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                                 Dynasty Warriors 4 walkthrough
                                    By Gamemaster64
1:boring legal stuff (very short)
2:basic Game controls
3:advanced game controls
6:Wei musou mode
7:Wu musou mode
8:Shu musou mode
9:Dong Zhuo musou mode
10:Lu Bu musou mode
11:Yuan Shao musou mode
12:Yellow Turbans musou mode
13:Nanman musou mode

This is my first FAQ so don't say I'm bad or anything because I'm new at this. 
Ok,to begin i'll start with boring, legal stuff.  No one is allowed to copy or
reproduce this walkthrough. I made it! I deserve the credit!
2:basic game controls:
Standard buttons: these are simply attacks and movement
Square: attack
O: Musou attack
Triangle: Charge attack
Right analog stick: move
3: advanced game controls:
This is the cool stuff
R1: block
R2:I forget, will tell next time I play
L2:no purpose
R3: taunt
select:order for bodyguards
4: Gameplay:
Ok, this is just some game descriptions and features
Musou mode: Simply put; the story mode for each kingdom
Free mode: Select stages and play as any officer
versus mode:Play against another character in the following modes: versus; One
on one; encounter; one on one in a dark indoor stage; influence; find the
imperial seal and gain allies; escort; take out the enemy carriage while
protecting yours.
challenge mode: Offers challenges in which you could put your record into the
online ranking. modes: endurance: fight until you die; time attack; defeat
everyone in the shortest time possible; bridge melee; This is the hardest
challenge. recomended for those that are REALLY good. knock the enemies off the
bridge until you fall; destruction; destroy everything!
Edit mode: Create your own officer and create bodyguard units.
Options: difficulty: no need to explain. everyone already knows this setting.
vibration; turn the vibration on or off.
sound: control master volume, music volume and SFX volume.Also play all the
music from the stages.
events: turn ingame videos on or off.
movies: watch cutscenes from musou modes
endings: watch the endings of musou mode.
opening: You can make the opening (character intros) the way you want them to.
Want to see something funny? Put two men in the dancer part. Hilarious.
5: characters:
All playable characters in this game

Kingdom of Wei

name: Xiahou Dun 
nickname: Blind Xiahou
name pronunciation: sha-ho-doon
date of birth: will tell later
death: got sick and died right after Cao Cao died
Famous for: Ripping out his eye which was pierced by an arrow, and eating it,
also still fought.
occupation: Cao Cao's right hand man
Hair color: black
eye color: black
close to: Xiahou Yuan, Cao Cao
would like to fight; Guan Yu
Enemy: Guan Yu
Description: A powerful warrior who fought alongside Cao Cao and was so
powerful, he became Cao Cao's right hand man. At the battle of Xia Pi, he was
shot in the eye and ripped it out and ate his eye, and continued to fight.
Musou: Bunch of slashing and in the end, slashes some more.
charge attack: note: i can't remember all of his charge attacks, so i will only
show character's first charge.
Runs up slashing everyone and then turing around and slashing people who
(somehow) survived.
Quotes: stuff he says.
When defeating an officer: I've taken out an officer!
When challenged to a duel: So, you wish to die quickly.
When challenging player to a duel: I am Xiahou Dun! Come if you want to die!
When confronted: You're challenging me knowing that I am Xiahou dun?
Taunt: Ha! Finally.

name:Dian Wei
nickname:the Coming Evil
pronunciation: Dee- on-way


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