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Hey guys my name is mastergamerx,NOTE:I used to be role player, but I had to erase 
everything on my computer because of a stupid ass virus.Well im back and i intend 
to finish this guide this time.Well with all that aside, this is the first guide i 
have ever writen so if i make any mistakes please email me at [email protected] 
note that if you do not label the title final fantasy X i will erase thinking 
otherwise.Oh and also if you send anything rude or disrespective saying i cheated 
off somebody elses guide, i will erase it.Because all my information is new and i 
ensure you i got it from my own brain.Well the role playing game i am about to give 
you an ULTIMATE guide to is by far one of the best looking games in the series, 
which is my opinion of course.Note that this is the ultimate guide to final fantasy 
X including secret weapon walkthroughs, monster arena guides, crests and sigil 
faqs, sphere level walkthroughs, character guides,boss stradigies,and much ,much 
more.So read this walkthrough i am writing and email me to tell me what you think 
or for any ideas i may have missed.

1.Getting started
3.Character information
4.Basic controls
6.Boss strategies
7.Celestal weapons
8.Walkthrough on the monster arena
9.character guides
10.Crests and sigils-what to do


The following information is how to het started with your ps2 and Final fantasy X.

First off you must make sure you have all the cables required to run your 
playstation 2.Make sure you have the power cable plugged into the wall, and the 
other end of it plugged into the back of the playstation 2.Than make sure you have 
the adapter plug in on your adapter, or back of your tv and plug the end of that 
into your playstation two.Than flip the main power button in the back and a red 
button on the front of the ps2 will turn on.Push it and it will turn green and turn 
on your playstation 2 and another green button.Push it to open your disk case and 
place in final fantasy X.Reset it and click New Game on the title screen of final 
fantasy X to start a new game, or load to load a previous profile on final fantasy 
X.Than get to work on your game.


The copywrite for my guide is simple, you may print it, download it and use it 
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if you see this guide on anywhere except email me at once.And DONT 
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 Character information

Here is some character information, just to get you a little familiar with the 
characters in Fanal Fantasy X before you start playing.Most of this character 
information is from squaresoft.So you may copy this character information guide.


Tidus is a cheerful rising blitzball star playing for the Zanarkend Abes.He has 
long hated his father, who was a reknowed player himself before his untimely 
death.Tidus's quick moves allow him to attack even the swiftest of foes with ease.


Daughter of high summoner Braska.Honest and determained, Yuna embarks on a 
pilgrimage to obtain the final aeon and defeat sin.Yuna is learning the mystical 
art of summoning aeons-powerful spirits of yore.


Coach and captain of the local blitzball team, the Besaid Aurochs.Wakka plans to 
retire from the sport after this years tournament, so that he can devote himself 
fully to serving as Yunas gurdian.His deadly blitzball is especially usefull for 
knocking down aerial enemies.


One of Yunas guardians.She and Wakka think of Yuna as a younger sister.Lulus stoic 
and self-possessed nature makes her seem insensitive at times.She specializes in 
the art of black magic, using various dolls to help cast powerful spells.

Kimahri Ronso

A powerful warrior of the Ronso tribe.Kimahri has watched over Yuna from her 
youngest days.He speaks little but is deeply devoted to Yuna and serves her loyally 
as a guardian.Kimhri can learn enemy skills with his lancet ability.


The legendary gurdian who, togeather with high summoner Braska, defeated sin ten 
years ago.A man of few words, he guides Yuna and Tidus on their mission to vanquish 
sin once more.He swings his gigantic sword with such power that even the toughest 
of foes are cut asunder.


A young Al Bhed girl.Her personality is upbeat and positive, and she is not afraid 
to speak her mind.She works only to restore her outcast people to their former 
glory.Rikku handles mechanical enemies with ease, and can steal items from enimes 

 Basic controls
Here are the basic controls of the game...

X-Select highlighted item;confirm.
O-The go back button use this to get out of the menu or sphere guide;delete.Hold 
down to make Tidus walk very very slow.
Triangle-Push this button to bring up the menu where you can activate the sphere 
guide, items, and abilities, and check your characters status.
R2 and R1-Use R2 to scroll 1 page down on weapons or items and use R1 to scroll up.
L2 and L1-nothing.
Start- to pause game.
Left anologe-To move.
Right anologe-nothing.


Here it is, the COMPLETE walkthrough to Final Fantasy X.The longest part of this 
walkthrough, follow this guide and i promise you you will be able to complete the 
game in no time.NOTE:The walkthrough contains the boss strategies in it as well.

Part one-Blitzball?

After you take control of Tidus walk forward and you should see a crowd of 
people.Talk to the three young boys on the left and they will ask for your 
autograph, this is where you get your name.Stick in anything you want it to be and 
and they will continue on.After talking with them go talk to the two girls on the 
right.They to will ask for your autograph, and Tidus will show off in front of 
them.If you talk to the other people you will get some items, like potions and 
stuff.When your done talking to everyone run to the back of all the people and 
Tidus will say "Gotta go cheer for me." And the little kids will ask you to teach 
them how to blitz.And after a freaky interruption by some little kid saying you 
cant tonight, Tidus will run off.Then you will be on a bridge.And you will see a 
picture of Jecht, Tidus's father, which he hates.And Tidus will get mad and run 
off.When you get control of him again run down the bridge the way he was running 
and some anouncer guy will start talking about how Jecht died and how sad everyone 
was.After you've reached the end of the bridge it should show a 
cutscene.Blitzball.You will see Tidus playing blitzball and than a man in a red 
coat and a big tidal wave and right when Tidus is about to shot, the tidal wave 
thing attacks.It will show missiles and Tidus falling out of the arena, and 
Zanarkand being destroyed...

Part two-Zanarkand

After you take control of Tidus, you will see the man in that red coat walk over 
and talk to him.You will discover that his name is Auron and that Tidus knows 
him.And Auron will walk off.Follow him.You should see a red arrow, go to it, that 
will tell you where to go most of the time.You will run into that kid that 
said "You cant tonight" when the other kids asked you to teach them how to blitz.He 
will freeze time, and say "It begines.Dont cry."Than he will unfreeze time and 
dissapear, and Tidus is like "What the?"Catch up with Auron and he will tell you 
that inside the huge tidal wave now above Zanarkand is a monster named "Sin."After 
that you will have to fight these little Sin Scale things.Tidus will try to fight 
them off but will get knocked down,until Auron gives him a sword...He says its a 
gift from Jecht, and that he hopes Tidus knows how to use it.Your first 
battle...Okay this part is easy, just keep attacking the Sin Scales on the right 
and you will move right through them.Now continue down the road and you will 
encounter a boss stuck into the ground.This is known as a "sinspawn" and you will 
have to fight it in various forms throughout the game.
Sinspawn Ammes
This battle is easy.You cant die.Since all he uses is Demi, it only lowers your Hp 
and dosent kill you.Okay, start the battle off with Aurons overdrive, 
Dragonfang.After you've disposed of those little Sin Scale things, just keep on 
attacking the Sinspawn.After about seven or eight hits you should kill it.This 
really isnt a hard battle.
After you've won, continue down the road, there is a save point there to, so save 
it if you want.Head down the road farther and you should encounter more Sin 
Scales.After you've killed about three or four of them Auron will say "This could 
be bad.That knock it down!"And it will show a gas crate, attack that until it 
falls.It will explode killing all the Sin Scales.And Auron will say "Run."And Tidus 
will run and jump off the crumbling road onto another one.After Auron helps pull 
him up, you will see Sin, and he will obsorb you and Auron after he says "This is 
your story.It all begines here."You will than be in this water place somewhere 
inside sin.Swim down with the O button and you will see Tidus as a young kid.And 
Tidus will start to feel light headed, and sleepy, and will fall asleep.

Part three-All alone.

When you wake up you will be in some ruins.And Tidus will scream "Is anybody there!?
Auron!?"After that swim forward a ways past the ruins and you should be at some 
stairs.Walk up them and there should be a save point to save your game, do it.After 
you've saved it run forward and the road should split up into two ways.Go left to 
get a high potion,than back right, and the path will cave in and you will be in 
some water.Swim right and there should be some sort of weird fish swimming, after 
you kill two of them, a big monster will come out and eat the last one.Then you 
will have to fight him.
A slight bit harder than the Sinspawn.He has lots of Hp, luckly you dont have to 
kill him, at least not now.All you have to do is keep attacking for three turns.But 
he will attack back each time, but it wont kill you, just keep cutting your Hp in 
half.After you have attacked him three times, he will charge at you and Tidus will 
run into a nearby cave he see's, and will come sooo close to being eatin'!After 
you "live" from this battle you get 5 Ap.
After you manage to escape from Geogaeno you should make your way up the ruined 
stairs and pass through the door to an opening.Walk to the middle of the room where 
the X is on the map and press X.You need some stuff to start a fire.Go left and go 
throught the door and you should see a desk and a plant thing.Open the droor on the 
desk and you should obtain flint.Next exit the room and go up.Enter this room and 
go backwards instead of up the stairs to get a high potion.Than go up the 
stairs.Along the right wall there should be a flower bonquet.Take it,continue 
upwards, than go all the way right to get another high potion.Now return to the 
center of the room and use the flint and flower to make a fire.After that Tidus 
should fall asleep and dream.And it will show Auron saying that Tidus's team lost 
because of him.And Tidus will wake up.The fire will go out and Tidus will hurry to 
find more wood.But than he realizes he is not alone.
This battle is pretty hard.Attack with Tidus and you and the Klikk will keep 
trading off blows.After a while you will have to start healing yourself with 
potions.Than keep attacking the Klikk, and sometimes the Klikk will even miss 
Tidus.After a while you will see a closed door get blown open by a bomb and guys 
come rushing in.And a girl will come up and fight alongside you.Heres where it gets 
intresting.Keep stealing with the girl to get stocked up on some grenades and 
potions, and keep attacking with Tidus.Keep healing when needed, and use a couple 
grenades on him.They do good damage.Soon enough you'll beat him and get your 
reward.Which is 5 Ap.And maybe some potions.
After the battle the girl will come up to you and start speaking some weird 
language.Than will knee you really hard and knock Tidus out.It will show two other 
guys comming up to Tidus and picking him up while he is still concious...

Part four-The Al Bhed.

When you awake you will be on a ship somewhere in the sea.And next thing you know, 
people are pointing guns at you!They start speaking some kind of language that you 
dont understand.And after nearly getting shot, that girl comes in and gives Tidus a 
translation.Saying that he is going to have to work.When Tidus agrees you will get 
a tortul on how to use the sphere gride.After that go talk to all the other Al Bhed 
people standing there on the ship.You should get a couple potions, and a phoniex 
down.Then go talk to the girl again.She will tell you about the mission and that 
you will have to go underwater.Once your in the water swim down with the O 
button.Follow the cable line and you should reach a ship after a few battles.Once 
your in, go to the computer you see just to Tidus's right.He should bang on it and 
it will open the door which they will swim through.Next swim around the big round 
piller in the middle of the next room and into the little passageway.After fighting 
the killer fish keep swimming to the middle of the next room.You should see a huge 
computer, swim to the middle and click X and it should show you banging on it to, 
and...what do you know, the ships got power!After all the lights are on you should 
see a brief second of an octupus the next boss you will fight.Make sure your ready 
to fight and head back through the little passageway.Once there you will encounter 
the boss, kill it.
This boss is also a little hard like the Klikk.Alright you should have about 3 
grenades stocked up with the girl from your battle with the Klikk.Steal two times 
with the girl and keep attacking with Tidus.Than Tros will go to the other side of 
the room and another tortul will follow up on using trigger comands.After that 
use "stand by" the trigger command with both characters and Tros will do the 
nucleas charge and it will attack both characters and do good damage.After that 
keep attacking with Tidus and start using grenades with the girl.Than Tros will go 
to the otherside of the room again, this time you can use the "Pincer Attack" with 
Tidus's trigger command.Now one charachter will swim infront of Tros and the other 
character behind him.Use all the grenades you have with the girl and attack with 
Tidus.Also use a potion when needed, because Tros can do some damage.If you run out 
of grenades, just attack with the girl and Tidus and after a couple hit Tros will 
die and you will get 8 Ap, and maybe a few items.
After you've beat Tros head around the piller in the middle of the room the way the 
girl swam.You will see the girl once you've exited the ship.Swim after here a 
little ways in the water and you will stop.Mission complete.

Part five-Finding out the truth.

After your back onboard the Al Bhed ship Tidus trys to enter inside the ship but is 
forced out by an Al Bhed.Knowing he was cheated out of food by the Al Bhed he goes 
to sleep, but is awoken by the girl, who has food!Tidus engulfs it and if it wasnt 
for the girl, would've choked to death!The girl says "Its cause you eat to fast." 
And Tidus Replies "Hello there, whats your name?"This is where you find out the 
girls name is Rikku.Tidus is astounded because she is the only one who can speak 
his language.So Tidus and Rikku start to talking and Tidus says he's the start 
player of the Zanarkand Abes.But Rikku says Zanarakand was destroyed a thousand 
years ago!Shocked because he only thought he was a little ways from his home Tidus 
realizes he has been taken one thousand years into the future.Rikku says that she 
will take him to a place called Luca where blitzball players play blitzball, so 
maybe he will find some one he knows there.But than the ship gets attacked by sin, 
and Tidus falls into the water where sins at...The game will ask if you want to 
save it, after doindg so, you will awake in some water and a blitzball will hit 
your head.You look over to discover a team playing blitzball.Swim all the way left 
to get a chest with either a remedy in it or a potion.Swim all the way right around 
the cliff to get the moon sigil a special power up item needed later in the 
game.Than make your way up to the blitzball team.After talking with them, Wakka, 
the captain of the team called the Besaid Aurochs, will tell you to come back to 
the village.And you ask him if Zanarkand was really destroyed one thousand years 
ago.Wakka says yes, and that it was destroyed by Sin.And how Spira is punished by 
Sin for using to much machines,"machina".And that he will not go away until we have 
atoned.Tidus finally reliezes the truth that he really has been taken one thousand 
years into the future.

Part six-The summoner of Besaid Island.

Save the game at the save point right there by wakka and follow him down the 
path.You will come to a cliff and water at the bottom of it, Wakka pushes you in 
and now you will have to swim.Swim to the right and swim underwater so that you can 
get a tresure chest with some item in it.After you get to the red arrow on your 
map, by the large pillers sticking out of the water, Wakka will stop Tidus and ask 
him to play blitzball on his team in this years tournament.Tidus excepts and you 
will now been back on dry land.Folloe the road straight and it should show a 
cutscene.And Wakka will say his team has never won a game in ten years!And that he 
plans to retire after this years tournament.Continue down the road until you run 
into Luzzu and Gatta, crusaders who tell you that there are fiends on the road 
today.Keep along the road and you should come to Besaid village and Wakka will 
teach you the prayer of victory.Go straight forward through the village and into 
the temple.There you will find a statue of High Summoner Braska.And you will learn 
what a summoner is.After that leave the temple and go to the blue lodge nearest to 
the temple on the villages left.There you will find Luzzu and Gatta.And you will 
find out what crusaders are.Men who are sworn to fight Sin who have been trying to 
kill it for thousands of years.Make your way left in the lodge to save your game 
and exit the lodge.Next go straight down and between the first and second lodge on 
the left turn left between them.There should be three treasure chests.Open them to 
get som items.And on the second hut on the left there is an item shop.Go there and 
buy some items like phoniex downs and potions.Once your finished Go to the second 
to last lodge to the temple on the right.There you'll find Wakka.He will say that 
the food is not ready yet and to go to sleep.Go to sleep and right before you fall 
asleep a guy will com in and say,"Maybe you should go check on her.Its been 
nearly..."And Tidus will doze off picking up a dream from those words left off by 
the guy.And when you awake, Wakka isnt there.Head back to the temple and thats 
where you'll find Wakka.Tidus will ask whats going on and Wakka will tell him about 
the summoner.And without thinking Tidus will run into the cloister of trials to 
look for Yuna, the summoner.Heres where it gets tricky.Walk forward to the glyph
(The green thing)on the wall and touch it with the X button.It should show another 
glyph on the right, go touch that and the wall should lift up.Walk down the stairs 
to you see the ball inserted in the holder statue.The ball is called 
a "sphere".Take that and run down the other stairs until you come to the door.Place 
the sphere in the door.Walk around the door and take out the sphere than continue 
down the hall.When you come to the empty round sphere holder place the sphere in 
that and it should open up the wall and show you the distruction sphere.Dont touch 
it yet.Keep going around the hall until you come to a wall with a statue on one 
side and a wall with white writing on the other.Touch the white writing and it 
should lift up the wall and take the sphere in the back of the room.Now place that 
sphere in the statue right behind you and the wall should dissapear.Now go back and 
get the distruction sphere and place it in the room where you just got the other 
sphere from(The one across from the statue).It should show a wall being blown up 
and a chest.Go around the left corner and open up the chest to get the Rod Of 
Wisdom for Yuna.Now go back to the statue and push it forward until it fits into 
the little hole thing in the ground.To push tha statue just run at it.After that 
the statue will dissapear to make an elevator.After that Wakka will come in and 
tell you about how only gurdians and summoners may enter in here.And that a gurdian 
down there(Lulu)will have a very short fuse and will get mad easy.After you've 
reached the bottom it will show a bunch of people,guardians.Than someone will come 
out from in the chamber of the faith and fall down.The summoner, Yuna.She has 
finally got the powers to become a summoner.After you've named your aeon you will 
back in the temple.Exit and Wakka will tell you to come over there.Go over and 
watch Yuna summon her first aeon, Valfore.After seeing the powerful, but gentle 
Valfore it will be night.Talk to Wakka and he will talk to his team and get them 
psyched up saying that they will win the tournament.Than walk over to Yuna and 
people will start insulting you until Yuna comes over to you.You guys will talk and 
she will ask you to come on the same boat as here afterwards go back and talk to 
Wakka.He will ask if your tired.Say yes and you will go to sleep.Than you will 
dream about Rikku and Yuna and Jecht will interrupt your "Good" dreaming and say 
that you will never have a women.When you wake up it will be night.Go to the door 
and you will see Lulu tell Wakka off.After that Wakka will come in and you will 
talk for a while than go to sleep...

Part seven-The pilgrimage starts.

When you wake up tomorrow exit the lodge and you will see Lulu and Wakka 
together.Than Yuna will come out of the temple with a bag of luggage.Lulu will say 
you really dont need all that so Yuna will put it all down.Now you will be on the 
road.Go back in the town and go to the item shop.Buy whatever you need and when 
your finished the owner will say something about something her dog picked up 
yesterday in his mouth.Go to the last tent on the right and there will be her 
dog.Go up to it and push X and you will obtain Valfores second overdrive, Energy 
Blast.Which is extremly useful in the game.Now go back out on the road and you will 
get into several battles.You get tto test out your new sword Wakka gave you called 
the Brotherhood.You will see what monsters Wakka is good with and what monsters 
Lulu is good with, and how to use here magic.Continue down the road to the next one 
where you should see three ways to go.Pray with Wakka for good fortune and take the 
left road.There you should see some ruins.Keep moving and next thing you know a big 
animal will come flying out of nowhere, Kimarhi.Prepare to fight him one on one...
This battle is not hard, but not easy.Start out by using Tidus's "cheer" ability, 
this will make Kimarhi's attack do less and your damage do more.Try not to use 
potions because it will just be a wast, hopefully Tidus will have an overdrive and 
if so it makes the battle that more easy.If not just keep attacking after three or 
four turns Kimarhi will use his overdrive jump on you this does alright damage.You 
shouldnt need to heal and if you get an overdrive, use it.If you have to use 
potions do so, but i recommend more training than.After the battle your Hp, and Mp 
will be restored, and you will be reworded 3 Ap.Oh and you better get use to 
Kimarhi, because he's traveling with you!
After the battle head along the road.You will encounter acouple more battles, one 
in which you will have to use Yuna and summon her aeon, Valfore.Before you leave 
the next long road be sure that Valfore, Yuna's aeon, has an overdrive.You'll need 
it, and make sure you at least gained acouple sphere levels(About three or 
four).Once you are once again on the beach of Besaid save your game, use your 
sphere levels and prepare to board the S.S.Likki.

Part eight-Destruction of Kilika.

Once you see the ship get on it and everyone will be crying saying goodbye to 
Yuna.Your next destination is Kilika.You will see Tidus goofing around and will 
take the binoculures from some guy and Whoa!Big boobs!Next go talk to Wakka, he 
will say some stuff.Than go to the crowd where Yuna is, and you will hear some guys 
talking about Yuna's dad.Go back and talk to Wakka and you will ask him if Yuna's 
dad is famous.Wakka will say yes and something else than Lulu will tell him he is 
lacking in the imagination department.Talk to Wakka again and he will say that Yuna 
wants to talk to him.And the big crowd around Yuna will go off minding their 
business.Now go talk to Yuna.Tidus will find out that his dad, Jecht, came to Spira 
and guarded Braska, Yuna's father, just as Tidus is.After a laugh, something in the 
water will splash and a gigantic fin will come out.Sin!!Yuna is nearly thrown off, 
but is saved by Kimarhi.Than two men decide they want to stick a harpoon from the 
boat into Sin, to save Kilika!After doing so, Tidus, Yuna, and the group must hurry 
up and stop Sin before they reach Kilika, and before the boat gets dragged under 
the sea!With water splashing everywhere, its about to be a watery showdown!
Sin       Sin Scales
Hp:2000   Hp:200
What makes this battle so difficult is that when Sin shots his scals at the boat, 
every time you kill three of them, he replaces three of them.So the real target is 
Sins fin.But you can only attack it with Lulu's magic and Wakka's blitzball, and 
Yuna's aeon.First summon Valfore, this is why I told you to get him a special.Now 
if you got his second overdrive, this battle shouldnt be tough.Use Energy Blast or 
Energy Ray, Blast doing 1500, and Energy Ray doing 1100.Soon the Sin Scales will 
over power Valfore and he will Die.Next use cheer with Tidus and replace Kimarhi 
with Wakka.Attack with Wakka's blitzball, or the Delay attack to slow down Sin.If 
one of the Sin Scales wings start to flicker, kill it quick.Because it does great 
damage.Heal when needed and bring out Lulu to do Fire, for some good damage, or 
Thunder.After a while you'll kill it, and get a great reward of 12 Ap!This battle 
is slightly more difficult than the others, so if you have a hard time, level up a 
After you've beaten Sin, it will show everybody on the ship safe and sound, except 
Tidus.He fell off when the ship was being dragged underwater.Knowing this Wakka 
will dive into the water and find Tidus, being attacked by Sin Scales.After dealing 
with them Wakka throws a phoniex down on Tidus and a thumbs up.But soon the water 
starts to shake again, and another Sinspawn appears.
Sinspawn Echilles
This battle is hard.Especially if you dont use Wakka.Start off by casting Cheer 
with Tidus, to improve your strength and defense for Tidus and Wakka, than use 
Wakka's Dark Attack to blind the Sinspawn.Now start hacking away his Hp, but watch 
out for his Blinder attack, which does great damage.Heal when low on Hp and every 
once in a while attack the Sin Scales to get them off your ass and stop attacking 
you.Make sure you heal before he uses Blinder or you might die, keep using Dark 
Attack with Wakka, to prevent Echilles's Drain Attack.After you defeat it, you will 
recieve 12 Ap, potions, and phoniex downs!
After you've beat the boss, and your back on the ship safe and sound, a cutscene 
should appear, showing Sin attacking Kilika.And with Kilika only being made of wood 
as it is, it has no chance, and many people die...

Part nine-Infrit, the aeon of fire.

Once in Kilika, Yuna will ask to perform the sending, where all the souls are sent 
to the farplane so they do not become fiends.After the sending, you will all go to 
sleep.When you awake, a memeber of the Besaid Aurochs team will tell you that Wakka 
needs to see you.Go right, and follow the path straight and you should see Wakka 
and his team help repairing parts of Kilika.He will tell you that we are going to 
the temple so that Yuna can get her aeon, and Wakka can pray for victory.Now go 
back the way you came but make a left where you chose to go straight, and there 
should be a old women selling weapons.Buy whatever you need and go back to where 
you turned and go back straight towards the inn.Go straight past the inn, and turn 
right down the long wooded path to the Kilika forest.There save your game.You can 
either go left and get a chest, than head forward from there to get another chest, 
and then return to the save point and either go right than straight, to avoid 
fighting a boss, or go straight and fight the boss.I fought the boss, who is really 
hard.If you chose to do so make your way straight, and be prepared for the hardest 
fight yet!
Lord Ochu
Ok, this battle is the hardest battle yet.Use Cheer with Tidus, and Delay Attack 
with Wakka, than have Lulu cast fire spells.Keep attacking with Tidus and Wakka and 
using fire with Lulu, if anyone gets poisned use an antidot on them,heal when 
needed.And watch out for Earthquack, heal after he does that.After Lord Ochu only 
has about 2500 Hp left bring out Yuna and summon Valfore.Keep Using Fire with 
Valfore, until Lord Ochu attacks him enough to give him an overdrive.Keep using 
fire on him, and he should fall asleep.When he does he cures 300-800 every time its 
his turn.As soon as he does it, do  a Physical attack with Valfore, than use his 
overdrive, Energy Blast.Since Lord Ochu got to heal at least 1-2 turns he should 
have about 1500 Hp left.Than he will most likely defeat Valfore.Use Delay Attack 
again with Wakka, and keep attacking with Tidus and using Fire with Lulu.Heal when 
needed with Wakka.Than after Lord Ochu has about 500 Hp left he will fall asleep 
again and heal 500.Quickly attack with Tidus, than with Wakka.Have Lulu cast fire 
again.And attack with Tidus once more to finish off Lord Ochu.
Now that you've defeated Lord Ochu make your next right.Talk to the girl who will 
give you a high potion.Now make a left and follow the road until you get to the 
stairs.Now go up a there should be the Besaid Aurochs asking to race.After Yuna 
cheating make your way up the stairs.And save the game.Than a terrified Blitzball 
player will come running down the steps.Wakka will call "Sinspawn"!And everyone 
will race up the stairs.And another battle will begine.
Sinspawn Geneax     Tentacales
Hp:3000             Hp:450
Start of by attacking the tentacales.Have Tidus and Wakka finish off one, and Lulu 
cast fire to finish off the other.Now use cheer with Tidus and replace Wakka with 
Yuna.Use Esuna if anyone is poisined or cure if anyone is damaged.Have Lulu cast 
fire on Geneaux.Next time its Yuna's turn summon Valfore.Use fire 
constantly.Geneaux should keep attacking everyturn and get Valfore a special, keep 
it until it transforms and its defense goes down.Now use Energy Blast than dismiss 
Valfore and attack with Tidus.Use fire with Lulu, and switch back Yuna with 
Wakka.Now use Wakka's silence attack to prevent magic Water with Geneaux.Keep 
attacking with Wakka and Tidus, than use Fire with Lulu to finish off Geneaux and 
get a awesome reward.And 53 Ap!!
Once you've taken care of the Sinspawn head up the stairs.You should run into the 
undefeated blitzball team, the Luca Goers.And its not pleasnt.Head into the temple 
and pray with Wakka to help you win in the blitzball tournament.You should run into 
Dona and her gurdian Barthello, and thats not pleasnt either.After your done head 
into the cloister of trials.You will not be allowed to enter because your not a 
gurdian, at least not yet.Once they leave, Dona and Barthello come and push you in 
the elavator that leads to the cloister of trials.So now your stuck.You have to do 
it.Alright once you've entered the trials take the fire sphere and place it in the 
hole by the door.The door should catch on fire, than take it out and the fire will 
be gone.Head through the door and place the fire sphere on the door in the very 
front of this room.It should burn a glyph on the wall.Put the sphere in a holder 
and go touch the Glyph.The door should move up.Take the Glyph spere in the statue 
and place it along the right wall in the NEXT room.After taking out the fire 
sphere.That should stop the fire from burning down the stairs and show you the 
destruction sphere.Now you see where the little sparkling glyph thing is on the 
floor?Go back to the statue in the previous room and insert a fire sphere in 
it.Than push it Right through the door into the final room.Push it up than right, 
and line it up with the sparkling glyph on the floor.Push it forward onto the glyph 
and it should sink into the ground and create another sphere holder.Take the 
destruction sphere and place it in the holder to blast open a wall and reveal a 
treasure chest.Open it to reveal an armlet for Kimarhi.Than go back and get one of 
the fire spheres and take it to the last door.Place it in the hole by the door and 
it should catch on fire, than take it out and the fire will be gone.Proceed through 
the door to the chamber of faith.Once there everyone will be mad at you for coming 
until you explain why you did it.Talk to Wakka, than Lulu, than try to talk to 
Kimarhi.Than start to leave and Yuna will come out.You will obtain another aeon, 
Infrite the fire aeon, engulfed in eternal flame.After you've named him exit the 
temple and go back through the forest the way you came.Once back in Kilika, go to 
the ship and Wakka will ask if you want to leave yet.Say yes.

Part ten-Luca.

Once your on the ship heading to Luca you will be in the cargo room.Leave through 
the door on Tidus's right, and you should run into O'aka.After you've said to him 
what needed to be said, buy whatever you need and go up the stairs.There you will 
see Yuna.Go over and talk to her and there should be the Luca Goers and they will 
say that you are not going to win the cup in blitzball this year.After they leave 
go talk to Yuna.After telling you that she believes your Zanarkand exists go right 
up the stairs and you will hear Lulu and Wakka talking.They will say how Yuna wants 
you to become her gurdian and that they might just leave you in Luca!After going 
back up the stairs several times go to the front of the ship.You will see a 
blitzball.Walk up to it, this is where you will get a chance to get the Jecht 
Shot.A really good move for Tidus in blitzball.All you have to do is click X and 
the directional button in which the words are.If you nail them just right you will 
get the Jecht Shot.But you only have one try.If you get it Wakka will be all 
like "Who, do that again!"But if you lose it will just be you and Yuna talking.That 
also happens even if you get the Jecht Shot.After that go to bed and when you wake 
up you will be in Luca.Time to blitz.

Part eleven-Abduction...

After you get off board the ship, you will see that the Aurochs dont have much of a 
reputation in Spira.That all changes now!After Tidus announces his victory before 
the game has even begun, you will see people running around because the "maester" 
of Spira has come to the blitzball tournament and has arrived at the docks!Head 
down to dock 5 by following the red arrow on your map.When you get there you will 
meet the new ,maester of Yeaven...Seymour.Think he's cool?Dont be a loser, he's a 
nemisis to you throughout the whole game.But...he has a mad obssession for Yuna.But 
lets not talk about that...yet.After the little scene of Wakka slapping some 
manners into Tidus, you'll be in the locker room.Wakka's stiff.After loosining him 
up a bit, Yuna will bust in saying somebody saw Auron in the cafe'.Promising he 
will be back by the start of the game, Tidus rushes off with Yuna and 
Kimarhi.Follow the arrow.Man, Yuna sure is popular aint she?Its ok, if you get lost 
just whistle.Once you reach the cafe' Auron is nowhere to be found.So much for 
that.It brung no ggod.But it did bring some bad.Kimarhi and his brothers are 
gettting into a fight.But while you are indignitatly looking on, Yuna is nowhere to 
be found.Leave the cafe' with Kimarhi to meet Lulu.Seems that the Al Bhed have 
abducted Yuna, and will only give her back if the Aurochs lose the game.Bullshit!
Its time to get hardcore and take her back anyways.Wakka has control of the game, 
now its your part to ghet her back safely in your arms.Head to the #4 dock by 
following the red arrow.Seems like the Al Bhed has expected you.Now you'll engage 
battle with these little machines.Lulu explains what they are, now its time to take 
them out.Lulu's thunder magic proves usful.Attack with that, and have Tidus and 
Wakka attack the other one.So you finish em both off at the same time!

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