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                            UNLOCK LIST 
Yamcha:Tien vs. Nappa(map 1) 
Nappa:Vegeta vs. Nappa(map 1) 
Recoome:Goku vs. Recoome(map 2) 
Vegeta:Goku vs. Vegeta(map 3) 
Trunks:Kid trunks vs. Vegeta(map 3) 
Ginyu:Vegeta vs.Ginyu(map 3) 
Frieza:Goku vs. Frieza(map 3) 
18:Krillin vs. 18(map 4) 
17:Piccolo vs. 17(map 4) 
Dr.Gero:Goku vs. Dr.Gero(map 4) 
Cell:Goku vs.Cell(map 4) 
Gt.Saiyaman:Gohan vs.Cell(map 4) 
16:Goku vs.16(map 4) 
Supreme Kai:Goku vs.Supreme Kai(map 5) 
Hercule:Gt.Saiyaman vs.Fat Buu(map 6) 
Videl:Hercule vs. Super Buu(with Gohan absorbed) 
Teen Gohan:Gohan vs. Cell 
Dabura:Get 100 kili in Babidi's spaceship 
fat buu:Get 1200 kili in Babidi's spaceship 
Super Buu:Get 2400 kili in Babidi's spaceship 
Kid Buu:Get 3600 kili in Babidi's spaceship 

Babidi's Mind control:Kill Majin Vegeta the 1st time you see him with Goku. 
Potara-Vegito:Get the potara from the Supreme Kai and give to to Vegeta. 
Ill do more later.Thank you!

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