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Hey peoples! Now while I'm typing this I am playing Melee, so I'm not going to give 
no bogus stuff. Now pull out your papers and pencils as I teach you my signature 
style with Falco.Besides, Falco is my best character.

Table of Contents:

Falco is a character who has an overall balance in power,speed and aerial combat, so 
you need to take advantage of that.

To use Falco use his down+A attack in the air (I call it the Flash Kick) to knock 
down enemys or to just attack. Falco's down+A sends enemys flying straight away from 
you (good for breaking up crowds). Falco's Smash foward and up work diferently, 
smash forward can stop running enemys or as a combo ending, smash up is used as 
combo move.All of Falco's tilt attacks are unstoppable, tilt up+A will paralyze any 
enemy for a quick second, tilt forward+A will just lightly hit your enemy which is 
perfect for combos, and my favorite Falco's tilt down+A it sends your enemy straight 
up.Falco's two punches (A,A) can be immediatly stopped to do another attack.Falco's 
reflector sends enemies up for combos.

Falco doesn't run fast but that's a good thing.Always keep Falco in motion to keep 
your enemy confused.Always run with Falco, since he is a slow runner you will have 
enough time to dodge a attack.Rolling is needed because Falco is full of counter 
attacks like:down+A,tilt down+A,up+A,tilt up+A,down+B.Only sidestep attacks that 
your leaves your opponent open because sidesteps are faster and storter.If there is 
large distance between you and your enemy sometimes you can jump it and hit them 
with the down+A. 

Falco has many combos big and small so here are some (By the way I named them all).
Hell Flash:Grab then down,tilt down+A                  Recomended Damage:0-999%
Hell Flash Suicide:Grab then down,tilt
down+A,jump up,up+A                                    Recomended Damage:0-35%
Hell Spark:Grab then down,down+B                       Recomended Damage:0-220%
Harder Combos
Return:Grab then down,tilt down+A,
jump up,up+A,dash down,jump up,down+A,
dash down,tilt down+A,jump up 2x,down+A                Recomended Damage:0-7%
Healer:Grab then down,tilt down+A,low jump,
A,dash down,tilt down+A,low jump,down+A,
dash down,forward+A,run towards enemy and
low jump,down+A                                        Recomended Damage:0-7%
Sky trap:Grab then down,up+A                           Recomended Damage:120-160%
Ground Trap:Grab then down,down+A                      Recomended Damage:120-160%
Magnum Kick:Grab then down,
tilt forward+A,forward+A                               Recomended Damage:100-140%

Well that's all for now but I'll come up with some Strategies for other characters.
Till Later,Ciao.


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