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Welcome to my guide for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 !I hope this guide will 
be of assistance to someone out there!

Please note, this guide will most likely contain some spoilers but I have done
my utmost to keep things as vague as possible for the purists among you. 

If you see any errors, have a tip or an alternate strategy for a section of the
guide please head to the contact section and flick me an email to let me know!

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     1. Hints & Tips               [HNTTP]

     2. Campaign Walkthrough       [WLKTH]
          2.0  S.S.D.D.                            [ACT01]
          2.1  Team Player                         [ACT02] 
          2.2  Cliffhanger                         [ACT03] 
          2.3  No Russian                          [ACT04] 
          2.4  Takedown                            [ACT05] 
          2.5  Wolverines!                         [ACT06] 
          2.6  The Hornet's Nest                   [ACT07] 
          2.7  Exodus                              [ACT08] 
          2.8  The Only Easy Day... Was Yesterday  [ACT09] 
          2.9  The Gulag                           [ACT10] 
          2.10 Of Their Own Accord                 [ACT11]
          2.11 Contingency                         [ACT12]
          2.12 Second Sun                          [ACT13]
          2.13 Whiskey Hotel                       [ACT14]
          2.14 Loose Ends                          [ACT15]
          2.15 The Enemy of my Enemy               [ACT16]
          2.16 Just Like Old Times                 [ACT17]
          2.17 Endgame                             [ACT18]

     3. Enemy Intelligence         [EINTL]

     4. Achievements               [ACHMT]

     5. Special Thanks             [THNKS]

     6. Contact                    [CNTCT]

     7. About Me                   [INTRD]

     8. Version History            [VERHI]

***   HINTS & TIPS    *** [HNTTP]
- Always use cover, if you stay exposed for too long you will not live to 
  regret it. On veteran difficulty, this is a must.

- Be a freeloader when possible! The AI squadmates may not be the greatest,
  but they do have guns and are borderline invincible - let them take the risk
  when trying to clear a difficult area.

- Can't pass a difficult area? Don't forget smoke grenades/ flashbangs. Toss 
  one then rush in afterwards to make things much easier.

- In close quarters you should always melee, it is instant and usually fatal.
  Attempting to fire your gun at close range is silly and will likely see you 
  heading back to the previous checkpoint to try again.

- Always move between cover and never run into an open area/room until you are
  positive that the area is clear of enemy soldiers.

Got a hint or tip? Send me an email and let me know, if I like it I will 
include it in the guide and credit you for your contribution.

***     WALKTHROUGH   *** [WLKTH]

This walkthrough will provide players with the fastest route for each level 
from beginning to the end, allowing players to pick up all the hidden items 
along the way. Although I have done my best to emit them, there may still be a 
few spoilers floating around below. If so I apologise in advance!

Without further ado, lets get into it...

                                [ACT01] S.S.D.D                                

Description: Demonstrate proper fire control for the local trainees.

Enemy Intelligence: 1

When you gain control, follow the instructions given to you by Sgt. Foley,
he’ll give you a brief rundown on aiming, shooting and grenading. When you
are finished you will be told to go run the training course. Follow the
waypoint that appears through the base until you reach the entrance leading to
the course. Instead of heading down the stairs, turn 180 degrees and head over
to the far side of the area you will find Enemy Intelligence (1/1) sitting on a
grey shelf below the guard tower.

Return to the entrance to the training course and mosey down the stairs. After
a quick spiel, the soldier here will open the weapon crates for you to select
the weapons of your choice. When you are ready to start, head through the gate
to the left to begin.  The course consists of 24 enemies and 11 civilian
targets and you will need to cruise through in the fastest time possible with
decent enough accuracy and few as possible civilian casualties. Depending on
how your run went, you will be given a recommended difficulty on your score
screen. Earning a score of less than 30 seconds will unlock the achievement
“Pit Boss”.

You are able to repeat this training exercise as many times as you wish to get
adjusted to the controls and beat your high score. To get this target you will
need to sprint as often as possible, and try to line up several enemy targets
at once to get 100+% accuracy for time deduction bonuses. It’s not impossible
and Call of Duty veterans should have no worries nailing the time after a
couple of goes. When you have had enough of the course, head back up the stairs
to finish the level.

                               [ACT02] Team Player                              

Description: Search and destroy enemy forces in Afghanistan.

Enemy Intelligence: 2

You will start this mission under attack from hostile forces on the opposite
side of a river in front of you. When you are able to freely move about,
quickly run up and take cove behind something, you are tasked with defending
the bridge layer on the raised area to the left. From cover help the rest of
the soldiers eliminate the enemies on the far side of the water, dropping
grenades and such as requested by Foley.

When you hear someone say “RPGs”, look up to the opposite end of the bridge
and quickly eliminate the group of enemy units lining up to discharge rockets
at the bridge layer. Continue to fire away at the bad guys on the other side of
the area until the bridge has been repaired. Once that has been accomplished,
head up the stairs behind the small building here and jump into the indicated

After a quick scene, the vehicle will start moving forward, you are in the
gunner seat, so as you probably guessed – you will be shooting enemies at
some point in the near future. You get to relax for a short while, so enjoy the
scenery and prepare your trigger fingers for the coming encounter. Once you
hear enemies start to open fire, you are given the order to return fire – so
do so! The first instance is a group of 6-7 enemies on top of a building
directly in front of you, one of them has an RPG and there is an RPG enemy
firing from a second floor window on the right side. Kill them if you can, and
the vehicle will start to move down a small side street.

Eliminate any foot hostiles or enemy vehicles you see until you are hit with a
rocket – which is unavoidable. When you regain your feet after the blast,
make your way inside the nearby building on the right-side of the road to
rejoin your surviving comrades. Follow the room across until you reach some
stairs, as you do a pair of enemies will descend – kill them and go up. The
game prompts you to throw a flash bang at this point and it’s a good idea –
there are 4-5 enemies chilling up here and if you game blind them, you will be
able to mop the floor with them in a hurry. Follow the room to the far wall and
eliminate any remaining hostiles.

Look out the window to your left to see a school – the next port of call for
our heroes. Try to pickoff as many enemies as you can in the playground and
then follow Foley as he leads you inside the academic facility. Once inside,
immediately take cover and pop the enemies coming down the stairs at the far
end of the corridor. When its relatively safe move up, and be sure to clear the
classroom on the right of a couple of baddies.

At the top of the stairs, follow the hallway around to left and take down the
enemies firing out the window at your buddies, in adjoining hallway next to the
first two hostiles are another four who are content to shoot out the windows
until you show up. Kill them all and continue forward. At the end of the
hallway is another open room with several enemies within. Once they are all
dead or dying head inside and cut through the classroom to the right, look on a
desk on the right hand wall to find Enemy Intelligence (1/2). Pick it up and
head to the other end of the room, using the door and windows as cover to kill
the inhabitants of the next corridor.

Exit the school through the door on the left and find Enemy Intelligence (2/2)
sitting on a crate just at the end and to the right of the sheltered area, next
to the parked taxi. Continue following Foley down the small hill and turn right
into the street. Slowly move up the street popping enemies when the opportunity
presents itself and head into the open door to the left in front of the green
dumpster. Be cautious though as several enemies call this place home for the
moment and need to be forcibly removed. Continue through the next area killing
anything that gets in your way until you reach the waypoint and complete the

                               [ACT03] Cliffhanger                              

Description: Locate and retrieve the ACS module from a crashed satellite.

Enemy Intelligence: 3

You start the mission atop an icy ledge several hundred meters above the ground
below next to our old buddy Soap. After he finishes his cancer stick, follow
him along the ledge and use the trigger buttons to climb the cliff. At the top,
follow Soap in jumping to the right and continue up the small raised platforms
to the left. Soap will prompt you to open your heartbeat sensor, which is quite
handy – acting like radar and allowing you to see nearby hostile elements.

Follow Soap along the icy path, twice you will have to stop and kill enemy
patrols. Soon after the second patrol you will see the enemy base you have to
infiltrate on the left. Follow Soap until you see a waypoint pop-up to reveal
the main entrance to the compound.  At this point the snow will pick up, making
it very difficult to spot enemies, enter the heartbeat sensor. You should move
slowly through the next area using the sensor to either kill or avoid enemy

>> Please note, there is an achievement/trophy to infiltrate the base and
plant the explosives on the airfield without being detected or killing anybody.
 Soap killing people is OK, but if you kill anybody, you will not get the
achievement/trophy, I personally got it using the below strategy so I hope it
works for you too!

Before you enter the base however, you should be able to make out a guard tower
directly in front of the entrance. Kill/avoid the patrolling enemies in the
vicinity and climb the ladder here to find Enemy Intelligence (1/3) sitting on
the catwalk here. Jump down and sneak inside the gate. Immediately turn to the
left and follow the fence, make your way forward slowly and let Soap eliminate
any bad guys that come close enough. Continue along the fence and cruise around
the building that blocks your way, hugging the left wall.

Keep following the fence until you see a short set of stairs to the left and a
crate to the right, if you climb the stairs and make your way around the back
of the building here, you will find yourself facing the air strips about 30
meters from the fuelling station we need to sabotage for our current objective.
Look to the left and follow the fence along until you reach the fuelling
station. Plant the charge to complete the objective. A new waypoint marker will
appear – you will need to make your way to this location to rendezvous with
Soap. As before, use your heartbeat sensor to avoid enemy units as you make
your way across the runway.

As you jump down the small ditch between the two hangars to meet Soap, turn
around and go to the hangar Soap is not standing in front of. Look in the
windows here and smash the middle one to grab Enemy Intelligence (2/3). Head
back to Soap and enter the hangar. After a particularly brutal takedown, Soap
will order you to head upstairs to recover the objective. As you do, Soap will
radio you to tell you he’s in a spot of bother. Crouch and hide behind the
crates at the top of the stairs to see the scene unfold below and when
instructed detonate the charge you planted on the fuelling station.

As the explosives go off, you will enter a brief slow motion event and as the
enemies are all temporarily distracted, you can use the opportunity to mow the
vast majority of them down. Follow Soap out of the hangar, and sprinting to the
left, kill any enemies close enough to do any damage and then Soap will tell
you to make a run “to the east” an objective marker will appear head to the
indicated spot to be informed of the presence of snowmobiles kicking it in
front of you – they can be quite annoying so try to take them out if possible
before moving on.

A new marker will appear in the distance, follow it and ignore the fire you
take from a distance – only worry about close quartered enemies for now.
Continue following the waypoints and then slide down the indicated hill.
Quickly take cover behind one of the small huts here (the one to the right
being the better option due to the fence and the crates that prevent the
snowmobiles from circling around) and eliminate the soldiers that try to pick
you off from the top of the hill and the riders operating the pair of
snowmobiles that come down to deal with you.

Once they are dead, hop on the indicated snowmobile and follow Soap to the end.
There is very little challenge to the next area, simply follow the set path,
don’t hit any trees, shoot any snowmobiles that try to cut you off and strafe
back and forward across the frozen lake to avoid the helicopter fire. At the
end when you are accelerating downhill, try to stay in the middle of the area
and make sure you hit the jump straight on or you will go sailing off into the
abyss below. When you land on the other side, continue up the hill to complete
the mission.

                               [ACT04] No Russian                               

Description: Earn Makarov's trust.

Enemy Intelligence: 0

>> INFO: Before we begin please note that this mission is the cause of the
content warning you encounter when first booting up your copy of Modern Warfare
2. It consists of you teaming up with terrorists and blasting a million
civilians into piles of meat. Some people may become distressed or upset by the
portrayal of the events that occur during the level so if it ever becomes too
much, the game allows you to skip the mission from the pause menu. Skipping the
mission will not penalise you and you will not miss any achievements or enemy
intelligence by skipping this level. 

On to the walkthrough!

The first two thirds of this mission are very simple and serve no function
except to set up the story for the remainder of the game. You will follow
Makarov and his posse as they deliver death to everything that moves in the
airport here. You will walk, and there is very little chance you will get lost.
Follow him until you reach the door leading outside.

After checking your weapons, follow Makarov down the stairs and into the door
on the right, continue along the hallway and continue around to the left until
you find yourself out on the tarmac. Take cover quickly as a group of about 10
enemies with riot shields will emerge from the smoke in front of you. Use
either your grenades or the grenade launcher attachment on your weapon to take
these guys down in a hurry.

You will need to head to the south side of the area, so when there is a short
breakin the fighting, slowly move up to a new piece of cover. Eliminate any
policemen running around in front and move up again. As you pass under the
first plane and reach the first sky tunnel, another group of shield guys and
some non-shielded enemies will appear in front of your position close to the
next plane. Kill as many as possible, then move up into the sheltered area on
the left. Take cover at the end.

You will now be attacked by any remaining ground forces you failed to eliminate
moments ago and they will be backed up by several police fin=ring down at you
from the second story window of the airport in front of you. Clear the windows
and any enemies in close proximity before moving up again. Fight your way
through the small sheltered tunnel-like area here and as you approach the far
end an armoured vehicle will come flying past and drop off another large
contingent of security forces for you to deal with.

Clear this last area here and then follow Makarov down the tunnel at the end
and into the awaiting vehicle to complete the mission.

                               [ACT05] Takedown                                

Description: Find and capture arms-dealer Alejandro Rojas, hiding somewhere in
the favela.

Enemy Intelligence: 4

Welcome to Brazil! This mission sees our main man Roach starting in the
passenger seat of a car. As it comes to a stop, an altercation will take place
outside; quickly hit the crouch button to take cover behind the dashboard, when
the shooting stops exit the car. Follow Soap around the building and down the
street, he will run into an alleyway on the opposite side of the street. Sprint
in afterwards, take a quick right followed by a left – you will see him in
front of you making a break for it. Zoom in and shoot him in the legs.

After a quick scene you will regain control and are partnered with another
chump named Royce. Follow him up the stairs and then at the top drop down into
the area below through the hole in the wire fence. Immediately take cover
behind the cars here as a large group of militia fighters will appear, some at
ground level, some on the rooftops and will open fire. You will need to clear
the area and slowly move through the various buildings here, I found it easiest
to hug the left wall, entering the first building, then slowing down to focus
on eliminating all the hostiles in the vicinity before moving on again.
Continue along the wall until it forces you to turn right, then pop out and
kill anyone nearby. Again make your way into one of the nearby buildings and
use it as cover to clear the immediate area.  Continue move between buildings
slowly and staying in cover until the entire area is clear.

To proceed onwards, you need to get to the back right of the area from where
you entered, but before we head over there, backtrack to where we started and
once more follow the left wall until you hit the corner again. This time
continue towards the back wall until you cannot go any further hang a right and
look for an orange building jutting into the alleyway. To the right of this
there is a cream colored building. Enter the door here and look on the table
for Enemy Intelligence (1/4).

Continue to the back right corner of the area and head up the stairs, a dog
will bark at you from behind a fence on the left – so plug it if you wish and
continue a little further. A group of militia will attack you from the roof of
the building in front of you and another 3 or so will attack you from ground
level. To bolster their numbers, you will also have to contend with a dog –
if it jumps on you, press the melee button when the prompt appears on the
screen to dispose of it. Head into the area they were occupying and you will
see a guy in a second story window telling you to go to his left. This is a
trap, so go around the back of the green building in front of you and eliminate
the hostiles who planned to ambush you.

This next area is quite tough, as you will be funnelled down narrow passageways
in which you will need to be constantly watching out for enemies in windows and
on the rooftops as well as keeping tabs on the ground forces in the area. On
veteran, this is by far the most difficult part of the entire game and the
cheapness of the random appearances of bad guys on rooftops and such can be
incredibly frustrating, it is not impossible, but it will be quite time

Having said that, from the ambush, there are now a pair of stairs you can climb
up, both lead to the same place, but both also have a militia soldier guarding
them, so kill them both and mop up a third lurking nearby before continuing to
the left. Continue down the alleyway and pop the guy in the window on the
right. Head inside the open door on the right side and use the building as
cover to take out the ground forces in close proximity. Sneak a peek outside
and when possible find and eliminate those troublesome roof dwellers.

When the alley is clear continue on, but keep your aim on the window directly
in front of you at ground level as a guy will open it and shoot at you. When
you hit the window turn right and eliminate the guys on the roof in front of
you, turn further to the right and kill anything else nearby. When clear, head
back to the ground level window and look opposite to find a ladder, climb up
and shoot the guy holding the door ajar and his companions inside. On the desk
in front of you, you will find Enemy Intelligence (2/4).

Make your way to the back door of the hut and use it as cover to take out the
sizeable militia presence in the immediate area. Once secure, exit the building
and turn immediately to the left, you will see some wooden steps leading into
an open door, head in here and kill the group of militiamen, then enter the
room next to the stairs and you will find Enemy Intelligence (3/4) on a crate
near the bed. Exit and continue along the path until you reach a dirt path
leading uphill.

As you start up the hill, look up to the tops of the buildings in front of you.
Kill these guys here quickly as one has an RPG and is just itching to give you
a bad day. Follow the left wall, up the stairs and into the building – use
this area as cover to remove any hostiles from the roofs nearby before climbing
the ladder, do a quick 180 degree turn and head into the construction work
behind it. There is a gap between buildings in front of the ladder and a large
group of militia firing at you from ground level from the other side. Take them
out, being careful to scan the rooftops to the right. Make your way slowly to
the other side of the gap, killing anything that shoots at you. When you reach
the other side – three enemies will appear on the balcony at the end, run to
the right and take cover behind the wall. Shoot the guy who pops out of the
window in front, them use this corner to destroy the rest of the bad guys n
front of you.

Follow the path round the u-turn then up the stairs and past the burning car
killing all the baddies you come across, be sure to clear out each building as
you reach it or you may get a surprise bullet in the back. Inside the building
directly to the right of the burning car, you will find a set of stairs leading
down in the room underneath you will find Enemy Intelligence (4/4). Head back
to the main path and follow it to the end, head up the stairs to the left to
watch a pretty cool scene to finish off the mission.

                              [ACT06] Wolverines!                              

Description: Locate and protect codename Raptor during the beginning of the

Enemy Intelligence: 4

As in the previous mission you will start this one off in a vehicle, this time
you are heading into a warzone. When the vehicle comes to a roadblock, you will
see an enemy tank sitting behind it, your allies will prompt you to get out of
the vehicle in a hurry, so do so and make a break to the house on the right of
the street. Make your way through the gate and follow Foley through the
backyard, down into the creek bed, up around the wall and across the street. As
you move across the street here you will see the enemy BTR move up the street
to your left. Stay behind the building here and do not shoot at it.

When it has passed follow your squad around the left side of the house and onto
the street behind the enemy armour. As you approach the enemy position, stay in
cover as the tank has a few ground troops patrolling around near the roadblock
ahead. You will be tasked with throwing a smoke grenade to conceal your
advance, once you have thrown a good one, head into the smoke and duck into the
alleyway on the right hand side of the road near the BTR.

Upon entering the alley take cover behind the dumpster as there are 5-6 enemies
at the far end who will immediately notice your presence and start firing. Once
they are dead, move up slowly as often a couple of the enemy soldiers will hold
back and fire at you when you move around the next corner. Make your way down
this passage way here, killing any stragglers as you head towards the fuel
pumps, you will see an enemy vehicle come along and drop a large contingent of
8-10 enemy soldiers. Use the alleyway and any objects nearby as cover to
eliminate the threat. Follow Foley through the gas station, and duck inside to
pick up Enemy Intelligence (1/4) on the counter here. Continue after your
buddies across the street to Nate’s Restaurant.

After the area is relatively clear, the fighting will calm down. Everything
gets hectic when you climb to the roof as instructed, so let’s hold off on
that for a minute and go pick up the other collectibles lying around the area.

Next to Nate’s is a crashed helicopter and behind it another building which
happens to be a bank inhabited by bad guys, clear the immediate area, find your
way inside and follow the counter along to the left until you can see the
‘Foreign Exchange’ sign, look to the right to see Enemy Intelligence (2/4)
on the counter below another sign for ‘Online banking’. From the bank look
back to Nate’s and run straight past it, ignoring the waypoint for now.
Across the street is the Taco to Go, enter the building via the destroyed
corner section closest to Nate’s. Once inside you will find Enemy
Intelligence (3/4) on a table. For the final piece of Intel, look across the
street from Taco to Go and spy Burger Town, our goal is to go dumpster diving
in the small brick area just in front of the Burger Town restaurant. Jump on
the small bin next to the dumpster and look inside to find and pick up Enemy
Intelligence (4/4).

When you have all the intel, cruise back to Nate’s and Climb one of the
ladders to get up to the roof. Now the fun begins! Your job now is to defend
Nate’s against a large force of enemy troops that will come from all over.
Keep in mind that you can pick up and move the sentry turret wherever suits you
best and there is a thermal sniper rifle nearby which will help you pick off
enemy troops trying to advance through smoke.

The first group of 20 or so baddies will converge on your position from the
south, pick off as many as you can with the sniper and the turret and your
buddies should do the rest. Soon after, another group will start their assault
on your position from the North. If you missed killing any Russian soldiers,
they will eventually make their way up onto the roof either from the ladder in
the kitchen or from the back of the building.  Your squad will inform you if
this happens so if you hear them say “hostiles on the roof behind us!”
quickly turn around and deal with them. Alternatively you could place the
turret on the West side of the building facing the two ladders and take cover
from the beginning, letting the enemies climb the ladders and picking them off
as they do.

After the second group is down, regroup inside the restaurant. At this point a
pair of enemy BTR’s show up and patrol back and forward on the main street in
front of Nate’s and an enemy UAV will start raining down missiles on your
location. Now you need to head across to the diner on the opposite side of the
street and kill the UAV controller there. Make your way to the front door of
Nate’s, and kill any ground forces you can see. When the BTRs have moved off
to one side, make a break for it across the street. On approaching the diner,
use the cars nearby as cover and try to kill as many enemies inside as you can
before heading in yourself to mop up the rest of them (watch out for
re-enforcements coming in the back door). Make your way behind the counter and
pick up the UAV controller.

Utilise the UAV to destroy any enemies in the immediate area to give you some
breathing room, them eliminate the two BTRs on the street outside. After the
enemy armour is down, look on a table near the back door and pick up one of the
stingers here, we’ll need it shortly. Regroup with Foley at Nate’s. As you
approach the rendezvous point will go up in flames and you will have to create
a new rally point. Turn to the right and head over to Burger Town. Clear the
inside of the restaurant.  Once the establishment is nice and enemy free, you
will need to head outside and protect Foley and his mate as they run between
the two restaurants. Easy!

As they arrive, the enemies will renew their efforts, sending any remaining
ground forces plus another large group from the north towards your location. So
pull out your UAV controls and take them down. After killing the majority of
them, the UAV will be taken out of commission so you will have to eliminate the
remainder of the force the old fashion way. Use the windows as cover to kill
the hostiles as they approach, keeping in mind that a small force will also
come to attack your rear from the East at some point.

After a sufficient number of troops are down, an attack helicopter will come
into the area. Remember picking up the stinger before? Now it is time to use
it. Lock on to the helicopter and take it down. Now quickly head outside and
using cover and ammo clear a path back to Nate’s, as you do another attack
helicopter will show up. Try to stay out of its line of site and when you
arrive at Nate’s, climb up onto the roof and pick up the second stinger.
Shoot down the helicopter.

Once the second helicopter bites the dust, a convoy will appear on the road
behind the Taco To Go and Burger Town restaurants. Fight your way over to the
vehicles here and hop into the vehicle at the waypoint to complete the mission.

                         [ACT07] The Hornet's Nest                        

Description: Escape the favela.

Enemy Intelligence: 4

Head between the buildings and up the dirt slope. As you do your squad mates
will race to the top and engage the local militia. This area is a long
rectangular one with two roads running parallel to each other with a giant
radio tower in between. You need to slowly move up the street to the other side
popping anything that moves, at the far end of the area you will see a good
number of ground troops attempting to prevent your advance as well as a
collection of bad guys calling the rooves their temporary home. I would suggest
making your way up the right hand street as there are several open buildings
here that will grant you cover, making it easier to advance and defeat enemies.
Anyway you decide to do it, move up slowly making sure to stay in cover and
eliminating enemies as the opportunities present themselves.

As you reach the opposite end of the area, a vehicle with a mounted machine gun
will arrive, stay in cover and pop the gunner as well as his mates that exit
the vehicle to hunt you down. Once the vehicle has been taken out of
commission, enter the building just to the right of where it stopped to find
Enemy Intelligence (1/4) sitting on a table.

Exit the building and follow your squad down the alleyway, when you reach the
dead end, turn left and use cover to help your buddies wipe out the militiamen
at the foot of the hill below. When the area in front is clear, descend the
hill into the open area below, quickly take cover as another couple of groups
of bad guys will swarm into the area from the passageway to the left of the
building on the far side of the area and from the doors. Also, as always, keep
your eyes on the balconies and rooftops for snipers. Once the area is clear,
look for a tire on the roof of a small structure just to the left of the big
building dominating the area, look on the shelf below it for Enemy Intelligence

Continue up the worn stone steps nearby and as you reach the top watch out for
enemies appearing on the balcony in front of you. Take them out, and any ground
forces nearby and run past the wooden fence in front of you and into the open
doorway. Make your way upstairs and slowly kill off the 5-6 enemies chilling
out on the balcony here. Once clear, this elevated area makes it a lot easier
to pick off enemies on the ground below as well as on the nearby rooftops. Once
the majority of enemies have been dealt with, return to the street and slowly
move up towards the small hill ahead.

About halfway up the hill you should see a blue car parked on the right side of
the street, turn right into the building next to it and climb up the stairs to
find Enemy Intelligence (3/4). Return to the street and follow your squad to
the top of the hill. Help them eliminate the militia who are dug in to the open
area here either by joining your squad or cutting into the alley on the left
towards the top of the hill, killing a few soldiers here, then flanking enemies
in the area you are trying to secure. Either way, once the area is clear, move
up a bit and a MG jeep and some more soldiers will show up. Kill them all and
head down the street to the left into the marketplace to progress.

>> INFO: There is a specific Achievement/trophy in this next area, "Colonel
Sanderson" requiring you to kill seven chickens in ten seconds. I suggest
clearing the area out first, trying your best not to shoot too many of the
cages before trying to attempt this.  In the second marketplace, you will find
several stacked chicken cages in one spot hit a stack of five with a grenade
and shoot another couple of cages to unlock this bad boy in a hurry.

Move slowly through the marketplace, eliminating enemies as you go, and watch
out for and prioritise knocking off the enemies on the roofs if possible, as
they can be quite a hassle in this area. Use the stalls and any open buildings
as cover to eliminate the hostiles and slowly move through the marketplace into
the next area. Head inside the building to the left and follow your squad until
they exit from another door.

Take cover behind the cement wall directly in front and take down the enemies
shooting at your ride. It will bug out, but you will still be left with a swarm
of unruly Brazilian militia to contend with. There are a large number of baddie
son the rooftops and several more will attempt to attack you from ground level.
Kill them and your squad will take off and run up and jump onto a wall to the
left of the area. Before you head over there though, look in the window behind
the soccer goal on the opposite end of the area from where you entered for
Enemy Intelligence (4/4). Return to where your team mates are waiting and climb
up the wall.

Follow Soap and the rest of the crew over the rooftops and attempt to jump with
them across the gap. They will make it, you will not. Once you wake up, sprint
into the open door in front of you and follow it through several rooms and then
out the other side. Run down the stairs in front and up the next set of stairs,
at the top take a hard right and scale the set of stairs in the room here. Run
out the door onto the roof tops and sprint towards the waypoint. When you reach
it, you will be standing at the edge of the rooftop, look down and jump to your
left and continue around the balcony here. Slide down the sloped roof to your
right and you will end up in an open room below, sprint through the room here
and jump towards the helicopter hovering outside to complete the mission.

                                 [ACT08] Exodus                                

Description: Assist in the evacuation of civilians and key personnel in the

Enemy Intelligence: 3

You will start this mission in the midst of a gun battle with a mobile
laser-guided tank cruising up the road in front of you. Your job is to use this
fine piece of killing machinery to kill as many baddies as you see fit. Follow
it straight ahead until it stops moving. Kill the RPG hostiles on the roofs
nearby and anything else you can see on the street.

You are supposed to follow Foley and will be told to get off the street and use
the houses as cover, but i personally prefer lying on the ground behind the
armoured vehicle as it moves up the street. You will be able to shoot enemies
in front of it and they will have very little chance of shooting you. You
should take control of the tank and use your laser painter to target the yellow
house to the right hand side of the street ahead and staying close to the Honey
Badger to stay in cover. When it stops mosey over to the nearest house and join
with Foley to clear it, to make the vehicle start moving again. Jump behind it
again and target the next concentration of enemy units.

Continue to follow the armour and only leave your cover behind it to either
follow Foley to get the vehicle to progress onwards or to clear the houses
along the right side of the street. Once you reach the abandoned fire truck in
the middle of the street, clear the grey house to the right and focus your
attention to the apartment complex across the street and the little
administration office just in front of it. A good number of enemies will drop
in from helicopters and attack you from this direction so it is a good idea to
have the honey badger targeting the infantry in that area, take cover and
assist it until Foley asks you to move up when the area is clear.

When it is safe to do so, head inside the small admin office in front of the
apartment complex, killing any remaining enemies inside to claim Enemy
Intelligence (1/3) sitting on the desk. Regroup with Foley and the rest of your
squad being careful to avoid being shot by any remaining soldiers on the way.

You will now arrive at a relatively open area in front of a security
checkpoint. There are a tonne of bad guys here backed up by a sentry gun
towards the back of the area. Try to take that out first, and be sure not to
forget about our friend the Honey Badger which is quite adept at mowing down
advancing infantry.  Slowly move up to the checkpoint, staying in cover and
making sure not to be flanked by enemy units.  You will need to clear the
building on the left and the hostiles in the park on the right to advance
unmolested.  As you approach the checkpoint a couple of groups of enemy
soldiers will arrive to re-enforce their defences. Take them out to proceed.
Before continuing, look in the office to the right of the checkpoint to find
Enemy Intelligence (2/3).

Return to the street and follow your squad down the street and across the
bridge. This next area is pretty much the same story as the previous area. Use
the honey badger as cover to slowly move up the road killing the enemy defences
as you go. Be sure to regroup with Foley again to start the vehicle moving
again if it stalls. Make sure to clear each house as you pass it to discourage
enemies from exiting and surprise attacking you in the rear. In the second
house to the right, head up stairs and pick up Enemy Intelligence (3/3) from
the couch here.

Exit once more to the street and work your way to the end where you will
encounter a roadblock. Eliminate all the visible enemies in and around the
large house on the right and head inside. Proceed through the house slowly as
there are lots of little nooks, crannies and corners from which enemies can
attempt surprise attacks in close quarters. Tip: stick close to your squad and
they will do most of the work for you!

Find one of the exits at the back of the building and make your way down the
dirt ramp to the North, you will be able to see a pair of anti-air guns in the
distance, use your laser designator to call in artillery to destroy them.
Continue down the steps to the path below and turn left to see a second set of
anti-air guns. Once again laser them to put them out of commission. Once both
sets of AA guns are down a new waypoint will appear.

Make your way out to where the second group of anti-air guns are still
smouldering and head for the tunnelled bridge in the distance to the left.
Cross it, head up over the hill to the left, through the burning aircraft
wreckage and into the house beyond. Watch out for and deal with any hostile
inhabitants, before heading upstairs and following the waypoint to the
objective, pick it up when prompted to complete the mission.

                   [ACT09] The Only Easy Day...Was Yesterday                   

Description: Board the oil rig, rescue the hostages, and clear the route to the

Enemy Intelligence: 3

This mission begins underwater, after 20 seconds or so you will reach the
target – an oil drilling platform. You will automatically let go of the
underwater vehicle and climb to the surface, move forward beneath the guard and
when prompted, press the button indicated on the screen to eliminate him. Climb
up onto the platform.

Follow the stairs up until you find yourself in an indoor area. Kill the guard
looking over the railing, then move to the pair of doors on the opposite side
of the room. Pick either door, and interact with it to plant a breaching
charge. This will trigger an explosion and a slow motion even that will let you
enter the room and kill the hostage takers by surprise.  There are seven
enemies in this room, and when they are all dead, move back outside and climb
up the next two set of stairs.

In the second room following the stairs, you will find Enemy Intelligence (1/3)
sitting atop a tool shelf on the wall directly opposite the door leading
outside. Pick it up and follow the squad outside, a enemy helicopter will
appear, so take cover until it passes, then continue along the deck and around
the corner to your right to find a second room that needs to be breached and
cleared. Repeat the process as before. Unfortunately this time, you will
attract the attention of guards.

Run to the back corner of the room and plant c4 on the body here then quickly
follow Soap out of the room and to a safe vantage point. When asked to do so
– blow up the explosive and kill any surviving guards on the deck below your
position. Jump down and slowly make your way through the gate the hostile
patrol just opened, cruise round the corner here and inside, you should see
Enemy Intelligence (2/3) sitting on the shelf in front of you. Continue out the
opposite door and up the nearby stairs.

At the top of the stairs head around the next corner and take cover as several
enemies will get dropped in via helicopter. After killing most of the enemies
out on the deck here, a helicopter gunship will appear and start firing at you,
quickly duck inside the open gate to the right and immediately take cover
behind the fenced piping to your left. From here eliminate the remaining
hostile soldiers in the room. Once the area is secure, pick up one of the RPGs
from the floor near the north wall and using the doorframe, pop out and destroy
the helicopter when you get the chance.

Return outside, and follow Soap around the deck, ignore the set of stairs here
and continue further along and around yet another corner. With your squads help
kill the large group of enemy units here before ducking into the room on the
right and looking behind the yellow stairs for Enemy Intelligence (3/3). Return
outside and follow your crew up the stairs.

On the top deck of the oil rig, you will have to make your way across the open
area to another pair of doors that need to be breached and cleared. The bad
guys aren’t going to make it easy for you though. They have several windows
which they will use to fire down at you as well as having a large ground force
keen to hunt you down. The best part? The deck is constantly shrouded in smoke
from their smoke grenades, so before you go too far, look behind the shipping
containers right at the top of the stairs to find an assortment of thermal

You will need to move between cover very carefully and use the thermal sights
to make sure the area is clear before moving on. Kill anyone who gets too
close, and be sure to eliminate any window snipers or they will kill you in a
hurry.  Once you reach the doors, breach and clear as before, this time though
be careful to be as accurate as possible as there are several explosive barrels
around the room and one stray bullet will be enough to blow your squad, the
hostages and the baddies to Kingdom Come, a pretty exciting way to finish the
mission, but also a quick jump back to the previous checkpoint. Once the room
is clear, exit via the back door and run over to the nearby helipad. Jump on
the helicopter here to complete the mission.

                               [ACT10] The Gulag                               

Description: Rescue prisoner #627.

Enemy Intelligence: 4

This mission starts out on a helicopter flying in to assault a prison housed in
an ancient castle, good stuff! After about 30 seconds or so of taking in the
gorgeous scenery, our metal chariot arrives at the Gulag and it’s time to get
down to business. The helicopter will stop and hover between two towers and
conveniently enough, both towers have several soldiers stationed on top with
RPGs, pull out your sniper rifle and take out the guys in the tower in front of
you, before looking left to take out a couple more rocket toting baddies.

Following a quick scene, the helicopter will land in the central courtyard to
drop you off. Follow the allied soldiers under the boom gate and take cover.
Use your sniper rifle to remove the enemy soldiers on the rampart and various
ledges to the west. Once they are down, move up to the AA gun here and use the
sniper to remove any soldiers high up to the southwest before concentrating
your firepower on the ground troops in the same area. As you move closer a
friendly helicopter will show up to help you out briefly. Use the distraction
to snipe the enemies (including a pesky RPG guy) on the wall behind the barbed
wire fence in front of you. When the area is clear move through the gate into
the next zone.

Follow the squad through the archway to the right and defeat any enemies trying
to get up the stairs to the southwest. When safe to do so, climb the stairs and
look inside the room here for Enemy Intelligence (1/4). Return outside and head
through the red gate nearby to enter the prison. Make your way down the stairs
and into the control room killing any enemies brave enough to get in your way.
As soon as you enter the room here, go to the opposite side of the area to find
Enemy Intelligence (2/4).

Follow Soap and the rest of the squad down the stairs and fight your way from
cover to cover along the circular rooms here, making sure to clear the open
cells and continue until you reach a locked gate. Defend your position for 30
seconds or so and Ghost will open the next two gates granting you access to the
next few circular rooms. After reaching the next locked gate, wait for it to
open, then turn left and sprint to the armoury area just below the control
room. You will have to defend this small room and because of the number of
enemies firing at you, there will be very little opportunity to fight back. So
grab a riot shield, crouch, put your back to a crate and sit there blocking
shots until the door is opened.

Ditch the riot shield and follow your squad across the bridge here, stay close
to them as they will still have shields equipped and will take most of the
bullets coming your way, making it easy for you to pick off enemies in front of
you and your posse. As before make your way around the circular areas here
clearing the cells as you go. Note that between the first set of gates, look in
the cell to the right to find Enemy Intelligence (3/4) on a desk. Exit and
continue along the circular rooms until you are instructed to rappel from a
window. Do so.

At the bottom, head across the room and down the stairs into the darkened area
below. Put your night vision goggles on and follow Soap, clear the first cell
corridor of the 7-8 enemies and then be sure to clear the cells on either side.
Exit into a long corridor and continue through the door on the left at the far
end. Turn left round the corner here and eliminate any hostiles in the
maintenance rooms here. And prepare to breach and clear.

About half way down the next corridor you will find the breach point on the
left wall. When ready breach away and head inside. Quickly take cover to the
left or right as you enter and use the relative safety to clear the ground
troops in the immediate area before turning your attention to the hordes of
enemies on the balconies overlooking both sides of the room. Slowly move up to
the second room here to see another group of ground level enemies come to join
the party, this time including several soldiers with riot shields. Again, the
balconies will fill with enemies to compliment the new reinforcements below.
The best bet here is to fall back to the area where you breached the wall and
try to lob a few grenades as the shield baddies advance to try and remove the
riot shields from the picture as they are not much fun to contend with up
close, and then pick off the remaining enemies as they approach.

When the room is clear, head to the very opposite end of the room from where
you entered and drop down the hole in the floor. Follow the tunnel straight
ahead until you reach a dead end, then jump the fence and slide down to the
next tunnel below. Breach the indicated wall here to see a short scene. After
recovering, turn immediately left and look at the desk in the corner to pick up
Enemy Intelligence (4/4).

As you had probably gathered by the rumbling and shaking, the building is
coming down. Follow your squad as they head for an exit. When you reach the
open area with the unexploded bomb sitting in the centre, step up to it, watch
the scene unfold, then run over and use the action button on the rope to
complete the mission.

                          [ACT11] Of their Own Accord                          


Enemy Intelligence: 2

Make your through the temporary marine base until you find Sgt Foley at the far
end. When he tells you to come along, follow him up the nearby stairs and
through the trenches here until you reach the road. Continue with the squad
along the right hand side of the road and then stay with your chums as they
turn right and head into the trenches. Continue to follow your squad until they
exit the trenches and pull up at a wall across the street from the building
housing the next objective.

From cover here, help the nearby armour and your fellow soldiers to eliminate
the enemy presence on the steps and street in front of the building here. When
enough people have been eliminated, and you are ready, move to the far left of
the wall and Foley and the rest of your squad will start to make their way
across the street into the building through an open door. Be sure to stay in
cover as you cross as there is undoubtedly going to be enemies still lurking
around and carefully proceed inside.

Once in, turn right and take cover, from safety eliminate the enemies on the
ground floor as well as those looking to take you down from the balconies
above. Foley and his crew will usually bail before the bulk are down though, so
either follow them through the room and into the hallway to the left praying
not to get shot in the back too many times, or finish off pacifying the room
before regrouping with Foley at the waypoint. In this area, look for the
elevator on the left wall being held open by a dead body. Make your way inside
to find Enemy Intelligence (1/2). Continue after the squad.

Exit out into the small garden area and take cover behind the windows on the
right. From here try to pick off any enemies in the next open area and in the
windows of the next section of the building behind it. Slowly move up between
cover as you mop up the remaining enemies and carefully work your way back into
the building here. Upon entry, turn to the right and take cover as you make
your way up this hallway and around the corner to the right killing all the bad
guys who try to stop you.

Climb the stairs here and exit the room to find yourself on the balconies the
baddies were firing at us from when we first entered. Kill any remaining
hostiles here and continue along the left wall and into the rooms at the east
end of the area. Move through the rooms until you find a ramp of debris opening
a passage to the next floor above. Before moving too close though, be sure to
destroy any enemies standing at the top of the ramp looking down for an easy

As you reach the top of the ramp, look to the left to see the AA gun we need to
neutralise sitting on a balcony. Put the kibosh on the guards nearby, further
to this you should clear the hallway to the left and the balcony further to the
west of the AA guns position. When the room is silent, return to the entry
point and from where you entered the area, look straight down the hallway to
the left to see a photocopier in front of a portrait next to a locked door
slightly to the right. As you approach the door an enemy will toss a grenade
out, avoid that and kill him – head inside to find Enemy Intelligence (2/2).
If you haven’t done so, return to the AA gun and interact with it to destroy
the threat.

Follow the squad down the hallway, up the next flight of stairs and through the
various corridors killing the bad guys in the open as well as clearing each
successive room as you come to it. When you reach the blockage at the end of
the hallway, cruise into the room to the left; and quickly clear the left side
if you haven’t already, before continuing towards the western side of the
room. You can hop through the small gap here and move up to the barred hole in
the wall. From here you will see the troops you need to take out to complete
the next objective, so either shoot them from here, or exit through the door to
the right and fight your way round the corner and into the room.

When clear, replace one of your weapons with a javelin from a fallen foe, and
continue over to the far corner where you should jump onto the sniper rifle
here. Our next objective is to defend the Washington monument evacuation site.
Use the sniper rifle to scan for enemy units running across the open area to
the right of the monument and take them out, be sure to fire a little bit in
front of them though or you will not hit them.

When the objective complete message pops up, detach from the turret and turn
around, you will now need to defend the area from enemy soldiers. There are two
areas that require attention. These being the door from which we entered to the
far left and the barred window on the right side of the room. After killing 8-9
bad guys, you will again get the objective complete message. You will now see a
group of enemy armoured vehicles and a bunch of helicopters converging on the
evacuation site. Equip the stinger and take aim at the vehicles – lock on for
a few seconds and when targeted correctly fire away. Be careful though as after
a few vehicles go down, helicopters will come to attack you. Stay in cover and
pop out to fire off a stinger, then return to cover. Rinse and repeat until
Foley reports you are being overrun and it’s time to get out.

Exit the room and when the door nearby is kicked in, cruise on through and
continue up the stairs and watching out for the occasional bad guy, follow the
fairly linear path, climb up the rubble and jump into the helicopter minigun to
go for a ride. Now all you need to do is do your thing with the minigun until
the scene plays to end the flight. In the subsequent scene,  simply fire all
your rounds off to empty your ammo and you will complete the mission.

                              [ACT12] Contingency                             


Enemy Intelligence: 3

You will start this mission partnered with our recently released buddy Captain
Price. The start of this level is quite similar to the first Chernobyl level in
Call of Duty 4 and sees you sneaking into a submarine base (preferably
undetected). For the most part, Price will hold your hand, telling you exactly
what you will need to do. So stick close to him and do as he says.

From the start, follow your new mate forward until he sees a patrol, wait for a
second, then move up into the bushes to the right of the path. Wait for the car
to pass and when instructed, kill one of the two guards nearby who have stopped
for a smoke, whilst Price takes down the other. Move up to the bodies and you
will now need to take out the dog and its handler on the road in front of you
and your other half will take down the two soldiers in the woods behind. Shoot
the dog first, if you don’t, it will immediately bark, alerting any enemies
in the nearby area to your presence.

When the whole patrol is down, continue down the road and head across the
bridge. When you reach the top of the next hill, you will be spotted by an
enemy armoured vehicle, quickly run past it and off the road to the right into
the trees. When Price slows down, you can stop and take a moment to chilax. The
vehicle wont chase you anymore, but now you have to get through all the patrols
out hunting for you.

Continue to follow Price, letting the first patrol pass by and when it is safe
to do so fall in behind Price and keep right on his tail until he stops. Ahead
is a three man patrol, you will be given the option to take them out or leave
them be, take them out. Look in the bushes just to the left and in front of
their position to find Enemy Intelligence (1/3). Follow Price under the
pipeline and further up the hill until he stops and tells you about another
group of baddies in front. Take out the two soldiers on the right as
instructed, and Price should drop the guard with the dog. Sometimes he will not
kill the dog, so be sure to pop the canine if he doesn’t to prevent an alarm
being raised.

Coming to the top of the next rise, there will be another enemy patrol coming
into the area from the left. You are given the option to try to eliminate them
or to let them pass. This time, let them pass and when clear, follow Price
until he stops for a breather under the large pipe. Wait for the enemy patrol
to depart before jumping out of cover and heading up the hill to the right.
Slide down the other side.

As you make your way into the next area, another group of allies will regroup
with you. This area consists of a number of snowed under houses and the goal is
to reach the exit in the western most portion of the area. A large contingent
of enemies will enter the zone through a gate in the north of the area and will
make progression pretty difficult. Slowly move up between the houses and assist
the squad in cleansing the area by killing enemies from cover when appropriate.
Alternatively you can move up the street on the left side of the area until you
reach the boom gate blocking the way, then turning to the right and climbing to
the roof of the house here to get a good view of the area which makes
destroying the enemy resistance much easier.

When the area is clear make your way to the path exiting the area from the
northwest and follow it to the bottom of the hill. You will now need to move
through the base here to the submarine on the opposite side of the area as
quickly as possible. Keep in mind that you do have your UAV which you can
control every 30 seconds or so to bring down a missile on the heads of enemy
armour and infantry.

Before you start your assault, use your UAV to destroy the helicopter on the
roof, this will alert the base, so take out the enemies in the small courtyard
directly in front of you. Cruise through the gate and to the left to find a
building with the number 33 printed on the side, enter this and clear the
enemies inside. In the third room, just before the exit door you should find
Enemy Intelligence (2/3) sitting on a desk to the left. Exit the building here
and continue straight ahead. By now you should have the UAV ready to fire off
another missile – use it this time to take out either a cluster of enemies or
a vehicle.

Clear the enemies around the building in front of you and look up for a set of
stairs on the left. Make your way to the top of these to find Enemy
Intelligence (3/3) in the corner. Return downstairs and head through the
building.  On popping out the other side, turn left and kill any enemies
residing along the wall here and then pull up behind the first crate and use
your UAV missile to clear any enemy vehicles nearby. Continue through the gap
in the stone wall here and fight your way to the guard tower with the number 33
on it between your current position and the crane near the submarine.

Climb to the top and once there you will need to defend the area against
several waves of enemies. Luckily you have your UAV still, so be sure to use it
as soon as it becomes available and as often as possible, with the missiles you
should do your utmost to prioritise large groups of enemies, troop transport
vehicles and enemy armour. Between missile strikes, pull out your sniper rifle
and assist the rest of the squad in firing down death on the enemies below.
Towards the end of the attack, the UAV will be taken out of commission, so just
snipe away until the mission ends.

                              [ACT13] Second Sun                              


Enemy Intelligence: 0

This mission picked up where Act 2 ended, you are still strapped into the
crashed helicopter and are handed a gun defend the position. After a short bit
of fighting, the camera pans out to space and you will be controlling the
camera of an astronaught working on a satellite. You will get a radio message
indicating you should look to the right at the missile cresting the horizon.
Watch it as it approaches and watch the scene unfold.

When you regain control, you will be back on the ground, still trapped inside
the helicopter, someone will come and help you out. Follow Foley exactly, as
you will need to dodge the falling helicopters and debris that are crashing to
earth all around you. When you reach the flaming hole in the building on the
right side of the street, jump inside and stay there until Sgt Foley tells you
its clear to leave. Exit and follow him up the street to the right, soon after
you will run into a runner who tells you to keep moving north towards the

Head up the stairs into the next building on the left and climb up to the
second floor. As one of your crew opens the door here, enemy fire will come
flying out from the opposite side. Head inside to find yourself in a large
office area, without lighting it is quite difficult to spot the bad guys here,
so be especially careful when moving between cover. After the room has been
pacified, exit through the door at the back, through a short corridor and into
a second office area. Same tactics apply here as above. When cleared jump out
of the broken window on the right side of the room into the carpark below.

Stay close to your squad as they move across the area and they will spot three
enemies on a tank in front of you. When they fire upon you, take them out. 
Follow your crew down the stairs and through the park on the opposite side of
the street. At the exit of the park area, another group of hostiles appear on
the street in front of you. Wait for a response, before joining your squad in
filling them with lead. When the lot of them are pushing up daisies, follow
your crew into the next building and descend the stairs to complete the

                            [ACT14] Whiskey Hotel                            


Enemy Intelligence: 2

You will start this mission in a presidential bomb shelter of sorts and will
need to make your way to the end, before climbing the dirt ramp leading out to
the surface. As you exit you will see the Whitehouse in front of you. This is
where we need to go and of course it is supremely heavily defended with
miniguns, guards in every window and RPGs firing frequently from the roof.
Rather than attacking the main building head-on, you will be forced to the left
and in through the west wing.

There is very little in the way of tactics here, just stay behind cover and run
up when the opportunity arises, when you reach the crashed helicopter on the
way to the waypoint marker, crouch behind the tail of it and clear the area in
front – try to take out the guys on the roof in front as well. When you run
out of targets, move up to the next piece of cover and repeat the process until
you arrive at the building itself. Wipe out any remaining pockets of resistance
before heading inside.

Wait for Dunn to open the door before entering and clearing the next room. As
you enter, you should see a hole in the wall in front of you, look on a couch
to the left of this to find Enemy Intelligence (1/2). Continue through the room
and turn left upon exiting to find yourself in a broadcasting area. Eliminate
the enemies who have been camping in this joint. This room leads into an office
area and also has an outside patio area that runs a good length of the
building, it is important whilst trying to take the office area next to keep an
eye out for enemies looking to flank you from outside the windows here.

Cruise through the next rook and wait for one of your squad to come and open
the door, follow your team through the corridors here and ascend the debris
ramp at the end. At the top turn left and clear the room as quickly as possible
before heading up the set of stairs at the far end. After turning right at the
top and going through a hole in the wall, quickly turn to your right and run
over and pick up Enemy Intelligence (2/2) before following your squad up the
next ramp out onto the balcony and popping your flare to complete the mission.

                              [ACT15] Loose Ends                              

Description: Find and kill Makarov at his safe house on the Georgian-Russian

Enemy Intelligence: 3

You will start at the top of a hill overlooking a wooded valley area below
sitting between you and Makarov's safe house. Start down the path to the left
and continue across the clearing flanked by a pair of cliffs towards the trees,
as you do a large group of enemies will spring an ambush and you will step near
a land mine you will go into slow motion and have a short window of time in
which to go prone to avoid being killed by the subsequent explosion.

When you regain your senses, quickly look up on the cliff to the left and kill
the rpg troopers here and then hug the wall beneath them as you use it as cover
to kill any visible enemies in or around the smoke before you. When you can see
no more, sprint forward into the smoke and follow the rock wall around to the
left into a smoke free zone populated by a number of tree stumps, immediately
go prone and take cover behind these. Defend this area until you feel
relatively safe before mopping up any remaining enemy units and continuing
uphill towards the house.

As you approach the road leading to the safe house, a pair of trucks will roar
past, shoot at them if you like - your squad seems to enjoy the challenge.
They are bulletproof, so there isn't a lot of point wasting your ammo and
they will be destroyed momentarily anyway. Once they have been explodified,
continue up the hill to the house. Nearing the top of the hill, another pair of
vehicles will show up and drop of 10-12 enemies for you to kill. Retreat down
the hill to the cover of the nearby trees or solar panels and take them out
from here. When it's safe to do so, continue up the hill to the house. Before
you breach however, I suggest you head to the back of the building and down the
small hill to its rear to find a smaller building with a boat inside, look on
the crate nearby to find Enemy Intelligence (1/3). Return to the safe house.

There are three doors that can be breached from the outside and several more
which need to have the same treatment done to them on the inside of the house.
I suggest busting through the lowest of the three doors, and letting your other
squad members handle the upstairs area. As you breach there will be 4 enemies
in the room, another 2 will come down the stairs to the back left to join them
and a further enemy or two can be found firing at you from the bathroom down
the hallway to the right as you enter.

Once the area is clear, there are two doors to breach in the hallway here, take
the left first and kill the three baddies as they try to escape out the back
door, then turn around and breach the other door here. There will be a guy in
front and a second in an armoury area to the left. Kill them both and enter the
armoury, pick up Enemy Intelligence (2/3) here and pick a pair of weapons of
your choice before heading upstairs to help breach the remaining locked doors.
As you cruise upstairs be on the lookout for any enemies that Ghost and his
pals might have missed, before making your way up to the top floor. There is
only 1 door here, so clear it of the 4 enemies (watch out for one of them
lurking in the bathroom with the blow up doll) and collect the Enemy
Intelligence (3/3) sitting on a crate below the windowsill in front of you.

Return downstairs, you will now need to plug in a DSM and transfer the files
from Makarov's computer. This will take about 5 minutes to complete and the
bad guys aren't too happy about you trying to discover the true location of
their boss and will send a small army in an attempt to stop you. Before you
connect up the DSM you should take the time to prepare. Plant your claymores
around the various entrances and hallways to buy yourself some time and when
you've used them all, go back to the armoury and pick up another bunch. When
the house has booby traps pouring out of its wahzoo and you are ready to go,
start the transfer.

My preferred hiding spot for the next part is as good as any (and I'm sure
there are better ones out there, but it worked for me on Veteran so I'm
happy!). From the computer, look straight ahead. See the two couches on the
right wall? Get in between them and go prone, then turn to face the computer
from here you can see all three major entry points for baddies: the kitchen
behind the computer, the front door and the hallway directly in front of you.
Once all the claymores have gone off, you will need to keep an eye on all
three portals and pop anyone trying to destroy the computer. It is not too
tough, but you will need to watch out as they are pretty keen on their flash
bangs, to combat this, just take cover until you can see properly or
alternately throw a flash bang back so they won't shoot the computer whilst
you recover. When the transfer is complete, shoot anyone in the vicinity,
before grabbing the object and sprinting down the hallway opposite the hiding
spot and jumping over the balcony.

There will be a million and one enemies chasing you now, so sprint down the
hill and to the left of the small lake here, continue towards the waypoint
marker and as you run down the final hill here, there will be a good number of
enemies firing up at you from all sides, try to run straight down the hill
ruining from tree to tree to grab as much cover as you can before sprinting out
into the field below. It doesn't matter if you kill anyone or not, once you
reach a certain point you will see an explosion and be immobilised. When you
come to, shoot baddies as you are getting dragged away and then watch the scene
here to complete the mission.

                         [ACT16] The Enemy of My Enemy                        

Description: Escape from General Shepard's trap in the boneyard.

Enemy Intelligence: 2

You will start this mission in the midst of an airplane graveyard and in the
fuselage of an airplane. This mission can be pretty tough, but it can also be
incredibly easy. There are two types of soldiers here, both are hostile to you
and to each other - so if you stay hidden long enough, they will kill each
other and you can pop out of cover and cap any remaining baddies.

From the start, move up to the window and kill anybody who is close enough to
detect you, the rest of the enemies will keep themselves busy for now. Turn
left and jump down and find the way into the plane nearby. Cruise up to the
cockpit to find Enemy Intelligence (1/2). When the mood outside is relatively
calm, exit the wreckage and sprint towards the west until you reach a road.
Hang out behind the blue shipping container for a moment whilst the numbers
around the corner thin out and then head around the corner and look through the
windows of the debris here to kill the gunner on the back of the truck and
whatever is left of the infantry from both sides.

Move forward and into the next wreck you see to the right,  it should be the
top half of a plane making a perfect little tunnel from which to observe
the opposing factions duke it out. Do watch out though for enemies with rockets
who appear on the roof of the next plane to the west of your position and any
dogs that might be wandering the area. As long as you stay prone in here it
will be very unlikely enemies will be able to find you, however they will
still occasionally hide behind debris at the east side of the plane so be
vigilant here to prevent them from sneaking up on you. When you are satisfied
the bad guys have done enough damage to one another, make your presence known
and stamp out the remainder in the immediate area.

When safe, continue moving to the west and hang out between the red shipping
container and the raised airplane body on wheels next to it. Again wait for the
fighting to die down a little before heading in and finishing it off. Head
around the nose of the plane in front of you and into another half-plane tunnel
from which you can clear the immediate area. Exit on the west side and head up
to the red shipping crate to your left. Wait for the shooting to settle down a
bit before running round the nose of the plane in front and dropping any
hostiles still hanging out. Around the corner to the west you will see a
helicopter and an armoured car duking it out, kill the gunner on the vehicle
and fall back round the corner.

A large group of enemies were being held in check by the turret and will now
converge on your position. Kill them and then hang out behind the nose of the
plane here as the fighting will reignite in the open area here. Once again kill
any stragglers when the fighting slows down a bit. Continue west and find the
plane that is broken in half with one part slanted upwards. Enter here and
climb to the top and you will be overlooking a large open area here with tonnes
of bad guys of both colours fighting. Help thin out the numbers with your
sniper rifle, but don't jump down until the area is clear.

Drop down and clear the east side of the area and then head inside the large
plane at the centre. As you move through it some more enemies from both sides
will appear and an machinegun toting jeep will make a quick cameo as the
fighting re-intensifies. Wait for a lull in the fighting before jumping out,
climbing the hill to the west and smashing off the brains of any surviving
combatants. Just at the top of the hill, look for the nose of the airplane
perched on top facing the large area we just travelled through. Look in the
cockpit here for Enemy Intelligence (2/2). Now fight your way through the
remaining enemies moving from cover to cover until you reach Price in his jeep
so jump in.

Now we enter a rail gunning sequence reminiscent to the final level of Call of
Duty 4. This can get very hectic as you are inevitably swept up in a high speed
pursuit with gunfire, crashes and explosions galore and boy can it be difficult
to take everything in. No worry though, as all you need to do is shoot the bad
guys! Be sure to kill any turret gunners and kill the enemies sitting in the
back of any trucks that appear until you reach the runway. Once on the runway
you will see a plane starting to take off, continue to kill any bad guys until
the driver is shot - you will then need to steer the vehicle into the open
cargo hatch at the back of the plane to complete the mission.

                          [ACT17] Just Like Old Times                         

Description: Search the Afghan cave network for General Shepard.

Enemy Intelligence: 4

The first half of this mission will be a stealth run through an enemy base, and
like the earlier 'Contingency' mission, you will be partnered with Price
who will pretty much hold your hand and tell you what to do all the time.

Stick close to Price and he will stop on a ledge overlooking a road below with
6 soldiers and a pair of dogs. Wait for the group to separate leaving 4 dudes
and a dog behind, you will have to take out the two guys on the right and the
dog. Once complete, slide down the hill and continue along the road until Price
says it's time to take out the next group, when they are down, move to the
railing nearby and when instructed interact with it to rappel down. At the
bottom, use the melee button to kill the guard below, and then follow Price
into the cave.

Ignore the guard in front for now and cruise into the dark room to the left of
the first main area, a patrol will run past and a single baddie will remain to
have a smoke. Kill him then look on the opposite side of the room from where
you were hiding on a crate in a small tunnel to find Enemy Intelligence (1/4).
Return to Price and continue, do not shoot anybody and move quietly into the
corridor to the left. In the tunnel ahead, Price will alert you to two enemies
coming through a doorway here. Eliminate the one on the left when told to do

Follow Price into the tunnel here and up the stairs, let Price kill the guy at
the top of the stairs. Upon entering the next room, the lights will go out and
a group of enemies will run in, continue through the room and run into the left
hand corridor, go prone and kill any enemies that start your way, they will be
easy to spot as the steam in the air will light up the aiming lasers on their
weapons. Once they are all dead or dying follow Price towards the exit, before
heading out of the cave look in a small room to the left to find Enemy
Intelligence (2/4), make your way outside.

Turn left and grab a riot shield from the ammo stash here, equip it and head up
the stairs nearby. The next part is easy, hold your shield up in front of you
to block enemy fire and follow the path along the cliffs edge constantly move
forward, in the meantime Price will follow behind you and quickly dispatch each
and every enemy with his godlike accuracy. When you get to the next cave drop
the shield and pick up something else to your liking and then move after Price
into the tunnel.

This area is a large room with paths heading to the left and right and a
smaller route up the centre. As you enter you will see a large group of enemies
drop in to the right side via helicopter, several of whom will be equipped with
shields, to supplement these forces, additional troops will exit the tunnel at
the far end and approach you either from the centre or the left side.
Immediately take cover and try to kill the shield troops with grenades or an
explosive barrel (there are in abundance in this room) if possible, then
eliminate their mates. When the room is clear, fight your way into the tunnel
at the back of the room from where you entered.

The next room sees you up against another large squad of enemies, this time in
a shroud of smoke. They have thermal vision weapons, you don't. On entering
turn left and take cover behind the broken brick wall here and pick up the
SCAR-H thermal sight and kill any adventurous baddies who come around the wall
to get you. Staying in cover, eliminate the enemy force. Keep in mind that some
of them do have shields, so prioritise killing these guys before they get too
close. To add to your worries, there is also a small side tunnel on the north
side of the room which makes it easy for them to flank you if you are not
careful. When the coast is clear, mosey into the tunnel at the north end of the
room and look for Enemy Intelligence (3/4) sitting on an ammo crate here.
Continue down the tunnel and take cover behind the crates on the left here.

Another group of enemies will enter the area from a tunnel on the right, so
take them out from cover and then follow the tunnel to the end and a locked
door. When you are ready, breach this and kill the 5 enemies inside. Price will
run over to a computer and do something. Look on the table just to his left to
find Enemy Intelligence (4/4). When instructed, turn around and use the
terminal here to open the doors. Follow Price up the stairs and outside.

After a quick scene, kill the wounded enemy soldiers below, and then move after
Price. He will lead you down a narrow pathway with a raised section of cave to
the left. Enemies will pour in from the west and you will need to kill them.
There is plenty of cover about, so dig in and eliminate the enemy forces paying
special attention to the ridge on the left to prevent any sneaky hostiles from
flanking you. Move up and into the next section of the area to the southwest.
Eliminate the remaining forces here and then enter the tunnel behind them to
complete the mission.

                                [ACT18] Endgame                               

Description: Kill General Shepard.

Enemy Intelligence: 1

Follow Price down the stairs to the dock here, he will jump into a boat. Before
you join him, pick up Enemy Intelligence (1/1) sitting on the crate just in
front of him. Jump in the boat.

The next part is reminiscent of the snowmobile escape earlier in the game and
handling the boat here is exactly the same. You need to focus more on driving
and keeping up with your fleeing target more than anything else, dodging all
the rockets, helicopter fire and trying not to be pushed into rocks or debris
by attacking gunboats. The good news is that whilst you drive you can still
fire your gun and should definitely utilise it when being pestered by enemy
boats or foot soldiers hanging out on bridges or outcrops in front of you.

You will first head through a couple of cave like areas, which you should be
able to navigate through with minimal difficulty. When you reach the large,
open lake area be sure to watch out for enemy boats, destroying them if
possible. You will also need to stay on the lookout for the hostile
helicopters, Price will usually tell you which way to go, but as a rule of
thumb you want to head away from where the helicopter is shooting! After
cruising across the large lake, under a couple of bridges and hopefully
destroying plenty of boats in the process, you will jump down into a small

The first few moments are a little hectic as you get your bearings, but you
will eventually encounter some rpg soldiers who will shoot at you from the
right side of the river. Continue on until you see your quarry being picked up
by a cargo chopper. It will take off, turn the corner and keep the boat as
straight as possible for Price and watch the scene unfold.

When you regain control, you will have lost all your gear and have nothing on
you but your knife. Head straight forward towards the flaming wreckage in the
distance and killing any wounded enemies you encounter on the way. When you
reach the crash site, Sheppard will jump out and run off to your right. Follow
him until he stops and watch the scene unfold. Follow the on screen button
prompts and when given the opportunity look at the knife in your chest, mash
the button indicated on the screen, then line up Sheppard's head and throw
the knife to finish the game.

Well done on completing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2!

Pieces of Enemy Intelligence: 1
1. On a crate opposite the stairs leading to the training course.

Team Player   
Pieces of Enemy Intelligence: 2
1.Follow Foley through a classroom to the right at the top of a set of stairs
  to find this one on a desk.

2.On a crate near the end of the sheltered area leading away from the door
  exiting the school.

Pieces of Enemy Intelligence: 1
1. Up a ladder, on a catwalk in the guard tower just in front of the gate.

2. After planting the explosives and crossing the runway, you will meet Soap
   behind a hangar. There is a second hangar nearby, head up to the back
   window and look inside. Smash it and grab the Intel off the table.

3. Look out for the first fork-like area during the snowmobile chase, slow
   down and cruise up the middle to find this one.

No Russian                          
Pieces of Enemy Intelligence: 0
 There is no Enemy Intelligence in this level.

Pieces of Enemy Intelligence: 4
1. When jumping down into the favela, move up the left had wall until you
   reach the back of the area. Turn left and look for an orange building
   jutting into the alleyway here. Opposite this is a cream coloured house.
   The laptop is inside.

2. About a third of the way through the favela you will do a u-turn round
   a corner. At this point look out for a ladder leading into a nearby
   building. Climb up and clear the area - the laptop is on the table inside.

3. Head out the back of the building housing Intel Item (2/4) and turn left,
   you will see a set of wooden stairs, climb these and enter the door here.
   Inside you will find the laptop sitting on a crate near a bed on the ground

4. Look for a door into a building just to the right of a burning car - find
   the stairs down and claim your next enemy intelligence item!

Pieces of Enemy Intelligence: 4
1. On the counter of the diner just to the left of the gas station.

2. On the counter in the bank building to the left of Nate's Diner.

3. Inside the Taco To Go restaurant to the right of Nates Diner. Enter
   through the destroyed section of the building.

4. Inside the dumpster outside of Burger Town which is closest to the Taco To

The Hornet's Nest        
Pieces of Enemy Intelligence: 4
1.Inside the building at the far end of the fist area on a table.

2. In the next open area, once the enemies are dead. Look for a tire on the
   roof of a small structure just to the left of the big building dominating
   the area, look on the shelf below it for Enemy Intelligence (2/4).

3. About halfway up the hill you should see a blue car parked on the right
   side of the street, turn right into the building next to it and climb up
   the stairs to find Enemy Intelligence (3/4)

4. In the window behind the soccer goal.

Pieces of Enemy Intelligence: 3
1. On a table in the small admin office in front of the first set of
   apartments you come across.

2. At the security checkpoint, look in the right hand room to find this piece
   of intelligence.

3. After crossing the bridge, you will find the final piece of intelligence
   in the secon home on the right of the road. It is upstairs on a couch.

The Only Easy Day... Was Yesterday
Pieces of Enemy Intelligence: 3
1. In a shelf to the left at the top of the stairs following the first breach.

2. After blowing up the C4, head through the newly open gate and around the
   corner. You should see the laptop sitting on a shelf nearby.

3. before heading up the final set of stairs, head inside the door to the
   right. Look beneath the flight of yellow stairs in here for the last

The Gulag                           
Pieces of Enemy Intelligence: 4
1. Before entering the first tunnle, head up the stairs in front of you to
   find the first piece of intelligence in the room here.

2. Enter the control room and explore the opposite side of the area from the
   entrance to find the second laptop.

3. After exiting the armory, look in the room to the roght between the first
   two gates heading around the circular area to find the next laptop.

4. After rescuing prisoner 627 and regaining control. Turn around and look at
   the corner to the left to find the final piece of intelligence.

Of Their Own Accord       
Pieces of Enemy Intelligence: 2
1. In an elevator opening and closing soon after entering the building. You
   will have to try very hard to miss this one.

2. When you enter the area with the AA gun you need to destroy, look straight
   down the hallway to the left to see a photocopier in front of a portrait
   next to a locked door slightly to the right. As you approach the door an
   enemy will toss a grenade out, avoid that and kill him – head inside to
   find Enemy Intelligence (2/2)

Pieces of Enemy Intelligence: 3
1. After finding the first three man patrol, you will be given the option to
   take them out or leave them be, take them out. Look in the bushes just to
   the left and in front of their position to find Enemy Intelligence (1/3).

2. When attacking the base at the end of the mission, look out for a building
   with the number 33 on it to your left as you enter. The laptop is insde.
   clear out the baddies and look for it in the room closest to the back door.

3. Exit the 33 building and look up to the left to see a helipad. Locate the
   stairs nearby and head up to the pad to find the final piece of
   intelligence in this mission.

Second Sun                  
Pieces of Enemy Intelligence: 0
There is no Enemy Intelligence in this level.

Whiskey Hotel                  
Pieces of Enemy Intelligence: 2
1. After breaking down the door after first entering the west wing, this piece
   of enemy intelligence can be found on a couch to the left of the partially
   destroyed wall you can see as you enter.

2. At the top of the final set of stairs, head through the door to the right
   to run out the balcony and light the flares, before you do look in the
   corner of the room to find this laptop. 

Loose Ends                       
Pieces of Enemy Intelligence: 3
1. On a crate in front of the small building containing a boat behind Makarov's

2. Inside the armory on the bottom floor of Makarov's safehouse.

3. Inside the bedroom on the top floor you have to breach and clear - it is
   under the window opposite the entry point.


The Enemy of my Enemy          
Pieces of Enemy Intelligence: 2
1. Inside the cockpit of the first plane to the right from the start of the

2. When you reach the large open area with the large, fairly intact plane in
   the middle and the hill behind it. Look for the nose of a plane perched on
   top of the hill facing the open area below. Look inside for the laptop.

Just Like Old Times               
Pieces of Enemy Intelligence: 4
1. After entering the cave and avoiding the patrol, kill the guy having a
   smoke and look in the small tunnel on the far side of the room to find the
   first piece of intel.

2. Before exiting the first cave, look in a small alcove to the left for the
   next laptop.

3. In the room where the enemies attack you through the smoke, you will find
   the third piece of enemy intelligence in the small tunnel to the north of
   the room sitting on an ammo crate.

4. Follow Price into the control room, he will start working away on a
   computer. As he does, check out the table just to his left to find the
   fourth and final laptop for the level.

Pieces of Enemy Intelligence: 1
1. On a crate just in front of the boat.


                   Level progression Achievements/Trophies    

Back in the Saddle 
Description: Help train the local militia.

How to: Complete 'S.S.D.D' on any difficulty

Danger Close
Description: Get hand picked for Shepherd's elite squad.

How to: Complete 'Team Player' on any difficulty

Cold Shoulder
Description: Infiltrate the snowy mountain side base.

How to: Complete 'Cliffhanger' on any difficulty

Tag 'em and bag 'em
Description: Find Rojas in the Favelas.

How to: Complete 'Takedown' on any difficulty

Royale with Cheese
Description: Defend Burger Town.

How to: Complete 'Wolverines!' on any difficulty

Soap on a Rope
Description: Storm the gulag.

How to: Complete 'The Gulag' on any difficulty

Desperate Times
Description: Execute the plan to help the Americans.

How to: Complete 'Contingency' on any difficulty

Whiskey Hotel
Description: Take back Whiskey Hotel.

How to: Complete 'Whiskey Hotel' on any difficulty

The Pawn
Description: Assault Makarov's safe house.

How to: Complete 'Loose Ends' on any difficulty

Out of the Frying Pan…
Description: Complete the mission in the airplane graveyard.

How to: Complete 'Enemy of My Enemy' on any difficulty

                 Veteran Difficulty Achievements/Trophies               

First Day of School
Description: Complete 'S.S.D.D' and 'Team Player' on Veteran Difficulty.
How to: Use the above walkthrough to complete the aforementioned levels on 
        veteran difficulty. Good Luck!

Black Diamond
Description: Complete 'Cliffhanger' on Veteran Difficulty.
How to: Use the above walkthrough to complete the aforementioned levels on 
        veteran difficulty. Good Luck!

Description: Complete 'Takedown' and 'The Hornet's Nest' on Veteran 
How to: Use the above walkthrough to complete the aforementioned levels on 
        veteran difficulty. Good Luck!

Red Dawn
Description: Complete 'Wolverines!' and 'Exodus' on Veteran Difficulty.
How to: Use the above walkthrough to complete the aforementioned levels on 
        veteran difficulty. Good Luck!

Prisoner #627
Description: Complete 'The Only Easy Day... Was Yesterday' and 'The Gulag' on 
             Veteran Difficulty.
How to: Use the above walkthrough to complete the aforementioned levels on 
        veteran difficulty. Good Luck!

Ends Justify the Means
Description: Complete 'Contingency' on Veteran Difficulty
How to: Use the above walkthrough to complete the aforementioned levels on 
        veteran difficulty. Good Luck!

Description: Complete 'Of Their Own Accord', 'Second Sun', and 'Whiskey Hotel'
             on Veteran Difficulty.
How to: Use the above walkthrough to complete the aforementioned levels on 
        veteran difficulty. Good Luck!

Queen takes Rook
Description: Complete 'Loose Ends' and 'The Enemy of My Enemy' on Veteran 
How to: Use the above walkthrough to complete the aforementioned levels on 
        veteran difficulty. Good Luck!

Off the Grid
Description: Complete 'Just Like Old Times' and 'Endgame' on Veteran 
How to: Use the above walkthrough to complete the aforementioned levels on 
        veteran difficulty. Good Luck!

                 Game Completion Achievements/Trophies       

For the Record
Description: Complete the Single Player campaign on any difficulty.

The Price of War
Description: Complete the single player campaign on Hardened or Veteran 

                 Special Ops Achievements / Trophies          

I'm the Juggernaut…
Description: Kill a Juggernaut in Special Ops.

Gold Star
Description: Earn 1 star in Special Ops.

Hotel Bravo
Description: Earn 4 stars in Special Ops.

Charlie On Our Six
Description: Earn 8 stars in Special Ops.

It Goes to Eleven
Description: Earn at least 1 star in 11 different Special Op missions.

Operational Asset
Description: Earn all 3 stars in at least 5 different Special Op missions.

Description: Earn 21 stars in Special Ops.

Honor Roll
Description: Earn at least 1 star in each Special Op mission.

Description: Earn all 3 stars in at least 10 different Special Op missions.

Description: Earn 30 stars in Special Ops.

Description: Earn all 3 stars in at least 15 different Special Op missions.

Star 69
Description: Earn 69 stars in Special Ops.

                        Combat Achievement/Trophies              

Downed but Not Out
Description: Kill 4 enemies in a row while downed in Special Ops.

Ten plus foot-mobiles
Description: Kill at least 10 enemies with one Predator missile in Single
             Player or Special Ops.
How to: The easiest way to get this achievement is on the level 'Wolverines!'
        at the end of the level you will be defending diners against oncoming
        waves of enemies with access to a UAV, at several points there will be
        very large groups of enemies close together. Simply line up a missile
        and let it fly. You can also do this in Special Ops mode.

Unnecessary Roughness
Description: Use a riot shield to beat down an enemy in Single Player or
             Special Ops.
How to: Pick up a riot shield and melee someone with it. Easiest done on the
        level 'The Gulag' or 'Just Like Old Times'.

Description: Kill 4 enemies with 4 shots during a slow-mo breach in Single
             Player or Special Ops.
How to: pick an accurate weapon and pop four enemies in four shots during a
        slow motion breach. Easiest done on the level 'The Only Easy Day...
        Was yesterday' but can also be achieved on 'Loose Ends,' 'Just Like
        Old Times' and 'The Gulag'. You can also do this in Special Ops mode.

Some Like it Hot
Description: Kill 6 enemies in a row using a thermal weapon in Single Player 
             or Special Ops.
How to: pick up a thermal scoped weapon and use it to eliminats six straight
        enemies. Easiest done from the rooftop of Nate's Diner in 'Wolverines!'
        or on the top floor of the oil rig in 'The Only Easy Day...Was
        Yesterday'. You can also do this in Special Ops mode.

Two Birds with One Stone
Description: Kill 2 enemies with a single bullet in Single Player or Special
How to: This happens more by chance than skill and most players seem to pick it
        up fairly early in the campaign. If you really have a lot of trouble,
        line up an enemy and wait for another to run in front or behind before
        pulling the trigger.

Drive By
Description: Kill 20 enemies in a row while driving a vehicle in Single Player
             or Special Ops.
How to: Jump on the snowmobile at the end of 'Cliffhanger' and drive really
        slow, there are a seemingly unlimited supply of enemy snow mobiles
        that will continue to drive past. Use your guns to shoot them until
        you knock over 20 straight. This can also be done in the level
        'Endgame' using the boat.

The Harder They Fall
Description: Kill 2 rappelling enemies in a row before they land on their feet
             in Single Player or Special Ops.
How to: Several times during the campaign you will see enmies drop in to the
        area from a helocpter. Simply shoot them before they hit the ground
        to get this one. Some levels to look out for rappeling soldiers
        include - 'Exodus', 'Whiskey Hotel' and'Just Like Old Times'.

Description: Kill 5 enemies in a row using 5 different weapons or attachments
             in Single Player or Special Ops.

Look Ma Two Hands
Description: Kill 10 enemies in a row using akimbo weapons in Single Player or
             Special Ops.
How to: pick up a set of akimbo weapons - the dual weilded variety and use them
        to kill 10 enemies in a row. Your best bet to finding and using these
        would be the "Takedown' or 'Hornet's Nest' missions.

No Rest For the Wary
Description: Knife an enemy without him ever knowing you were there in Single
             Player or Special Ops.
How to: Sneak up on an enemy and melee him. Easiest done whilst sneaking into
        the base during 'Cliffhanger'

Description: Kill at least 3 enemies with a single shot from a grenade
             launcher in Single Player or Special Ops.
How to: Equip your grenade launcher and hit a small cluster of enemies. Easiest
        done on 'Team Player' near the start when the group of rocket launcher
        enemies appears on the bridge. Also easily done on 'No Russian' when
        the large group of roit police emerge from the smoke on the runway.

                    Collectibles Achievements/Trophies      

To unlock both of these achievements/trophies, all you really need to do is
collect the various pieces of enemy intelligence scattered throughout each
level. If you followed the walkthough above [WLKTH] you should earn both of
these before completing the game. If you missed a laptop or two, check out
the enemy intelligence guide above [EINTL].

The Road Less Traveled
Description: Collect 22 enemy intel items.
How to; Find half of the intelligence items.

Leave No Stone Unturned
Description: Collect 45 enemy intel items.
How to: Find every intelligence item in the game.

                        Misc Achievements/Trophies       

Pit Boss
Description: Run The Pit in 'S.S.D.D' and finish with a final time under 30
How to: To reach the 30 second target you will need to first learn where the
        targets will be. Once you know the locations, run the course sprinting
        as often as possible. If you are able, you should try to line up
        several enemy targets at once to get 100+% accuracy. The more accurate
        you are, the better time deduction bonuses you will earn at the end.

Description: Plant the C4 in 'Cliffhanger' without alerting or injuring
             anyone in the blizzard.
How to: Follow the guide above for the 'Cliffhanger' Level.

Colonel Sanderson
Description: Kill 7 chickens in under 10 seconds in 'The Hornet's Nest'.

How to: When you reach the market area filled with baddies, clear the area out
        trying your best not to shoot too many of the chicken cages. In the
        second marketplace, you will find several stacked chicken cages in
        one spot. If you can hit a stack of five with a grenade and shoot 
        another couple of cages on the side you will unlock this bad boy in a


I would like to thank the following people/entities:

- GameFAQs for always being there when I needed help and for accepting my FAQ.
- Infinity Ward for continuing to make awesome games.
- My fiancee Kumiko, who has been incredibly patient and understanding.
- And everybody who has taken the time to read my FAQs so far.

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The guide currently contains:
- Hints & tips section
- Full campaign walkthrough with all collecible locations.
- Achievement guide
- Enemy Intel guide

submitted 4th January, 2010
Version 0.7
The guide currently contains:
- Walkthroughs for 14/18 Campaign missions
- Achievement guide coming soon!
- Enemy Intel guide coming soon!

submitted 4th January, 2010

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