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                                                       Driving With Niobe

  Table of Contents:

 1. Intro/Controls
 2. Get to the Hardline
 3. Twins in Pursuit
 4. Chase Morpheous
 5. The Truck

    1. Intro/Controls
     During story mode you will come across 4 driving levels with Niobe: Get to 
the Hardline, Twins in pursuit, Chase Morpheous, and The Truck. This Faq will 
take you through all of them. first lets just get the basics down:  the gas pedal 
is A or R, the reverse/brake is B or L, the e-brake is X,and for assistance 
(ghost uses mp5) press Y, if you press Z you will change your camera angle. 
Note: if you have the cheat code for unlimited health activated you can crash 
into as many walls or cars that you want to and it won't effect you or your car, 
but bullets will effect your car and your life.

    2. Get to the Hardline

      After you beat the first couple levels at the Post Office you will go on the 
streets at a level call Get to the Hardline. You will start out driving on a street 
that you should until Sparks tells you to make a left. As you make a left the 
cops will come up right on your tail, show press Y to make Ghost use his MP5. 
You will follow the street up for a little ways then make a right at the next street, 
and at the end of that street there will be a blocked off path, go near it and a 
message will apear on your screen saying "survive for two minutes" make a 
right and the road will keep on going in a circle. This is good because you can 
keep on going in this circle with the cops behind you and check on the blocked 
off path. After two minutes the blocked off path will open and you can enter, 
then go straight across the bridge to complete this level.

    3. Twin in Pursuit
       After you beat all the levels in The Chetuea the Next level will be Twins in 
Pursuit. You start out in a underground high way area, and  you are Driving a 
Thunder Bird. Immediately you will notice those annoying twins driving in their 
Escalade, shooting at you. Keep on driving foward and don't shoot until police 
arrive. After you blow up the police cars keep on going straight until the arrow 
on the top of your screen turns around, once it does make a u-turn into the 
other side of the road and follow the exit, this will complete the level.

    4. Chase Morpheous

       After you beat Twins in Pursuit the next level will be Chase Morpheous. You 
start on a Freeway and all what you have to do is  follow the Freeway and don't 
draw attention to yourself, then an Agent car will come and enter a pursuit with 
you (wich my include some cops). Shoot the Agents and they will back away, 
Keep on shooting them and driving straight until a cut scene happens with the 
agents saying "Return to the Primary Package" then drive straight to complete 
the level.

    5. The Truck

       After you beat Chase Morpheous you will advance to the next level wich 
starts right where you stopped of in the previous level. Keep on following the 
Freeway foward and you will see a line of cop cars. Now they won't ramp you or 
shoot you if you don't shoot them, ram them, or ram other cars.........but it's your 
choice. Then pass up the line of cop cars and you will see a Semi with Agent 
Smith, Morpheous, and the Key Maker on top of it. Go close to the truck and you 
will complete the level, and enter a cut scene.

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