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Okay so you started the game but have no clue what your doing, well I suggest that 
you go talk to Kairi, have no clue who Kairi is? She is the girl in the first movie,
you know where you walk out of the water and she waves, yeah that's the one. Well 
you go to her and she tells you some items to find- two logs, a cloth and a rope. If 
you don't know where they are go to her and say I'm totally clueless, she should 
tell you where one item is, keep asking until you get all the items. Then when she 
asks you do you want to call it a day do the oppisite stick around for a while if 
you fight Wakka, Tidus, and Selphie by talking to them (they are the three other 
people on the island) if you fight all three talk to Tidus and he will ask if you 
want to fight three on one. I suggest you get to atleast level 5 before you 
challange all three and also ALWAYS have a potion with you (you should get one from 
Kairi for bringing her the items) the way to get to level 5 is to fight the people 
until a level gets raised. After you get to level 5 and want to challange them the 
easiest way is to defeat the Selphie first then go for Tidus when they are down go 
for Wakka, jump mostly for him when he throws the ball at you, then get behind him 
and hit him. Another way is to hit the ball back at him. After getting to level 10 
you can fight Riku( he is the one who is on the other island you get to by a bridge) 
fight him or 3-on-one and you will get a potion. Explore a bit and get used to the 
controlers and go back to Kairi and end the day.It will show a movie then you will 
do the next day for this you need to get to the other side of the island to do that 
you go to the door where Kairi was standing and it should take you to the other side 
of the island. If you find her on the raft she will ask you where Riku is he is 
where you just were. He will suggest a name for the raft and ask you one. Type a 
name and then you will have to race him. I suggest jumping of the dock into the 
water then running up the stairs and keep running 'til you get to the star thingy 
and then jump on the ground and run back to the the place where the stairs are and 
jump arcoss the platforms 'til you reach Kairi if you win your name wins and if Riku 
wins his name wins no big deal you can fight him some more or go to Kairi and she 
will ask for supplies say "i'm totally clueless" and she will help you some more 
when she talks about the secret place go to Wakka and he will help if you find it a 
hodded creature will talk to you if you find all the stuff you an end the day or 
explore some more when you end the day another movie will show then a movie will 
show where Sora is in his home and there is a storm so he wants to save the raft 
when you get to the island DO NOT try to fight the heartless, your wooden sword 
doesn't do any damage go strait to the island with Riku where you first battled him
an another movie will show ( yeah I know this game has alot of movies) then the 
darkness will swallow you up and a ligt will appear it is the key blade then go to 
the secret place and there will be a door go through the door and into the back and 
you will se Kairi she will go Sora in a feeable voice and the door will open and 
wind will blow and Kairi will fly toward you and go through you and you will go 
flying out and then the giant shadow monster from the begining will appear you will 
fight him go for his hands when he disapears you will be thrown into Traverse Town.
Coming Soon Treverse Town for Dummies 

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