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Enter The Matrix.
Complete Walkthrough and Hacking Guide

QuickFaq Version 2.4
Produced By Dead Rabbit


All help is welcome, feel free to mail me at 
[email protected]
but please make sure it isn't included here first.


	1) Data Log
	2) Introduction and Basic Terms
		2.2) Special Thanks
	3) Drive Content
		3.1) A:
		3.2) B:
		3.3) V:
		3.4) Ram:
		3.5) Logos:
	4) Guide to weapon drops
	5) Sparks Training Construct
	6) Special Code Information // Secrets
	7) Speed guide to open Multiplayer Mode
	8) Ghost / Niobe Game Walkthrough
		8.1) Post Office
		8.2) City Driving
		8.3) City Rooftops
		8.4) The Airport
		8.5) The Aqueduct
		8.6) The Sewers
		8.7) The Chateau
		8.8) Under The City
		8.9) The Zen Garden
		8.10) The Freeway
		8.11) The Power plant
		8.12) Chinatown
		8.13) The Skyscraper
		8.14) Onboard The Logos
	9) The Obligatory Legal Bit
	   (If you want a copy just ask!)
1) Data Log

16.05.03	Inception Date, This is pretty much final
 		though. Addition of new codes when available.
20.05.03	Addition of decodes, more secrets etc.
21.05.03    	Addition of a complete walkthrough, call me crazy !
		Niobe only just now, Ghost update VERY shortly..
23.05.03	Ghost Walkthrough details added.
??.??.??	Will update when have more 

2) Introduction and Basic terms

Welcome to yet another quick-faq, It started quick as hacking only, I since gave 
to the call and created a complete walkthrough. This FAQ specialises on the 
Hacking side of the Matrix, As such does touch on the game itself. Yet now does
hold a full guide for the in-game itself. 
This guide is based on the XBOX version, however no doubt it is cross platform.
Enjoy with an open mind.

There are NO details of patches / bugs / fixes regarding the PC version.
No technical support here im afraid..

* Not sure where to head, just follow your arrow, on harder difficulties it will 
  after a time limit to give you a hand.

* Experiment with different 'states' ie door opening, normal action and they turn 
  knob, run and they elbow barge the door through, use focus and they kick it in.
  Try different directions when you fight also ie press throw to throw or use back
  and throw to sweep their legs and punch them away (smiths special move..)
  This works for Niobe, yet is different for Ghost, characters also have different

* Try to fight as much as possible to build up focus faster, if you are in a 
  disarm them as you pass, this will often stop the threat.

* In a firefight make good use of strafe.

* Don't be afraid to waste time, or wait for your character to heal and 
  focus. Especially on harder levels, you may need to.

* BEGINNERS - type HELP then enter, this will then tell you what this
  command will do, it will also give an example, if you are not sure just
  try. use HELP DIR, this will tell you about DIR and what it does. Now
  type DIR to open it in your command prompt bar on the left. Use this
  to make life easier and select DIR then what you want to look at
  using the command prompt bar also. 

* All uppercase wording are commands you can use / write.
  If you have ever used DOS or the like this is probably quite straight forward.
  Hacking is all about experimentation (and a couple of tricks up your sleeve!).

* Once you have typed a command, it will then be in the left column to use.
   this will save typing.

* Always use DIR to explore new drive/ folders when you open them.

Please mail me if you find this guide hard to understand, I have attempted
to make it as simple as possible.

2.2) Special Thanks

*	Larry and Andy Wachoski, for good reason !
*	Again thanks to for inspiration
	love you guys !
*	My sister for making it possible to see reloaded at the cinema a 
	day before anyone else in the country !
*	All those who have helped me in the past, and those who
	have yet to help..
*	Thanks to anklecutter for Persephone's phone number !
	Thanks to leoking13 for decode information..
*	I could write anything here,so,  if you were not afraid what would you 
do ?

3) Drive Content

3.1) A: Drive

Folder - dir a:\system

	This will reset all that has been achieved. (hacking)
	(I don't advise ever using this, as it wipes all your progress, some 
	will try to use it to clear cheats / disks etc. however if you have more
	than one save with something activated - this will not work. The best 
	thing, and fastest is to reset the machine itself,)

	This can be used before a command, it will explain its use

	This will clear the screen

	This opens up the B: drive, Use password 'GUEST'
	Alternatively use FREEMIND or COWBOYCURTIS and receive a 
	message from Morpheus, use 1-5 to play fragments. 
	Caution - You can only login once (unless you reboot)
	This will show all folders / files in an area, select using the	
	command prompt bar on the left.	

	This followed by 'Y' will quit

	Use this to open a text file, once they have been found use
	the command prompt to select the text you want.

	Use echo to write a string of words. ie. ECHO [ENTER TEXT]

Folder - dir a:\tools

	Use to make a vibration [1-100] for fun

	To make notes sequence [1-8] for fun

	Enter a cheat code using this command, codes are stored later
	in this faq.

Folder - dir\text

	Changes virtual drive password to frozenfish (use READ)

	Information of portkey technology (use READ)

	Address for (use READ)
	website = Business terminated
	crack the codes at the websites : (use READ) - (23631BEG) hidden on this site is
	access to, further info on this later. - leads to an alternate enterthematrix
	site, register with Atari to get codes emailed to you.
	see secrets section for more..


3.2) B: Drive

Folder dir\id
	list of in game characters that have been seen in game - unseen are locked
	Also opened by progression. Use VIEW command :

	swata.img	Armoured swat
	neo.img		Neo
	abel.img	Abel
	ajack.img	Agent Jackson
	ajohn.img	Agent Johnson
	asmith.img	Agent Smith
	athomp.img	Agent Thompson
	axel.img	Axel
	ballard.img	Ballard
	bane.img	Bane
	cain.img	Cain
	cujo.img	Cujo
	dman.img	Doberman
	kmaker.img	Key Maker
	mero.img	Merovingian
	morph.img	Morpheus
	police.img	Police
	guard.img	Guard
	seraph.img	Seraph
	soren.img	Soren
	sparks.img	Sparks
	swatst.img	Swat standard
	swatse.img	Sewer swat
	swatsn.img	Swat sniper
	trinity.img	Trinity
	twins.img	Twins
	vlad.img		Vlad

Folder - dir\guns
	list of in-game weapons that have been picked up - unused are locked
	also unlocked by progression (use VIEW to open)

	mp5.img	MP-5N
	m95snip.img	M95 Sniper Rifle
	9000s.img	9000 S
	92fs.img	Beretta 92Fs
	380.img		.380 Mustang
	com.img	RO635
	infinity.img	1911 .45 cal
	m16.img	M16 Commando
	cross.img	Antique Double Crossbow
	50ae.img	.50AE 
	18c.img		18C Auto pistol
	glaunch.img	40mm Grenade Launcher
	c4.img		Demolition charge
	gren.img	Grenades (flash,stun,offensive)
	33sg1.img	33SG1 Sniper Rifle
	g36.img		G36 w/AG36
	ump.img	UMP
	gp25.img	GP-25 Chloro-bromo
	m240.img	M240  Machine gun
	mac11.img	MAC-11
	590shot.img	590 Entry shotgun
	sg552.img	SG-552 Commando
	p229s.img	P229s
	ssshot.img	Street sweeper shotgun

Folder - dir\fmv
	list of cutscenes that have been viewed in game - unseen are locked
	Alternate character fmv stays locked (use PLAY to view)

	0.fmv		Opening sequence - 'red or blue'
	1.fmv		The last transmission - 'reality is a bitch'
	2.fmv		Axle's dust off - '72 hours'
	3.fmv		Meeting of captains -  'anything for an entrance'
	4.fmv		The keymaker - 'bring it to him'
	5.fmv		GHOST: Persephone - 'back off'
	6.fmv		NIOBE: Persephone - 'taste of tears'
	7.fmv		Zion - 'its good to be home'
	8.fmv		NIOBE: Deadbolt - 'something to eat that requires teeth'
	9.fmv		GHOST: Trinity joins in - 'sneaky'
	10.fmv		GHOST: Trinity loses - 'celibacy is hands on job'
	11.fmv		Seraph and Choices - 'I must apologise'
	12.fmv		Operator - 'i cant watch this'
	13.fmv		Hell on the highway - 'go kick his ass'
	14.fmv		A plan in motion - 'time is always against us'
	15.fmv		GHOST: Sniper run - 'we should be okay!'
	16.fmv		Meltdown - 'kaboom?'
	17.fmv		Broken lines - 'it didnt work'
	18.fmv		GHOST: Oracle - 'only as a friend'
	19.fmv		NIOBE : Oracle - 'do i know you?'
	20.fmv		Smart sentinels - 'when will it end'
	21.fmv		Closing and teaser trailer

Folder - dir\maps
	list of levels that have been played - others locked
	Also opened via progression, (use VIEW to check details)
	Full details of map use and drops later in faq

	B2SW.IMG - Drainage Canal - JXTRR10
	B5APN.IMG - North Concourse PNSRZ10
	B5APT.IMG - Airport Tunnels - RKHMS10
	B3CW.IMG - 2nd Floor West - JDZMT10
	B3CS.IMG - Courtyard - ZKHBD10
	B6SK.IMG - Skyscraper - RHFTQ10
	B6CT.IMG - Warehouse - ZSZQH10
	B5PP.IMG - Transformer Field - JDHQL10
	B1PO.IMG - 2nd Floor Po Boxes - B1AXXF2

Folder - dir\cars
	list of cars in game, unseen are locked
	Also opened via progression, (use VIEW to check details)

	police.img	Chevy Cop Car 2001
	fbird.img	Pontiac Firebird HO Custom 1967
	agents.img	Chevrolet Caprice Classic 2001
	coupe.img	Cadillac Coupe de Ville 1960
	swat.img	GMC Yukon XL 2001

Folder - dir\tools
	tools is locked - enter password 
	to crack this password enter a 5 digit binary number (zeros / ones)
	each attempt will tell you how many are correct and haw many are
	in the right place, this is more trial and error than anything.
	once you have the correct amount of 0/1's just rearrange them.

	Use to look at img files on b: drive

	Enter password FROZENFISH to access, then complete puzzle before
	timer runs out if you complete the puzzle as blue, neoblue.bat will run 
	warning you,(careful.wav) telling you to take the red backdoor. you must 
	type TRACEKILL before the timer runs out.
	complete the red puzzle however and get neored.bat (welcome.wav) you
	can now access V: drive
              /]    ]`          

	the correct symbol looks a little like the one above..

	Use to kill a trace program (if you fail VIRTUAL)..

	This drops weapon in the matrix - use VIEW map to get codes
	more details later in faq

	Use to play unlocked fmv footage

	Use to get passwords from codes off internet sites / emails etc


3.3) V: Drive

Folder - dir\tools
	This gives root admin password - THISISNOTREAL
	Also opens v:\root folder

	Use to call a hardline number, secret numbers noted later in faq
	Call Trinity on number below for PORTKEY code

Folder - dir\root

	Use rootadmin password to get mail - phone  numbers
	001 949 555 0112
	001 714 555 0187
	001 213 555 0142 - Morpheus
	001 310 555 0111 - Trinity with code 942	

	To use a communications port (enter key number)
	use code 942 to gain the CRACKer file on you v: drive

	Use this and password that trinity gave you - 8RAM
	(aghr22m5) to open RAM: Drive


3.4) RAM: Drive

Folder dir\trinity

	To force a training program into the matrix, Use this to
	access (*.dsk) files in program folder

	This will allow you to talk to sparks, use EMP.exe when he says
	he will give you a special bonus (in the loading section)
	neo will advise to follow the white rabbit. SYSTEM WILL SHUTDOWN
	You will also now have access to Logos drive.

	Shows your stats for the saved game.. Use this to read (*.bio) files

Folder dir\prog
	*.dsk files are kept here for training, more info later in faq

Folder dir\bio
	*.bio files are kept here use READBIO to check information


3.5) Logos: Drive

Folder dir\sparks

	Sparks has disabled this command

Folder dir\art

	This holds preproduction art file (x31 *.img files)
	Use VIEW to check them out

4) Guide to weapon drops

By using the Hacking system it is possible to drop weapons from the construct
directly into the matrix.
It is fairly straight forward - 

Firstly use VIEW to check each map, on the bottom right is a code
Now use DROP [enter code here] to activate the change in the matrix
Now quit and save, when you replay a level the bonus weapons will be there.

Note : a DROP will not survive a reset, you will need to hack again.

Map		B2SW.IMG - Drainage Canal
Code 		JXTRR10, 
Level		Waterway
Weapons	Mac 11, SS Shotgun, Grenades
Actual Location	Found near the ambush near the end of the area

Map		B5APN.IMG - North Concourse
Code		PNSRZ10
Level		Ghost Only, North point (Airport)
Weapon	M240
Actual Location Found on the desk to the right when you see the chopper outside

Map		B5APT.IMG - Airport Tunnels 
Code		RKHMS10
Level		Niobe only, Jackson in steam (Airport)
Weapons	M16, MP5, Grenades
Actual Location Take a right at the junction, then next right then left down the 
		small opening

Map		B3CW.IMG - 2nd Floor West
Code		JDZMT10
Level		Niobe Only, Persephone room (The Chateau) 
Weapons	1911 pistol, SS shotgun, Ump, Entry Shotgun
Actual Location Found in the last left room after Vlad, near end of area

Map		B3CS.IMG - Courtyard
Code		ZKHBD10
Level		Ghost only - Secret Passage 2
Weapon	Crossbow,  UMP, Entry Shotgun
Actual Location	Found at the start of the area

Map		B6SK.IMG - Skyscraper
Code		RHFTQ10
Level		Vertigo (skyscraper)
Weapon	.50AE Pistol
Actual Location	Found at start straight ahead

Map		B6CT.IMG - Warehouse
Code		ZSZQH10
Level		Hard Line Pursuit (Chinatown)
Weapon	40mm grenade launcher	
Actual Location	Found at start of area

Map		B5PP.IMG - Transformer Field
Code		JDHQL10
Level		Transformer field
Weapon	18C Auto Pistol, SG-552, G36, Grenades
Actual Location	Found Straight ahead at start of area

Map		B1PO.IMG - 2nd Floor Po Boxes
Code		B1AXXF2
Level		Got It! (Post Office)
Weapons	Entry Shotgun, MP5
Actual Location	Found on the shelf near the Osiris package 

5) Sparks Training Construct

Sparks Training (door one)
* Once you complete the game (either character) wait til the end of the credits
  a code will be shown for a short period (see below). When you enter this
  it will open sparks training construct. From the load screen tap right to enter

* Only one door is open initially. go to the wall and press the left button to 
  (red one on the far wall) the first training.

* Pick up weapons from the wall rack and kill swat before they reach the line.
  Once you have completed a high score of 20 plus on the training the 2nd door
  will be open. 

* You can also now take part in the second training. Press the 2nd
  button on the right (green).

* Use the sniper rifle to shoot the platform under the feet of the guards, so they
  fall, do this for a score of 20 plus. This is the 1st room clear.

Sparks Training (door two)
* Now make your way through the second door in the hallway and take out the 
  swat on the way. Go through the door at the end.

* You will now be in a room with a cage in the centre, Straight ahead you will see
  a large metal door - this is to the 2nd training room. (only open once you
  complete training two)
* If you take the low door opening to the right. Take out the 2x swat high up on
  the level (climb up if you wish)
  Continue through to the next room on the right hand side back wall.
  In the room of boxes are more swat, like a survival mode they will come from 
  the 2x side rooms with increasing numbers. When you are bored leave the room.

* In the 2nd training room, through the double metal doors are 2x buttons again.
  Press the right red one to start training three. 

* Within the time limit kill 20 plus swat guys, this will unlock training four.
  This is the easiest just use sweep and keep them at bay. 

* Now press the left green button. (training four)

* Training four requires you to  knock off as many swats as you can within
  the time limit..  in 3 minutes try to sweep then kick swat off the side. Or jump
  kicks work well,  dont fall off yourself or training is over.

* Complete the final training (20 plus swat) and unlock...?

6) Special Code Information / secrets

Secret Phone numbers:
Persephone's number - 001-949-555-0101 (anklecutter)

Cheat codes (only working ones noted here):
Use CHEAT [code here] to activate, repeat to disable cheat.
I don't condone the use of cheats, yet as part of the guide here they are
They are really for replay value i.e Infinite focus, Dont spoil the game for 
1 3 d 2 c 7 7 f 	Opens sparks training construct (loading section)
d 5 c 5 5 d 1 e	Opens multiplayer mode (loading section)
1 d d f 2 5 5 6	Infinite ammo
0 0 3 4 a f f f	All weapons
7 f 4 d f 4 5 1	Infinite health
f f f f f f f 1 	Invisibility
6 9 e 5 d 9 e 4	Infinite Focus
7 8 6 7 f 4 4 3	Increased speed for logos

Decode codes:
Use DECODE [enter code here] to activate
All these codes DO work, however depending on your progression they may
not be recognised.
H A B X G W T 7 Z R Z C 7 C I R S 7 K E Z I R N L - take your game further
D C A Y O E 7 V D S Z Z C K O - red solution
E C H U M X B I A O E F - swordplay
E A B X M S X A M A 7 E U N G D - virtual drive
I A D Y S F N Y C - sparks

Training files *.dsk:
Complete the game with either character to get sword.dsk
once activated this will take the place of throw, caution you cannot kill some
Merovingian as it can also take place of the stake. reset the game itself to 
remove the training program.

Websites :
------------------------------------------------------------ - business terminated ?! - another way into enterthematrix site, sign up with 
atari to get codes emailed to you. - another route to whatisthematrix site, if your quick a link
to http// can be found, here is a keyboard with 
buttons allocated to certain words.
If you select one of these it will ask for a code, the code box has a cookie set 
to it
for an email address, is it another sign up ? or something that requires 
codes (coincidence).
Similar to near mainframe on the top right is a 'code' 
button, just another register ?

7) Speed Guide to get Multiplayer Mode

For any deeper information check the above FAQ..
Type any uppercase

LOGIN, password GUEST, this will open B:
DIR B:\TOOLS, this is locked enter password, see above to decipher
VIRTUAL, password FROZENFISH - complete the red puzzle shape to get 
access to V:
Use ROOTSEARCH to get password.
Type PORTKEY 942 to gain direct access to Trinity.
Then CRACK 8RAM, you can know access RAM:
HANDSHAKE, then EMP at Spark's request will shutdown the system with
multiplayer available.
Use the load screen to pick level, keep tapping left to get to multiplayer mode 

The Subway	Morpheus vs Agent Smith
The Dojo	Niobe Vs Trinity
The Pit		Seraph Vs Ballard
The Ballroom	Niobe Vs Ghost
The Bedroom	Cujo Vs Vlad
The Atrium	Sewing Woman Vs Janitor
The Alley	Firebird man Vs PoliceCar Man ?!

Is there is more to multiplayer - watch the trailer to see niobe vs swat in the 
dojo ?!
Just not open yet ?  More training ?

8) Ghost / Niobe Game Walkthrough

This guide is based on the level rather than the character as some are repeated
They are in chronological order. If one character only, it will be noted.
In this guide Niobe is the primary character.


8.1) The Post Office

Weapons :
9000s Pistol
92Fs Pistol
18c Auto Pistol
.380 Pistol
Entry Shotgun


8.1.1) Closing Time
Fairly straight forward, head straight ahead and take out the guard, keep going 
hit the button for the elevator [cut scene] now turn left to the newly open door. 
out the guard here also. Go through the door.

8.1.2) Behind The Scenes
Head straight forward past the lockers and take your right near the end (taking 
of the guard on the way) then turn left, go to the back wall, then right again 
the door. Through the door - follow the corridor. watch out for a guard coming up 
from behind. Go through the door on the right hand side. Head to your right and
take out the guards here, Go down the bottom end and take a left. All the way 
down then left again (clear this area too) then your first right. Now head left 
all the
way to the back wall (with a locker on) more guards are here. Now head left to the
locker on the far wall. Go through the opening (another two guards) and dive/kick
through the window on the left side of the corridor. Press the RED button in here
on the right hand side [cut scene]. Go back through the window and head back the
way you came, get to the locker near the green and white brick wall and turn 
then left through the new opening you made. take out the guard and go to the door
on the far left. Turn to the right after the door and take out the guards. Head 
the left area past all the computers. On the far left back desk is a MEDIKIT. Go 
through the opening to the right and head left down the corridor. Take the last 
on the right. Taking out the guards on the way, follow the wall to the right, then
turn left, head towards the last office cubicle in front of you. Turn left again 
you enter it (just after the wall)  head forwards and take to door on your right 
the office cubicle. Follow the corridor to the right. Go through the last door on 

8.1.3) Epicenter
Jump onto the fence cage in front of you and climb over it. Keeping an eye out for
guards, go straight ahead. When you get to the wall at the end turn right, at the
corner turn left and head straight up again. In the next sorting area go to the 
right hand corner, through the gap, go straight ahead to the shuttered door at the
end of the area. Take out the guards on the way. [cut scene].

8.1.4) Unexpected Arrival
The elevator opens to trouble, deal with the police first in this area. Head up 
turn left at the end, take out the police behind the fork lift, this will crash 
into the
wall starting a fire (and all the sprinklers). Keep following the corridor to the 
and left again. Taking care of all the police. On top of a box at the next corner 
leading to the right is a MEDIKIT. Follow the right turn and right again through 
gap. Head all the way forward into the caged area. [cut scene]. You are now high
up, the easiest way is to ignore the police below and focus straight ahead to the 
opposite side of the cage entrance (if you do find yourself down below you can
use the caged area wall to climb up) turn to the left and jump along the vent
pipe you are stood on or it will break (if it does break hold focus and grab the 
Keep heading away from the caged area along the right hand side. Get on top of 
the room to the right and jump through the skylight.

8.1.5) Redirected
Head through the door in front of you once you take out the police. Make your way
through the caged storage area to the opening on the left hand side. Turn right
and pick up the pistols from the table in front of you. Use your focus and shoot 
police on the other side of the cage. Head round to the left through the next cage
area and turn right after the yellow barriers. Head straight forward. [cut 
Head towards the new area straight ahead. Either climb the cage or break through
the office glass to get to the other side. Zig zag your way past all the boxes.
Keep your eye out for police on your way. Run under the low shutter at the end.

NIOBE - Turn left and take out all the police in the next area. Head up the 
stairs at
the end and onto the belt. [cut scene]

GHOST - Go through the door on the left, turn right and gp all the way to the end.
Turn left and enter the cubicle. Turn left again and go through the door. To the 
is  a window (another way into this room from the other offices) kill the police 
here. Head right and when you can get over to the left area of the floor. Go 
the door here, near the yellow barrier. Go back through the caged area and through
the door. There is a MEDIKIT in here, press the red button on the right side then 
turn left so your facing back on yourself and take the door at the end of the 
Take the door to the right.

8.1.6) Backtracking (GHOST ONLY)
Head all the way down the slopes and take out the police, open the door here. Turn
left, you need to head back through the sorting area. Head forward and right at 
first machine, go all the way to the end, as far as you can , then turn right. 
head to the left hand opening and go through. Turn left again and head through the
area ahead. Get to the back right corner of the room, then climb the fence to the
left. At the bottom of the slopes infront is a door to the right, take it.

8.1.7.) Got It! 
The pick up you need is straight ahead in the left most PO BOX. But first if you
have activated the DROP hack pick up all your weapons from the shelf on the
right hand side. A MEDIKIT is here also. When you get to the PO BOX a [cut scene]
will trigger. Head straight ahead past the next column and turn right and run 
towards the lift. Take out all the police to open the lift doors. Stay away from 
gas for obvious reason. When you emerge from the lift head towards the front
doors of the building. Try to open either one to trigger the shutters. Now enjoy a
lobby type fight. Clear the area of police. If you need a breather hide in the 
on the left hand side of the lobby. When the area is clear head back towards the
lift where a shutter is in the way. Take the door to your right. Go through the 
door ahead then through the opening to the right in the next room. Head up the 
stairs and through the door. Then up more stairs and another door. Yes more
stairs and a door at the top. Take them.

8.1.8) Big Distraction
[cut scene]  Either make your way down the stairs to ground level, Or if you are
impatient focus jump off the edge. Go straight ahead and turn right. This level is
very linear, just keep going straight anyway you can, taking out all the police on
the way. Finally after getting back through the demolished sorting area, you will
get to a door on your right. Go in and take the stairs. Go through the door at the

8.1.9) Breakout!
Open the door to the left,  go through and take out the police that will emerge 
from behind you. Straight ahead are a couple of MEDIKITS on the desk. Keep
moving as police will continue to come from behind. Take the other door in this
room. Head through the storage room to the door at the other end. You need
to head around to the left to another door when you enter this area. Use your
focus and RUN as the police will keep re spawning and alot will be shooting at you
,open the door to trigger the [cut scene].


8.2) City Driving

As Niobe when you drive remember to change your view, although it is more
cinematic the default view is restrictive (good fun though). The chase view
will make life easier for you

8.2.1) Get To The Hardline (NIOBE)
Go straight ahead and through the speed trap ! Stay on the right side of the road
and up the embankment. When the road joins up again get on the left hand side
watch for an overpass above the road, head left of the column holding it up to cut
the corner (ghost will advise you to take this left) Follow the road, keep an eye
out for a police car coming out of a right junction, this is the right you need to
take. Keep following the road ahead, keep on the left and turn down the street to
the left after the orange building on the corner. Again follow the road. You will 
a roadblock (survive for 2 mins section) head straight ahead and circle round to 
right and head back the way you came, at the orange building circle round it to
the right through the alley. Now head back towards the roadblock (the secret to
survive is to keep moving) repeat this if you need to until it says roadblock 
now head straight through. Head across the bridge. [cut scene].

8.2.1) Get To The Hardline (GHOST)
As gunner you have two roles, clear the path infront of civilians and take out any
police cars that show up. Apart from that you are along for the ride. Luckily
as Ghost there is no survival section.


8.3) City Rooftops

Use focus jump to get further.



8.3.1) Answer The Phone
Run straight ahead towards the ladders in the distance, jumping from rooftop to
rooftop. Climb the ladders and continue forward to the next set. Climb them to the
top. [cut scene] Turn left but keep on the right side of the roof, jump to the 
on the next building in front of you. Climb up and follow the roof round to the 
Get onto the next rooftop (step) and make your way to the top right corner to jump
to the next building, Head straight forward, then right when you get to the wall.
Jump to the next roof and turn left. Take out the two police infront to build up 
focus. Head right over the corrugated, sloped roof. Jump off the end of the roof
to the damaged wooden floor of the next building. You will fall through, from the 
level you land on jump across the building to the ledge in front. Make your way
right and jump to the ladder in front. (If you do fall to the lowest level of the 
go through the opening to the right and follow it round to the opening opposite 
ladder. Jump to it)  Climb to the top, here an agent will drop onto the next 
Head to the top left edge of the building you are on and again jump diagonally to 
the damaged wood section,  Drop to the next level and take out the police. Ignore
the MEDIKIT to the right of the stairs if you can - he is coming. Head up the 
and right out the door. Head straight towards the ladder jumping the gap on the 
Get to the top and jump to the sloped roof, then jump to the next building (look 
familiar ?) Climb the ladder to the right (yes the first one) [cut scene].


8.4) The Airport

New Weapons:
Stun Grenades
Flash Bang Grenades
33SG Sniper Rifle
M95 Sniper Rifle
SG - 552
M240 - Get this for Ghost using the DROP hack - think of it as a helicopter 
As there are two choppers for you to knock out I suggest conserving ammo for
these encounters.

New Enemies:
Standard Swat

8.4.1) Check In (NIOBE ONLY)
[cut scene] Focus jump straight ahead over the balcony, turn 180 degrees and
head behind the check out to the left hand side. 

8.4.2) The Belts (NIOBE ONLY)
[cut scene] Head left and press the GREEN button on the wall to open the shutter,
head through, continue straight to the next button and do the same again. Go 
straight forward to the stairs and up to the control room, take out the swat on 
way. Press the RED button in the control room to start the belts. Make sure you
clear the room or the swat will turn the button off when you leave the room. Head
up the stairs on the right side of the room to get some STUN GRENADES. Follow
the walkway and go through the door at the end. Open the next door and take out
the swat guys. Focus run across the walkway, kick the end door through. Go 
through the next door, take out the swat ahead and head a little way up the 
walkway jump off it onto the first conveyor belt on the right, run with it to the 
hole in the wall..

8.4.3) Jackson In Steam (NIOBE ONLY) 
Open the door on the right side of the room, Head forward past the pipes, Take out
all the swat, beware of the steam. If you have activated the DROP hack the head
right at the junction, take out the swat on the stairs but carry on. Take the 
right, then the small opening on the left near the end (kill the swat guard) 
your goodies. Go back to the stairs where you fought the swat, head down them
and go straight ahead, keep going straight ahead at the junction to the centre
core (MEDIKIT down below in the centre). Take the right exit out the area and head
straight forward up the stairs (you should see 3L) turn left at the top of the 
- still taking out all the swat teams that keep coming. Take the 2nd right that
should read  1R - 7R, this is the corridor you need. Follow the corridor left then

8.4.4) Jackson In Steam 2 (NIOBE ONLY)
[cut scene]  RUN ! Use focus to get a bit of distance between you and Agent 
Jackson, Keep running and follow the tunnel ahead, take out any swat as quick as
possible. Dont take the lower floor passage as it takes time to climb back up, you
also still take damage from above. There is a MEDIKIT at the end of the passage
however. The high walkway seems to have a similar problem. Eventually you will
reach a ladder at the end, climb up it.

8.4.5) Hangars (NIOBE ONLY)
Turn left and run to the far wall, take out the four swat when they come round 
corner Turn right and follow the hangar to the other side. Turn to the right and 
at the plane. Head towards the front of the plane and climb the scaffolding. At 
top silently strangle the sniper. Jump from the scaffold to the top of the plane 
run towards the tail end. Jump onto the scaffold at this end (MEDIKIT here) and 
climb to the top again. Climb up the boxes and jump onto the walkway. Take a 
right and open the door on your left. Make your way through the corridor and take
the left door at the end. On the walkway head further left to the yellow ladder.
Climb down and use your sniper rifle (if you have one) to take out the swat, then
activate the lift button (on the right front of the lift) as it lowers, jump to 
the wing of
the plane, run along and open the plane door (it is possible to just skip the 
next bit
and jump to ground level - your choice). Take out the swat inside as you head
towards the front of the plane. On the left side is another door to exit the 
plane. On 
the scaffold take out the swat high up, than make your way down to ground level.
Head towards the back of the hanger to make your way to the other side as before,
as before four swat will come round the corner for you. Run along the back of the 
hangar to trigger the [cut scene]

8.4.6) The Bowels (NIOBE ONLY)
On this level you can use the Sniper rifle (night vision sight) to make
your way through, Follow the small tunnel and turn right after the door to take
out the swat sniper. Pinch his gun and make your way up the corridor. The next
sniper is just after the second narrow section of corridor, where the corridor 
to turn left. The next is just after the next narrow part of corridor. Keep going 
the next narrow part as 3x swat guys will run towards you. 3x more are behind 
them. Keep your distance and stand your ground, or run in and disarm them all.
As you get closer to the stairs 3x more will run down at you, be careful. Remember
to use the walls. At the top of the stairs are 2x guys that will through grenades.
Make you way up. At the top use the left opening (tarmac access) [cut scene]

8.4.7) Catching  A Plane (NIOBE ONLY)
[cut scene] Clear the room of swat, use the cover as much as you can. You are
heading to the back right of the room, to a yellow ladder. At the top turn right 
climb up another ladder [cut scene] head through the door on the left. Run over
the walkway then through the next door, shoot from the walkway at the swat below
dont go past the steam. Head left to the ladder and slide down it. Then down the 
next. Head towards the plane. [cut scene].

8.4.8) Agent On Board (NIOBE ONLY)
When you start note the button on the right of Axel, head towards the front of the
plane, defeat the swat and make your way round the cargo netting in the middle
of the plane , on the left is the rack with green parachutes on, pick them up.
Head to the back of the plane, on your way are some boxes, on the top is a 
MEDIKIT, if you find you need it later. when you get to Axel [cut scene] 
Before you do anything press the green button on the left side of the back of the 
plane, this will open the rear, now turn around and face the Agent.  Make sure
he is never armed, now make you way to the edge of the plane. Use focus to knock
him down, then drop kick him out of the plane. [cut scene]

8.4.1) Concourse (GHOST ONLY)
Head round to the right to the security desk. clear the area anyway you wish. Now
carry on . Clear the area around gate E1, Go behind the desk for a MEDIKIT. Take
the first left to head through the toilets, take out the swat at the other end. 
the back corridor and go through the male toilets. More swat are waiting at the 
other end. Clear the area around gate E2 and again take the first left, this time
through a customs area. Open the door at the end.

8.4.2) North Point (GHOST ONLY) 
Head forward through the open door, This is an ideal place for a flashbang if you 
have one, either way clear the room. Pick up the stun grenades from the back right
corner. Now head down the small opening on the right hand wall. Throw a grenade
next to the windowed area on the right side. You can now get through. Jump past
the window and clear are E3 of guards. Head all the way to the end and take out
the guards. Take the left opening to lead you to area E4. If you activated the 
hack command then your weapon cache is behind the desk in this area. There is
also a MEDIKIT here. Swat will come out of the surrounding areas, take care of
them. Head all the way forward to the next area where the chopper is waiting for
you. Move towards the window.

8.4.3) North Point 2 (GHOST ONLY)
As you face the window there is a monument structure in front of you and two walls
coming inwards on the left and right. Get close to the right hand wall, this will 
protect you from the helicopter fire. This boss like others follows a pattern. 
First it will strafe left past the window shooting, stay next to the right wall 
to avoid
being hit.
At the far left of its run it will turn 180 degrees and start heading back right, 
this is
your chance. Use focus to get as much time as possible and get to the window,
open fire  with preferable the M240 (DROP hack) if you have it if not then the 
The M240 Will take the chopper down in seconds! If however you are stuck with
the MP5 then you have some work to do. Try to get at least 2 full clips into the 
chopper as it heads to the right. Now turn around, If you have any grenades wait
1 second then through them towards the Pentium 4 sign on the wall.
This is the third part, 4x swat guys will fast rope down through the ceiling.
Take them out as best you can, try to keep your focus up by fighting, the grenade
will help. When you have head back to the right hand wall where you started.
The pattern will start again. Repeat this about 3 times to finish it off.
Once the chopper is down, some swat will open the back right side of the room,
take them out and go through. Past gate W4 and through the shop. Take out the
swat at the far end asap while they are in a group. At the far end head up the 

8.4.4) Monorail (GHOST ONLY)
Head up the stairs to the first right. If you look down to the left walkway you 
see a firefight there. Help by taking out the swat and the gate infront of you 
open. Head all the way up the walkway taking out the swat as you go. Head down
the stairs and to the end.

8.4.5) Revolving Restaurant (GHOST ONLY)
[cut scene] Turn around and head up the stairs as you need to initially clear the 
area of swat. Make your way to the top, with the swat gone face the bar, then turn
left. If you focus jump straight ahead you will get to the Piano. Stand on top and
turn around. You must fight off the swat from here until the ladders come around
again. [cut scene]

8.4.6) Terminal (GHOST ONLY)
Take out the swat straight ahead, focus jump over the barrier to get to the lower
area. Once you have cleared the area the shutter on the first floor will open. 
Kill the
swat that have just entered and go through the new opening. Open the right hand 
shutter and make your way to the right. Taking out the swat as you go. Stay on the
right hand side and take the last opening to the left at the end for the 
Turn right and head up them taking out more swat. At the top make your way round
to the right. Head all the way forward taking out the swat and head towards the
open door at the far end of the upper area.

8.4.7) Control Tower (GHOST ONLY)
[cut scene] Head straight forward and silent kill the sniper. Use the sniper 
rifle to 
clear the stairway below of swat (near the door on the 3rd level), ignore those 
the roof. It will now tell you to make a move downstairs. go. Turn around and take
the yellow stairs. Switch your weapon to take out the swat as you descend. Go 
through the open door ahead when you see it. Silent kill the swat on the left of 
balcony. Get back up to the top of the tower again. 

8.4.8) Control Tower 2 (GHOST ONLY)
[cut scene] As soon as you get control look left at the plane, zoom right in with
your sniper rifle and use focus to give you time. Now start shooting at the front 
wheels of the plane, you are successful when you get a [cut scene] now for a 
tough fight. Switch to the best automatic weapon you have. If you still have ammo
for the M240 you are laughing. Get yourself into a corner with the best view of 
control tower you can and keep an eye out for the agent in the chopper. As soon 
as he appears slam on focus and keep moving and shooting him (cartwheel etc.)
Repeat this about 3 or 4 times to defeat him (only once though with the M240)
Head down the stairs when you can [cut scene]


8.5) The Aqueduct

8.5.1) Retrieving Axel (GHOST ONLY)
Ghost gets to drive as well ! This mission is in three parts, due to the driving 
physics this can be a little annoying at times though. Other parts are fun.
Go straight ahead down the Aqueduct. If you hit a bump at a bad angle, let of the
acceleration for the landing until you right yourself. Avoid the boxes if you 
can. If 
the [lane gets too far ahead you will fail the mission, so keep moving.
Dont worry about passing the plane and getting ahead, just keep going forward.
Once Axel has jumped out the plane you can relax for this bit, you can even take
your time on this bit. Stay out of the water and keep making your way forward.
This is where other swat vans will chase you, not too much of a threat. Just keep
your speed up. Keep an eye out for arrows telling you which route to take. ie the
first set of three small yellow arrows will lead you through the gate to the 
left. If you
do miss them, just back up and take the route. There are some sharp 90 degree
turns here, try not to break, just release the accelerator and slide round them.
You will reach the final part, chasing after the car. Stay as close as you can.
Just watch them and follow the route they take. Dont be afraid to break and stay
behind them. (Instead of overtaking.) Get to the part where there are two tunnels 
splitting the aqueduct and get in one for the [cut scene].


8.6) The Sewers

New Weapons:
SS Shotgun
Offensive Grenades
Demolition Charges
2x MP5
2x Mac 11

New Enemies:
Sewer Swat

8.6.1) Abyss
Head straight forward along the pipe and follow it round to the right. Jump over 
wall and carry on straight. Keep following it round to the right and climb up the
ladder at the end, again follow the path round to the right and up the slope. At 
end turn around and climb higher up the slope. Then use the stairs to double-back
again. Climb up onto the generator at the top, then climb the ladder above it. Run
along the ledge then make your way right around the pipe to climb the ladder that
is attached to it. At the top take out the swat nearby, also the ones on the 
opposite walkway to help Ballard. Keep making your way along the walkway to the
ladder at the far end. Get your Sniper rifle ready, When you get to the top 
will be under fire again, turn around and use focus to buy yourself some time.
Two snipers are on the highest level on the left walkway, near the part which is
connected to the ceiling. There is also a sniper on the same level as Ballard to
the left again, just round the far corner of the shutter, If your not sure look 
for the
bullets to give them away. Now head towards the area where you took out the two
high snipers, in the centre you will find a ladder leading down. Slide it. Head 
and to the right, past the ladder you will see Ballard, walk towards him.

8.6.2) Abyss 2
[cut scene]  Take out your sniper rifle to clear the area, First kill the swat 
just near
the phone, then as you face the centre structure a swat is on the far right 
and one on the far left. Now looking at the centre aim high to see a sniper on 
top level aiming at you, take him out. Head back and use the phone. [cut scene]
With your new grenades, take out the fan at the end of the walkway and go through
Follow the pipe.

8.6.3) Pumped
Head left down the pipe, then take the last right. Drop down into the area and 
out the swat in the room to the right, go through an make your way round right 
again and clear the next room. Head through this one and take the left corridor.
Follow the corridor round and clear out more swat. Stay next to the left wall and
follow it to the ladder, climb up . Head to the wall at the end and make your way
right staying on the top level. Jump the gap straight ahead and keep moving to 
drop down the other side, as a few swat are now far behind you. Follow the arrow
to the ladder on your left, climb it and go near the steam to change the 
Now turn to your left and make your way back towards the way you came, 
towards the swat, jump back over the gap and go straight forward, dropping down
the gap slightly to your left, the caged door infront is now open (under the 
generator), head through and down the hole.
Head straight forward and keep to the left wall, past the water. Get to the last 
opening on the right, here climb up onto the shelving on the right, and up onto 
ledge, take out the swat nearby. Drop down to the left , near the pipe. Head 
forwards through the opening. Take out the swat on the way and turn right and 
right again to find a small ledge between walls, climb on this then climb up to
the left hand side. Turn left and look at the RED pipe on the ceiling, that is 
you are following, jump and make you way to the far end of the room. Drop down
to the machine that the pipe is connected to and press the RED button. This will
cut the steam. Make your way back to the beginning of the room, yet take the 
right before the end (the other end of the RED pipe leads here, in this room 
the ladder up. Now go straight forward following the right hand wall round to the
left, get to the hole in the floor.

8.6.4) Ice And Corrupt
Ice and Corrupt are under fire, take out the swat nearby, now follow the ground
level as far as you can to find another swat guy. Ice will tell you to climb up. 
make your way towards the start, near the first swat guys is a ledge, now on your
right hand side. climb it. If your having trouble put your gun away. Now turn 
and climb onto the small ledge next to the large generator, next climb onto the 
generator itself. Turn right and walk along to trigger a small [cut scene]. When
you get up take out any nearby swat and take the left opening next to the 
damaged spinning mechanism. head through here taking out any swat in the way
follow the corridor through to a ladder, take this ladder up. Ice and Corrupt are 
for it again. Head left then left again, follow the area round to a small ledge 
on the 
right, climb this then climb up to the higher level. Right infront of you is a 
spinning mechanism, Take a look at the base which isn't moving, There are 3 
pieces of it that stick out, all the same colour orange as the mechanism. Change
to 1st person view and shoot at the first one directly next to your feet. They are
waist height and have little white lights on. When you hit them they will 
make you way round and get all three. Now take out any remaining swat while 
the mechanism destroys itself. Now facing the mess you have just made turn to 
your left, jump into the pipe you have opened.

8.6.5) Waterway
[cut scene] Drop down into the pipe and head left, run up to the swat and silent
kill him, run and follow the pipe further and take out swat number two. Now take
a right and head up the ladder. Go left and over the bridge, take out the swat on
the way, Run and focus jump off the ledge in front to get to the wall on the other
side (this cuts out some of the stairs) now make your way down casually or focus
jump back across to get to the bottom. Follow the path and kill the swat on the
walkway. Slide down the ladder on the left side of the walkway. Now turn 180 
degrees and head away from the ladder to the far wall, pick up the flashlight.
(it looks like a gun, but is an add-on, Also a word of warning for those of you 
cheat, you may have difficulty picking it up) now when you have your gun out, it 
be lighter. Head slowly back to the ladder, as soon as the red grenade is dropped 
by the ladder back off until it explodes. Take out any swat that come down, go to
1st person and try to take out the ones high up also. Now climb back up the 
ladder and carry on. Follow the corridor the pipe on the left, go through that and
follow the swat guy to the right, stay on the upper level. As soon as you see them
throw a grenade to take them all out in one go, now carry on forward to the grate
at the end (drop to the low level)  Wurm will wave, wait for him to leave then 
the two swat that appear behind him. Now turn around (this can be tough) get back
on the high level using the ladder on your left. If you have used the DROP hack 
then check behind the pipe above the grating to the left for your weapons cache.
Now stay on the left side and make your way towards the other far end of the 
tunnel, due to the restrictive view of the tunnel, you are either attacking on a 
angle (open) or on a tight corner. Take your time, and dont feel bad for hanging
back and recharging (the getaway anyone !?) after each team of swat. When you 
get to the far end try to grenade the large group of swat. The tunnel splits in 
two at
this end, take the right opening to continue. Focus jump across the broken gap, 
then drop down the other side of the pipe.

8.6.6) Waterway 2
If you like take a left and a left, this will take you down to the swat you just 
past and a MEDIKIT. Again make you way along the high left side of the tunnel,
take you last opening on the left. Then right down the stairs, Now take a right, 
a right and follow the narrow tunnel. Drop into the larger area and take out the 
Now head right around the edge of the hole to the far side and slide down the
ladder, more swat for you at the bottom. Go through the only exit to the left. 
out the lone swat above the plank to the left, then climb up to where he was. 
Emerge from the broken pipe and stay next to the right hand wall once you have
cleared away the swat. Keep making you way around the room, once you have
crossed the white pipe, jump and grab hold of the red pipe above, shimmy along
over the water, they will drop automatically so keep moving. When you get to the
ledge drop down into the broken pipe below. Follow it along to a left hand pipe. 
down this and kill the swat on the left at the bottom. Now travel along the 
way. Climb up the ladder. Follow the path all the way to an enclosed room. Take
out the surrounding swat - then go down the hole in the centre.

8.6.7) Breathing Room
Follow the tunnel all the way to its end then take the right hand opening, head
forward until there is an explosion. Now turn right and head forward to take out 
sewer swat, turn right again to head towards the newly opened room, drop down
the hole in the centre. Follow the tunnel again, it will  open to absolute chaos.
Grenade happy sewer swat are everywhere, head left up the tunnel on the right 
hand side is a grate (up some stairs) with a MEDIKIT behind. Nearby are stairs to
the left - take them, then right up more stairs. Make your way along the next fan
area taking out the swat on the way. When you get to the far side, take the small
tunnel on the right hand side. You will get to another fan area similar to the one
before, make you way to the damaged area up ahead. Either make your way 
carefully across the left edge or focus jump the gaps in the middle to get to the
back wall (watch for two swat guys hiding behind the built up walls). Take the 
opening on the back left. Make your way through the next room round to the right
again taking out the swat on the way. Take the tunnel at the end and run through,
when it opens up, drop down to the left and take out more swat during your 
descent. At the bottom of the area drop down the hole. Then down the next one.

8.6.8) Malachi And Bane
Make your way straight forward and up the ladders ahead, now left and along the
pipe, get onto the ledge and make you way right, after taking out the swat jump
onto the RED pipe above and shimmy along to drop onto the red boxes. Take out
the swat nearby, now head left towards the ladder at the end. Dont climb down
Turn right and focus jump to the platform just left of the pipe. You should land 
the barrels, now jump diagonally into the pipe itself (through the break in the 
railings.) Drop down from the pipe to the next area. Head right through it taking 
the swat, then right again, Then left and left again to exit the area. Head all 
the way
through the pipe.

8.6.9) Malachi And Bane 2
[cut scene]  Turn left  to see the ladder, go round the far side of it to climb 
Make sure you have your sniper rifle out. Kill the swat at the top, then shoot the
one opposite. To keep everyone alive use your focus the best you can, swat guys
come from far left, far right and from the top (centre walkway) keep taking them
down asap. I find the M95 Sniper rifle the best as has a faster rate of fire, 
for head shots, Trust your judgment take the head shot and move onto the next
target. From the left, swat can come in groups of 2x. Kill about each swat about
2-3 times to finish this area [cut scene].


8.7) The Chateau

New Weapons:
Wooden Stake.
1911 Pistol

New Enemies:
Doberman - to take out the 'vampire' programs here keep attacking until they
are stunned, your character will automatically stake them at this stage. 
Experiment with different types of stake moves.

8.7.1) Great Hall (NIOBE AND GHOST)
[cut scene]

8.7.2) Shadows (NIOBE ONLY)
Follow the path of the halls left, left then right. [cut scene]

8.7.3) The Attic (NIOBE ONLY)
[cut scene]  Head straight forward through the opening, take out the three vamps
then kick Vlad about until [cut scene] Now head straight ahead and take the left
opening, take out the vamps on the way but keep going straight until you reach the
far back wall, now turn left, keep going and take your first right, A secret door 
be open here. Walk through it.

8.7.4) Persephone Bedroom (NIOBE ONLY)
Turn to your right and walk up to the red chest of drawers, Persephone's number is
on here. Now make your way towards the bed and take the white door on the right
nearby. Head all the way through to the room at the end, Pick up the weapons and
make your way back to the bedroom. Take out the two vamps first, Now work your
magic on Vlad. The second white door in the room is now open, take it. Head 
through and open the next door infront. Now follow the corridor round to the 
If you have activated the DROP hack take the last white door on your left. in here
are your goodies and a MEDIKIT. Go back into the hall and take the double doors
at the end. Press the button for the lift (right hand side) and walk in.

8.7.2) West Wing (GHOST ONLY)
Head straight ahead through the room (over the table if you wish) and through the
double doors at the far end. Take out the vamps in the kitchen. Head over to the
left hand opening. Then left again. Take out the vamp that appears in here. Now go
through the door he has opened. Take out the vamps in this room on the right. 
head into the elevator to the right of the pool tables.

8.7.3) Atrium (GHOST ONLY)
Go through the door to the right, follow the corridor to the atrium and take out 
vamps here. Head all the way through and take out the next vamp in the next room
Now head through the passage that has opened behind the bookshelf on the left

8.7.4) Secret Passage (GHOST ONLY)
Head forward and fall through the floor, Go straight ahead and climb the right 
wall at the end. At the top take out the vamp who comes through the wall. Go 
through the opening and climb to the top of the wall infront. Climb up higher, 
drop down into the attic space. Keep fighting vamps on here until the window is 
blown open. Keep away from the edges of the room as they catch fire.
Jump through the new opening.

8.7.5) Secret Passage 2 (GHOST ONLY)
If you have activated the DROP hack all the weapons will be by your feet to the 
right. To your left is a broken ledge jump head here [cut scene] then jump to the 
next balcony. Here is a MEDIKIT and two vamps for you. After they are sorted
jump to the next balcon to the right. One more balcony then enter the french 
window to the left. Take out the vamp here and use the back right opening. Follow
the corridor and down the stairs to another museum type area. Kill the vamps here
too. Head all the way through and down the next corridor to a third area. Kill 
another couple of vamps and take the large opening at the back right side of the
room. Again another area with more vamps, exit using the double doors they came
in from. [cut scene] 

8.7.6) Merovingian's Office (NIOBE AND GHOST)
Head down the hall and through the open white door to the right, take out the 
go through the door he came in, turn right down the corridor and open the double
white doors to your right. Run in [cut scene] Take out the vamp that comes in. Now
head back out into the corridor and take the newly opened left white door. Another
vamp will burst in, sort him out then go through the door he opened in front of 
Take a right up the stairs then turn left, open the door in the corner on your 
Run into the cinema and head towards the projector, past all the chairs. Now turn
around and fight the vamps. Head back under the screen to see the two doors you
passed are now open on your left. Go in and run to the door at the end.

8.7.7) Garage Hallway (NIOBE AND GHOST)
Take your first right and silent kill the vamp looking the other way (do you 
recognise this place from the film - running keymaker..) take out his mate while 
your at it. Make your way to the far end and turn right, get to the door.

8.7.8) Return To The Greathall (NIOBE AND GHOST)
Run through the door that opens infront of you

8.7.9) The Dungeon (NIOBE AND GHOST)
[cut scene] Make your way down the spiral staircase (anti clockwise) then turn
right, head through the opening in front. Down the stairs and into the hall. Take 
the two vamps here, in the far right and left corners are MEDIKITS. Get to the 
of the room to find more stairs leading down. Get into the circle arena to fight 
When he gets to about half damage he will send a few of vamps at you and shoot 
from afar, take these vamps out asap and CUJO will come back for a beating.
Directly opposite where you came in is the exit, climb out of the arena and climb
up into the opening. Make your way up the stairs.

8.7.10) Cain And Abel (NIOBE AND GHOST)
Follow the route of the dungeon, through the gates and onwards [cut scene] open
the door and you will pick up the alternate character, now head out the door and
back the way you came. [cut scene]. As Cain and Abel are werewolf programs
you cannot kill them. Instead attack them to do so damage and force them near
the prisoners in the cells, they will hold onto Cain and Abel. Now pick up your
partner again and make a run back to the start of the level. [cut scene]


8.8) Under The City

8.8.1) Twins In Pursuit (NIOBE)
Fairly straightforward,  keep moving as fast as possible, keep your eye on the 
arrow, a sharp left takes you to the exit. [cut scene]

8.8.1) Twins In Pursuit (GHOST)
Only one job on this level, Keep looking ahead and keep the way clear infront.
Shoot any civilian cars ahead to keep the speed up, ignore the twins.


8.9) The Zen Gardens

8.9.1) Trinity And Ghost (GHOST ONLY!)
Enjoy yourself and fight Trinity.


8.10) The Freeway

8.10.1) Chase Morpheus (NIOBE)
Same again, keep moving, use ghost whenever agents get close. [cut scene]
more of it, use ghost to clear police out the way.

8.10.2) The Truck (NIOBE)
[cut scene]  More driving more police, when you get to the semi, keep it in sight
it will slow down to meet you eventually. [cut scene - best one no less!]

8.10.1) Chase Morpheus (GHOST)
Take out the police ahead until [cut scene] now face backwards and just keep 
shooting at the agents to keep them at bay. Take out any police on the way. 
You will finally get a [cut scene] and the agents will leave your trail. Now 
concentrate your fire forwards at any police that get near. [cut scene] Continue
taking out the police.

8.10.2) The Truck (GHOST)
[cut scene] Keep taking out police again, stay looking ahead.
When you get near the truck, try not to hit civilian cars as debris slows you down
and Niobe will drive round them. Keep going you will eventually reach the truck.
[cut scene]


8.11) The Power plant

New Weapons:
GP-25 Launcher

New Enemies:
Armoured swat

8.11.1) Reactor Foundation (NIOBE ONLY)
Make your way along the large tunnel, as you reach the door take out the guard.
Clear the next area of guards and make your way to the top right end of the room
Go through the opening and follow it round to the end. Make your way down and 
take out all the guards. Head to the far end and take both the ladders up. Turn to
the right and climb up the cage. Head forwards and take out the other guard, at 
end is more cage to climb. At the top wait for ghost to take out the lights. Now 
to the opening and stay close to the left wall, go along the edge then climb up 
higher on more cage. At the top, turn right and focus run jump over the gap and 
off the edge [cut scene]. Ghost will help, but you must take out the ground swat.
Turn left and start there. Keep going straight and then go right through the 
Take out the three swat here, hiding behind concrete pillars. Follow it round to 
right, the right again. The ladder you need is on your left hand side. Turn left 
run across the bridges in front of you. At the end turn left and go to the edge ( 
is a MEDIKIT on the far right of the ledge you stand on). Look at the door on the 
ground floor and slightly to the right, Jump down there. Now go through the door /
opening and follow the slope down.

8.11.2) Reactor Foundation 2 (NIOBE ONLY)
Carry on down the slope and turn right,  in the next area take a right after 
killing the
swat, follow the tunnel area till it opens out to a place with pillars, take out 
the swat
behind them. Make your way left through this area, then take the opening on the
right at the bottom. Again follow the passage round until you get to a 
fluorescent lit
room. take the left opening out of here and climb up the ladder. Take the right 
exit out of this area, then immediately turn left, Due to the snipers here get 
cover quickly. Now focus run forward along this area between bits of cover and the
snipers on your right wont hit you. Run round to the right then into the left 
Follow the passage again to another sniper area, yep, Focus run again and get
behind cover, take out any swat on your side. Make your way up then left ( behind
a pillar straight ahead is a MEDIKIT if you need it) take the right opening. 
this passage way to the exit. The pit area you enter at the other end is full of 
for you to take care of. take a left then your first right. There are many ways 
through the pit, once you get to high ground you can see them. If you decide to 
to high ground before clearing the area make use of focus run to keep you alive.
There is either a set of ladders take your first right, then right again to see 
Or from where you are looking up the pit, there is a rectangle block of concrete 
your left, make your way round it to find a lower part, climb onto that, then 
onto the
block itself. You can now either jump left to the ladder area, or right to a 
path that will lead to the end of the pit. Jump from the path to the wooden plank 
(slope) when you see it, keep running along the high area and along another plank 
to get to the other end of the pit. Head towards the left hand door.

8.11.1) Reactor Construction (GHOST ONLY)
Like Niobe head along the open tunnel roound to the right, as you reach the door 
take out the guard. Clear the next area of guards and make your way to the top 
right end of the room. Go through the opening and follow it round to the end. Now
Climb up the ladder. Make your way over the concrete bridge and follow the edge
round and down, take out the guard here. Cut through the small door opening and
turn left. then right, head over to the far right edge near the caging. The left 
part of
the caging is missing so focus jump from here over to the ledge ahead. Head left
past the ladders and focus jump to the left to get to the generator. Press the 
button to get [cut scene]. Now focus jump back to the ledge you came from, to the
far left side of it and grab hold of the ladder, climb up and then up the ladder 
passed earlier. At the top head right, follow the corridor round. [cut scene]
You know need to sniper the snipers ! The first is dead ahead infront just zoom 
the second zoom out and he is on the walkway just slightly to the right, the 
third is
high left on a yellow ledge. The last one is is even higher up and slightly right 
the third. Niobe now needs covering fire from swat on the ground. Look straight 
ahead and down for the first. He runs from left to right, the second is behind the
corner of the wall on the right. They respawn so keep at them.
When you get the all clear head along the ledge to the left. Change your weapon
if you wish and take out the swat here. Climb up the caging to the right. Clear 
swat here at the top and cover Niobe again. Get you and your rifle to the ledge.
Here she makes a run round the far end of the room (right to left) take out the 
swat on the far left of the pit, they are on the same level as her. Get to the 
left of
the ledge and climb the caging that sticks out when you get the all clear. At the
top head straight along the ledge and climb higher up more metal bars. Run round
to the right and climb up. Make your way over more structure then, make your 
way down and to the right. Keep Heading down and take out the swat here. Now
drop down the hole in the floor to the left. Head through the opening behind you
and follow the tunnel.

8.11.2) Reactor Construction 2 (GHOST ONLY)
Follow the tunnel through until it open out, if you were cautious you would see 
heads of swat guys over the edge of the inner wall, either focus run round the 
of the room or take them out as you go. When you get to the other side, follow 
more tunnels. Climb up the crates to the top and turn left. Run and focus jump to
the platform ahead. Focus jump again over the gap, now drop down to the right.
Turn around and head through the opening to the right. Follow the tunnels up the
stairs and focus jump right to the crates, focus jump again to the concrete 
structure ahead. Jump from structure to structure, forward then right at the end, 
stay on the right side and jump into the opening on the right where the ladder 
leads. Follow more tunnels until they open out. Make your way around to the right
and stop behind the last pillar in the centre, use this for cover, pop out with 
to take out the four swat high up. Climb up the crates and to where they were. 
Head forward and drop down to the lower level, take out the swat there. Follow the
area round to the right.

8.11.3) Nuclear Shipping
[cut scene]  NIOBE from inside the control room - take the right exit, then turn 
and make your way to the shutters, the top left (left of shutter one is the door)

[cut scene] GHOST from outside the control room - head to the end of the building
to the left and look left to the container in the middle of the area, head 
towards the
rear of it and climb up onto the small container, now jump up onto the large
container itself. Make your way towards the front and silent kill the sniper on 
Now head towards the exit door - the far left shutter one is just right of the 

Go through the door, Now focus run right across the room, disarm any swat on the
ground level and stay near cover. Kick the door at the far end open.

8.11.4) Transformer Field 
If you have activated the DROP hack the weapons cache will be directly infront of 
you. When you get through the door, the next area has a large structure in the 
centre, head towards it and use the stairs that circle the outside to get to the 
Take out the few swat on the way. At the top press the green button to get a [cut
scene] and the Chloro-bromo launcher (be careful with this one!) Now dont be 
tempted to just jump over the barrier, its fun but you die. Take the long way, at 
least at first and go down the walkway. Run down halfway then dive off at the 
corner - the swat will be straight ahead. Use your new toy, at this distance you 
be fine. Now turn to your right to the open doorway and make your way over there.
Head round the structure and straight ahead to a couple of swat, take them out
then turn right and run up the corridor. Ignore the room on the right, just keep 

8.11.5) Transformer Field 2
I wont bore you with this level, it is lay'ed out quite linear, just make your 
through, taking out all the armoured swat (who refuse to die) on the way.
At the first junction you get to the arrow will tell you to go left, There is 
nothing to
the right. Be careful in the area full of pillars, they hide everywhere. Shortly 
is a left turn although the arrow states to go straight, there are a couple of 
here and a MEDIKIT.  The next Junction is a reverse, the arrow says left, but you 
can carry straight on, straight is a swat and another MEDIKIT.
When you get to the end, climb up the ladder. [cut scene]

8.11.6) Generator Turbine (NIOBE ONLY)
Stay on the high beam an follow it round to the left, then right, Focus jump to 
roof of the control tower, now climb the ladder infront of you up the side of the
generator. There is another ladder infront of you, slide down that one. Run
backwards down the stairs directly behind you. (This is the fastest way, there are
many ways to do this level however. ie drop down and silent kill the sniper, use 
rifle to clear the control room, then jump left and take the walkway round to the
control room) [cut scene]  from facing the controls turn left and take that route 
down lower, take out the swat here. Pick up any weapons / ammo from this 
floor that you need then take the right hand door. Turn left and run to the door 
straight ahead on the other side of the room. Make your way through both areas 
and come out into a corridor, turn right and run up that way. Take the last door 
the left. Follow it round to the right , just keep going.

8.11.7) Generator Turbine 2 (NIOBE ONLY)
Go through the door nearby [cut scene] now head round to the right, (in the office
here is a MEDIKIT)  Keep going all the way down, when you get past reactor 2 (the
door number on the left) the next office has a MEDIKIT. Carry on and enter door 1
Keep going through all the doors until you get to a ladder, climb it. Follow the 
gantry round and climb the next ladder. One final short ladder for you then plant
the bomb. Take out the swat that drop in and slide down the ladder. Make your 
way over the other side of the walkway and down the slopes. Jump over to door 2
when you can. Go through the doors and take out the swat, then climb the ladder 
over on the left. Follow the walkway to door 3, carry on the walkways to get to 
highest area. Focus jump to the central area when you have taken out the swat.
Slide down the ladder infront, turn around and go through door 4. Some choice
now, take the middle walkway and run for the door at the far end. After door 5 
your way to the top area and into the middle again, clear out the swat and climb
down the ladder infront of you. Make you way down the final walkway and through
the doors, keep going for a [cut scene]

8.11.8) Core Control (NIOBE ONLY)
[cut scene]

8.11.9) The Core (NIOBE ONLY)
Make your way right along the walkway, Keep going all the way round until you get
to the stairs leading down, keep taking out the swat as you go. Keep going til 
stairs, then you will find the walkway leads to the centre core, start making 
way back up the inner walkway, climb the ladders when you reach them. Follow 
the gantry to the right, and up the stairs. Keep moving and taking out swat (a lot
I know) more stairs will lead you higher. Take the next set of stairs when you 
Run along the last bit of walkway..well done.

8.11.6) Nuclear Waste Sector (GHOST ONLY)
[cut scene] Head straight forward into the first room and take out the swat, watch
out for the flammable tanks, use them to take out swat, but make sure you are no
where near. Continue to the wide doors on the other side of the room. Go through
the small area ahead, then through another set of wide doors. The next area again
is full of tanks and swat, take out the tanks on your way round to clear the swat
with the fire as they hide round objects. In the glass area on the high right is 
MEDIKIT. Another set of wide doors at the end, take these through another small
area, take out the swat here then move on. Another large room, use the tanks 
again and make your way around the right side, climb up onto the black walkway
on the right and over to the wide doors to exit. Head through the last small area 

8.11.7) Nuclear Waste Sector (GHOST ONLY)
Go through the doors in front. Go through the next large area, similar to one 
use the tanks again, work your way through and take out more swat, again through
a wide door to a smaller area, Get through this one and open the door. In the next
area climb up onto the computer units straight ahead and drop over them to the
walkway. Again use the tanks to make life easier. Clear the swat and get through
the far door. Yep another smaller area here for cleaning, take care of the swat 
continue on. After the door climb up the ladder ahead. Make your way over the
walkway, again use the tanks to take down the swat. At the end of the walkway
focus jump to the opposite walkway ahead (towards the wide door) take this 
walkway all the way left for a MEDIKIT. Take the door ahead to move on. Another
smaller area, then after the door a big firefight for you. Take the ladder to the 
at the top shoot the tanks in the back wall. The run round to the right, up the 
stairs taking out the swat as you go. Shoot the far tanks on the right to clear 
room. [cut scene]

8.11.8) Core Control Room (GHOST ONLY)
[cut scene]  Another sniper section for you, First sniper is just right of the 
core, look for a piece of walkway that is just and end. due to the colours you may
need to zoom a little to see them. Second one is directly ahead and down, look
at the piece of walkway that is left of the stairs. Finally is a guy over on the 
left, he
is on the walkway just near the door on the left hand side. Now turn around and 
head towards the opening behind you, throw in a grenade as soon as you see a 
swat guy and use the wall for cover. This should take care of them, if not pop in 
room and finish the remainder. Niobe will need help again so run back. Niobe is 
making a move from the very right, upwards on a walkway. Swat are heading from
the top right of the screen (watch for their bullets). One is on the same level 
Niobe, a second is where you shot the first guy, on a small part of gantry below,
a third is below him on another similar piece of gantry. Again turn around and 
on the swat team. If you need focus go in and fight them / waste time. Afterwards
again Niobe needs cover. This time she is on the left, Use bullets and focus to 
them, they are on the right walkway across from the door. For the last time swat
will come in the control room. Clear the room. [cut scene]

8.11.9) Core Control Room 2 (GHOST ONLY)
Take out more swat from the room and stay away from the tear gas. Make sure
you damage the computer servers in the centre of the room. Head down the
stairs (left or right side of the room) and clear the swat away. MEDIKIT here in 
centre. An agent will appear. Head back upstairs. Use focus and hit the agent
into a damaged server. [cut scene].

8.11.10) Agent Escape (NIOBE ONLY)
[cut scene] Go straight forward and into the vents ahead. drop down the shaft [cut
scene] take out the swat, turn around and run straight forward. Head towards the 
shutter / elevator at the far end. Turn around again and run the opposite way when
the elevator stops. Focus run to avoid explosions and dive at the window at the 


8.12) Chinatown

New weapons:
2x .50AE
40mm Grenade Launcher

New Enemies :
Agent Smith 
Seraph ?!

Information :
There is more than one path through many of these levels, some are similar, some
more diverse. If you find a better / faster way through - mail me.

8.12.1) Seraph's Tea House
[cut scene] Fight against Seraph, at about a quarter energy left you will win
You will go to the skyscraper next before returning to Chinatown.

8.12.2) Smiths Trap
Turn around and open the door, turn right and right again, head down the stairs.
Keep turning right and going down stairs until you see the red door infront of 
Open this to get to the street. Run right to the bottom of the alley, then turn 
Keep going straight ahead, there is a slight bend in the next alley. Get to the 
then take a left, then right then a left, run all the way down here. turn left 
and run
some more. At the end a quick right then left. You will see a white door ahead.
Go through another like it then turn right, keep running straight, you will see an
agent appear ahead and a red door open on your right, take the red door. Open the
next one that follows it, now run to the base of the stairs and get up them. Climb
to the top of the building. Now turn left and drop off the other side.

8.12.3) On Foot
Drop down to the street and run left,  go round the obstacles but keep going 
straight, at the end turn right down the alley, turn right again and go down the
stairs, follow the tunnel. When you get up the stairs at the other end run to the
back of the police car and get the grenades, kill the police on the way. This will
change the objective. Run to the right, then left at the end and through the red 
, then the 2nd red door. Run right and take out the cops on the way. Go through
another red door at the end of the passageway. Run right through the tire shop and
take the white door on the right. Now run left up the street until you can take a 
run all the way. Past the agent and take your next left. Get to the fire escape on
the left of the street and climb up to the very top. Open the door at the top, 
the white door infront. Turn to your right and open the door you see there.

8.12.4) Hard Line Pursuit
If you have activated the DROP hack command, your weapons will be by your feet,
Run ahead and right down the stairs, turn right and drop down the hole under the
barrel, take the red door out of the room. Run right along the street then left, 
out the police here. Keep running until you get to the phonebox. You will see a 
swat setting a demo charge here - so keep moving. Run towards the swat van,
dodging bullets, it will explode so take the ladder nearby on the left hand side. 
the top you can get a grenade launcher if you don't have one already. Run to the
right, use the grenade launcher to get the agent out the way if you wish, but jump
off the edge to ground level - yet keep running in the same direction. Turn left 
at the
end. Run all the way down and to the right hand side, keep on the right and follow
the wall when you get to the waterfront. Stay on the right and jump / climb the 
boxes to get past the fence. Cut through the alley up ahead. Turn right then left
then climb up and jump over the fence.

8.12.5) The Virus Spreads
Go through the door to the left to enter the slaughter house. Head right up the 
stairs, then left up more stairs. Turn right and run to the back red door, past 
agent. Outside turn right and run along the waterfront again. Focus jump forward 
off the edge, keep moving forward, jump the wall and run right. Get to the end and
run left down the alley, then left again when you can. At the barrels go through 
opening to the left, head right through the fish house, take the right opening to 
out of there. Turn left and run straight ahead, after the small bridge run right 
towards the building. Kick the green door in on the left.

8.12.6) The Church
Run up the stairs ahead, go straight forward on this floor to the end, then turn 
to the stairs, right again up another set, then another. Now turn right and go 
straight to the end, then left through the narrow passage, then left again. 
right up some more stairs. At the top turn right and focus run left towards the 
building, focus jump the gap and stay on the left side of the building, run all 
way round the building to the otherside. Where there is another plank, jump to the
next building (i find focus jumping quicker and more fun than running along the 
planks) again make your way around it, then drop down the other side, now focus
jump towards the plank connected to the next building in line. Run straight ahead
through the damaged building in front. Come out the other side and jump more 
planks.Take a small left then right and go through another run down building. Jump
across two more gaps to get to the red door at the end. Go in another small left 
then right will take you a corridor where you can see an opening. Take the left
passage and run up the stairs (although for a bit of flair you can get to the 
and climb up. Now focus jump up to the next building. Using the surrounding 
buildings focus jump back to a point higher up on the stairs!) At the top make 
run to the right towards the wooden steps at the end. [cut scene]


8.13) The Skyscraper

8.13.1) Vertigo
Move ! Turn right and make your right again (if you activated the DROP hack then
all the weapons you gained will be here), following the line of the corridor, 
over the crate in front and head towards the opening ahead. Turn left slightly to 
through the next opening, then jump and climb up the crates to get right. Jump off
the top of the crates to get left round the barriers, go past the barrel and make 
way right round the edge of the office. Turn right and cut through the room, now
turn left at the end to continue. When the agent appears infront, dive left 
the window and open the door. Run right up the stairs, turn left and jump out the
window onto the scaffold. Run alongside the building, past the agent shooting out
the windows, keep running until you see the caution sign, focus jump through this.
Keep running along the wooden planks round the building. An agent Smith will fall
and break the one you stand on. Run through the open window to your right and 
then jump back out the window on the opposite wall. Run right, then left then 
along the planks, focus jump here off the edge, straight forward ( dont take the 
slope) turn around and run into the open window. then up the slope and out the 
other side. Run straight ahead and down the slope. When you get to the bottom
either keep moving round the edge of the building / or use the insides as a 
to avoid being shot. Keep moving til you get to an up lope (near an agent) Make
your way all the way up to the top and focus jump forward off the edge, towards
the side of the building [cut scene] run right and open the door. In the office 
towards the back left of the room, an agent will break the wall, nip past him and
through the opening. Run to the lift.

You will now go back to Chinatown..


8.14) Onboard The Logos

8.14.1) Tunnels Of The Real (NIOBE)
What can I say, keep moving, keep firing, you can't go wrong on this level !

8.14.2) The Rabbit Hole (NIOBE)
Same again yet on this one, you barely have to move, never mind fire.

8.14.1) Tunnels Of The Real (GHOST)
You have to do a little more work as GHOST, primarily face to the rear of the ship
and shoot away at the sentinels. If the radar above shows activity to the left 
of the ship (the front) change view and take care of them (although this is rare 
not often many) generally keep firing backwards until [cut scene]

8.14.2) The Rabbit Hole (GHOST)
More of the same Im afraid, keep at it until [cut scene] Finally the last stretch.
Use your guns to keep the bomb from the ship, just keep shooting to the rear
until [cut scene].

9) Legal Bit

If your reading this then you've probably gone to far !

Please do not use without my permission, Use can be granted
under the agreement that nothing shall be changed. The above
and all contents herein are copyright to myself. I being
known as Dead Rabbit. Misuse and/or alterations of this 
body will be perceived as violatory. With this in mind
further proceedings on my part; if I so wish; may be applied

Copyright 2003 DnA Productions

Other than that hope this helps, enjoy !
Look out for my other FAQ's including, 
Dead or Alive X and Kung Fu Chaos


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