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                            Super Smash Bros. Melee FAQ Guide

Now this is my first FAQ so please nobody get mad if I am wrong about something. 
Please email me at [email protected] if something is wrong.

Okay, first off I am going to explain the original characters.  After that I will 
to telling you how to get the secret chacters, and maps.


You should know this famous Italian plumber.  He is a little bit on the light side
but still is a great fighter.  If you use him though, only use his "B" moves, 
they are the strongest.
If you ask me, I would say use Mario with just about anybody.


Pikachu is my personal favorite.  He is really strong.  I have used him in almost 
my battles and I still have yet to lose while playing with him.  If you play as him
use his thunder(Down+B) then use his skull bash(Left or Right+B).
I would say use him anytime you can. 


Bowser is literally the heavyweight champion!  He is one of the strongest characters
in the game.  Use him on anyone but beware that it harder to save him when he falls.
If you ask me, Bowser is definetly good against everyone.  Use him every chance you 


Now everyone may think that since Peach is a girl she can't fight.  Well, you better
take that back.  I used her many times and believe me, we won by a lot.
I think Peach could be used but mainly with medium characters and less(Everyone but
Bowser, DK, Ganondorf).


Yoshi is a perfect character if you know how to use him.  When I battle I always use
his Egg Lay attack(B) and then I smash down on the egg with his Yoshi Bomb
When you can't beat something, try using Yoshi.


Another heavyweight champion. Dk is awesome, especially his Giant Punch(B) and his
Hand Slap(Down+B).  Dk is really good and for him being a heavyweight, he still is
pretty fast.
He is the best to use in most tough situations.

Captain Falcon=

He is the strongest character of the whole game.  He combines speed with very
powerful attacks.  He is probably the most popular.  
I would say he is great at everything including all the special melees.

Fox McCloud=

Fox isn't as strong as he was in the N64 version.  Fox can be good against small
characters like Kirby, Pichu, or Jigglypuff.
I don't really use him so, if you could, try to avoid using him.


Ness has improved, as far as in fighting, since the N64 version.  Even though he has
been better he is still hard to control and just like Fox, I would say try to avoid
using him.

Ice Climbers=

Simply one of the best characters around.  They work as a team which makes them
harder to beat.  I use them alot.  If you play a team melee you should have them on
your team.
I would say use them and use them often.


The best puffball around.  He may be a puffball but he still is strong.  I use him
and his attack that turns him into a stone, spike, or box(Down=B).
I would say use him so much that you have dreams about him.

Samus Aran= 

Being an acrobat, Samus is very agile.  She has great attacks such as her
missile(Left or Right+B) and her charge shot(B).
I would say use her mostly during melees as she would become very helpful.


Zelda once again is a great fighter for a girl or should I say for two girls.
Yep, thats right.  If you press Down+B she changes into the Sheik.  Sheik is the
better of the two.  
I would say use her against anyone because if she gets stuck she could change into
the more powerful Sheik.


Last but most definetly not least we come to Link.  Link is the second strongest
character.  Believe me!  Link is related to Zelda but has none of the same 
Link is slow but is great in hand-to-hand combat and is great in combat from far 
I would say use him against anyone and everyone.

Okay now that I explained the characters a little bit, I am going to tell you how 
get secret characters and the other maps.


Dr. Mario= Play Classic or Adventure Mode as Mario without losing a life, or play 
VS. Matches.

Luigi= Beat the first level of Adventure Mode with any character, but the last
second's digit MUST be a two(--:-2:--).

Ganondorf= Beat Event 29:Triforce Gathering, or play 600 VS. Matches.

Falco Lombardi= Complete the 100 Man Melee, or play 300 VS. Matches.

Young Link= Beat Classic Mode with at least ten characters.

Pichu= Beat Event 37:Legendary Pokemon, or play 200 VS. Matches.

Jigglypuff= Beat Classic Mode with any character, or play 50 VS. Matches.

Mewtwo= Keep the game on in a melee for 24 hours straight, or play 700 VS. Matches.

Mr. Game And Watch= Beat Classic or Adventure Mode on any difficulty with ALL the
characters, including the secret ones.

Marth= Play with each character in a melee at least once.

Roy= Beat Classic Mode with Marth.

Now I will tell you how to get the secret maps.


Brinstar Depths- Play 50 VS. Matches.

Fourside- Play 100 VS. Matches.

Big Blue- Play 150 VS. Matches.

Pokemon Floats- Play 200 VS. Matches.

Mushroom Kingdom 2- Get a Birdo and a Pidgit Trophy.

Flatzone- Beat Event 45:Game And Watch Forever, or beat Classic or Adventure Mode
with every character including Mr. Game And Watch.

Battlefield- Beat All-Star Mode on any difficulty with any character.

Final Destination- Beat every Event.

Dream Land(N64 Version)- Finish "Break the targets" with every character.

Congo Jungle(N64 Version)- Complete the 15 Minute Melee.

Yoshi's Island(N64 Version)- Have at least one character smash Sandbag 1,300 Feet in
the Home-Run Contest.    
                              Copyright 2003.All rights reserved.

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