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I would like to give a special thanks to a boy (I don't know who he is or if he's 
even a member of cheatcodes.com) who read this FAQ and told me of error he saw in my 
guide and got me to proffread and edit my FAQ.Thanks.

|1. Introduction |                                                             |

Like any other action game, even Aquaman, Resident Evil 4 contains several different 
enemiesthat you will meet over the spread of the game. However, unlike most action
games, Resident Evil 4 has a unique system in which the health of the enemy can be 
very random and varied. For instance, the first Ganado you encounter has 3.4 HP, but
by chapter 1-3 they can have up to 12.0 HP!

This is why I created this guide, to help people out in understanding the health
and weaknesses of the many enemies. This guide is not only limited to the common
enemies, in fact three of the enemies covered in this guide are actually 
considered to be sub-bosses. The main focus of the guide is to provide simple
strategies for taking out the many enemies.

I will not display how much damage the enemies due, as it is almost impossible
to figure out. Also, by the time you finish the game the average enemy will
probably have around 20.0 health. However, when you have a Striker shotgun that
delivers 15.0 damage per second, that's hardly a problem. Lastly the guide does
cover the Las Plagas, which learn more about later in the game. 

|2. Enemies |                                                                  |

|2.1 Los Ganados |                                                             |

HEALTH: 3.4-12.0

Village   - 3.4- 12.0
Castle    - 10.0- 16.0
Mine Cart - 6.0- 10.0


The Los Ganados are the townspeople who after being infected by the Los Plagas
from breathing in the fumes while excavating them have now turned into violent
super humans who's only goal is to kill Leon at any expense (Including their 
lives). They are probably the weakest common enemy in the game, though their
health can sore up to 16.0 during the castle stages.

Ganados can also come in the form of ranges fighters. This version of the Ganado
can be extremely annoying due to their location and the fact that you usually
have a group of melee Ganados attacking you. 


1. Don Jose (Melee Axe)

2. Don Diego (Melee Reaper)

3. Don Estraban (Melee Fists)

4. Don Manual (Melee Pitchfork)

5. Don Pedro (Parasite)

6. Isabel (Female with Bucket)

Method for Killings

Method #1 Melee Ganado

Um, shoot them? Seriously, this is the best way to take them out. They have 
extremely low health, so taking them out shouldn't take more than eight shots
with a non-upgraded handgun (Firing Power of 1.0). I recommend going for the
head as they usually have loose heads that will bust off. About 1/3 through 
the game Las Plagas will jump out of the spot where there head used to be. They
go down pretty quick usually with one shotgun blast. 

Method #2 Group of Ganados

By using one of the three grenades, especially the incendiary grenades, you
can usually take down a Ganado extremely quickly. You can use the flash grenade
to blind them then toss an incendiary or explosive grenade at them and watch
their bodies burn to ashes. The problem with this method is that grenades are
usually precious and you don't want to waste them on common enemies.

Method #3 Axe Throwing Ganados

These guys are usually found on hard to reach places such as towers or roofs. 
One axe will usually take about 1/8 of your total health when it's fully 
upgraded. The best thing to do for then is take out a pistol and shoot them in
the leg. They will most likely fall down and leave you the option to pump a 
few rounds into their skull before they recover. Or you could just snipe them,
your choice.

|2.1 Los Illuminados |                                                         |

Health: 8.0-20.0

Castle - 10.0- 17.0
Red Zealot - 25.0
Machine Gun Zealot - 70.0- 80.0


Los Illuminados, or "Zealots" are kind of the like the second version of the Los
Ganados. They have most of the same animations and stats (besides health) and
they perform similar actions. So what's the real difference? Weapons. The Ganados
used whatever was around them (Pitchforks, Axes, Dynamite). Zealots are
similar, and since they are located in a large castle, they used what's around

This means that you will encounter Zealots carrying weapons such as Maces and
even shields! Yes, some Zealots do carry around bulky shields that eat up 
smaller bullets. Some of them even have bulletproof face masks to prevent you
from blowing of their heads. The black robe Zealots are the weakest and most
common. The red robe Zealots, or Leader Zealots, are more rare and tougher to

As far as behavior goes, the Los Illuminado Zealots are the closest thing 
you will find to the original zombies in the past Resident Evil games. Many
of them making moaning and snarling noises like Zombies. The Zealots that do
not have any weapons will be more content to tear you apart with their teeth
rather then strangle you. 


1. Zealot w/scythe (Black Robe)

2. Zealot w/Shield (Black Robe)

3. Zealot w/bow guns (Black Robe)

4. Leader Zealot (Red Robe)

*Note* All of the above may have a facemask*

Method for Killing

Method #1 Normal Zealot 

Fight them the exact same way you would fight a normal Ganado. They have more
HP, but hopefully you have upgraded some of your weapons by the time you get 
to the castle.

Method #2 Shield Zealots

Some of the Zealots you encounter will carry large shields that prevent you 
from hitting them immediately. Too bad they haven't figured out that wood cannot
protect against a shotgun for very long. Blast the top of their shields then
send another cluster of bullets at their heads. 

Method #3 Zealot with Face Mask

These are pretty unique. They have a large skull shaped bulletproof mask over
their face. This makes it impossible to take their head off. The next option
would be to aim at the middle. Yes, shoot them in the groin. Usually one or two
shotgun rounds will take them down, just as any other Zealot. 

Method #4 Bow gun Zealot

These guys, instead of throwing axes, shoot rather inaccurate crossbows. The
bolts can do some serious damage. The main problem with this type of monk is 
that he runs away at about the same speed as when Leon jogs. This can become 
annoying as you usually will have to whip out your sniper rifle and pump a few
rounds into their bodies. Also, they tend to have less health then their melee
counter parts. 

Method #5 Machine Gun Zealot

You will encounter this single Ganado when chasing him. He is the same as a 
red monk except he has almost 80 hp and mounts a machine gun to prevent you from
killing him. Use the door next to the gun as cover while you wait for him to
reload. Pop out and aim at his head then fire when it pops up. You get a bonus
for a head shot, and it usually kills him in one hit. 

|2.3 Ganado Army |                                                             |


Chapter 5-1- 15.0- 20.0
Gas Mask- 19.0- 26.0
Chapter 5-2 and up- 33.5
Bulldozer Ride- 8.0- 16.0


Think of these enemies as Ganado Version 3.0. Seriously, the Ganado Military 
soldiers have the same actions and functions as the townsfolk and the Zealots.
However, they do sport some new weaponry. First off, during the time you fight
them you will run across several turrets being fired by the common soldier. 
These soldiers are deadly and annoying.

A dose of modern weaponry is also added. One of the melee soldiers carries an
electric stun rod. This does tons of damage and has to be the most annoying thing 
ever! Other than that they still use the basic med evil weapons such as maces and 
sharpened pieces of steel. For being part of an army, they sure do have some out of 
date weapons. 

Like the Zealots, some of the soldiers have facemaskes. This prevents them from
being shot in the head. A new type of enemy is introduced as well, the gas mask
soldier. They carry explosives and will try to hold on to you until they explode
taking you along with them. This ranged fighter comes in the form of a soldier
firing fire crossbow bolts. Some of them carry around shields too. 


1. Soldier w/dynamite

2. Soldier w/stun rod

3. Soldier w/hammer

4. Soldier w/mace

Method for Killing

#1 Soldier w/dynamite

This is pretty simple. The soldier with dynamite is basically the equivalents of
a Ganado only with more health. The basic concept to killing them is hurt them
before they hurt you. This can be accomplished by shooting the dynamite in their
hands thus blowing them and the surrounding enemies to bits. Try to do this 
when large groups are huddled together. DO NOT let him grab ahold of you because
he will blow up sending you along with him. 

#2 Soldier w/stun rod

These guys are EXTREMELY ANNOYING! Not only do they have an incredibly powerful
weapon that will take about 1/5 of your total full health away, but they 
also have extra health. Take the out like you would any other soldier, by 
shooting the hell of them. Usually two blasts from a shotgun is enough to take
them down.

#3 Soldier w/hammer

Somehow "Iron Maiden" would have been a better name for these guys. The hammer
soldier is a tall fat warrior wearing heavily protective armor. There is only
one real effect way to kill them. Shoot them in the groin. Yes, you will have
blow their balls off in order to kill them quickly. The reason I say this is
because the hip and thigh region is the only part that isn't protected by a
metal plate. You can shoot them in the face if you want, but due to the 
half-cover face mask you won't do too much damage. 

#4 Soldier w/mace

These guys are no different from Zealots excluding their extra health. So just
shoot them till they die, pretty simple.

|2.4 Novistadors (Sewer Bugs) |                                                |


Sewer - 24.0
Flying - 30.0


In short, Novistadors are bugs. These oversized enemies first contact you in
the sewers of the castle. They are annoying and can kill you in about four
slashs with their enormous claws. They don't use any weaponry and are a complete
natural foe. Each time you kill one they drop an "eye". These eyes come in 
three colors, red, blue and green. Blue is worth the most, while green is worth
the least, and red is in between.

The thing that makes Novistadors so annoying is that of the two forms both have
an extremely advantageous attribute. The first form, which you meet in the sewers
can become INVISIBLE(yes invisible that is new). The second form which you meet in 
the large caves and the interior of the castle can fly(like you haven't delt with 
flying bugs in Resident Evil before, unless of course this is your first RE game)! 
You can imagine why these guys can be so annoying. 


1. Invisible Novistador

2. Flying Novistadors (not invisible)

Method for Killing

#1 Invisible Novistodar

Luckily, you will only have to face about 10 or so of these guys. Now, you 
could run up with a shotgun and try to blast them to bit's, which is the stupid
thing to do. That is what I first did, and the only thing I accomplished was
getting myself killed (I played on Pro for my first round). Hopefully, you have
a sniper rifle, because your going to need it. In order to tell where one is,
your going to have to look for their breath, which is a white steam. Take out
your rifle and snipe them anywhere for an instant kill. That's it, easy wasn't

#2 Flying Novistodar

These guys are much easier than their invisible brothers. For one thing, if you
shoot them with anything while in the air, they die instantly. When they are 
on the ground, their stats are pretty much identical to the invisible ones
excluding their extra health. In the short time you battle these guys they will
attack you in groups. This is where the shotgun becomes very important. It will
probably take about two or so rounds to kill them, so make sure they are dead
before moving on.

|2.5 Colmillos (Dogs) |                                                        |


In front of Church - 8.0 - 15.0
Maze - 18.0 - 30.0


What Resident Evil game would be complete without killer dogs? They're no Cerberus 
but even if they  aren't infected with the T-Virus and aren't covered in blood, 
these dogs are still aggressive and blood thirsty. While you really only meet them 
in two places unlike in previous RE games, they will give a pretty tough time.

Dogs come in two basic forms. The normal version, which looks like a gray
huskie, and the parasite version. The parasite version has a massive parasite
on it's back. Tentacles flow freely and offer a weak spot. Dogs can have life
up to 30.0, depending on where you meet them and what type they are. Parasite
Dogs tend to have more health but they also have a weak spot which allows 
x 1.5 damage. 


1. Dog

2. Parasite Dog

Method for Killing

#1 Normal Dogs

Shoot them. That's pretty much it. There is special way to kill them other then
caping them full of good ole fashion lead. I recommend using the shotgun since
they usually lunge forward and you won't have enough time to kill them any
other way. Sniping is out of the questions when you consider that they usually
attack in groups and it would take too long in between shots. 

#2 Parasite Dogs

These dogs are virtually the same as normal dogs, excluding one major thing. 
Like all parasite enemies, if you shoot the parasite you will do bonus damage
of 50%. Not that you will really have time to think about where your shooting,
since this is one of the fastest enemies in the game. 

|2.6 Armadura (Suits of Armor) |                                               |


Cup Room - 40.0 (Parasite) - 80.0 (Armor)


"Suits of Armor" are exactly what the name says. A parasite has some how taken
over a METAL suit of armor and can now control it. You only encounter the suits
once (You can only destroy them once) when you are trying to get one of two 
cups to advance in the northern part of the castle. 

Suits of armor are large, probably eight feet tall and their armor is natural
resistance. One thing that is different about the Armadura is that by doing around 
40.0 damage the parasite will pop out of the armor. This creates a weak point in 
which you can blast down on him with a shotgun. There are two forms of the Armadura, 
though like dogs the difference is truly minimal. The second "black" Armadura 
usually has more health and is faster.


1. Normal Armadura

2. Black Armadura

Method for Killing

#1 Normal Armadura

Killing them is similar to killing El Gigante. Use a shotgun or pistol to do
around 40 damage to them and the parasite will pop out. At this point switch
to a sniper rifle and blow the parasite to bits. Or, you could just snipe the
helmet right away and make him appear. They are immune to incendiary grenades
so I would recommend using grenades. If you can get the three you face to group
up then throw two grenades to expose the parasite.

#2 Black Armadura

As I mentioned before, black Armadura are almost exactly the same as normal 
Armadura, though they do have beefed up stats. First and Foremost it will 
probably take around 50.0 damage to kill them rather than the normal 40.0. Other
than that there really is no difference. All of the strategies for the normal
suites in armor work so just use them. 

|2.7 Regenerators/Iron Maiden |                                                |


Chapter 5-1 - 150.0- 175.0


If I had to choose one creature in this game that scares me, it would be this
one. Seriously, how can you not get creeped out by this thing? In short, the
Regenerators are former human beings that have gone under intense experiments
and have ended up with the ability to grow their body parts back. This is a 
sick process which can only be described as involving tentacles.

The regenerator itself has no weapons. It is completely naked, though you can't
see any private parts (If you could then I would truly fear this thing). They
are extremely tall and slightly fat. The reason for them being overweight is
because they have 4 parasites inside of their body, 5 on pro. In order to see
these you need the thermal scope, though you will have to face possibly three
before you get it.

Regenerators come in two different forms. The first is what I have already 
described, as a tale naked gray creature walking on two legs. The second one is
exactly the same except it is covered in ****ing spikes! Yep, spikes! These
are called "Iron Maidens", though they have no affiliation with the rock band.
Over the course of the game you will probably face around 10 or so regenerators
and iron maidens, which is a GOOD thing. 


1. Regenerator (Naked)

2. Iron Maiden (Spikes)

Method for Killing

#1 Regenerator w/o thermal scope

These guys are a real bitch (sorry for the language), but damn, 180.0 health?
Normally you can snipe the parasites with a thermal scope, but you will have 
to face two without it, so what do you do? Simple. Take out your Broken 
Butterfly or Killer 7 and blast away at the stomach section. Since Magnum bullets
go through anything, it will tear them out. It will take around 6 or so shots
to get them all. If you don't have a magnum then just pump it full of lead until
it explodes.

#2 Regenerators w/ thermal scope

This time around things will be much easier. Equip your thermal scope to your
sniper rifle and aim towards the beast. On normal there are around four parasite
in which you can destroy. Snipe them all and the Regenerator will explode. On
professional mode there are five, with an extra one on the back. Snipe this one
as well.

#3 Iron Maidens

Iron Maidens are pretty similar to the regenerators. Obviously they do much 
more melee damage do to the spikes. One thing you DO NOT do with a regenerator
or Iron Maiden is shoot it's legs off. They have a 14 foot reach and will most
likely kill you. Iron maidens die the same as regenerators, just snipe the
parasites in their bodies. It's also worth mentioning that explosive barrels
are usually found where they are, so use that to your advantage. 

|2.8 Las Plagas (Parasites) |                                                  |


First Plaga (Village) 30.0- 40.0
Zealot Plaga 60.0 - 65.0
Garrador Plaga - 450.- (16 x damage)
Third Plaga 60.0-70.0 
Third Plaga Detached - 4.0 or 30 seconds
Suit of Armor Plaga - 5.0 - 10.0 (1.5x damage)
Chapter 5-1 - 65.0 - 80.0


Plagas are "enemies within enemies" and are the whole reason that your foes even
attack you. Plagas were exiled under the castle by the first Salazar eight
generations ago. Ramon, thinking he would gain power, revived them as payment
to the Los Illuminados. They are similar to the T-Virus, except their hosts
are semi-intelligent super humans instead of mindless zombies. 

They are sensitive to sunlight and will only come up at night or while their
is no sunlight (Conveniently the last 4/5 of the game takes place at night or
indoors). There are several variations though most of them are the same. They
all look like small creatures with no skin. When enough damage is done to 
something they sprout out of the neck region.

In order to survive the plagas need to take on a host. The villagers became
infested while they were digging up the remains by breathing in the spores. 
You can also bee injected with an egg. Three queen eggs where hatched inside
Mendez, Salazar and Saddler giving them complete control over the ganados and
other creatures infected with the virus. 

Plagas do not appear all the time though. About 1/5 common enemies will admit
one. You do not have to blow their heads off for them to appear, they will 
break through the chest or neck and the head will fall off and disintegrate.
They have a natural resistance to bullets and usually have higher health then
their host. 


1. Blade Plaga

2. Stationary Plaga

3. Detachable Plaga

4. Detached Plaga

Method for Killing

*Flash grenades will kill any non-boss plaga)

#1 Blade Plaga

The strategy for killing these guys is pretty simple. After enough damage has
been done to the host this will burst out of the neck region. At this point you
should start shooting it up. While in this state the host can still do most of
it's basic actions so don't think the plaga is the only danger. A few shotgun
blasts should take it out. Almost all enemies have bonuses for shooting it as
well. Also, when it's on the ground it will continue to swing it's blade around
so watch out.

#2 Stationary Plaga

These guys do not attack you but rather serve as a weak point for enemies. For
instance, El Gigante has one on it's back. He cannot attack while it is visible
and neither can the plaga. These are on the garradors and knights to. Shoot 
it up with a shotgun or tmp. With some bosses you have the ability to stab it
using the A or B button. This usually provides a hefty amount of bonus damage, 
so I suggest using it.

#3 Detachable Plaga

These guys are similar to blade plagas but instead of cutting you they use their
tentacles to rip you apart (so brutal...). Anyway, just blast them full of 
bullets and they will detach, where the fun begins.

#4 Detached Plagas

After you have done enough damage to a detachable plaga, they will jump out and
try to attack you. These guys are so weak it's unbelievable. They have around
5.0 health, which is VERY low for when you meet them. One flash grenade will 
kill 1,000 of them. They are in fact so weak that they can only last for thirty
seconds without a host.

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