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Terms and Other Useful Information
by: Fox White
Diablo 2 Username: WhiteFox
A. Basic
   1. Controls
   2. Commands
   3. Classes
   4. Attributes
B. Terms
   1. Monsters and Bosses
   2. Runs
   3. Spells
C. Single-Player
   1. Codes
A. Basic
1. Controls
Left-Button: Attack 1/Grab/Confirm
Right-Button:  Attack 2

1-4: Use Potion slots 1-4
Alt: Show Items
Enter: Enter Chat Box/Send Message
Ctrl+Alt+Esc: Minimize Diablo 2

2. Commands
Command: /friends list
Description: Will show you everyone who is on your friends list. You may also 
use /f l.
Command: /friends add *friendsname
Description: Replace friendsname with the name of a person's username to add them 
to your friends list. You may also use /f a *friendsname.
Example: /friends add *WhiteFox
	 /f a *WhiteFox
Command: /friends remove *friendsname
Description: Replace friendsname with the name of a person's username to remove 
them from your friends list. You may also use /f r *friendsname.

Example: /friends remove *WhiteFox
	 /f r *WhiteFox
Command: /fps
Description: Shows your Frames Per Second rate and Ping.
Command: /squelch *username
Description: Replace username with a person's username. Squelching will prevent 
that person from whispering to you.

Example: /squelch *WhiteFox
Command: /whisper *username text
Description: Replace username with a person's username and text with what you want 
to say to the person. You may also use /w *username text.

Example: /whisper *WhiteFox Hey.
	 /w *WhiteFox Hey.
3. Classes
Barbarians are melee fighters who can act as tanks for the other character classes
because of their naturally high HP and attack. Barbarians can use their Battle Orders
and Battle Commands to increase HP, MP, and skill levels for the entire party
temporarily. They also use the skill Whirlwind to take out many enemies at once.

This character class is not meant for fighting in melee battles. They are weak in
every area except for magic. Sorceresses can kill several monsters easily as long as
they are not immune to her element. Most Sorceresses only take on one or two
different elements, a sorceress with skills evenly spread out across all three
elements cannot handle the higher difficulties.

Paladins, like barbarians, are natural tanks. Paladins can use the skill Blessed
Hammer to do thousands of damage to his opponents. They also have many auras to heal
and increase the stats of his friends and the ability to hurt his enemies with the auras.

Amazons can deal high amounts of damage with their Javelins and the skill Lightning
Fury. Amazons weapons increase in power when her dexterity increases so she has high
attack rating.

Druids have three special builds. The first is the Werewolf or Werebear build which
can give insane bonuses to damage and attack rating. The second is a summoning druid
who can summon several ravens and wolves to do his bidding. These are especially
effective when enchanted with fire. The third is an elemental druid which can take
heavy elemental damage without being affected and can stand almost in the middle of
his opponents and kill them without ever lifting a finger.

Assassins use their martial arts and traps to kill their enemies quickly. Most
assassins choose to use traps however. Lightning Traps and Death Sentry Traps can be
used to kill any monster in the game because whatever Lightning doesn't kill, Death
Sentry will (causes corpse explosion.).
4. Attributes
Life - Your health points. Required to live. Increased by Vitality.
Mana - Your magic points. Required to use skills and magic. Increased by Eneergy.
Attack Rating - Your overall chance to hit while fighting with ranged or melee weapons.
Chance to Block - Your chance to block an enemy's attack.
Resistances - Your resistances to Fire, Cold, Lightning, or Poison. The higher the
resistance, the less damage you take. However, if your resistances go into the
negatives you will take more damage.
Strength - Increases damage. Required to use most armor.
Dexterity - Increases attack rating, damage (for bows and javelins), and chance to
block (with a shield). Required to use most bows and javelins and some spears.
Vitality - Increases maximum health and stamina.
Energy - Increases maximum mana.
B. Terms

1. Monsters and Bosses
Pindleskin - Pindle - The monster in front of Nihlathak's Temple who, in hell, can
drop any item in the game.
Baal - The third Prime Evil. Act 5 Boss
Diablo - Big D - D - The second Prime Evil. Act 4 Boss
Mephisto - Meph - Mephy - The first Prime Evil. Act 3 Boss
Duriel - Durry - Act 2 Boss
Andariel - Andy - Act 1 Boss
2. Runs
Baal Run - In hell, this type of run can get you to level 99. Common game names
include Baal Run, Baal's Balls (Don't ask.), Kill Baal, etc.
Cow Run - A game where everyone enters the Secret Cow Level and kills all of the cows
for experience.
Pindle Run - A run where everyone enters Nihlathak's Temple and kills Pindleskin in
search of items.
Countess Run - A run where everyone kills the Countess for runes.
Andariel Run - A run where everyone kills Andariel in seach of items. The Harlequin
Crest Shako and Titan's Revenge can be dropped by Andariel in hell.
3. Spells
Frozen Orb - FO - The second strongest cold skill a sorceress can get.
Static Field - Static - A skill used to drop an enemies HP by a certain percent.
BO - Battle Orders

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