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Table of Contents

Table of Contents…………………………………………………..1
Controls…………………………………………………………….1, 2
Most recommended secrets…………………………………………8, 9


	The story starts where Jak is being sentenced to live in a desert called 
the Wasteland. Daxter and Ashelin try to back him up but their attempt fails and 
Daxter ends up going with Jak. Jak is walking in the desert where there is a 
flashback to when some surviving metal heads destroy the Palace. The KG think that 
he lead the attack so that is why he is in the desert. A king called Damas finds 
him and that is where the game starts.


Move – left analog stick or control pad
Jump – X
Spin – O
Shoot Weapon – R1
Hover board (once acquired) – R2

Dark Jak – L2
	Dark Strike – L1

	Dark Invisibility – Triangle
	Dark Bomb – Jump + Square
	Dark Strike – L1 + Square

Light Jak
	Light Regeneration – L2 + Triangle
	Light Shield – L2 + O
	Light Freeze – L2 + Square
	Light Flight – L2 + X
Guns – Directional Pad


Red Ammo – Scatter Gun, Wave Concussor, Plasmite RPG
Yellow Ammo – Blaster, Beam Reflector, Gyro Burster
Blue Ammo – Vulcan Fury, Arc Wielder, Needle Lazer
Purple Ammo – Peace Maker, Mass Inverter, Super Nova


Act 1

Mission 1
	This is a training mission for all the jumps and attacks. Just follow the 
holograms using all the moves it tells you to.

Mission 2
	Shoot all 20 of the warriors with your newly acquired scatter gun to earn 
your first battle amulet. When the yellow lava starts to bubble out of the floor 
jump onto the boxes to keep from being burned at the stake.

Mission 3
	Catch all the kanga-rats on the leaper lizard to earn the right to drive a 

Mission 4
	Beat the Dark Precursor game by using X, O, Square, and Triangle to get 
your first dark eco crystal.

Mission 5
	Learn how to drive a vehicle in the wasteland.

Mission 6
	Race against Kleiver in the wasteland.

Mission 7
	Find artifacts in the wasteland but be careful for maurders and use your 
time wisely to earn armor which increases your health points.

Mission 8
	That monk you met earlier in the game wagers a light eco crystal for your 
dark one in a leaper lizard race against her monk friends. Watch your back and 
don’t run into the monk’ leapers unless you want to get behind.

Mission 9
	Journey through the wasteland hunting huge metal heads for a dark eco 
crystal and a familiar enemy.

Mission 10
	If you recall mission 2 mission 10 is pretty much the same thing except now 
your going for your 2nd war amulet and another weapon mod

Mission 11
	Another mission in the wasteland but this time your herding baby leapers. 
Once you complete this mission you get to drive the Dune Hopper.

Mission 12
	Race against a sand storm to rescue fellow wastelanders.

Mission 13
	Qualify for the best gunner in Spargus to earn a second light eco crystal.

Mission 14
	Jak heads for his third and final arena match but meets an old friend and 
defiles the arena.

Mission 15
	Jak and Sig are given one more chance to live but it won’t be easy, they 
must venture into the heart of the metal head nest and take out all metal head eggs.

Mission 16
	Climb to the top of the monk temple to find a hang glider.

Mission 17
	Control the glider to fly to the top of the volcano by flying through the 
rings to gain more air.

Mission 18
	Search through the volcano to find another one of those dark eco satellites 
and a new Dark Jak power.

Mission 19
	An adventure through the monk temple is all it takes to earn the right to 
balance out your dark eco powers with new light eco powers

Mission 20
	In the wasteland there is a place called the Oasis where you find an old 
friend Ashelin who pleas for you to come back to Haven City, but the reunion is 
interrupted by a gang of maurders who try to kill you and Ashelin. After you defend 
her, Ashelin gives you the hover board.

Mission 21
	Use your hover board to complete the monk temple challenges and open up the 
way to the catacombs.

Mission 22
	Journey through the catacombs controlling the rail car to make your way 
back to Haven City.

Mission 23
	Navigate through the eco mine activating switches by herding wild animals 
onto the circular tracks to activate the elevators.

Mission 24
	Escort the bomb train by hitting the targets to lower the tracks to allow a 
safe passage for the bomb train.

Mission 25
Boss: Precursor Robot

First he brings out a light saber looking thing. You must jump over the rays it 
sends twice. Next he uses it to sweep the platform that you are standing on, again 
you must jump over it. Now it shoots out dark eco creatures that break into littler 
creatures until they are nothing, I recommend using the Beam Reflector to bounce of 
the creatures. After that he uses a laser to make pillars by raising the land. Wait 
until the pillars cool then use them to get to the tallest of the pillars. Above 
the robot are a few of those bomb trains that you have to shoot onto the robots 
head. Repeat the steps and he will bring out two light sabers instead of one now 
all you have to do is jump over both of them instead of one, shoot the monsters, 
jump across the pillars, and shoot down the last bomb train. After you destroy the 
robot you get a gun mod for your troubles.

Act 2

Mission 26
	Now that you’re under Haven City you have to get to the Port. Find your way 
through the sewers to meet up with Samus in Haven.

Mission 27
	Torn is excited when you arrive, he sends you out on a death mission to 
destroy the new Blast Bots. Just use your guns to blast them but when they bend 
down it signals defeat but not without a final attack, they will blow up and 
destroy anything within a few feet.

Mission 28
	This mission is extremely fun (you use Daxter). Drive the missile through 
the port collecting the charges as you go. Once the missile is fully charged head 
to the barrier and blow it up.

Mission 29
	Do you remember those classic gun courses? Well there back. Head to the gun 
course arena and complete the beam reflector course to earn the Gyro Blaster.

Mission 30
	In this mission you must destroy sniper cannons by pressing all the red 
buttons close to the cannons so that they turn green then destroying the thing that 
pops up.

Mission 31
	Explore the sewers till you find the metal head part of the city.

Mission 32
	Destroy the Dark Eco Tanks in the metal head part of the city by using the 
hover board to grind on the vines.

Mission 33
	Head to the metal head part of the city where you’ll find the entrance to 
Haven Forest. Get the green eco while on the hover board then run over all the dark 
eco plants.

Mission 34
	Drive out to find a new friend, Jinx. Escort him to each of the eco boxes 
and protect him while he blows it up.

Mission 35
	Find the eco vehicle and drive it to the port eluding the missiles that 
follow you. When you get to the port drive close to the targets and shoot them one 
at a time with your blaster. Then drive right next to the open target to distract 
the missiles. When there is only one left head toward the Naughty Ottsel.
Mission 36
	Fight against metal heads and kg forces to protect the port.

Mission 37
	Another gun course but this time you use the wave concussor.

Mission 38
	Use a remote controlled blast bot to destroy the final barrier keeping you 
from getting to Torn’s main head quarters.

Mission 39
	The HQ is under attack from the KG forces and you are chosen to protect it.

Mission 40
	You must get into the power room to unlock the floating war factory but to 
get in there you must first unlock it by flipping a switch in the sewers. Navigate 
through the sewers to find the switch.

Mission 41
	This is a retro-mission kind of like the original Packman only in this 
mission you can’t be eaten by the bird thing (nasty) and you have to kill the thing 
that puts the dots back.

Mission 42
	Get in to the maurders stronghold and kill 60 of them then chase down and 
destroy four of there vehicles.

Mission 43
	This mission is pretty much the same thing as mission 7 except this time 
there are more artifacts and less time.

Mission 44
	Deep in the metal head nest there are 5 nasty metal-pedes that you have to 

Mission 45
	More gigantic metal heads for you to destroy but this time Sig is driving 
and you’re on the gun.

Mission 46
	Maurders are attacking Spargus’ front gate and you have to choose a vehicle 
and take them out.

Mission 47
	In Haven Forest there are statues that you have to hit then follow there 
hologram to go through the rings.

Mission 48
	Use the warship to shoot at the lantern things around the war factory.

Mission 49
	Explore the war factory and have some fun in the car.

Mission 50
Boss: Cyber-Errol

First he shoots at you with a grenade launcher, run around but watch the green 
light at your feet, when it turns red run away from that spot. After a few grenades 
KG robots come after you so just shoot at them but note what color lights Errol is 
above. After that timed mines will appear so hit them with your spin move under the 
color Errol is above. Repeat this a few times to get through act 2.

Act 3

Mission 51
	Errol is ticked off so he attacks the monk temple. Go to the monk temple 
and find the Oracle where you get your final light Jak power, light flight. Use 
your new power to fly from pillar to pillar till you get to Seem.

Mission 52
	You’re the best gunner so you must protect Spargus from the Dark Precursor 
attack. Go to the gun turret and fire at the targets all over the creatures’ bodies 
to destroy them.

Mission 53
		Head to the metal head part of the city where you’ll find the 
entrance to Haven Forest. Kill the dark eco creatures in the gun turrets and shoot 
at the dark eco plants until they are all dead.

Mission 54
	The astro-viewer linked you into the Dark Ship so that you can take out the 
shield. Use the Dark Robot to navigate through the ship using all the controls to 
destroy the shield.

Mission 55
	Use the Hellcat to lead Torn and Jinx safely to the metal head part of the 
city so that they can blow up the metal head tower so you can get inside.

Mission 56
	Venture through the tower using the beam reflector to kill the blob monster 
things to find Errol and destroy the tower.

Mission 57
	Go through the palace ruins killing all the metal heads till you come face 
to face with a few of those satellite.

Mission 58
	Use your vehicle to break through the ruins running into all the power 
generators till Jak’s father’s death.

Mission 59
	Drive through the catacombs on one of those car things till you reach the 
precursor core.

Mission 60
	Go through the dark ship as Jak this time until you confront Errol and the 
Dark Makers. When the ship is being pulled apart it is easier to use your hover 
board than to run on your feet.

Mission 61
Boss: Dark Precursor Technology (and Errol)

Drive the sand shark shooting at all the purple things on the spider things legs, 
but when you reach the sea it isn’t over, hit a hard turn left to get past the sea 
and on the other side continue shooting at the purple things until it falls. Jump 
onto the top platform to confront Errol for one final time. Shoot at the tentacles 
lifting up out of the floor, shooting at all the creatures while you’re at it. Once 
that done, Errol turns around so you can see the spot on the back of his head, 
shoot at it with any gun you’ve got that actually shoots (I recommend using the 
beam reflector). Do this a few more times to save the world one more time.

Most Recommended Secrets

(1)	Unlimited Ammo
(2)	Unlimited Light Jak
(3)	Unlimited Dark Jak
(4)	Weapon Upgrades
(5)	Vehicle Upgrades
(6)	Expert Options
(7)	Cheats (except invulnerability)
(8)	Art Gallery
(9)	Invulnerability

I recommend not buying invulnerability because I asked myself what’s the point of 
playing the game if you can’t die and besides if you buy unlimited light Jak you’re 
pretty much already invulnerable.

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