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Ending Guide written by screamager - [email protected]


----------TABLE OF CONTENTS----------

1. Credits
2. Story
3. Characters
4. Endings



Square: Thanks for making such a great game. You rock!!!

Jubes: Thanks for correcting *snicker* the few mistakes I had on this guide.

Tuna: Thanks for everything. There, I thanked you. Are you happy now?



A young boy named Crono wakes up one morning and decides to go to the fair. Once there,
he bumps into a beautiful but mysterious girl who calls herself Marle. The two quickly
become friends, and Crono agrees to show Marle around the fair since she claims to be
new to the area. 

Crono takes Marle to a demonstration that Crono's best friend Lucca was 
putting on. Lucca invented a machine that could transport you from one telepod to another. 
Lucca needed a volunteer and she uses Crono. Crono steps onto one of the telepods, and sure
enough, he gets transported to the other one. Marle was so impressed, she just had to try
it out herself. 

Marle steps onto the first telepod, but she didn't get transported to the other one. 
Instead, the pendant around her neck starts to glow. Something goes wrong, and Marle

Crono deems himself worthy of saving Marle, and Lucca makes Crono disappear too. Lucca's
machine sent Crono and Marle back in time. Crono saves Marle, but not before he discovers
she's really a princess of their own time named Nadia. Once back to their own time, Crono
is accused of kidnapping Marla and is thrown in prison. 

Crono eventually escapes with Marle and Lucca, and they find a way into the future.
Once there, they discover the world is going to end and decide that it's their mission
to stop it from happening. 



Although Chrono Trigger didn't have many playable characters, you still grow to love
them real quick. 

Crono: Crono is the mute hero of the game. You never see him speak (except for in one 
of the endings). He's a well-balanced character and his element is lightning.

Marle: Crono bumps into Marle very early in the game. Marle is the Princess of Guardia
but eventually runs away because she hates palace life. Marle is Crono's main fling. 
Marle is not pysically powerful, but her magic is one of a kind. She's usually used
for healing. Her element is water.

Lucca: Lucca is Crono's best friend. She's a brilliant inventor, but most of her inventions
don't work properly. Lucca isn't too powerful, but her magic is. Lucca's element is fire.

Frog: Frog isn't really a frog at all. He's really a master swordsmen and was transformed
into a frog by Magus. He's very strong, and has a well balanced amount of techs. His 
element is water.

Robo: Robo is a robot (duh!) from the future who was created to destroy humans. Lucca 
fixed him all up and re-programmed him. He decides to join Crono and friends to help destroy
Lavos. Robo is pretty powerful. He doesn't have any magic techs, but his physical techs 

Ayla: Ayla is a cavewoman and is also the chief of her village. She has a thing for eating 
frogs. Ayla doesn't have any magic since she was born before magic existed, but she's VERY

Magus: Magus is awesome. His real name is Janus, and he is really trying to do exactly what
Crono and friends are trying to do, destroy Lavos. Magus is looking for his sister Schala,
who disappeared and was presumed dead. Magus is probably the best character IMHO besides
Crono. He's powerful, and so are all his techs. Magus's element is shadow.



1. The BAD Ending:

To get this ending, lose to Lavos in any time period. You'll see Lavos coming out of the 
earth and the command center in the future collapses.. showing you that the world is now

2. Programmers Ending:

To get this ending, beat Lavos either at the Ocean Palace, or before you rescue Queen Leene 
in 600 AD. You'll end up at the End of Time. Each character you see represents an actual 
person who worked on Chrono Trigger. This is probably the best ending, and the hardest to

3. Frog & Leena ending:

To get this ending, beat Lavos right after coming back from 600 AD and saving the Queen, 
and before you go to the castle. In this ending the Queen and Frog are married. This must
mean that Marle is also a frog...

4. Monster Slapstick Ending:

To get this ending, beat Lavos right after entering the End of Time through the bucket.
During the credits, you'll see a few monsters chase eachother around and doing various
antics. This is probably the stupidest ending you can get, and it's amusing for about 2 

5. Robo / Tata Ending:

To get this ending, beat Lavos after arriving in 600 AD, right when you return from 2300 AD.
You'll see Robo and his robot girlfriend in front of Leena's Bell in the Future. The screen
turns black, then you see Tata sitting on the throne with King Guardia & Queen Leene around 
him. Tata jumps off the throne and runs after Magus to defeat him, only to find Crono, 
Marle, and Lucca all laughing at him. Poor Tata =(

6. War Ending:

To get this ending, beat Lavos right after getting the Hero Medal from Tata. During the
credits you'll see scenes from the game that you never got to see: Crono, Marle, and Lucca
coming out of the closet in Medina; Kino and Ayla chasing reptites; Magus and his henchmen
on a cliff; and Guardia soldiers preparing for war.

7. Cast of Characters:

To get this ending, beat Lavos right after returning from getting the Red Stone in
65,000,000 BC. This ending shows various characters from the game. Not one of the better 

8. Frog vs. Magus:

To get this ending, beat Lavos just after Frog releases the power of the Masamune in 600 AD.
It starts out at Lucca's house when Frog decides to fight Magus himself. You'll see pieces
of Frog making his way to Magus's castle. A battle takes place between the two, and you'll
hear them fighting. Finally, a mysterious silhoutte is shown standing on top of the castle.
Well, who won the battle? Was it Magus? Or was it Frog? You can decide for yourself. 
Personally, I think it's Magus.

9. Reptite Ending:

To get this ending, beat Lavos just after defeating Magus. You'll see scenes from the game
that you've already seen except the humans are all reptites.

10. Frog vs. Magus II:

To get this ending, beat Lavos right after defeating Azala in 65,000,000 BC. You'll see 
scenes of Frog going after Magus, and Magus going after Lavos. There are also some other
ones, but I won't spoil them for you.

11. Marle and Lucca's Slideshow:

To get this ending, beat Lavos after Schala opens the sealed door in 12,000 BC. DO NOT 
power up the pendant though. This ending shows Marle and Lucca talking about the men in the
game. Oh, and this is the only place in the game where Crono actually speaks!!!!!

12. Millennium Fair Moonlight Parade (without Crono and Magus):

To get this ending, beat Lavos after returning from the Ocean Palace. All of the playable
characters in the game go after the Guru of Time in search of the Time Egg (depending on
whether you got it from him or not). Frog will have also turned back into Glenn. This ending
also differs if you destroyed the Epoch or not.

13. Millennium Fair Moonlight Parade (without Crono, but with Magus):

Exactly the same as above, only Frog will still be a frog.

14. Millennium Fair Moonlight Parade (with Crono, but without Magus):

Once the parade finishes, everyone goes their own ways. During the last scenes you'll be
able to see that Frog has become human again. This ending is again slightly different if
you've destroyed the Epoch or not.

15. Millennium Fair Moonlight Parade (with Crono and Magus):

This is the standard ending to Chrono Trigger. Everyone says goodbye and goes their seperate
ways. Again, this ending differs if you've destroyed the Epoch or not.

16. Other Variations On The Moonlight Parade Ending:

The ending will change slightly if the Epoch was destroyed and if you saved Lara's legs.
Also, it depends on how many cats you have at Crono's house. All this changes is how many 
cats run into the portal though.


Well, this is the end of the Ending Guide. If you have an ending that isn't listed here 
(I don't think there are anymore, but who knows?) email me at [email protected]
with a description of the ending and how to get it and after I test it out, i'll add it to
my guide and also mention you in the credits. 

If you have found any mistakes that I have made in this guide, please email me at
[email protected] and tell me what i've done wrong. You'll get mentioned in the
credits if you do =)

In the words of Porky Pig, "That's all folks!!!"

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