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                             ENTER THE MATRIX BOSS GUIDE 
                                    By: JustinCase
                                   Written 7-19-03
The following guide is all strategies to defeat the bosses of Enter The Matrix. 
1. Chasing Agent (Ghost & Niobe)
2. SWAT Helicopter (Ghost)
3. Agent Helicopter (Ghost)
4. Cujo (Ghost & Niobe)
5. Trinity (Ghost)
6. Seraph (Ghost & Niobe)
7. Agent Car (Ghost)
8. Twins (Ghost)
9. Twins (Niobe)
10. Vlad (Niobe)
11. Mr. Smith Copies (Ghost & Niobe)
13. Powerplant Agent (Ghost)
14. Powerplant Agent Copies (Niobe)
Chasing Agent
This is the very first agent you will encounter as both Ghost and Niobe. On the 
rooftops level an agent will punch a door open knocking your character down. You 
must run not fight. If you fight it is impossible to kill the agent. You can blow 
him up, shoot him, ect. He WON'T die! All you do is run along the path and to the 
phone, an easy level. Don't be fooled you'll see him again.
SWAT Helicopter
This helicopter is encountered in the airport as only Ghost. You will be locked in 
room with a copter shooting through the glass window. All you need to do is hide 
behind the right wall and wait until it stops shooting to turn around. Jump out and 
run to the window and shoot with a MP5. After that a SWAT team will drop from the 
roof. Use focus to kill them. Repeat this strategy until it's dead. Then the gates 
will open.
Agent Helicopter
This is the easiest boss in my opinion. Simply use a machine gun and just stand 
there shooting until it's dead. Then you will have to get out before the copter 
crashes into the control tower and blows it up. Don't worry you'll automatically 
not having to do that! You can only fight this as Ghost and it is in the Control 
Tower 2 level. This is really easy!
Cujo is a fun boss to fight. He is always crouched down and a fast oponent skilled 
at counter attacks. It is extremely easy to beat him when using focus. Basically 
your kicks will send him flying. When you see Cujo start rotating his arms and 
moving them weird get away, it's a very strong attack you cannot block. If you are 
skilled player try fighting Cujo without the aid of focus. It is very hard but a 
challenge. Also, if your out of focus try throwing puches that he will block as a 
distraction, and then sweep his legs, retreat to a wall and wait for your focus to 
fill. He is located in the Manor levels.
Trinity is slightly faster and weaker than Cujo. Other than that she is similar. 
is very skilled at counter attacks like Cujo. She is very easy to leg sweep though. 
Using focus makes it easy like it did with Cujo. The battle place is a little 
because your in a garden and may get turned around. Try staying in a single area. 
Trinity is in the Zen garden level.
It doesn't matter if you win or lose against Seraph. Win, you move to many more 
levels with agent Smith copies, lose, skip to the last two levels. Seraph is Cujo 
and Trinity combined, fast, and strong. This is also similar to the other two. 
is easy and none is the biggest single boss chalenge. 
Agent Car
Only as Ghost you will be peeking out the window about halfway through the level. 
You should just shoot them. The more bullets you pump into the car the further away 
they go. You could try shooting cars to block their path but shooting them is 
Twins (Ghost)
The twins at the end of the manor level in the Twins in pursuit they will be 
you. I know that Niobe is supposed to be a good driver, but she's horrible in this 
level. You can get a larger lead in three ways, one, you shoot the cars in front of 
you so you can drive with no obstacles. Two, Shoot cars in front of the Twins to 
slow them down. Last, shoot the twins themselves. The only real way to beat them is 
to do all three (alternate).
Twins (Niobe)
The twins are a completely different boss when you are Niobe. When you're Niobe you 
don't want to fight, it is strictly a get-a-way mission. The only time you want 
Ghost to pop out is when you see your health going down or you see the twins 
themselves near you. Follow your goal tracker (the arrow) and avoid crashing. Note- 
this will probably take a few tries, if you choose to cheat, invisibility is the 
best one to use.
You can only encounter Vlad as Niobe back at the manor. Vlad is sort of a ninja 
who is pretty fast. He doesn't counter attack a lot but he will do it occasionally. 
You will fight him in Persephone's bedroom and shouldn't have too much trouble 
focus. A stake to the heart will end Vlad, it shouldn't be difficult.
Mr. Smith Copies
These bosses are hard. You will have to fight them as both Ghost and Niobe. You 
run! You cannot kill them until you reach a porch on the outside of the building. 
When your on the porch follow the goal tracker and you can kick an agent off of it. 
I don't advise you to do this to everyone, just run. You will have to fight them in 
the next levels on a street where they use an annoying attack by picking you up and 
Powerplant Agent
You will fight the powerplant agent as Ghost in the powerplant. To kill him it is 
simple, shoot a few of the mainframe-like computers so they spark. All you have to 
do is kick them into the sparks and he will die. Don't use moves that involve 
the agnt can counter them. 
Powerplant Agent Copies
Only as Niobe in the powerplant level you can fight the agent copies. A small tip, 
save your grenade launcher that takes away oxygen, it can kill them. You don't have 
to kill them all but it's easy and fun.

That will do it for this faq. I hope you found a use for it! 

This may not be rewritten in any way, shape, or form without direct permission from 
the appropriate person. 
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