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"Shop smart. Shop S-Mart." 
Looks like you did. If you're holding a copy of Evil Dead: Fistful of Boomstick in 
your grubby little mitts, you made a wise purchase. Evil Dead captures all of the 
flavor of the movies it's based on, and never skimps on action. Ever-lovin' Ash gets 
to smash, slash, shoot and otherwise slay all manner of Deadite vermin. All the 
classic weapons are here: shotgun, shovel, and of course, boomstick. For $20, you 
can't go wrong with this one.
Developed by the crew that unleashed State of Emergency on the world, Fistful of 
Boomstick is a fast-paced 3D slash-em-up game with more than its share of puzzles. 
Luckily, you've got IGN Guides on your side. We've put together a comprehensive 
walkthrough to help you find you way through the game... and uncover every secret 
along the way. 
Good, bad... you're the guy with the gun. So get to it, and make the 
Deadites "swallow this."
Another Quality Guide by: Sinister Jester
Main Menu
The following choices exist at the main menu:
New Game: Start a new story adventure. 
Arcade Game: Play the levels you've unlocked in story mode. 
Continue Game: Continue a saved game. 
Options: Adjust Audio, Video, Vibration and Controller set-up (there are three 
possible configs). 
Extras: View what you've unlocked by playing through the game. Extras includes 
Gallery, Bonus Video and Credits. Visit the Secrets section of this guide to 
determine how to unlock everything.

Left Analog/D-Pad: Move 
Right Analog: Move camera 
SQUARE: Left hand attack 
CIRCLE: Block 
X: Right hand attack 
L1: Target 
R1: Cast spell 
L2/R2: Weapon Select

Saving in Fistful of Boomstick is handled via Save Tokens. If you don't have a 
Token, you can't save. Simple as that. The Tokens will have to be found during the 
course of your journey. Luckily, we'll tell you where to find them in the 
Walkthrough section of this guide. Look for the bolded Save Tokens to find them 

General Tips
Search everywhere. There are tons of Save Tokens hidden in the nooks and crannies of 
the levels. Make sure you find them. 
Listen to the music. When it gets all frantic, that means something is about to 
attack you. 
Watch Ash's face. Often, he'll give away what to do next by looking at it. Look 
where he's looking. 
Kill everything. Deadites carry important items and power-ups, so make sure you 
never leave a zombie wandering. 
Conserve ammo whenever possible. When facing a weak adversary, use a Shovel or 
something that doesn't require ammo. The chainsaw is a good weapon for nearly every 
situation as well. 
Keep your head on a swivel. Make sure you use the camera to scope the area all the 
way around you to avoid surprise attacks from behind. Those are never pleasant. 
Avoid large groups. It's not that Ash is claustrophobic--he just doesn't like dying 
all that much. If the action is getting too severe, drop back and recollect yourself 
before re-entering the fray.
Preserve healing packs for when you really need them. Remember, there's always a 
healthy supply of, well, health given up when you slay Deadites, so be on the 
lookout for that so you can save your health packs for when you're really dinged up.
Walkthrough: Dearborn Outskirts 
Starting Objectives:
Get inside the TV Station. 
Find more weapons.
When the game begins, you find yourself on a deserted street. As with most games, 
the first part of the level will get you acquainted with the controls and feel of 
the game. There's not much to it, really, besides walk around and kill, but you do 
need to know where to go next... That's where we come in.
From your starting point, head forward to trigger a cut scene. Here, you'll 
introduced to the Deadites. Once you get the drift, go talk to the police officer. 
He'll tell you to follow him. Head after him. You'll see him round the corner and 
then promptly get wasted. Clean up his scraps, then go talk to the man standing near 
the corrugated gate. He'll tell you to find his boss to get the key to the Lumber 
Yard behind him. Another objective will be added to your to-do list: Find the Lumber 
Yard Boss.
Do a 180 and head across the street. In an alcove across from the Drug Store, you'll 
find a Save Token. If you want to use it, go to the items screen and select it. 
Simple as pie.
Head back out to the street and continue past the barricade. Here, you'll find a 
Shovel. Immediately equip it to your left arm in lieu of the Shotgun, as it's low on 
ammo to start with. Keep moving down the street. At the next intersection, head 
right, moving past the white van. Waste the Deadites who run up to you (the Shovel 
sure is handy). Once the battle is done, talk to the cop in front of the strip club. 
He won't let you in. His buddy down the street to the left won't let you past 
without a Police Badge and a better weapon, either. Looks like it's forward.
The street winds through the red light district, then turns near the hardware store. 
A jackknifed tanker blocks the path. Kill the Deadites at the dead end (hardy-har) 
and collect the gear nearby, including a police badge and the lumber key (dropped by 
the last zombie). The "Check out the lumber yard" objective will be added to your To-
Do list. Go there now. 
Once you get there, access the item screen and use the Lumber Yard Key on the door 
when you see the blue icon on the door. Open sesame! Grab the health pack at the 
back of the area, then explore the left garage to find the chainsaw. Sweet baby 
jane. This will automatically be fitted to your right stub arm, allowing for lots of 
gooey Deadite hacking. Now that you've got a decent weapon, head across the Yard and 
chainsaw through the slatted part of the fence to cut off a chunk of backtracking. 
Return to the second cop at the barricade.
Show him your badge and your chainsaw, and he'll let you through. Head past the 
Shamrock Bar and up the street, and you'll see a dude being eaten alive. Yum. Kill 
the vermin who just dined, then move on down the road. Soon, you'll arrive at the 
KLA2 TV Station (Get it? Klaatu?). Talk to the woman out front, and she'll tell you 
to go find the security guard at the Kitten Club. She also gives you the key to the 
front gates of the station. You'll still need a Key Card. Continue down the path 
until you reach an area with several parked trucks. Search behind the last one to 
find a Save Token. When you grab it, kill the Deadites in the area, then talk to the 
beefy dude near the fence. He'll give you a cheap tin ring for saving his life. 
Continue forward until you see a hedge on the right side of the road. When you do, 
follow it back to find a gate into the park. You can't get through quite yet, so 
explore the alley nearby (behind the Kitty Club) to find a key to the park. You'll 
also note that the blue door that leads into the club is locked. Return to the park 
gate and use your key. Inside, you'll discover a bunch of Deadites crawling out of 
the ground. Slay them and grab the health pack. When the final corpse drops here, 
you'll score some Dynamite. Make sure you also grab the Save Token near the other 
gate, as well as a couple of crates of Shotgun Shells.
Once you're done in the park, continue down the street. You've made a loop. Go talk 
to the cop near the barricade again. He'll tell you to clear the Deadites out of the 
Kitten Club yard, and give you a new objective in the mean time. Remember that 
dynamite you picked up in the park? Get some of that out and heave it over the 
nearby fence (the one that says Danger: Explosive). This will blow a hole in the 
wall of the Kitty Club and send Deadites streaming out. Return to the backside of 
the club (where the door used to be locked) and take on the Deadites with a 
traditional blend of chainsaw and shotgun. Continue the carnage inside the club. 
You'll find the TV Station Pass Card, a book of spells , a Save Token and some 
Shotgun Shells when all the dust settles. Grab everything and head back to the 
Hack and shoot your way back to the TV Station. You may want to try a spell out at 
this point as well. The only one you have is Lightning at this point, but that's 
enough. To replenish your Magic Meter, collect the souls of the Deadites as they 
escape (they're green). As you continue through the streets, make sure you explore 
the alleys to find another Save Token. 
Weave all the way back to the area near the tanker and use your chainsaw to cut 
through the rickety wooden barrier here. Move inside the area to find a Save Token 
and the Extra Strength Spell. When you get back to the gates of the TV Station, use 
the TV Station key. It'll say you don't have enough strength, but you know what to 
do. Refer to the Spell Book to find out the exact combo for the Spell, then unleash 
it, then access the key to kick down the gate.
On the left side of the courtyard, you'll find a Save Token. Grab it, then proceed 
to the key card reader to the left of the main door. Use your Key Card to get 
inside. Follow the corridor into the main studio. Waste the Deadites who are 
threatening the station. Watch the cut scene to end the level.
Walkthrough: Downtown Dearborn 
Starting Objectives:
Find Professor Knowby's notes.
At the beginning of this portion of the adventure, Ash thinks it might be wise to 
check out the police station rather than the university first. First, though, grab 
the green jug near the parked car behind you to the left to raise your mana level 
for the Spell Book. Then head down the street to the left. Watch out for Deadites 
exploding out of the walls to attack. Just past the bend where the Meat King truck 
is stalled, search the right side of the street for a vial that will increase your 
health meter. Continue to the end of the street (at a T-intersection). Here, you'll 
find a cop. Talk to him and he'll tell you about Knowby's notes. When the 
conversation ends, follow him toward the station.
As you get around the station, the police officer will go forward like a sacrificial 
lamb and get himself killed. Ash doesn't think this is a very good idea, so he 
advises against going back there with guns blazing. Leave the station for now and 
track back to where you began this level. Head past the swirling green cyclone in 
the alley and find the entrance to a small park. In the back left corner, you'll 
find a Save Token. 
Exit the park, and continue down the street, exploring this side of town. Around the 
next corner, you'll see another Save Token in a side alley. Grab it and return to 
the previous street. The area past the Donut Shop is blocked off, so head down the 
street kitty corner to it, and follow the street. As you turn the corner, you'll 
notice the other side of the barricade you were just at. Keep moving down the 
street. Around the following corner to the right is an abandoned RV. Behind it is a 
Save Token. Keep the wall to your right and head all the way down to an alley, where 
you'll find a health pack. The alley eventually leads around to the street in front 
of the University. Talk to the officer in front and he'll tell you to find another 
way in. Nobody's letting you in anywhere! Search the area to the right of the 
University (near the red brick wall) to find another health pack.
Head back past the cops and search the corner near the cop car for a Save Token. 
Continue down the street, until you reach the front of the Nathaniel Payne Museum. 
Of course the doors are locked. However, near the swirling green vortex, you'll find 
another Save Token. Grab it and head back to the last intersection. Here, you'll 
encounter another green cyclone of evil. As you move toward it, the doors of the 
church will burst open and people will stream out. Be ready for a battle. Deadites 
will flood out of the vortex. If you have Shrapnel Shells for the Shotgun, now is 
the time to bust those out. 
When you have tamed the seething undead, explore the church yard to find a Save 
Token and health pack. Then cruise inside the church. Talk to the priest here and 
he'll explain that the green cyclone is a vortex to another dimension. He explains 
that in order to close the vortex, you'll need to throw pure silver inside. You 
don't have any silver, but the good father tells you to find a biker gang, because 
they might have some. He gives you the key to the church and a new objective. Talk 
to the man to the right, and he'll ask to see Professor's Knowby's notes. Pushy!
Head back outside and start looking for bikers. Search the map and you'll find them 
being attacked by Deadites. Kill the zombies to get what the bikers were carrying, 
or find and kill biker undead. You'll find: a silver pendant, a silver cigar case, 
silver coin, silver jug, and silver goblet. One of the Bikers will give you a spell 
instead of silver. It's the possess Deadite spell. He tells you his silver has been 
stashed in the parking lot of the TV station... where you began the level. Once you 
get all of the pieces of silver, take each to a vortex, wait to see the blue arrow 
icon, then select a silver item. It will close that vortex. 
There is a vortex in front of the church, one in front of the museum, one next to 
the starting position in an alley (make sure you grab the health pack here as well), 
and one in front of the University. In the area behind the Donut Shop, you'll find a 
health pack and a Save Token. You'll also find some slatted boards that can easily 
be ripped through with a Husqvarna. Do so to gain entrance to the University, and 
the final vortex. When you make it go away, the captain will run up and give you a 
Pistol .
After he does, move forward and talk to the Professor. He's surrounded by Deadites. 
Kill the onslaught, then talk to the Prof. Ask him about Knowby's notes, and he'll 
scamper off, asking you to wait for him to return. Move forward to trigger a cut 
scene where more Deadites appear. Kill them then go talk to the Professor near the 
door to get the Notes . He'll also give you a couple of new objectives. Now is a 
good time to save... you don't want to have to do all of that again!
Return to the police station. Now that you have the Possess Deadite spell, stand in 
the alley next to the station and cast the spell. Maneuver the green mist to the 
back right corner, and touch into the lone Deadite standing back here. You want to 
possess him, but don't touch anything, or you'll be plopped into the middle of the 
action. Grab the cipher key and the personal effects, completing two objectives. 
Then run out of the yard, careful not to touch anything. Then return to the church. 
You'll find the priest dead and the other two missing.
Head back to the streets and go to the park. There, you'll see Trisha and 
Eldridge... and a new vortex. Use your park key to get inside (on the back door, 
through the alley where a vortex once was), and kill all the Deadites. Watch out for 
their new axes! Then use your final silver piece to stop up this portal. When 
everything dies, talk to Eldridge. He'll spout some metaphysical mumbo-jumbo. He 
says that he's heading to the museum, and charges you with the task of closing all 
of the new vortexes that have recently opened. 
Around the corner from the starting point, you'll run into an old codger who did 
some work on Knowby's car. He'll give you some Explosive Shotgun shells if you talk 
to him. Just down the street, next to the stalled semi, you'll find another silver 
implement and an old gold watch. Grab them and head to the final vortex. Close it by 
throwing the silver in, then go back to the University. Talk to the Prof, and he'll 
give you the key to the front door of the Museum. Head over there and cruise inside. 
A cut scene will play, ending this part of the adventure.

Walkthrough: The Museum 
Starting Objectives:
Find Trish and Eldridge. 
Find the Kandarian Summoning Stone.
You'll begin the level in the lobby of the museum. Facing the dinosaur statue, 
you'll see large staircases on the left and right. There are three hallways on the 
back end of the room. The outside two lead to display areas, and the middle one 
leads down a staircase. The left room is devoid of anything interesting, except for 
a grated door. When you examine it, it says "Staff Only." The right room contains a 
Save Token, and leads into a larger room to the right. In this room, examine the 
portrait and bare pillars to either side. The picture is of Nathaniel Payne, who the 
library is named after. Ash thinks he has the look of someone hiding something. And 
he is. You need to get vases to place on the pillars on either side of him to reveal 
his secret.
Leave the room and head back to the lobby, going down the middle path this time. A 
gate will shut behind you. Ooooh. Ominous. At the bottom of the staircase, you'll be 
treated to a new enemy... sabre tooth tigers. Show them what a chainsaw is, then 
explore the room to the left to find a vase. Move around the corner of this large 
storeroom, and you'll see a Deadite feasting on the corpse of a security guard. Kill 
the monster, then grab the fallen staff pass card. You know where you can use this! 
You'll also get a lighter from the body. The other side of the room simply exits 
back to the staircase. Climb up it and use the staff pass on the small console to 

the left of the gate to lift it.
Head in the room directly to the right and use the passcard on the grated door in 
the back. Follow the path back to a large room. You'll find a spray pump at its 
entrance. It will replace your chainsaw as the right hand weapon temporarily, 
although it can be cycled like the other weapon. Search the back corner of the room 
to find a vial that will increase your health. Grab it and head to the small office 
near the back, and talk to the cop here. He'll tell you a bit of the history of the 
place, then give you a security pass. In addition, he opens all the doors in the 
Go out to the lobby, then back downstairs. The newly opened doors will bring about 
large groups of tough Deadites. Might want to bust out those explosive shells now if 
you haven't already. When you've cleared them out, head through the arched entrance 
on the left side of the storeroom. Here, you'll find some dynamite. Keep going 
through the next archway, where you'll find more dynamite. As you move toward the 
door on the opposite end of the room, it shuts. You can't get through for now, so 
head back to the original storeroom and go through the rightmost door. Here you'll 
find a Save Token and another vase. 
Then head out of the room and into the previously closed doorway closest to the 
stairs. In this room, you'll find the Possess Dog Spell. Keep moving into the 
furnace room, where you'll find more dynamite, and the corpse of a cop. Grab the 
locker key from him. Near the corpse, there is a box of Kleenex. What the hell was 
that for? Return to the room with the door that closes when you near it.
On the far end of this room, face the open door. Use the Possess Dog Spell as you 
used the Possess Deadite Spell in the previous level. Steer the magic into the dog, 
then use it to explore the room. Let its power run out inside, and Ash will be 
transported there. There is dynamite and shells inside here... plus you've learned a 
valuable skill! Use a stick of dynamite on the power box in the corner (the on 
marked "Danger") to open the door for good. 
Now head back upstairs and return to the portrait of Payne. Put one vase on either 
pillar and the painting will slide back, allowing you to grab the supernatural 
divining device. If you haven't already saved on the level, this isn't a bad place 
to do it.
Go back to the lobby and head to the other room. The divining device will start 
going off. Listen as it beeps faster. It gets fastest next to the American flag. 
Throw a stick of dynamite there to reveal a green crystal. Then keep following the 
path back to the locker room. In the back row of lockers, open the one with the pin-
up on it. Inside, you'll find the west wing security pass.
Return to the main lobby. Facing the dinosaur's front, go up the left staircase, and 
follow the path to an Ice Age exhibit. You will start to hear the divining device 
bleeping at this point. As you get near the stuffed lion near the entrance to the 
next exhibit, the device will freak out. Use dynamite to blow a hole in the wall 
here and collect the blue crystal that is revealed. Move through the Volcanic Earth 
room to that of The Core. Use dynamite on the picture of the core to score a red 
crystal. In the watery exhibit room that's next, you'll find a vial that will boost 
your mana capacity. You'll also find the Summoner Spell and some dynamite. What a 
Return to the main lobby and go up the other staircase, making sure to grab the 
health pack in the lounge area at the base of the stairs first. Once upstairs, move 
through the dusty exhibits, collecting a Save Token along the way. In the sandy 
room, toss a stick of boom into the alcove to open a secret room that contains 
another Save Token and a yellow crystal. There is also a map here with five 
locations marked on it. Once you look at it, go and find Eldridge in the next room. 
He's not much help.
Move into the Civil War room. Toss a stick of dynamite at the large crack in the 
wall and it will explode, revealing an engraving with four crystal-shaped slots in 
it and a piece of partial parchment. The map locations correspond to the engravings 
you find here. Therefore, put the crystals in this order, left to right: red, 
yellow, blue, green. Getting the order right will open a secret passage.
Go down it. You will immediately be swarmed by a mob of Deadites. Lure them out into 
the exhibit room, so you have space to operate, and take them down. In a little nook 
at the bottom of the ramp is a Save Token. Grab it and head through the arched 
doorway. Continue through the next chamber, then follow the long set of stairs as it 
winds down to a banquet room. Move through and make your way to a dirt path that 
connects to a grand hall. Grab another Save Token at the center of the room. Then 
move up the curved staircase and step through the dark arched door to face the boss. 
Boss Fight: Payne
This fight is pretty easy... if you know what to do. If not, you'll be throwing your 
controller, scratching your head or whatever it is you do to cope. You begin the 
fight with a shovel in your hand. That should be your first hint. 
The boss is stationary at the center of the circular level. He'll chuck molten rocks 
at you and you'll have to use them against him. How do you do this? Why, the shovel, 
of course. Face directly toward him, then press and hold the shovel button as he 
winds up. When the flaming rock gets close to you, release the button to send the 
boulder right back at him. After this, he'll get kind of peeved, and start chucking 
balls of evil energy at you. Dodge back and forth to avoid these blasts, then get 
ready for the next rock heave. Six direct hits should do the baddie in. When the 
boss dies, the level will end, and you'll be treated to one of the nicer CG 
cutscenes in the game. 
Walkthrough: Colonial Dearborn 
When this level begins, you'll be in another large fight, but with a new batch of 
demons. These die in much the same way, however. Equip a good weapon of mass 
destruction, like the Molotov Launcher, and try to take out large groups at once. 
Launch whatever is handy at the two large monsters as well. They'll take several 
blasts from a heavy weapon to take down. Keep an eye on your health, and use health 
packs as necessary. Eventually, three colonial-looking gents will show up in the 
area and help out with the Deadite infestation. Talk to them when it's safe. One of 
them confuses you for the town blacksmith. When you're done chatting, two things 
will be added to your To-Do List: 
Find Eldridge 
Get back into town 
There are two exits in the first area. Go down the one you're near when you finish 
speaking to the colonials. Follow the path a ways and you'll come to a crossroads. 
Go down the right path and talk to the man standing near a burning house. He gives 
you a silver ring. That could come in mighty handy for portal closing purposes. If 
you have it, give him the tin ring you got from the biker a couple levels back. 
He'll give you some moonshine, which translates into more Molotovs. 
Head back down to the crossroads and go up the other path. At the end of it, you'll 
find shotgun shells, a Save Token and a health pack. Grab them all, then slay the 
Deadites who sprout from the ground. Head back to where you started the level. Waste 
the Deadites here, then proceed to the vortex. Toss the ring in to close it, then 
move left down the path. Grab the Save Token and health pack near the row of houses 
here, and beware of the zombies who spring from the ground! 
Further up the path, you'll see a small barn area. Search the area near the barn to 
see a wooden fence. Hack through it to find a Mana upgrade. There's a health pack in 
this barn area as well, so don't leave without it. Return to the path you were on 
keeping the ridge to your left as you move up the path. It leads up to a large house 
on a hill that's surrounded by hedges. Slash your way through the Deadites on the 
path, making your way up toward that house. Right before it, head to the right and 
collect a health upgrade and health pack near a row of houses. Then head through the 
hedges to downtown Dearborn, circa 1695. You're in town. Not a bad time to save. 
Head to the far end of the big house and cut into the hedged area just past it. 
Here, you'll find a Deadite with knives for hands. Slay him to get a piece of Spell 
Scroll. Once you have it, go directly across the street and use the key to the 
Church to get inside. Talk to the priest there to get a new objective, then head 
back outside. Take a right, then a left at the intersection. Head down the hill 
until you see the blacksmith shop (signified by the hanging anvil). Here, you'll 
meet up with your long-lost relative. He'll give you a Hand Cannon and a new 
Go back to the barn where you got the Mana upgrade. Kill the Deadite there and he'll 
cough up a Billy Can. Take it back to the blacksmith. As you walk up, you see him 
blow away a Deadite. Grab the piece of Spell Scroll it drops. Give the Billy Can to 
gramps and he'll outfit you with a Flamethrower and set of bolt cutters. 
Make sure you snag the Save Token around the left of the house, then root around 
down the path to the left to find a health pack. Now that you have bolt cutters, go 
back to that barn and use them to get into the locked door. Inside, you'll find tons 
of shotgun ammo and a piece of scrap metal which looks suspiciously like the muzzle 
of a minigun. 
Head back into town and talk to the priest. He'll give you yet another piece of 
Spell Scroll. Now go back to the smithy's house. He isn't there, but a pentagonal 
piece of stone is, so grab it. You'll have to find that guy! Return to the church. 
Grab the Save Token from behind the church, then use the bolt cutters on the fence 
nearby to get into the graveyard. 
Once inside, move right through the hedges and grab the shotgun ammo there. Continue 
down the hill. Move all the way to the back left corner of the graveyard, finding 
the large marble structure there. As you approach the door, a ? will appear. The 
inscription reads "A true soul must embrace death if he is to travel beyond the 
grave." Use the Possess Deadite spell to get control of the nearest zombie. Then 
walk up to the door and it will fall. 
On the next path, move forward, then take a right at the branching path. Follow it 
back to a battle royale. Waste the Deadite with knife hands to get another Spell 
Scroll, then take on the hordes. The quickest way to waste the whole group is to use 
a lightning spell, but more coventional means will work as well. Once they all die, 
head to the boarded-up mine entrance and hack it open. Follow the path back to score 
some shotgun shells and a health pack. Grab it and return to the path you came in 
At the crossroads, take a right, and follow the path back to get a health pack and 
save token. Battle your way back to the graveyard. Once you get there, put down the 
Deadite uprising, then move left until you reach a tomb area. Use your pentagonal 
stone in the appropriate wall to open a gate and find the Rain of Fire spell. 
Move down this path, collecting the health pack. You'll rendezvous with Eldridge 
again in front of another portal. He has your grandpappy hostage, and also needs a 
little work done. Guess what? You have to comply. Eldridge needs five pieces of a 
spell in order to get through the portal. You already have four. Head back to the 
graveyard. Kill the knife-handed Deadite to grab the fifth piece of scroll, then 
cruise back to Eldridge. 
Give the spell pieces to Eldridge and watch the cut scene play out. When you regain 
control, do not move forward. Instead, turn around and hack up Edward Scissorhands. 
He'll cough up the Possess Guardian spell. Use it to possess one of the Guardians 
standing near your grandpa. Beat the other one silly, then wait to pop out of the 
possessed body. When you do, talk to your ancestor. When the sentiment concludes, 
head into the portal to end the level. 
Walkthrough: Civil War Dearborn 
Starting Objective:
Get inside the fort
Before you do anything else, collect the goodies around the fort entrance. You'll 
get a Mana upgrade, health upgradeand sword from the right bunker. On the backside 
of the low, round turret to the left you'll grab Molotov cocktails, a health pack 
and some grape shot shells. You'll need an army to get through the front door, so 
for now, head down the path that leads into the dark forest. 
Use a Molotov to blow up the obstruction in the road, then step through to see a cut 
scene. When it finishes, go to the church (the town layout is roughly the same, so 
you should easily be able to find your way). The church key works even now (handy 
sucker), so go inside and speak with the priest. He'll ask you to help the surviving 
church members back to the church. 
Outside, go to the right, then right at the intersection. Go right one last time so 
that you don't go down the path leading back to the fort. At the dead end, you'll 
find a Save Token and three survivors. Protect them from any threat you might 
encounter on the way back to the church. Once you get there, the priest will give 
you half of a map, and the Possess Slavelord spell. 
Leave the church and keep following the path, making lefts until you run into a pair 
of soldiers. Show them your S-Mart badge. He thinks you're one of Smart's boys, so 
he lets you through. Follow the path back to the white-bearded fellow at the center 
of the camp. He doesn't believe your story, so you need to bring a Deadite to him. 
There's one on the path. Make it follow you and go back into camp. Talk to the 
General, and he'll be convinced. 
Now you need to convince the Unionist Army to fight. Waste the knived Deadites on 
the path and make your way over to the Union army (it's where the barn was in the 
future town). On the way there, you'll find a Save Token near the steps of a quaint 
home. Once in the Union Camp, to to its General, who is standing near the flagpole. 
He tells you that the blacksmith left something at his house he wanted you to have. 
Slay your way back to the blacksmith's house in town (it's just past the mansion on 
the hill). Kill everything in the yard and grab the Save Token and Gatling Gun near 
the fence. Put your back to the corner and fire that Gatling Gun up, because it's 
killin' time. Countless hordes will stream into the enclosure and you need to mow 
them all down. Make sure nothing can get behind you and just blaze away. When 
everything is dead, go back and talk to the Union General. He'll tell you to close 
the portals in town. Of course, you'll need silver. 
Go back to the church. Head behind and enter the graveyard. Search the charred 
hedges near the crypts in the back right area to find the silver bars. Grab all 
four, and head back towards the church. Just left of the opening to the church's 
bask yard is a vortex. Chuck a chunk of silver in there to close it. 
Then, on the street in front of the church head right, and then right again to find 
the next vortex (it's where you saw the survivors). From here, walk back past the 
church and go left down the next street, and follow the path to the third vortex. Go 
back to the mansion and follow the ridge down, and take a left at the first street 
to find and snuff the final vortex. Then go talk to the Union General. Once you're 
done talking, find the boarded-up wooden fence nearby and carve through it to load 
up on ammo. There's tons of Gatling Gun ammo, and a bunch of explosive shotgun 
shells here. 
It's time to storm the fort, at long last. Head back toward the fort. Don't waste 
ammo on any Deadites. Just keep going until you hit the fort doors. When you do, 
you'll see a cut scene starring our buddy Eldridge. When it concludes, you'll get 
the best objective yet: kill the twisted bastard. Head to the back left corner of 
the fort area and grab the silver bar. Take it to the arched, stone doorway and toss 
it into the vortex. Then go through the door. 
Follow the twisting path to another fort area with a vortex. Move up the ramp that 
leads up the rubble, and collect the shells from the ledge. Head forward through the 
tunnel, then take a sharp left to discover a silver bar near the cannon. Then go 
back down the ramp to previous area and use the silver to open this vortex. Head on 
through for the battle versus Eldridge. 
Boss: Eldridge
The moment you shoot him, Eldridge turns into something resembling a dragon. He 
isn't so tough, though... if you know how to fight him. He'll mainly spit little 
daggers of blue energy at you, which are easy enough to avoid. He'll also charge 
(yawn) or swipe his tail, but you have to be close to feel either of those. Keep 
your distance. 
The object here is to lure him close to a powder barrel and then explode it. 
Explosive shotgun rounds work well for this. If the explosion hits him, he'll flip 
on his back. At this point, hose him down with the Gatling Gun (armor piercing 
rounds work extremely well). If you need more rounds as time goes on, don't worry. 
More will fall from the sky. Beware of treading in the path of any explosions 
yourself, as you don't want to have to waste your health. 
About halfway through the fight, the Eldridge beast will charge. Dodge his charge 
and he'll careen into the wall. Use more Gatling Gun rounds to polish him off. Then 
head into the vortex to go to the final level. 
Walkthrough: Evil Dearborn 
Starting Objectives: 
Find Trish. 
Find any human survivors.
If you need a Save Token (and you probably shouldn't), you'll find one on the 
buckled street to the right of the church. Then head down the street that leads away 
from the church. At the intersection, turn right and talk to the people crouched in 
the house here. The guy there gives you a couple more objectives and hands you the 
Seismic Wave spell. 
Go back to the street in front of the church and move left into the tunnel. In the 
area below, you'll see something you need in a fenced in area ahead. You'll need 
something to cut it free. Move into the next room to see a cut scene of a Slavelord 
exiting a door. You know what you need to do. Use the Possess Slavelord spell to 
take control of the one walking away. Quick scamper to the door you saw, then head 
deeper into the cave and open the stone door with similar markings back there. When 
both are open, head inside the first room (as Ash) and talk to the prisoners. 
They'll give you another objective... find the Deadite Queen. 
Go to the other door you opened and kill the Slavelord here to get the cell key. 
Then go free the prisoners oin both rooms. Go inside the right room to find a 
leecher and Save Token. Talk to the man with the ! above his head. He'll tell you 
the way out, and give you a wrench. Use it on the control panel near the grated door 
to get out. 
You're back on the streets! Head straight forward to the next tunnel entrance. At 
the bottom, use that wrench to get through, then slaughter all of the dogs who 
attack (use a lowly weapon). At the bottom of the ramp, possess the Slavelord, grab 
the nearby Save Token and head deeper into the cave. You'll see one Slavelord door, 
but don't go there yet. Instead, follow the narrow path to the left up to another 
Slavelord door. Once it's opened, head back down to the first door you saw and open 
it. Behind the first door is a Dispel Rune Lock spell. Behind the second door, 
you'll find a bonanza of ammo. This area is full of slow baddies, but swoop through 
and collect everything, including a Diamond Chainsaw. This will allow you to cut 
through bits of previously uncuttable fence. 
Go outside and cut through the fence near the bottom of the ramp. Head across the 
tunnel through the open door and kill all of the warriors inside. Grab the bizarre 
occult thing at the center of the room. Then exit into the tunnel and move all the 
way left. Use the wrench on the panel next to the door to open the gate. Inside this 
room, go up the path that leads to the left. Soon the path will dump into a large 
cave. Slice through the fenced-in sections here to get ammo of nearlt every 
description, Save Tokens, health packs, and so forth. 
When you've collected everything, keep moving back, careful to avoid the Slavelords. 
In a blue/green room, you'll find a fenced-in area to the left that contains the 
Possess Warrior spell. Hack through and grab that. See where you are? It's the 
tunnel area near the church. Use the wrench on the sewer gate. In the tunnel, use 
the Possess Warrior spell to take one of them over. Go into the door straight ahead 
(it looks like it has fangs). Inside the room, snag the bizarre occult thing, your 
second such object. 
Make your way to the other end of the tunnel. There, you'll find a path leading down 
to a totemistic object. This is where the occult things will be affixed, but you 
need one more. Head forward, then right and follow the path until you reach a raised 
area stocked with Warriors. Use the spell again to take one overand make your way 
through the fanged door. Grab the last bizarre occult thing, and head back to the 
large red cave (where you saw the totem). Put the blue thing in the totem ahead, 
then move to the left and put the red one in the center totem. Put the green one in 
the final totem (the first one you saw when you entered this room initially). 
Putting them in correctly lowers the bridge. Head across it. Grab the Save Token, 
then return to the middle of the bridge. Use the Dispel Runic Lock spell while 
standing on the symbol to open the door. Heal, make sure your weapons are in order, 
and prepare for the final fight. 

Boss: Trisha
Turns out Trisha is the Queen of the Deadites. You really know how to pick 'em, 
don't you? Trisha is an evil wench, but that doesn't mean she isn't a complete wuss 
to battle. She is stationary at the center of the arena, so she can't really reach 
you with arms and such. Therefore, she has to rely on shooting attacks to beat you. 
She'll mainly spit large brown loogies at you, which are easily dodged by running in 
a circle. Her other main attack is a shockwave that will knock you off your feet. 
That is, unless you camp out behind one of the crystals and block. 
To beat her, waiting until she rears back and opens her mouth wide. When she does, 
make sure your shoulders are square to her and heave a log of dynamite into her open 
mouth. She'll choke it down her craw, and it will explode inside. That's that. Just 
chuck five sticks into her and she'll be pushing up rotten daisies in Hell. And 
you'll still be cool, collected Ash. Congratulations
Q and A 
Q: How Do I Kill the Deadites in the courtyard of the Kitty Club on the first level?
A: First, make sure you have some dynamite (get it off of Deadites in the park). 
Equip it and toss it over the chain link fence in order to cause an explosion, 
freeing the Deadites. Then loop around the club, going through the door in the back 
alley to finish them off.
Q: Where Do I Find the Extra Strength spell on the first level?
A: At the dead end with the jackknifed tanker, saw through the rickety fence to get 
not only the Extra Strength spell, but a Save Token, too.
Q: Did Bruce Campbell provide the voice talent for the main character?
A: Yes.
Q: Is there anything extra included on the disc?
A: Yes. Check out the fun Bonus Video in the Extras menu. It's got some behind the 
scenes stuff, going into how the game was made.
Q: Why is this game only $20?
A: Because THQ loves you.
Unlock Arcade Levels
Finish levels in story mode to unlock them for Arcade play.
Unlock Gallery Art
Each time you finish a level, concept art for the level in question will be unlocked 
for viewing by accessing the Extras menu.

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