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 This is my first FAQ so don't be angry with me if it's not the BIG thing. This is 
all I know of Super Smash Bros. Melee. It has been nice to work with all of you.

  Alfonso Moreno


Chapter 1: Characters
Chapter 2: Moves
Chapter 3: Game Secrets
Chapter 4: 1 Player Mode
Chapter 5: Trophies and Items


                                   Chapter 1 

Mario: He is the most recognized character in all the Nintendo systems. In other 
words, he is the most popular HERO in almost ALL the Nintendo games.

Luigi: He is Mario's Brother. Being that, he helps sometimes his brother in some 
games. He is my personal favorite.

Princess Peach: The knight, the dragon, and the princess... She is Mario's 
girlfriend or something like that. She is the main character to rescue from Bowser.

Bowser: This guy is the bad one. He is an overgrown lizard that spits fire, captures 
Princess Peach, and has a VERY SPIKY shell. He is also known as King Koopa.

Dr. Mario: I don't know much about him, but he has his own games.

C. Falcon: He is an F-zero racer with his speedy vehicle, the Blue Falcon.

Yoshi: Mario's pet. He appears in many Mario games. He also has his own games.

D.K.: Mario's first enemy. He is also very popular.

Fox: He is a very experienced pilot. He is also good at speed.

Falco: Fox's friend, he is also a very good pilot.

Ness: He is only a little boy with psychic powers.

Ice Climbers: They appeared first in the Super NES (not the character) in the game: 
Ice Climbers.

Kirby: The most (and the onlyone) popular puffball. He appeared in almost ALL of the 
Nintendo systems.

Samus: She is a space warrior with an arsenal of long-range projectile weapons.

Zelda: A graceful princess with powerful magical powers.
                         Transforms to 
Sheik: A mysterious warrior whose moves allow her to flow across battlefields.

Link: A sword-wielding hero who also boasts long-range attacks.

Note: You may encounter more characters by doing special things. See Chapter 3.

                                 Chapter 2

 Here are some moves.




^A, A, down+A.


*Tap>A, Tap^A, Tap down A (Tip: In vs. mode you can use the C stick for assisted 
smash attacks).


Tap up, X or Y(You can jump two times).


Control stick < or >(You can run if you tap).

Special Attacks

B(May need charge), up B(Used as third jump), down B, forward B(May be used for an 
assisted or long jump. May need charge.).


Z, or shield(R or L)+ A. To throw: <= Throw backward, >= Throw forward, ^= Throw up, 
Down= Throw down, A= Attack.


Control pad ^.

Shield and Dodge

R or L for shield. Shield and down for ground dodge. Jump and shield for air dodge. 
Shield and > or < to roll.

Air Attacks

Y or X + A = Neutral
Y or X + >A = Front
Y or X + 

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