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Matthew Ruiz
[email protected] FAQ

This FAQ will include all the enemys who appear in Resident Evil. Some will appear 
throughout the game,some only once, and some once in a while.I've also left out 
some hints for some of the enemys.

Recommended Weapon:Beretta M92F
Appears in:Mansion,Courtyard,Residence,Lab
Strategy: Run past zombies whenever. Remember to burn zombies or shoot their heads 
off.If you don't,a Crimson head will appear later in the game.

Crimson Head
Recommended Weapon:Defense/Shotgun
Appears in:Mansion,Courtyard,Residence,Lab
Strategy:Crimson Heads are an upgrade of zombies.Defense items work great,also its 
possible to shoot their heads off with the Handgun,but thats hard sometimes.

Recommended Weapon:Shotgun
Appears in:Mansion,Courtyard
Strategy:Handgun shots don't knock these guys back.A shotgun works great.

Crows,Adders,& Bees
Recommended Weapons:Avoid/Beretta M92
Appears in:Mansion,Courtyard,Residence,Altar
Strategy:Crows,watch out.Bees look out and Adders don't mess with.(Note:Adders can 
poison you after several bites,be careful.)

Neptune (Mini)
Recommended Weapons:Avoid/Shotgun
Appears in:Residence
Strategy:Jump in the water and they'll kill you.You can kill them in the water,but 
its best to drain the tank.

Recommended Weapons:Grenade Launcher/Shotgun
Appears in:Mansion,Residence,Courtyard
Strategy:Kill these guys when you encounter them. Avoid getting poisoned.
(Note:Sometimes,the abdomen of a dead spider can poison your character.Avoid this.)

Recommended Weapons:Grenade Launcher/Shotgun
Appears in:Mansion,Courtyard
Strategy:Hunters can cut your head off if your at caution,be careful. They're easy 
to kill with the Shotgun.

Recommended Weapons:Shotgun
Appears in:Lab
Strategy:Chimeras can grab you from the ceiling.Watch out.The Shotgun works great.

Yawn(Giant Snake)
Recommended Weapons:Grenade Launcher/Shotgun
Appears in:Mansion
Strategy:First time you fight Yawn will poen up a cinema where you'll have to get 
serum if you get bitten.Second time you don't get poisoned.Its easy if you follow 
it's tail.

Lisa Trevor
Recommended Weapons:N/A
Appears in:Courtyard,Altar
Strategy:Lisa is invincible.Whatever you do,don't fight her. When you encounter her 
your third time,now you can kill her.The best way to kill her is to push all four 
stones off the ledge.

Plant 42
Recommended Weapons:V-Jolt/Shotgun
Appears in:Residence
Strategy:Mixing up the V-Jolt is the best. If your Chris and did't save Richard 
from the poison,you'll have to play as Rebecca to mix up V-Jolt and still fight 
him,except hes alot weaker.For Jill you can just dump the V-Jolt in the roots and 
not fight him.If you do fight him head on,make sure to attack only when the Husk is 

Recommended Weapons:N/A
Appears in:Residence
Strategy:Push the electric transformer in the water and pull the lever down.Neptune 
will be fryed,so it won't bother you anymore.

Black Tiger
Recommended Weapons:Flamethrower/Grenade Launcher
Appears in:Courtyard
Strategy:The Black Tiger isn't a Tiger,its a Spider!The flamethrower works good.If 
your Jill,keep a green and blue herb handy.

Tyrant OO2
Recommended Weapons:Magnum/Rocket Launcher
Appears in:Lab,Heilpad
Strategy:The weapon that works best on Tyrant besides Rocket Launcher is the 
Magnum.The Magnum Revolver takes 5 shots.If you get Barry's Magnum,Tyrant will take 
one shot!Also fighting him on the Heilpad is optional.If you rescue Rebecca or 
Barry,you'll have to fight Tyrant 002 one more time.Keep your partners 
alive,otherwise Tyrant will kill the and you won't get the ending you want.When 
Bradd drops the rocket launcher,PICK IT UP AND SEND TYRANT STRAIGHT TO HELL!!

If anyone has questions,email me at [email protected]

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