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Call of Duty - Modern Warfare 3 

Enemy Intel Location & Campaign Trophy / Achievement Guide
                          Ver. 1.00 

Please Read 
 Following:  If You Have Any Question Regarding Any Intel or Achievement 
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             Corresponding Youtube Video Link (Hope You Have a Youtube 
             Account by Now).  That Way, Not Only I Can Help You, 
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             May Contain Small Spoil Alert, But I Personally Think it's 
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Welcome to This Guide Which Focus on All 46 Intel Locations in the game,
as well as offering strategies for Gaining All Bonus Campaign 
Mode-Related Trophies / Achievements.  This Guide is Told in PS3 
Perspective.  By "Bonus" I Mean Any Campaign Mode-Related 
Trophies / Achievements Other Than: "Beating XXXXX Mission on XXXXX 
Difficulty."  Since This Guide is Not Intended to be a Walkthrough, 
I'm Sorry for the Confusions I Caused.
You're Looking at an Unique Modern Warfare 3 Guide, Because This Guide
is Actually a Text & Video Hybrid Guide.  Each Intel and Trophy Covered
in This Guide Will be Supplied with a Video Link from My Youtube
Channel, So This Should Able to Maximize Clarity of What I'm Talking
About.  I Think the Video Links Should Able to Remain Functional Until
This Game is Ready to Retire, If Anything Happens, I'll Post on the 
"Version History" Section on This Guide. 


Version History:

Nov / 14 / 2011  :  Ver. 1.00 Posted


                            TABLE of CONTENTS

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Enemy Intels:

Act I     {ACT1}

1.1  Black Tuesday     {BLTU}

1.2  Hunter Killer     {HTKI}

1.3  Persona Non Grata     {PRNG}

1.4  Turbulence     {TRBL}

1.5  Back on the Grid     {BKGD}

1.6  Mind the Gap     {MDGP}

Act II     {ACT2}

2.1  Goalpost     {GLPS}

2.2  Return to Sender     {RTSR}

2.3  Bag and Drag     {BGDG}

2.4  Iron Lady     {IRLY}

2.5  Eye of the Storm     {EYSM}

2.6  Blood Brothers     {BOHR}

Act III     {ACT3}

3.1  Stronghold     {SRGH}

3.2  Scorched Earth     {SCEH}

3.3  Down the Rabbit Hole     {DRBH}

3.4  Dust to Dust     {DSTD}

Trophies     {TRPH}

T.1  Strike!     {STKE}

T.2  Jack the Ripper     {JKRP}

T.3  This is My Boomstick     {BMSK}

T.4  What Goes Up...     {WTGU}

T.5  Hidden Trophy (Flight Attendant)     {FLAD}

T.6  For Whom the Shell Tolls     {FWLT}

T.7  Kill Box     {KLBX}

T.8  Danger Close     {DNCS}

T.9  Menage a Trois     {MNTI}

T.10  Nein     {NENN}

Credits & Legal Claim     {LECM}


Act I     {ACT1}

1.1  Black Tuesday     {BLTU}   -   5 Intels

1)  After the first breached door, go to the second bedroom with tv, 
located on the ground beside the bed.


2)  In the jewellery store, on top of a counter under the staircase 
you walk down.


3)  In the ammo crate room (bottom floor of the stock exchange / jamming 
tower building), on a desk on your left, next to the wall.


4)  At the back of the stock exchange room, on a counter next to the 
stairs you have to get up.


5)  Next to the Jamming Tower, on a desk to your right.


1.2  Hunter Killer     {HTKI}   -   2 Intels

6)  After entering the submarine, go to the next room, it is laying on 
the lower part of a bunk bed against a wall.


7)  On the room where Sandman informed they're going to scuttle the sub, 
climb up the stairs on your right, then hug the wall on your left, 
should able to see it on the ground before you reach there.


1.3  Persona Non Grata     {PRNG}   -   4 Intels

8)  On your right side part of the courtyard, laying on top of a crate, 
in a room.


9)  After exiting the courtyard, go into the very first house you can 
enter on right side of the street; you can clearly spot it on top of 
a table in the bedroom.


10)  Top of a barrel on the left of the UGV, which is behind Price.


11)  When the bombing begins, immediately after the UGV garage door, 
turn to your left, the intel is on top of that slide, retrieve it from 
the bottom of the slide (yeah lol, this is against reality).


1.4  Turbulence     {TRBL}   -   2 Intels

12)  After the slow motion scene finished, head down the stairs and 
keep going straight, turn to your right when reaching dead end. 


13)  Exit the crashed plane and keep going down the route until you 
see a log, after you climb over that log, it'll be laying on the 
ground right before you. 


1.5  Back on the Grid     {BKGD}   -   3 Intels

14)  After the sniper support finished, go into the factory breached 
in by Soap and Price, and find it on top of a washing machine.


15)  On the gunfight alley after the factory, look for the hut 
immediately after the graffiti on your left, located on a wood crate 
by the entrance.


16)  In the church, on a desk straight from the entrance, can't 
miss it.


1.6  Mind the Gap     {MDGP}   -   3 Intels

BEWARE : Not only the enemies in this mission are cheeky (implied
by Sergeant Wallcroft), the Game Developers are cheeky too: by 
breaking this mission into 2 halves, while each half has its own 
number of intels!  Therefore, the total number of intels for this 
mission is 3, not 2.

17)  From the place with two sleeping guys, exit the garage 
door, go straight into the building with an iron door, past the 
windows and turn left to find the intel.


18)  At the dock and before you open the truck, go to the 
right edge of the area, climb the stairs and keep following 
the catwalk. Enter into the building right before the Blumel Bank 
and the intel is laying on a desk in that room.


19)  Behind the magazine stand counter in Westminter Train Station.


Act II     {ACT2}

2.1  Goalpost     {GLPS}   -  3 Intels 

20)  Past the sandy part of the beach, flank right as instructed, 
and find it in the cockpit of a crashed plane.


21)  When you reach the very first street corner, keep going 
straight and flank outside.  Look for a L-shaped brick walls 
behind a blue tarp-covered crate, and it'll be on top of a 
firearm container.


22)  At the end of the street gunfight, you'll come across 
a building called "Teknikor Deutschland". Turn to your right 
after entering the hole and see it on a workstation.


2.2  Return to Sender     {RTSR}   -   3 Intels

23)  On top floor of a blue building with an eagle logo in 
the dock area, on a computer desk next to a window.


24)  In Waraabe's office, on a workstation straight to you. 
Don't forget to pick this one up while have your mask on ;)


25)  During the countdown to rendezvous with the chopper, 
go into a small outpost beside the shore and pick it up 
from a table.


2.3  Bag and Drag     {BGDG}   -   4 Intels

26)  Top floor of the library, sitting on a window between 
two book shelves.


27)  After rendezvous with GIGN, past the restaurant and 
then go to the back room of a coffee shop with red 
sunshades, the intel's on a small drawer.


28)  When first encountered Volk, look to your left and 
find it on top of the generator.


29)  On top of a Soviet logo container during the Volk 
chase, you can hardly miss it.


2.4  Iron Lady     {IRLY}   -   2 Intels

30)  From the spot you kill the MG guy, drop down and 
go into the greenhouse beside, it is on top of the stairs.


31)  In the one and only bus on the bridge section where you 
push towards Eiffel Tower.


2.5  Eye of the Storm     {EYSM}   -   2 Intels

32)  Beside the elevator door, on top of the counter.


33)  Straight from the dumpster you hopped off, it is under 
a sunshade umbrella.


2.6  Blood Brothers     {BOHR}   -   1 Intel

34)  When you just entered the store where the first gunfight occur, 
turn to your right and past two doors, look towards the window and 
flank right of that table to find the intel on the ground.


Act III     {ACT3}

3.1  Stronghold     {SRGH}   -   2 Intels

35)  When you're at the building after the flashbang, get to the balcony 
on the other side, enter the room on your left and find it on top 
of a locker.


36)  After exiting the building with the first intel, where Price warns 
incoming RPGs, instead of going straight with Price, flank right and 
keep going until you find it on a wood crate.


3.2  Scorched Earth     {SCEH}   -   5 Intels

37)  In the very first office, on a workstation at straight-left corner 
of the floor next to windows, just before the ramp to the next floor.


38)  This one is arguably the toughest intel to find in the entire game.

When you reach the rooftop of the first building, flank right and find 
this one behind the fence just right of the catwalk stairs.


39)  After rappelling down to the street, head into the bookstore and 
find the intel disguised as one of the monitors on the cashier counter.


40)  While advancing with the German tanks, go into the 
"Teknikor Deutschland" building on left side of the street, find this 
intel on a chair.


41)  After Sandman breach that door at the hotel, go in and straight to 
the windows BEFORE climbing the stairs, grab the intel from a couch.


3.3  Down the Rabbit Hole     {DRBH}   -   2 Intels

42)  When you reach the first big open space with yellow lights, enter 
the control room on your left and find on top of a file cabinet.


43)  After the President's secured, turn around and go to the back of 
the fallen concrete, and grab it from a barrel.


3.4  Dust to Dust     {DSTD}   -   3 Intels

44)  Climb the right escalator, turn around 180 degrees, look for the 
intel on top of a bar counter on your front-left.


45)  After that intense elevator ride and the door finally opens, flank 
left and you'll come across a poker table, the intel's laying on the 
edge of the table.


46)  During the Makarov chase you'll come across a piano, go past that 
and find the final piece sitting on top of another bar counter on 
your right.



Trophies     {TRPH}

T.1  Strike!     {STKE}

Achieved on : Black Tuesday (Act 1, Mission 1)

Play on Recruit (Easy) Difficulty

No Need to Wait Long Time for This, it's Just Around the Corner of the 
Street You Begin the Mission On.

Hide in Left of the Yellow Taxi, Wait for Those 2 Enemy Jeeps to Arrive, 
and Then Anticipate Them to Form a Big Group. Cook Your Frag Grenade and 
Hurl at the Spot You Think the Group Will Form Up to Get Your 5 Kills.

You Pretty Much Get Only One Opportunity to Have a Nice Cluster, So if 
You Fail, You May Want to Reload Last Checkpoint and Try Again.


T.2  Jack the Ripper     {JKRP}

Video Guide is Not Needed for This Trophy: 

Play on Recruit (Easy) Difficulty, Go Into Any Level and Knife Enemies
to Death 5 Times Consecutively Without Shooting a Bullet.  It is Very

T.3  This is My Boomstick     {BMSK}

On Mission: Black Tuesday (Act 1, Mission 1)

XM25 is the Secondary Weapon You Begin With, for PS3 You Press Triangle
to Switch to That Gun.  Treat it Like a Sniper Rifle and Don't Fire it
Close Range, Because a Single Shell has the Power to Kill You Easily.

Do What You Want With it to Empty Out the XM25 Ammunition.  You'll Have
Two Opportunities for a Full XM25 Reload: Outside the Jewelry Store and
Those Ammo Crates at Bottom Floor of the Stock Exchange Building
(You Can Count This as Infinite Opportunities).  My Video Shows a Few
Example Spots That You Can Use the XM25, So Have Fun Guys and Gals!


T.4  What Goes Up...     {WTGU}

On Mission: Persona Non Grata (Act 1, Mission 3)

While driving the UGV, use ONLY Grenade Launcher Shells 
(Button R2 for PS3) to destroy total of 5 enemy choppers.

Each chopper take 2 shell hits to go down.

- 1 Attack Chopper at the beginning.

- 1 Attack Chopper and 2 Transport Choppers at the ledge platform 
(if you didn't down the chopper at the beginning, it'll join the fight 
- 1 last Attack Chopper pops up while protecting the friendly Transport 

You can do whatever you want to kill the foot soldiers, as long as 
you don't shoot any minigun bullet towards the choppers, you'll be fine.


T.5  Hidden Trophy (Flight Attendant)     {FLAD}

On Mission: Turbulence (Act 1, Mission 4)

Kill all 5 enemies during that slow-mo scenes where you got thrown around.

Because your aiming angle will be VERY LIMITED during this time, 
therefore, YOU HAVE TO kill the first 3 you see in the first-half 
of the slow-mo. You will not able to turn back and shoot them, 
especially the 3rd guy which stays slightly out of your reach in 2nd-half.


T.6  For Whom the Shell Tolls     {FWLT}

On Mission: Back on the Grid (Act 1, Mission 5)

Destroy All 4 Targets in 4 Mortar Shots.

Take All the Time You Need to Line Up the Cursor and Take Each Shot. 
The Last Target Appears to be a Group of Foot Soldiers. It is the 
Trickiest of All Targets, You Need to Wait for Them All to Move Into 
Mortar's Blast Radius and Kill Them All in One Shell.


T.7  Kill Box     {KLBX}

On Mission: Return to Sender (Act 2, Mission 2)

Kill 20 Enemies in a Single Chopper Gunner Run.

I Like This Area Next to the Dock Area Where the Mission Begins, 
and it is Where Nikolai Tells You Additional Forces Incoming. The Enemies 
in This Area are More Packed Together than the Previous Area.


T.8  Danger Close     {DNCS}

On Mission: Bag and Drag (Act 2, Mission 3)

Ready your signal smoke grenade before you trigger the chopper scene, 
and then drop a smoke at the bottom of the chopper as soon as it 
stop moving.


T.9  Menage a Trois     {MNTI}

On Mission: Iron Lady (Act 2, Mission 4)

Destroy at least 3 tanks with just one 105mm shot from the AC 130.

Switch to FLIR view first, using the same idea as the 
"For Whom the Shell Tolls" achievement, wait for 3 tanks to group 
together and shoot at them.


T.10  Nein     {NENN}

On Mission: Scorched Earth (Act 3, Mission 2)

Kill at least 9 enemies in a single A-10 strafing runs.

Strafe the first wave of enemies as soon as possible (before the enemies 
spread out.)  However, DO NOT HIT the tank, so the 
second wave spawns in behind the tank with more soldiers running 
in a line, strafe that wave as quickly as possible.



**********   Credits & Legal Claim     {LECM}   **********

I Credits NextGenWalkthroughs and Guard Master from Our Very Own 
GameFAQs' "Cheats" Section For the Help of a Few Tough Intels and 
a Hidden Trophy.
The Rest of the Information are Researched and Compiled by Myself 
Without Any Assistance.  All the Video Provided in This Guide are 
100 Percent My Own Playthrough.

This Text Guide is Authorized on GameFAQs and GameSpot. 

You May Repost Text or Video Contents from This Guide ONLY IF I'M CLEARLY
Permission Before Using My Contents for a Purpose that Potentially 
Involve Any Financial Gains.  Counterfeit and Personation of Myself or 
Ownership of My Guide's Contents are FORBIDDEN AT ALL TIMES, 
Not Even as a Joke.

I Don't Need Any Donations for This Guide, But if You're Willing to 
Subscribe to My Youtube Channel, it Would be a Great Help!

Copyright 2011

SLic_K                (watch the capitalization and underscore when
                       crediting me)



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