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                                         / ___  /
  ___       __    _                     / |   \/
 / _ \     /_ |  / \__   ____  _  _    |  |       ___  ___   _  _
| | \ \   __ ||  \ __ \ /___ \/_|/_\   |   \     /_  //_  | /_|/_\
| |  |/  /_ \||  /|  \ ||___|/ |// \\  |     \    / /   | |  |// \\
| |  __ || \ ||  ||   |||__/   ||   \\  \      \ / /    | |  ||   \\
|  \/_ |||  |||  ||   || \     ||   ||    \     || |    | |  ||   ||
 \  \| ||\__|||__| \__|/\ \_|  ||  //       \   |\ \___/  |_ ||  //
  \___ | \__/|__/\____/  \__/  |/ /          |  | \_____/|_/ |/ /
      ||                                /\___| /
      |/                               /      /
         FAQ by Jake Lawrey             \_____/

Golden Sun Comprehensive FAQ/Walkthrough
FAQ by Jake Lawrey (Ustin Belkins)
	With a Djinn Guide by Austin B
Version 1.95
[email protected]
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| Needed: Contributions to the Item List    )
=-=-=-(If you have an item that I don’t)
	(Yet, then feel free to e-mail me at)
	((Please follow the format in this)
	(FAQ.)  Violators will be prosecuted)
	((Read: Contributors will be cited.) )

1) Frequently Asked Questions
2) Introduction
3) Game Play
4) Monster List
5) Item List
6) Walkthrough
Sub Sections:
	Sol Sanctum
	Going Away...To Vault
	On the Road to Bilibin
	To Kolima/Forest
	Kolima Forest
	Heading North
	Mercury Lighthouse
	Back to Kolima Forest
	Fuschin Temple
	Mogall Forest
	On the Road Again...
	Altin Peak
	Lama Temple
	Lamarkan Desert
	Kalay Docks
	Tolbi Docks
	To Altimer Caves
	Altimer Cave
	To Lupna
	To the Suhulla/Desert
	Suhulla Desert
	Suhulla Gate
	Venus Lighthouse Part 1
	Babi Lighthouse
	Venus Lighthouse Part 2
	What!? We're Backtracking!?
	Crossbone Island
	Venus Lighthouse Part 3
7) Boss Strategies
8) The Arena
9) Leveling and Character Classes
10) *Spoiler* Spelled Backwards: EGA TSOL EHT :OWT NUS NEDLOG
11) Credits/Copyright Information

Chapter 1: Frequently Asked Questions

| Read these following Frequently Asked Questions before asking me a | |
question via E-Mail or AIM.						

Q) Where are all the Djinn?
A) See the Djinn section or search for a particular Djinn name in the
walkthrough by pressing Control + F on a PC.

Q) What are those numbers in parentheses after "go back from whence you came."
A) These numbers are some stupid joke that the author of the FAQ through in
that count the number of times up until then that he has used that phrase. 
Anyone else notice I'm talking in the third person point of view?

Q) Can I get back to Vale, Vault, etc. later in the game?
A) Yes, look at the section Vale...again and a few of the sections before it.

Q) What do I do with Game Tickets and Lucky Medals?
A) Game Tickets are used for a game in Tolbi.  The game is one of the ones near
the fountain, I believe.  Lucky Medals are also used in Tolbi in the fountain
coin throwing game.

Q) I have a question not answered here.  How can I ask one?
A) E-mail me at [email protected]

Q) How do you get those nuts in the trees?
A) Thanks to [email protected] for this information: Use the Catch Psynergy on
the trees that contain nuts in order to get them.  Nuts are quite helpful in
the early part of the game.

Q) Who is Robin?
A) The default Japanese name for the main character.

Q) How do I Mind Read the monk?  Whenever I go up to him and want to bring up
my menu I just talk to him.
A) Press Select or set Mind Read as a hot key button.

Q) Where do I get the Cloak Ball?
A) It's on Babi's Desk next to his bed.  You can get this after you talk to him
after winning Collosso.

Q) What things do I need before entering Crossbone Island?
A) You need the Cloakball, the Halt Gem (not required), and the Carry Psynergy.

Q) What level do your characters learn their last spells?
A) Somewhere around 54 if you're at the right classes.  Look for an in-depth
FAQ on Class Changes for more information.

Q) How do I get the pink tornado that goes to Crossbone Island back if I
accidently use Douse on it?
A) You have to head out of Suhulla, and when you re-enter it will be back.

Q) Is there any advantage to going to Crossbone Island from the ship to Tolbi
A) No, you can't go very far in there without Cloak, Carry and Halt.

Q) I heard this code that if you tap the R button 3 times then the B button 7
times finally the A button 5 times and you'll hear a click and all of your
charaters have infine PP.  Where do I do this?
A) This code is BS and doens't work.  However, there are a few Game Shark codes
avalible at http://www.gameshark.com/gameboyadvance/objects/379896_106.html
that can give you infinite PP, although the game is less fun to play when you

Q) What is the correct way to pronounce "Djinn"?
A) Well, Djinn is from, I believe, Arabic and it means Genie.  So, the singular
form of Djinn (Djinni) is Genie, leading me to believe Djinn is pronounced like
the alcoholic drink "Gin."
Here's some updated information from Taz 2012 on the dictionary defintion:
jin·ni or jin·nee also djin·ni or djin·ny
n., pl. jinn also djinn (jin http://www.atomica.com/lookup2/pronkey.html).
In Muslim legend, a spirit often capable of assuming human or animal form and
exercising supernatural influence over people.
[Arabic jinn?, demonic, demon, from jinn, demons, from janna, to cover,

Q) Can you give me the Rom of Golden Sun?
A) No, I do not support roms and/or emulation.  Go pay for the game you lousy

Q) How do I get Growth?
A) Equip 1 Fire Djinni on Isaac or 1 Earth Djinni on Garret to have the spell
Growth (see the Leveling and Character Classes Section)

Q) I missed Force!  What do I do?
A) You don't actually need force to accomplish anything in the game.  However,
you do need to enter the cave in Fuschin Temple in order to get the Djinni
Zephyr, and without Force you don't get the Xian sidestory.  However, if you
don't have force you can still go through Mogall Forrest, and Garret will kick
the log in Altimer Mines instead of you using Force on the tree stump. 
Anyways, if you missed Force, keep going to Kalay, then head north across the
bridge to reach Vault again.  Retrace your steps to Fuschin Temple, and see the
Walkthrough about getting Force.

Q) Is it true that no one really asks these questions, but you like to make it
appear as if people talk to you?
A) Quiet you... plus, this question was actually asked.  Give Kevin Mofo and
e-mail at [email protected] for further information.

Q) What is the best way to contact you?
A) I prefer e-mail via [email protected] I like people instant
messaging me, and I usually will ask questions via AIM if you're direct, to the
point, don't talk in big type, and don’t have a colored background on your text,
don't talk in all caps, use reasonably good grammar and don't do a lot of chit
chat.  I will also not go to chat rooms for help.  Instant Message me at
screen name: Plumber303. Also, posting a question on the Golden Sun boards at
www.gamefaqs.com is a good way for me or someone else to get an answer to your

Q) What exactly does the Mystery Blade do?
A) I don't recommend using the Mystery Blade because it's not very powerful. 
Occasionally Mystery Blade will let out Life Nourish, which has a chance of
restoring a little bit of health to the character that it’s equipped on.

Q) I saw this code on the GameFAQ's Message Board:
I don't know if this has been found out yet but I'll tell you how to get her.
In order to get her to join your party you need the cursed emerald necklace. To
get the necklace you need to go to Tolbi springs and win it from the fountain.
I would advise you to get as many lucky medals as possible and save before you
start tossing them. The odds of getting it are probably less then 1%. It took
me about 300-350 tosses(I lost count). When I did win it, the medal bounced 3
times( once of crab and twice of the turtles)and it landed in the middle.
Unfortunately this happened to me before and I didn't get so I'm guessing this
just increased your chances of getting it. Anyway when you get the cursed
emerald necklace, go back to Xian and talk to Feizhi. She will say"Where did
you find my necklace?" Give it to her and then she'll join your party. You have
to alternate between characters since you can only have four at a time. The
best thing about her is she can equip all cursed weapons and she won't be
cursed(with or without the clerics ring)!!!!
A) This is a BS code started by an idiot I don't want to give the credit of

Q) I'm having trouble getting across the sand waterfalls.  How do I do it?
A) You need to hold the B button (aka run), the direction you're going and up
on the D-Pad.  This should keep you from falling down.

Q) What is the maximum level that you can get to?
A) You can get to Level 99, but I've only heard of anyone getting to this level
with a Game shark.  In theory you could level up this high, but it's not worth
it because it would take an insane amount of time and you stop learning spells
in the mid-50s.

Q) How do I get the Bastard Sword?
A) You can't get the Bastard Sword as it was changed from its earlier name to
the Bandit's Sword (or maybe the Assassin’s Blade.  I've heard two different
accounts).  Plus, you don't want it anyways (in the manual there's a screenshot
of it doing about 7 damage) later in the game.

Q) When I go to load my save, it says "Corrupt Data.  Would you like to save
from the last sanctum?"  What does this mean?
A) This means that somehow the power went out when you were saving the game
(either you turned it off or the batteries ran out.)  Luckily you can still
play (as opposed to other games where all of your data is gone), although you
may be missing some of your items potentially.

Q) When should I turn off my Game Boy Advance to avoid getting a Corrupt Data
save file?
A) I recommend not going for longer than 30 minutes after the light starts
turning red or you risk-losing power during a save, which could be devastating.

Q) Is it possible to get to Lemuria or Hesperia in this game?
A) No, you'll just have to wait for the sequel ;-[.

Q) When is Golden Sun 2 coming out?
A) It will be out June 2002 in Japan, and will be out by Christmas 2002 in the
United States.

Q) Do you know of any secret codes or secret information on Golden Sun 2?
A) Anything I know is in this FAQ.  I don't hold anything back from the

Q) How do I go back through Mogall Forest?
A) Sorry, it's not possible to get back through Mogall Forest.  If you want to
get back to the earlier towns you need to make your way to Kalay where you want
to head north.  The bridge broken earlier in the game will be rebuilt and you
will be able to get back to Vault, etc.

Q) How do I get into Collosso Stadium?
A) You first need to save Babi.  See the appropriate section in the Walkthrough
for that information.

Q) How many Djinn can one character hold?
A) Each character can hold a maximum of 7 Djinn each.

Q) Why can't I give a Djinn to another character?  All I get is the option to
A) You must have a balance in your Djinn.  You cannot have more than 1 Djinn
on one character than another.  For example, Isaac can't have 3 Djinn on him
while Garret has only 1 Djinn.

Q) Why are my characters with 0 HP not healing in an inn?
A) Characters with 0 HP have fainted and they need to be revived using the
following methods:
• Visit a Sanctum
• Use Water of Life
• Use a Revive Psynergy or Djinni.

Q) I got to the sign in Altin Peak.  Garet isn't kicking it.  What's up?
A) Garet isn't kicking it probably because you have the Force Gem.  Equip Force
and aim Force at the log.  If you absolutely don't have the Force Gem, try
going as far forward as you can, facing right at the log.  These will most
likely trigger Garet to kick it.  Of course, if you haven't got all of the
Living Statues yet (except the last one), he will not kick it.

Q) I went to Imil before I went to Kolima Forest.  Did I do something wrong?
A) No, Golden Sun is a "non-linear" game, so there are no right or wrong ways
to go.  I just consider Kolima easier than Imil, so my walkthrough went that
way first.  You're free to go as you choose.

See some other FAQs at my Quick Tips Section:


About This FAQ
This FAQ (short for Frequently Asked Questions which you should already know)
should be a helpful guide to anyone stuck and wanting tips for the Game boy
Advance game Golden Sun.  I, Jake Lawrey, wrote this FAQ for use on
Cheatcodes.com, Gamefaqs.com and my web site Golden Sun Anonymous (see the link 
in the header). I wrote this FAQ because I love Golden Sun and I wish to help 
others playing it.  If you'd like to contribute to this FAQ, give me an e-mail 
at [email protected]

For easy navigation to the chapters, hold Control and hit F (when you're on
Windows anyways) in your browser window and type in the chapter you want to go
to.  For example, type in CHAPTER 3 to go to the walkthrough chapter.

Coming Soon

-Additions to the Monster List
-Finish Djinn Guide
-Make Portions of Walkthrough Less Cryptic
-Psynergy List
-Work on the Item List
-Level 45-ish right now.  Djinn/Class Changing Section gets updated when I
reach Level 54.
-Version 2.0 Will Probably Be The Last Version of this FAQ (coming soon!)

Thanks for reading my FAQ! More FAQs for other games coming soon! 

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