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 |    \  |----     /\     -------  |    |
 |    |  |        /  \       |     |    |
 |    |  |---    /    \      |     |----|
 |    /  |      /------\     |     |    |
  ---    |---- /        \    |     |    |

|\    /|     /\      ----  |   /
| \  / |    /  \    |      |  /
|  \/  |   /    \    ----  |-
|      |  /------\       | |  \
|      | /        \  ----  |   \

First of all, get the Armor Key by getting to the dog wistle and going out the  
silver door in the area above the Drug Rm., blowing the dog wistle and kill the dog 
with the collar. Get the collar and Examinate and push the switch on the front and 
get the coin. Push the switch on the coin, making it look like a key. Go to mansion 
3F and get the real key. Right after you get it, put in the fake key to stop the 

Death Mask #1: Go into the room with paintings and crows. Go in and at the first 
painting, push the switch to make it orange. Go to the other side and make the 
middle one purple and the other one and make it green. (Not the one that you first 
pass) Go to the big painting and push the switch. If you did the puzzle wrong, the 
crows will atack.

Death Mask #2: Go into the room that has armor in it. It will show the four armor 
suits moving. The way you'll push them in is in this order- 1: Top right (2: Bottom 
left (3: Bottom right. Push the switch in the middle of the room and get the Jewelry 
Box ahead. The switch order on the box is front first and back second.

Death Mask #3: Get the chemicals outside the other silver door down stairs. (In the 
area, after the hallway with the dogs) Once you get them, go into the room with the 
huge weed with the fountain. Put the chemicals in the filter and pump the water to 
red, killing the weed and being able to get the Death Mask. After that and your 
going out of the room, RUN! The zombies that were pounding on the window that way 
here are breaking in as you pass by.

Death Mask #4: Go into the room with Richard by the area of when you got the Death 
Mask #2. Then, go into the Drug Rm. and on the shelf is a Serum, (while your in 
there, as Jill, make sure you have the lighter) give the Serum to Richard. Go past 
him into the door. After that door, go to the other door to the Chris' or Jill's 
left. (Careful! There's a zombie.) Once in that door, light the candles on the 
table, and push the book shelf, making a pass way to another zombie and the Musical 
Notes in the shelf behind it. Then, two spaces open, get the Wooden Emblem and into 
the music room. (It has a piano in it) Once in, push the book shelf and get the 
other musical notes combining them with the ones you got in the room after Richard. 
After that use the combined notes on the piano. (If your Chris, you'll have to let 
Rebecca practice first) Once you play the piano, a door way will open. Get the Gold 
Emblem and replace it with the wooden one. Put the Gold Emblem in where the Wooden 
one use to be, opening up the clock. Go to the clock and turn it to six o' clock to 
get the Shield Key and use it on the door ahead of the door which is right after 
Richard. This room as a HUGE snake named Yawn. As Chris, it's easy just to get the 
mask and running. As Jill, Richard comes and gets killed in a while and drops his 
Assault Shotgun. (Dont worry Chris users, Richard will die in your story soon) Avoid 
getting bit by Yawn and you won't have deal with the Serum sequence again. Use the 
Masks at bottom of the Stairs in the grave yard. Once you use all the Masks, a 
crimson head will be there.... SO KILL IT!!! Then, get the Shotgun Shells by the 
coffin and the Stone and Metal Object in the coffin. Use this object out side the 
door of the hallway you needed to go through to get to the painting room, to unlock 
the door and you'll be on your way.....

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