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R E S I D E N T   E V I L   -   C O D E :   V E R O N I C A   X
C O M P L E T E   P S 2   W A L K T H R O U G H   G U I D E ©

B Y   E M M A   N O R T H


1.2		-  	THE STORY
1.5		-	FAQ'S & TIPS

2.1.6		-	EVACUATE!
2.2.3		-	THE HUNTERS
2.2.5		-	FINAL STINT





I've completed this particular game both with and without the help of peoples 
walkthrough guides and found that although it was more exciting and nerve-racking 
without a guide, it took a hell of a long time, was difficult and required much 
going back on myself to find things. I often find this with similar games and 
because of it I prefer to play with the help of some form of guide. However, I'm 
sure I am not alone in believing that many (nearly all, in fact) walkthrough guides 
are either too vague or do not help with certain important aspects of a game (ie; 
finding non-mandatory items such as health or documents for 100% completion). I 
have decided to try to provide gamers with a detailed guide which describes not 
only how to complete the game, but how to complete it comfortably... and with style.

Before scrolling down to crack on with the game guide, I really advise you read the 
introduction. OK, so if you know the story, characters and controls like the palm 
of your hand skip those if you really must but don't miss the FAQ's & Tips section 
if you want a good game. But hey, try to read it all; it's not that much guys!

If you have any suggestions for improvements of this guide, or know of any points 
which I have missed or which are incorrect please do not hesitate to email me at 
[email protected] Similarly if you have the answers to any of the questions 
I may raise in part 4.0, please email me. This is much appreciated.



Code: Veronica X is the next in the Resident Evil saga. It is 1996. Three months 
have passed since the incident in Raccoon City, where a viral outbreak, instigated 
by the international pharmaceutical enterprise Umbrella Corporation, completely 
decimated the entire town. Claire Redfield escaped from the devastation after going 
to the city in search of her lost brother Chris. However, the nightmare was far 
from over. Now Claire has travelled to Europe following leads about Chris and has 
been captured by Umbrella troops. After a drawn out escape attempt, Claire was 
finally captured and sent to an isolated prison island and was intended to stay. 
However, after the island is mysteriously attacked she is released... but only into 
the hellish island surrounding.


Claire Redfield
Familiar faces are always appreciated and this one will be to anyone even remotely 
Resident Evil aware. Back in R.E.2, Claire went to Racoon City in search of her 
brother, Chris. However while she was there she got caught up in a series of eerie 
incidents which resulted from the international Umbrella Corporation's experiments 
into biological and viral weaponry. After meeting the rookie cop Leon S. Kennedy 
there she managed to escape the city alive and three months later set off to 
continue her search of Chris in Europe, following up leads about him being there. 
However, after infiltrating an Umbrella facility she is soon captured and 
transferred to the corporation's prison on an isolated island.

Chris Redfield
Claire's brother Chris is one of the few surviving members of the special tactics 
force S.T.A.R.S. He is an expert at handling firearms, talented in his profession 
and tough, with a will of iron and a body of steel. Having served in the Air Force 
he is also well experienced in the air. After surviving and solving the "Mansion 
Incident" he heads to Europe with his team members Jill and Barry in search of 
answers and the truth behind Umbrella.

Steve Burnside
Although Steve is young and often reckless he is a good kid at heart. He carries 
hard feelings towards his family, while keeping his reasons to himself. Along with 
his father, he was captured and held in Umbrella's prison, only to escape during 
the uproar of a raid by an unknown organisation. He joins with Claire to escape the 
nightmare and becomes closer to her than he ever expected...

Albert Wesker 
Wesker is a rich and smart villain in control of the menacing Hunters. He now he 
seeks to find Alexia to acquire a final sample he needs to control the T-Veronica 
Virus, a rival variation of the infamous G-Virus. However when her sample proves 
inaccessible, he’ll find that Steve is a much more docile guinea pig to work with...

Alexia Ashford
Alexia is the insane daughter of Alexander. You won't find out what's so special 
about her until very near the end. Along with her twin brother, she was created to 
in order to succeed the Ashford bloodline and bring it back to its full glory. Due 
to this cloning, she is incredibly intelligent and had designed a new strain of 
tyrant virus at only 8 years old. Her and her brother's genes are so strong that 
the down sides of inbreeding do not apply to them. Thus it was planned by Alfred, 
her own brother, to at some point have children with Alexia to continue the 
superhuman intelligence through the bloodline. Alexia and Alfred turned their own 
father Alexander into the vile monster Nosfaretu, which causes problems for Claire 

Alfred Ashford
During the freezing process which Alexia put herself through, Alfred missed his 
sister so much that he developed a split-personality, causing him severe 
psychological trauma and making him partially insane. He lives his life dedicated 
to his sister, who had no choice but to entrust the running of the family to him 
through her fifteen year freezing. But Claire and Steve are not going to let 
this "cross- dressing freak" bring the world to its knees. Besides, Alexia will not 
be gone forever, and when she returns her plans may be too great for her brother to 
be a part of...

Redrigo Juan Raval
This is the leader of the Paris Umbrella Security Unit. He caught Claire as it was 
his job to (yep, the 'Don't Move' guy you'll have seen if you have already started 
the game), but still believes in justice. Because of this he soon lets Claire go. 
She shows her appreciation to him by saving his life with haemostatic medicine 
(later in the game) and he will even repay her for that favour by saving her life 
and leading her brother to her... all in good time anxious gamers. 


There are 3 types of game controls which can be viewed and selected through the 
Options Menu. The default type is “Type A”, as described below. I advise that you 
use Type A if you are a beginner with C.V.X. as it is simple and straight forward. 
I would only consider adjusting it if you feel comfortable with the game itself and 
want to experiment with setups. For more information on controls and navigating the 
games screens, please refer to your manual.

Basic “Type A” Controls

	START			Start Game
				Display Status Screen

	SELECT			Skip Cut-Scene
				Display Option Screen (during gameplay)

				Highlight Menu Selections

	R3 BUTTON		Display Status Screen

	TRIANGLE		Display / Hide Map Screen

	CIRCLE			Make Character Run
				Cancel Menu Selection

	X			Attack / Action (check item, open door, etc.)
				OK Menu / Selection

	SQUARE			Attack / Action (check item, open door, etc.)
				OK Menu / Selection

	R1			Aim Weapon / On Guard

	L1			Change Targets (with R1 held)

Advanced “Type A” Controls

	R1 & UP		Aim Upwards (flying enemies)

	R1 & DOWN		Aim Down (low/floored enemies)

	BACKWARDS & CIRCLE	Quick 180 Turn


Killing & Ammo
A zombie is only dead when a pool of blood forms around him on the floor. An alive 
zombie is still in the room or area when that creepy music is playing or you hear 
moaning or shuffling, even if all of them are down and appear to not be moving. In 
C.V.X. zombies can fall to the floor and rise up to 3 times before they are dead, 
so be aware. However, it is equally as important to know when they are dead as you 
do not want to be wasting precious ammo shooting down at a corpse. So; be sure 
before you shoot and be sure before you don't. Conserve ammo and know when to kill 
and when to run as Bosses require a lot of force and you don't want to be left 
defenceless. The game revolves around a careful balance of health against ammo. If 
you are particularly low on ammo at a point then take out the Combat Knife again.

Documents for Filing
Many players of R.E. I know do the unthinkable; they skip through the pages of 
documents they find till they reach the exit button without reading anything! More 
people still decide to read the first few they find then give up and don't read the 
rest. If you want to enjoy the game then you MUST read everything you find. 
Documents lying around the game are what slowly build up the storyline. They teach 
you everything you'll learn about why you're doing what you're doing and tell you 
things you would never know about if you just aim to complete the game without 
looking at them. For me, reading a new document is one of the most exciting parts 
of the game. Read them, or you're playing for no answers.

New Items
Similarly, I advise you get into the habit of checking all the new items you 
acquire, whether they're weapons, items or tools. Do so by selecting Check on the 
item's menu, then rotate it around to check it out (this can reveal new things on 
an item) and press X to follow some text screens about it. You never know what you 
might learn. You may even acquire something to push the game forward.

There are four stages to your players health; Fine, Yellow Caution, Orange Caution 
and Danger. Being poisoned will cause your health to decrease steadily until the 
poison is cured. You can see your health on the Status Screen where a little Heart 
Monitor changes colour and pace with your health. You are also slower when you're 
injured and walk with a limp. Health can be found in various forms. First Aid 
Sprays are a strong healer which give complete health; so save them until you 
really need them. Herbs can be consumed individually or combined for increased 
effect. Green herbs alone raise health slightly but can be combined with a red herb 
to give full health. Blue herbs can be used alone to cure poison or combined with 
green and/or red herbs to improve health as well. An important tip I have for 
collecting health is if you find something (herb, spray, etc.) then know when to 
take it and when to leave it for later. This guide will help you and provide advice 
on the best times to collect a health item.

I advise that you only save when you need to or if I say it would be a good idea 
to. This is because the fewer times you save, the better result you will have at 
the end. It also wastes time and can leave you stuck with Ink Ribbons filling up 
your inventory space. Before you save, you should always get everything that’s in 
the room to collect and always use any Item Boxes first so that if you ever have to 
load you don’t need to go around doing the same things over again.

My Guide - Tips
This walkthrough is a "complete" walkthrough which includes those non-mandatory 
visits. What I mean by this is that if there is health available or bullets nearby 
I will lay out how to get there as if it is a part of the game. If something is 
particularly difficult for a non-mandatory item I will explain that it is not 
necessary for the game's completion but otherwise I feel to get the most out of the 
game you have to collect whatever it has to offer; especially if you're going to 
need it.

Before going through any doors the guide tells you to (particularly at the start, 
while you're warming to the game), you may want to pause the game and read on to 
see if any nasties are about to pop up.

If you like you're guides to be tidy and organised, why not copy and paste it into 
a Word Processor while you’re using it and have a bit more control on what it looks 
like. You may also find it easier to keep track of where you are (especially if you 
need to refer to different parts at times).


Note: throughout the guide I may use the following abbreviations:
HG 		-	Hand Gun
HGB 		-	Hand Gun Bullets
SP		-	Save Point
IR		-	Ink Ribbon
IB		-	Item Box
Yellow		-	Yellow Caution
Orange		-	Orange Caution
FAS		-	First Aid Spray
SMG		-	Sub-Machine Guns
BG		-	Bow Gun
BGA		-	Bow Gun Arrows
GL		-	Grenade Launcher
GLS		-	Grenade Launcher Shells
GPA		-	Gun Powder Arrows
AR		-	Assault Rifle


Hardly the most exciting part of the game but I guess you have to start somewhere. 
The game begins with two Umbrella helicopters landing on the Prison Island; 
Rockfort Island. View the cutscenes. You will see how Claire was captured and will 
take control of her at the end of the movies, where she stands in a dark prison 

I recommend that you first read the "Playing Manuel" to learn a few important 
tricks that I didn't mention. If you want, take a moment to familiarise yourself 
with the menu controls, before equipping the Lighter to trigger the next brief 
cutscene. Oh the shock, there's a guy stood outside your cell; you didn't know that 
now did you? Anyway, this fella is Redrigo Juan Raval. He put you here and 
ironically he'll now set you free. He's a good guy though; you'll help each other 
out later. Check out the report and grab the Combat Knife on his desk. Grab the HGB 
over where Redrigo threw his empty haemostatic capsule pot (you can examine this if 
you want) and leave through the door when you're done.

Cellar Entrance - SP
An Ink Ribbon (IR) is always needed to save and can very often be found next to a 
typewriter, where you save your game. I recommend saving here, primarily to create 
your save slot and make sure you have one. However, first grab the HGB on the floor 
next to the desk so you save with 30 bullets. Now follow the hallway and go up the 

Equip the knife and run around the corner. Suddenly the vehicle you ran past 
explodes and our first zombie appears. The cutscene shows a few more guys come out 
of the graves around you and typically, the cutscene doesn't end until they're all 
practically on you from all angles. I found them easiest to beat by running round 
the passage and through the gateway (some may get you a couple of times on the way 
even though it isn't far) and then turning around in the gateway and waiting for 
them to come to you. This works best as they come on their own more than all at 
once and they're easier to deal with this way. So, in the gateway, turn to face 
where you've just ran from and wait (or creep very slowly till you see them). Then 
get on guard and slash repeatedly. You may take a couple more bites here but 
hopefully you'll come out of it all either Fine or Yellow. With the knife these 
guys will take between 5 & 10 swings a piece to kill and don't forget you can aim 
down to get them while they're alive at your feet. Once you're down, leave through 
the gate behind you.

Main Yard
Walk forward for a cutscene where we meet a rather annoying Steve Burnside. After 
the encounter, Claire receives the M93R Hand Gun (HG). Thank God, I know. Follow 
through the door Steve just went through.

Prisoner Courtyard
Go forward, up the little steps and run down to the end where a green herb waits. 
Use it if the graveyard left you Orange, otherwise I'd hold onto it for a couple of 
minutes. Then go through the door you just ran past.

Prisoner's Living Quarters
Get ready to fire to Claire's right at the zombie right beside you. Firing the HG 
frequently enough should cause him to drop before he grabs you and give you enough 
time to turn (180, maybe? See Advanced Controls) to the other two or three zombies 
behind you. Then go up the steps where they were and take the green herb off the 
kitchen table. Down and round the corner to a kitchen there is a Prison Map on the 
wall and there are HGB on a bookshelf in the room. Then go through the door by the 
first Zombie.

Sleeping Quarters
There are some mutilated bodies in their beds here and the "Prisoner's Diary" can 
be found on one of the beds for some reference on the crazy leaders of this 
backwater island. Go down to see the banging is in fact a zombie the other side of 
the window. Take the HGB. This triggers old Bloodthirsty to smash through. Another 
one will crawl along the floor to you and a last will come round the corner behind 
Claire. Take out the Window Smasher first, then 180 to the other standing guy. 
Chances are the crawler will get you anyway, so I'd let him so you can stomp him 
and concentrate on the upright guys. Once they're dead and the music is no more, 
grab the Sub-Machine Guns (SMG) from the Window Smasher. Go round the corner where 
the other upright zombie came from and grab the HGB. Now exit where you entered.

Prisoner's Living Quarters
Just leave out where you came, without wasting ammo on these guys. There’s nothing 
left here and we won't be returning so just leave out the door you came through.

Prisoner Courtyard
Go down the steps and see that something is watching you, creepy huh? Run around 
the corner to see a dead body get dragged under the house. Run around the next 
corner, down the path and through the door at the end.

Guillotine Room
There are three zombies here we need to kill. Don't waste ammo trying to shoot at 
the ones behind the locked fence as you can't shoot through it anyway. Two of the 
three are in front of you, the last is round a corner guarding a door. Once they're 
all done squirming, you might wanna check the shutter door to see that it's not 
working. Don't worry, it will be soon. Go through the door the last zombie was 

Security Station Barrier
There are metal detectors either side of the following corridor. Go to the Security 
box at the detector ahead and place ALL your equipment in (everything you should 
have at the moment is metal), including the lighter. Follow the corridor round and 
go through the next detector. In here, grab the User's Manual to learn about the 3D 
Duplicator. There are BOW Gas Rounds and Flame Rounds in here for a grenade 
launcher but firstly you don't have one and secondly you couldn't get them out of 
here anyway because of the detectors, so leave them or take them and put them in 
the second Security box (if you want to have collected all items). Now go through 
the only door in the room.

Security Station Office - SP
The "Fax to the Security Application Forum" is on the desk ahead; grab it and the 
walk around the corner to trigger a cutscene where Steve warns Claire that her 
brother is under surveillance by Umbrella. When he has ran off in a childish 
tantrum, open the desk drawer to get a Hawk Emblem, and flip the switch by the door 
where Steve was fiddling with the wall. Don't bother trying to use the door as it 
will seem to be blocked from the other side. There are three IR's by the 
typewriter; save if you need to. Leave the way you came in.

Security Station Barrier
In here, approach the 3D Duplicator machine and use it, placing the Hawk Emblem in 
when prompted. It will then be scanned and transmitted onto the duplicator portion. 
Now you need a material for it to duplicate onto; the TG- 01 you should have read 
about. Now you know what you need and hopefully (provided you read and understood 
the document) you'll know that someone wanted access using their vehicle and kept 
the TG-01 sample in a briefcase... hmm the burning car maybe? Now exit through the 
metal detectors (grabbing your weapons at the other end). Leave through the door at 
the end. 

Guillotine Room
Go to the shutter switch which was broken earlier and push it. The shutter opens 
and reveals two zombies, and on top of this the two zombies inside the Guillotine 
Cage get through the gate. With the handgun, blast the Radioactive Barrel in the 
shutter room to explode the first two (although they may not be dead). Turn to the 
others and finish them off and ensure that the two in the shutter room are dead. 
Then go to the storage behind the shutter and grab the Fire Extinguisher. Now, go 
through the gate which the zombies broke through and enter the Guillotine Cage. 
Check out the Guillotine Stand and grab the Padlock Key before examining the 
indentation on the door behind it. This door requires an Indigo Blue Plate. Now 
head back to the Prisoner's Courtyard where you came from to start with.

Prisoners Courtyard
Run around the building to encounter two Cerberus (zombie dogs). Deal with them by 
stepping back and shooting down with your SMG until their last shriek. Then 
continue round to the front of the building. Use the padlock key on the little gate 
around the corner of the building, this provides a useful shortcut. Discard the 
padlock key and go through the door back into the Main Yard.

Main Yard
Now head back to the graveyard. You can kill the guys guarding the door or run 
straight past them if you are low on ammo or health.

I recommend knifing the four guys here as they are spaced apart and won't trouble 
you all at once. Make your way carefully round to the truck and use the Fire 
Extinguisher to put out the fire. Take the Briefcase and examine it. Rotate it 
until you can see the little button to open it and push it. You now have the TG-01. 
Read the "Report on the Special Alloy TG-01" to learn about it's immunity to metal 
detectors. Now leave the graveyard to go back to the Main Yard.

Main Yard
Go back to the Prisoner's Courtyard.

Prisoner's Courtyard
Go through the padlock gate and back to the Guillotine Room.

Guillotine Room
Go back to the Security Station.

Security Station Barrier
I'm sure you're used to this by now. Place all your items in except the TG-01 
(everything else you should have is metallic) to the 3D D. The alloy doesn't set 
off the detector, so head straight through the corridor and go back to the 3D 
Duplicator. Put the metal on the Duplicator Portion of this machine and it will 
create a Replica of the Hawk Emblem. We now want to take the Sp. Alloy Emblem back 
to the other side, but as you go to leave you hear a smash of glass. Yep, you 
guessed it; those guys at the window have all got through and you have no weapons. 
Just dodge them as best you can and grab your weapons at the other side. I'd leave 
the zombies now and just leave through the door.

Guillotine Room
Head back to the Prisoner's Courtyard.

Prisoner's Courtyard
There's a new fire here past a broken wall opposite the door to the house. Check it 
out if you want to and then head back to the Main Yard.

Main Yard
Either avoid or kill these guys if you haven't already but always stay aware of 
your ammo. To your right, there is a big gate with a slot in which looks remarkably 
like it could house an Emblem of some sort. Place the Sp. Alloy Emblem into the 
slot here and they will unlock. Go through to leave the Prison Complex.

Great Bridge
You can't use this bridge because the army jeep is in the way so take the side path 
on the left and run all the way to the other side. There are two green herbs here. 
I suggest taking one and either keeping it if you don't need it  at the moment or 
using it. Leave the other one as we may need it around here later, unless you 
really need it. Run back along the bridge itself to the jeep from this side and 
take the HGB. Now push the crate just on the bridge towards the other two until it 
can go no further in that direction. Then push it from the side until it is over 
the fire. Climb on it and follow the grey crates to the top one and then come down 
over the other side. Go up the metal stairs ahead and then up the next set to leave 
the room.

Entrance Area
This place leads to the Prison Complex, the Ashford Palace, and the Military 
Training Facility all at once so we will be here a lot. There are two zombies to 
kill at the top of the stairs and another two part way down the dark path. Now go 
up the steps at the end of the path and through the gate.

This House is crazy with an insane owner and zombies packed tighter than most 
mansions in previous games. I advise you go to all lengths to learn all the secrets 
of the House, and Ashford himself...

There are three Cerberus dogs around the area which need to be finished. There is a 
Navy Proof shining by the crushed gate so go and grab it. Go in the palace through 
the huge double doors, leaving the green herb by the steps (it’ll be more useful 

Reception Hall
Go down the steps to trigger a brief cutscene showing a painting of Alfred Ashford; 
their little 'welcome to the Palace' I guess. The door at the back of the room is 
electronically locked. Grab the HGB on the main desk and examine the computer. It 
shows that you need a pass code to unlock the door. Go through the door on the left 

There are four bats in here which could be a real bitch unless you finish them off 
but they only require one shot a piece. Grab the briefcase even though you can't 
open it now (you'll get a lockpick later from our friend Rodrigo). There is a First 
Aid Spray (FAS) in here as well. Now exit.

Reception Hall
Up the main stairs we go. To the left is door that is locked and requires the 
Silver Key to access. So for now go up the stairs to your right and into the save 

Palace Save Room - SP
And at last you can save your game. First though, grab the HGB from the back 
sideboard and use the Item Box (IB) to store any unneeded items. I recommend you 
place the empty fire extinguisher, the briefcase, the Navy Proof and the SMG in 
here. You will want to save your SMG as there is no ammo for it in the game and it 
will be much more needed later. You may want to store your knife in here as well if 
you are confident you have a good aim and some ammo. I don’t tend to use the knife 
from this point on but you may want to. Now go to the door around the corner in 
this room with the indentation. It seems you need a pair of Gold Lugers to get 
through here. There is a green herb on the floor which I recommend you take, you 
can always use it if you need the space later. Now, move the dresser nearby to get 
the Umbrella ID card which you can see shimmering underneath. Examine the back to 
find the pass code "NTC0394", remember it or jot it down. Read the "Secretary's 
Note" for some reference on Alfred and his sister Alexia. Grab the IR and save, 
place the IR in the IB and go back to the reception hall.

Reception Hall
Go down the stairs and to the computer. Input the pass code (ensuring the ‘0’ is a 
zero not and ‘o’) and you'll unlock the door. Go to the door and enter the back 

Back Hallway
If you have around 20 bullets then kill the 3 guys in here, otherwise quickly grab 
the bullets next to the vase before finishing them. You should still have that herb 
if they get you. The door across from the one you entered from is locked with 
another Silver Key lock. Go down the corridor and you’ll see a red herb to your 
right by the seat; leave it where it is for now. Kill the zombie hiding round the 
corner. The door he is standing by is locked with a Gold Key lock. Ignore this and 
go through the single door at the end of the corridor.

Alfred's Lounge
First of all, grab the HGB off the table. Examine the Fighter Plane and Submarine 
in wall alcoves in here, and see the combat knifes, magnums and handguns as well. 
Lastly, examine the ant to see a recording of Alfred and his sister Alexia feeding 
a dragonfly to a troupe of ants. After watching this rather twisted recording, you 
will have triggered the unlocking of a room behind. Inside there is a steering 
wheel on the floor which you should collect. The Gold Lugers we need are displayed 
on the wall in here. However, this is a trap and taking them results in you being 
locked in and gassed, which damages your health and only stops when you replace the 
guns. However you do need to do all this for the game to continue so take them, 
view the cutscene and put them back quickly. Afterwards, leave the Lounge.

Back Hallway
Head back to the reception hall.

Reception Hall
Go to the main exit and try to leave. When you hear Steve screaming, turn and go 
back to the Back Hallway.

Back Hallway
Run back to the Lounge quickly.

Alfred's Lounge
The computer will show you Steve suffering and a message reads "When two are 
matched, my anger will subside." The two which match of course are the two guns, so 
press the C and E buttons. Steve now has the Gold Lugers and runs off with them and 
we need them so follow him back to Back Hallway.

Back Hallway
Go back to the Reception Hall.

Reception Hall
Here, Alfred starts sniping at Claire. View the cutscene in which Alfred tells us a 
few things about the attack on the Prison Base and how the T-Virus leaked. He 
clearly suspects Claire but never mind, he’s nuts anyway and soon leave us alone 
after his famously nutty laugh.

Palace Save Room - SP
Take out the SMG but be prepared to save most of what is there and save the game if 
you wish, putting the IR back into the IB after. Make sure you have the Steering 
Wheel, then exit.

Reception Hall
Leave through the double doors.

Grab the herb now, you'll need it. Go down the path to the right and down the 
stairs through the open gate.

Submarine Dock
Head underneath the stairs and grab the Palace Map and handgun bullets. Then follow 
the path down. There are some BGA on a barrel there; leave them here for now, we’ll 
collect them later. Now place the steering wheel in the octagonal hollow and turn 
it to reveal a submarine. Go in.

Inside Submarine
Grab the side pack off the table behind you. You can now carry 10 items instead of 
just 8 (funny how you can’t see a backpack at all?!). Go to the control console and 
flip the lever. We have now travelled to the Airport. Climb up the ladder.

Inside the Airport
Yes, it would seem the insane rich guy has his own custom airport. Zombies here are 
hungrier then ever.

Underwater Hallway
Go down both sets of stairs and through the door at the far end.

Air Traffic Control Office
Kill the zombies here; they give you quite a lot of distance so the HG works fine. 
Grab the HGB on the couch. There are some boxes by the Antarctica map, one with an 
IR on; take it. Now go to the shutter and enter.

Under Bridge
Notice the plane hovering just above the water here. This will later be our escape. 
Ignore the squeaky noises; nothing will trouble you here. Just run across to the 
shutter on the other side and enter.

Crate Room
You can't go through the shutter because you need the K-402 key so ignore it and go 
to the lift. Ride this up to the control room. Here, use the controls and steer the 
crane all the way to the top and all the way to the left (note, do not release the 
control as you cannot carry on in the same direction once you stop). It will then 
automatically lift the grey crate, allowing access some hidden controls. Now equip 
the SMG, take the lift down and run over to the controls. Ignore the warning and 
flick the switch. Four zombies will come up with the load and will be pretty close. 
Back up to the wall quickly and turn to them to kill. The SMG should handle this 
without any bites but if you didn’t have it then pistol them but expect to get 
injured. Remember not to overshoot and save ammo. (Be sure before you shoot and be 
sure before you don’t). Equip the HG again and don’t use any more of the SMG. Run 
onto the platform and grab the BGA and the Biohazard Card off the crates. Now leave 
this room where you came in.

Under Bridge
Run straight back across to the office.

Air Traffic Control Office
Run back to the Underwater Hall.

Underwater Hallway
Go back to the submarine.

Inside Submarine
Move the lever to take you back to the dock and climb out.

Submarine Dock
Turn the steering wheel back and go up the stairs. While you’re here you might want 
to add those BGA to your collection for when you get the BG.

Go right back out to the Entrance Area.

Entrance Area
Go all the way to the area by the stairs but don't go down them. Go through the 
small metal door to Claire’s left, beside the large metal gate.

One of the longest chapters in the game, the Military Training Facility opens up 
new opportunities for Claire and you learn more about Steve’s past and why he 
arrogantly places things above beings. However you also meet more then zombies and 
Cerberus dogs. The mighty Bandersnatcher’s and the lightning wielding Albinoid have 
arrived and you will need to do your absolute best to survive because these 
researchers are pretty pissed, and Alfred chief among them...

Ruined Courtyard
The cutscene introduces Claire to the Gulp Worm, avoid it and go through the pair 
of double doors part way down the courtyard.

Main Hallway
Leave the red herb on the bench for now. First go through the first door down the 

Facility Office
Don’t move; aim and shoot down at the zombie laying on the floor which is not dead 
and then move slowly forward to kill the other two zombies wondering around. Go to 
the computer console and have it print off a copy of the map it shows. Be sure to 
collect it from the printer. You now have the map of the Military Training 
Facility. Go to where you killed the first zombie and grab the Green Herb behind 
him. Take the BGA from the desk. In the other room is a locker that needs a special 
key; I believe this is where you collect costumes in your second run of the game 
but I’m not sure. Leave through the main door.

Main Hallway
Go up the stairs we just went past, run past the knobless door and go through the 
door at the end.

Laboratory Research Office
Run over to the desk and grab the Bow Gun (BG). At the moment this weapon is 
slightly ineffective but later you'll find different arrows which make the BG a 
really great weapon. Read the "Pass Number Memo" that comes with it and when you 
run by the window a cutscene is triggered, where a scientist is killed 
mysteriously. Leave the research lab.

Main Hallway
A bio-hazard contamination alert (as if there wasn’t already some kind of 
contamination on this island) will cause Claire to run down the stairs and get 
through a shutter just before it closes. Now you have an annoying alarm playing to 
you. Now to arm up our BG. Go down the corridor and open the second shutter using 
the Biohazard Card. Before we go down this corridor, go through the door to the 
left of it.

Changing Room
There are two zombies near the door. I say you use the BG for them. You’ll see that 
it takes a few more to kill them but this weapon is quick and leaves rather cool 
spikes in the victim. Go around the corner where two more guys wait for you and 
kill them off. Check the two half opened lockers in here for some more BGA. There’s 
a dead guy on the floor in here and you’ll be surprised to hear that he is in fact 
dead and won’t be coming up for you, which really is a rarity in Resident Evil. Go 
through the door by the body.

Swimming Pool
There are two nude zombies in here; one in the sauna and one down the stairs near 
the pool. Finish them off with your BG. Get in the pool and investigate the panel 
by the lion head. We will find out why this isn’t working later. Leave the way you 
came in.

Changing Room
Go back to the Main Hallway.

Main Hallway
The shutter should be open if you used your card before so go down the narrow 
hallway and through the door. The shutter will close behind you meaning we’ll need 
to find a different path now. Go through the door at the end.

Alfred is back with his sniper. After the brief cutscene avoid his gunfire and 
climb up the stairs as quickly as possible. This will result in Alfred running and 
we hear the door close behind him. Examine the plaque and see you'll need another 
Indigo Blue Plate hear. Follow Alfred through the door.

Dilapidated Hallway
Follow the corridor and open this shutter if it is closed (it would appear that 
sometimes it is closed and sometimes it is found open) and grab the two lots of HGB 
on the boxes by the vending machine. Go through the rightmost door. 

Training Facility Recreation Room - SP
There are two herbs here; one by the chalkboard and one by the couch. On the couch 
is the much needed haemostatic medicine so take this and store it in the IB for 
now. Grab the IR and both herbs (deposit one or both of them in the IB if you don’t 
need to carry any more health items, at least you’ll have access to them from 
another IB later). Deposit the SMG in the IB and don’t get it out again! Save your 
game and put your IR back in the IB. Now leave through the door you came in.

Dilapidated Hallway
Go to use the other door to trigger a freaky cutscene where the shutter will 
automatically close. Go through the door you were going to go through anyway.

Cargo Room
Grab the other SMG to Claire’s left. They are not loaded, that's OK your not gonna 
keep this anyway. When you run by the door, it locks and the hideous and somewhat 
stretchy Bandersnatcher appears. Kill it with the BG, surprisingly 10-15 hits will 
do. Now go round the corner and down the stairs, when the metal door automatically 
unlocks and opens. Go through and prepare to be greeted by another Bandersnatcher. 
It would probably have killed her if Steve hadn’t burst in with his lugers and 
killed it. After you get him his new ammo Alfred interrupts what would've been 
Steve hitting on Claire again (Thanks, Alfred). Now you are in the basement of the 
Military Training Facility.

Turn Table Room
Steve high tails it to the next room, time to test out his new toy!

The Brig
Blow up the radioactive canister in the cell to floor most of the zombies in here; 
they should still be alive but that doesn’t matter. Go past the cell and through 
the door on the right (the less visible one).

Air Conditioning Room
Go down the steps and blow up both of the canisters here to weaken most of the 
zombies. Be sure not to be too close to the canisters or you will get hurt badly. 
Kill what is left of the zombies. Go up the small steps and examine the panel. It 
will show you something you’ll need to do in Chris' game. Now go through the door 
next to it.

Walk forward to trigger a cutscene where Steve wastes ammo and feels sorry for 
himself. After, Claire and Steve go up to the 2nd floor of the facility.

Security Lab
Follow Steve through the door. Ignore the shutter for now; you don't have the 
proper key card anyway.

Storage Room
Go to where Steve is standing and the floor beneath you will break. A cutscene 
shows Steve killing his father. Afterwards, leave Steve to morn. Note you are now 
on the 1st Floor due to the fall. Climb the crate on the right corner of the room 
and grab the HGB. Go to the left of the room and through the door, ignoring the 
double doors.

East Hallway
Kill the two zombies here and grab the semi-disguised HGB in the corner by the door 
you just came through. Go all the way to the end of the corridor and go through the 
door straight down the end (not the elevator gate).

Model Room - SP
The name of this room may seem a little odd at the moment but don’t worry all will 
be clear later. Anyway, first off grab the Eagle Plate. This is the Indigo Blue 
Plate we keep talking about. One is needed back at the prison but this one is for 
this complex, so don’t go heading back there! You may want to take the IR and save 
if you have the space. You may want to check out the curious picture of the room... 
could that be a model of the facility? Hmm... Then leave.

East Hallway
Head back to the storage room.

Storage Room
Leave Steve alone and go through the double doors.

Tank Room
Kill the two Cerberus dogs with the HG (you will find the BG is shockingly 
difficult to aim at them with) and grab the BGA by the boxes. Unlock the door next 
to the boxes and go through to the Ruined Courtyard with the Gulp Worm running 

Ruined Courtyard
Don’t worry about old wriggler; just go through the main double doors again.

Main Hallway
Yes, the beeping lives on but we’ll have to deal with that. Go to the far shutter 
and swipe the biohazard card, it will open and luckily this time you don't have to 
worry about it shutting again. Go through the door at the end of the corridor.

Kill the two Cerberus here as well, again the HG works best. Go up the stairs and 
place the Eagle Plate in the indentation, unveiling an Emblem Card.

Dilapidated Hallway
Run down the end and use the rightmost door into the Training Facility Recreation 

Training Facility Recreation Room - SP
Drop off any unwanted items but be sure to keep a health item (there should be a 
herb in here if you left one last time), the two key cards and obviously some 
weapons. You don’t need the lugers for a while so put them in the box. Save the 
game if you wish and drop off the IR after. Then exit.

Dilapidated Hallway
Leave through the open shutter and out the door.

Go down the stairs, through the open gate here and down the ladder.

Air Conditioning Room
The panel on the wall is not useable so just go down to the shutter and swipe the 
Emblem Card. The gate will now open. Climb down, go past the machine spewing out 
gas and go up the stairs on the right and through the door, back to The Brig. 

The Brig
Go to the door ahead, which you avoided before.

Brig Office
Kill the four zombies here and notice the shells in the locked cabinet. Go around 
and grab the HGB off the shelf. Examine the table here; later you can modify Chris' 
Glock 17 here and take that chemical but leave them for now and go back to The Brig.

The Brig 
Now open the shutter and grab the Grenade Launcher. It comes loaded with 
Grenade Shells, but you can get Incendiary Shells, Acid Shells and BOW Gas Shells 
for this baby. There’s a Bandersnatcher in the turn table room but if you want to 
conserve ammo and not end up with and empty launcher as soon as you get it just 
leave that for now. Head back to the Air Conditioning Room.

Air Conditioning Room
Go up the other set of steps here back to the sewer, not to the backyard.

Go to the elevator and ride up to the 2nd floor.

Security Lab
Swipe the key card reader with the Emblem Card and discard it. A zombie, though 
inactive at the moment, falls down when the shutter opens. Ignore it. Go up the 
stairs on the right to the command console and pick up the GLS (The GL can hold 
more than 6 shells at a time, provided they are all the same type). Go to the 
screen and examine it for some facts on the Albinoid bio-weapon. Go down the steps 
and to the computer console (the one with screen on and a red light flashing), grab 
the Army Proof and examine the computer screen. Aim the camera at the numbers on 
the picture and press x to zoom in on the red skeleton picture with the pass 
code "1126". Seeing this will cause the air ventilating system to unlock the room 
and finally you can get by that room. Go to the other door, killing the two undead 
that awake from their slumber and grab whatever herbs you can carry (don’t forget 
you can always use them or combine them to save space if you need to). Unlock the 
one locked door and go through.

Go back to the Dilapidated Hallway straight ahead.

Dilapidated Hallway
Unlock the shutter (if you haven't already) and go into the Training Facility 
Recreation Room on the right.

Training Facility Recreation Room - SP
Save your game, replace the IR in the IB and exit.

Dilapidated Hallway
Go back to the Backyard.

Go down the steps and through the door we first entered, back into the Main Hallway.

Main Hallway
Go down to the first shutter, swipe your biohazard card (now discard it), go up the 
stairs and back to the Lab Office.

Research Lab Office
Go to the pass code console by the Lab door and input the pass code "1126". The 
door will now be released so go through.

Cryo Lab
Go to the red skeleton picture and grab it, however an Albinoid awakes and escapes. 
Several more pop out too and try electrocute Claire; avoid them and go back to the 

Research Lab Office
Run fast to the Main Hallway

Main Hallway
Quickly go down those stairs and through the shutter. Go through the double doors. 
Now that was a close one...

Ruined Courtyard
Now that you are here, grab your buttocks and go to the door to Claire’s left. Go 

Tank Room
Go back to the Storage Room through the only other double doors in here.

Storage Room
Go back to the East Hallway through the one door in here.

East Hallway
Kill the two guys in here if you have enough ammo and then go all the way down and 
into the model room.

Model Room - SP
Place the Skeleton Picture in its spot (where we got the Eagle Plate), and suddenly 
a huge model of the training facility will be unveiled (see, ‘Model’ Room). Grab 
the Gold Key and save if you want. Then leave.

East Hallway
Go back to the Storage Room.

Storage Room
Head back to the Tank Room.

Tank Room
Go back to the Ruined Courtyard.

Ruined Courtyard
Avoiding the Gulp Worm go back to the Entrance Area, leaving the Military Training 

OK now I'm sure you've seen everything! The Ashford’s have lost it, but 
explore there insane delights and you will be rewarded with access to secure areas, 
it's up to Claire to find a key and discover the secrets of the Ashford family and 
who is really behind Alfred's crazy fascination in Claire's demise.

Entrance Area
You're not in the Private Residence yet, but that is the destination in this part 
of the walkthrough. First things first, go down the path and up the steps and to 
the courtyard, avoiding the Bandersnatcher’s who pop over the wall.

Go up the steps and through the double doors, into the Mansion.

Reception Hall
Kill the two zombies on the main floor; ignore the other two zombies up stairs. Go 
in the back door on the ground floor.

Back Hallway
Go down to the large double doors by the lounge, unlock them with the Gold Key and 
discard it. Go in.

Ashford Mausoleum 
Honours to the dead of the Ashford family are in this room. Go up the stairs and 
examine the picture of the boy. Grab the file "Memo to the New Master of the 
Family", and examine the panel: "trace the family legacy to reveal the true 
master". Do not press the button. Notice the pictures on the walls. You have to 
press each one’s button in the order that they led the family, using the document 
that you just read. You can suss it out yourself by jotting down what they received 
and anything it says about each family member, or use this step-by-step guide.

1-	Go to the picture with woman with the tea set; press the button.
2-	Go to the middle-aged man with twins & a tea set; press his button.
3-	Go to the twin with the tea set in his lap; press this button next.
4-	Go to the other twin with the earthenware plate; press his button.
5-	Go to the old man with a portrait and press his button.
6-	Go to the man in a blue suit with a candlestick; press his button. 
7-	Run up to the portrait with the boy (Alfred) and press his button.

If you did it right, the portrait will turn, revealing Alexia. If you get something 
wrong and press Alfred’s button to see flashing alarms, simply press his button 
again and try again. If you press them in the order above it will work so be sure 
you are at the right portrait before pressing. Grab the Earthenware Vase and 
examine it, revealing the Queen Ant Object inside. For all you hardcore Resident 
Evil fans, here the names of the family members in these portraits:

1-	Veronica Ashford (Founder of the family, game is named after her)
2-	Stanley Ashford (Son of Veronica)
3-	Thomas Ashford (One of Stanley’s twin son’s)
4-	Arthur Ashford ((Thomas’ twin brother)
5- 	Edward Ashford (Founded Umbrella Inc.)
6- 	Alexander Ashford (Let the family name down, cloned two twins)
7- 	Alfred Ashford (Genetically engineered)
8- 	Alexia Ashford (Genetically engineered)

When you’re done, leave where you entered. 

Back Hallway
Go back to the Reception Hall.

Reception Hall
Go up the stairs and to the Save Room.

Palace Save Room - SP
Go to the IB and pick out the Gold Lugers and place them in the indentation on the 
other door. Go back and grab a couple of weapons such as the RL, BG and trusty 
pistils and a herb mix or two. Place the Queen Ant Object, the Navy Proof, the Army 
Proof and anything else you don’t want into the box. Now save the game and put the 
IR back. Now head on through the door where you placed the Lugers.

Alfred's Private Office
Grab the handgun bullets from the table and examine the memo (“First digit: left, 
right. Second digit; left. Third digit; right. Forth digit; right, right, right”) 
which is (contrary to many guides I have read) accurate. To see this, go over to 
the clock-looking thing and enter the sequence, noting down the numbers which come 
out (do not reset at any time, as the note tells you not to). Turn on the computer 
and after a cut of the sadistic ant film, input the pass code you get, which should 
be "1971". Then the clock thing will move, revealing a secret passageway. However, 
when you move a Bandersnatcher will jump out of the window. Hopefully you have the 
BG as it is fast and 12-15 hits will finish him with little damage to you. Now go 
down the secret passageway and through the door at the end.

Ashford Private Residence Entrance
Go all the way down and up the stairs. You'll then hear a creepy female laugh but 
just keep going.

Ruined Maze
Kill the two Bandersnatcher’s here, I recommend the GL with basic Grenade Rounds if 
you have it, two shots will kill them. Otherwise just be patient with a BG or HG 
and be prepared to heal up. Go up the stairs and through the double doors.

Crimson Hall
Kill the bats in here with the HG before they attack you. Before going upstairs, go 
to the left side of this room and through the reddish door.

Kill the Bandersnatcher; he may take 3 or 4 good hits with the GL. Grab the IR 
which is on a little table you get to by running all the way around the dining 
table. Take the BGA off the mantelpiece and the HGB by the exit and then leave.

Crimson Hall
Climb up the stairs and kill any bats you could not blast before. Go up to the 
coffee table and grab the HGB and FAS. Heal up if you need to but you’re better off 
holding onto it if you’re Fine or Yellow. Now go through the next red door at the 

Ashford's Hallway
A conversation between the mysterious Alexia and Alfred follows. Go in through the 
door next to your hiding place. Leave the herb on the ground for later.

Alexia's Room
Go to the music box and close it, the bed will suddenly rise, unveiling the Silver 
Key, grab it and leave (scare you? Did me!). Don’t worry about the ant indentation 
for now although we know the Queen Ant goes here.

Ashford's Hallway
We’re going back to the Crimson Hall. Grab the HGB off the table on the way and 
then leave through the door we came in.

Crimson Hall
Leave the Private Residence.

Ruined Maze
Head back to the entrance.

Ashford's Private Residence Entrance
Go back to Alfred's office.

Alfred's Private Office
Go back to the Palace Save Room.

Palace Save Room - SP
Go to the IB and take out the briefcase you grabbed long ago and the haemostatic 
medicine. Save if you want, replacing the IR and then leave.

Reception Hall
First of all unlock the other upstairs door but DON’T go through it. This will come 
later on. Just unlock so we can discard the key sooner. Now head downstairs and 
back to the Back Hallway.

Back Hallway
Go to the first door you see. Unlock it with the Silver Key and go through. You can 
now discard this key instead of being stuck with it for a fair while.

Umbrella Special Forces Meeting Room
Kill the two Bandersnatcher’s here with the best you’ve got and run over to where 
the second Bandersnatcher was waiting to grab the Eagle Plate off the floor. 
The "Hunk's Report" is on the desk by the screen. Read this. It is about the 
infamous Umbrella S.W.A.T. from Resident Evil, Wesker's formal right-hand man. Grab 
the HGB off a chair on the way out and then leave.

Back Hallway
This is the last time we will be in this hallway so if you can, now should be when 
you take the Red Herb from just down the hall. Then Head back to the reception hall.

Reception Hall
Leave this building now.

I’m afraid it’s back to the prison. I know, I know, but hey I didn’t design the 
game. Remember the haemostatic medicine. Head back out to the entrance.

Entrance Area
Kill the Bandersnatcher’s with your RL and/or BG (make sure you save 10 BGA though) 
if you have them. Then head all the way down the path and go down all the stairs.

This is the last real visit to the Prison (I promise). Claire must learn of the 
secrets in the catacombs below, find the coil to the Piano and learn of the insane 
doctor here. You’ll also finally get to heal Redrigo and gain the famous Lockpick 
which will prove of such great uses to you’re weaponry. It's up to you brave the 
terror, because it's rarely going to get scarier then this.

Great Bridge
Grab that herb if you didn't grab it before. I expect you’ll need it now but store 
it if you don’t. Cross the great bridge using the side path and go through the 
double gates.

Front Yard
Head over to the Graveyard. Only kill the guys in the yard if you can afford the 
ammo, which is doubtful so I’d dodge them.

Kill the grave zombies as they’re hard to avoid and head on down the stairs to 
where you started the game all that time ago.

Cellar Entrance
Head past the typewriter and enter the Cellar.

A scene with Redrigo shows Claire giving him her lighter in exchange for a 
lockpick. And by curing him we have one less zombie to worry about. It wasn’t 
compulsory that we took this medicine to him as the lockpick only helps us gain 
ammo, health and gun enhancers but I for one would hate to have had to kill our 
little friend and miss out on his gift. Grab the herb back in your cell and save 
it, combine it or use it if you need to. Leave.

Cellar Entrance
Use your new toy to unlock the briefcase and you’ll find Bow Gun Powder. Combine 
this with some bows for some nasty BG ammo (that’s why I said to save 10 BGA). One 
or two shots for every enemy, including the Bandersnatcher’s! Leave.

Head back to the Front Yard.

Front Yard
Head back to the Prisoner's Courtyard where the prisoner’s building was.

Prisoner's Courtyard
Head to the Guillotine Room through the gate you unlocked with the Padlock Key 

Guillotine Room
Kill the two zombies in this area. Run past the guillotine stand to the door and 
place the Eagle Plate in the slot. The door will open automatically with two 
zombies waiting in the small cut way. Finish them and head through the door ahead.

Butcher's Arena
Shoot the radioactive barrel and the two zombies around here should go flying. Kill 
the one that may remain. Take the green herb by the barrels to Claire’s right but 
do not enter this door yet. Instead, head all the way down to the gate. 

Outside Storage
Hidden to the left is some HGB. Climb over the other crate by the jammed door and 
push it forward. Arrange yourself with the IB so you have around 4 free spaces and 
head through the now accessible door.

Security Station Office - SP
Don’t save yet. First head back to the familiar barrier through the other door.

Security Station Barrier
Ignore the zombies obviously wondering in the adjacent hall and grab the Flame 
Rounds and the BOW (Bio-Organic Weapon) Gas Rounds from the shelf. Head back to the 
office with these brilliant rounds worth saving.

Security Station Office - SP
Now you can save with the IR you should have left here earlier. Otherwise grab some 
out of the IB outside. Head back to the Outside Storage.

Outside Storage
Place at least the 3 BOW Gas Rounds in the IB for now along with the IR. Head back 
to the Butcher's Arena.

Butcher's Arena
Now go back to the door we avoided before, by the barrels.

Doctor's Clinic
Go to the crate slightly hidden in the left and grab the HGB and take the FAS from 
the open cabinet next to it. Check out the “Anatomist’s Note” in the little side 
room. Also notice the model of the human body. Hmm what could he be missing...? 
Head to the body bag and around the corner to the hidden door and go through it. 
Before you leave though the bag moves, hmmm...

Butcher's Playground
Kill the zombies preferably with the HG. Head to the table and grab the HGB. Next 
grab the briefcase on the other side of that table. Use the lockpick as before and 
you'll get custom HG parts to combine with your HG for the Modified M93R. This can 
take 20 bullets and can be set as fully automatic or manual and is a more effective 
weapon. Don’t go testing this out in the air; the next room will be perfect for 
that. Now leave the way you came. Grab the Red Herb on the way out and combine with 
the Green Herb.

Doctor's Clinic
Run over to the surgery area and a zombie is eating his own kind. You may notice 
that he is in fact the Doctor of this place, killed and put in a body bag? Now get 
him first because he’s fast and then kill his food afterwards. Like your new gun? I 
recommend that after having a bit of fun with it you set it to manual on the item 
screen as your ammo will go down nastily fast if you’re not careful. After killing, 
grab the Glass Eye from the Doctor. This is that key he was talking about in his 
psycho letter. Go to the model in the side room and place the Glass Eye on the 
human body sculpture. Suddenly a path will be revealed. Head down.

Desecrated Passage							
Kill the bats and grab the herb if you need it and then run all the way down to the 
other end and through the door.

Ashford's Torture Chamber
Kill the 3 zombies in this area and grab the HGB off the table and the BGA off the 
strange torture machine to the right. Head down the passageway to the left and down 
the stairs. Go through the door at the bottom.

Spencer's Torture Chamber
Now grab the sword from the statue and the door will lock and gas will pour in. 
Move the shield statue clockwise quickly so that the shield is facing the statue. 
The gas will then leave the room when the statue is completely turned. Now place 
the sword into the unveiled coffin. A zombie pops out when you move so just take 
one step back so you’re in line to shoot him. Kill him and grab the Piano Note 
inside the coffin. Now leave.

Ashford's Torture Chamber
Head back to the Desecrated Passage.

Desecrated Passage
Head all the way to the other end and pick up the herb on the way if you haven't 
already. Then go up those stairs.

Doctor's Clinic
Leave this building too, out the first door (the one on the right from the side 

Butcher's Arena
Kill the one zombie in front of you if you have enough ammo, then leave the others 
and run through the door back to the guillotine room.

Guillotine Room
Head back to the Prisoner’s Courtyard.

Prisoner's Courtyard
Head back to the Front Yard.

Front Yard
I’d leave the guys in here if you can and just head back to the Great Bridge.

Great Bridge
Cross it using the side path one last time and over the crates. Go up both sets of 
stairs. And now for the last couple of sections in Part I.

Finally you must open the remaining secrets of Rockfort Island. You must learn of 
the awful lust of Alfred for his own sister and finally discover the hidden 
airplane that waits to take you off this dreaded island. Discover the last secrets 
that Claire can learn and be ready to head south to the icy Antarctica.

Entrance Area
First we’re going to go on a few little detours now we have our lockpick to get 
some ammo and health items. Go through the entrance to the Military Training 

Ruined Courtyard
Dodge the Gulp Worm and go through the double doors into the Main Hallway.

Main Hallway
Go into the office on the right.

Go to the drawer by the desk lamp and unlock it with the lock pick for some HGB. 
Now leave.

Main Hallway
Now head to the Back Yard through the door at the end of the far corridor (where we 
opened the shutter earlier).

Back Yard
Climb down the ladder in the caged area here.

Now go to The Brig by going down the corridor, dropping to the ground and going up 
the stairs furthest away from you.

The Brig
Go into the office opposite.

Brig Office
Now we can unlock that cabinet with the lockpick for 6 Acid Shells. Now leave.

The Brig
Go back through the door we came from.

Now head up the other steps in this room into the Sewer

Run ahead to the elevator and ride it to the first floor.

East Hallway
Go to the Model room which is through the open shutter on the right and through the 
door at the end of the hall.

Model Room
Here, go to the cabinet on the right of the model and unlock it with the lockpick. 
There will be a FAS inside, now leave the room.

East Hallway
We are now leaving the training facility. I’ll walk you through how to get back to 
the Entrance Area but go there on your own if you can and look down to the Entrance 
Area. Back-track if you manage to get lost and refer to the guide. From here, take 
the elevator down to B1F.

Go through the door at the end.

Go down the steps and then up the drop to the corridor leading to the ladder. Go up.

Back Yard
Go to the Main Hallway from here through the door.

Main Hallway
Go down the corridor and left down to the main double doors. Exit here.

Ruined Courtyard
Dodge him again and exit through the door on the left of the screen, back to the 
Entrance Area.

Entrance Area
Now head to the Palace Courtyard down the passage way and up the steps at the end.

Go up and try the doors to the Mansion to trigger a cutscene where the HCF henchman 
Albert Wesker makes his appearance. Head in to the Palace after.

Reception Hall
Go upstairs to the door we unlocked earlier on the left. Go in.

Ashford Casino
First grab the grey block on the gambling table which is GPA for your BG. Combine 
it and load it up to save space if you can. Grab the HGB off the reception desk if 
you have space but you might want to use one of the two herbs in here first if 
you’re pushed for space. Now head over to the piano and examine it. Use your Piano 
Roll here. The stock machine's cabinet will open so go and take the King Ant Object 
out of it. Leave once you have taken any items you can (fill up here ‘cos we’re 
going to save now anyhow). I advise taking all the Herbs and storing some in the 
IB, even if this means you take some items, go back to the Save room to empty some 
and then come back for the rest. This is because later in the game there are points 
where health is the be all and end all. Leave when you have taken everything 

Reception Hall
Head back to the Save Room across the hall.

Palace Save Room
You’ll now need both Ant Objects and probably a health item. Now save, replace the 
IR and head out to the Private Office.

Alfred's Private Office
Head down the secret passageway and through the door.

Ashford Private Residence Entrance
There are about five zombies part way up the path so finish them off (best with BG 
and GPA) and head up the stairs.
Ruined Maze
Head to the stairs but be ready for two Bandersnatcher’s. Probably the GL would be 
best here, should only take one each. Kill them, head up those stairs and go 
through the doors.

Hall of Crimson
Kill the two zombies downstairs then head upstairs. Kill any more you come across 
along the way. Try not to let any live as they may cause problems later. Go through 
the door at the top.

Ashford's Hallway
First head to the right and kill the zombies here, grabbing the herb if you can 
otherwise take it there and then if you need it. Now go through the door.

Alexia's Bedroom
Place the Queen Ant Object in the red indentation on the music box and suddenly it 
will open. Grab the Music Box Plate and leave.

Ashford's Hallway
Head to the other end of the corridor and kill the two zombie’s present here too. 
Go into the only other room.

Alfred's Bedroom
Go to the dresser and read the "Alexia's Note". Then go to the musical box and 
place the King Ant Object in the blue indentation. The lid will open so now use the 
Music Box Plate and it will start playing. Suddenly, the bed will lower revealing a 
ladder which you can now climb up. Do so to reach a rather sadistic playground.

Climb down from the carousal and head to the picture with the giant ant. Examine it 
to find that the mouth is a keyhole. Hmm what do we need to feed the ant? Just 
around the carousal there is a Silver Dragonfly on the chair. Take it and examine 
it to tear the wings off. Grab the herb in here before placing the Silver Dragonfly 
(with wings torn off) in the indentation. The carousal will start moving and stop 
after turning to face the other way. Climb back on and climb up the second ladder 
which now is connected to a platform.

High Office
Go to the step ladder and grab the newspaper clip on Alexia's top-of-the-class 
graduation from a private school. Push the box all the way over towards the right 
side of the room and step up to read the "Confession Letter". Grab the Air Force 
Proof as well. Go to the typewriter, grab the IR and save if you want to. Climb 
down after.

Simply go down the ladder to the right.

Alexia's Bedroom
We’re now in Alexia’s room as the Carousal turned. Now try to use the door but 
Alexia is not about to let us leave. Suddenly Steve pops in and gets hit. Alexia 
flees, but Steve and Claire follow her.

Alfred's Bedroom
Going through the bust of the goddess has led you to learn something new; 
previously you could not take that shortcut before. Trying to leave will result in 
Steve not letting Claire. So go over and examine the wig on the music box to see 
Alfred pop out in make-up. So there never really was an Alexia... or was there? 
Alfred runs off crying, apparently realising the awful truth that he is both Alfred 
& Alexia. We now reach the end of this Chapter. Naturally, there’s a boss.

It's time to discover the airplane and fight the first Boss in Code Veronica at the 
end of this chapter, which is the last in Part 1. Your first Boss is the mighty 
monster T-078 Tyrant and will prove to be a deadly adversary. Time to escape from 
this hell, but remember that Alfred is hot on your tail. As a consequence you'll 
end up somewhere much colder than your intended destination.

Ashford's Hallway
Head to the Crimson Hall.

Crimson Hall
Go quickly down all the stairs and through the doors. Hopefully you killed all the 
zombies in this hall so you shouldn’t have a problem.

Ruined Maze
Just head straight through and down the stairs quickly.

Ashford Private Residence Entrance
Head back to the office.

Alfred's Private Office
Go to and through the door.

Palace Save Room - SP
Head to the IB and make sure you now have all three Proof’s on you, along with a 
healing item. For now you’ll only need your normal weapons (not the RL). When you 
have emptied out into the IB and have everything you need, save and replace the IR, 
then leave into the Reception Hall.

Reception Hall
Get down the stairs and exit to the courtyard.

Head down the steps to trigger a cutscene. After, follow Steve down the stairs to 
the right.

Submarine Dock
Run down the stairs and Steve will turn the steering wheel to open the submarine 
door. They both hop in.

Inside Submarine
You’ll appear in the Underwater Hallway.

Underwater Hallway
Steve runs ahead, follow him down to the Air Traffic Control Office.

Air Traffic Control Office
I advise dodging these guys; there is a boss coming up so save the ammo and time. 
Head to the door on the left, not to the shutter.

Airplane Entryway
Head over to where Steve is standing and flick the switch on the flashing screen. 
The lift will roll over so run on to it and insert the Army Proof, the Navy Proof, 
and the Air Force Proof. The lift will work. Now press it to go over to the plane.

Cockpit - SP
Steve will complain about not being able to take off until the bridge is raised. 
Grab the Control Lever and the IR but place it in the IB as you don't need to save 
yet. But carry the Control Lever and then leave out using the plane steps.

Airplane Entryway
Head back to the Air Traffic Control Office.

Air Traffic Control Office
Try to dodge these guys and head over to the shutter to the Under Bridge.

Under Bridge
Head over to the Crane Room.

Crane Room
Move yourself to the lift, ride it up and go through the door there.

Under Bridge & Over Bridge
Insert the Control Lever you found in the cockpit and raise the bridge. Run across 
to the room on the other side.

Bridge Pressure Control
Run over to the dead bodies and grab the K-402 Airport Key and then leave. The 
bodies don't rise.

Over Bridge
Cross over back to the Crane Room.

Crane Room
Ride the lift back down and use the key we just collected on the locked shutter. 
Head in.

Shutter Room - SP
Don’t save just yet. Push the crate on the right through the shutter. Then push the 
other single crate over to the far end and push that through too. It will stop but 
just go to push it again and it will work. Save now, and run up to the now working 
shutter, and try to go through: 5:00:00 to detonation... and it turns to 4:20 
before we get out of the lift damnit. Ride up and watch Alfred set the Tyrant loose.

Ruined Courtyard
Again avoid the Gulp Worm one last time and run over to the entrance.

Entrance Area
Run down back to the palace courtyard but you won’t get far before the Tyrant, or T-
078, ambushes Claire after she is blocked in. Fire two BOW Gas Rounds and save the 
third. Then take the Acid Rounds if you have them or anything else you have for the 
RL and topple the beast with 5 or 6 good shots. You should come out unscathed. When 
he’s down, head over to the Courtyard.

Head down to the Dock again.

Submarine Dock
Head down the stairs, turn the wheel and enter the Submarine.

Inside Submarine
Pull the control lever and then head up the ladder when you arrive.

Underwater Entrance
Again go to the Air Traffic Control Office.

Air Traffic Control Office
Head over to the left door exit again to the Plane. You raised that bridge for a 

Airplane Entryway
Head over to the airplane lift and ride down to the Plane. Head in.

Cockpit - SP
A series of cutscenes follows. However, Steve soon has a cargo problem. We’re going 
to save, but first grab any GL ammo you have left including that one BOW Gas Round, 
around 2 or 3 healing items, (combine herbs to help things fit) and good weaponry 
(not the SMG). Now save, placing the IR back and picking something up in return. 
Afterwards, head through the big metallic door.

After the cutscene that introduces the tyrant, the cargo can be jettisoned but he's 
not gonna die that easy. Firstly you should offload that BOW Gas Round you saved 
and then repeatedly fire any RL ammo into him as this is the most effective weapon 
you have. Don’t step forward yet just fire at him. When the RL is empty, use any 
Gun Powder BG Arrows you have and then move on to the HG (which you should have on 
Auto for this fight). When he reaches you run off to the back to give you more time 
to hit him but don’t get to close ‘cos he can hit you out. Fire at him until he 
starts dripping blood and limping and heal up after every two to three hits. When 
he starts to slow, rush over to the control panel and jettison the cargo. The 
tyrant will fly out with the rest of the luggage. After, go back to the cockpit.

A series of cutscenes appears again and you end up in the Antarctic. Time for Part 

Part II - Claire & Chris Redfield

The Antarctic of all the places; Alfred sent us to the coldest continent in the 
world, but the fun doesn't end there, another zombie-infested umbrella research 
station is where you end up, unfortunate indeed! 
Looks like the terror begins anew, but finally you will get to play as Chris after 
this chapter. There are more Boss Fights in Part II and the second boss fight waits 
at the end of this chapter!

Frozen Dome
After the tender moment, Claire will be in control again. Head over to the ladder 
and go down. Don't go through the double doors or the door on the right. Instead, 
go to the far right stairs and head down.

Derelict Frozen Hallway
Head down the stairs and through the door directly across.

Alexander's Office - SP
Grab the file "Alexander's Memo" off the sideboard. This tells you about the Code 
Veronica project and about Umbrella's research into the T-virus. That banging is 
coming from behind the bookcase by the computer. Go over there and push it back and 
it will unveil some lockers where the banging is coming. Open it after the rat 
bursts through and read the file "Butler’s Letter"; talking more about the Ashford 
family insanity and the loss of relatives. Pushing the button doesn’t help as we 
need power. Head back and grab the herb by the wall indentation. I am told that 
there is another Herb in here but I could not find it. If you do, please let me 
know where. Take the BGA off the coffee table. Put the GL back. Claire won’t need 
this but Chris will later. I recommend that you save even though you probably just 
did. Now leave.

Derelict Frozen Hallway
Head around the corner for a grizzly meeting with the most annoying animal in the 
game; the Moth. This creature may or may not attack you here. Its bite will poison 
you and only the Blue Herb will cure this. Poison will cause your health to 
deteriorate slowly. In this corridor there is one on the floor ahead but be warned 
that there often won’t be one around so be careful not to get bit by these 
normally. The customized HG is your saviour against these beasts. If he attacks 
then kill him with two good shots and head through the door across from the Blue 
Herb, using it first if you need to.

Production Room
Kill the 3 zombies wondering about. This will probably use up all or most of your 
HG ammo. Run over to the production till and flicking any switches tells you that 
this place too needs power. For now though head to the far end of the room, but 
don't go through the closer left double doors, instead head to the right and go 
through the far double doors.

Weapon Storage
Kill the two zombies near you if you have the ammo to, otherwise grab your buttocks 
and run past them. You’re likely to get bitten if you do so just heal up every 2-4 
hits but check if you leave this long as some zombies hit worse than others. Carry 
on round and there will be another two in this room so get them if you can. Go to 
the storage slide where something shines and collect the Mining Room Key. Now carry 
on around and go to the vertical drawers ahead. Open the one at the right end to 
collect an Assault Rifle. Don’t waste this baby. Run over to the dead guy and grab 
the detonator. Put this in the locker and it will be ready for Chris' game, which 
is coming soon I promise! Now leave the way we came in.

Production Room
Head directly across to the B.O.W. Room.

B.O.W. (Bio-Organic Weapon) Storage
Use Fire Arrows now if you have them to finish these Giant Spiders. If you have 
nothing else then use your trusty Assault Rifle. It’s hard to tell when these guys 
are dead but when they’re not moving and you can walk through them they are so try 
not to over-fire. They are tough opponents who have a poisonous spray and bite and 
will latch onto you so give that stick a good old wiggle to throw them off. When 
they’re dead, run over to the far end of the room avoiding the spider under the 
floor as you can't hurt it. Grab the Bar Code Sticker off the side, the BGA off the 
storage slide over to the side of the room and the HGB near the front by a crate 
(another lot should follow after you take these). Take both the Green & Blue Herb 
from the corner and combine them. You’ll probably need to use this mixture now but 
save it if you’re not poisoned (you know if you are because the Status Screen will 
show you as ‘Poisoned’, in pink rather than green or yellow or whatever. Before 
leaving examine the storage safe by the door. You should see the gas mask. You'll 
be coming back for this soon. Now leave.

Production Room
Head up those little stairs and use the Mining Room Key on the door there. Go 

Mining Chamber
Head up the two big steps ahead and go up the stairs here. Examine the indentation 
that is shaped like and octagon. Head back down the stairs and the big steps. Head 
over to the double doors at the far end. And go in.

Power Room
Kill the three Cerberus here; there is one hiding in the walk-way to Claire’s 
right, one in the room which will come to you if you move into the room to her left 
and the third which is hiding round a corner straight down the back of the room. 
Kill the first two and grab the two lots of HGB on the Power Box where the first 
Cerberus hid. Now go back towards the door and straight up to the back of the room 
where you’ll need to finish the third Cerberus. Now head to and through the 
inconspicuous labyrinth of metal walls until you get to that Generator with a blue 
light on. Turn this on. Next head over to the Connection Console (which also has a 
blue light) straight opposite the door where you killed the ambushing Cerberus and 
turn this on too. Now this dodgy old Station will work! I also counted five herbs 
in this room. There are two by at the very front where one Cerberus was hiding, two 
by the third Cerberus round the corner at the back and one by the Connection 
Console near the door. Now leave where we came in.

Mining Chamber
Head back to the Production Room through the door on this level.

Production Room
Head down and go to the Production Console and flick the Power Switch on the wall 
(with a blue light) to help Chris out one last time. Move over to the box on the 
production line and put the Bar Code Sticker on it. Then flick the switch and it 
should go into the B.O.W. Room. The first box you moved contained a Magnum Revolver 
that will help out a lot in the Alexia boss fights but Claire cannot access this so 
don’t worry about it for now. Head to the B.O.W. Room.

B.O.W. Storage
Go to the safe and grab the gas mask and leave quickly.

Production Room
Head all the way back to the Frozen Hallway, for a rather annoying surprise.

Derelict Frozen Hallway
Three or four poisonous moths patrol this hallway. Fire at the first two and the 
other will take flight so deal with them as best you can. Head into Alexander's 

Alexander's Office - SP
You may have one or two eggs hatch depending on how many times a Moth latched onto 
you. Use your poison-healing herbs you collected in the B.O.W. Storage if you have 
it, making sure you wait for the second to hatch before using it if you were 
latched on twice. If you needed to use it back in the B.O.W. Rom then you’ll have 
to leave this room and use the Blue Herb from down the corridor being careful not 
to get latched onto again. If you do, go back, let the eggs hatch and try again 
until you get back in the room not poisoned and without any eggs hatching out. 
Maybe you’ll soon learn why they’re the most annoying creatures in the game. When 
you’re ready, run over to the locker and flick the switch. This will move it out of 
the way introducing you to the freaky and, thankfully, restrained monster 
Nosfaretu. You'll be fighting this bastard soon. Now run over and take the Plant 
Pot. Examine the pot's base to take the Machine Room Key. Use the IB to put back 
anything you don’t want including the Gas Mask which we will not be needing just 
yet, save, replace the IR and leave.

Derelict Frozen Hallway
Kill the two moths in your way. Hurry up the stairs before they get you.

Frozen Dome
Here again. Go up the steps. The single door next to the stairs is next so head 

Worker's Sleep Lodgings
Head over to where the dead body is hanging off the side of the bed and grab the 
HGB off both sides of the shelf and the Gun Powder for your BG off the rightmost 
desk (regional variations may mean that this is in a briefcase so just open it the 
usual way if it is). The body will fall. Go to the open locker and grab the HGB and 
FAS. Kill the guys who now wake up and then go the desk on the left to read the 
file "Worker's Diary". Also grab the HGB off the bed where the worker fell. Grab 
the Antarctic Transportation Base Map off the wall by one of the beds. There is an 
IR on the floor by the last bed on the left here. That is all we can get from here 
for now so leave.

Frozen Dome
Go across to the double doors.

Production Room 2F
Head over to the right side of the room (Claire’s left), use the Machine Room Key 
and go in.

Machine Room 
Head over down the passage on the right of the screen and through the door there.

Power Room 2F
Run over and take the square valve. If you don’t have room you may need to waste a 
Herb or FAS but make sure you leave with this valve. Leave after.

Machine Room
Walk forward to find that Steve has popped up again. He talks about an Australian 
Observation Base being ten miles away, but he looks at Claire with those ponderous 
eyes and manages to crash their hopes. They escape together.

Power Room 2F
After the cutscene head to the left side of the room, and go in the door there.

Ignore the banging zombie; he's just there for scenery. Ignore the briefcase you 
can see, you can’t get it yet so we’ll get this later. Anyway grab the HGB off the 
stall and the Blue and Green Herbs from the back of the room. There is an IR and 
HGB on the table if you have room. The machine here turns square valves into 
octagon valves (wow I have to get one of those useful machines). If you didn’t 
examine the Octagon Valve earlier go back to the Mining Chamber and do it now. 
Hopefully you already have (I did tell you to) and so you will be able to place the 
Valve Handle in the machine and it will turn it into the Octa Valve Handle as you 
know that you need one. Now leave.

Power Room 2F
Head back to the Frozen Dome.

Frozen Dome
Head back to the Derelict Hallway.

Derelict Frozen Hallway
Kill the Moths that get in your way, don't let them poison you. Head back to 
Alexander's office.

Alexander's Office - SP
Now it’s time to make some very important decisions. This is the last save you will 
make with Claire before using Chris back on Rockfort Island. Chris will have his 
own HG and can find a Shotgun but any other weapons he can use throughout the game 
must be left in the IB by Claire... now. It doesn’t help that the Boss Fight coming 
up takes rather a lot of gun power to kill. Hopefully you will have saved a good 
amount of the SMG so take that as it will be of least use to Chris. However, he can 
find 50% ammo for the AR so you can either leave that there for him or take it to 
battle but I recommend leaving it for him. Chris will also benefit from the BG so 
unless you have at least 10 or 15 GPA for it then leave this here with any ammo you 
have for it. Obviously take the HG with as much ammo as you have for it. You’ll 
collect Alfred’s Sniper in time for the fight but it will only have 7 rounds. What 
I advise you do is try the battle several times with as few weapons as you can 
(just taking the HG on auto, the SMG and the Sniper we’ll collect. Keep trying as 
much as your patience allows and hopefully you’ll manage with these. You may find 
that you didn’t save much of the SMG and/or don’t have many HGB in which case you 
may have to get the AR out but this will be more useful to Chris later who has many 
Boss Fights. So try first with just taking the HG and SMG several times. Keep your 
Blue Herb if you didn’t need to use it. Take the Gas Mask, the Octa Valve and at 
least two other healing items. Now save, replace the IR and leave.

Derelict Frozen Hallway
Head over to the Production Room.

Production Room
Use the AR to plough through the five or so zombies in here but be careful with up 
the little steps and through the door. Equip the Gas Mask when prompted and go in.

Mining Chamber
Go up the large steps, run over to the side of the Snow Plough Machine and go up 
the steps as before. Insert the Octa Valve Handle and turn it to cause the gas to 
leave the room. A cutscene follows where Alfred drops in with a Sniper, but Steve 
will come and make short work of this feminine male. We now see that evil is on its 
way. Climb down the steps again toward where Alfred fell and grab that damn Sniper 
Rifle; you'll want it. Steve will call you over. A series of cutscenes ensues and 
you end up on the Helipad.

Antarctic Helipad
Go to where Steve is standing and go down the stairs, but on the way you’ll begin 
your second Boss Fight!

Now this boss is more annoying then he is scary. First and foremost he knocks Steve 
aside so now you must fight him alone. The best way to go is avoid being in the 
proximity or distance of his long tendril because if you are close enough he will 
knock you aside causing serious damage or even knocking you off the Helipad 
altogether. The purple clouds he expels will constantly be a bother and if you’re 
sniping him with the SR you'll be hit by a series of these clouds allowing him to 
take a swing. The most annoying feature of this move is the fact that they can 
poison Claire. Don't let this happen. Now find an adequate spot and aim for his 
heart to make him reel back screeching. Do this six more times to use up this gun’s 
ammo and then whip out your BG with GPA and open fire up close. If you don't have 
either just aim with your current weapons and prepare to heal more then once.

Antarctic Helipad
Claire saves Steve and he vows not to let it happen again. The following cutscenes 
depicting Alfred running to Alexia's freezing chamber to see her awakes! The 
snowmobile gets attacked and suddenly the game shifts to a rather popular Resident 
Evil character... Chris Redfield!

The ever popular Chris Redfield is now under your command. You start with a HG and 
later in the chapter gain a Shotgun. However whatever weapons in the game Claire 
left behind after fighting Nosfaretu will now be accessible in the IB’s for Chris' 
use. If the Assault Rifle is waiting there then a rather early Boss Fight is about 
to become easier. Also another Boss Fight near the end of this chapter involving 
the Albinoid Claire set loose will make this chapter harder than any one Claire was 
involved in, that's for sure.

Subterranean Cavern I
Grab the Green Herb and take a few steps forward to start a cutscene with our 
friend Redrigo Juan Rival. However, the bastard Gulp Worm pops up as if from 
nowhere eventually swallows poor Redrigo, that son of a bitch! Continue down the 
path and a text will pop saying "I must save him" but before going through the door 
run over to the typewriter grab the BGA and place them in the IB unless you have 
the BG in the IB which is unlikely. Take the AR if it’s there or any heavy 
artillery you have, however it is most likely that you'll be left with the Glock 17 
Handgun. That's ok, it will only takes around 20-30 hits anyway. Save and head on 
through the door nearby for a fairly easy boss fight.

Subterranean Caver II
Here is the boss fight.

The strategy is to avoid getting hit by him, the hard part is that it's difficult 
to hit back since he always dives under ground and when you clamber back on your 
feet he escapes just in the nick of time. Whenever you see sand moving towards your 
position, side-step a few paces and the Worm will point vertically upwards and 
roar. Fire at him immediately and you should get in around 3-5 shots depending on 
your hand-eye-coordination. Do this until you hit him with a total of around thirty 
bullets with the Glock 17. The AR will topple this monster at around 15% to 25% of 
its ammo, the BG is the best choice for this guy but you probably don't have it. If 
you do it can topple this invertebrate with 15 arrows, and 2-3 GPA will suffice. 
The worm will then spit out Redrigo who will soon dye, but first unveils your 
prize, a lighter! 

Go to the entrance of the cavern and grab the Green and Blue Herb and combine them. 
Go and take the BGA and the HGB by the elevator around the corner. Call the 
elevator and wait for the elevator to arrive. Go in.

Storage Room
Stay on the steps to kill the first zombie in here and then go down to find and 
finish two more. Go to the lift to see that you need a battery pack. In any 
Resident Evil you need a battery pack for a lift at some point. The door in here is 
blocked thanks to a barrel. That was the entrance to the East Hallway. Now the 
elevator will be the only way into that corridor and the Model Room off of it. Now 
head to the double doors again.

Tank Room
Remember this old place? Run over to the back of the Tank and flick the switch on 
it. It can be tricky to find but it is there. It will move as it did for Alfred and 
a lift will rise up. Run over and grab the newly revealed HGB which I expect you 
are in need of. The entrance from here to the Ruined Courtyard is also blocked by a 
crate which naturally this big strong guy could never move, so head down the 

Basement Hallway
Run around the corner and notice the hatch in the corner. This will lead to the 
Subterranean Catacombs where Steve had his tantrum earlier and a very valuable gun 
can be taken only through this way; the Shotgun. Now however run to the first door, 
not the double doors at the end. You will run past a Green Herb, a Blue Herb and 
Shotgun Shells (SGS) and may also notice the Battery Pack at the end of the hall 
but leave them all for now. Just head into the office.

Private Office - SP
Another of Alfred's private offices. This one belonged to one of his many 
secretaries. Run over to the locker and grab the Acid Rounds out of it. Take the IR 
off the desk before going over to the other side to pick the HGB and SGS. You 
should be full up unless you used the Herb mixture which is doubtful. Head over to 
the IB, replace the knife and grab the GL, (God have mercy on your tormented soul 
if you don't have it!) and load it up with the Acid Rounds. Leave the Green Herb in 
here for later. Now for a puzzle. Examine the painting by the IB: "Lave burns 
forest, flows to the sea, forms the earth". Run over to the dresser and select yes 
to open drawers. When you can, open them in the following order:

Open Red	(RE)	- Lava and Fire
Open Green	(GR)	- The Forest
Open Blue	(BL)	- The Ocean

This unlocks the brown drawer representing the Earth. Open this one now to unveil 
an unusable Luger Pistol which unlocks the mini-game upon completion of the game 
much like Mercenaries off of Resident Evil 4. Now replace the Luger and keep the 
SGS with you and save. Put the IR back and leave.

Basement Hallway
Run towards the door at the end and grab the battery pack. Move back towards the 
office and suddenly a spider pops out and starts attacking. Unload two acid shells 
on its deadly body. You’re fighting the babies here like Claire did. You will one 
day meet their Queen. Run further down the corridor and his sibling takes a shot so 
unload two acid shells into him too. If you’re poisoned then use the mix you have 
and replace it with the two herbs in this hallway. Also grab the SGS now. Then 
leave up the lift.

Tank Room
You have no choice, head back to the Storage Room.

Storage Room
Run over to the lift again and place the battery pack in the slot. This should make 
the lift work again. Clamber on to it and push the switch to raise Chris to the 
second floor. Run over to the left first to take the Chemical Storage Key and read 
the file "Alloy Report", telling you about Clement Alpha and Clement Zeta. Now run 
over, past the lift and through the door.

Security Lab
Run forward to trigger a cutscene where you find Alexia alive and well but very 
pissed indeed; her song really cuts to the chase. But the surprise is Wesker, not 
seen since his moment with Claire. He sends his own monster for Chris; the Hunter. 
He is a mighty beast with enough evil and smarts that you’re gonna struggle against 
this enemy. Suddenly the scene ends and now it's time to head through the other 
door, by the shutter.

The Indigo Blue Plate floats away down the waves into oblivion... or into the hands 
of the boss at the end of the next chapter. You can’t get anywhere down the steps 
due the giant crater there so don’t waste time trying and go straight across to the 
door into the Dilapidated Hallway.

Infernal Complex
This area includes the Dilapidated Hallway and the lab with the Albinoid’s. The 
explosion completely ruined the way to the save room since the rubble rolled down 
avalanche style to your salvation. Here, simply kill the three zombies. Finish the 
first and then get the other two from the broken hole in the wall because if you 
fire a bullet inside the room you’re bound to shoot the well hidden radioactive 
barrel and blast yourself away. You can shoot the barrel from the hole as you are 
out of the way so do this to blast the two in the room to high Heavens. Run over to 
the table by the barrel and grab the Side Pack. Chris can now hold 10 items just 
like Claire. Take the BGA off the floor by the Lab door and leave the way we came 

Head over to the Security Lab through the door opposite.

Security Lab
If Claire didn't take the two herbs or left one of them behind, by all means, now 
is your opportunity. Run over to the elevator gate and go down to B1F. 

There is now another path from here. The huge stairway is now lowered to a lower 
basement. Head down and you’ll now see that beautiful Shotgun (SG) hanging there. 
Before you grab it, collect the HGB off the floor off the floor and the Flame 
rounds off the shelf. Leave the IR for space’s sake. Taking the SG will cause the 
stairway to rise again, preventing your escape until you put it back. However there 
is another way out so I would sacrifice this stairway for your weapon. Drop down 
into the water and wade through it. A zombie appears slowly from the tunnel so 
blast 3 or 4 SGS into him. The zombies are certainly stronger than many RE games. 
Go up the step and run up the ladder and you’ll appear in the area where you fought 
the spiders. Now you know where you are, head back down and run back over to the 
stairway area. If you have a single Green Herb and an item space then take a Red 
Herb and combine them for a 100% healer. Head through the door back by the steps.

B.O.W. Research Lab
Head over to the Herb to use it if you’re hurting but otherwise leave it for now. 
Head up the stairs and run over to the Control Panel by the double doors. Flick the 
switch to lower the tyrant's tank and unveil 50% of AR ammo. This is the only ammo 
you'll find for this mighty weapon. Now head through the double doors by the Panel.

Turn Table Room
Head over to the turn table, grab the Door Knob on the turn table. Finally you have 
the door knob for that freaking knobless door! Now the nightmarish sight of the 
Hunters. You should still have two Acid Rounds left. If you’re clever enough you 
can in fact kill both these creatures with one Round by waiting for the second to 
fall and firing straight through both of them. Otherwise use the first to finish 
the lower Hunter then wait for the second to fall and get him too. If they get in 
close they deal a deadly series of swipes and the most annoying technique they use 
is their uppercut slash which deals deathly damage. They do this usually when 
you’re packing wounds or are at a distance. Now head over to the door across from 
the turn table to enter a lab.

The terror has reached new heights. You are now face-to-face with Wesker’s 
villainous Hunters and their poisonous variations; Sweepers. Use the biggest and 
deadliest guns in your arsenal and make sure you carry the SG, GL or AR with you at 
all times to prevent frustration from death. The last secrets of Rockfort Island 
are revealed in this chapter. Afterwards you will escape to the Antarctic. However 
Wesker, leading the hunters, has a much more vengeful agenda for Chris...

Chemical Laboratory
Head over through both automatic shutters and into the lab. Here, grab the SGS and 
HGB off the table (making sure you have a free space) and examine the refrigerator. 
Close it and set the temperature to the date of the facilities' completion which 
is: "12.8". This date (8th December) can be found on the Plaque of next to the 
Model in the Model Room. Anyway, this will heat up the fridge to that temperature 
revealing a blue container. Take this; now you have Clement Zeta. But before you 
can run off with your new prize, a Sweeper (much like a hunter who poisons with 
each scratch) will drop by. Use your SG on him and after about five hits, leave his 
battered corpse and head back out to the Turn Table Room.

Turn Table Room
Head back through the double doors again.

B.O.W. (Bio- Organic Weapon) Research Lab
Head down stairs, take the Herb if you need it and go back to the Sewer.

It’s time to say farewell to the SG for now. Make sure you have your AR and GL with 
you. I’m going to head back to the office to sort out the inventory and save so 
either follow the guide there or refer down to the Sewer if you have everything you 
need and don’t want to save. Go down and through the water. Step up the other side 
and go up the ladder.

Basement Hallway
Follow the corridor down and go through the single door into the office, being VERY 
careful to avoid the beam of Wesker’s toys.

Private Office - SP
Make sure you have the BG, AR and GL if you have them. If Claire didn’t leave some 
of these behind then put any ammo you have for whatever weapons you don’t have into 
the box as they won’t be any use to you. Save the game, replace the IR and leave.

Basement Hallway
If you foolishly got spotted before there will be a Hunter waiting for you here. 
Unload 4 SGS into him while you still have it. Head back to the ladder and go down.

Go back over to where we collected the SG and replace it. The stairs will lower and 
enable you to go up. Go to the elevator gate to the right and back to 2F.

Security Lab
Ignore the zombies if you can to conserve ammo and head through the door next to 
the shutter.

Run across to the Infernal Complex.

Infernal Complex
Head in to the Lab portion of this room and go to the door to Chris’ left. Again, 
avoid the Security Cam to keep Hunters away. Head through the door.

Main Corridor
Beeping may mean you’d been spotted so ignore it for now, Run over to the knobless 
door and place the door knob in the slot. Go through.

Storage Room
Now you are on the other side of the crack that Claire and Steve fell 
Through. Head left to grab some HGB off the floor and then right to the table at 
the end and grab the Tank Object. Leave.

Main Corridor
Head back into the Infernal Complex.

Infernal Complex
Try to avoid the Security Cam but if you activated it either this time or last time 
you went through then kill the Hunter when it comes. When you kill a Hunter you 
will not be stopped again by the Cam in this area. Go back through the door after.

Head back to the Security Lab.

Security Lab
Avoid the zombies if you didn’t kill them before and head back to the elevator. Now 
take it down to the 1F.

East Hallway
How unfortunate, another Security Cam. Kill the hunter if you get caught but really 
try not to. Go through the door at the end of the corridor to Chris’ right either 

Model Room
Oh sweet memories. Head over to the Model and place the Tank Object inside it. This 
unveils a secret; the photograph moves. Run over and grab the Turn Table Key and 
read the "Secret Passage Note". Now examine the three holes in below saying: "Lead 
three armies into battle and the path will open." Now you have to go over to the 
airport so leave.

East Hallway
The Security Cam will have disappeared whether you got caught or not here. Ride the 
elevator down to B1F.

Head down the steps and grab your trusty SG again and this time hopefully you can 
keep it. Now take the IR here if you didn’t before and we’ll go back to save. Go 
through the water and up the ladder as before. Take whatever Red Herbs are left 
here if you can.

Basement Hallway
Head down to the Private Office through the single door.

Private Office
If you didn’t take the Green Herb before then take it now and combine it with a Red 
Herb. Either keep hold of this or place it back in the IB, along with any other Red 
Herbs you might have on you. Save, replace the IR and leave.

Basement Hallway
Go back to the ladder and go down.

Go back over and go through the door.

B.O.W. Research Lab
Head up the stairs and you’ll run into Wesker. Alexia interrupts Wesker and 
ironically saves Chris. Chris is thrown into a cry-tube and releases the last 
Bandersnatcher of the game. After 5-7 SGS, he falls back. Follow Wesker through the 
double doors.

Turn Table Room
Run over to the turn table and place the key in the slot. Ride the table up to the 
Main Corridor.

Main Hallway
Now cross over the crate and head over to the door beside the debris, not through 
the double doors yet. There are BGA on the floor in this corridor.

Facility Office
Kill the zombies if they bother you. Grab the BGA then head into the other room. 
Kill the zombie present here and go through the newly unveiled blast-hole. Head 
through the door in the corridor.

The new explosions and fires make everything difficult to track the locations of 
but if you think about it that corridor where we just went through the door is the 
corridor through the far shutter. But anyway, run up to the zombie and let him take 
a nibble so you can rapidly toggle the analogue stick and squash his head. This 
method saves lots of ammo. Run over to the other side of the cage and go down the 

Air Conditioning Room
First things first, pull the lever. This will air out the room, hence its name. 
Head down the ramp and kill or avoid the four zombies here. Head over to the 
familiar Brig (up the furthest steps and through the door).

The Brig
Kill the Hunter here quickly with two Flame Rounds before he gets you and run over 
to the door opposite into the Brig Office.

Brig Office
Run around the corner and grab the chemical for Clement Alpha. Combine it with 
Clement Zeta to get the Clement Mixture. Now you just need the Indigo Plate. Go to 
the desk and modify your Glock 17 into the Customized Handgun. Your HG now deals 
deadly blows two thirds as strong as the SG, but there is no increase in ammo 
capacity or firing speed. but worth the customization in the end. Head out.

The Brig
Head back to the Air Conditioning Room.

Air Conditioning Room
Head back to the Backyard up the step and up the ladder.

Head back to the Facility Office through the only other door here.

Facility Office
Head back to the Main Corridor.

Main Hallway
Head through the double doors.

Ruined Courtyard
Avoid the Hunters; with the current camera view and your lacking of ammo it would 
be foolish to kill these guys. Head over to the huge elevator and ride it down 
before they get you!

Shutter Room
Finally you are granted with the opportunity to save. I strongly recommend saving 
here because you are likely to die at some point. Take the Grenade Rounds off the 
crate here first though. Head over to the shutter after you have customized your 
inventory head into the Crane Room through the shutter.

Crane Room
Kill the lone Hunter here before he becomes a problem. Don’t use the HG it would be 
foolish, use something with some power behind it like those Rounds you just took. 
Then ride the lift up and go through the door to the over bridge.

Over Bridge
Run all the way across. Notice the bridge controls; you'll need to restore the 
bridge's oil pressure in order to operate them. Head across and to the Bridge 
Pressure Control Room.

Bridge Pressure Control
For Claire this is where you go to get the K-402 Key but as Chris the self-destruct 
caused damage in the bridge's pressure and he needs restore it here. Run over to 
the Pressure Machine to your right and read the notice. To do this you need to do 
the following:

There are three switches; 3, 5 and 10

-	Flick switch 3 twice (putting 6 measures into the main)
-	Flick switch 5 once (Putting 4 into the main, leaving 1 measure)
-	Flick switch 10 once (it should now empty again)
-	Flick switch 3 two more times (Putting 6 into the main again)
-	Flick switch 5 (Putting the last measure that was already there in)

That will then reach the 7 which the notice said was required, however the zombies 
we clambered over earlier finally rise. Kill them with your HG and run over to 
there rising spot to grab the SGS. These should hopefully come in handy. Now leave.

Over Bridge & Under Bridge
Run across to the lever and pull it, the bridge will go down again. Head back to 
the Crane Room.

Crane Room
Ride the lift down, and head to the Under Bridge through the shutter.

Under Bridge
Run all the way across to the Air Traffic Control but on your way a 
Hunter jumps into the scene. Use the SG to get him down and head across.

Air Traffic Control Office
Head around the corner and suddenly you see strange red eyed zombies; Wesker's 
boys! Kill them with the HG and be prepared as they do take quite a bit of 
punishment. Don't use the shotgun on them, but feel free to use the AR if you have 
it. Head back to the airplane entryway.

Airplane Entryway
Kill the Hunter Wesker left behind for you with the SG or GL and head to the 
controls. Turn them off and head over to the lift when the sparks stop flying. 
That's why you turned the power off! Grab the Army Proof, the Navy Proof, and the 
Air Force Proof and leave.

Air Traffic Control Office
Head around the desk and back the Bridge Room.

Under Bridge
Head back to the Crane Room across the bridge.

Crane Room
Head back to the Shutter Room.

Shutter Room
I highly recommend you save again after you heal up, replace any unusable ammo you 
may have and get some health items out to carry. The Sweepers upstairs are a bitch 
and may kill you. Load up your GL if you have anything for it and the same with the 
SG. Then save, put the IR back, get the Clement Mixture out and head up the 
elevator back to the Ruined Courtyard.

Ruined Courtyard
Now there are two Sweeper’s present here so whip out your strongest weapon and 
dispose of them as quickly as possible. Use a Blue herb if you have one and they 
get you. Run over to the crates in the foreground and grab the SGS on the floor. 
Then head back in via the two double doors.

Main Hallway
Head back into the Office.

Facility Office
Head around to the Backyard.

Head down the ladder in the caged area.

Air Conditioning Room
Head back up the nearest flight of stairs which lead to the Sewer.

Go straight across to the elevator and ride it up to 1F.

East Hallway
Head back to the Model Room.

Model Room
Go to the newly revealed area on the wall and place the Air Force Proof, the Army 
Proof and the Navy Proof in that order and the Model will move. This will reveal a 
ladder. Grab the two lots of SGS and the Green Herb before climbing down.

Secret Hallway
Avoid the spiders and go down the hall to grab the GS just around the corner. Now 
grab the Green Herb next to it and head across the waterfall and down the ladder at 
the end. Don’t bother with the spiders as they don’t give you much trouble and 
you’ll need the ammo in a second.

Basement 4
Head down, collect and combine the two herbs on the floor and get ready for a Boss 

This boss is relatively easy because it cannot hurt you provided you stay on the 
outside. You also need to be careful with ammo because if you get left without 
anything and he is still living then you really are screwed. Unload all your GS on 
him as well as SGS and he should fall. Add whatever else you have after that to 
kill him if he’s still alive. Make sure you do not enter the water as he will kill 
you pretty quickly.  So run along the sides and try to get him to stop at a spot. 
Then run over to him, aim down and unload what you got. Eventually he'll die as 
long as you keep at it long enough and are accurate with your weapons. This is 
indicated when he floats lifelessly to the top of the water. When he’s done jump 
into the water and grab the Indigo Blue Plate from the centre. Combine them with 
the Clement Mixture to get the Gold Halberd. Now leave where you came in.

Secret Hallway
Dodge the spiders again as I doubt you can afford the ammo. Head all the way to the 
ladder and leave up it.

Model Room
Head back to the East Hallway.

East Hallway
Head to the elevator and ride to 2F.

Security Lab
Head back to the Storage Room through the door at the end of the corridor.

Storage Room
Go to the lift and ride it back down. Head to the Tank Room through the second pair 
of double doors you come across.

Tank Room
Ride the lift back down to the Basement Hallway.

Basement Hallway
It should now be safe down here so head down to the Private Office.

Private Office - SP
Save and stock up on your needs before leaving.

Basement Hallway
Use the Halberd on the double doors on the end and head on through to end this 
chapter with a plane conveniently driving itself next to Chris.

Now it’s Chris Redfield’s turn to explore this area just as Claire did. Now you 
will fight the giant Queen Spiders and witness the death of friendship in a 
horrifying mutation. The Transportation Base will also prove to be one of the most 
challenging points in the game as you will need to travel everywhere to uncover the 
most hideous secrets of Code Veronica. It’s time to save your sister Claire because 
if Alexia finds her first, you’re going to be in some serious trouble. The story 
also unfolds itself in amazing proportions; get ready for the ultimate in plot 

Jet Docking Port
Run past the evacuation elevator and through the next set of double doors.

Frozen Dome
Something is seriously wrong here; your last visit wasn't like this. As Chris, the 
situation proves that Alexia Ashford was more then just a hallucination. Whip out 
the SG and blast the tentacle arm as much as possible. This will take some shooting 
(around 10-15 SGS). Run past when he goes back into the wall and begin on the 
second who shouldn’t take as much. When he too withdraws head down the ladder and 
then through the single door just ahead.

Worker's Sleep Lodgings
Grab the newly unveiled GS for your GL off the last bed on the left. Now leave.

Frozen Dome
Head on downstairs.

Derelict Frozen Hallway
Head straight across to Alexander's Private Office. You’ll be pleased to see that 
the Moth’s have gone but don’t go down that corridor yet as it will awaken the 
bodies they were feasting on and we are going to need to save ammo. We cannot enter 
the Production Room down there anyway as thanks to Steve and Claire's escape, the 
basement of the Base is virtually all frozen over. So head straight into the office.

Alexander's Office - SP
Run over to the indentation of a Halberd by the bookcase and place your Halberd in 
to open the cabinet below. Grab the Paper Weight and the file "Alfred's Diary", 
telling you about a secret he found out about his father. Take the IR and once 
again I recommend you to save. This is because you may find yourself ammoless on a 
number of occasions. Firstly though, place the Paper Weight and any unneeded items 
into the IB and take out the Empty Fire Extinguisher. Then save as normal and leave.

Derelict Frozen Hallway 
Head back upstairs.

Frozen Dome
Head to and through the double doors here.

Production Room 2F (Frozen)
Head around to the right of the screen and go through the door into the Machine 

Machine Room (Frozen)
Now that it is frozen you can walk on the ice. Go to the ladder and simply slide 
across to the Octa Valve and grab the Octa Valve Handle. This will cause the 
zombies to rise out of the ice however I advise dodging them. There are only 5 
zombies and an Albinoid to worry about so just dodge and leave here for good; we’ll 
need the ammo.

Production Room 2F (Frozen)
Now head to the left side of the room and go through the door here. 

There are 3 zombies in here. Knock them over with what HGB you have but don’t worry 
about killing them. Grab the Briefcase from in the now open cage area. Claire will 
unlock it later with her trusty lockpick for some Magnum Rounds (MR) so for now 
just take it with you. Also take the SGS which follow. Grab the FAS if you’re 
hurting and by all means take it with you if you have three free spaces. Now leave.

Production Room 2F (Frozen)
Drop down onto the ice and go up the other side to a dura-steel door. You may 
notice the hideous Spider under the ice which you’ll be facing soon. Go through the 

Laboratory Hallway
Suddenly Chris finds out about Wesker's presence, given off by another of those 
annoying Spy Cam’s. You’re almost guaranteed to get caught so prepare for the 
Hunter fight. However, unlike at Rockfort Island, if you get caught here the Spy 
Cam will not disappear. This means that you'll have to avoid them every time you go 
through this hall. Some Hunters and Sweepers will also appear anyway. Go through 
the double doors you see here quickly without worrying about the Hunter just yet.

Aqua Life-Form Laboratory
Run over to the blue-flashing Control Panel next to the lift and use it to pull up 
some Class C Extinguisher Chalk. Use your Empty Fire Extinguisher to fill it up. 
Now go to the lift by the chalk bag and ride it down to the Weapons Storage.

Weapons Storage
Walk over to the fire and use the Fire Extinguisher. Now run over to the box Claire 
sent through earlier. You’ll now posses the ultimate weapon in the game. Next, run 
through to the back room and over to the locker. Use your lighter to light the 
detonator Claire placed there and open it to unveil three lots of HGB. (note; I am 
informed that zombies are found here and can only conclude that they must be on the 
NTSC variation). Now leave up the lift.

Aqua Life-Form Laboratory
Now ride the other lift up and go to the Tank Drainage Valve. Examine this. It 
looks like you'll need a square valve to get in here so we’ll come back soon. Ride 
the lift down and go back out through the double doors.

Laboratory Hallway
If you called a Hunter last time then wait and fire a SGS at him to floor him and 
then head all the way down to the elevator. If you killed the Hunter or did not get 
caught by the Spy Cam then avoid the Camera and make your way down to the lift. 
Ride it down to the Mansion Complex.

False Courtyard
Hear that swimming noise? Move and a Sweeper will come towards you. Silence it with 
one deadly blast of the Magnum. Go through the door opposite the one you came 
through. If you got poisoned by the Sweeper and didn’t have a Blue Herb then don’t 
worry there is one through this door but don’t grab it to early.

Frozen Hall
There are 12 zombies packed into this hall just around the corner. They are more 
then likely to get a bite or two so just remember to toggle the analogue stick to 
shake them off. Use your HG for these. I recommend going forward and then running 
back slightly when you hear them moan. This way you’ll have more space to get them. 
When you’ve got all the ones that would appear to be there (probably the first four 
or five), grab the Blue Herb. Now carry on around the corner and back up again when 
you hear zombies. These three should die surprisingly fast. Grab the two Green 
Herbs here to use or combine if you can. The metal door is locked because power is 
not being supplied to this part of this Station, so head back to the entrance and 
head to the door to your right with a High Power notice on.

Auxiliary Power Room - SP
Who turned off the lights? Head over to the far right corner of this room and go to 
the Octa Valve indentation. Use the Octa Valve Handle and the Power Switch will 
work again. Now go over to the huge machine and move the lever to turn on the 
power. Next, grab the SGS by the Octa Valve indentation, the two lots of HGB off 
the desk and any Herbs you want to use, carry or put into the IB. Take the Paper 
Weight out of the IB and store the Briefcase, Octa Valve Handle and any other 
unnecessary items. Keep the Magnum but store the GL. Carry one or two health items. 
Grab the IR off the desk and save. Place the IR in the IB and leave.

Frozen Hall
Now head to the end of the hall again and go through the now operational door. Bet 
you’re glad you killed those guys before this stuff filled the hall, eh?

Tiger Eyes Room
Go to the dresser and grab the SGS and the HGB. The double doors by the Water 
Statue are locked so head into the thin red hallway. There is a Tiger Eyes Statue 
at the end of this hallway but don’t worry about him just yet. Instead, head into 
the only door down here and ride the elevator.

You will automatically ride down to the Basement 3 Laboratory.

Alexia's Laboratory Entrance
When enter you will see a huge cocoon and hear the strange rustling noise that is 
hundreds of little Ants. These will damage Chris’ health so be quick around here. 
Grab the Wing Object off the plank. This is an important item. Now head right and 
through the door at the end. Leave the Herb for now.

Ant Hill Laboratory
Kill the 2 zombies here and run to the desk to read the "Queen Ant Report". This 
will reference Nosfaretu, who is of course Alexander, and the need for an anti-
viral serum. Now head into the other room. Let the floored zombie nibble and wiggle 
to crush his head. Kill the next two zombies and grab two lots of hidden HGB off 
the desk. The Ant Hill is hard to see but it is there. Examine it to see how the 
Queen Ant is dead and then leave.

Alexia's Laboratory Entrance
Now take the Green Herb here if you wish or keep hold of it for at least the 
journey through the Ants. Travel all the way to the other side and down the little 
corridor to some double doors. Use the Green Herb you collected, leaving the one 
here for now unless you need it. Head in through the dura-steel double doors.

T-Veronica Virus Laboratory
Run to the console on the left of the screen and read the "Virus Research Report" 
which is yet another document left behind by the mysterious Alexia Ashford. Now run 
up the steps and go to the console beside the capsule and there is 4 insignias 
here, a crown, a heart, an AA (Alexia and Alfred) and a spade. They have to be 
pressed in the following order to turn the power on:

-	Press the AA symbol
-	Press the Crown symbol
-	Press the Heart Symbol
-	Finally, press the Spade symbol
-	Place the Paper Box in the slot

Suddenly Alfred's dead body slumps out of the capsule. Grab Alfred's Ring and 
examine it to take out Alfred's Jewel. Now leave.

Alexia's Laboratory Entrance
Now take the Green Herb here and head back to the elevator through the centre 

You will automatically return back to the Mansion Area.

Tiger Eyes Room
Now head down to the Tiger Eyes Statue straight down this corridor and take out the 
Blue Jewel to get a Socket. This will make our Square Valve Handle. Now take out 
the Red Jewel to get MR. Remember to put each jewel back in so the Tiger Eyes 
Statue allows you to take out the next jewel. Now head back to the Frozen Hall.

Frozen Hall
Head down to the Auxiliary Power Room.

Auxiliary Power Room - SP
Stock up on healing items and grab the Octa Valve Handle. Combine this with the 
Socket to get a Square Valve Handle. Carry Alfred’s Jewel and the Wing Object as we 
will be using them fairly soon. For weapons, take  the HG, SG, Magnum and ammo for 
each. If you don’t have MR for some insane and inexcusable reason then take the GL 
instead with Acid or Grenade Rounds. We’ll soon be fighting that big ol’ Spider. 
Save your game, replace the IR and leave.

Frozen Hall
Head back to the False Courtyard through the door ahead.

False Courtyard
Ride the elevator ahead back up to the Laboratory Hallway.

Laboratory Hallway
Avoid the Spy Cam or Hunter which may be in here unless you want to be defenceless 
in the next Boss Fight. Head to and through the double doors near the entrance.

Aqua Life-Form Laboratory
Ride the lift at the end of the room and use the Square Valve Handle on the square 
indentation ahead. Now the water will empty so climb down and grab the Crane Key. 
This will cause a Sweeper to break through so kill him with you and avoid its claws 
unless you’re carrying a Blue Herb or two. Then leave.

Laboratory Hallway
Head back through the door in this corridor which is now visible, still taking care 
to avoid whatever may be in here.

Production Room 2F (Frozen)
Follow this walkway to the Crane Control Console and use the Crane Key to raise the 
dead body of Nosfaretu. Who exactly put it there? Why, it was Alexia of course. She 
calls upon the giant black Spider from under the ice. Time for yet another boss 

This boss is ridiculously easy. Simply have Chris equip the Magnum and fire 5-6 MR 
into him. That should be enough to topple the Spider. If for whatever reason you 
used your Magnum on Hunter’s or Sweeper’s (although you really shouldn’t have if 
you followed the guide) then 4 Acid Shells or 6 GR will suffice. In terms of its 
attack, the Spider can poison you with its bite and can also drop from the roof and 
try to slash at you with its legs. But the only offence from this spider that you 
need to worry about is its poison, so hopefully you have a Blue Herb for 
afterwards, just in case.

After the simple fight run over to Nosfaretu's body and grab the Alexander's Pierce 
off the ground. Examine this to get Alexander's Jewel. Now head back to the 
Laboratory Hallway through the door we came from. It's time to save Claire!

Laboratory Hallway
There should be no Cams or Hunters in here anymore but you should be prepared the 
first time you come through. Head back to the elevator.

False Courtyard
Now that everything works, run down this corridor and into the somewhat out-of-
place Courtyard. Go around to the carousel and climb down into the water. Run to 
the fountain and grab the second Dragonfly Wing. Climb back up and grab the third 
Dragonfly Wing by the Carrousel itself. Go round to the door and take one of the 
Green Herbs near it, leaving the other for now. They are quite hard to see but 
there is one either side of the door next to each flower garden. Now head through 
the door.

Mansion Foyer
Head up the stairs and to the painting. Examine it to find that there are three 
holes on each of the three family members. Insert Alfred's Jewel in the hole at his 
finger (as it was his Ring) and Alexander's Jewel in the hole at his ear (as it was 
a Pierce). After, climb up further up the right hand stairs and grab the Combat 
Knife, before running back down stairs and behind the stairs. Here you'll find 
Claire unconscious and tied in green slime! Use the knife (don't equip it) and 
you'll set her free. However if she was poisoned during the battle back with 
Nosfaretu which is highly likely then you’ll need to collect an anti-dote. However 
if you were lucky enough to avoid the gas Nosfaretu gave off then this will not be 
necessary so skip the next paragraph and refer down to the Mansion Foyer. 

Detour for Antidote
Head back to the False Courtyard and ride the elevator (the door on the right 
through the corridor) back up to the Laboratory Hallway. Go back to the Aqua Life-
Form Lab through the double doors in this hallway. Ride the first lift down to the 
Weapons Storage. Kill the three zombies with the SG if they get in your way; 
however the Serum is only on the shelf to Chris’ right. Grab the newly revealed 
Serum and ride the lift back up to the Aqua Life-Form Laboratory. Now go back to 
the Laboratory Hallway and ride the elevator at the end back down to the False 
Courtyard. Here, there is a door ahead which leads to the Frozen Hall and then to 
the Auxiliary Power Room Save Point. I strongly recommend going through here and re-
saving as there is a point soon where death is likely and you could have to 
repeatedly replay around half an hour of the game. After saving if you are smart 
enough to, get back here and run back to the Mansion Foyer through the double doors 
in the Courtyard part. This will heal Claire.

Mansion Foyer
Suddenly Alexia interrupts Claire and Chris, showing Claire that there is indeed an 
Alexia. She soon flees as a tentacle swipes Chris, leaving Claire once again in 
your control one last time. Now you must find 
Steve alone...

Mansion Lounge
Grab the HGB off the table and SGS off the sofa. Take the Green and Red Herb which 
you may need. Combine them and use them if you need to but keep them if you don’t. 
Next, grab a FAS or health item out the IB. Chris should have the SG so for now 
don’t worry about pushing bookcase to the side to reveal a slot for the SG. If it 
was left in the IB then by all means do this and place the SG there now to unveil 
GR and Incendiary Rounds which you should place in the IB for him, otherwise we 
will do this later. Claire should have her HG and HGB but take them out if they are 
in the IB. It is important to remember here that when Claire finds Steve, whatever 
weapons she has will not be usable any longer. Because of this, do not take out any 
weapons other than her HG if it is here and put back any weapons and ammo except 
the HG and HGB. Make sure you have about 35-45 HGB on you depending on how careful 
and accurate you are with your shots. Take the Briefcase out and use Claire’s 
Lockpick on it to reveal MR. Place these into the IB. Finally, head through the 
door by the painting.

Decorated Hallway
Run down this hallway and don’t stop in shock when the tentacle pops out. When he 
does and you’ve missed his swing, stop and fire at him with your HG (auto works 
best). Now carry on around the corner for the second one, this time creeping very 
slowly and keeping to the left (outside) of the hallway to try to be out of his 
range when he appears. The moment he breaks through, begin stepping back and he 
should miss you. Punish this guy with the HG in the same way. Head for the door at 
the far end of the hallway as the door in the middle is locked from the other side.

Kill the zombie inside the open cell but don't go in; let him come to you. If you 
go to him you're likely to end up being cuddled. Ignore the body which is in there 
and continue down. Ignore the banging zombie as he is only there for show. Head up 
the small steps and go into the adjacent cell to grab the two lots of BGA. Next 
head back to the Cannon and pick up and read the "Security File". Now use the 
Cannon to spit out a card inside a Crystal. As you walk past (which you should do 
very quickly) a metal block drops. Rush to the Cannon mouth before the block drops 
again and grab the crystal ball. Inside you'll see a Security Key Card. Now to 
brake it out but be warned; this is very tricky. I died three times before I got 
this right and the last SP is way back before the last Boss Fight against the 
Spider. Run under the metal block quickly and make sure you aim properly and finish 
in the centre. Immediately get to your Inventory Screen and use the Crystal. Claire 
automatically moves out of the way and the metal block crushes the Crystal ball. 
Now here’s how to grab the Security Card. As soon as the block has come down to 
crush the Crystal, move forward while it’s on its way up. This way it will not 
crush you when you go to take the Card. If the block reaches the top before you 
realise what you need to do then run across to next to the cannon to make it drop 
again and go in to take the Card while it is on its way up this time. When you get 
the Card the block will switch off, although I doubt you’ll want to take any 
chances anyway. Now leave the way you came to take the BGA back.

Decorated Hallway
Go all the way to the other end and back through the door.

Mansion Lounge
Place the BGA, the HG and any HGB in the IB. Claire should only have the Security 
Card and at least two or three good healing items left. Make sure you opened the 
Duralumin Case and put the MR back in the IB and go back the way we came.

Decorated Hallway
Go all the way to the other end and back through the door.

Now run to the door beside right next to this one (beside the open cell) and go in.

Isolation Confinement
Now for the climax and hopefully you have at least two or three full healing items. 
Use the Security Card and run down to find Steve. However, he will mutate into a 
deadly T-Veronica Mutant. He is also armed with a heavy battle axe and a repulsive 
attitude so turn around and run. He will get at least 2 to 3 swings at you and make 
sure you use the healing items after every swing or you will die and have to do 
quite a lot all over again. Now hurry, carefully and quickly dodging his blows if 
you can and eventually you'll escape. Steve will then save Claire and at the cost 
of his life. Claire cries as the scene shifts to the next Boss Fight. From now on 
and here on out Chris will be your character.

Mansion Foyer
After dissing Wesker about supremacy and the T- Veronica Virus they fight, Wesker's 
speed will help when Chris joins the fray, The crafty HCF henchman abandons Chris 
like he did with Premature Tyrant in the REmake for another boss fight!

STRATEGY: Six simple shots of the Magnum should be enough to finish her if you have 
six rounds. If you have some then empty those into her and switch to the SG. If you 
didn’t have the Magnum at all then you are in some serious trouble. All you can do 
is give her everything you’ve got and repeatedly move away whenever she starts to 
get close. She has a deadly attack too, When she sprays blood on the floor, move 
out of the way quickly because it will turn into combustible gas and then fire. 
Also if you ever get within swinging distance, one slap is all it takes to kill 
you. However, thankfully you only have to start from the beginning of this fight 
rather then at the last SP. If you only have Chris’ HG on you then I would just 
load up and start over as it would be a dreadful waste of time even trying. With 
enough ammo this fight can be fairly simple, so best of luck and I hope you brought 
what you needed; I don’t tell you to carry things for nothing!

After winning the fight, run over to Alexia's body and grab Alexia's Choker. 
Examine this to get Alexia's Jewel. Run over to the painting again and place the 
final Jewel inside. Now head inside.

Secret Hallway
Kill the first zombie here and head through the double doors on Chris’ right.

Alexander's Cloning Lab
Head over to the chair and read the "Code Veronica Report" about Alexander creating 
his twins. Grab the two Green Herbs and then run to the lift to ride it down. Head 
over to the Cryo-tubes and grab the HGB. Next go to the Computer Console by the 
operating table and use it to unlock the table. Take the final Wing Object from it. 
Now you just need the Dragonfly’s body. Ride the lift back up. Now head up the 
stairs here and unlock the door. Go through.

Decorated Hallway
Head to the Mansion Lounge, down the corridor to Chris’ right.

Mansion Lounge
Now we can push the bookcase and place the SG in the slot. Go over to the newly 
raised painting and grab the Grenade and Flame Rounds. Put them back in the IB for 
now. Take the SG back out of the slot. Stock up on any ammo or weapons you should 
now have access to. You may disagree but I found that Claire’s HG (holding 20 
bullets and with an automatic option) was a better weapon than Chris’ modified 
Glock 17 (which holds 18 but has a stronger fire). Decide which you prefer and take 
one if you wish; you can always swap later. But don’t get too excited with all the 
weapons, keep at least 4 spaces free as the next SP has no IB. I’d put the Magnum 
back in here for now. Now leave through the door by the secret painting.

Decorated Hallway
Head back to the Lab through the door you unlocked.

Alexander's Cloning Lab
Head back to the Secret Hallway.

Secret Hallway
Now finish the other three guys here. Head over to the right part of this hallway 
(Chris’ left at the turning) and go through the first door you see.

Main Lounge - SP
At last! The game should have place a SP in the Mansion Lounge in my opinion but 
nevertheless, there is one here although I advise you wait for the next one before 
saving. Take the FAS from the coat rail, the SGS off the trunk and the IR off the 
desk. Also be sure to take the Sterile Room Key out of the right drawer. Now you 
can save your game if you want to although there’s truthfully little point yet as 
we’re heading to a SP now with an IB. Now leave.

Secret Hallway
Head back to the Mansion Foyer.

Mansion Foyer
Head downstairs and through the double doors.

False Courtyard
Head over to the Frozen Hall through the door down the corridor and on the left.

Frozen Hall
Head into the Auxiliary Power Room through the door on the right.

Auxiliary Power Room - SP
God I dunno, one minute they don’t give us SP in an hours gaming with three good 
chances of death and the next they’re throwing typewriters at us! Anyway, now turn 
the power off. Save if you didn’t earlier, before tiding up your inventory. Replace 
the IR and then leave.

Frozen Hall
Head back to the False Courtyard through the door ahead.

False Courtyard
Head back to the Mansion Foyer thorough the double doors.

Mansion Foyer
Run over to the double doors on the use the Sterile Room Key. Now go in.

Tiger Eyes Room
Small world isn’t it? Head back to the Tiger Eyes Statue and grab the Red and Blue 
Jewels. The power is off so the Tiger will not turn. Now go back to the Mansion 
Foyer once again.

Mansion Foyer (CVX)
Head up to the secret door again and go through to the Secret Hallway. Now it is 
time for the last part of the walkthrough... and of the game!

The final chapter begins with the quest to find Claire again. You will fight Alexia 
and Wesker with your substantial arsenal. The power of the enemy is now greater 
than ever but with a stroke of luck and genius Chris can overcome any obstacle. You 
will have to have patience, because the final Boss Fight will test you beyond 
anything you have experienced so far.

Secret Hallway
There will be around four more zombies waiting for you so finish them off if you 
wish. Head to the right side of the hall again. Head down to the door at the end 
and go through. Take both Green Herbs on the floor.

Alfred’s Bedroom (ARC)
You’ll see how this is the same as back in the Private Residence on Rockfort 
Island. Insert the Blue Jewel inside the King Ant Object on the Music Box. Now head 
through the statue door.

Alexia’s Bedroom (ARC)
Run to the music box, close it and insert the Red Jewel. Grab the Music Box Plate. 
In here, unlock the door before heading back to Alfred’s bedroom through the statue 

Alfred’s Bedroom (ARC)
Go to the open music box and insert the Music Box Plate to reveal the steps on the 
bed and unfortunately start that song again. Climb up the bed and go up the ladder.

Cinema Room
Remember the ant film you saw as Claire way back in the Ashford's Palace? This is 
the room where it took place. Realising this, you will realise that this is where 
the twins spent their childhood and that the Private Residence was modelled after 
this, not the other way around. Now run to the bucket the other side of the table 
and grab the Dragonfly Object. Combine this with the four Wing Objects and you’ll 
get the Gold Dragonfly. Grab the HGB off the table, the two Green Herbs off the 
floor and the IR off the decoration shelf which you may have noticed on your way 
in. Now leave.

Alfred’s Bedroom (ARC)
Leave back to the Secret Hallway.

Secret Hallway
Head back to the Cloning Lab.

Alexander's Cloning Lab
Head to the door up the steps and go through to the Decorated Hallway.

Decorated Hallway
Head back to the Mansion Lounge.

Mansion Lounge
Go to the IB and grab the Magnum, AR, GL, SG, ammo for all and two or three healing 
items. Place back the HG and any HGB which you won't be needing and still make sure 
you have one item space left. If you really can’t make room then put one item back 
and come back for it when you insert the Gold Dragonfly in the lock. I highly 
recommend taking an IR back to the other SP and saving but bring the IR back after. 
To clarify; have the Magnum, AR, GL, SG and ammo for each and two or three health 
items. Go to save and replace the IR here. Make sure you have the Gold Dragonfly. 
When you’re done with all this, head back to the Decorated Hallway.

Decorated Hallway
Head towards the Penitentiary. Claire is waiting for you.

Claire is still crying, but suddenly she gives you the Security File through the 
door. She tells Chris that all the electronic doors will unlock if the self-
destruct sequence is activated. What is it with Resident Evil and the self-
destruct, we don't even have that with today's obsolete technology, and since this 
is 1996?! Anyway head to the stairs at the end of the pathway and head up.

Alexia's Chamber
Yes, this is where you shall fight the last Boss! Now continue to the door ahead 
and place the Gold Dragonfly in the indentation. Before going inside, you may want 
to go back to the IB for an extra healing item or if you don't have 4 of the 5 
-	GL (at least two types of shells) [3 spaces/2 spaces loaded]
-	SG (at least 14 SGS) [2 spaces]
-	AR (At least 30-40% of ammo) [2 spaces]
-	3 health items (pref. a Green & Blue Herb mix + 2 FAS) [2-3 spaces]
-	Magnum & all rounds (1-2 spaces) *A MUST*

Therefore you should have a completely full inventory upon arriving. You WILL NEED 
these items to stand a chance against the upcoming Boss.

Operations Control Room
Kill the two zombies with your SG. A total of 8-9 bullets will be used up. If that 
is the case, make sure your AR has over 40% ammo. Head up the step ladder and to 
the Control Console. Examine it to find that you need a Key Card. Now check that 
Security File to get the Key and use it here. As indicated in one of the files you 
collected previously, input the password "VERONICA". The facility and nightmare 
will now detonate in 5 minutes. Quickly grab the Herb and climb down the ladder and 
to the door. Ignore the other zombie; he is just there for show.

Alexia's Chamber
Claire meets up with Chris again but only in time for Alexia. Chris devises a plan 
to use a Linear Launcher to blow Alexia away. First, cancel the bitch’s plans for 
Claire with a single shot of the AR. Suddenly she will drop and the hardest Boss 
Fight in the game will ensue. For me, this is in fact the hardest Boss Fight in the 
saga so far. The grand finale will now begin!

Now this is the hardest Boss in Resident Evil before the fourth instalment because 
she can a: poison you, b: her tentacles hit with the force of a heavy Hand Gun, and 
worst of all, c: little hatchling leeches make aiming bloody difficult. This is why 
you should have the Assault Rifle, as when they get intolerably pushy you can aim 
down and take them out. However, the tentacles can be used to your advantage 
occasionally. When you see a tentacle peek out of her body, move around to the 
other side of the platform; either the centre (middle), far side (farthest from the 
door), or the near side (by the door). Then the tentacle will take most of them 
out, or even all of them if you’re quick. When they're confused, stay in your area 
and fire constantly at the body, or the upper part as the body takes a bit more 
punishment. So if you want to end it as quickly as possible then begin to take her 
out with your Magnum (start the game over if you don't have it), aim and fire. Next 
load your shotgun and use it up. Next fire the Grenade Launcher and use both 
rounds. If you have Flame Rounds then use those last.

If the young leeches get pushy switch to the assault shotgun and fire at the ground 
beneath, some will latch on to your back and suck, and suck, but if you toggle the 
controls you'll shake it off, always do your best to aim at the upper body torso 
and only when your at a point where leeches won't let you aim up, fire at Alexia's 
oversized belly, the damage done is only two thirds of the damage done to her by 
firing at the upper body, it will have to do.

Remember to use healing items when your poisoned or at the caution (orange) status 
or if your patient immediately use a full healing item at the danger (red) status. 
At the conclusion of the fight you might want to make sure you have a healing item 
for the last boss, also do your best to avoid the acid spit, if hit enough or with 
decreased luck, you'll get poisoned! Fire at the leeches when they are annoying and 
avoid the tentacles, eventually you kill her and she screams in agony, now it is 
time for the grand finale! 

Suddenly Ants come crawling from the lower floor and she detaches from her bloated 
body, now the Linear Launcher is available, grab it and the final Boss Fight begins!

Aim the Linear Launcher up at the dragonfly Alexia and fire. However, luck really 
counts in this fight as shy flies fast and it is impossible to get a direct hit. 
The best thing to manage is to fire at a spot when she is within sight and she will 
hopefully blunder into it, but it takes time and the clock is ticking. Also, after 
every single shot that you miss, move out of the way quickly as she will use that 
blood fire again. If you get if you get hit and end up in caution (orange) or 
danger (red) heal up, if your already there heal right after you grab the Linear 
Launcher. One hit and she dies. 

Escaping down and suddenly Chris runs into Wesker who is holding Claire 
hostage, he will follow him into a huge cavern with Wesker's HCF submarine, a huge 
fight ensues and it's up to Chris to avenge Enrico, Richard, Forest, Kenneth and 
all of the other people Wesker betrayed! After the awesome battle Chris meets up 
with Claire and they escape, vowing to finally destroy Umbrella. Little do they 
know that in 6 years to come, Umbrella (which will fall) will be the least of there 
worries, as a new bio-weapon organisation or "cult" has raised from the ashes... 
you guessed it; The Los Illuminadors and the maniacal Saddler leading them. But 
that is Leon's tale, and a different story...

Credits Roll. Well done, you have now completed Resident Evil – Code: Veronica X. 
The Completion Screen of RE-CVX is pretty uninteresting but it does tell you your 
grade and how many saves and reloads you made. I finished my first game with an E. 
I saved 35 times and you should have saved around this number too. If you saved 30 
or fewer times then you played far too risky for my liking, but if you saved 40 or 
more times you must have saved unnecessarily. Your number of saves contributes to 
your grade. I also didn’t retry once because I reset the console whenever I died. I 
don’t like to see retries on my final screen! And don’t you go calling me a cheat; 
look who used the walkthrough!


Battle Game 		- You will unlock the Battle Game, similar to the 
Mercenaries in RE4. Now this game is yours to play and can be accessed from the 
Main Menu. In it you can choose to play with Claire, Chris or Steve and each have 
their own selection of weapons (which have unlimited ammo) and health items (which 
give full health but can only be used once each). You can then choose to play in 
first or third person. Then you enter the game with a counter. You don’t gain 
anything from this but if you want to just dash around killing things then this is 
the game for you. Each character’s items are described below if you’re interested.

	Claire		-	Combat Knife
			-	Handgun + Bullets
			-	Bow Gun + Gun Powder Arrows
			-	4 Herb Full Healers

	Chris		-	Combat Knife
			-	Magnum & Rounds
			-	Shotgun & Shells
			-	2 Herb Full Healers

	Claire		-	Combat Knife
			-	Gold Lugers + Bullets
			-	Sub-Machine Guns + Bullets
			-	2 Herb Full Healers

"D.I.C. Diary"		- This can now by found in the game. If you play again, 
read this for a rather new twist to the plotline.
Gold Lugers		- You can also use the Gold Lugers as you collected the 
Luger earlier on in Part 2.


Firstly to get the nitty-gritty out of the way. I have complete copyright of this 
walkthrough and obviously have no qualms with anyone using it. If it is to be 
printed, this section must be included on the hard copy OR a statement added giving 
the walkthrough title “Resident Evil – Code: Veronica X Complete Walkthrough 
Guide©”, my name “by Emma North”, the address the walkthrough was found at and my 
contact email “[email protected]”. No other is permitted to pass the 
walkthrough off as their own or claim any rights to it. Breach of copyright will 
result in prosecution.

A big thank you to anyone who has or is to contact me with regards to this 
walkthrough and to anyone who has helped create or add to it. 

Thanks to M. S. Torrens, whose guide helped me through the game back in December 

Also, thanks to anyone who uses this guide and I hope it is of use to you. 
Apologies for any spelling and grammar mistakes that may have slipped through the 
net; I hope you all could read it OK.


Contact me at [email protected] if you have the answers to any of the 
following questions.

Well it seems you guys have solved them all at the moment. I’ll stick any questions 
which get raised here later. Cheers!

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