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Harvest Moon:Island of Happiness
By Aubrey Riggs (Doodle33433)

Welcome!At the time I wrote this Guide (September 24, 2008) There wasn`t any 
other Guides for this game on cheatcodes.com.
So say hello to the first game guide created for harvest moon:island of 
happiness on cheatcodes.com!Wow...I feel famouse...0_0 Sure...Ok anyway at this 
time there wasn`t much known about this game because it`s kind of new.Anyway 
i`ve been playing for awhile and this is all I know about the game.ENJOY!

About the People
Ok i`m gonna name some stuff I know about the people and when and why they move 
in. :)Please read it with HAPPINESS!!!(Just a joke)

Here are all the people that have moved in my town:

He`s very mysteriouse and doesn`t say much,Sometimes he's very blunt 
and rude, but if you dig deep inside him he`s realy just shy.
He`s very picky and doesn`t like alot of things.
But he does like cooked meals, Chocolate, and Mushrooms. (Not Toadstools) 
He only comes to your town on Wendsdays and Thursdays.
He sales animals to Mirabelle.
You can only buy them if you have a barn.(I`ll tell you how to get that later)
If your a girl,you can marry him.
His B-day Spring 3rd

Rival: Sabrina

This poor adorable guy is depressed alot.
His younger sister is very mean to him and is constantly mocking him.
She loves to play tricks on him.
He`s a very sweet guy and likes Chocolate, Flowers, and veggies.
He has a crush on Julia, but just ignore that and he`ll soon be yours.
If your a girl,you can marry him.
His B-day Summer 21st

Rival: Julia

A cute little fisherman who moved to the island to catch new fish.
He moves in after you have caught and shipped at least 50 fish.
He pretty much likes any fish xD Even fish bones!
You can easily make him like you.
He has a crush on Lanna but you can still marry him.
If your a girl,you can marry him.
His B-day is Fall 26th

Rival: Lanna

He is a native who has been living on the island for years.
He belongs to an ancient tribe and he can`t talk much.
But he can talk good enough.
He likes fish mostly.
Once again, easy target.If your a girl,you can marry him.
His B-day is Winter 2nd

Rival: None :D

A funny looking dude who`s obsessed with eating.
If you`re intrested in him, He likes msot cooked dishes.
I`m sure he`ll be pleased.
If your a girl, you can marry him. (Why would you want to?) *shot*
His birthday is Spring 13

Rival: Natalie

Pretty much the perfect match for Chelsea xD
to unlock him, you have to unlock all of the areas by building the 3 bridges, 
unlock all of the main villagers with the exception of the Mineral Town 
characters, vist all areas (have the 7 Harvest Sprites unlocked), and have the 
Hotel in E.Town expanded.
Only moves in if your a girl.
Mark likes anything. Even weeds! xD
His birthday is Winter 27

Rival: None :D

She is a very sweet and pretty girl.
She likes animals alot.
She helps her mom run the animal product store.
She likes Diary items, mushrooms, and flowers.
If your a boy you can marry her.
Her B-day is Spring 6th

Rival: Elliot

She is Elliot`s younger sister.
She loves taunting him and making him upset.
She`s a big tomboy and she is depressed alot.
Nobody knows why she is depressed, but that might be why she picks on her 
She really likes snadwiches, but since those are hard to make, stick with 
Flowers and chocolate.
If your a boy you can marry her.
Her B-day is Summer 28

Rival: Pierre

She is a use to be popstar who has taken a "break" from her famous 
The truth is, she came to the island because she didn`t have much fans 
She enjoys fishing.
She likes fish and flowers.She`s very girly.
She moves in after you have caught and shipped at least 70 fish.
If your a boy you can marry her.
Her B-day is Fall 2

Rival: Denny

A girl who moves in after you have shipped 20 things from the mines.
Alot of people think she`s ugly, but.....They're dumb xD
She is sad alot because of her strict father.
She likes gems and 
flowers and you can marry her if your a boy.
Her birthday is Winter 12

Rival: Vaughn

Witch Princess: 
She`s EVIL!!!! XD Kidding//
She can make magic and she came to the island to cause trouble because she was 
She always wants to be entertained.
She likes grass and toadstools xD
To find her you need to pay Ganon 10,000 G to build the bridge to the West side 
of the island.
Once you go across the bridge a scene will cut in.Then you meet her.
If your a boy you can marry her.
Her B-day is Winter 29th

Rival: None :D

Pretty much the perfect match for Mark xD
to unlock her, you have to unlock all of the areas by building the 3 bridges, 
unlock all of the main villagers with the exception of the Mineral Town 
characters, vist all areas (have the 7 Harvest Sprites unlocked), and have the 
Hotel in E.Town expanded.
Chelsea likes anything. Even weeds! xD
She only move sin if your a boy.
Her birthday is Spring 20

Rival: None :D

Karen:She's a tomboy tourist who stays during the winters with her friend 
Popuri.She lives in Mineral Town.

Popuri:She is a big girly girl tourist who stays in the winter with her friend 
Karen.She lives in Mineral Town.

Dr. Trent:A married doctor who stays in the summers.He lives in Mineral Town.

Cliff:A married tourist who stays in the spring and winter.He lives in Mineral 

Chen:Chen is an old man who owns the island shop.Get anything you need from 
him.He lives with his son Charlie.His B-day is in Spring.

Charlie:He is a little boy who lives with his dad.If you buy a wonderful from 
the island shop and give it to charlie, he`ll upgrade your tools.Hmm...I think 
his B-day is in Fall.

Felicia:She is a very sweet women who lives with her dad and childrean.Natalie 
and Elliot are her children.She likes yarn alot.Her B-day is in Fall I think.

Taro:Taro is a smart old man who lives with his daughter and grandchildren.If 
you talk to him he will tell you the weather the next day.Become friends with 
him and he gives you a fishing pole. (This is very important to get) He likes 
those plants on the ground that looks like hearts.(their called colored grass)
His B-day is in fall or spring.(Sorry for my forgets)

Ganon:He is plays a very important part in your life.He moves in summer in year 
1.He is a carpenter.He will build anything for you.(As long as you can pay for 
it!)He will build the bridges that unlock the other side of the town.His B-day 
is in Summer.

Eliza:This little girl is sooooooooo cute!!!But wait!She`s Ganon`s daughter??Is 
that possible?She likes flowers and candy.Her B-day is in Summer.(Some say she 
has a crush on Charlie.)

Nathan:Preist of the church.He`s very religouse and serious about it.

Alisa:She is Nathan`s helper.She is also very religouse.

Mirabelle:She is very kind and she is Julia`s Mom.she owns the pet supplies 
store.She likes flowers and her B-day is in Spring.

Regis:Ew!this creep is Sabrina`s dad.(Poor Girl!)He`s very rude and 
strict.Unlock him when you unlock Sabrina.

Wada:He is Shea`s Father.He can`t talk much and is very mysteriouse.He likes 
anything he can eat.His B-day is.....UNKNOWN!Ok fine i just don`t know when it 

Noe:A ranch Harvest Sprite

Neil:A forest Harvest Sprite

Earl:A mountain Harvest Sprite

Rock:A mountaintop Harvest Sprite

Ben:An East town harvest Sprite

Kalen:A meadow Harvest Sprite

Manfred:A wilderness Harvest Sprite

Kaleb:A tourist fisherman.He came to the island to take a break and fish.

Shane:A fisherman Who is visiting for a magazine assignment.

Tyler:A tourist fisherman who came to the island to catch a King Fish.

Yoshi:(not the dinosaur)He is a fisherman who enjoys cooking.He is a tourist.

Iku:A tourist fisherman who came to the island to catch diffrent kinds of fish.

Harvey:A tourist traveling all over the world to go fishing.

Brent:A tourist who is a miner.

Gail:A tourist who is a miner.

Marisa:She is a tourist who came to island when she heard the church opened.

Vanessa:A young lady he owns the Hotel with her family.

Robin:A lady who came to the island on a trip with her daughter.

Hazel:A tourist who is crazy over Pierre.

Teresa:A tourist who came to the island to find new recipes.

Luke:He owns the diner.If you give him a recipe ingredient, he will make a new 
recipe with it.You can only do this after he remodels his diner.

Taka:Vanessa`s husband.There is a big age diffrence between them.

Lloyd:He came to the island when he found out that Lanna moved in.He is her 
biggest fan.

Daniel:A visitor who use to come to the island a long time ago.

Logan:A tourist who comes to the town to see the new roads.

Jake:A tourist who comes to see the new roads.

Hiro:A man visiting to get a break from his busy job.

Sean:He runs the Original Inn

Lance:He spends his time in the diner.He loves Luke`s cooking.

Gerald:An old man who came to the town to study the island`s natives.

Jon:A tourist who came to see how the island is doing.

Knox:A tourist who found the island in a travel guide.

Philip:Mayor of another island who is just visiting.

Blair:An old man who came to the town to watch the islands festivals.

Madelynn:She owns the Cafe.If you give her a recipe ingredient,She will make a 
new recipe with it.You can only do this after she remodels his cafe.

Nicole:Madelynn`s best friend.She came to the island after Madelynn opened her 

Moira:She is visiting the island because her agent recommended it.

Anabelle:A toursit visiting because she heard it was populare.

Winona:A retired Tourist who came to relax.

Thelma:An old women taking a vacation with her grandaughter Rita.

Rita:Thelma`s grandaughter

Daria:Vanessa and Taka`s daughter

Brook:Robin`s daughter

Harvest Goddess:The queen of the pond.Throw things in the pond in the Forest 
area to unlock her.She really likes flowers.

That`s all the people in my town so far.I`ll keep updating, so keep checking.

Important Places and how to unlock them

Here are some places you will see in the game.

You can buy food from here.It opens after you have unlocked a certain amount of 
If you give a recipe ingredient to the cafe owner, she`ll make a new recipe with 
Then she`ll give the recipe to you so that you can make it yourself.
She can only make the recipes once the cafe upgrades.
It upgrades after you have unlocked more sub-villagers

You can buy food from here.It opens after you have unlocked a certain amount of 
If you give a recipe ingredient to the diner owner, he`ll make a new recipe with 
Then he`ll give the recipe to you so that you can make it yourself.
He can only make the recipes once the diner upgrades.
It upgrades after you have unlocked more sun-villagers

Original Inn:
It`s good when this opens because then toursit start coming to 
your island.It opens after you have gotten a certain amount of Sub-Villagers.

The Hotel:
This opens after you have gotten a certain amount of Sub-Villagers.
If your a boy, a girl named Chelsea moves in the hotel.(You can marry her)
If your a girl, a boy named Mark moves in the hotel.(You can marry him)

Island Shop:
Opens a day after you start a new game.You can buy almost 
anything you need from here.You can but things for your house.(Like a husband`s 
bed,a child`s bed,a Refrigerator, etc.)Also, you can buy seed for your garden.

Ganon`s Shop:
This is where you can pay Ganon to build things for you.Like a 
barn and he can build the bridges and he can also upgrade your house.It does 
cost alot though.(Read my money guide below)

You can`t get animals until you pay Ganon to build a barn.

Chicken Coop:
You can`t get chickens until you pay Ganon to make a Chicken Coop.

You do not need to pay Ganon to build this, because it comes with your 
ranch.Use this to hold your horse and dog.

How to unlock important places
Ok!This may of happened to you:You hear about these cool places you get on the 
island!But nobody tells you how to unlock them!HOW FRUSTRATING!Lucky me!I had 
to learn from experience.It wasn`t that fun.So i`m not gonna put you through 
that.If you don`t see the place you are trying to figure out how to get, then 
that probly means I don`t have it in my town yet.

Island Shop:
It opens automatically.It opens a day after you start a new 

Ganon`s Shop:
It also opens automatically.It opens on Spring 11

Upgrading your house:
If you wanna get married and have a kid, you need to 
upgrade your house.
This makes your house bigger so more people can move in.
Pay Ganon at his shop to upgrade your house.you can upgrade 
your house 4 times.

Buying a chicken coop:
You can buy this at Ganon`s shop.If you want pet chickens 
you have to have this.Taro presents you with a free chicken when you get the 
chicken coop.

Buying an Animal Barn:
You can`t have cows or sheep until you buy 
Get it at Ganon`s shop.
Taro will present you with a free pet cow when you buy this.

Building Bridges:
This cost alot of money, but it`s well worth the price.
Go to Ganon`s Shop to build the bridges.
The first bridge you will unlock leads to a big open feild.
This is where you hold festivals and contests.
The second one you unlock leads to a forest where you will meet the Witch 
This also leads to the mountain trail where you can find mines and dig in them 
for gems and money.
The third and last bridge you unlock leads to a wild forest where you 
meat Shea and Wada.

Upgrading the Roads:I
f you really want to make your town fancy and popular, you 
might want to upgrade the roads.You can do this by paying Ganon at his Shop.It 
turns the main roads from dirt roads, to stone roads.Tourist will move in once 
you start upgrading the roads.

Getting a Kitchen:
Getting a Kitchen is important if you want to make meals for 
your family.
Go to the island shop and pay Chen the price for it.
It will be in your house.

Getting a church:
You`re supposed to get any flower, and give it to the Harvest Goddess for two 
days.(Give it to her by throwing it in her pond.)
The next day two people come and build a church next to the pond. 
You will need this church if you want to get married.

Getting a Maker Shed:
A maker shed is used to turn one food into another food.
With the maker shed you can turn eggs into Mayonnaise,Milk into butter and 
yogurt and cheese,wool into yarn, and crops into seeds.
You can get a thrasher when you upgrade your maker shed.
Thrasher is used to turn rice,wheat,buckwheat and soybeans into flour for 
You can also get a ranker wich turns low rank things into high rank things.
(Like level D to level S)

Getting a Supply shed:
A supply shed holds lumber and rock.It can store alot so 
you don`t have to hold it in your pockets.You upgrade this at Ganon`s Shop.

Getting a Greenhouse:
A green house is used to plant crops.
I know what your thinking......Isn`t that what my feild is for?
You can use the greenhouse for planting out of season crops.
Like a spring crop in winter.You can buy this at Ganon`s, but it cost ALOT.

Money Tips

When you first start out your pretty much poor.
Picking the weeds and putting them in the shipping bins will get you enough 
money until you get a fishing pole.
To get a fishing pole you need to become friends with Taro.
(the old man you meet at the beginning of the game)
If you give him some of that colored Grass everyday 
(you know that stuff on the ground that looks like hearts)
You can become friends with him

You also need to talk to him at least once a day.
It won`t take to long when he gives you a fishing pole.
He`ll knock on the door one day and give you the fishing pole.
Fish is about the best way to get money.
Sell your fish by putting them in the shipping bin.
You can sell just about anything.
Selling the rocks and logs you find on the ground is a good idea too.
Once you get Ganon to build the Bridge to the forest, you can find the 
digging mines.
This is also a good idea to get money.
The gems you find in the ground are worth quite a bit.
Also, you might want to give the gems to your future husband or wife!
(If they like that stuff xD)

Getting Food
Getting food is probly a good idea. xD
I don`t think you want to starve.
Now, the main thing you eat is the colored grass.
(Yah the heart shaped things on the ground.You`ve heard me talk about it 
You can also eat fish.
(But i would sell those instead)
You can also eat mushrooms  in the Fall, but not the white ones!
They`ll make you sick.
You can also eat your crops, but you probly need to save those.
You can sell these, Make recipes with them, and you can enter them in 


About fishing
After you get the fishing pole, you will be busy fishing alot.
Fishing can sometimes be frustrating.
Alot of times you`1l pull your fishing pole in and it`ll say "It got away." 
It takes awhile to get the technique right.
You have to pull it up at a certain time.
Pull it up when your person pulls the pole about 1 
and a half times.If this doesn`t help, I`m sorry.
You`ll eventually get it.
Some things are realy rare and some things are just average.Here`s all the fish 
I have caught.
(Which is almost all of them)

Rock Trout:Ocean-Average

Horse Mackerel:Ocean-Average


Amago Trout:Rivers-Rare

Chicken Grunt:Ocean-Average



Big-Scaled Redfin:Rivers-Average


Pale Chub:Rivers-Average




Gold Crucian Carp:Rivers-Rare

Silver Crucian:Rivers-Rare

Longtooth Grouper:Ocean-Rare




Japenese Halfbeak:Oceans-Average

Spanish Mackerel:Oceans-Average



Sea Bream:Ocean-Rare





Silver Carp:Rivers-Rare

Sailfin Sandfish:Ocean-Average



Black Bass:Rivers-Average

Yellow Tail:Ocean-Rare


Atka Mackerel:Ocean-Average





Masu Trout:Rivers-Average


Pong Smelt:Rivers-Average

Rainbow Trout:Rivers-Rare

Angler Fish:Ocean-SUPER RARE

Pirate Treasure:Ocean-SUPER RARE

Fish Fossil:Ocean-SUPER RARE


Empty Can:Rivers-Trash


Fish Bone:Rivers and Ocean-Trash

Rubber Boot:River and Ocean-Trash

About Mines
Mines are important to learn about.
Here you can dig up Gems, Stairs, Pitfalls,and Money.
First of all, Pitfalls are very dangerouse!
If you fall in one you will lose almost all your Stamina and will have to go to 
sleep for the day.
Don`t walk in a place where you haven`t dug.
There could be a pitfall there.
Stairs are a good thing to find.
When you find them, go down them and you`ll be in another room.
This is where you can find the gems.The big gray rocks are the gems.
You need to take your hammer and break them.
You`ll get the gems out of the grey rocks. (duh xD)
There`s not much to learn about this part.
But you can unlock Sabrina and 
her dad by digging up and shipping 20 items from the mines.
You can also use the gems for machines parts if you have the maker shed.

How to Care for Animals
They need to be fed once a day.
You don`t have to feed them if your in the feild.
But you have to of planted grass seeds in the feild.
They can`t eat dirt!
Make sure you brush and milk them once a day.
You can buy cows at the Animal Shop Once you have a Barn.

They need to be fed once a day.
They like it when you pick them up.
If you put them in the feild, TAKE THEM BACK IN AT NIGHT!
If you leave them outside at night, wild dogs will attack them!
So be careful.
Buy these at the Animal shop after you have gotten the Chicken Coop.

The sheep do not appear in Mirabelle's shop until after you have unlocked 
2 or more boy farmer sub-villagers. 
The sheep you purchase from her will be child-size, and you must wait 15 days 
for it to mature. Each sheep costs 4000 G.

They need to be fed and brushed once a day.They like to be rode on sunny days.
Chen and Charlie will give you the horse Once you have become friends with them

Feed your dog once a day.
Your dog won`t like you if you keep it in the stable all the time.
Let it outside to make it happy.
Find the dog by walking in the West part of town.
(Where the Witch Princess lives.)
You must be friends with Mirabelle first though.

All about Crops
All crops need to be watered once a day.
Make sure you plant them in plowed dirt.
Certain Crops grow in certain seasons.

Spring Crops

Turnips:Chen sells them at his shop
Potatos:Chen sells them at his shop
Cucumbers:Ship 100 turnips and potatos to unlock these.
Strawberry:Have at least 2 girl farmer sub-villagers in your town to unlock.

Summer Crops

Tomatoe:Chen sells them at his shop
Corn:Chen sells them at his shop
Onion:Ship 100 Tomatoes and corn to unlock these
Pumpkin:Have at least 2 girl farmer sub-villagers in your town to unlock.

Fall Crops

Eggplants:Chen sells them at his shop
Carrots:Chen sells them at his shop
Yam:Ship 100 carrots and eggplants to unlock these
Spinach:Have at least 2 girl farmer sub-villagers in your town to unlock.
Bell Pepper:Ship 100 buckwheat

Other Crops

Grass:Animals can graze on grass.Buy at Chen`s Shop
Rice:Plant in Rice Paddies.Buy at Chen`s Shop
Wheat:Ship 100 Turnips, 100 Potatoes, 100 Cucumbers, and 100 Strawberry 2 unlock
Soybeans:Ship 100 Tomatoes, 100 Corn, 100 Onions, and 100 Pumpkins 2 unlock
BuckWheat:Ship 100 Eggplant, 100 Carrots, 100 Yams, and 100 Spinach 2 unlock

Contests, Festivals, and Birthdays
Contests, Festivals and Birthdays will appear on the calender in your house.

Sheep Contest:in Spring 19.Starts at 10:00am

Cooking Contest:Unlock once Pierre is in your town.Spring 24

Crop Contest:Bring your best crop.Spring 29.Bring Crop theme

Chicken Contest:in Summer 7.Starts at 10:00am

Mining Contest:Bring A rare Gem.Unlock When Sabrina and Regis moves in.Summer 15

Horse Contest:in Summer 23.Starts at 10:00am

Crop Contest:Bring your best crop.Summer 29.Bring crop theme

Cow Contest:in Fall 8.Starts at 10:00am

Crop Contest:Bring your best Crop.Fall 28.Bring crop theme

Dog Contest:in Winter 10.Starts at 10:00am

Fishing Contest:Bring biggest Fish.Winter 20

New years Day:Eat rice cakes.Spring 1

Goddess Festival:Dance and bring a date.(Ask who you like)Spring 8

Thanksgiving:If you are a boy, give the girl you like cookies.Spring 14

Fireworks:Talk to the person you like to celebrate with them.Summer 25

Harvest Festival:Bring a crop for soup.Fall 8

Rice Festival:Eat rice foods.Fall 24.Ship 1 peoce of rice 2 unlock

Pumpkin Day:Go in2 your house early in the morning and kids will come in.Fall 30

Snow Festival:Build snowmans.Winter 4

Thanksgiving:If your a girl, give chocolate to the boy you like.Winter 14

Starry Night:Person that likes you will ask you 2 have dinner with them.Winter24

New Years Eve:Celebrate at 6:00pm.Winter 30

Vaughn:Spring 3 Best present:Porridge
Julia:Spring 6 Best present:Yogurt
Goddess:Spring 8 Best Present:Flower
Mirabelle:Spring 11 Best Present:Cheese
Pierre:Spring 13 Best Present:Finest Curry
Chen:Spring 17 Best Present:Noodles
Chelsea:(If your a boy)Spring 20 Best Present:Anything
Gannon:Spring 27 Best Present:Any Food
Popuri:Summer 3 Best Present:Chocolate
Cliff:Summer 6 Best Present:Unknown
Eliza:Summer 12 Best Present:Chocolate
Regis:Summer 17 Best Present:Gems
Elliot:Summer 21 Best Present:Stir-fired Veggies
Natalie:Summer 28 Best Present:Fruit Sandwich
Charlie:Summer 30 Best Present:Dry Curry
Lanna:Fall 02 Best Present:Yam Pudding
Nathan:Fall 04 Best Present:Unknown
Felicia:Fall 09 Best Present:Yarn
Karen:Fall 15 Best Present:Unknown
Doctor Trent:Fall 19 Best Present:Unknown
Wada:Fall 20 Best Present:Grilled Fish
Denny:Fall 26 Best Present:Sashimi
Shea:Winter 2 Best Present:Fish (L)
Taro:Winter 3 Best Present:Elli Leaves
Sabrina:Winter 12 Best Present:Pink Diamond
Alissa:Winter 17 Best Present:Ice Cream
Mark:(If your a girl)Winter 27 Best Present:Anything
Chelsea: (if your a boy) Spring 20 Best Present:Anyhting
Witch:Winter 29 Best Present:Rainbow Curry

What Garbage does
Garbage is the fish bones and the cans and stuff you find in the river and 
You can also find garbage in the mines.
Weeds count as garbage.
When you catch garbage in the rivers and 
ocean, it`s realy good.
It cleans out the watyer and brings in more fish.
I bet you didn`t know that, eh?
Never throw garbage on the ground, it will lower everyone's friendship points.

Surviving the Winter
Thw winter is the hardest season to go through.
All the food on the ground dies, So you don't have to sell all fish! XD
From spring-fall you need to harvest as much food as possible.
It`s also hard if your trying to marry someone.
All the flowers are dead so you will have to harvest all the flowers before the 
Once you run out of flowers trying giving your sweetheart some 
That is also hard to get.
If you stop selling your fish to eat them, you won`t have as much money as 
Trying digging up gems instead of selling fish.
The only food you can find is on the very top of the mountain.
It is white grass.

Sometimes when you talk to Taro, he`ll say that there is going to be a huge 
storm the next day.
And he`s not kidding!
To prepare for the storm, just make sure you have enough food in your pockets 
for the next day.
The next day, you can`t go outside because of the storm.
(Beware, it will destroy your crops! O_O)
Eat as much food as you need, and then go to sleep.
(There`s no need to stand their all day!Besides the time doesn`t change when 
your in the house)

Your animals may get sick the next day.

Your Birthday
When you first make a file, someone will ask you when your Birthday is.
yes your Birthday will be on the Calender, but don`t get all excited!
I was so excited when my birthday came around on Harvest Moon....
But guess what?Nothing happens!
Yep that`s right.
No party, no presents, and no happy birthdays from your friends!
So just ignore your birthday until you are married.

After your married, walk into your at 6:00 pm.
Then you can celebrate!

Getting Married
To get married, you need to have a Husbands/Wifes bed in your house.
You have to upgrade your house at least 2 times.
(Do this at Ganon`s Shop)
After you have had 3 scenes with them, wait until you get a Red Heart with, them 
and then ask them to marry you.
Do this buy giving them a blue feather.
(Get this at Chen`s shop when you have someone at a Orange heart.)

To make someone like you, you need to talk to them at least 2 times a day.
And make sure you give them a present everyday.
Also, on their B-days give them presents to realy make them like you.
There are holidays where boys give presents to girls and girls give presents to 
Make sure you give a special present to them on those days as well!
When you talk to someone you can marry, there will be a heart next to their 
As they grow to like you more, that heart changes colors.
Here are what some of the colors mean:

Grey Heart:Just Friends
Purple Heart:Hmm...looks like someones got a crush on you!
Blue Heart:Wo, they realy like you!
Green Heart:They LOVE you!!!
Yellow Heart:I think it`s getting serious!
Orange Heart:Almost ready for marriage!
Red Heart:Time to get married!

Having Kids
After you get married you can have a kid.
To have a kid, you need to upgrade your house for the final time.
(You can only do this after you get married.Pay for it at Ganon`s shop)
Then you need to but a kid`s bed at Chen`s Shop.
After you have been married for 30 days and you have those two things done, it 
will cut into a scene.
You are your wife, 
(If your a boy or a girl) 
Will feel sick and Dr, Trent will come.
(He doesn`t have to be in your town at the moment.He`ll travel from Mineral 
After that scene, wait two seasons to cut into another scene.
This time you will have the baby.It has to stay in it`s bed for two whole 
You can`t pick it up or give it gifts.
But you can talk to it.
After the two years pass, You`r kid will start crawling.
Talk to it for 3 days and then you can start giving it gifts.
To celebrate it`s B-day, walk into your house at 6:00pm.

Cheats I`ve Heard
Cheat #1:
You can get seaweed off of the big rock next to the ocean in the spring.

Cheat #2:
You can`t get a purple heart with Vaughn until Year 2.

Cheat #3:
Elliot and Julia like each other.
Denny and Lanna like each other.
Natalie and Pierre like each other.
Vaughn and Sabrina like each other.
If you don`t marry any of those people, they`ll get married to each other.

Cheat #4:
If you get 7 hearts with Wada, he will let you go to the tower blocked 
in his house.Get free rare items here.

Cheat #5:
If you have 10 hearts with the harvest goddess, she will let you 
rename the town. but you must have your ranching status at: Ranch Duke

WHAT!!!That`s all the cheats??Well so far it is.
I told you there wasn`t much known about this game!

                               -Q & A-
Q: I have a question about Shea: In the diary where hearts appear, he has 
little red hearts like he is supposed to, but when i talk to him, he does not 
have a beating heart next to him. Is that a problem or just a glitch?
-Dialga4 (Marie)
A: Yes, Shea is a "special" Bachelore, so his heart color is invisible. His 
heart will become visible after marriage.


Q:Do you have any other Harvest Moon games?

-Tracy Swink 

A:YES!I have AnWL, N64, ToT, and DS Cute.


Q:I have 10 red hearts in the diary with Shea, but when i try to propose, he 
says he can't eat a feather. What do i do?


A:Before you can marry, you need to have your house upgraded at least 2 
times.You need to have three scenes with him before you can marry.Even though 
you have a red heart, it`s not to late to have the scenes.If you don`t know 
what the scenes are, keep watching for my soon to be made How to Marry Shea 


Q: i have harvest moon:island of hapiness for the nintindo ds. i just have 1 
question as of right now. i'm trying to marry the witch princess but she dosent 
have a heart icon next to her picture. i was just wondering if you can still 
marry her? i ask this because i also have harvest moon ds. and in that one you 
can only marry her in the japanese version. i would appreaciate it if you could 
write me back and let me know what's going on with that. my e-mail address is 


A: The Witch Princess is considered a `Special` Bachelorette.
She does not have A heart icon next to her just like Shea if your playing as a 
girl.This doesn`t mean you can`t marry her.
It`ll be harder to predict when you have the heart scenes.
But you can still marry her.
She has a heart icon next to her after you marry her


Please E-mail me if you have any qeustions.
E-mail is down below

Well thanx for reading!I`m sorry if this guide didn`t help you you. :( 
But I hope it did!

If you have any qeustions please E-mail me at: [email protected]

I don`t take suggestions for my guide.
Also, don`t E-mail me something saying how much this guide stinks, or I`m a 
really bad guide creator or something like that.

If you know of any cheats for the game please E-mail me!

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