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  |-=- contents -=-|
     01 -- Getting New Limit Breaks
     02 -- Limit Break Appendix

  |-=- 01 -- Getting New Limit Breaks -=-|
     First off, many people don't know how to get Limit Breaks; for most people
  they just occur throughout the game as a cool little bonus.  But it doesn't
  just happen randomly.  Well you have some nerve buster.  In a set, this is
  how you earn them.  The level doesn't matter.

  First Limit Break:  Kill 80 enemies.  Only the one giving the final kill 
                      will get the credit.
  Second Limit Break: Use the First Limit Break 8 times.

  So basically, if you are going to get the Level 3, second Limit Break, you
  would simply use your Level 3, first Limit Break eight times.  It has been
  rumored that some characters (namely Vincent) don't need to go all the way to
  eighty enemies or eight times using the first Limit; it really doesn't 
  matter, aim high.

  There is another matter.  EXTREME Limit Breaks, or ELBs.  You get an ELB for
  some reason or another, but you must find it.  Your ELB is Level 4, and you
  only get one, unlike the two you get at each other level.  There are some
  characters who's ELB is lower than Level 4; either way, their ELB is still
  the best Limit Break they'll ever get.

  Cloud's ELB:        You're going to have to become a master at the Gold
  Omnislash           Saucer games for this Extreme Limit Break.  You can buy
                      this limit at any time, but it get's cheaper after Aeris
                      dies.  Buy it on Disc 1 for 64000 Battle Points; Disc 2
                      sells it for 32000 Battle Points.  Either way, get this
                      limit break as soon as you can.  It's so badass.

  Barret's ELB:       After you save North Corel (Barret's home town) from the
  Catastrophe         speeding train, visit a lady inside one of the homes.
                      She'll give you Catastrophe.  Be careful: If you didn't
                      save the town from the train, you won't get this limit.

  Tifa's ELB:         During Disc 2, Cloud will become all whoozy.  Tifa will
  Final Heaven        stay with you in Mideel.  After all is well and done,
                      return to Nibelheim, your home town.  Head to Tifa's
                      house and get ready to play on the piano.  Play this
                      ×, , ^, R1 + ^, R1 + , ×, , ^, R1 AND ×, o, ×, , ^.
                      Be ready to learn some stuff about Tifa and get her

  Aeris's ELB:        You'll need to first drive into Costa Del Sol, while on
  Great Gospel        your car.  Get on the boat, return to Junon, and drive
                      around until you find some streams the car can cross.
                      You'll see a cave.  Enter it to find a guy sleeping.
                      He'll be sleeping on any disc, so you can do this at any
                      time (hell, it's easier when you got the Highwind).  Talk
                      to the guy and he'll do something, one of a few things.
                      You'll need to get him to give you some Mythril.  To do
                      that, make sure you've run away from 11, 22, 33, 44, 55,
                      66, etc battles (the same numbered number.. heh).  If 
                      that fails just go see him every now and then, maybe
                      you will get lucky.  Whatever, you get the Mythril and 
                      head to the area of Gongaga.  There is a house that
                      overlooks the ocean, home of a blacksmith.  He'll want
                      your Mythril.  Hand it over, and choose the small box.
                      Don't bother with the large box, it's nothing good.  Just
                      take your small box (upstairs, far left) and be happy.
                      The truth is, getting this is hardly worth it.. she dies

  Red XIII's ELB:     This can be done on any disc.  Go to Nibelheim, Cloud's
  Cosmo Memory        home town.  Enter the mansion and head to the safe.  You
                      can either find the clues yourself, or use the safe combo
                      I provided: Right 36, Left 10, Right 59, Right 97.
                      You have limited time, but it's not hard.  You'll open
                      the safe and fight a battle.  Your rewards are numerous,
                      but for this guide the big reward is the new Limit Break!

  Cid's ELB:          Down in the depths of the ocean, Cid's break is hidden.
  Highwind            You'll need to get to the Shinra plane in the corner of
                      the ocean.  In one of the room you'll find the Limit
                      Break--and lots of other goodies.

  Yuffie's ELB:       After getting Yuffie and dealing with her (you know the
  All Creation        deal about the stolen materia), put her in your team.  Go
                      to the tower, and win all the battles.  They all have
                      like 5000HP (on the high end), which isn't hard at all
                      if you're on Disc 2.  This can be done on any Disc.  Once
                      you win the battles, you'll get the ELB and materia.

  Vincent's ELB:      Go to Lucrecia's cave in Disc 2 with Vincet on your team.
  Chaos               Then go back on Disc 3.  You'll have two prizes, one of
                      them the ELB.

  |-=- 02 -- Limit Break Appendix -=-|
     A complete listing of every Limit Break in the game.  Whoa.  In general,
  the attacks get stronger and better as they progress.

Cloud's Limit Breaks
Braver          - Slash one enemy.
Cross Slash     - Slash one enemy; possible paralysis.

Blade Beam      - Hit one enemy powerfully; hits others less powerfully.
Climhazard      - Upward slash one enemy.

Meteorain       - Crushes all enemies.
Finishing Touch - Blows away all enemies; much weaker than Meteorain.

Omnislash       - Kills human Sephiroth in one hit; very powerful.

Barret's Limit Breaks
Heavy Shot      - Shoot one enemy.
Mind Blow       - Shoot one enemy (weaker than Heavy Shot); enemy MP loses 100

Grenade Bomb    - Hits all enemies.
Hammerblow      - Removes one enemy, not a boss, from the fight.

Satellite Beam  - Hits all enemies.
Ungarmax        - Hits all enemies.

Catastrophe     - Hits all enemies; very powerful.

Tifa's Limit Breaks
Beat Rush       - Hit one enemy.
Somersault      - Hit one enemy.

Waterkick       - Hit one enemy.
Meteordrive     - Hit one enemy.

Dolphin Blow    - Hit one enemy.
Meteor Strike   - Hit one enemy.

Final Heaven    - Hit one enemy; very powerful.

Aeris's Limit Breaks
Healing Wind    - Cure entire party.
Seal Evil       - Prevent enemy fro using MP.

Breath of Earth - Heal entire party from all status.
Fury Brand      - Fills all other party members' Limit Breaks!

Planet Protector- Entire party becomes invulnerable for some time.
Pulse of Life   - Same effect as the use of a Megalixer.

Great Gospel    - Same effect as the use of a Megalixer and ultimate wall!

Red XIII's Limit Breaks
Sled Fang       - Hits one enemy.
Lunatic High    - Basically casts Haste on all party members.

Blood Fang      - Hits one enemy and steals HP/MP.
Stardust Ray    - Hits all enemies; very powerful.

Howling Moon    - Basically casts Haste and Beserk on himself.
Earth Rave      - Hits all enemies.

Cosmo Memory    - Deals 9999 damage to all enemies; use Stardust Ray

Cid's Limit Breaks
Boost Jump      - Hits one enemy.
Dynamite        - Hits all enemies.

Hyper Jump      - Hits all enemies.
Dragon          - Hits one enemy and steals HP/MP.

Dragon Dive     - Hits six times for 9999 damage each time.
Big Brawl       - Hits all enemies.

Highwind        - Hits all enemies; very powerful.

Yuffie's Limit Breaks

G. Lightning    - Hits one enemy.
Clear Tranquil  - Cure entire party.

Landscaper      - Hits all enemies.
Bloodfest       - Hits all enemies.

Guantlet        - Hits all enemies; very powerful.
Doom of Living  - Hits all enemies.

All Creation    - Hits all enemies for 9999 damage; use Gauntlet.

Vincent's Limit Breaks

(All Limit Breaks): Vincent casts Berserk on himself, doubles his max HP, and
                    fully cures himself.

Galian Beast    - Beast Flare   - Damages all enemies.
                - Berserk Dance - Damages all enemies.

Death Gigas     - Livewire      - Damages all enemies.
                - Gigadunk      - Damages all enemies.

Hellmasker      - Splattercombo - Damages one enemy.
                - Nightmare     - All negative effects hit one enemy.

Chaos           - Satan Slam    - Damages all enemies for 7000 damage.
                - Chaos Saber   - Slashes all enemies; very powerful.

Cait Sith's Limit Breaks
Dice            - Each value on the dice rolled deals 100 damage.

Slots           - 3 Stars       - Restores party's HP/MP alot.
                - 3 Crowns      - Damages all opponents.
                - 3 Bars        - Uses a Summon.
                - 3 Mogs        - Cait Sith gets all the battle's experience.
                - 3 Hearts      - Makes all party members 100% accurate.
                - 3 Cait Siths  - Automatic victory (not vesus bosses).
                - 2 Cait Siths
                  1 Bar         - Automatic game over!  WARNING!

  |-=- game over -=-|
     Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed FF7, a really great game.  This 
  guide is a bit late, but that doesn't matter!  Mail me or check out the site
  if you have problems.  I'm not gonna spend a thousand words here, so this is
  the end.  Right now.  After the period.

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