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1.fall city and beginners mission
2.mission 1:guard the professor
3.mission 2:fall city partol
4.mission 3:loads of grimers
5.mission 4:where is politoed?
6.mission 5:clear the fallen boulders
7.mission 6:the lost old man
8.the three tests?!followed by...
9.protect the jungle ruins!
10.mission 7:factory investigation
11.retreive the mogul vessels machinery parts!
12.mission 8:traveling on the mogul vessel
13.mission 9:headquarters sneak in
14.mission 10:fiore temple

1.kyogre, groudon, and rayquaza
ps.the next three are accessed through ranger net
2.understanding an confronting deoxys? celebi!
4.find the phantom mew.
5.retreive the important egg!

Fall city:
ok after the opening animations you arrive ar fall city harbor. walk around 
and you will find a shaking bos with a boy staring at it. you lift the box to 
save the pokemon and it will be plusle/minun depending on your sex.(plusle for 
boys and minun for girls)then it jumps away.ok now you have to find the ranger 
leader,spencer, and you can find him north from here.once you talk to him you 
will hear screams from plusle/minun(who im just going to call p/m from here on)
and you will run and find it being attacked by a spencer will 
give you a styler and after demonstrating on houndoom will tell you to catch 
p/m. after you do this you will be taken to ring town with p/m clinging to 
your leg.
ring town:
once you get here p/m will run you go in the ranger base and spencer  
 will introduce you to the rangers there he will then take you on your 
trial or or beginners mission
beginners mission:fear no failure:
alright here you need to help an old man find his lost pokemon in lyra forest. 
so you have to catch the other three type of pokemon there before his pokemon 
appears which is a taillow,catch it and your you head back to ring 
town where after you talk to egeryone in town you will see taillow causing 
trouble again. it will be chasing p/m and after catching it again your fellow 
ranger will suggest you keep p/m as your one permanent head back 
to the ranger base where you will be asked to go check on the skarmory 
upstairs and then you get your first official mission.

your mission is to escort the professor, who has the super styler, to fall 
city via krokka tunnel. so go back up to lyra forest and you will find a 
haystack blocking your path catch a torchic to burn it down. after a little 
ways you will find a fallen log head back down and a combusken will pop out, 
use it to burn the log.after this you will arrive ar krokka tunnel
krokka tunnel:
at one point boulders will fall and seperate the prof. from you so you will 
have to venture farther into the cave to find him.once you get to him the bad 
guys of this game will appear (go-rock squad) and steal the super styler.once 
you get out of the cave you will find an agitated rhydon.capture rhydon and 
you can get into fall city.
fall city:
once you get to the ranger base your ranger level will be upgraded to lvl.2. 
when the ranger leader, joel, leaves with the professor you have to talk to 
the other rangers there and then fall citys top ranger will appear.she womt 
like the fact that a foreign ranger is in fall city but thats her fault. then 
joel will come back and after a little bit of convorsation you get your next 


alright head east from the ranger base (right) and a lady will tell you to 
follow her. she`ll take you to a building where she just moved in and you will 
have to go catch a makuhita to move a box.once inside youll find a venonat 
which you will have to catch then your done so head out of the building. next 
lady that beckons you will want you to find her precious lost skittys, their 
locations are: 1.roof of building where you just helped the lady and her box a hous north west of the city (up and left) pretending to be a doll 
3.south of the city near the fountain 4.along the streets you will see two 
trash cans in one of them is a skitty use a snubbul to get it out. 5.from the 
fountain head right and you will see a fence use the meowth there to cut it 
down and there will be a skitty. next you will have to go to the prof. place 
where his assistant will want you to light up the basement. go to the very 
bottom of the city and you will find a bridge to the harbor where you will 
find a ladder climb down it catch a staryu use its flash to light up the 
basement.last a machoke of the go-rock squad will be trying to break down the 
clock tower so go capture it afterwhich joel will raise you to ranger 
lvl.3 and give you your third mission.


underground waterways:
here you have to go to the sewers which was blocked off by a man earlier. 
inside you will see pile of green goo on the ground walk into it and one or 
more grimers will appear which you have to catch, there are lots of these 
piles making this a longer mission than i should be. one of the roads will be 
blocked by a small gate so you have to go catch a raticate to cut it down.once 
you can get into that path that was blocked by the gate keep going along the 
water pipes and you will find fall citys top ranger. who once again doesnt 
like you being there she will show you that you have to find a tangela to get 
across the water and after you do you will find more sludge with a muk in it 
and a few grimers.after you capture them the mission is over and you will get 
upgraded to ranger lvl. the joel will suggest you head to summerland 
so head to the harbor. here you will find a krabby bugging a lapras catch it 
and the guy who owns the lapras will let you use it any time. embark on lapras 
and you will arrive in summerland.
summer land:
head to the ranger base where you will meet all the rangers of 
summerland.after talking some more a ranger will rush in and tell you that his 
politoed has been captured which becomes your fourth mission.


ok head north of summerland to olive forest and you will find lots of go-rock 
squad members who will attack you and you defeat them by capturing their 
pokemon. when you get to the swamp with all the lotads find the heracross on 
the cliff to the north and use it to knock down the dead tree to make a 
bridge. now head north some more til you climb the hill and arrive at the 
entrance of the jungle ruins, inside you will fight the go-rock squad member 
with the politoed. capture it and your mission is over so head back to ranger 
base to get a well earned upgrade to ranger lvl. you will get a text 
telling you to get back to ring town so head there to get your next mission.


krokka tunnel:
when you get here you will see fall citys ranger clear a boulder with a 
hariyama and leave the rest to you so head deeper into the cave until you find 
some stairs.head down the stairs and you will find a hariyama then head down 
the next stairs and you will find 2 more hariyamas (you will have to fight go-
rock squad guys in here) so after you destroy the last three boulders you will 
get a text from spencer telling you to meet him at the ringtown entrance to 
the cave. when you get here one of the go-rock squads admins. will attack you 
she will have a camerupt so i suggest a poliwhirl from in the cave to be used 
here. after you capture her pokemon spencer will get there and deal with the 
rest, so you head back to ringtown. 
ring town:
here you get upgraded to ranger lvl.6 and get your sixth mission


lyra forest:
you will meet up with your freind ranger from ringtown so head deeper into the 
forest (which was previously blocked by another ranger)so when you get here 
you will have to help a little girl find her lost jigglypuff which is not hard 
just head as far north as you can go then head left. after you do this head 
deeper into the forest and AVOID THE WEEPINBELLS they shoot you back to the 
beginning so after you find youre way through you will find the old man whos 
name is gordor by the way. alright now there is an obstruction so catch the 
nearby quilava to burn it down and head out where you will head through a 
meadow then end up at a fork with two paths take the top one first then the 
bottom one.taking the wrong path puts you right back at the beginning of the 
first fork.ok now gordor is upset about a murkrow so if you keep going you 
will eventually see murkrow hide in a tree knock it out and catch it with the 
four spinaraks that come with it. now jump through the bushes where you will 
find yourself at a place earlier in the forest so you can find your way out 
and head to ring town.
ring town:
here you get an upgrade to ranger lvl 7 then spencer will tell you that you 
can now use the dragonite bus so head upstairs and talk to the dragonite 
ranger and you will have to capture dragonite, after this you can use the 
dragonite bus and you can go to summerland.
summer land:
here you will meet up with your fellow ranger from ringtown and cameron tells 
you both about the three legendary tasks at the jungle ruins and you two 
decide to go do the tasks but cameron warns you not to do the fourth task....


jungle ruins:
ok after you activate the secret switch which happens automatically head down 
the spirals of stairs and you will reach a cave. to the north is a statue of 
entei head right and you will find a doorway to the challenge of water where 
you will have to avoid some gyaradoses water blasts and catch two head north a little and you should find a door to the second 
test, the destruction test. there is two jeweled pillars on either side and a 
square in the middle step on the square and two pokemon will fall down use 
whichever one to break the one on your right.ok now step on the square again 
and use one of them to break the one above you.ok now step on the square again 
and use one of them to break the one to your right and then follow this path 
to a salamence that you have to head west of the entei statue to 
the third challenge,the wind challenge.ok here its pretty simple you have to 
walk across a thin path with the wind blowing and pushing you,at the end you 
have to catch a flygon. ok now the fourth test will be unlocked so head in 
there and your partner will suggest thet you just go look at it, so you head 
in. here you will meet the go-rock squad admins and have to catch a charizard 
which you will have to chase around a bit before you can reach it. ok, after 
you catch it the admins will tell you that catching it WAS the fourth task so 
the volcano underneath the cave will awaken and you get your next task.


when you two head back down youre terrified to see that there is lava 
everywhere. there are now wild fire pokemon everywhere,by the way if you cut 
down the fence above the fourth task you will find some poliwraths which will 
be useful later on. so the go-rock squad has taken advantage and you will find 
some members just follow their trail and you will find a boulder that you can 
break with a rhydon right there and you will have to defeat another of the go-
rock squads admins with his slaking.keep heading on and you find gordor who is 
the leader of the go-rock squad and he has captured entei so you will have to 
capture entei along with two magmars(this is where you use the 
poliwraths).after you capture and free entei the volcano calms down and the go-
rock squad leaves. head back to the ranger base and you will receive a text 
telling you to head back to fall city.once here the prof. tells you that they 
have identified a factory operated by the go-rock squad and you get you 
seventh mission.


ok the prof. accompanies you on this mission,and this factory is to the east 
of the fountain. ok head around the back and catch a meowth and then cut the 
obstacle and head in. inside there is alot of go-rock squad members so be 
prepared.ok here we have to shut down the factory and you will find rooms 
where pikachus or a raichu are in a cage. for the pikachus catch a pinsir and 
for the raichu catch a scyther.after a while there is some scrap metal that 
can be melted by a houndoom.after you shut off the lights some rooms will have 
gastlys which take your freind pokemon if you sit too long. at the end of this 
mission you will have to fight another go-rock squad admin with a scyther and 
after you beat him your mission is head back to the fall city base to 
get a ranger rank up to lvl 8 and then head to summerland.
summer land:
when you get here cameron tells you that one of the residents has a gift for 
you and is making a vessel called the sea-mole for you but first you have to 
get the parts for it so go to olive jungle.


you head into the jungle like before but instead of going toward the ruins you 
head west where there are lots of bug pokemon and thats what makes this 
mission so annoying because the companion that you have hates bugs and if you 
touch one you get sent to the beginning. otherwise this is very simple and 
straight forward so once you reach the end you will have to catch a gyarados 
and 4 magikarp, after you catch them you will get the machine parts and you 
will return to the base. here cameron will give you your eighth mission which 
will take you to wintown.


ok once you get on the mogul it automatically takes you to the entrance to 
panula cave
panula cave:
when you get here cameron will text you and tell you to find and follow a 
wintown ranger named chris who you will follow into the cave which has lots of 
ice pokemon as you travel along you will find a steelix blocking your way. get 
a poliwrath to wake it up and it will move. after a little more you meet 
elita, the wintown ranger leader, but the steelix you woke up is causing 
trouble somewhere in the cave. while elita and chris head off to deal with it 
you must find a swinub from a cliff side and return it to its angry family of 
piloswines. climb up a cliff and head in where you will find a hole that leads 
you to a slide, stay to the right and avoid the holes and you will find it. 
after this you will have to catch the angry steelix. this is one of the 
hardest captures in the entire game considering just touching it takes down 
your styler power. my advice is to catch a medicham and then fight it, this 
way you can use p/m to paralyze it (make sure its in a coiled position or its 
just more difficult) then use medichams which makes every loop worth two and 
you can catch him quicker. after you catch it elita an chtis will appear and 
you will head to wintown (an animation will tell you that the steelix was go-
rock squads pokemon) 
here you will get an upgrade to ranger lvl 9 and receive your ninth mission.


sekra range:
the sekra range is north of wintown and fall citys ranger will be with you on 
this one. there are lots of go-rock squad members all with seedots which only 
take one circle to catch. you will find a house after a while with a man who 
will recharge your styler. after this you will find a spot with lots of trees 
and you will see some go-rock squad members trying to catch an altaria but the 
altaria makes it all misty and you have to catch it to clear the mist. after 
that there will be a obstacle to be cleared by piloswines ability. soon you 
will see the same charizard you caught in the jungle ruins and it is making 
trouble and burning down trees. you have to catch it again and its harder this 
time so if you have some poliwhirls this makes it easier.after that go north 
and the fall city ranger will leave. theres a giant gate to fiore temple but 
its closed at the moment.head west and along the way you will need to catch 
TWO tangelas. then when you reach the gap use one tangela and then use the 
other one right will then arrive at a cliff so climb up it and 
unfortunately you lose any freind pokemon.
go-rock squad headquarters:
here there are places with red flashing tiles and if you step on the tiles you 
get sent back to the beginning so i suggest you study the pattern they flash 
in closely before you try going across. as usual there will be alot of go-rock 
squad members.your freind from ring town will join you and once you get 
farther along there will be a fence with a cave right near it so go in the 
cave catch a sneasel and cut down the fence where you can catch an electabuzz. 
ok now you will head north and find a door so go in it and battle the girl of 
the go-rock squads admins again so this time you have to catch two camerupts. 
after that she will go to her brothers room, so follow her and battle her 
brother with a slakoth, vigoroth and slaking. after this he will run to the 
next brother who has two scythers and a scizor. after this he will finally 
head to the last admin who has a larvitar, pubitar and tyranitar. after you 
defeat them they will run away and you wont have to fight any of them again. 
now head back to wintown and get yoursel fo the maximum ranger rank, rank 10, 
then you receive your tenth and final mission.


your fellow ranger will be with you on this final mission. so head back up to 
where the gian doors are and target them and your companion and you will 
wonder how to open them when charizard comes up and opens them for you. ok on 
your way up there are many pokemon who are helpful pokemon but you need to 
catch vaporeon (on the right) and jolteon (on the left) then you will need to 
head down some steps to get the flareon. once you open up the gates you will 
reach the temple where you have to go up the left side then the right then the 
left again with three go-rock squad members along the way. once you reach the 
top your fellow ranger will make sure you wanna do this and if you say yes you 
will move on to the final boss, gordor.ok before you do this make sure you 
have a donphan and a vaporeon. ok here is how i beat the finnal boss with his 
three pokemon,raikou,suicune, and entei. ok first raikou, wait til all his 
lightning bolts are gone and use donphan to catch him. next suicune, make ONE 
of his clones go away and then wait until they are close enough to eachother
then use p/m to catch it. last is entei, circle him until the fireballs around 
him are gone (one dissapears for each circle) then use vaporeon to catch him.
after this you get the ending animations and the credits.


ok first, to get this mission you need to head to fall city after the credits 
roll  and you will get a text from the prof. telling you to meet him at the 
lab (release all pokemon you have before heading there). ok go talk to the 
prof. and he will ask you to spend the night and talk to him, the next morning 
his assinstant comes in and tells you that there is something wrong in the 
ocean off the harbor so the prof. tells you to investigate. aria will come 
with you here. rhe first thing you should do is go to where you caught the 
staryu earlier in the game and you will have to catch 4 rampaging staryus. 
after that you will have to head into the building to the right and catch 4 
krabbys. last you will have to head toward the dock and catch 4 carvanhas. 
after this you get told abour some big whitlpools in the sea and you decide to 
use lapras ro go investigate. when you head out her you get sucked into a 
whirlpool, where you find kyogre. now kyogre isnt the hardes pokemon to catch, 
the only problem is the fact that its attack goes across the whole screen(p/m 
are very useful here.) ok now head back to the ranger base, and then to ring 
town to talk to spencer who tells you to go to summerland. once you get here 
cameron will tell you that the jungle ruins are extremely hot so head there. 
once youre in the ruins head toward the test of fire and you will see the 
other p/m freaking out near a boulder so catch a rhydon and destroy it to find 
your fellow ranger. now head into the cave and catch two poliwraths. ok now 
head toward the test of water and head up to find some lava, use one poliwrath 
to clear it. now keep heading up and fight a go-rock squad member. now head 
deep into the ruins until you find a room with charmeleons and drop down the 
hole, follow the path until you reach groudon. now groudon, again, isnt the 
hardest to catch if you still have that poliwrath so just use it to trap it in 
a bubble and catch him. now head back to the ranger base, then to wintown, 
where elita will be waiting outside and when you get here you will need to go 
to fiore temple where you will find a creepy guy who will fight you. now when 
you reach the door that you needed vaporeon flareon and jolteon to open you 
now need ralts kirlia and gardevior to open. before you go through catch some 
useful pokemon around there that are useful (nothing with a ground poke-
assist) like gengar and glalie from the basement. go up and you will fight 3 
go-rock squad members in about the same spot as they were when you first came 
up here to fight gordor. when you get to the top you will find the go-rock 
squad struggling with the super aincent titan rayquaza. now you have to catch 
it, which if you have gengar or glalie shouldnt be extremely difficult.(after 
this if you catch all 210 pokemon in this game you get a complete symbol on 
your ranger card, to signify you have beaten the game.)(i will submit a later 
FAQ on where all the pokemon are.)


you get this mission as your first mission in you ranger net.ok it starts out 
your talking to spencer about his failure to capture deoxys so you head out to 
try anyway. when you and your partner find deoxys at first it will morph to 
its attack form and fun off. when you head in catch any pokemon you can find 
(except diglett) and go fight deoxys. he needs 13 circles and teleports while 
attacking. using the fighting type assist will help.after this it will morph 
to defense form and run off again, once again catch any pokemon excluding 
diglett and go fight him. this time he needs 17 circles and will fire dark 
balls while occasionaly using a sheild that makes your circles useless, once 
again fighting assist he will morph to speed and run off again so 
catch any pokemon besides diglett and go fight him. this form needs 3 circles 
and quickly attacks with 3 energy balls at a time. a water assist helps on 
this one alot. now finally it will go to normal form and run off, so catch all 
pokemon and blah blah you know the deal and go fight it.  in this form it will 
keep switching between the other 3 forms until you catch it in one of them and 
then it will turn to normal which is the only time you can truly catch it so 
once you do this your mission is complete.


this mission is accessed through ranger net after the deoxys mission. ok, it 
once again starts our with you talking to spencer and he tells you about 
reports of go-rock squad trying to catch celebi in lyra forest, now murph 
complains that you always get cool missions so he gets to come with you and 
then you automatically go to lyra forest near the shrine where you find 
celebi. all of a sudden some go-rock squad members pop up and chase celebi 
off, so run after them, where there will be various objects that need clearing 
and can be cleared by some of the pokemon there (there will also be some go-
rock squad members.) when you first see celebi a go-rock squad member will 
chase it off and that marks the beginning of the most annoying game of hide 
and seek ever, because if it sees you it automatically runs away so you have 
to stay behind it. it is fairly hard to catch but if you have a swellow its 
poke assist helps alot and after you catch it your mission is complete.


ok you get this one on the ranger net after the deoxys one and the celebi one. 
first off your talking with cameron who tells you that percy found a mew but 
percy says that it was just something else, by the way you see a mew at the 
entrance to olive jungle. ok just follow the way mew went and if you enter an 
area and you get a ! above your head mew is there. this is once again an 
annoying hide and seek like celebi and bug type assists help a little but you 
still have to circle extremely fast. after you catch it your mission is 


ok first you have to go to ranger net and hold all the buttons except b and 
then use the "enter a code" option you get to enter the cod P8M2-9D6F-
43H7.this egg is used to get the rarest legendary in the upcoming games called 
diamond and pearl, notice at the end of the mission the prof. says that you 
have to give it to a trainer in the sinnoh region p.s.this is the only time 
you can ever trade with another pokemon game using pokemon ranger.
SINCERELY APOLOGIZE!(judging by memory this mission is fairly straitforward 

this is my walkthrough and i hope it helped. :-}


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