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Welcome to my Elite Four Walkthrough.This is my second Poke'mon Walkthrough.My 
first is in Poke'mon Diamond.Now I'll start the walkthrough.Elite Four Aaron
Dustox Level 53 Main weakness Fire
Beautifly Level 53 Main weakness Fire
Vespiquen Level 54 Main weakness Fire
Heracross Level 54 Main weakness Fire
Drapion Level 57 Only weakness Ground

Well the suprise for me was that He sent out Dustox and then Heracross.My 
Palkia worked hard with Surf to take out Dustox in a one hit KO!Fire will 
easily defeat all of them but Drapion.Grond type can take care of Drapion.Elite 
Four Bertha
Quagsire Level 55 Only weakness Grass
Sudowoodo Level 56 Main weakness Water
Golem Level 56 Main weakness Water
Whiscash Level 55 Only weakness Grass
Hippowdon Level 59 Tie of weaknesses Grass,Water and Ice

Try Water and Grass moves to take down Bertha!Palkia 1Hit Koed all of 
them.Elite Four Flint
Rapidash Main weakness Water
Steelix Main weakness Fire
Drifblim Main weakness Rock
Lopunny Only weakness Fighting
Infernape Main weakness Water

Even though he is a Fire type user he has many diffrent types.Elite Four Lucian
Mr.Mime Level 59 Main weakness Ghost
Girafairg Level 59 Main weakness Ghost
Medicham Level 60 Main weakness Flying
Alakazam Level 60 Main weakness Ghost
Bronzong Level 63 Only weakness Fire

Luician has a strong collection of Poke'mon but you can win with a strong Fire 
type and a strong Ghost type.Elite Four Champion Cyntia
Spirtomb No Weakness
Gastrodon Only Weakness Grass 
Roserade Main Weakness Fire 
Lucario Main Weakness Physic
Milotic Main Weakness Tie Grass and Electric
Garchomp Main Weakness Ice
I used my Infernape,Palkia,Luxaray and Staraptor for this Luxary took down 
Milotic,Infernape for Spritomb,Roserade and Lucario,Palkia for Garchomp and 
for Gastrodon.

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