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this is how i will put the enemy list. name: description:
(the enemys will not               recommended weapon(s):
be in game order)                                attacks:

strogg:the weakest enemy in the game.
blaster. sometimes shotgun.

shotgun guy? shoots machine gun bullets also(in later levels).
shotgun chaingun

grenade guy? shoots chaingun also. incredibly fast grenades!
nothing past grenades.

flyer: pretty self-explanetory.
blaster-super shotgun.

claw guy? see entry above.
any.(besides blaster)

rocket girl? see two entrys above.

death machine?. see three entrys above!
blaster through rockets?

giant tank: see FOUR entrys above!!
anything above grenades.

land guardian? see five entrys above!!!
anything above chaingun.
see weapon entry above.

air guardian? do i even need to tell you?!?
see above.
see two above.

icarus: it flies around and shoots hyperblaster at you

note. ones with a ? next to them means i dont know the real name. if you do please 
submit the REAL NAME only! that means i dont want a fake name! Just real names.

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