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King's Field: The Ancient City FAQ
version 04.06.02 
Started: 03.29.02
Game Format: Playstation 2 console
Author: Daikous

Copyright 2002 Daikous. All right reserved.
This document is for personal use only. This document is not to be
used by anything commercial. You may use this document on your non
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update history: 
03.29.02 - started and modified.
04.04.02 - sent in to gamefaqs, first public debut.
04.06.02 - added more key item sections (magic crystals).
04.07.02 - minor cosmetic changes. the "swim" question. more on
walkthrough. more items listed. added "fist" info to basics & tips

update future:
completed walkthrough
full item listing

Table of Contents

- 1. Introduction

- 2. Story 

- 3. Basics & Tips

- 4. Characters list

- 5. Mini Walkthrough
	a. Starting the quest.
	b. First boss: SPIDER!
	c. Expedition was a failure?
	d. Ancient tower.
	e. Fresh air, big guys, and huge fights.

- 6. FAQ

- 7. Key Item Summary
	a. Keys
	b. Items
	c. Magic Crystals
	d. Weapons
	e. Armor
	f. Accessories

- 8. Credits / Contributers

[ 1 ] --------------------------------------------------

This is my very first FAQ, It's not the best but it's a start!
King's Field is the game I'm writing this FAQ for. This FAQ is no
where near complete. Updates will be frequent, Any questions,
comments and the such can be sent to [email protected] Questions
asked already seen on this FAQ will be deleted. So look carefully :)

[ 2 ] --------------------------------------------------
(as seen from the manual, and at www.kingsfield.agetec.com)

At the west of the barren land, at the foot of the high peaks within
the Morraddi mountains, lies a land found in the shadows of a dark and
misty forest. 

Once, this land was referred to as the Holy Land and it was blessed by
the grace of fertile soil and a giving Sun. 

There came a time long ago when the skies in this area became
perpetually obscured by a shroud of dark clouds. The Holy Land was
deserted. The people of this Land, known as the Forest Folk, built an
underground city and they have lived there ever since. 

Knowledge of this once great land has faded amongst the remaining
kingdoms. Even now, only a few of the wise men remember tales of the
Holy Land. The place is now referred to as simply "The Land of

One day, a ceremonial idol representing the highest ideal of peace was
presented to the King of the small country Heladin. Moved by the
gesture of the gift, the King, Lucien IV, decreed that the idol would
have a permanent home in his throne room. 

At once, the kingdom of Heladin began a quickening spiral of decay.
The King's sages were asked if they could discover the source of the
curse that had befallen the kingdom. 

The sages uncovered the legend of an "Idol of Sorrow" that was said to
originate from the mysterious Forest Folk from the Land of Disaster.
The sages attributed the fall of the Land of Disaster to the cursed
Idol of Sorrow and believe that the idol received by King Lucien was
indeed this item. The people of Heladin organized an expedition to
return the wretched idol to the Land of Disaster in the hopes of
breaking its curse. With the highest hopes, the team of adventurers,
led by the famous Sword Master, set out on their expedition and,
tragically, were never seen again. 

On a storm-swept night, Prince Devian of Azalin was visited by a
strange wanderer. The person presented the Prince with an idol and
informed him to, "Return this idol to the Land of Disaster so that
other kingdoms do not succumb to its wicked curse." 

Because of his friendship with the Sword Master, Prince Devian knew of
the expedition sent from Heladin to return a cursed idol but had not
heard the outcome. Feeling the burden of the quest to rid the land of
the wicked idol, the prince set out for the Land of Disaster and the
Ancient City that lies within its dark forest. Prince Devian was also
aware of the dangers inherent in traveling to a realm that has been
reclaimed by nature's fury. 

[ 3 ] --------------------------------------------------
	Basics & Tips

- Controls in King's Field are alittle awkward and slow, easy to
learn but hard to master. Learn to strafe with the shoulder buttons,
this makes it easier to get to the enemies back and attack. Also
walking and strafing around corners make it easier to view whats
around them, making you have the edge on an ambush, trap, etc.

- Save all the time, there are alot of traps out there. Once you die
anything found you will lose up to your last save.

- Talk to everyone, and keep going back to talk to them. They might
have some information about certian areas and items. Don't kill
anyone either, besides for Lee Maynor

- Examine everything, walls, floors, dead people, barrels, etc.
There are alot of items out there. Look everywhere you can, even

- Once you save the drawven blacksmith, Hamurah Forgefist, repair
any and all equipment. Having armors and weapons in good shape will
do very well in battle, making a better chance of survival in your

- Do NOT impulse buy! Only get herbs, shrooms, arrows,  etc. Usually
you'll find the weapons or armors (besides the crystal armor set)soon
after you meet these shop keepers. However, do buy what you think are
the rare items, magic crystals, vials, wands, etc.

- When you reach fist level 3 you'll be able to use fist magic, and
some weapons including darkwood club, windslasher, venom blade, etc.
can use "fist" magic as well. It will throw a razor like slash.

[ 4 ] --------------------------------------------------
	Character list

- Celcile Yeala: You'll see this coward sitting in the small cave
right in the beginning of the game. He's not much of a man, but he's
got a few interesting things to say.

- Lynn Genne: A young girl who tries to play with her mopy dog. Her
mother is sick and she really wants to help her. You can help her out
by giving her mom the rock of life. Whack her dog to be mean.  >:p 
Items you reiceive from her: Fire crystal #1 [fireball]

- Sharyl Genne: Mother to Lynn, she seems kinda anti-social giving
you short answsers and such. Give her the rock of life, and don't
forget to grab the shield by her bed.

- Duhrin Pathwardin: A old man that wants the world to be rid of
evil. Not much going on with him, besides the fact he.... you'll
see... Items you get from this gentleman: Rusty key; which opens up
his house.

- Chad Breshears: A master thief that really wants a rock of life,
go ahead and deliver it and he gives you a crystal vial. The vial is
a great item that will be essential to your quest. Fill them up with
healing water. You'll find him later on trying to sell you items he

- David Bunch: Catchy tune this guy has. He sells your first wind
crystal [wind cutter] and a few other things. Don't buy the mace or
helmet bucause you'll find them SOON, this rule applies for most
other shop owners.

- Marcus Zan: This rude dude you find in the mine near the
decomposed man with the poison stool growing out of him (cool site!).
This guy doesnt have much to say and thankfully he dies later on. 

- Mista Fopa: This old elf has some signs of Alzheimers Disease.
He's a dreamer wanting for the laughter of the childen to be heard.
He cares about the young folk. The item you can get from him is the
release rock.

- Lee Maynor: An expedition soldier wanting to die... I say go ahead
and do it. If you don't, after a while he'll become a zombie and
you'll have to kill him anyways. You get a cresent moon key from him,
opening up the huge spiders lair.

- Ramirez Martin: A plump soldier that was attacked by his own men
after they were zombified by those bugs. He hid in a large room near
exploding barrels for defence (my opinion) i guess he would blow them
up. He'll give you a bow when you save him. This guy has arrows for
sale, it wouldn't hurt to buy a few. At least 10.

- Aeaine Vigil: This lady sits by her(?) healing fountain, thinking
about the right or wrong doing of the king. She owns the forest golem
standing next to the huge door. Retreieve the forest dew from the
caves in that area and feed the golem. Don't worry about him
attacking you.

- Paul Hutchison: Tom Hanks got castawayed again... fill up a vial
with poison where you first met Mista and give it to him to kill the
fish men. He'll give you the fortune bracelet.

- Oagh Barleigh: He sits in a small room with Myu's necklace, he's
afraid of the widdas, those snake men. Throw him down an egg and
he'll give you a chance to trade with him. His currency is bones,
scales and claws.

- Jamarc Neely: He's a traveling merchant who got lost. He's
lying... He wouldn't be sitting in one place if he was. Buy the
yellow wand off of him, earth stones, and the crystal vial.

- Others: There are about 10 other characters about the land of the
ancient city, they don't do too much other then just say things to
get you in the mood (of the game silly).

[ 5 ] --------------------------------------------------
	Mini Walkthrough

This walkthrough isn't thorough, it's just to help you on your way
and not get stuck. You can always go alternate direction and collect
items ect. in any way you please. Some or most items will not be
mentioned, being that there not of too much importance _or_ they are
plain as day to find. If anyone want's me to add anything, feel free
to email me. I've tried to make this as spoiler free as possible.

	) a ( -----------------------------------------------\\
		Starting your quest

	You'll start off in a lava vally, watch out after the second lava
pit there is a trap floor (yes it starts already). Go left thru the
door and collect the mace near Cecile. These ruins also have the
leather helmet/gloves/and boots. Hunt them down, there easy to find.
Once you get an expedition key, head back here for the spider
armband.(this isn't until about a quarter way through the game) Leave
the way you came and follow the right wall (_don't_ fall in the trap)
and make your way up the narrow valley, talk to Lynn and her mother.
Head back and go left into the small cavern and the other side you'll
get a short sword and 100 gold. Go back and get inside the mine.
Search for the 2 rocks of life (check the FAQ section for more info),
get the pick ax from the undead near the barrel, also pick up any and
all earth stones you get. Head back out.

	After you retrieve the rocks of life, hand one over to Lynn's
mother. Walk out and talk to Lynn, she gives you a fire crystal, use
it. Then go around out back, smash the boarded up doorway down of the
abandon house. In the back door you'll find the Clarity Bracelet, but
you'll have to beat up a helpless tree first. Uquip it and start
buidling up your fireball level. Make it back to the dried healing
fountain and through the doors, go upstairs and talk to Chad, give
him the rock and he gives you a vial. Good buisness indeed. Turn
around and shoot down the dragon flower. Head back to Cecile and
enter the small cave around the corner from him and head down the
stairs. You'll find David Bunch, take a good look at him. You'll see
him often. Check out his sign, read it backwards. It'll make sense to
you if your a kings field vet. If he has map, don't get it! After a
while a man will buy it, then you can get it for free. Buy some herbs
and a shroom if you can afford it, anything else he has (besides the
wind crystal) skip. Smash down the barrels for the iron helmet. If
the doorway is blocked hack it down then tread thru untill you reach
the outside. Eventually you'll make it to a church with Duhrin, talk
to him and kill the skeletons out back. Go back and get his key to
his house. Go back to his house and take everything there. You'll get
the caretaker map.

	) b ( -----------------------------------------------\\
		First Boss: SPIDER!	

	Back track to the place you found the Dragon Flower and head to the
back left room with the teeny spider. Fire ball the web down, proceed
downstairs and burn the webs. Walking into these cause slow...I mean
_really_ slow, it doesn't even look like your moving... Watch out for
the spiders on the ceiling. Open the door and head left to the next
door, this is Lee. Wait till he's a zombie, or kill him now to get
the cresent moon key. Go out and go around the other side and place
it (the key) under the burned out flame on the center doorway. This
huge spider shouldnt be a bother, keep behind him, slash, and use
magic. You shouldnt be hurt at all and it is possible to kill him at
level one.

	Go down the corridor and go right, heading straight will bring you
face to face with big purple zombies that can usualy rip 70% life or
more in a hit. Don't go that way unless you got metal spheres down
yonder. When you do through the doorway you'll see a huge 2 level
room. Run around and kill the sniping skeleton archer, don't worry he
wont respawn. Search the entire area for the 2 release rock and a
mighty fiery sword. There is a locked door that leads to David,
unlock it and grab the release rock there. Check the jail cells, fall
through a whole in the back right cell and get your other release
rock. Don't forget to check all the graves for herbs and other items.
If you found Mista yet(the old guy), go back to him with the release
rocks. Don't touch the water and go around the corner, use fireball
to burn the web with the light crystal. You can grab the crystal
around the room you fought that big spider. Use the release rocks on
the door. You got some herbs and your fiery sword? Magic helps too...
Get it all ready because you fight about 15+ skeletons, some with
axes. Don't let them surround you or you wont make it. After thats
all said and done, go thru the back door and get your icon of
healing. Backtrack to the huge spiders lair and place it on the
alter. You got your healing fountain, go fill up the vial. 

	) c ( -----------------------------------------------\\
		Expedition was a failure?

	Find the corridor infront of the huge spiders lair, head straight
down and through the door. You'll be in a large room with arrows
raining down infront of you, dont try to go thru them. (you could but
I don't recommend)  You should be strong enough to fight Cecile's
Zombified friends. Don't forget when you kill them, try to kill those
little bugs. They're worth more exp then the zombies themselves! Turn
right and look for a small room as far back as you can go on the
right wall. Get the items and check the wall for knight greaves.
Leave and walk straight down, you'll see a long room going both
direction with golems. Don't worry there not gonna hurt you...yet. Go
around back of the wall and search for the binding crown, grab it and
run like mad out of there before the golem swats you like the weak
little fly you are.

	Go to the main room with the arrows and head straight (not
throughthe arrows) Proceed straight until you meet up with the zombie
near the stairs. Defeat any and all enemies in that area and grab the
items, there is an engineer's room there don't forget about it later
in the game. Find the stairs that lead down and flip the switch to
release the dog, go there and grab the red guidestone. Go forward and
rob the tiny treasury. Head out and find the room with the stairs
heading up, there is an empty woodeen box next to the stairs. Head
down and drop off the ledge and turn the arrow trap off then take the
helmet. Turn around and go up the stairs and battle the zombie, he
has a height advantage so be careful. turn off the other 4 arrow
traps and go back to the main room. 

	Open the door that was protected by the raining arrows and collect
your weapons and armors et cetera and go right. There is a door on
the right with 2 flame pillars, go thru and do down the stairs.
You'll se a big golem, dont fight it. Place the binding crown on the
pedestal on the right, he'll leave you alone for now.

	) d ( -----------------------------------------------\\
		Ancient tower

	When the golems are sleeping, creep up the stairs and collect the
armor. Go through to large door and you'll be in an insanly
large room. This is the ancient tower! This tower just about connects
to everything and you'll be visiting here often. Go left and into the
first door and kill the zombies, this opens the back door to Ramirez.
He'll give you the bow, then you'll be able to go back and kill those
huge golems. GET the keystone from the cut out in the wall behind
the back golems resting spot. This is a must. Go back to the tower.
Search the rooms around the tower for items and such(including the
expedition key), then make your way to the door near the ledge(going
right from the main entrance). You'll wake your way to an area with a
row of poison mushrooms, kill them and head on back to the door.
You'll re enter the tower area and find a bridge. Lower the bridge by
placing the keystone and carry on from there over to the other bridge
and through the next door.

	 You'll enter a room with what appears to be a mudslide in the
back. You can't go through the gate to the right yet so go left. This
room has a bunch of different ways to go. Try going right and find
the darkest rooms in the game. These rooms are filled with spiders,
bats, lizards, and of course... goodies like the dark crystal. After
that battle your battles and find your finds including another
keystone and find the tall room filled with bats and an earth dino.
There is a small pillar with writing from a girl your about to meet
and a bastard sword on the other side. Head up the stairs.

	) e ( -----------------------------------------------\\
		Fresh air, big guys, and huge fights.

	After climbing the stairs open the door and go outside for some
fresh air. You must be sick of smelling those rotting corpses, nasty
dinos and poison mushrooms. Save and walk through the valley, check
out the big guy standing there. You both will help out each other in
a bit but for now, talk to Aeanie and get the earth crystal beyond
the trees. 
Ready up your magic and all with the MP healing fountain and go back
through the valley on the left, opposite the valley you arrived from.
Play with all the cute furballs and find the forest dew, return to
the big guy and let him have it. He'll open the door for you. 

	Down the stairs to the right is a door with a crystal vial, go back
and filler up in the fountain. After that you'll end up with a room
with statues, these guys like to stab so make sure your stab is high
or you'll take plenty of damage. You might wanna take the stairs to
the left as you enter. Make some adjustments to yourself because
there is gonna be some brawling! Find a dark spooky room with a
recording of some nut talking backwards and light up the room with
fire. Look up at the mummies and shoot down the crystal. The spell
you learn from this crystal is flash, and you'll like it alot. Go
back and head toward a room with a bunch of skeletons with bow and
arrow. You'll be sniped quickly and might die so try ringing the bell
with flash or fireball. The skeletons will drop as fast as then
popped up at you. Heal if you got hit and find the Holycrest, you'll
need it. Head up the stairs and open the coffins on the highest peak.
Get the preist key and other items and get ready for one of the more
serious fights. When you win (and you will hopefully). Go back and
head left to find Chad, buy anything you lack and be on your way.

[ 6 ] --------------------------------------------------

Q: Who should I give the life stone to?

A: I'd give it to the young girl with her sick mother first, to get
your fire spell. Don't forget there are TWO rocks of life! One is by
Mr. Gennes body, near the undead miners where the planks are. The
other one is inside of the same mine, but in the poisonous area with
the large poison slime. Kill it quick, grab the second rock of life
and run out then use an antidote. 

Q: Can you swim? It says to "surface for air" in the manual.

A: No you can't technically swim, just climb stairs to the surface.
I don't think anyone can swim with 100 pounds of armor on...

Q: The Clarity Bracelet... What about it?

A: This item raises your MP more then triple, to my knowledge there
is no downside. This item is worth a ton of money, but I'd keep it.
All the good items are usually found. TIP: When you save the
blacksmith, have him upgrade it. Having some extra stab/hit/slash
protection comes in handy and there is no "dura" on this item, making
it a good defence piece.

Q: Bones, Claws, and Scales, OH MY!

A: Keep them, you'll need them to trade later in the game. Stuff you
can get from them: fool's fruit, wiseman fruit, and... something
else. But, If your in a pinch for money go ahead a sell them! You can
always buy them back for more then double you sold them for.  :\

Q: Weapon levels, when do i earn them and how high can i go?

A: Weapon level goes up to 3, it's also possible to make your fist
level 3 as well, making it possible to throw out a projectile with
you fist for big damage. It's about 200 full blast swings until level
two, and 300 swings full blast for level three. Keep in mind these
hits have to connect with enemies.

Q: Ok... your fist can throw out stuff, anything else?

A: I've used Venom Blade, Triple Fang, and the Moonlight Sword.
These all have sword magic. If there is anyone out there that has
gotten any other swords to use sword magin plase let me know.

Q: HOW do i use sword / weapon magic.

A: Once you swing your weapon, press triangle near the start of the
movement, this should produce the magic. There is timing involved...
sometimes its frustrating to do. Usually turning off other magic
helps to perform sword magic. 

Q: I saw neat armor in large purple elctric orbs, how do i get them?

A: This is Lord Myu's armor set, you'll need to get the moonlight
sword to whack them out. Here is a list of places to retrieve his

Helmet: Center tower's first floor, drop into the water behind it
and go left. Walk over to the jail cell and turn right, there is a
secret door.

Chest Armor: Make it to the old battlefield, and head into the open
field with the demons and zombies. Make your way onto the huge dragon
skeleton and up to the platau. There is the armor of Lord Myu.

Arms: The Graveyard with the Dark Skulls. Find the Teleport icon and
head around the corner, you'll know where to go from the sound of

Shield: The Old Battlefield jail cells, listen for the sound on the
bottom floor and you'll find them. 

Greaves: Near where you fought the three huge spiders in the ancient
city. Go up the flight of stairs with the giant and the female
archers. You'll hear the sound.

[ 7 ] --------------------------------------------------
	Key Item Summary

Here is a list of USEFUL weapons/armor/items you'll find along
your quest. This tells you a bit about them and where to get them.
I've also added some stategy for heavily gaurded items like the
priest key.

	) a ( -----------------------------------------------\\

Rusty Key: You'll find this key then you "help" Duhrin Pathwardin
with the village skeltons.

Expedition key: 3rd floor of the center tower, then head to the
north cliff. Open the large door where the Widda warrior is, go up
the right staircase around to the other side and pluck this key off
the dead soldier.

Priest Key: King's Masoluem tomb. When a load of skeleton archers
wake up kill them for your EXP, or simply ring the bell on the tower
for there quick death. Grab the Holy Crest Sword to the left and make
your up to the large tombs. Once you snatch the preist key from the
tomb on the right, be in for a large fight with many WELL TRAINED
skeletons holding massive swords.

Engineers key: The Ancient City, 2nd floor. Find the binding post
and lay the crown down on it. The huge golem should be stomping down,
kill him and go past to find a short draw bridge. Climb the stairs
and put the release rocks to lower the bridge and go back down. On
the far side of the room in the engineers key, grab it.

Craftsman key: You'll get this key from good' ol Hamurah Forgefist.
Easier said then done! When you get to the frozen iron refinery, make
your way to the lair of fire. There you'll find my fat buddy fire
guy! Kill him and watch out for the little clones he throws at you.
This should return the molten iron to the refinery and melt down
Hamurah. He'll sit there for a little and look at his hands, then go
to the earth folk's lair. Meet up with him and get your Craftsman
key. Get your beaten and battered equipment fixed up too. FREE!

Forest Folk's key: You'll find this in the front room on the
Treasury. There is a skeleton on the floor (Zastari), he has the key.
Before you snatch the key, watch out for the spears! Run like hell
straight/right running right over the skeleton and open the secret
door and switch them spears off. it's safe now, get the key and talk
to Chad... 

Serrak's Key: Mansion of Howling winds is where you'll find it.
Force your way down as far as you can go, killing the giants. You'll
have to watch your back because a huge giant (yes huge giant) slams
down a wall with a hammer at least the size of 2 people. Keep away
from him cause if you try to get behind him he'll take out his hammer
and do a hammer spin. Hitting you multiple times for massive damage.
Kill him for the key.

Widda Key: The Widda queen liar. Kill her royal higness and get the
key from the back. She's not much of a fight.

Ancient Key: Retrieve this near the great graveyard. It's near a
short obelisk.

Jail key: You'll find this near a skeleton on the way to the old
battlefield's jail.

	) b ( -----------------------------------------------\\

Red/Blue/Green: The king's throne area. When you enter the room with
the spooky eyes that follow you head right and press your event
button on the eye that wont follow you. This should stop the door
ahead from trying to kill you. Here you can grab the wands.

Yellow: Buy this from the traveling merchant named Jamarc Neely.
You'll find him in the cave containing the huge beetle. Don't forget
the vials and earth stones he has!

Violet: Defeat the Master Demon near the Old Battlefield.


Red: Release the dog from the cage in the armory. This is where
you'll find all the expedition zombies. Kill them roaches for a lot
of exp!

Green/Blue: Use the wand. You can find the blue guidestone in the
small room with the 4 chests near Aeaine.

Yellow: Found in the iced over iron refinery. Look for the secret
room, guarded with ice golems

Violet: Tear down one of the walls in the jail cell near the old

Widda Eggs

Egg 1: Egg mines cave, check in a snake hole. Give this is Oagh so
he'll open up the huge door.

Egg 2: Also in Egg mines, there is a ledge with many widda archers
and a lake of poison. Check the hole in the wall and shoot magic into
the top most snake hole. Give this to Lyle in the widda's cavern
prison. He'll give you a crystal vial.

	) c ( -----------------------------------------------\\
		Magic Crystals


Fire Crystal 1 (fireball): Save Lynns mom with the rock of life, go
and talk to Lynn again. Fire ball is a good magic early on, and even
halfway through the game. At higher levels the fire ball will explode
and cause more damage.

Fire Crystal 2 (firewall): After killing the Fat Fire guy in the
fire cave, return to the iced iron refinery. There is a large room
there with the beetles, go into the corner and grab it. Firewall is
alittle better than Fireball in damage and area, but it doesnt travel
too far.
Power it up level or 2 and it does big damage.

Fire Crystal 3 (fire breath): After defeating the Fire Lord, search
the immediate area for the 3rd Crystal. I havent found Fire Breath
too useful, I havent raised it's level.

Fire Crystal 4 (Immoliate): The mansion, near center tower. Defeat
the 3 giant spiders and examine the middle torch. This sends out 2
homing fireballs that don't burn out very quick. They can cause some
good damage but by this point of the game you should be using a level
3 flash.

Fire Crystal 5 (?): ?

Earth Crystal 1 (earth heal): Go back to where you layed the huge
golems back to there resting place. Take off the crowns and stand
back. Use your bow and arrow and shoot there "eye". Two well-placed
arrows each should make them fall. Grab the earth crystal where the
golem was resting. Earth Heal is weak at first, keep using it and it
should prove useful.

Earth Crystal 2 (upheaval): Once you reach the Forest, turn  left
into the passageway surrounded by trees. Go inside the shrine and get
the upheaval spell. Upheavel is similar to what the Living Trees do
to you, but adds huge rock pillars causing good damage.

Earth Crystal 3 (earth leech): Make your way to the ancient citys
level 2 area and find the cavern cut into the wall. Battle the large
Beetle there and it'll drop the eath crystal. Use a hammer if your
having problems. I haven't used this much, it does poison damage to

Earth Crystal 4 (volcannon): Take a ride on the snake mobile in the
egg mines, then reach the snakes den. There is a hole you need to
drop into for this crystal, and its well guarded with about 6 large
headed snakes.

Earth Crystal 5 (Meteor): This Crystal can be found in the Treasury,
find it laying on a statue/pedestal.


Wind Crystal 1 (wind cutter): Purchase this for 2,500 gold off of
David Bunch. This magic has semi good stats, fast charge and medium
damage. You can do better however.

Wind Crystal 2 (life shield): You'll find this on the 3rd level of
the ancient city, search for the barrel with this crystal. There are
plenty of Widda in this area. I havent found a good use for this
magic. It doesnt help against arrows, but it says it's supposed to.

Wind Crystal 3 (ice clad): This is a little tricky, check for a
secret door in the 3rd level of the ancient city. There are many wind
lizards around, and a few skeletons.

Wind Crystal 4 (tornado): Smash the pot off in the secret room off
the track's in egg mines. You'll need to drop off a track to reach it
and carefully walk to the tunnel. Here you'll find the crystal.

Wind Crystal 5 (freeze): Infront of the mansion of howling winds is
a ledge you have to jump down on. Search the caves for the last wind


Water Crystal 1 (purity): After you kill the first huge spider, you
can grab this useful crystal. This heals poison... WOOHOO!

Water Crystal 2 (endure fire): Go to where you met Cecile in the
beginning of the game and drop down the well. Tread through the water
and grad the 2nd crystal. You'll be usuing this spell often,
especially when you need to cross the flaming bridge and you don't
want to kill the fire faces shooting at you.

Water Crystal 3 (remedy): Drop down the ledge at the shore, you'll
find the remedy crystal in there. This is a good magic to raise the
levels on, it heals HP and cures you fo some status problems. 

Water Crystal 4 (vortex): Find this in a tunnel under water at the
foot of the center tower. This magic works like a gyser, it doesnt
seem to hit on target.

Water Crystal 5 (Hydrosphere): The large green muk man near the
entrance to the old battlefield. Flame him up and he'll drop, and
he'll drop the crystal.


Dark Crystal 1 (shadow skin): Area where you first make contact with
the earth lizards, there is a large dark room filled with Vampire
bats and small spiders. Don't forget to pick up the earth carver
here. This spell I didnt find useful, I want to be seen, i want to
fight! :)
Dark Crystal 2 (Eclipse): Ocean Fortress, there is a rectangle room
with trap doors in the back corner. When you enter go left and around
to get this crystal. It's a big ball of pain, don't let it kill you! 

Dark Crystal 3 (reckless strength): You'll find this in the flooded
ruins. Make your way thru the water and the blue slimes. Grab the
ancient sword when you see it. You'll approach a stand that talks to
you, grab the crystal. This gives you strength beyong the norm. If
would be very useful if it actually lasted longer.

Dark Crystal 4 (drifting death): There is a secret wall clear as day
(when you have lord myu's necklace on) when you enter the jail cell
of the old battle field. Check the narrow ledge near the end of the
wall. This makes you have gas...it's a killer.  

Dark Crystal 5 (dark matter): Leave the jail and drop into the acid,
walk up the hills and there it is. Infront of the decaying golem.
This is the easiest of them all to find. This is a good spell, just
don't hit enemies with it... Try it out with no one around and you'll
see what i mean.


Light Crystal 1 (divine light): After learning your fire spell, meet
up with Mista near the poison fountain and search for the hole in the
wall. Throw a fireball down there and burn the web and go back to the
corridor around the huge spiders lair. This spell you'll only need to
use about twice. Useful if you want light attributes in your weapon,
to do this get this magic to level 3.

Light Crystal 2 (flash): In the King's throne area there is a spooky
room all in the dark. Fire up the torch and look up at the mummies on
the ceiling. Fire another spell at the crystal to get it down, don't
worry about the mummies. There only there to creep you out. You'll be
noticing that you'll have this spell equiped alot, I know i have.
It's a good magic and effective to kill the huge purple phoenixs at
the center tower for mega EXP. If you can lure the bird to ground
kill it and get tons of gold and sometimes the kite shield.

Light Crystal 3 (retribution): In the 2nd level of the ancient city
find a round room with a bunch of ghosts, you'll aslo find the light
crystal. Drop down and it's yours! Can you say pincushion?? This
spell would have been my favorite if it actually HIT ON TARGET.

Light Crystal 4 (invoked lightning): Go back to the King's throne
with the ring of wisdom, open you "your not kingly" room. This room
is left of thr throne. This is a semi-hard fight. Focus on the boss,
and kill the strong skeletons if they are beginning to surround you.
Grab the crystal when the king dies. (nice hat he's got huh?). Again
a great spell, but doesn't usually

Light Crystal 5 (judgement): This is in room behind the king's
throne. This is the room that connects to where you upgrade your
lawful blade, making it the moonlight sword. This spell it just like
flash from king's field 1&2 (us).

	) d ( -----------------------------------------------\\

Triple Fang: You'll find this sword in a secret room in the king's
treasury. Thankfully Chad didn't find it. This sword performs sword
magic that acts like judgement on a smaller scale. 

Lawful Blade/Moonlight Sword: What a great weapon! (_NOT_ the lawful
blade) After you make the Widda queen bow down to your feet grab her
key in the back room. Find your way to the jail with Septiego and
grab the sword. Ok, the tricky part! Once you've collected the 4
black eyes and have the ring of wisdom go and check out the kings
throne room. Kill the king and grab the crown. Leave and head up the
long narrow stairway. Defeat the giant quad-armed statue nights and
grab the ancient armors as you go. You should make it to a room with
a skeleton, light crystal, and 2 doors. Place the black eyes on the
door on the left. Walk on the narrow beam and the rest is done for
you. This sword also performs sword magic, a huge blue beam that
almost always connects with the enemy.

Anceint Sword: You'll need to go swimming for this dumb sword. Go to
the underwater ruins and you'll see it "floating" in the middle of a
small tower, climb the stairs and jump off and grab it when its
infront of you. It darkens your vision, it's semi weak, and it's
"recharge" is horrible. If this is the replacement for the Dark
Slayer from KF 1-2, give me a break! If anyone finds a use for this
sword,  other then the fact it lightens the load from the ancient
armor set... Please let me know. 

Broken Sword/Wind Slayer: This weapon you'll find off a ledge you
must drop off on the beach near the widda's lair. Take it back to
Hamurah Forgefist and he'll repair it. I havent gotten this sword to
perform anything magically.

Holy Crest: Not really a main sword in the game, but you may find
yourself using it alot! Kind this in the king's masouluem, the room
with the bell tower and the many skeleton archers.

Vemon Blade: Another very useful sword with extra poison damage. Find
this in the egg mines' poison lake.

Frostbite: This is another useful sword that heals HP slowly, but
steaditly. Find this in the earth folk caves, in the room with the

Dark Defiler: Get this from the floating skulls. You'll have to beat
about 70 (maybe more or less) until they finally drop it out. If you
need a good way to respawn this guy place a guidestone at the center
tower closest to the graveyard. There is a teleport floor, use that
and come back. This mace performs VERY POWERFUL magic as well.
Becareful because the huge black pink disks can hurt you badly. 

Wavecrasher: This Katana is found directly left of the save position
on the beach. Look along the greenish brown algea on the coastline.
Uquip your Wind Slayer and listen for the loudest
"whistle/ring/siren" sound. If your having trouble locating it, make
sure your stereo speakers are all at the same volume.

Crystalline Blade: This blade is found being held by a skeleton
strapped in ice. The magic this sword performs is quite awkward.

Black Scar: This sword is surrounded by lava in the iron refinery
after placing the alter of ice. This sword magic is hard to aim, but
when this red fire beam connects you'll see a huge flame that burns

	) e ( -----------------------------------------------\\

Myu's set of armor
Check FAQ section.

Ancient Armor set 

Helmet/Gloves/Greaves: Next to the king's throne room in a door to a
long narrow staircase go up and find the first door. This is where
you'll have to find the quadra armed knight, each room has an anceint
peice of armor.

Sheild: Make it passed the bridge being pummeled with wind and walk
into the huge mansion (of winds); proceed up the stairs. There is a
chest that contains this massive worthless shield.

Armor: When you arrive at the last floor of the ancient tower cross
the bottom most bridge. There is a long staircase that goes down,
find Serraks door and open it for this armor.

Chaos / Demon Armor set

Chaos Shield: Find this in the Old Battlefields jail cell.

Shadow Mask: Find this under one of the first snake carts you'll
encounter in the egg mines.

Demon Armor: Ancient city level 2, there is a door opposite the
great graveyard. Enter and hunt for the forest folks chest containing
this armor.

Bone Hands: This is found in the well near Cecile Yeala. Return to
the beginning of the game and drop down. Look for a secret submerged
door containing a skeleton, kill it for the Bone Hands.

Demon Legs: Find these in the Great Graveyard, second floor buried
under a tombstone near the ledge.

Crystal Armor set

Arms/Shield/Greaves/Armor: Bought from Chad in the Treasury.

Helmet: Found in a chest in the Treasury. Try the top floor.


Mammoth Shield: This is right above the engineers key. Go up the
stairs above the drawbridge and find the door that leads to the stone
rafters above the golems. You'll find this insanly huge shield. This
shield is ultra heavy but good for non-magical battle. This shield is
better than Lord Myu's in my opinion.

Flame Shield: This shield is found in the iron refinery when you
heat it up. Look for a secret door there ice previously blocked it.
This is not too bad agaist fire attacks.

	) e ( -----------------------------------------------\\


Ring of Wisdom: You'll find this in the elemental room in the
Treasury. Push the element stones on the wall in this order: earth,
water, fire, wind. This ring lets you in the "your not kingly" room.

[ 8 ] --------------------------------------------------
	Credits / Contributers

I have people to thank you know, this just wasnt all me.

Brevity: My girl that sat the many hours with me, watching me play
this game. (so cute when she ooooh'd and ahhhh'd at all the cool

CjayC: He's the god of GAMEFA(X) *^laughs^*

Agetec / From Software: Come on... these guys mage the game!

Jim M.: An unknown guy who got me motivated to do it when i was
about to quit! ALOT of support from him. :) thank you.

"gozioso": For support and the idea of the "key item summary".

"werehawk1": he gave word on dark defiler magic.

"phermat" & "highlander77" for info on wavecrasher.

ALL KING'S FIELD FANS: ya'll know who you is....

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