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  • Action, Survival Horror
  • Capcom
  • Capcom
  • Mature
  • April 30, 2002


Guns, Ammo, Herbs And First Aid Sprays

Obviously ammo supply can be an issue so here are the guns, ammo and priority of which to ones to conserve: The Magnum Revolver is number one top priority. There are only a few places you'll find ammo for it like the aqua ring in the residence area and the 2nd floor of the mansion. You'll find that when you need to find the battery for the courtyard elevator inside the room with the battery. The Shotgun would be tied with the Incendiary (Flame) Rounds for the Grenade Launcher, you only find 2 or 3 of those so save them for when you need them. The Shotgun on the other hand, you find a decent amount of ammo for it throughout the game, especially as Chris. The last would be the Handgun. You find ammo for that all the time. And as for the Survival Knife, its pretty useless for the most part but keep it on you if you're running out of ammo. But Ammo isn't the only thing you should conserve, Medical supplies are also something you should try to Conserve as well. Mix as many herbs as you can, Green+Red+Blue, Green+Red, Green+Blue, Green+Green+Blue, Green+Green, Green+Green+Green, all sorts. Also try to conserve First Aid Sprays, those will help. I recommend trying it on easy first to get a feel for it and to learn the locations and enemies so good luck and have fun.

View Kenneth's Film

Once the first zombie of the game is dead, go to Kenneth and push A. You'll get his film which will be considered a file, not an item. After a long adventure of survival horror, and your in the lab, you need to go into the small room where you find the Laboratory Key. In there is a video player. Go to it and push A. Select yes to see his film.

V-JOLT Formula

1 . Take the 4 empty bottles.
2. Water + UMB 3 = NP-004
3. NP-004 + Yellow-6 = UMB 10
4. Water + Yellow-6 = UMB 7
5. UMB 10 + UMB 7 = VP-017
6. VP-017 + UMB 3 = V-JOLT.

Headshots With A Shotgun

If you point your shotgun up on a zombie's head, you will always do a headshot.

Infinite Rocket Launcher Guide

Here are some tips that might help you get the infinite rocket launcher (beat game under 3 hours):
1. Dodge zombies you can dodge.
2. Do the grenade glitch.
3. Go for the bad ending.
4. When not killing enemies, unequip your weapon (NOTE: This makes your character go faster)
5. Play as Jill and on either normal or hard difficulty.
6. Dont save that much.
7. Do a speed run.
8. Pausing, checking inventory, checking item box, and cutscenes all count as time.
9. Dont examine keys cause its just a waste of time!
Now that you know everything! Are you ready to beat the game in under 3 hours?.

Weapon List, Ammo And Other Items For Jill And Chris

Okay so this is telling you who has what and what will it be replaced by what:
Survival Knife-Both
Magnum Revolver-Both
Grenade Launcher-Jill
Assault Shotgun-Chris
Barry's Revolver-Jill (optional/no extra ammo)

Defence Weapons:
Stun Gun-Jill (requires Battery)
Flash Grenade-Chris

Handgun Magazines-Both
Shotgun Shells-Both
Magnum Rounds-Both
Grenade Rounds (good against all enemies)-Jill
Incindiary Rounds (good against Zombies)-Jill
Acid Rounds (good against Jessica a. k . a . The bullet-proof thing in chains)-Jill

Lighter-Chris (Jill can get a lighter but she has to find it)

So thats that now let me explain a few things Jill has a Lock-Pick therefore she gets around a lot easier, but chris has to find Old keys which replace Items such as ammo, ink ribbons etc. , which flat out stinks, I mean come on you can never have TOO many of one thing. And as for other ammo, all Grenade/Incendiary/Acid Rounds as Jill will be changed to Shotgun Shells as Chris and about half of the Shotgun Shells as will be Grenade Rounds as Jill. And every Battery found as Jill will be a Flash Grenade for Chris. Other than those things the rest of the items that are necessary to progress further through the game are the same so good luck and have fun.

Invisible Enemy Mode And One Dangerous Zombie

After I beat Real Survival Mode I unlocked Invisible Enemy mode and it also turned on "One Dangerous Zombie" too. Of course I had already beaten the game as both Chris and Jill twice each on Easy mode from the original mode but basically after beating Real Survival Mode, you unlock Invisible Enemy Mode and turn on One Dangerous Zombie as well.

Real Survival Mode

Beat Hard Mode with either Chris or Jill and then it will say you can now play on Real Survival Mode. Basically there was a prototype for the original Resident Evil game that would make the aiming of your weapons automatically set on Manual and all of the Item Boxes weren't linked. It was never released but the makers of this version decided to add it as a harder level. So now you have to manually aim and remember all Item Boxes are not linked to each other.

Preventing Zombies From Coming Back To Life

If you shoot a zombie and he falls down he may not be dead. The following are indicaters and tips that help you determine weather a zombie is dead or alive. If you run from a zombie that you knocked down that is still alive once you enter the room again that zombie will be faster and be more brutal, so if you start killing a zombie you'd better finish the job there because it will cost you later on.
1) If you see a pool of blood under the zombie they are dead, you shot them enough times.
2) If you use a flash grenade as a defense item against a zombie they will die instantly.
3) If you shoot the zombie's head off they will not come back.
4) You can use your Fuel Canteen and when the zombie is laying on the ground you can burn them.

Save Kerosene

To save kerosene all you have to do is kill a zombie till it falls on another zombie to make a stack then light sack with kerosene then you kill two or more zombies while saving kerosene.

V-Jolt With Chris

Doing the V-Jolt for Chris is a sacrifice of the Assault Shotgun. Once you get the Armor key, go into the room with Richard. When you are told to get the serum, don't. Keep doing things until you need to get the last Death Mask. You'll need to go past Richard. He should be dead by now. Now, you won't get the Assault Shotgun in the area of the sharks. Once you get to Plant 42 in Residence, you'll see a cutscene featuring Chris and Rebecca. Go into the room with the jars and get the V-Jolt. Bring it down to it's roots in Residence B1. You still have to fight Plant 42 with Chris, but it's alot weaker.

Unlock Jill's Or Chris' Cell

To save Chris or Jill, (You don't have to, this is just if you want the "Good" or "Best" ending) you must get three MO disks. To get them, you must do these simple steps-

(1)When you get the Helmet Key, go to the area above the stairs that are next to the Drug Rm., and go into the room with an eagle that follows you. To get the first MO disk, you must get the Yellow Gym by pushing the two dressers against the wall. Next, flip the light switch off and run to the other side of the room. You must NOT let the eagle see you take the gems. (To know if the eagle sees you about to take the Gym, you'll see the Gym in the trophy blinking) Climb onto the dressers and get the gems. Use the yellow gem on the tiger with the blue eye/gem. It should rotate and give you the first MO disk.

(2)Once you got the two doors open on the computer, (The Login name is JOHN and the first password is ADA. Unlock one room, then enter CELL as the second password to unlock the second door) Go to the room you past by when you were getting the second MO disk and go in. Go to the shelf on your right (Not Jill's or Chris' right) to get 
the second MO disk.

(3)Now that you got the second MO disk, go to the end of the first part of the room or hallway of the lab to get the to get the third MO disk on the desk. 

(4)Now to put the MO disk in place. !WARNING! You must put the right MO disk into the right computer terminals! Get the first MO disk you got and go into the room with ammo in the sink and a zombie. On the desk where the zombie is, there is a computer terminal. (It looks like a black Gamecube) Insert the MO disk #1 in it. Once you do this it will show three red lights and one turning green.

(5) Go into the green room with MO disk #2 and push the shelf back. (If you need Shotgun shells, just push it twice. Climb on the thing to your right, and go behind the shelf to get the shotgun shells on the shelf to your left) Climb the thing on your right and go through the vent. (Careful of the Chimeras! Destroy them with the shotgun or magnum) Then, go on the green dresser to go through the second vent and into the first green room. Go forward and to Chris' or Jill's right to find the computer terminal and use the MO disk #2.

(6)Grab MO disk #3 and go into the red room and just go forward to find the last computer terminal. (Careful, there are more Chimeras) Use the last MO disk on it.

(7) The Final Step. After the first battle with the Tyrant, go to the end of the room and use the switch to unlock the cell. (To bring him down use 5 hits with the Magnum Revolver or one hit with Berry's Magnum-Jill only with Berry's magnum. If you do have Berry's magnum because you didn't give it to him get Weskers key) Go down the hallway that the door next to the gate looking door. Go to the three switches and use each one 
to open the door. Go down the stairs to the cell and open it. You should have Weskers key if you didn't give Berry his gun and one or two bullets with Berry's gun. Get Ready for the second battle against the Tyrant.

Easiest Way To Beat The Tyrant (Jill)

The easiest way to beat the Tyrant can only be done with Jill. First of all, get the first MO disk. Then, when your in the area where you find Lisa (the mutated girl in chains) for the third time, don't give Barry his gun. You'll see Barry die. Keep doing the MO disks part to save Chris. When you get to the Tyrant for the first time, use one bullet on the Tyrant to bring him down. (WOW) When you do, go to the end of the room and unlock the door. When you do, there's something else in the room. Get Wesker's key or you won't be able to get to the room ahead of this area. Go to the three switches and unlock the door. Go down the stairs to get Chris, go to the beginning room of the lab, (With the ladder, the Item box and the Type Writer) and go up the ladder. Keep going and get the fuse pack and put it into where it is missing. Go up the elevator and use the flare kit. Oh, just remember, when Wesker got hit, he injected himself with the T-Virus, giving him super human strength and speed...

Spider Boss

Run in circles, dodging it's poison,& occasionally stopping to shoot it. When it charges you, you'll get hit, but it won't deplete much helth.Get the knife out & cut through the webs on the door to the right.

Green Herb+red Herb+blue Herb

This is the ultimate herb.It cures 100% of your health and cures posion too.

Green Herb+green Herb+red Herb

This will cure 125% of your health but you shouldn't do this becuase you only have 100% of health.

Green Herb+red Herb

This will cure 100% of your health.

Green Herb+green Herb+blue Herb

This will cure 50% of your health and cure posion.

Green Herb+blue Herb

This will cure cure 25% of your health and cure posion.

Green Herb+green Herb+green Herb

This will cure 100% of your health.

Green Herb Mixed With A Green Herb

This will cure 50% of your health.

Blue Herb

This herb cures posion status.

Red Herb

This herb dosn't do anything without another herb helping it.

Green Herb

A green herb will heal 25% of your charecters health.

Near-unlimited Ammo For Gernade Launcher

Once you obtain the Gernade Launcher and another set of ammo (Flame/Acid) goto the nearest Item Box and follow these easy steps:

1. Deposit all items.
2. Pull out your Gernade Launcher (Make sure it goes to the upper-left section).
3. Pull out a case of Gernade Rounds (Make sure it goes to the upper-right section).
4. Leave Item Box.
5. Equip Gernade Launcher.
6. Re-open Item Box and deposit the Rounds (Doesn't matter where).
7. Go to the left (into the Item Box) and press A twice on the Rounds.
The Gernade Launcher should still be in your inventory with 20 rounds. Exit the Item Box and check your inventory and it should read 240 now. To get 240 of other ammo, just swap the 240 rounds with another type and repeat all steps.

Special Features Option

Successfully complete the game in "Invisible Enemy" mode with a time less than five hours to unlock a "Special Features" option that displays a message from the game developers and a gallery of pre-production costumes.

One Dangerous Zombie Option

Successfully complete the game with both Jill and Chris once to unlock the "One Dangerous Zombie" option.

Invisible Enemy Option

Successfully complete the game two times with Jill or Chris to unlock the "Invisible Enemy" option. All enemies will be transparent in this mode.

Bonus Option, Costumes, And Weapons

Successfully complete the game in "Once Again" mode on the normal difficulty setting with a time less than five hours. This unlocks the "Real Survivor" option (item boxes do not transfer items to each other), the .40 Smith and Wesson gun with infinite ammunition (replaces the combat knife in a new game), and bonus costumes. Additionally, the aiming system will be manual. If the game was completed using Jill, the bonus costume will be her outfit from Resident Evil 3.

Rocket Launcher With Infinite Ammunition

Successfully complete the game with Jill or Chris with a time less than three hours. Save the game at the end, then start a new game to begin with the Rocket Launcher with infinite ammunition.

Samurai Edge Weapon

Successfully complete the game with Jill or Chris with a time less than five hours. Save the game at the end, then start a new game to begin with the Samurai Edge weapon.

New Background And Alternate Costume

Successfully complete the game with Jill or Chris and save the game. A new background will appear on the main menu. Select the "Once Again" option when playing your completed saved game. You may now choose new difficulty settings for the replay. You will also get a key that will allow the character that completed the game to have a new costume. Enter the room with the large mirror on the second floor of the mansion. Unlock the door in the back. Enter the closet and move all the way to the end of the rack of clothes. A message asking "There is an outfit that fits you perfectly, do you want to put it on?" will appear. Select "Yes" to change your character's clothes. Complete the game again to unlock a second costume.


Weird Voice

In the laboratory, in the login computer type in MOLE instead of CELL (real password) and you will hear the voice of Tafu from Resident Evil 2.

In-game Reset

Hold L, R, Z, Y, X, A, B, and Start. You'll return to the Menu screen.


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Easter eggs

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