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SOCOM 2: Doomsday Delivery

This is the last mssion of the game.  It is a mission that you can easily get a B or 
higher on if you follow this walkthrough.  The best weapons for this mission are the 
HK5 SD and the Mark23 SD.  When you start out, you are near the front of the ship.  
At first, there should be a guard a little farther in front of you.  Move ahead and 
take him out silently.  After you are done with that, you should be on a path that 
leads the whole length of the ship.  Since the bridge is at the stern, you will have 
to use this path to get there.  You have plenty of time in this mission, so use it.

Take this path [slowly], and be aware of any terrorists that come from the deeck 
above from the ladders that lead down to your deck.  Go to the back of the ship and 
there should be flights of stairs.  On the different decks, there will be 
terrorists, so be careful and take it slowly.  Be sure to take out all the 
terrorists because they will be sneaky and sneak up on you.  Go up these stairs to 
the second to last deck (you will see windows), and that will be the bridge, there 
are four terrorists inside, and most likely they will come out, but even if they 
don't, you have to be aware that you have to take out all four terrorists.  After 
that is done, you can go inside and change the ship's heading by pressing action 
near the ship's wheel.  

The next objective is to disable the three bombs.  To do this, first go bak to the 
bow (front) of the ship.  There will be a stairway behind a wall that leads to the 
cargo hold below.  If you look at yuor map, you should see that all the doors to the 
bomb rooms are on the left, so eliminate any terrorists and take the left when you 
reach the bottom floor.  Each room with a bomb has a dud bomb also, so when you 
enter each room, disable both bombs in the room to be sure.  The dud is the 
bomb "most visible" when you go to the middle area of the room.  Anyway, disable 
both because it won't cost you much time.  By now, you should still have about 20 
minutes left (give or take a minute).  After the third bomb is diffused, you will 
get a message of a fourth bomb somewhere.  To find it, just keep following doorways 
and stairs to the back of the ship.  There will be about three terrorists guarding 
the room near it so, if you find them, then you are close.  The bomb will be in a 
small room and it is behind a small structure.  Order able to diffuse it so you can 
watch for terrorists (some may try to come in).  

After it is diffused, you have to signal the submarine to give them the all clear.  
To do this, you have to pop red smoke in the crow's nest at the bow (front) of the 
ship.  Go back to the front of the ship and take the stairs up to the deck with the 
path that runs the full length of the ship (outside).  Since you are now at the 
front, you will see the crow's nest.  The ladder to get up there is behind a wall 
near where you are.  Climb this ladder and pop the red smoke on top of it.  A 
message will come that the skipper sees the smoke and he is standing down.  This 
will end the mission and you will have beaten the game on whatever rank you are on.  
If you worked as a team, you were stealth, and you/your team weren't killed or 
injured badly, you will get a B or an A on the mission.  Good Luck beating it on the 
other ranks.    

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