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..........    .               .   ..........      ..       .      ..............
.              .             .    .               . .      .             .
.               .           .     .               .  .     .             .
.                .         .      .               .   .    .             .
.........         .       .       ........        .    .   .             .
.                  .     .        .               .     .  .             .
.                   .   .         .               .      . .             .
.                    . .          .               .       ..             .
..........            .           ..........      .        .             .

..               ..           .        ................      ......     .       
. .             . .          . .               .            .           .       
.  .           .  .         .   .              .           .            .       
.   .         .   .        .     .             .           .            .       
.    .       .    .       .       .            .           .            ........
.     .     .     .      ..........            .           .            .       
.      .   .      .      .        .            .           .            .       
.       . .       .      .        .            .            .           .       
.        .        .      .        .            .             ......     .       

Hello, this is my 3rd FAQ. 1 wasn't posted... anyway, this is really helpful 
for event matches! Enjoy. Also, ? means you pick.

P.S.- This isn't good for Kirby haters, for 1/2 of the events I used Kirby. 
Also, I 
beat them all!

Day 1-

I. Trouble King
You- Mario
Enemy- Bowser
Rating- Easy!!!!!!!!!

Sigh... these two hate eachother! This is actually quite easy, since Bowser is 
weak, just smash him and throw stuff at him. Hey, I did this in 1,2,3! Fight at 

II. Lord of the Jungle
You- Biiiiiig DK
Enemy- Smaaal DK
Rating: Easy!!!!!!!

Haha, I did this one, "it'll be easy." Lost twice. Don't underestimate this 
DK, he hits you hard! Where is he? I kept asking. Then, I got the hint: Smash! 
Down+A Smash and Down+B, and when he's in mid air, hit him. Fight at Kongo 

III. Bomb Fest
You- ?
Enemy- Samus, Link
Rating- Easy!!!!!!!!

Hey, it's the bomb squad! Look! Electrode! Bob-ombs and timer bombs! A torpedo! 
exploding... with bombs! Link's Down+A and Samus' own+B make them the bomb 
squad! I 
used Kirby, for they don't hit you in- air. Use Down+B, Stone. Fight at 
Peach's Castle.

IV.  Dino Wrangling
You- ?
Enemy- Biggest Yoshi I've ever seen!
Rating- Easy!!!!!!!!!

Okay, Jurassic Parkers, the moment you've all been waiting for, the fiercest 
yet... Yoshi? False alarm. Well, I think he's small... wait, now he's 
Who's the man? Kirby? DK? Another Yoshi, 5 times smaller? It dosen't matter, 
because this dino dies by himself sometimes... told ya it was a false alarm. 
Sometimes? Get ready, Yoshi fighters! Fight at Yoshi's Story. Too small for the 

5- (can't help it, hate Roman) Spare Change
You- Ness >:-<
Enemy- C. Falcon
Rating: Easy!!!!!!!!!
Get it over with. Hit the Captain lots of times. Done! Fight at Onett.

6- Kirbys on Parade
You- ?
Enemy- 3 Baby Kirby's
Rating- Easy!!!!!!!!!! Wait, Kirby's? AAAAAAAAAAH!

Don't hurt Kirby! They're hard to hit anyway! They're scared of ya! They'll hit 
a lot, but they get KOd easy! Fight at... Fountain of Dreams GET IT DONE QUICK!

7- Poke'mon Battle
You- ?
Enemy- Pikachu
Rating- Easy!!!!!!!!!!

There are lots of ways to o this, not! Brawl strength is weak! Poke' Balls 
Pikachu. I reccomend Kirby, for he floats and evades attacks, then again, I am 
Kirby! (Exagerating) Fight at Poke'mon Stadium.

8- Hot Date on Brinstar
You- ? 102% Damage
Enemy- Samus 140% Damage
Rating: Easy!!!!!!!!

Use anyone, for Samus gets killed easy. You each have 3 lives, so make it 
Fight at Brinstar. Oh, Samus is a girl. Some people think she's the opposite 

9- Hide n' Shiek
You- ?
Enemy- Zelda... 2!
Rating- Easy!!!!!!!!

Well, all ya do is wait for the change! Choose a heavy but good jumping 
I used Pikachu. Fight at Termina: Great Bay. KO Shiek.

10- All Star Match 1- Mushroom Kingdom
You- ?
Enemy- Mario, DK, Yoshi, Peach, Bowser (seperate)

Reccomend Kirby. Absorb your opponent, and jump off a cliff. Keep clicking Y or 
in case they escape.

Mario- He's the man, but why is he the 1st? Anyone can beat this guy, it's 
pathetic! Mario is pathetic! Fight at Mushroom Kingdom 1.

DK- DK! Donkey Kong- WAH! DK! Donkey Kong is hea! Easy again, but more 
Just absorb and have him die! Fight at Jungle Japes.

Yoshi- He's back from #4 for his revenge! But, Kirby will take him. Absorb. 
Watch out, the place, Yoshi's Island, is BIIIIG.

Peach- No different from Mario, but fight at her castle.

Bowser- WATCH OUT! He is good, when smashes. Otherwise, just absorb, drop, 
You win! Fight at Mushroom kingdom Cruise.

Was that helpful? No? DUH, they're all easy! And All Star Match, can't change 
during battle. Choose Kirby, be Kirby. Okay, see ya next week!

Day 2-

Welcome back! I deleted my event match data so I'm doing everything again. 
matches 11-20!

11- King of the Mountain
You- ?
Enemy- 2 Ice Climbers
Rating- Easy!!!!

KOing the ice climbers is useless. Just dodge them. It's hard to avoid them... 
choose Bowser, DK, or Kirby. Bowser and DK for the heavy, and Kirby for his... 
jump. Fight at Ice Mountain.

12- Seconds, Anyone?
You- ?
Enemy- C. Falcon
Rating- Easy!!!!!!

Hello, this is Mute City. Captain Falcon is challenging someone to a 7 second 
match. Winner is victorious. I reccomend Kirby, he just jumps off the end with 
Falcon. Or, use the hammer to KO him easy! Fight at Mute City.

13- Yoshi's Egg
You- Yoshi
Enemy- Pikachu, Fox, DK
Rating- Easy!

This is where it gets a little harder... it's a 3 vs. 1 match for the srvival 
Yoshi's egg. They still hate him from event match 4! All you have to do is take 
egg and RUN! That easy. They do team up on you... fight at Mushroom Kingdom 

14- Trophy Tussle 1
You- ?
Enemy- 3 Random people
Rating- Easy!

An nonunlockable area, you fight on a trophy. The winner... gets the trophy. 
It's a 
Goomba! You fight on the head. Reccomend strong people- Mario, Bowser, Yoshi, 
Kirby, anyone!

15- Girl Power
You- ? Small
Enemy- Peach, Samus, and Zelda.
Rating- Easy!

This makes you small, so you sound like a girl. Beat Peach, Samus, and Zelda 
are also girls to beat the match. Easy, but not as easy as the 1st. You men, 
can't fight girls! Fight at fountain of Dreams.

16- Kirby's Air-raid
You- Kirby
Enemy- 10 Kirby's (Yellow)
Rating- Easy!

You fight 10 Kirby's, only able to be hit by Warpstars. Fight t Corneria. Grab 
warpstar and hang on!

17- Bounty Hunters
You- Samus
Enemy- C. Falcon(friend), Bowser
Rating- Easy!

Fight a fellow bounty hunter who has a bounty on Bowser! C. Falcon is very good 
fighting, but he kills himself. Don't let C. Falcon kill Bowser, you have to. 
at Jungle Japes. Dk place...?

18- Link's Adventure
You- Link
Enemy- Black Link
Rating- Easy...

Easy is over! Now you fight your darkside, who is 2 times stronger! Just be 
with Link. Fight at Hyrule Temple.

19- Peach's Peril
You- Mario
Enemy- Bowser
Rating- Easy...

Mario fights Bowser to save Peach who fights with you but is weak so Bowser 
goes after her and if she gets KOed you fail fight at Final Destination ahh out 
of breath...

20- All Star Match 2
You- ?
Enemy- Samus, Link, Zelda, C. Falcon, Fox (seperate)
Rating- Easy...

We return after these commercial breaks. Mushroom and Koopa Kingdom have been 
beaten, but now Brinstar, Hyrule, and fasties are challenging you! Help below:

Samus- Kirby... again. After beating Mushroom Kingdom, he's doing it again. 
Absorb, drop. If you take too long, you'll have to fight. Fight at Brinstar.

Link- Hyrule challenge p.1- Link challenges you, but you just absorb and drop. 
Fight at Termina Bay.

Zelda- After Link, Zelda got mad and challenges you. Absorb, drop.

C. Falcon- Fast, but dosen't know absorb, drop.

Fox- Fox dosen't die from absorb drop most of the time. But he can, so just 
keep doing it. After this, All Star Match 2 is complete!

Week 2 isn't that helpful... but it is! Week 3 will be even better! Plus, 
there's more than just my hints next time... anyway, see ya next week for the 
big surprise!

Day 3-

Hello, and welcome back. I know, it almost seems like year 3, but no worries. 
The surprise is that there's a website that has the event matches, too! So I'll 
just keep telling you 10 event matches from me and 20 from them every week! But 
everything else'll be long, boring, and same. Here we go, START!

Event Match 21- Ice Bereaker
Enemy- 2 Ice Climbers
Rating- Normal!!!

NORMAL RATING! OH MY GOD!! It looks like the Ice Climbers are here too! First 
Yoshi, now this? Anyway, Popo means no harm, but KO both Nanas in 1:00 minute 
to win the match! Who thought pretty and pink = PURE EVIL? Me, I recommend DK! 
YEEAHHH! You grab Nana, walk off the cliff, BOOM! Fight at Princess Peach's 

22- Super Mario 128
You- ?
Enemy- 128 Tiny Marios! (5 at a time)
Rating- Easy!!!!!!!!!

Back to begginers, eh? Anyhoo, Mario is angry because he's the one who's hated 
in this FAQ! So he split into not 50, not 75... 128?!?!?! But at the price of 
his size. Unless you want to mock him so badly with his own attack, you could 
be anyone. If you want to mock him, absorb him with Kirby. Fight at Mushroom 
Kingdom I. WIMP!

23- Slippy's Invention
You- ?
Enemy- Fox, Falco
Rating- Normal!!!!

Hey, back to normal! Yay! At the beginning, you hear the famous words:

"Hey, how's that invention I made going, guys?"

Well, the invention made them invincible. I mean invisible. Still, according to 
games, the Skedar made it... oh well. Still, they're pretty hard. Fight at 

24- The Yoshi Herd ^__^
Enemy- Yoshi(x30)
Rating- Normal!!!!

ENOUGH WITH YOSHI! If this guy dosen't give up soon, I'll kill all of them! Oh, 
there's 30? Riiiiight... anyway, the moral of this event match is to beat 30 
Yoshi's... ?!? In 2 minutes? That's... enough. They're weak in defense! Good. 
Fight at Yoshi's Island. IN THE FUTURE!

25- Gargantuans
You- Big Bowser
Enemy- Big DK
Rating- Normal!!!!

It's King Kong! Run! No one can stand up to him... huh? Our weenie doctor... 
our weenie nurse... and...! ERAGON?!? Oh, Big Bowser. Fight to save NY with 1 
life while Kong has 2. He could kill himself... fight at Fourside.

26- Trophy Tussle 2
Enemy- Random x3
Rating- Normal...

The game show where you get a trophy for victory! No fun, you don't unlock it. 
Just fight to win! Sounds easy, huh? You fight on a Poke'mon called Entei. 
These opponenets must LOVE Entei compared to Goomba... poor, poor Goomba... 
fight at Entei's head.

27- Cold Armor
You- Samus v
          . .
Enemy- Metal Samus x3
Rating- Normal...

I hate Samus. I hate metal more. Beat em. Kill em. Kick em. Eat em. Fight at 
the guy with 4 eyes.

28- Puffballs Unite!
Enemy- Kirby x14
Rating- Normal!

I can do it... Kirby has challenged you to a fight! He has split into 14 and 
each has an ability! Now listen. It may be Kirby, but he's lost weight! Now 
instead of -90, he is -291 lbs. Just bring him to the edge, hit him strong, 
and BOOM! As a Kirby fan it is hard, but still- it's even worse because you 
have to fight at Green Greens! Wah!

29- Triforce Gathering
You- Link (Partner Zelda)
Enemy- Ganondorf
Rating- Normal...

Grr... Link's at it again. Protecting Zelda from who knows what- monsters, 
worms, bad hair day. THANKS FOR THE COMB! Today he is protecting her from ogre 
Ganondorf. She hates him so much, she'll risk a good hair day to fight him! He 
has 2 lives and Hyrule has 1, you/Zelda gets KOed and it's done! Hey, that's 
good! Fight at Hyrule Temple. If you beat Ganon twice, you unlock him.

30- All Star Match 3
Enemy- Kirby, Pikachu, Ness, Ice Climbers
Rating- Normal...

Again, we're back. After an amazing defeat of Mushroom and Koopa Kingdom, 
Hyrule, and Brinstar, we're at it again. This time the star warrior, a cute 
Poke'mon, nerdy Ness, and ice climbing Ice Climbers are the challengers. Still 
being Kirby, here's how to beat them:

Kirby: Okay, this is it. A fight with your own grandpa! Or it's a young girl... 
okay. As pink, absorb won't give you an ability ( yellow Kirby is you, Pink 
Kirby) so just attack and attack until you finally win! Fight at the Fountain 
of Dreams.

Pikachu- After the stunning defeat of the one and only Kirby, Pikachu thinks he 
can win. Heh, yeah right. Absorb and drop won't work for a long time, so just 
keep on trying. Fight at Poke'mon Stadium.

Ness- Absorb, walk to edge, win. Fight at Ness' house.

Ice Climbers- Just win as soon as possible. The place moves up and down, so you 
need to hurry up! If you somehow survived without losing 1 life, then absorb at 
bottom, wait, you win. If you have one life or don't wanna waste the 2nd, 
absorb and fly off the edge, like Ness. Fight at the Icicle Mountain. Then, you 
won 3 All Star Matches!

Well, good and bad news. The bad news is I'm out of time (my computer broke and 
I'm at the library) and I need to finish NOW. So hints will be here soon. The 
good news is that you won't have to wait long until day 4! Less than 2 months. 
See ya next time, and don't forget: Beat up Yoshi!

Day 4:

Hello again. Nothing from me today, just doing my job to give you KRRs event 
matches 1-10! Enjoy, and don't worry, I'll be back tommorow! Here we go...


Event Match 1: Trouble King
Character: Mario
Opponent(s): Bowser
Arena: Battlefield

Will this feud ever end? As Mario, it's your job to KO Bowser twice before he 
does the same to you.

Mario is a balanced character who's easy to learn, and Bowser is the slowest 
character in the game. Take advantage of the situation and pelt Bowser with 
fireballs and quick attacks. When his damage gets high, a quick smash is all 
that's needed to send him out of the arena.
Event Match 2: Lord of the Jungle
Character: Giant DK
Opponent(s): Tiny DK
Arena: Kongo Jungle

It's King Kong vs. an ant! As Giant DK, you have to KO tiny DK twice before he 
KO's you twice.

This battle seems rather lopsided at first, but once you start you'll realize 
that hitting Tiny DK is an exercise in frustration. If he's on the ground, use 
down+A attacks, and if he's on a higher platform, use forward+A attacks. Once 
you get a chance, charge up your Giant Punch fully for a quick KO.
Event Match 3: Bomb-fest
Character: Your choice
Opponent(s): Samus, Links
Arena: Princess Peach's Castle

So much fire... everything in this match explodes! Pokeballs release Electrode, 
Samus and Link are bomb happy, and Bob-ombs and Motion Sensor Bombs are 
everywhere! Everybody has one life to lose.

Try to stay away from all the explosions and grab all the items you can. Bob-
ombs and Motion Sensor Bombs are quick and easy ways to destroy your opponents.
Event Match 4: Dino-wrangling
Character: Your choice
Opponent(s): Giant Yoshi
Arena: Yoshi's Story

With three lives, you must KO Yoshi once. He's a rather big dinosaur here, 
though, and his attacks almost always hit you.

Use a character you're proficient with, preferably one with a good Meteor 
Smash. Once his damage gets high, a Meteor Smash near the edge can send him 
down fast. Yoshi is somewhat clumsy and often falls of the edge by himself.
Event Match 5: Spare Change
Character: Ness
Opponent(s): Captain Falcon
Arena: Onett

As Ness, you face Captain Falcon in a Coin Match with a 200 Coin limit. The 
arena is Onett, so watch out for the speeding vehicles!

Even if you're not good with Ness, this Event Match is a breeze. Just keep 
smashing Captain Falcon and grab the resulting money that flies from him. KOing 
him will make half his coins fall to the edge of the arena, so whenever you 
can, KO him at the sides of the arena. Also, getting smoked by a car releases a 
ton of money, so lure him down when the ! exclamation appears.
Event Match 6: Kirbys on Parade
Character: Your choice
Opponent(s): Kirby x3
Arena: Fountain of Dreams

As the fighter of your choice, you must KO 3 small Kirbys twice. Since they're 
so tiny, single attacks tend to knock them out.

The Kirbys here are small, sound really funny, and fly off the arena with a 
single smash. They also seem to be scared of you, and spend more time evading 
than attacking. They don't put up much of a fight, so this Event Match should 
be no problem.
Event Match 7: Pokémon Battle
Character: Your choice
Opponent(s): Pikachu
Arena: Pokémon Stadium

It's a standard 2 life battle against Pikachu. Or so it seems. Regular attacks 
do nothing to both of you. The only way to attack is to use the Pokeballs that 
frequently drop from the sky.

Fast characters are the best for this match, like Fox or Captain Falcon. Since 
you're not attacking, just rush to every Pokeball you see and crack it open. 
Once Pikachu gets trapped in Pokemon attacks, you should have no problem 
collecting more Pokeballs.
Event Match 8: Hot Date on Brinstar
Character: Your choice
Opponent(s): Samus
Arena: Brinstar

It's just you versus Samus, and you each have three lives. You both start off 
with over 100% damage, though. It's your lucky day, because she starts off with 
more than you!

Try to avoid using light characters, as you start off with too much damage for 
comfort. After damaging Samus a bit after the match starts, she flies off the 
arena rather easily. Just don't fall prey to any of her powerful attacks.
Event Match 9: Hide 'n' Sheik
Character: Your choice
Opponent(s): Zelda x2
Arena: Great Bay

You're against two Zeldas, and you each have only one life. Even though they 
fly off the arena easily, they keep regenerating unless they're KOed in their 
Sheik form.

When the match starts, immediately use weak, quick attacks to raise the Zeldas' 
damage meters. Once they turn into Sheik, rush in and hit them with a quick 
smash before they turn back to Zelda. They're lighter weight than you think.
Event Match 10: All-star Match 1
Character: Your choice
Opponent(s): Mario, DK, Yoshi, Peach, Bowser
Arena: Various 

With two lives, you must KO each of the five opponents once in five separate 
one-on-one battles. Your opponents are the classic Mario series stars.

The first of five All-Star Event Matches, this is a pretty simple Event Match 
that tests your true fighting skills. As you KO each opponent, the arena 
changes and another challenger awaits. Try not to take too much damage early 
on, as losing a life early could spell doom in a later match.
Event Match 4 is ours! See ya next time!

Day 5:

Hello again, everyone! I'm happy to see you all again! Well, sorry about no 
updating, but I've been busy! I have a site, you know...

So anyway, here are event matches 31-40:

31. Mario Bros. Madness
You- ?
Enemies: Mario and Luigi
Difficulty: Normal

Well, if there's one Nintendo duo that's been able to wow anyone, it's Mario 
and Luigi. Fireballs, beating Bowser, and now going low to teaming up on your 
character? Wait, there brotherhood has ended. Sure, they're still bros, but 
they can hurt eachother! That's not nice. It does help. One thing to say- it 
helps to have have idiot enemies. Fight at the Mushroom Kingdom. Go in with 
anyone- even Kirby can't do it!

32. Target Aquired
You- Falco
Enemies- Jigglypuff, Arwings
Difficulty: Normal...

Falco is in charge of flying the Corneria today! Jigglypuff invades, and 
well... some Arwings are after her, too! Run, Jiggy! Okay, for this one go near 
Jiggy and use your down-B, reflect. She'll be sent flying, and they won't hit 
her. Fire at you... down-B! Fight at Corneria.

33. Lethal Marathon
You- C. Falcon
Enemy- None
Difficulty: Easy!!!!!!

Well, this is an event match that should've been put for number 9. This is the 
last easy event match in the game, so say your prayers, easy players. Joking. 
Anyway, as C. Falcon, you must race through the F-0 Grand Prix from Adventure 
Mode. It's so easy, a caveman could do it! Ha! Get it? Geico?

34. Seven Years
You- Young Link
Enemy- Link
Difficuly- Hard.....

Well, it's the first hard one. You're Young Link fighting Link at a Link place! 
So confusing! Oh well. Anyway, to do this, you must master the Young Link. Hate 
Link. His Smash-A and Up-B are his attacks that can beat Link. Fight at Great 
Bay. You know, turtle place.

35. Time for a Checkup
You- Luigi
Enemies- Dr, Mario, Peach
Difficulty- Hard...

Gotta go. See ya!

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