely 
dangerous and hard to kill enemy without the correct....'equipment'. Liquid Nitrogen 
is the only way to weaken it's hard exoskeleton. 

This guy can be easy or hard. He has an UNGODLY high defense and you have a
very low chance of surviving if you don't have either a high powered magnum or
rockets. What's the strategy? Run past him (You will probably get hit) and turn
right to see a Nitrogen canister. When he gets close, tap "A" to knock it over
and freeze him. Run away and pull out the rockets or magnum and start blasting.
He should die in one hit with the rockets. Make sure you are far enough away to
kill him! I was too close my first time and died. If you don't kill him, there
are other canisters in the other room. Just keep blasting him with the magnum
until he falls dead.

Boss # 5:Dos Gigante

Dos Gigantes is merely a better looking El Gigante, and is encountered in pairs. 
Nothing overly big to worry about, but that's up to you to decide ^_^. 

These are both "tougher" than the original. You should notice a hole in the
middle of the room. You can guess what that's for =P. Run to the right where
you should see a ladder. Climb up it and wait for the two giants to come over
to you. There is a zip line right where you are standing. When they get near
you, go down the zip line. You should end up by a lever. When one of the giants
gets near the hole, pull the lever to drop him into the lava. You can only do
this once, so make it count. For the remaining giant, use your Broken Butterfly
and beat him normally. He has no new attacks (In fact, he lost some) but he is
tougher and hurts more.

*Note: The 15,000 PTAs won't appear from the giant you dropped into the lava
unless you leave the room and walk back in*

Boss # 6: Salazar+Verduga

After fusing their bodies with the Plagas and becoming one, Salazar is much more 
dangerous than his crappy childish form. He encases himself in a organic tissue 
based chamber, while the Verdugo, whom has now transformed into an eye, with vicious 
teeth, defends him. Hammering the eye long enough WILL cause Salazar to come out of 
hiding, thus creating a viable target to cause great damage. 

There are two floors in this place. You start on the second. Salazar has 3
attacks. One comes from his tentacles. They will swing at you, but they can be
avoided by pressing the "A", "B", "L", and "R" buttons. If you get hit by them
you will be knocked to the ground, which has a lot of parasites running around.
Quickly go up the ladders to avoid them. The next attack is a head strike which
he hits the platform with. It hurts, but it is RARELY used. I only had it used
on me twice. His final attack is a one hit kill. If you see the monster's mouth
open sideways, he is about to use it. IMMEDIATELY STOP FIRING AND RUN. If you
can run away you can avoid it. To kill him you shoot the eye on the monsters
head. Once you deal enough damage to it (2 shotgun shots) the REAL Salazar will
appear. Take out your magnum and fire around 3-4 shots into him. About 10
magnum shots is all it takes to bring him down. Just remember to run from his
instant kill, and press the buttons to avoid his tentacles

Boss # 7: Jack Krauser(True Form) 

After disposing of Krauser in a very tense and heated knife fight, you must face him 
after he has mutated. Although his arm was the only part of his body that mutated, 
it has both massive defensive and offensive power. The arm itself has a lot of very 
sharp appendages attached to it, which do massive damage in the Thrust attacks that 
Krauser pulls off. The arm can also form a 'wing' which has the ability to deflect 
bullets. Before his mutation, Krauser will use a combination of knife attacks, 
grenades, flash bangs, sub machine gun fire and a Bow and Arrow equipped with 
explosive tipped arrows. 

This guy is the easiest boss I have faced throughout the game. You have a 3:00
time limit to kill him. And most people run out of ammo or time before they can
kill them. So what do you do? You can't use the environment to help. Grenades
would only hurt you too. So what do we do? Use your knife. It might sound
crazy, but it works. About 6 Knife stabs will kill him. This is easy, but,
unfortunately, most of his attacks are one hit kills. To dodge these attacks
you are going to have to press "A", "B", "L", and "R" buttons to dodge. T's not
that hard, and this guy is pretty easy. This fight is more "Fun" than "hard" so
just have fun with it.

Boss # 8: "U3"

*Note: This takes place AFTER the dangling battle*

The U3 is what looks like a combination of different insects designed for one thing, 
to kill. Boasting an impenetrable shell, the U3 isn't that hard to defeat. It has 
the ability to burrow underground and pop out from below, sometimes causing damage 
to anything standing on top of it. 

This guy is easy.... if you have magnum ammo. Begin by running around
the stone in the center so he follows you. Run past the red barrel and shoot it
when he gets near it. It wont do *much* damage, but at least it'll hurt the U3. You
should see a path behind you. Go in the path and look for a lever. Pull it to
bring a gate down between you and "It". Start unloading all of you magnum ammo
into it. You won't have much time to do this as he can break the gate down.
Once you run out of ammo, start using your shotgun. He can also burrow under the 
ground. He can pop out from the ground and hit you. Avoid this by pressing the 
buttons shown on the screen and if you don't press them in time you will get hurt. 
Continue shooting and dodging him until he dies.

Boss # 9: Lord Saddler(True Form)

Lord Saddler finally reveals himself, with the purple robe he used to rare dangling 
lifelessly at the bottom of the hulking mass of monster that Saddler has become. 
It's legs are it's main forms of attacking, and can cause a lot of damage. The eyes 
on each leg, however, are Saddler's weak points, and do a lot of damage when shot. 
As you could also probably tell, taking out the giant eye in the middle of it is the 
weak spot. 

For the last boss, this boss is really easy. I don't want to spoil much for you
guys, but I'll give the basic low down on how to kill him. He has an "eyeball"
on each of his legs. Destroying one will make him drop to the ground. Once he
is on the ground, press "A" to stab his eye. If you do this 8 times, a special
someone will pop out and throw you the "Rocket Launcher (Special)". To get to
it you have to run across a bridge. The only problem is, the bridge falls
before you can reach the other side. Press the buttons that appear to jump at
the last second. Pick up the Rocket Launcher (Special) and fire it at Saddler
to end his life. Like Krauser, this is more "fun" than "hard". Don't worry
about his attacks, I didn't have to heal once.

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