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Super Mario Sunshine: Corona Mountain Guide/ Super Mario Sunshine F.A.Q.
E-mail: [email protected]
Name: Chris Draheim (Master Cube)
Version: 1.0  
Last Update 9-15-02

     Table of contents:
1.	Legal information
2.	Corona Mountain Walkthrough
3.	F.A.Q.s
4.	Tips and secrets
5.	Thanks to
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1.Legal Information
    This F.A.Q. is property of Chris Draheim and may not be reproduced in any way 
without e-mail consult of Chris Draheim. Copyright 2002.
I have only given permission to Cheat Code Central to post this guide.
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     2.Corona Mountain
 Story: Once you get at least 7 shines in each stage (Besides Corona Mountain, 
Delfino Airstrip, and Delfino Plaza) you will see Shadow Mario near the Shine Gate, 
Delfino is flooded. He will go near this hole. Go to the hole he is at by making 
your way behind the Shine Gate. Go into the hole.

  The Level:  From the start hover to the platform with fire and make sure to touch 
the fire with the hover’s water. (It’s easier if you do a spin jump before 
hovering)  Land on the platform (It will reheat in about 10 seconds.) The hover 
again to the land ahead and get  the free life. Then ahead there is a platform with 
spikes. Wait about two seconds after the spikes go up and hover to the platform. 
Fall when the spikes recede. The hover to the platform with fire and douse the fire 
then land. Then, again, spikes are ahead. Wait about 2 seconds after the spikes come 
up then hover over there, then drop when the spikes go away. Then hover to the land 
platform. Now, it’s your decision as to what path to take. 
I take the safe way. Go to the spikes in the top-right corner of the platform. Then 
to the fire platform straight on. Then to the spikes on the top-left side of the fir 
platform. Then from the spikes to the fire a little to the right and in front of the 
spikes. At last, you go to a land platform. Butt-Stomp the box to reveal a free 
life.  Then go on the boat.  Then it gets tricky.  Try to spray perfectly in the 
middle of the stern. (Back of the boat) Make sure your view is ahead of you by going 
on the boat facing the front, then turn Mario around quickly to keep the view.  The 
boat is weird, spray to the right and go to the right (If you have speed) and the 
same to the left. If you don’t have speed then the boat will turn around a little. 
It’s tricky, but maneuver between the pillars and avoid hitting anything. If you do 
the boat will sink, even if you barely hit something.  You should see many blue 
coins at the end of the boat path. I suggest avoiding them until you beat the final 
boss, so ignore them for now. Jump out of the boat and hover onto the final land 
platform. You should see the rocket nozzle. YES, GET IT YOU IDIOT. Hold the C-Stick 
down and hold until you see clouds. Rocket where you see the shadow of the cloud on 
the land platform (Before the Rocket Nozzle) and keep rocketing until you get to a 
rain cloud. Yes that’s the final boss, how did you figure that one out?!

Bowser and Baby Bowser, the final showdown:
The last boss isn’t really hard. Just go on the platforms that stick out (While 
avoiding Baby Bowser’s Missiles, and Bowser’s fire breath. If you want hit the blue 
missiles for a free life. Then when you are right above the red circle on a platform 
sticking out rocket and ground-pound while at the highest point of rocketing. The 
platform will fall, be careful and make your way back up with jumps while avoiding 
the hot tub water. If you can’t make it charge your rocket and jump when you are 
about to fir off and try to make it back. If not, don’t worry you will still be at 
the hot tub. Continue to Rocket, ground-pound, get back, avoid until all 5 platforms 
are gone. You did it!! You will  have one more shine and see the ending. Work up to 
get all 120 shines!!!
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3.Frequently Asked Questions
(This F.A.Q. is from me, when this document is posted I will take all questions from 
my e-mail and upgrade)
Q- What is the point of the sunglasses guy? Where is the Shine shirt he is supposed 
to give me?

A- When you get more shines the light at Delfino gets brighter. When you have 100+ 
shines people with sensitive eyes would be blinded (Not literally, but it would be 
rather a pain) Also, you get the shirt only after you beat Bowser and Baby Bowser.

Q- I have a space between some worlds on the shine sprite checklist, where is the 

A-There is a level that you need the rocket for, (On the Shine Gate) a level on the 
roof that Yoshi eats the big pineapple to get the level, a level where you buy 
sprites with blue coins on the dock, a level at the lighthouse in front of the flat 
pillars in the water, a level where you cannon to, (The big red thing) a level where 
you stand on the shine platform under the beam of light near the central water dock, 
hit the “Y” button and look at the sun, the level from the start of Delfino Plaza 
where “Shadow Mario” Makes a  picture on a statue and goes in, a level where you 
start out, and the last level.
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4.Tips and Secrets
I will add about 5 a day, so don’t worry.
Coming in next version!

5.Thanks to:
	My Uncle, for in which not I shall not have a computer
	Myself, for writing this guide.
	All Super Mario Sunshine gamers, for I wouldn’t have made this if it weren’t 
for you.
	Cheat Code Central, for having a great site and posting all my stuff and if 
you are reading this guide then that means they were nice enough to post this guide 
and review it.
	The Weekend, I would  be to busy with school  if not for the weekend.
     If you have anything to ask about this guide or Mario Sunshine, or have 
anything to add to it feel free to e-mail me at [email protected] I 
check my e-mail every day and will respond to all e-mails. 
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