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This is a game that we, the U.H.P.A, have created.  It involves takine two vehicle 
and basically slaughtering each other.  Through much playing of this, we encountered 
many arguments on what is fair or not.  This has finally set the record straight.  
It is my deep hope each one of you who read this enjoy some serious friend-fraging 
action.  (sorry if some of the grammer and such is a bit sloppy but it's long, and 
I'm lazy.)

Articles of the DEM. Derby
U.H.P.A. (United Halo Players of Aiken)

	Article I  (Pre-DEM. Derby)
Section I   Before the said DEM. Derby has begun their shall be no killing.  Doing 
this shall be in direct violation and shall be punishable by “All out brawl” in 
which the violator shall be killed to equal the amount of times he/she has killed in 
the “Brawl” and the initial kill. In the “Brawl” everyone attacks the one who 
instigated the “Brawl” and he/she may fight back.

Section II   The DEM. Derby shall start when all participants have entered their 
vehicles.  Any attacks before the Derby is “on” shall be a direct violation of the 
aforementioned section.

Article II  (DEM.. ON)
 Section I   When the said DEM . Derby has commenced, the gunman (optional person 
who fires on the drivers) may or may not posses theM19 SSM Rocket Launcher.  This 
decision is up to the “Derbying” party. This weapon causes too much damage and gives 
the gunman too much of an advantage for this to be a set rule.  The Gunman is also 
permitted to kill any other gunman at any time during the Derby. It is also 
permitted for a gunman to kill another gunman after or before or during a Derby 
unless, he/she is scheduled in the next Derby. Doing so shall be in direct violation 
of Article I Section I. A pilot may only kill a gunman during the “Derby”.

Section II   During the derby the gunman may be where ever he/she wishes.  Although, 
He is to be cautioned that if he has chosen to enter the war field (area that is 
lowest where the Derby is currently commenced) he is to be considered a target and 
no penalty shall be applied to killing him/her.  If the drivers see it fit to take 
the Derby to a higher ground where the gunman is and he is killed a penalty shall be 
applied to the killer. That penalty shall be set by the gunman in question (not to 
exceed unreasonable bounds).

Section III   No guns or grenades shall be used in a DEM . Derby except by the 
gunman.  Any guns or grenades used by a driver in the intention to stop, hurt, or 
kill another driver is strictly prohibited and shall be punished by standing outside 
of their vehicle for the approximate time he/she continued firing (The elapsed time 
from the first shot to the last), while the other pilot may drive where he/she 
likes. If the driver is killed by the assault, the dead in question shall set the 
penalty (not to exceed unreasonable bounds).

Section IV   If it is determined, by a vote of majority, that a driver has purposely 
committed suicide the Derby is to end and all the rules are to apply as if in pre-
DEM . Derby. It is then mandatory that he participate in the pending Derby. The time 
from when the driver committed suicide and the recommencing of the “Derby” shall be 
considered a pause.  If the dead in question refuses to participate in the pending 
Derby, it is allowable to kill that person at any other time during the game unless 
by means which infringe any other directive not including pre-DEM.Derby mandates.

Section V  (This amendment shall be reserved for at least four players and the same 
rules shall apply as does in regular “Derby”.)  A “Double Derby” shall be called 
when at least four players divide into teams and agree to have a Derby. The team 
members will get in their vehicles, each vehicle equaling the amount of Drivers as 
the other. In this case team members may exchange seats when they wish but doing so 
will not stop the Derby in any way. If at any time the Pilot is killed one of the 
other Drivers must assume his place regardless of the other vehicles position. 
Staying in one’s vehicle after the pilot has been killed is prohibited and no 
punishment shall be set. Any guns used in the “Double Derby” by the Drivers not 
piloting will be in direct violation of Article II -Section III.

Section VI  If at any time during the “Derby”, a pilot must be called away for any 
reason, he/she may call “pause’ in which case the “Derby will be temporarily ended 
and considered the aforementioned “pause”. All rules are to apply as in “pre-DEM . 
Derby”.  If anyone is killed he/she will resume his/her place before the “Derby” is 
to recommence. If the “Derby” is unpaused before a pilot is in the same place as 
when it was paused and is killed, the killer’s penalty shall be set by the dead.

Section VII  If and when one of the pilots falls out of his vehicle, another person 
may take it. The pilot in question will then assume the role of the person who took 
the vehicle assuming all of the functions and confines of that role. Working in 
league with a gunman and trading roles is perfectly acceptable.  Although if a pilot 
does switch roles with a gunman the order of pending gunmen will not in any way 

	Article III (Post-DEM. Derby)
Section I   Post-DEM . Derby shall occur when the Driver or Drivers (in the case of 
a “Double Derby”) in one vehicle have been killed.  A driver must be killed by a 
gunman, another Drivers vehicle, or a separate mean of the game.  The next Derby 
shall in turn commence when the next participants have been decided and have both 
entered their vehicles. The time during this can be considered pre-Derby if it is 
wished and all rules shall apply as if in Pre-DEM . Derby.

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