Dog Names - Guide for Nintendogs: Dachshund & Friends

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Girl                    Boy
Abby                    Al
Anna                    Albert
Allie                   Ben
Beth                    Cecil
Bree                    Davey
Buffy                   David
Candy                   Freddie
Cece                    George
Diana                   Johnny
Donna                   Lemar
Emily                   Oreo  
Hallie                  Peter
Ivena                   Pipi
Jenny                   Pual
Judy                    Ron
Kate                    Steve
Kat                     Toby
Lovely                  Tiny
Monnica                 Wally
Rose                    Willy
Rosey                   Zac
Stephany                Zach
Tina                    Zak
Wilma                   Zack

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