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Submitted By: Dragon Tamer / Paul Gavin   May 8th 2002

1) Updates
2) Freqently Asked Questions
3) Credits
4) Notes/apologies
5) Coming soon!
1) Updates

version 1.0. First Made May 8th 2002
version 1.1. spell check + addition + 2 NEW section May 10 2002
2) Frequently Asked Questions

Q)= Qustion A)=Answer

Q) What are some great Golden Sun sites that you recomend?
A) www.gssource.100free.com for awesome layout and info, Golden Sun anonymous for a 
supearb dictionary and walkthrough, and Mia's Domain for chalenging trivia.

Q) Why do Psynergies with the same sequence (such as Volcano, Eruption, Pyroclasm)do 
less damage than sequenceless kinds?
A) I'm Puzzled by this to, but it may be because Ragnarok for example is aleready 
powerful and streghthens as your level grows, while gaia, Mother Gaia, Grand Gaia 
sequences are powerful as they come.

Q) I Know that Water (Mercury) is Weakened by Fire(Mars), But what weaknesses do 
wind and Earth have?
A) I honestly have no clue but I'm *guessing* That earth is weak to water.

Q) What Weapons do you recomend to build up an extremely strong late game team?
A) I'd give Isaac The Gaia Blade, Garet With the Demon Axe, Mia with the Wicked 
Mace, And Ivan with the Kikuichimonji.

Q) Are there any ways to avoid certain bosses and still beat the game?
A) Yes in deed. But only one. in the Suhalla Desert the Storm Lizard can be avoided! 
But it'll be a touch n' go! Climb down the stairs that lead you to a *White* 
tornado. The *second* it begins to move toward you RUN (as in press B and +pad). If 
you get caught in a battle just FLEE!!! The minute you press A on the flee button 
press B and +pad in the direction you are going in before the battle! Continue the 
process to Suhalla gate. TAKE A NICE REST. Congrats! you avoided a boss. You can go 
back and fight the lizard if you need the exp. by the way it gives *I THINK* 1600 

3) Credits

First I thank Ikillkenny for his supearb players guide that let me answer these 
questions, After beating the game.
Then Myself for good work.
And Cheatcodes .com for leting me use their site to publish my guide on.

4) Notes/Apologies

None yet

5) Coming soon!

Golden Sun Dictionary!
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