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     T H E   U L T I M A T E   S O N I C   A D V E N T U R E   F A Q
     t h e   u l t i m a t e   s o n i c   a d v e n t u r e   f a q

 Compiled by: Chris Kohler                              Version: 2.10
 A-Life Info: Mike White                                Revised: 10/04/99

 table of contents

        1.1  How best to view this FAQ
        1.2  How to submit info for this FAQ
        1.3  Spoiler Disclaimer
        1.4  Copyright Information

        2.1  Welcome to Sonic Adventure!
        2.2  Starting up and selecting a VMU
        2.3  Understanding the in-game menus
        2.4  Getting through the game

        3.1  Sonic the Hedgehog
        3.2  Miles "Tails" Prower
        3.3  Knuckles the Echidna
        3.4  Amy Rose
        3.5  Big the Cat
        3.6  E-102 "gamma"
        3.7  Super Sonic

        4.1  Sonic's Adventure Quest
        4.2  Tails' Adventure Quest
        4.3  Knuckles' Adventure Quest
        4.4  Amy's Adventure Quest
        4.5  Big's Adventure Quest
        4.6  E-102 "gamma"'s Adventure Quest
        4.7  Super Sonic's Adventure Quest

        5.1  Emerald Coast
        5.2  Windy Valley
        5.3  Casinopolis
        5.4  IceCap
        5.5  Twinkle Park
        5.6  Speed Highway
        5.7  Red Mountain
        5.8  Sky Deck
        5.9  Lost World
        5.A  Final Egg
        5.B  Hot Shelter

        6.1  Sky Chase Act 1
        6.2  Sky Chase Act 2
        6.3  IceCap (Snow boarding)
        6.4  Sand Hill (Sand boarding)
        6.5  Twinkle Circuit
        6.6  Whack-A-Sonic

        7.1  List of action stage item boxes
        7.2  List of character upgrades

        8.1  What is an A-Life?
        8.2  Where do I find them?
        8.3  Where do I take them?
        8.4  How do I take care of my A-Lifes outside the VMU?
        8.5  The A-Lifes gestures and actions
        8.6  How do I raise my A-Life in the VMU?
        8.7  Advanced A-Life Raising
        8.8  How do I race my Chao?
        8.9  How do I interact my A-Life VMU with another?

        9.1  Different characters, different goals
        9.2  Total number and locations of the emblems
        9.3  General Advice on obtaining emblems
        9.4  How to Catch Big's Twinkle Park Fish
        9.5  What do you get when all emblems are collected?

       10.1  The christmas/newyears download
       10.2  The QUO mini-game download
       10.3  The menu voices downloads
       10.4  Dreamcast launch party download
       10.5  More To Come!...

       11.1  The PC desktop wallpaper
       11.2  Twinkle Circuit rocket start
       11.3  One and a half play
       11.4  The secret Chao puzzle game
       11.5  Getting the Special/Colored Chao
       11.6  Button Tricks
       11.7  Easy extra lives
       11.8  Amy in Casiopolis (bug)
       11.9  Twinkle Park Pass Card
       11.A  Change Sonic's snowboard color

       12.1  Minor camera and collision detection glitches
       12.2  Often unnoticed graphic details
       12.3  Unused music tracks and recycled Sonic tunes
       12.4  Egg Carrier Chao Garden's building
       12.5  Metal and Mecha Sonics
       12.6  The Hamburger Shop Statue
       12.7  The Moving Enchidna Statue
       12.8  Changes in US & Internation Versions
       12.9  Hoaxes and False/Unconfirmed Codes




 Welcome to the Ultimate Sonic Adventure FAQ!  My name is Chris Kohler.
 I've been a long time console gamer, a die-hard Sonic fan and a proud
 early adopter of Sega's Dreamcast console.  I've created this FAQ to be
 the end-all reference for this masterpiece of a game.  Creating it took
 quite a while, but believe me, it was a labor of love. =)

 This FAQ was originally written using the Japanese import version of
 Sonic Adventure.  It was later modified and appended to after playing
 the American domestic version.  There may still be bits of info in this
 FAQ that pertain to the original Japanese version, but these would only
 be small things such as an item name or plot reference.  I will make an
 effort to weed out any inconsistancies in later versions.

 Lastly, I hope you find this FAQ useful and easy to read.  I've enjoyed
 making it and will continue to update it as much as possible.  Also, a
 big thanks to everyone who's helped me create this FAQ, especially Mike
 White for allowing me to include his great A-Life FAQ data. Thanks!

 - c h r i s
 1 . 1    How best to view this FAQ.

 This FAQ is composed only of ascii text characters.  This means that it
 should be viewable in just about any application that can view plain
 text.  One thing you will want to make sure of is to use a program that
 displays the text using a "mono-spaced font".  An example of a common
 mono-spaced font would be Courier.  If you are unsure if you have any
 such application, you can always just use a web browser such as Netscape
 Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer. Both of these will display
 text files like this using a monospaced font automatically.

 Through out the FAQ, I use several abbreviations for common words and
 phrases. These include:
 SA    = Sonic Adventure
 SS    = Station Square.  The first adventure location.
 MR    = Mystic Ruin.  The second adventure location.
 EC    = Egg Carrier.  The third and final adventure location.
 FAQ   = Frequently Asked Questions file.  A text based guide.
 FMV   = Full motion video.  Some video that plays during the game that
         is not actually rendered "on-the-fly".
 RPG   = Role Playing Game.  Games where characters interact.
 VMU   = Visual Memory Unit. The Dreamcast memory card. It is called a
         VMU in Japan.
 Gamma = This is a nickname I often use for the E-102 robot who's full
         name is E-102 "gamma".
 1 . 2    How to submit info to this FAQ.

 If you have some information that you would like too add to this FAQ,
 just send email to Chris Kohler ([email protected]).  Any and all
 information will be added once the validity of the information has been
 confirmed.  Any and all credit will be given.

 Just so you know, I actually DO have a life outside this fantastic game.
 So if you decide to write me with info or questions, please understand
 that I may not be able to respond quickly.  As I had forseen, I received
 a flood of emails once the game was released here in the states and the
 mail is still coming.  I'm not saying that I don't want you to write..
 I'm just saying that I may be slow to respond.  If you have a question
 or are stuck in the game, PLEASE ONLY ask me for assistance if you are
 at the ends of your rope. I've lost count at how many times I've had
 people as me how to do something that was already CLEARLY explained in
 this FAQ.  So, if you get stuck, re-read this FAQ first. Thanks. :)

 1 . 3    Spoiler Disclaimer

 When it comes to information, this FAQ holds nothing back.  To be as
 comprehensive as possible, I will not make any effort to withhold
 any information about the plot, secrets or gameplay aspects of the game.
 If you want a FAQ that will get you through the game without giving
 too much away as far as plot goes, there are a couple of those type of
 FAQs available. Although, I doubt that any serious gamer would just read
 this entire FAQ straight through before ever playing the game.

 Anyway, all in all, this FAQ is an open book when it comes to spoilers.
 I hope this doesn't detour you from reading my FAQ, but I'd rather be
 comprehensive than the be spoiler free.  If you want to know everything
 there is known about the game, then read on.  Otherwise, save this file
 and return to it once you've beaten the game to the best of your

 1 . 4    Copyright Information

 This FAQ is copyright 1999 Chris Kohler ([email protected]) with
 the exception of the A-LIFE section (section [8]) which is copyright
 1999 Mike White ([email protected]).  You MAY distribute this FAQ as
 long as it's contents are not changed. Only Chris Kohler is authorized
 to make changes and updates to this FAQ. Any unauthorized changes or
 updates made to this FAQ not approved by Chris Kohler is prohibited by
 law.  Please.. be nice to FAQ writers by not plagiarizing! I have spent
 many, many hours of my time bringing you this FAQ with only the
 satisfaction of knowing that it will help others.  Not only is
 plagiarizing this FAQ unlawful, it's just plain wrong.  If you feel the
 need to publicly announce information found in this FAQ, please at
 least quote this FAQ as the source.
 Sonic Adventure, Sonic the Hedgehog, and all other game related
 characters and items mentioned in this FAQ are Copyright Sega
 Enterprises, Ltd.


 The following section is basic, general information concerning the game.

 2 . 1    Welcome to Sonic Adventure!

 Upon placing the blue and white SA disc in your Dreamcast, you will be
 greeted by two Sega disclaimers.  Then a pre-opening animation will play
 that says "SonicTeam presents".  Then the main intro will appear.  It is
 a pre-rendered FMV intro of very high quality.  It features all the
 characters in the game including "Perfect Chaos", the final boss.  He's
 the big water creature coming out the side of the building.  Yes, you
 do fight him! Now I know you're anxious to play.  ^_^  You can press the
 START button at any time to begin the game.  Also, you can skip the FMV
 intro by pressing START.

 If you don't press the START button, the game will go into "attract
 mode".  This means that the game will show a brief portion of the RPG
 aspect of the game (like some characters talking) and then show one of
 the action stages being played.  While in this mode, the words "Press
 Start" will appear in the upper right hand corner of the screen.  It
 will do this 6 times, each time featuring a different character.  It
 will play three in order, show the FMV intro again, and then the last
 three characters.  Between each it will show the main menu (more on that
 below).  This process will repeat forever until the Dreamcast is turned
 off or the START button is pressed.

 2 . 2    Starting up and selecting a VMU

 When the START button is pressed one of two things will happen. 
 If you don't have a VMU inserted into any of the controllers, you will
 get a message on a black screen.  It says that your progress through the
 game will not be saved without a VMU and you will be then taken to the
 main menu.  It is entirly possible to play, and even beat Sonic
 Adventure without a VMU, but the moment you turn off your Dreamcast, you
 will loose your place and have to start from scratch every time.

 If you have a VMU inserted into a slot on a controller attached to
 the Dreamcast, you will instead get a screen asking you to pick which
 VMU you would like to use to save your game data.  Henceforth, all game
 saving will be automatic, although you will have to re-select which
 memory card to use every time you boot the game from scratch. A standard
 VMU has 128k of ram on it. The SA savegame file only take up a small
 amount of this space and can hold only three separate games at once per
 VMU. Also, if you collect/raise Chao during your game (see section
 [8.0]), a small save file will be added to your VMU that contains all of
 your Chao data. Lastly, if you decide to take one of your Chao's out of
 the game and into the VMU mini-game (see section [8.6]), a rather large
 game file will be put on your VMU. If you do not have enought space for
 any of these three files, the game will give you a warning.

 The next screen will ask you to "Select a File".  You can save up to
 three separate games on one VMU.  You will notice that there are
 actually four options on this screen.  The last option allows you to go
 back to the "Select a VMU" screen.  Pick one of the three slots to save
 your game in and a dialog box will appear with some round, blue buttons.
 The first is "OK", the second is "CANCEL" and if you are returning from
 a previous game, there will be a third which is "DELETE".  If you select
 "DELETE", another smaller dialog box will ask you to confirm your
 deletion.  The button on the left is "OK" and the one on the right is

 After selecting your file you will be taken to the main menu.

 2 . 3    Understanding the in-game menus

 There are four options on the main menu. These options are:

 ADVENTURE  = Play the game's adventure quests.
   EMBLEMS  = Replay the completed stages to collect Sonic Emblems.
   OPTIONS  = Set the games various options and listen to the Music.
  INTERNET  = Use your Dreamcast to connect to the exclusive SA website.


 ADVENTURE will be the option you select most often.  It is how you
 progress through the quest of each character.  Once you click this
 option, you will be taken to the character select screen.  If it is
 your first time playing you will only be able to pick Sonic.  Once you
 select the character you want to play, you will get a dialog box with
 three buttons.  These buttons are "OK", "TUTORIAL", and "CANCEL".  If
 you select TUTORIAL, you will be shown some screens in Japanese on the
 basics of how to play that character.  If you select OK instead, you
 will be taken to that characters last save point in their quest.
 First time players will be treated to a short real-time intro that
 introduces the character.

 The EMBLEMS option will list the action levels you have completed and
 will allow you to replay them without having to journey to those stages
 through the adventure fields.  Once your select this option you will get
 three additional choices:
    - Action Stages
    - Bonus Stages (the Minigames)
    - Emblems List (US or Internation versions only)

 Once you select one of the first two options will be asked to choose a
 character. This will list that characters stages that you can play.  As
 you switch between the available stages, it will display which emblems
 you have collected.  The third option does nothing but just list the
 emblems you have collected for each character and can save you a step if
 just want to see how far away you are from the 130 total emblems. For
 more on collecting the Sonic Emblems, see section [9].  If you want to
 show a friend an action stage, or just want to jump right into the
 action, this option is what you'll want to use (instead of the
 adventure option).


 The OPTIONS menu is broken down in to four options.  From the top left
 corner and going clockwise, those options are:

  SOUND TEST = Listen to all the music and sound effects in the game.
   SUBTITLES = Turn on or off the subtitles at the bottom of the screen
               when characters talk.
    LANGUAGE = Select between English, Japanse, Dutch, French or Spanish
               (This option only in US or International version)
  SELECT VMU = Lets you change which VMU to load/save data from or which
               savegame file to use without having to reboot the
  STEREO SET = Select if you want sound to be in stereo or mono.

 If you go into the SOUND TEST option, you will be greeted with a rather
 large list of choices. Those choices are:

 VOCAL MUSIC = These are the theme songs for each character.  
 STAGE MUSIC = This is music from all the action stages.  These loop.
               Also includes the boss music.
  AREA MUSIC = This contains the music from the adventure locations and
               the mini-games, and Chao areas.
 EVENT MUSIC = Music that plays when something is happening in the quests.
  MENU MUSIC = Music that play at various menus.
  MISC MUSIC = Other music such as the music that plays when you have
               a PowerUp item or when Big the Cat catches fish, etc.
  SOUND TEST = Where you can actually go in and listen to the sound
               effects and voice samples.
      CANCEL = This last option takes you back to the main Options screen.

 If you select the STEREO SET option, you will be given an dialog box
 with two choices. Those choices are "STEREO" on the left and "MONO" on
 the right.

 If you select Subtitles, you will be given a dialog box with choices
 to turn on and off subtitles when the characters speak. There may also
 be an option for different language subtitles here in the International
 Version, but I have yet to confirm this.


 Finally, the INTERNET option on the main menu allows you to connect to
 the Sonic Adventure website.  This option will not be accessible if your
 Dreamcast does not have a modem or (even if it does) has not been
 electronically registered with SEGA's servers in Japan.  The website you
 are taken too is only accessible through the SA game disc, and
 practically all of it is in Japanese.  It has a BBS section, a place to
 trade Chao, you can post your best stage times, download addons to the
 game and much, much more.

 2 . 4    Getting through the game

 Sonic Adventure is different than any other Sonic action/platform
 style game yet released.  Unlike the others, this game has some RPG
 elements to it.  In fact, before the game was announced, the tentative
 title was "Sonic RPG".  Instead of just one action stage after another,
 there are now areas to explore and tasks to complete. When these tasks
 are completed the next action stage is revealed. Through out the course
 of unlocking the action stages, the story of Sonic Adventure unfolds.
 When starting from scratch, only Sonic is a selectable character.  As
 you encounter the other main characters in the game, they too become
 playable.  When you select the other characters, you get to play the
 same adventure from their perspective and any differences or branches
 of the story not explained in Sonic's quest become clear.  This
 feature alone gives SA up to seven times the replay value!
 To enjoy the game at it's fullest, I would suggest completing each
 character's quest in succession starting with Sonic (of course).  This
 isn't required, but it might make the story of the game a bit easier
 to understand.

 The basic storyline (and I do mean basic) is this:
 The evil Dr. Robotnik (or Dr. Eggman as the characters call him) is out
 to harness the power of the water creature known as Chaos to destroy
 Station Square and build Robotnic Land in its ruins where he will rule
 supreme. Eggman takes animals and converts them into robot soldiers for
 use in his army.  Sonic takes it upon himself to stop Dr. Eggman, rescue
 the trapped, robotisized animals and collect the Chaos emeralds before
 Eggman feeds them all to Chaos.

 There are seven playable characters in SA.  There are many other
 non-playable characters that the six main characters meet or see during
 their quests.  At first only Sonic is selectable, but as you progress
 through his quest and meet the other characters, they too become
 playable.  Each character has different moves and actions which will be
 explained in this section.  Although, all characters share the following

 + The A button is for jumping.
 + The X and B buttons are for attacking although they can also be used
   for grabbing some objects.
 + The Y button is only for grabbing some objects (Chao for example)
 + Use the analog pad to move the characters in 3D space.  Because it is
   an analog pad, the harder you push the faster the character will move.
 + Use the L and R buttons located at the top of the controller to rotate
   the camera around the character left and right.
 + Use the D-Pad to look around from the character's perspective.
 + Use the START button to pause the game at any time. When you pause,
   you will typically have three options to choose from:
   - Resume
   - Restart Stage (if in an action stage and have extra lives left)
   - Exit (to an adventure field or character selection screen when in an
           action stage.  Otherwise it exits to the main menu when
           pressed in and adventure field.)
 3 . 1    Sonic the Hedgehog

 First Appearance: Sonic the Hedgehog (1) - Sega Genesis/Megadrive
 This is the star of our story.  Sonic returns as his typical speedy,
 attitude enriched self.  He and the rest of the cast have made a nice
 transition into 3D.  Sonic in particular is rendered very nicely and
 looks very much like the anime style Sonic that Yuji Naka has always
 intended him to look like (instead of the much rounder, chubbier
 looking Sonic that often graces the cover art of domestic Sonic
 games.. bleh..).
 Playing Sonic
 Sonic has retained all of his previous moves from past Sonic games,
 but since Sonic is now in 3D, several of his classic moves have changed
 when it comes to performing them.  The basic goal for all his action
 stages is to make it to the end, while destroying bad guys, thus
 rescuing the animals trapped inside.  At the end of every level is a
 device holding many animals capture.  Jump on top to release them and
 end the stage. Sonic's moves include:

 Spin Attack:
 Press the jump button and Sonic will jump into the air, rolling
 up into a ball. While in the air you can maneuver slightly, destroying
 enemies or obstacles.  Since Sonic is now in 3D, hitting enemies this
 way is much more difficult.  Instead, try using the new "Homing" Spin
 Attack (see next).  When in the air, if you press the attack button,
 Sonic will drop back to the ground more quickly by straightening
 himself out.

 "Homing" Spin Attack:
 Press jump (A button) and then jump again while still in the air and
 Sonic will automatically home in on the nearest attackable object.  This
 can be an enemy, an item box, or even an obstacle.  If there is no
 attackable object in front of Sonic when you perform this, he will still
 jump twice as far forward, but not be rolled up which makes him
 vulnerable to attack.  Also, you can perform this attack several times
 by continuing to press the attack button before you touch the ground.
 Once you touch the ground you will have to do the double jump again.
 This attack was added to this game since the standard Spin Attack was
 much too difficult to aim in a 3D environment.  It also helps you to
 destroy enemies quicker, keeping the action moving.

 Spin Dash Attack:
 Tap the attack button (X or B) while on the ground to spin and dash off
 in the direction your facing.  You can do this while moving or while
 just standing.  This is a spinning attack which means it can destroy
 most enemies or obstacles.  Be carefull when using this move! While
 it can get through a stage much faster, it can also leave you with
 little control as to where you are going and can have you easily flying
 off into bottomless pits or oceans.

 Light Speed Dash/Attack:
 Once Sonic receives the special Light Sneakers Upgrade item (see section
 [7.2]), Sonic will be able to perform the Light Speed Dash.  Stand
 still and hold the attack button down for four seconds, Sonic will stop
 spinning and get up.  He will be glowing and will say "Ready...".  Release
 the button to perform a short, but very fast dash in the direction you're
 facing.  The unique purpose of this move is to get Sonic places he
 normally couldn't reach. This is possible, because the Light Speed Dash
 will automatically follow the nearest line of rings.  If you see a row
 of rings in front of Sonic, perform this move.  Hold the attack button
 until Sonic say's "Ready.." and then release.  He will yell "GO!" and
 automatically follow the rings where ever they lead. Even if they lead
 up into the air or across water, Sonic will be pulled along until the
 line of rings end. In later action levels, this move is required to pass
 certain areas.
 After receiving the special Ancient Light item (see section [7.2]), the
 Light Speed Dash becomes the Light Speed Attack.  This will allow you to
 not only follow rings, but to destroy some enemies with the same move
 (i.e. the monkeys in the cages).
 Also, after Sonic gets the Crystal Ring Upgrade item (see section
 [7.2]), it will only take two seconds to charge up the Light Speed Dash,
 instead of four.
 3 . 2    Miles "Tails" Prower

 First Appearance: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 - Sega Genesis/Megadrive
 Tails is still the Sonic wannabe that he's always been; chasing after
 Sonic, trying desperately to keep up with his idol.  But in this game,
 Tails learns a valuable lesson in becoming his own hero and facing
 things on his own.

 Playing Tails
 Just as Sonic's strong point is speed, Tails' strong point is flying.
 And flying high is something you will need to do well to complete most
 all of Tails' action stages.  You see, whenever Tails is in an action
 stage, he not only has to make it to end alive but he also has to race
 someone to the end!  Most of the time, it's his hero Sonic, but he does
 have to race Eggman on the Speed Highway stage.  The only way Tails can
 possibly beat someone as fast as Sonic is to find shortcuts through the
 stages using his flying ability.  You will often see a row of green
 hoops floating in the air. Have Tails fly through them to be boosted
 along and gain ground.  Tails' moves include:

 Spin Attack:
 Press the jump button and Tails will jump into the air, rolling
 up into a ball. While in the air you can maneuver slightly, destroying
 enemies or obstacles.  While in the air, if you press the attack
 button Tails will drop straight back to the ground very quickly.  If
 Tails is running at full speed, just pressing the attack button rolls
 Tails up into a ball while keeping him moving forward. You will need to
 be running fairly fast to perform this move seeing as the Tails Attack
 (see below) will supersede this attack at low speeds or when standing

 Propeller Flight:
 Perform a jump and then jump again when in the air.  Be sure to continue
 holding the jump button to achieve maximum height and duration.  Let go
 of the jump button when you want to finish flying.  If you hold it too
 long, Tails will become tired, yawn and start to fall.  When this
 happens you will have no control over the direction he falls.  Because
 of this, try to limit your flight time as much as possible by finding
 places to land on before continuing flying some more.  If you want to
 fall quickly to the ground while flying, just press and hold the attack
 button in flight. Also, when Tails' tails are spinning they act as a
 weapon, destroying enemies or opening item boxes and obstacles.  Be sure
 when attacking enemies it flight to not expose your underside to them
 since you are still vulnerable there.  Instead, try only to hit them
 with your tails.

 Tails Attack:
 Press the attack button when not moving fast and Tails will spin around
 for a second on his feet and hands whipping his tails about.  This will
 destroy most enemies or open itemboxes and obstacles.  After Tails
 receives the Rhythm Broach Upgrade item (see section [7.2]), Tails will
 be able to continue spinning indefinalty by simply holding the button

 3 . 3    Knuckles the Echidna

 First Appearance: Sonic the Hedgehog 3 - Sega Genesis/Megadrive
 Knuckles wants nothing to do with Sonic or his friends.  But when the
 Chaos Emeralds are missing and the Master Emerald is threatened, he'll
 do everything in his power to protect it and the mysterious, floating
 Angel island.  Oh, and in case you're wondering, it's pronounced
 E*chid"na, the name given to a common Australian ant-eater.
 Playing Knuckles
 In Knuckles action stages, he is looking for shards of the Master
 Emblem.  There are three hidden in each stage.  Luckily, Knuckles can
 sense when a shard is near.  For the player this sense shows up on the
 screen in the form of the "Hot/Cold" meter at the bottom center of the
 screen.  When Knuckles senses an emerald shard nearby, the emerald will
 light up blue at first and slowly become green as you get closer. Once
 the emerald shard glows red and is beeping very fast, you know you are
 right where the emerald should be.  Keep in mind, that the shard could
 be inside an enemy or obstacle, or even the ground.  Grab all three
 shards to exit the stage.  Knuckles has lots of moves to help him
 accomplish the task of collecting the emerald shards.

 Spin Attack:
 Press the jump button and Knuckles will jump into the air, rolling
 up into a ball. While in the air you can maneuver slightly, destroying
 enemies or obstacles.  When in the air, if you press the attack
 button, Knuckles will drop back to the ground more quickly by
 straightening himself out. 

 Jump and then jump again to perform the glide.  Unlike Tails' Propeller
 Flight move, the glide will not make you go higher, but since it
 doesn't take any strength to perform, Knuckles can do it indefinitely
 or until he touches the ground.  When Knuckles glides, he sticks his
 knuckles out in front of him allowing him to destroy enemies and open
 item boxes or obstacles.
 When Knuckles touches a climbable surface, he will latch his powerful
 knuckles into it allowing him to shear it.  When this happens, just use
 the analog stick to move him around and the jump button to have him
 release his grip.  He can climb up almost any angle or direction.
 Punch Attack:
 When standing on the ground, press the attack button to have Knuckles
 Punch Forward. The punches have a short range but can destroy most
 enemies or open itemboxes and obstacles.

 Dash Punch:
 When standing on the ground, press the attack button three times quickly
 and Knuckles with thrust forward with his fist.  This has a longer range
 than the Punch Attack.

 Once Knuckles receives the Silver Knuckles Upgrade item (see section
 [7.2]) you will be able to perform this move.  When standing on diggable
 ground, press both the attack and jump buttons at the same time.
 Knuckles will yell "orra, orra, orra!" and dig into the ground. If there
 is an item (such as some rings, or an emerald shard), he will pull it up
 with him.

 Light Attack:
 Once Knuckles receives the Fighting Gloves Upgrade item (see section
 [7.2]), he will be able to perform this attack.  Hold the attack button
 down for a few seconds and a light will appear around Knuckles.  Then
 release the button and Knuckles will fly around, quickly destroying any
 and all enemies or objects nearby.
 3 . 4    Amy Rose

 First Appearance: SonicCD - SegaCD/MegaCD
 While reminiscing about her exciting glory days of being with Sonic and
 complaining about her now humdrum life, Amy is treated to more
 excitement than she barganed for when Station Square is invaded by Dr.
 Eggman!  She finds a small bird who has lost it's parents.  Amy vows to
 help the bird find them.  The bird from then on follows Amy where ever
 she goes.  Later, when Amy happens to run into Sonic, she gets captured
 by Eggman's green, sentry robot named "ZERO". Eventually,  she
 convinces E-102 to set her free from Eggman's prison aboard the giant
 Egg Carrier. From then on she and her tiny bird friend attempt to make
 a daring escape.

 Playing Amy
 Amy is not an aggressive 13 year old, but as they say, "when the going
 gets tough... ".  Armed with her trusty hammer, she runs as fast as she
 can through each stage to reach the end.  Amy's stages have a lot of
 interaction to them with many things to push and pull and buttons to
 press.  Be careful though, while you're trying to figure out these
 puzzles to escape, Dr. Eggman's big, green sentry robot named "ZERO"
 will be chasing you. You can bop him on the head, but he'll always
 get back up and continue to try to trap you.  Don't let him grab you
 or lock on with his lazer sight.  At the end of each stage there will
 be a large balloon that Amy can grab on to that will lift her to safety.
 Interestingly, Amy is the only character besides Sonic who can visit
 more than one section of an action stage.  Amy's moves are:

 Amy's jump is a little unique.  Unlike Sonic, Tails & Knuckles, Amy
 cannot roll up into a ball so her jump doesn't count as an attack. But
 in exchange her jump does allow her to run at full speed from a standing
 start.  Just jump and hold forward on the analog stick. When she lands
 back on the ground she'll automatically be running at full speed.  This
 is a useful technique when used in conjunction with the Jump Attack
 move (see below).

 Hammer Attack:
 Press the attack button and Amy will strike with her hammer.  She can
 destroy most enemies with it except ZERO.  She can also use it to push
 buttons and open item-boxes and obstacles.  Just where does she hide
 that thing anyway?!  ;)

 Jumping Hammer Attack:
 Press the jump button and when still in the air press the attack button.
 Amy will do a summersault with her hammer that will destroy most enemies
 except ZERO.  She can also use this move to reach high item-boxes that
 would typically be out of reach.

 Jump Attack:
 When ever Amy is running at full speed (noticeable because you will see
 her hammer dangling in her hand behind her) press the attack button and
 she will use the hammer to propel herself high in the air.  You should
 familiarize yourself with this technique since many obstacles will be in
 Amy's way that are much too high for her to get over with her standard
 jump.  This move will allow her to vault over such obstacles.
 Spin Hammer Attack:
 After Amy receives the Soldier's Feather Upgrade item (see section
 [7.2]) she can perform this move.  Press and hold the attack button.
 While still holding the button, make a few circles with the analog stick
 and Amy will start spinning with her hammer.  This attack will destroy
 most enemies that come near her except ZERO.  After Amy recieves the
 Long Hammer Upgrade item (see section [7.2]), this attack will have
 a much wider reach and Super Sonics will appear in the Whack-A-Sonic
 mini-game (which award 300 points each). 
 When Amy performs this attack, she will continue spinning until you let
 go of the attack button or she gets dizzy.  If Amy does get dizzy, she
 will walk clumsily and not be able to jump for a few seconds.  By the
 way, she also looks really funny when she's dizzy! I recommend trying
 it at least once. :)

 3 . 5    Big the Cat

 First Appearance: Sonic Adventure - Sega Dreamcast
 Big, the big blue cat, lives in the rain forest of Mystic Ruin.  He's
 a backwoods kinda fella.  Just a laid back individual who likes to take
 it easy and enjoy his favorite pastime; fishing.  But when Big's best
 friend Froggy mysteriously decides to run away, Big chases after him
 and gets caught up in Sonic's adventure as well.
 Playing Big
 Of all the characters in the game, Big is the most out of place.  He
 only happens to run into Sonic and the others purely by coincidence.
 His gameplay is equally out of place.  All he does is fish.  That's
 right.. FISH! While I must admit, fishing with Big can be a bit fun
 and challenging, one has to just ask... Why?!  Oh well, I guess
 SonicTeam likes it.  Big's goal in each action stage is the rescue his
 frog friend by catching it with his fishing pole without letting the
 line break.  Here are the moves Big has to accomplish this:
 Lure Attack:
 When near enemies on land, press the attack button to smack bag guys
 with your fishing rod.  This has a very short range so you need to get
 very close to perform this.
 To cast your rod, hold down the attack button and a target will appear
 on the ground in front of you.  Keep holding attack and use the analog
 stick to position the target where you want (typically over a fish in
 a body of water).  Release the attack button and Big will toss his line
 out.  If you miss the water, you're line will automatically be drawn
 back in.  Also, when on land you can cast your line at enemies and item
 boxes to open/destroy them.
 When you've cast your line into the water you will see a close up of
 your lure.  You can press left and right on the analog stick to
 yank your line to the left and right.  You can also control the lure
 by using the D-Pad.  Press the attack button and you will reel your
 line in slowly.  The Jump button will reel it in much faster.

 HIT! Catching a fish:
 Once you've successfully figured out how to Cast and Reel, toss your
 line near a fish.  Once the fish gets close enough to bite, pull the
 analog stick any direction to get the fish snug on the hook.  Big will
 yell "HIT!".  Now reel in the fish slowly making sure not to let the
 meter on the right side of the screen get red enough to where your line
 breaks.  If you line breaks, you loose a life.  I find that tapping the
 Jump button every second and a half in succession makes it easy to reel
 without worrying about breaking my line.  If the fish start yanking in
 a direction away from in front of you, you won't be able to reel it in
 anymore.  Just press left or right on the analog stick to tug on the
 rod and straighten you line.  Try to keep the fish in front of you and
 you will have little trouble reeling it in.  Be patient, and you'll
 be successful.

 If you cast your line into the water and you are not pleased with the
 cast, you can press both the L & R buttons at the top of your
 controller to immediatly bring your line in and try again.

 Once Big receives the Lifebelt Upgrade item (see section [7.2]), he will
 be able to float on water.  Use the analog stick to make him paddle.
 When you hold the jump button, Big will activate a switch on the Lifebelt
 causing the air to be released, making him sink.  Let go of the jump
 button and Big will release the switch causing the lifebelt to refill
 with air and he will rise back to the surface.

 3 . 6    E-102 "gamma"

 First Appearance: Sonic Adventure - Sega Dreamcast
 This minion of the Eggman army is a robotisized animal just like all
 of the other robots under Eggman's control.   He/she is an E series
 swatbot, the best of Eggman's soldiers.  Eventually, E-102 starts to
 become self aware and remembers his true self.  He turns on his creator
 Dr. Eggman, and decides to free all the animals he can and rescue the
 other E series swatbots.
 Playing E-102
 E-102 is trying to free the animals that Dr. Eggman has enslaved.  So
 basically, you want to blast everything in the stage.  An interesting
 aspect of Gamma's stages are that instead of time running up as it
 typically does, E-102 only has so many minutes to complete the stage
 before he dies.  Luckily, every time you free an animal by destroying
 a bad guy, you gain a second back.  Target multiple enemies before
 firing and you get double the time back for each successive target.  At
 the end of most of E-102's stages, you will face and have to defeat
 another of the E series swatbots.  Here are Gamma's moves:
 Laser Gun/Homing Missle Launch:
 Mounted on E-102 right arm is his gun.  Press and hold the attack button
 and a lazer sight will fall over his right eye.  Point the light at as
 many enemies or obstacle as you can.  The sight only remains active
 (red) for three seconds at which time it will turn blue and you'll have
 to try again. When you target enemies, a square will appear around them
 and a number indicating that targets number in the firing order. Release
 the attack button to release your shots.  You do not need to be facing
 the direction of the targets since the rockets that fire are self guiding
 and will always hit their locked-on targets.

 Rolling Mode:
 This is an automatic move.  Whenever E-102 gets up enough speed on flat
 ground, he will go into drive mode roll on his treads.  This doesn't
 offer anything extra except that it keeps him moving quickly.
 This is an automatic move.  Whenever E-102 goes over a shallow body of
 water he will go into hover mode to prevent contact with the water.  He
 is a robot after all and wouldn't want to get wet! ;)
 After E-102 receives the Jet Booster Upgrade item (see section
 [7.2]), he will be able to glide by performing a double jump. Just
 jump and jump again to slowly glide down to earth.  As long as you hold
 the jump button you can continue gliding until you touch ground.  This
 is required in later stages to perform jumps across long distances.

 Triple Shot:
 After E-102 recieves the Gun Upgrade Item (see section [7.2]) he will
 have a much larger gun that has four barrels instead of just one.  This
 will allow him to fire multiple shots per trigger and destroy more at
 a much quicker rate.

 3 . 7    Super Sonic

 First Appearance: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 - Sega Genesis/Megadrive
 Super Sonic isn't really a separate character.  He's just Sonic the
 Hedgehog powered up with all seven of the Chaos Emeralds.
 Playing Super Sonic
 To understand Super Sonic, you'll need to know the basics.  First of
 all, for Sonic the Hedgehog to become Super Sonic, he must have two
 things: all seven Chaos Emeralds and 50 gold rings.  When this happens,
 (which will happen automatically as you play though his adventure quest)
 Super Sonic will be formed.  Attacks can't hurt him and he moves so fast
 that he can actually fly over land and water! For every second Sonic is
 this way, he'll use up one gold ring to maintain this form.  Once all 50
 rings are used up, Sonic changes back to normal.  The moment you unlock
 Super Sonic, you will have to battle Perfect Chaos and beat the game.
 You cannot take Super Sonic and play him in any of the action stages.
 He is only available to play when fighting Perfect Chaos. That's it.
 I know, it's kind of a bummer, but that's the way it is.

 When fighting Perfect Chaos, be sure to go as fast as you can since
 you'll need the speed to hit his brain and you'll be running out of
 rings all the time.  You can slow down a bit during the first three hits
 to gain back some rings, but don't attempt it during Perfect Chaos'
 second strike. Now that you know the basics, here are Super Sonic's
 Spin Attack:
 Press the jump button and Sonic will jump into the air, rolling
 up into a ball. While in the air you can maneuver slightly, destroying
 enemies or obstacles.  Because Super Sonic is so much more powerfull
 than standard Sonic, this includes cars too!  But the best use of this
 move is to do it just as Super Sonic hits a speed booster.  This will
 cause him to roll up into a ball and he'll be zooming at breakneck

 "Homing" Spin Attack:
 Press jump (A button) and then jump again while still in the air and
 Sonic will automatically home in on the nearest attackable object. But
 when Super Sonic is fighting Perfect Chaos, this move can be counter
 productive since Chaos cannot be hurt by it and it slows SS down a lot!
 It's best to avoid it.


 Sonic Adventure could be completed by just wandering around and finding
 the area of the game world where the story unfolds next.  If you get
 stuck and can't figure out where to go next, it would be a good idea to
 look up the walkthroughs in this section.  Although, I would recommend
 doing this only as a last resort.  By just following these walkthroughs
 to the letter, you'll miss out on familiarizing yourself with the game
 world and not experience discovering places and things unrelated to
 completing the game.  Try to figure it out on you own first, but if you
 get frustrated, look it up here!

 4 . 1    Sonic's Adventure Quest

 The story of Sonic Adventure begins with Sonic visiting the seaside
 city of Station Square.  He notices some police cars racing to an
 unknown location.  After he follows them, he finds a bunch of cops have
 a strange water creature at gunpoint.  They fire, but the bullets just
 go into the creature who then spits them back out.  As the cops start to
 run, Sonic steps in to help.  This will begin a brief fight with Chaos
 0.  He is simple to beat by just running to avoid attacks and using the
 "Homing" spin attack (see section [3.1]) to hit him when he's near.
 After being defeated, Chaos finds it's way to a sewer drain and we see
 Dr. Eggman watching from overhead.

 The next day, Sonic is lounging at the Station Square Hotel's pool side
 when he see's Tails', in an experimental plane, crash into the beach
 nearby. Run towards the beach to begin Sonic's first action stage,
 Emerald Coast (see section [5.1]).

 After rescuing Tails, you will both walk back to the Station Square
 Hotel's pool side where Tails will present Sonic with a Chaos Emerald.
 Go through the hotel and out into Station Square's ocean side street.
 There you'll see the Station Square Train Station.  Enter that building
 and take the train.  This will take you to Mystic Ruin.

 After getting off the Train, head right.  Up the hill near the steps to
 Tails' house you will encounter Dr. Eggman.  You will have to face him
 in his "Egg Hornet".  Just wait till the Hornet digs into the ground and
 attack it then.  After Eggman is defeated he will grab the Emerald that
 Tails was holding and give it to Chaos 0 producing Chaos 1.  In a flash
 of light, both Chaos 1 and Eggman disappear.

 Head up the steps to Tails' house and you will find the green Wind Stone
 next to his front door.  Grab the stone (by standing close and pressing
 the attack button), and head down the steps and keep to the right.  In
 the side of the cliff, just before you reach the lake, you will find a
 cave with a very windy vortex blowing into the air. Place the Wind Stone
 on the pedestal to open the vents below and cause the wind to become
 stronger.  Jump into the vortex and you'll be whisked away to Sonic's
 second action stage, Windy Valley (see section [5.2]).

 After finishing the stage, take the train back to Station Square.  Once
 there go to the part of town where you fought Chaos 0 and where the
 police car that was covering the manhole will be gone. Jump into the
 manhole to enter the sewer.  In the sewer you will find Sonic's first
 Upgrade Item, the Light Speed Shoes.  Now that you have this item, you
 can perform the Light Speed Dash (see section [3.1]).  Press the button
 to make some rings appear and use the Light Speed Dash to exit the

 A new part of Station Square will now be accessible through both the
 hotel and train station.  Go there and you'll see the entrance to the
 Casino locked.  Press the button to make rings appear and then use the
 Light Speed Dash to press the big button to open the casino.  This will
 allow you to enter Sonic's third action stage: Casinopolis (see section
 After beating Casinopolis, a blue Ice key will appear in the alley next
 to the casino.  But before you can get far, Eggman appears! He will gas
 Sonic & Tails and take the Chaos Emerald.  After you wake up, grab this
 new key and take it with you onto the train. Once you get to Mystic
 Ruin, you will see side of the cliff blow open revealing a new cave.
 Continue carrying the Ice Key into the cave.  There will be another
 vortex of air shooting up like the entrance to Windy Valley.  Ride
 this current up and it will lead to yet another set of caves.  Half
 way through this second cave there will be an icy door and pedestal.
 Place the Ice Key on the pedestal to open the door. Head into the ice
 cave, and on the other side of the small lake will be a ladder leading
 the Sonic's fourth action stage, IceCap (see section [5.4]).
 After completing this stage, go back towards the lake and you will
 encounter Knuckles.  You must fight him momentarily and then he will
 calm down a bit.  You can't hurt him from the front, so try hitting
 him from the side or behind.  Eventually, you'll both be knocked down
 and drop your Chaos Emeralds.  Dr. Eggman will appear and give them
 to Chaos forming Chaos 4.  Afterwards you will battle Chaos 4 in the
 nearby lake.  Use the lily pads to help you jump and aim.  You can
 jump into the water but be sure not to let yourself sink too far.
 Watch for his pattern and you should be able to defeat him.
 After the battle, Dr. Eggman's Egg Carrier will appear over head and
 "beam him up".  Tails suggests following Eggman in Sonic's Tornado
 airplane.  Now head up the stairs to Tails' house.  Tails will ask
 you to wait.  As the doors to the hanger open, a runway appears from
 the cliff in front of Tails' house.  Tails will taxi out the Tornado
 and Sonic will jump aboard. You will then encounter the first
 mini-game, Sky Chase Act 1 (see section [6.1]).

 After the Tornado get's shot down, Sonic & Tails will be separated and
 Sonic will land back at the Station Square Hotel.  Head towards the part
 of town where the casino is and Sonic will encounter Amy.  She will
 introduce you to the bird she found.  Then you head to the Ocean side
 part of town where the entrance to Twinkle Park is.  There you will see
 the green sentry robot ZERO.  But Amy notices the entrance to Twinkle
 Park and cant resist going inside.  Both Sonic & ZERO chase after Amy.
 Thus begins Sonic's Fifth action stage, Twinkle Park (see section
 After getting through Twinkle Park, you will be in a small room. Sonic
 is worried the green robot will capture Amy.  On your right is a door
 to the Twinkle Circuit mini-game.  You can play that or head forward
 (down the screen) and there will be another door.  Use it.
 As you exit the elevator to Twinkle Park, an employee card will appear
 in the patch of grass in front of the Train Station.  Pick it up and
 take it to the garage door next to the Twinkle Park elevator.  It will
 say, "ID Confirmed" and the door will open.  Take on of the two
 elevators to Sonic's sixth action stage, Speed Highway (see section
 [5.6]).  By the way, it doesn't matter which elevator you take, they
 both lead to the stage.
 Still unable to find Amy after completing Speed Highway, Sonic finds
 himself at the court where he fought Chaos 0 in Station Square.  Go to
 the Casino portion of station square by going through the Hotel (the
 train station is closed for the moment).  You will see that ZERO has
 captured Amy and is taking her to Mystic Ruin.  Now head to the train
 station and go to Mystic Ruin.  When you get there you see ZERO holding
 Amy. Just as Sonic is about to fight ZERO, the Egg Carrier appears
 overhead and beams ZERO and Amy aboard.  You see the Egg Carrier go
 to the other side of the cliff.

 Head through the cave in front of the Mystic Ruin train station (where
 you went to get to the IceCap stage), but this time go all the way
 through the tunnel until you get to the other side.  There you will
 see Knuckles floating island.  At the entrance to the bridge going to
 the island is the Ancient Light Item.  Get it and it will allow
 you to destroy the nearby Monkey (Kiki) in the cage using the Light
 Speed Dash.  This will open the gate and Sonic's seventh action stage,
 Red Mountain (see section [5.7]).
 After freeing the animals of Red Mountain, Sonic is just a moment too
 late to catch the Egg Carrier.  Just then, Tails streaks by in a new
 improved Tornado airplane.  He picks Sonic up and they head after the
 Egg Carrier and into the third mini-game, Sky Chase Act 2 (see section
 After destroying the Egg Carrier's main gun, Sonic and Tails land on the
 deck of the great ship.  Walk around a bit and Eggman will transform the
 ship.  Afterwards, the entrance to Sonic's Eight action stage, Sky Deck
 (see section [5.8]).
 Once you've surveyed the onslaught of Sky Deck, you'll reach the main
 internal room of the Egg Carrier.  Take the lift pod (the large, golden
 UFO looking thing) to the main deck.  You'll see Dr. Eggman talking to
 Amy.  Eggman will take the Chaos Emerald that was around the bird's
 neck and summon E-102 to fight Sonic.  You will have to hit him three
 After you severely damage E-102, Amy will stop you from hurting him any
 more.  She convinces Sonic to let him be since E-102 released her from
 her cell.  Sonic will agree and head up the deck some more. Once he
 get's here, there will be a door on his left. Go in and there will
 be a small room with two other doors and a button.  Press the button
 to create some rings and use the Light Speed Dash to enter Dr. Eggman's
 control room. Stand on the chair and it will move forward.  Jump off
 the chair and a button will be revealed on the floor where the chair
 was.  Press this button to convert the ship back to it's previous state.
 Then go through the door.  Once outside go the the center of the deck.
 There Sonic will encounter Chaos 6.  Big and Eggman will be there as
 well.  When you fight Chaos 6, Eggman will be dropping freeze bombs
 at you.  Hit the bombs with your "Homing" spin attack and then pick
 them up.  Throw them at Chaos to freeze him and then hit him.  Do this
 four times to destroy Chaos 6.   After this Knuckles will appear.
 Eggman get's upset that you beat Chaos and runs away.  Sonic chases
 after Eggman off the side of the ship, falling into the Mystic Ruin
 rain forest.  There he sees the ancient Echidna Tribe's temple shaking.
 Then he sees Tikal's spirit enter the temple and follows.  This leads
 Sonic into his ninth action stage, Lost World (see section [5.9]).
 Upon getting to the exit, Sonic finds the spirit again and follows it.
 It leads him to a large stone image of "Perfect Chaos" destroying
 a city.  Then Sonic is whisked away to the Floating Island of the past
 where the Master Emerald shrine is on fire.  Run towards the shrine and
 you will see a young echidna girl (Tikal) and some dead Chao lying on
 the ground.  The girl will get up and walk towards the Master Emerald.
 Sonic will then find himself back outside the echidna temple.  He will
 see Eggman streak over head and follow.
 Head towards the edge of the jungle and you will see Dr. Eggman's
 Egg Carrier docking station.  Enter the docking station via the
 connecting bridge. Once inside, go over to the door with the six lights
 around it.  Jump on the lights until all six are lit up, upon when the
 door will open and Sonic will enter his tenth and last action stage,
 Final Egg (see section [5.A]).
 After reaching the reactor core of the Egg Carrier Docking station,
 Sonic will find Dr. Eggman in his Egg Viper attack pod.  This is
 Sonic's last boss. To fight the Egg Viper, keep running to avoid the
 lazer fire. When the "tail" of the Egg Viper is extended towards the
 platform you're on and Eggman is gloating, hit the green pods on the
 tail of the Egg Viper using the Homing Spin Attack.  Be sure to hit
 all three of the green pods and jump a fourth time to hit 'ol Egg-boy
 himself.  Do this several times until Eggman positions the Egg Viper at
 the end of the platform and starts firing directly at you.  Just dodge
 these shots. When Eggman does this again, he will throw spinning blades
 at you. Be sure you're at the other end of the platform and wait till
 the blade reaches you to jump on top of it.  It will carry you to
 Eggman and then hit him with a spin attack.  Do this a few times and
 watch for when Egg-boy starts destroying the platform.  After you
 completely destroy the Egg Viper, Tikal's spirit will appear to warn
 you that the Egg Viper is about to crash into the platform.  Be sure
 not to be on the platform section he hit's or you'll fall to your death.

 After Sonic gets out he see's Eggman escape into the MR rain forest.
 Sonic will meet up with Tails and they will run around in victory.
 Be sure to wait for the credits before resetting or turning off your
 Dreamcast.  You'll earn a Sonic Emblem for finishing the game (see
 section [9] for more information).  After the credits, all the
 playable characters will be available (except for Super Sonic) since
 you met them during the adventure.

 4 . 2    Tails' Adventure Quest

 Tails' story starts out with him happily flying along in a prototype
 airplane that uses a chaos emerald for a power source.  But when the
 plane's engine conks out, he's forced to make a crash landing on the
 beach near the Station Square hotel.  Sonic is there to help him.  When
 they get back, Tails shows Sonic the Chaos Emerald that was powering the
 Once he's done talking, go through the Hotel to the Station Square
 Train station and ride the train to MR.  Head up the stairs to Tails'
 house and you will encounter Dr. Eggman in his Egg Hornet.  Fight and
 beat him just like you did in Sonic's quest.  Afterwards, Eggman will
 steal the Chaos Emerald Tails was carrying, summon Chaos and feed Chaos
 the emerald.
 Now head up the steps to Tails' house and pick up the green Wind Stone
 key that is just outside his door.  Take the stone to the cave in
 the side of the cliff just before reaching the MR lake.  Place the
 key in the pedestal and jump into the vortex to go to Tails' first
 action stage, Windy Valley (see section [5.2]).
 Now you'll want to head back to SS.  Get on the train and once you get
 back, go through the newly opened exit to the train station that will
 lead you to the part of SS where the casino is.  Fly up and press the
 big red button on the casino front to open the stage.  Enter the casino
 to play Tail's second action stage, Casinopolis (see section [5.3]).

 After beating Casinopolis, a blue Ice Key will appear in the alley next
 to the casino.  But before you can get far, Eggman appears! He will gas
 Tails & Sonic and take the Chaos Emerald.  After you wake up, grab this
 new key and take it with you onto the train. Once you get to Mystic
 Ruin, you will see side of the cliff blow open revealing a new cave.
 Continue carrying the Ice Key into the cave.  There will be another
 vortex of air shooting up like the entrance to Windy Valley.  Ride this
 current up and it will lead to yet another set of caves.  Half way
 through this second cave there will be an icy door and pedestal.  Place
 the Ice Key on the pedestal to open the door. Head into the ice cave,
 and on the other side of the small lake will be a ladder leading the
 Tails' third action level, IceCap (see section [5.4]).

 After getting anther Chaos Emerald, leave the ice cave and head back
 to the MR lake.  Knuckles will be there.  You will have to fight him.
 Eventually, you'll both be knocked down and drop your Chaos Emeralds.
 Dr. Eggman will appear and give them to Chaos forming Chaos 4.
 Afterwards you will battle Chaos 4 in the nearby lake.  Use the lily
 pads to help you jump and aim.  You can jump into the water but be sure
 not to let yourself sink too far. Watch for his pattern and you should
 be able to defeat him.
 Once Chaos 4 is defeated, the Egg Carrier will appear overhead.  It will
 "beam up" Dr. Eggman.  Head up to Tails house to get into the improved
 Tornado airplane.  This will begin Tails' first mini-game, Sky Chase
 Act 1 (see section [6.1]).  After a tough battle, the Tornado get's shot
 down by Egg Carrier's main weapon.

 In the next scene, we see Tails walking through the MR rain forest.  He
 stops to see his idol Sonic wiz by him.  Tails runs after Sonic, trying
 desperately to keep up  but Sonic is just too fast.  This makes Tails
 sad.  Then the scene fades out and we see that Tails is waking up from
 that dream. He has landed by the MR lake and Sonic is no-where to be
 found.  Tails relizes he must find the chaos emeralds himself, without
 Sonic's help.  He musteres up the courage and decides he'll do his best
 to save the day!  Now head towards the mine cart next to the MR lake
 and ride it to the rain forest.

 Jump off the ledge and keep on the left path. Tails will see one of the
 Chaos Emeralds lying on the path.  Then he'll see Big's pet frog hop by
 and eat it!  Follow the frog into the cave and fly up to the ledge.
 Jump on the Echidna Idol to unclog the sand. Go into the now clear cave
 and on to Tails' second mini-game, Sand Hill (see section [6.4]).
 After reaching the end and capturing Big's frog, Tails see's a spirit
 floating about (it's Tikal's spirit).  The spirit transports Tail's to
 the ancient Echidna Village on the Floating Island.  Head up the steps
 on your immediate left and then take a right and you'll get the Rhythm
 Badge Upgrade item. Then head to the front of the main temple to meet
 Tikal.  Shortly after, you'll be transported back to the MR lake where
 Big will come running, desperately trying to grab his frog (who gets
 away anyway).  At least Tails got the emerald from Froggy before it
 ran away with Big right behind.
 Now head back up to Tails house.  Tails decides to use the red Chaos
 Emerald he's found to power his new jet powered Tornado airplane.  He
 climbs in the plane and opens the secret hangar doors located behind
 the water fall near his house and blasts off.  He flies to Red Mountain
 where he sees the Egg Carrier and Sonic.  Sonic jumps aboard and they
 both go after the EC in Tail's third mini-game,  Sky Chase Act 2 (see
 section [6.2]).

 After destroying the EC's main gun, Tails and Sonic crash land on the
 main deck.  Head up the deck and Eggman will convert the EC's form into
 attack mode.  Keep heading up the deck to enter Tail's fourth action
 stage, Sky Deck (see section [5.8]).

 Now inside the EC, Tails suggests they split up looking for Amy.  Take
 the lift pod (the large, golden UFO looking thing) to the main deck.
 You'll see Dr. Eggman talking to Amy.  Eggman will take the Chaos
 Emerald that was around the bird's neck and summon E-102 to fight
 Tails.  You will have to hit him three times.

 Once you've defeated E-102, Amy will ask you to stop since E-102
 released her from her prison.  Sonic asks Tails to airlift Amy to safety
 while he goes off to fight Dr. Eggman.  Tails lifts Amy away using his
 tails while E-102 hovers to safety.  We see the Egg Carrier crash due
 to Sonic's efforts.

 Back at station square, Tails gently lowers Amy to the ground and
 notices Eggman crash landing nearby.  Eggman summons a rocket which
 takes off and lands in another part of Station Square.. failing to
 destroy the city.  Eggman then goes to Speed Highway to fix the rocket
 so it explodes.  Tails realizes he has to beat Eggman to the rocket
 before he uses it to blow up Station Square. Tails stops for a moment
 wishing Sonic was there to help, but then decides that he must be
 strong and face Dr. Eggman alone.  He decides to race Eggman to the
 rocket and thus starts Tails' fifth and final action stage, Speed
 Highway (see section 5.6]).

 Tails will now find himself at the casino end of Station Square where
 Eggman and a crowd of people are gathered.  Eggman decides to use the
 mighty Egg Walker to destroy the pesky fox and Tails accepts Eggman's
 challenge. When fighting Tails' last boss, watch out for flames and
 missiles. Then whenever one of the feet of the Walker stomp down and
 is glowing, hit it the glowing part using your Tail Spin attack.  This
 will cause the Walker to loose balance, and Eggman's cockpit pod to
 lower. Smack Egg-boy good when he's down and repeat the process while
 watching for different variations in the Egg Walkers pattern.

 After the battle, a startled Tails realizes the he himself has actually
 defeated Eggman!  A crowd cheers and Tails flies back to MR where he
 finds Sonic.  Tails gives Sonic a flyby as they exchange a quick
 high-five celebration.

 4 . 3    Knuckles' Adventure Quest

 Knuckles' tale begins on a stormy evening as Dr. Eggman's Egg Carrier
 is seen flying towards the floating island.  As Knuckles watches
 diligently over the Master Emerald, Chaos brakes out of the Master
 Emerald, destroying it!  Without the Master Emerald to keep the island
 floating, it crashes into the ocean below.
 Once at Station Square, take Knuckles around Station Square to where
 Sonic first fought Chaos 0.  There will be some barriers blocking the
 entrance.  Smash the barriers to send them flying into the doors. Go
 through the now open doors and on to Knuckles first action stage,
 Speed Highway (see section [5.6]).  As with all of Knuckles action
 stages, you must locate the three emerald shards hidden in the stage.
 For more on this, see section [3.3].
 After finding three emerald shards you will be back where you entered
 the Speed Highway stage.  Go back to the hotel and through the double
 doors in the hotel lobby that lead to the casino part of Station Square.
 You'll see rings leading up the side of the movie theater there.  Follow
 the rings up by climbing until you are on the "Chao in Space" movie
 poster.  Then glide from the poster over to the large button that
 unlocks the casino.  Go into the casino and on to Knuckle's second
 action stage, Casinopolis (see section [5.3]).
 Immediatly upon completing the stage, Knuckles will be transported back
 to the time of the ancient Echidna Village of his ancestors.  Walk to
 the other end of the village to witness an argument between Tikal and
 the village elder.  After this plot point, Knuckles will be transported
 back to the front of the casino.  On your left you will see Sonic &
 Tails who have been gassed by their last encounter with Dr. Eggman.
 They are asleep and cannot be awoken.  Head to the hotel.  When you get
 there you will see Eggman going up the right elevator.  He has the Chaos
 Emerald he had just stolen from Sonic & Tails in his hand.  Head up the
 elevator and on to your fight with Chaos 2.  Wait for his arm strike and
 try to use your Dash Punch to hit him from behind.

 After a discussion with Eggman, Knuckles heads back to MR.   Go to the
 valley next to Tails house.  Go in the cave there and into the first
 cave therein.  You will see a monkey (Kiki) and a gate will lock you in
 pick up the Shovel Claws Upgrade item.  These will allow Knuckles to
 perform dig into the ground (see section [3.3]).  Go to the adjoining
 room and dig where the Eggman symbol is rising and falling.  You will
 find a Self-Destruction Switch.  Place the switch near the monkey cage
 to destroy the monkey inside thus opening the gate.
 Now take the switch and carry it to the entrance where Red Mountain
 stage is. (To get there, go through the newly formed cave entrance in
 front of the MR train station. Then go through that tunnel to the other
 side). The entrance to the Red Mountain stage is locked by a monkey in a
 cage. Use the switch to blow up this monkey to open the gate and go on to
 Knuckles third action stage, Red Mountain (see section [5.7]).
 Upon completing Red Mountain, you'll find yourself back outside next to
 the Floating Island.  Go back through the cave to where the MR lake is.
 There you will encounter Sonic & Tails and have to battle Sonic.  After
 hitting Sonic three times with your Punch Attack, Eggman will appear
 and take the chaos emeralds Sonic was holding and feed them to Chaos
 forming Chaos 4.  You will now have to fight Chaos 4 in the MR lake.
 Defeat him just as you did with Sonic & Tails.

 Eggman's Egg Carrier will appear overhead afterwards and "beam" him
 aboard.  Once this has happened, have Knuckles ride the mine cart next
 to the MR lake.  This will take him to the MR rain forest.  On the
 ledge once there, you will see Tikal's spirt floating.  Just below her
 spirit will be a Golden Echidna Idol.  Grab the idol and take it to the
 temple by jumping off the ledge and following the trails.  Once there,
 climb the back steps up the temple and place the golden idol on the
 golden pedestal.  Then climb back down the steps and head out towards
 the cliff side where the fence is.  On this path, head left.  Keep going
 until you come across a stone entrance hidden in the brush on the left.
 Go into this small cave until you get to the center where there is a
 place to dig (it has some yellow symbols going up and down). Dig there
 to find the Silver Echidna Idol.  Take the silver idol back to the
 silver pedestal on the temple to open up Knuckles fourth action stage,
 Lost World (see section [5.9]). 
 Afterwards, Knuckles will then see Tikal's Spirit and be transported to
 the past again to where the Master Emerald shrine used to be.  Walk up
 the steps to see Tikal giving a speech.  You'll also notice the Chaos
 Emeralds around the Master Emerald and some Chao (A-Lifes) come up to
 Tikal and talk to her.  You'll then be transported to the Floating
 Island of current day.  Knuckles will then take the emerald shards he's
 collected and use them to repair the Master Emerald, but he notices that
 three shards are still missing.  In the Master Emerald he can see the
 location of the last three shards are being held on the Egg Carrier.
 Just then E-102 lands nearby. Knuckles decides to follow him.
 Now go back to the MR rain forest and glide off the ledge all the way to
 then edge of the cliff past the temple.  Eggman's Egg Carrier will be
 docked there now.  Knuckles will see E-102 enter the connecter bridge.
 Then a FMV sequence will play showing the EC taking off.  On the deck,
 walk forward to see the EC transform.  Then walk back to where you were
 and enter the door leading to the pool room.  The pool will be drained
 of water and you will be able to enter the door in the deep end of the
 pool.  Go in and you'll be in a small hidden room.  On the other end is
 the door leading to Knuckles' fifth and final action stage, Sky Deck
 (see section [5.8]).
 After collecting the last three Master Emerald shards, Tikal's spirit
 will appear and send you back in time again.  This time we see the
 Floating Island is on fire.  Head up the steps towards the Master
 Emerald. You'll see Tikal laying on the ground and speak with her. But
 just as Knuckles starts to figure things out, he gets sent back to the
 present inside the small room behind the pool on the EC.  Head back out
 on deck where Knuckles will see a flash of light off in the distance.
 Head that way.  Knuckles will encounter Sonic & Eggman.  Then out of
 nowhere, Chaos 6 will reform from where Sonic had beaten it.  Use the
 same techniques you used with Sonic to beat Chaos 6.
 Once Chaos 6 is defeated, the Chaos emeralds will be laying on the deck.
 Then the EC will be destroyed as Knuckles safely glides away.  Back at
 the Floating Island, Knuckles repairs the last of the Master Emerald
 causing the Floating Island to glide back up into the air.  Knuckles
 returns to his post, defending the Master Emerald and the floating
 Angel Island, thus fulfilling his destiny.
 4 . 4    Amy's Adventure Quest

 Amy's adventure begins in Station Square.  Going about her daily
 routine and a little bit of grocery shopping, she remembers the time
 Sonic rescued her from Dr. Eggman (in the SegaCD game, SonicCD) when a
 shadow covers the city. It's Eggman's Egg Carrier!  Just then a small
 bird crash lands into her face, knocking her down.  Then Eggman's green,
 sentry robot "ZERO" chases Amy (it's actually after the Chaos Emerald
 around the birds neck).  Amy hides in the Station Square Burger Shop.
 After this, head to the Station Square hotel.  Then go through the
 double doors leading to the casino part of town.  There Amy will run
 into her "kawaii" Sonic. ;)  She explains the incident with the bird
 to Sonic and says that Sonic must help her and the bird or she will
 just continue to pester him anyway.
 Now go back through the hotel to reach the seaside drive and the
 elevator to Twinkle Park where you'll catch up with Sonic. Just then
 ZERO will catch up with Amy, but she will be overcome with the idea
 of visiting Twinkle Park.  She runs inside and Sonic reluctantly chases
 after her.  This begins Amy's first action stage, Twinkle Park (see
 section [5.5]).
 Once you've successfully gotten away from ZERO, you'll be in a small
 room with a door to Twinkle Park and one to the Twinkle Circuit. Just
 walk down the screen until you reach the door to outside.  This will lead
 Amy down the elevator back to the street.  Then a large shadow looms
 overhead.  It's ZERO! He grabs Amy and takes her into the Station
 Square train station.  As the robot passes along the overpass, Amy sees
 and screams to Sonic.  Then she faints.
 After Amy awakes, she then finds herself locked in a cell aboard Dr.
 Eggman's Egg Carrier.  E-102 enters the room, walks over to the cell and
 tells Amy to give him the bird.  Amy talks to E-102, causing a
 malfunction in his logic circuits.  The bird flies out and when E-102
 sees the bird up close, he decides to release Amy. Once Amy's done
 talking exit the room.
 You'll be in the game room and Amy will hear Eggman over the intercom
 gloating over his high score on the Whack-A-Sonic game. Jump in into
 the center of the room just below the high score to start Amy's
 exclusive mini-game, Whack-A-Sonic (see section [6.6]).  Once you beat
 Dr. Eggman's high score, he will get upset and Tikal's spirit will
 appear.  She will give Amy the Warrior Feather Upgrade item.  This
 will allow Amy to perform the Spin Hammer Attack (see section [3.4]).
 The door on the other side of the room will now be open.  Use it.
 Once in the central inner room of the Egg Carrier, you will be standing
 in front of three doors. Use your hammer to open the middle door by
 hitting the button on the ground in front of it.  This door will take
 Amy to her second action stage, Hot Shelter (see section [5.B]).
 On her way out of Hot Shelter, Amy will encounter Tikal's spirit which
 will whisk her to the ancient Echidna Tribe's village in the past. Turn
 around and go through the tunnel behind Amy.  There you will find the
 Master Emerald and Tikal.  Tikal is talking with some Chao. Then Chaos
 will start to come out of the water just as the sequence ends.  Amy finds
 herself back aboard the Egg Carrier in the pool room.  Head through the
 door back onto the deck.  Eggman will be there.  So will Sonic & Tails.
 Eggman will grab the little bird and take the Chaos Emerald from around
 it's neck.  Eggman will then summon E-102 to fight Sonic.
 After Sonic has severely damaged E-102, Amy will stop him from
 completely destroying it.  She explains how E-102 rescued her from her
 prison cell. Sonic orders Tails to airlift Amy back to Station Square.
 Amy talks briefly with E-102 just before the EC blows up.
 Back at Station Square, Tails & Amy touch down.  Amy waves by to Tails
 and then talks to the bird.  She notices that the bird also has a
 picture of his family in the necklace around it's neck.  Amy decides to
 go to Mystic Ruin to look for the birds family.
 Once at MR, ride the mine cart next to the lake to the MR rain forest.
 Then take the path to where Eggman's Egg Carrier's docking station is
 located (where the spotlights are).  Once inside, go to the door with
 the six lights around it.  Get all six lights to be on and the door
 will open leading Amy to her third and final action stage, Final
 Egg (see section [5.A]).
 After the stage, Amy is a little worried that ZERO is still chasing
 her.  She is now convinced that the bird's parents must be on the Egg
 Carrier.  Leave the EC docking station and head back to the main part
 of Mystic Ruin where the MR train station is.  But instead of getting
 on the train, take the boat service located under the train station.
 Carefully jump onto the boat.  It leads to the Egg Carrier which is now
 permanently crashed into the ocean.
 Once aboard, the bird will fly off and it will find it's parents. But
 before the bird can get back to Amy, it is targeted and hit by ZERO!
 Amy has finally had enough of this troublesome swatbot and decides to
 take him down for hurting her bird friend.  When fighting ZERO, you will
 need to knock him into the electrified fence around you.  This will
 short circuit him and literally make him loose his top.  Smack the
 button inside his normally well armored head to damage him.
 Once ZERO has been destroyed, Amy runs to her downed bird friend. The
 bird tries to fly, but then falls.  Luckily he was able to recover. The
 bird family happily fly away and Amy's adventure quest is complete.

 4 . 5    Big's Adventure Quest

 One night while Big is asleep, his pet frog wakes up and notices
 something nearby.  It's Chaos' tail.  The next morning, Big wakes up to
 find that his frog friend runs away.  Big heads to Station Square to
 look for it. Walk around the corner to find the frog at the part of
 Station Square where Sonic fought Chaos 0.  The frog jumps into the
 manhole underneath an old car.  Walk up to the car and move it out of
 the way by using the attach button.  Once in the sewer, Big will be
 facing down. Head that direction.  Eventually he will reach a box. Jump
 onto the box to get to the elevator on the other side (where the exit
 sign is).
 You'll then find yourself in the overpass leading to Twinkle Park.
 Follow the overpass all the way to the other side.  Once in the small
 room, go to the door with the sign above it marked "Twinkle Park" to
 begin Big's first action stage, Twinkle Park (see section [5.5]). The
 goal of all of Big's action stages are to capture his pet frog.
 Once you've captured the frog and you exit Twinkle Park completely, the
 blue Ice Key will appear behind the Twinkle Park elevator on the other
 side of the small body of water.  Pick it up and take it to train
 station.  Board the train and go to MR.  Once there, take the Ice Key
 through the newly formed cave in front of the MR train station and jump
 into the vortex.  Then continue halfway through the next tunnel and
 place the key on the pedestal.  This will open the door.  Go into the
 ice cave and once you get to the body of water, you'll find Big's
 Lifebelt Upgrade item (see section [7.2]).  Cross the water, go up the
 ladder and on to Big's second action stage, IceCap (see section [5.4]).
 Now leave the ice cave and you'll encounter Tails who is holding Froggy.
 Big makes a desperate dive to catch the frog.  Tails gets startled and
 releases the frog who hops onto Big's head and then gets away.  The frog
 was heading towards SS so get onto the train and go back to Station
 Square.  On your way off the train you'll see Sonic. Outside, you'll see
 the frog standing in the middle of the street.  Go into the hotel and
 out to the pool area.  Then head on to Big's third action stage, Emerald
 Coast (see section [5.1]).
 After catching the frog, E-102 will come by and take it from you. Big
 chases after him.  Then the scene cuts to the Egg Carrier taking off
 from it's docking station in MR.  Big, now aboard the Egg Carrier, is
 in the center internal room.  Head to the other end of the room where
 the three doors are and jump on switch to the middle door and enter it
 once it's open to go to Big's fourth and final stage, Hot Shelter (see
 section [5.B]).
 After finally holding his pet frog in his hand, Tikal's spirt appears
 and transports Big to the Floating Island of the past.  Walk up to the
 Master Emerald shrine to see Tikal give a short speech.  She will walk
 up the steps to the emerald where she will pray.  Once this has
 happened, Big will be a bit confused and will find himself back in the
 Egg Carrier's main internal room.  A large explosion occurs.
 Now take the Egg Tram Monorail to the main deck by pressing on the
 "call" pad on the main floor next to where Tikal's spirit is floating.
 Once on deck, make your way to the top center of the deck where the
 large green part is.  You'll see Chaos 4 hovering there.  Eggman will
 appear and will give Chaos a Chaos Emerald.  Chaos will also force the
 Chaos Emerald out of the frogs stomach.  These two emeralds combined
 will change Chaos 4 to Chaos 6.  Chaos will then envelop Big's frog and
 take it's tail which it will add to itself.  Now big must battle Chaos
 to get his pet frog back.  All you need to do is aim your fishing rod
 at the target inside of Chaos.
 Once Big gets his friend back, walk to where Tails' plane the Tornado
 landed.  Big decides to try to pilot the plane back to his home in the
 MR rain forest.  He makes it off just before the Egg Carrier is
 destroyed.  Once back, Big and his frog celebrate to be home in their
 natural environment.

 4 . 6    E-102 "gamma"'s Adventure Quest

 Gamma's life begins in the Egg Carrier docking station, located on the
 edge of the Mystic Ruins rain forest.  After being robotisized, E-102's
 first sight is of his new master, Dr. Eggman.  Eggman proceeds to
 introduce himself and tells Gamma his name.  Gamma then takes his first
 looks around.
 Walk to the left and you will see Eggman standing by a door.  He says
 that the door leads to the Swatbot firing range and that he will
 instruct E-102 on how to properly destroy Sonic & his pals.  E-102 will
 obey and enter the door leading to his first action stage,  Final Egg
 (see section [5.A]).
 Back in the main room of the docking station, head down the stairs to
 where Dr. Eggman is.  He wants you to prove your worth.  He summons one
 of his other Swatbots, E-101 "beta" and orders Gamma to spar with it.
 After the fight, E-101 shows that he doesn't trust Gamma.  Eggman walks
 off and launches the Egg Carrier.  He then gathers all of his Swatbots
 the the main internal room of the Egg Carrier.  He then shows them that
 Big's frog, Froggy has Chaos tail and orders them to capture the frog
 and bring it to him.
 Now you'll find yourself in the seaside drive of Station Square.  Go
 through the hotel to the pool area.  The entrance to the beach is
 blocked by some barricades.  Target and destroy the obstruction and go
 on to E-102's second action stage, Emerald Coast (see section [5.1]).
 After finding the frog, Tikal's sprit appears and transports Gamma to
 the Floating Island of the past.  E-102 has no data as to where he is so
 he decides to investigate.  Walk up to the Master Emerald shrine.
 There will be a group of Chao singing (possibly chanting).  This causes
 a reaction in the water.  Tikal appears and yells to you.  She then
 apologies to Gamma and talks with him.  Afterwards, Gamma awakens to
 find himself back on the EC's main internal room.  The other E series
 swatbots call for him to get in formation.  All the robots have captured
 different frogs, but none of them are the right one.  Then Eggman
 notices that Gamma has the one true frog there were all after.  He takes
 the frog from Gamma and punishes the other swatbots by beaming them off
 the ship.  Dr. Eggman then orders E-102 to go to the prison area and get
 the Chaos Emerald from around the neck of Amy's bird friend.  He then
 walks off.  E-102 heads towards the door but accidentally steps on a
 spinning floorpiece that sends him into the door on the left.  Inside,
 he sees pieces of a black swatbot on the ground.  He looks up to see a
 new improved version of E-101 "beta" being constructed.  He then leaves.
 Now, go into the door on the right and you'll be in the Whack-A-Sonic
 game room. Go to the other side and you'll find Amy locked in her
 prison cell. 
 E-102 will order Amy to give the bird to him, but she will refuse.  Amy
 will then talk with E-102, causing him to malfunction.  Amy's bird
 friend will then fly up close to E-102 causing him to malfunction some
 more.  E-102 then decides to free Amy from her cell and Amy runs off.
 Now leave the prison area go back to the EC main room.  When you get
 there, Eggman will test his microphone and order E-102 to come to the
 main deck.  But before you head up, go up the stairs on the far end of
 the room and take a right.  Go along the railings until you reach a
 door that opens on your left.  Once inside, jump down to the bottom and
 pick up the Jet Booster Upgrade item (see section [7.2]).
 Leave this room, and Eggman will yell at you some more.  Now jump into
 the lift pod (the large, golden UFO looking thing) to the main deck.
 There you will be ordered by Dr. Eggman to fight Sonic.  Interestingly
 enough, in this version of the story, Sonic is a pushover to Gamma, and
 just as Gamma is going to blow away Sonic for the last time, Amy steps
 in and convinces E-102 to spare Sonic's life.  Sonic thanks Amy and runs
 off to face Dr. Eggman.  After another brief talk with Amy,  E-102 flies
 off the Egg Carrier as it explodes and lands in the ocean.
 On his way down, Gamma thinks about all the things he's seen.  And then
 it happens, he becomes aware that his is fighting on the wrong side.
 He decides to take down the other E series robots to protect other
 innocent people from being hurt.
 Now in MR, head up the steps to Tail's house. In front of Tails' door
 will be the green Wind Key.  Grab the key and take it to the cave in
 the cliff next to the MR lake.  Place the key on the pedestal which
 will release the vents below and cause the wind to rush faster.  Jump
 into the vortex and on to E-102's third action stage, Windy Valley
 (see section [5.2]).
 After Gamma has rescued the E-103 robot and set free the animal
 inside, a new cave will form in front of the MR train station. Go into
 the cave and jump into the vortex.  Then follow the adjoining cave to
 the end and find the entrance to Red Mountain with the caged monkey in
 front of it.  Target and destroy the monkey, thus unlocking the stage
 and you're on to E-102's fourth action stage, Red Mountain (see section
 Once you've destroyed E-104 and released the animal inside, E-102 will
 remember that there are still a few E series robots left.  He remembers
 seeing E-101 "beta" being rebuilt.  He decides to go to the Egg Carrier
 and find E-101.  Head back to the EC by way of the boat service located
 underneath the MR train station.  Once you get there E-102 will make a
 brief statement.  Then head up deck and take the egg pod down into the
 main central room.  Once there head to the other side of the room where
 the three doors are and enter the middle door.  You're on your way to
 E-102's fifth and final action stage, Hot Shelter (see section [5.B]).
 Upon destroying the mammoth E-105 robot, go to the main deck and E-102
 will pause to examine himself.  He'll remember about E-101 beta and
 he'll remember his romp through the Emerald Coast.  Then the new E-101
 flies overhead.  Follow it to the center of the large green spinning
 part of the deck.  Once you get there it's a confrontation with E-102's
 final boss, E-101!  E-101 is heavily shielded in the front, so only a
 blast to his back side will hurt him.
 But before E-101 is destroyed, it blasts E-102 away with one last shot.
 Then, the white, male bird that was inside E-101 flies up to E-102.
 This triggers some never before seen memories inside E-102.  He
 remembers that he himself is just a bird.  He decides to lay down and
 self destruct himself.  The white bird looks back to find that inside
 of E-102 was it's lost mate, the pink bird.  Both are the parents of
 Amy's lost, little bird friend and the story ends.

 On a side note, this was my favorite story of all the Adventure quests.
 What a plot twist!  E-102's worst enemy turns out to be her own true
 love in disguise.  Neat!  It's too bad E-102 had to give up her ultra
 cool body armor to be normal, but at least she's free to live like a
 bird again.  Also, through out this entire section, I often referred to
 E-102 as "him", since the voice sounded male.  But we find out that all
 along, the bird that was inside E-102 was really female! (I'm guessing
 here since it's a "pink" bird). =)
 One last thing, now that you've completed all six of the main
 character's adventure quests, there is still one last part of the story.
 When you return to the main menu and select "Adventure", there will be
 a new selectable character, Super Sonic.  Select it and you're on your
 way to truly completing the story of Sonic Adventure!
 4 . 7    Super Sonic's Adventure Quest

 As this adventure begins, we see that one of the Chaos emeralds is still
 inside the improved Tornado jetplane next to Big's house.  We then see
 the Floating Island fall back into the ocean.
 Cut to the next scene where Eggman is escaping through the MR rain
 forest.  He sees Chaos on the path.  Now we cut to Knuckles aboard the
 Floating Island.  He figures out why the island fell, one of the Chaos
 Emeralds is missing.  He then sees a downed Eggman nearby.  He runs to
 Eggman who utters the word "Chaos" and faints.  Then Knuckles sees Chaos
 out of the corner of his eye.
 The next scene shows Sonic relaxing next to the Mystic Ruin lake.  Tails
 comes running up and tells Sonic that he spotted Eggman near the Floating
 Island.  Take the cave near the MR train station to where the Floating
 Island is.  You should see both Knuckles and Dr. Eggman lying on the
 ground.  Knuckles will murmer that they were attacked by Chaos who has
 taken all of the Chaos Emeralds.  He tells Sonic that he need to recover
 all of the Chaos Emeralds or Chaos will become too powerful.
 Just then, Tikal's spirit appears and transports Sonic back to when the
 Master Emerald temple was on fire.  Run up to the temple and you will
 see Tikal and some Chao trying to keep the chief of the Echidna Tribe
 and some of the tribe's warriors from getting close to the Master
 Emerald.  They refuse and run her and the Chao down, killing the Chao.
 As they get up the steps, Chaos appears!  Take Sonic and have him run
 up to Tikal.  She gets up and runs towards the Master Emerald into
 danger.  Have Sonic follow her.  Once you both get there, you see Tikal
 talking to the Master Emerald.  Then a flash of light envelopes the scene
 and Sonic is transported back.
 He is awoken by Tails. Tails reminds Sonic that there is still one last
 emerald left in his plane, the Tornado.  Take Sonic back to the rain
 forest.  Once there, a splash of water appears and the emerald gets
 taken from the airplane's front.  Chaos now has ALL seven of the Chaos
 During the next FMV scene, we see Chaos destroying Station Square.  Now
 Sonic stands before Perfect Chaos.  He sees Eggman attack Perfect Chaos
 in the Egg Carrier, but with one quick blast, the Egg Carrier is hit
 and Eggman is sent flying.  Then Tikal's spirit appears.  Sonic finally
 makes the connection that the ball of light that has been assisting him
 throughout his adventures is really Tikal.  She physically appears now
 and the Chaos Emeralds fly away from Perfect Chaos.

 Just then, each of the other five characters (including E-102 in bird
 form) appear.  Tails explains that Sonic should use the Chaos Emeralds
 to become Super Sonic and defeat Perfect Chaos.  Sonic takes the
 emeralds and becomes the unstoppable, ultra-powerfull Super Sonic!
 Ok.. this is it!  The final battle!  Get ready to fight Perfect Chaos,
 the most difficult Sonic Boss ever!  It's important to note a few things
 first about Super Sonic in order to play.  Be sure to read section
 [3.7] for complete details before attempting to win.
 As you begin your fight with Perfect Chaos, you will have 50 rings. Be
 sure to strike Perfect Chaos a quickly as possible so that you don't
 run out of rings. Because you are fighting over water,  normal Sonic
 would never be able to attack Perfect Chaos and he'd quickly die.
 You'll have to attack Perfect Chaos twice.  The first time should be
 fairly easy.  Blast forward as fast as you can picking up rings and
 avoiding Chaos' attacks.  Run right up into Perfect Chaos' base.  This
 will send Super Sonic spiraling up until he hits Chaos in the brain,
 thus causing damage.  If you're not fast enough, you won't make it all
 the way up.  You must hit him three times.  But that was just the
 Perfect Chaos will return to fight Super Sonic one more time except
 this time he has twice the firepower!  Hit him three more time to
 defeat him.  Good luck, you'll need it!
 Once Perfect Chaos is destroyed, he will be reverted back to his
 original state as Chaos 0.  A group of Chao will come and herd around
 Chaos.  Sonic, Knuckles & Tails will look from overhead.  Tikal appears
 and takes Chaos back to the Master Emerald.  Before she leaves, she
 thanks Sonic and his pals for all their help.  Sonic notices Eggman
 leaving the scene also.  As everyone stands speechless, Tails says a
 word to Sonic, but he's not there.  Sonic is seen running off into the
 distance.  The end.


 As you progress through each of the six main character quests, the
 action stages will become playable.  The action stages are what
 classic Sonic game players will relate with the most.  Yuji Naka and the
 rest of SonicTeam have done a truly remarkable job of taking the unique
 gameplay aspects of a Sonic platform game and converting them to 3D.
 This is what you bought the game for, and believe me, once you play them
 you'll know it was worth it.
 This section will give you insight into each of the action stages and
 will explain the differences in the stages that occur when using the
 different playable characters.

 When ever an action stage starts, a box will appear in the lower, center
 of the screen denoting what the goal of that stage is.  As I describe
 the stages, I'll note what each characters main goal for completing the
 stage the first time in is.  Each character has different goals, adding
 to the gameplay and replay value.  Furthermore,  the next time you play,
 that same stage again, there will be a slightly new goal.  Each
 character has three goals for each of their action stages.  When they
 complete one of these goals, a Sonic Emblem is received.  For more info
 on the Sonic Emblems, see section [9].  If you get stuck and can't
 figure out where to go, just follow the direction that the camera is
 facing.  The camera will almost always lead you in the direction you
 need to go.  As with all Sonic games, be sure to collect rings along
 the way.  As long as you have at least one ring, you can take a hit
 from any enemy or obstical and you won't die.
 At different parts of the stages, a glowing ball will be waiting to give
 you instructions and assistance. This glowing ball is really the spirit
 of Tikal, a young echidna girl of the ancient Echidna Tribe of Floating
 Island.  Just touch the ball and she will tell you what you need
 to do next.  Even though this is practically useless to non-Japanese
 speaking players, it is still useful on Knuckles stages since she will
 help lead Knuckles to the emerald shards by flying in their general

 Also, most of the action stages are broken into several parts, each
 with different music.  The names for these separate parts don't appear
 in the game, but I've used the names of the songs that accompany them
 that are listed on the official Sonic Adventure soundtrack and the
 game's sound test screens to help identify these sub-sections.

 5 . 1    Emerald Coast

 Playable by:  Sonic, Big and E-102
 Sonic's goal is to reach the end and rescue Tails.
 Big's goal is to catch his pet frog.
 E-102's goal is to capture Big's pet frog.
 Most Sonic games start with a Green Hill style stage, but SA instead
 starts with this friendly, refreshing run along the beach near the
 Station Square Hotel.  The music is lively and upbeat.  The beach is
 rendered in great detail, all the way down to a very realistic looking
 lens flair from the sunlight above.  The stage has three possible areas:

 Azure Blue World (Type 1)-
 This is the first part where Sonic starts.  There are a lot of beach
 chairs scattered about and wooden bridges to walk across.  This part
 also features the classic loop-2-loop that made the first Sonic the
 Hedgehog game so famous.. now done in 3D!  E-102 gets a slightly
 altered version of this section for his version of the Emerald Coast

 Windy and Ripply (Type 2) - 
 This second section is only available in Sonic's game.  It features
 a run behind some waterfalls, a round-and-round loop and an introduction
 to the "numbered warp pads".  Something to note is that right after
 this section begins, if Sonic runs up the wall on the left and stays up
 high, there is a shortcut through the stage in the form of a small cave.
 Also, when Sonic reaches one part, Tikal's spirit (the glowing ball)
 will be waiting to explain to him the "numbered warp pads".  To use
 these all you have to do is stand on one and press the jump button.
 Continue to do so, waiting about a half a second each time you hit the
 next warp pad and you will make it through all five of them.  You should
 familiarize yourself with this technique since the numbered warp pads
 will be featured again in later levels.
 Big Fishin' -
 This area is only available to Big.  Think of it as his secret fishing
 spot.  Big can not go outside this area and it looks a lot like the
 area Sonic sees just before entering the "Windy and Ripply" section.
 If you wander around enough with Big, you'll find a small island
 out in the water with an entrance on one side.  If you swim through
 this underwater passage you'll end up inside the island's interior and
 there will be a secret place to fish. I haven't found anything to
 suggest that this spot has a special purpose other than it's just neat
 to visit.

 5 . 2    Windy Valley

 Playable by:  Sonic, Tails, E-102
 Sonic's goal is to get a Chaos Emerald.
 Tails' goal is to beat Sonic to the Chaos Emerald.
 E-102's goal is to destroy E-103.
 Windy Valley continues the Sonic gameplay tradition with the windy
 fans that blow the characters around and across large distances.  Lively
 music and outrageous heights that would easily give anyone other than
 Sonic and his pals vertigo.  This stage is broken into three parts.
 Windy Hill -
 This part is accessible by both Sonic & E-102 (E-102 is limited only
 to this area).  There will be places where you will need to be going
 fast enough so that you ride the currents along.  Whenever you see
 leaves flying about, get ready to start pouring on the speed and you'll
 fly through the air and ride the currents to the other side.  Also,
 you can use Sonic's "Homing" Spin Attack on the small windmills to
 reach shortcuts and itemboxes.
 Tornado -
 This part is only for Sonic.  You'll be sucked up into a giant tornado
 and you must make your way out the top.  You'll be walking along pieces
 of the land that the tornado has sucked up.  To put it lightly, this
 section looks absolutly stunning!
 The Air -
 This section is for Sonic & Tails (this is Tail's only part). Once you
 get shout out the top of the tornado, you'll be making your way along
 pieces of the ground that are falling through the sky.  Get ready for
 some wild angles and try to compensate your control to match.  There
 will also be a spot shortly into the stage where you can grab an extra
 man. You will see a rocket pod.  If you grab the rocket you will pass
 up the extra man. Instead use your Light Speed Dash on the line of rings
 just to the right of the rocket pod. Sonic savvy players will also
 recognize the music from this section as being the same music from the
 first stage of Sonic 3D Blast! 

 5 . 3    Casinopolis

 Playable by:  Sonic, Tails, Knuckles
 Sonic's goal is to get a Chaos Emerald.
 Tails' goal is to beat Sonic to the Chaos Emerald.
 Knuckles goal is to find three hidden Master Emerald shards.
 This level is very unique for Sonic.  Instead of a mad dash to the end,
 he instead needs to collect enough rings to exit the level.  Of course,
 it goes without saying that Sonic Adventure wouldn't be a true Sonic
 game without a casino level, now would it? ;)  This stage has four
 Main Hall -
 This section is for Sonic & Knuckles.  You can hit the slot machines
 around and get more rings.  This section is much larger, with a second
 floor for Knuckles and is incredibly detailed.  For Sonic, there will be
 a room for him to drop off his rings.  He needs to have collected enough
 so that he can climb the resulting pile to reach the exit on the other
 side (400 rings).
 Sonic Pinball -
 This mini-pinball game is a lot of fun and a great way to collect the
 rings Sonic needs to leave the level.  It even has a slots machine
 built in ala Sonic 2!
 NiGHTS Pinball -
 That's right.. it's another pinball game and this game pays homage to
 SonicTeam's landmark Sega Saturn title, NiGHTS into Dreams!  This game
 offers the most replay value and to most rings for the play.  It
 features two levels of play and even a fly through the original NiGHTS
 landscape! Cool! Here's a bit of info on playing this pinball game sent
 to me by SA player Kurt Asbestos:

    "It's actually very much like the actuall Nights game.  When you go
    to the top section, all you have to do is collect one blue chip
    card (the blue orb).  The Ideya capture (the big floaty thing in
    the top center) will drop the Ideya (the sparkly orb thing
    contained within the center).  Now you must hit Sonic to the top
    left side so he flies through the Twin Seeds level from Nights.  You
    will collect one Ideya. When Sonic returns to the pinball machine,
    let him drop through the middle, and he will fly through the Spring
    Valley level from Nights.  When he passes the shrine-thingie with
    Nights in it, he drops off the Ideya you just collected.  After
    collecting four Ideyas (just like in Nights, you start out with the
    red Ideya), you win the game.  As far as I can tell, all that
    happens when you win the game is you get 300 or so rings."

 Dilapidated Way -
 This section is only for Sonic & Tails.  For Tails, it's his only part.
 You must race Sonic to the end.  For Sonic, if he plays a pinball game
 and fails to collect at least 100 rings in the game, he gets dumped down
 in this sewer where he has to make his way back up to the Main Hall.
 This isn't all that bad though seeing as there are a lot of ring item
 boxes to collect down here.

 5 . 4    IceCap

 Playable by:  Sonic, Tails, Big
 Sonic's goal is to get a Chaos Emerald.
 Tails' goal is to beat Sonic to the Chaos Emerald.
 Big's goal is to catch his pet frog.

 IceCap is the standard Sonic ice stage, but with a bit more puzzle
 solving and more action towards the end.  The music is soft and lazy,
 like a cold winter morning.  That is until the avalanche starts. :)
 IceCap is broken into three parts.
 Snowy Mountain -
 This part is only accessible by Sonic.  The goal is to reach the
 limestone cave at the other side.  There is a short cut in the form of
 some numbered light pads at the bottom of the stage just as you exit
 the cave you start in.  The first pad is a little tricky to stand on,
 but once you do, you'll zap to the end in no time flat.  Is it just me,
 or does the music in this section sound like the main theme to the
 movie Dune?!  What a weird coincindence, eh? :/
 Limestone Cave -
 This section is accessible by Sonic & Big.  Sonic's goal is the follow
 the path around the edge to work his way up to the numbered warp pads.
 The last pad will knock the giant ice cycle down from the ceiling giving
 Sonic a means of escape. For Big, this section offers several pools
 to ice fish in as well as several underwater areas to explore.  Be sure
 to keep an eye open for the giant dinosaur skeleton.
 Snowboard -
 While less like an action stage and more like a minigame, this section
 is available to both Sonic & Tails.  Snowboard down the mountain to
 outrun the avalanche.  Watch for the yellow ski jumps and be sure to
 press the jump button to send your character flying farther.  Eggman
 ships will come by and drop bombs, so watch out.

 5 . 5    Twinkle Park

 Playable by:  Sonic, Amy, Big
 Sonic's goal is reach the end (while chasing after Amy).
 Amy's goal is the reach the end and evade the sentry robot, ZERO.
 Big's goal is to catch his pet frog.
 Twinkle Park is a theme park located in Station Square that's been
 taken over by Dr. Eggman's robot minions.  It features some great
 visuals and heart pounding music to keep you moving along.  There are
 three areas to Twinkle Park.
 Twinkle Circuit -
 Available only to Sonic in the stage, an altered version of this
 section later becomes available to all the characters.  Grab some rings
 and knock the monkeys out of the bumper cars.  Then stand near one and
 press jump to get inside.  Use the analog stick to steer and the jump
 button to accelerate.  The attack button will make you go in reverse.
 Also, the L & R buttons at the top of the controller will help you make
 sharp turns.  Try to avoid hitting other drivers and be sure to hit as
 many speed boosts as you can.
 Pleasure Castle -
 This section is available to Sonic, Big & Amy.  This is the main portion
 of the theme park with giant rides surrounding the main Pleasure Castle
 in the center of the stage.  Amy will start here and have to press five
 buttons to open the Castle door. Big will be able to fish here in the
 nearby pool.  Sonic's version of Twinkle Park stage ends with this
 Mirror Rooms -
 This interesting section is only accessible by Amy and no-one else in
 the game.  Amy actually goes inside the Pleasure Castle's interrer. The
 music reminds me of the ghost castles in Mario games.  There are
 mirrors everywhere so be prepared for some double vision.  Varying
 camera angles are sure to add to the difficulty and watch out for
 collasping floors.
 5 . 6    Speed Highway

 Playable by:  Sonic, Tails, Knuckles
 Sonic's goal is to reach the end.
 Tails' goal is to beat Dr. Eggman to the end.
 Knuckles goal is to find three hidden Master Emerald shards.

 Speed Highway is a blast to play.  It was actually the first level ever
 shown to the public while the game was in production.  Lots of varying
 play styles and good music. There are three sections to Speed Highway.
 Speed Highway -
 This section is available to Sonic & Tails (this is Tails only section).
 This is the main section and it's a pure adrenaline rush!  Get ready to
 move faster than Sonic has ever gone before!  I've had friends actually
 get motion sickness watching me play this area.  If you ever played
 SonicCD and thought that it's Stardust Speedway was fast, you ain't
 seen nothin' yet!  Try to stay on the highways and don't fly off the
 edges. There is a shortcut about halfway through the stage.  When your
 character reaches the first save point, you will be sent flying up the
 side of a building.  Keep pushing forward and to the left to go higher
 up the building.  There will be an alternate off ramp as well as a
 Power Sneaker power-up item.  There are more short cuts also so keep
 a sharp eye open.

 Goin' Down -
 This section is only for Sonic (of course).  Sonic will reach a glass
 ledge, only to have to glass break from underneath him.  But instead
 of falling, Sonic will run down the side of the building!  Watch out
 for helicopter blades and barricades.  Pick up some power up items and
 Sonic will eventually make it to ground level unharmed.
 At Dawn -
 This section is available to Sonic & Knuckles (this is Knuckles only
 part).  It's a run through the main downtown district of Station
 Square.  Lots of monkey driven Police Pods will be chasing after you.
 Also, be sure not to stand in the traffic or you'll get hit.  Let the
 camera lead you and you'll be fine.  For Knuckles, this section is a bit
 larger and there are a lot of items for him to destroy while looking for
 emerald shards.

 5 . 7    Red Mountain

 Playable by:  Sonic, Knuckles, E-102
 Sonic's goal is chase after the Egg Carrier.
 Knuckles goal is to find three hidden Master Emerald shards.
 E-102's goal is to destroy E-104.

 Red Mountain offers a lot of red hot action, not a lot of speed.  Be
 carefull to not get burnt.  There's little new here except that Sonic
 will encounter some trapeze swings that were introduced in the first
 level of Sonic 3.  There are two sections to Red Mountain.

 Symbol of Thrill (Type 1) - 
 This area is for Sonic & Knuckles.  Lots of flame gisers and rockets
 to ride.  Be sure to follow the camera's path.  There are also several
 shortcuts in this section for Sonic.  For Knuckles, this stage offers
 him his first chance to use his new Dig attack to find emerald shards.
 Whenever his emerald sense meter is blazing red and there is nothing
 nearby, there's a good chance the emerald shard you're looking for is
 right below Knuckles' feet.  You'll have to dig it out.

 Red Hot Skull (Type 2) -
 This second area is only for Sonic & E-102 and has slightly different
 exits for both.  There is a lot of rising lava and at points, you'll
 have to jump across rocks to keep from getting burnt.  There is one
 place where Sonic can use his Light Speed Dash towards the end, so keep
 you eyes open for it.

 5 . 8    Sky Deck

 Playable by:  Sonic, Tails, Knuckles
 Sonic's goal is to reach the end.
 Tails' goal is to beat Sonic to the end.
 Knuckles goal is to find three hidden Master Emerald shards.
 In my opinion, this is the hardest stage in the game!  Every jump you
 make here increases your chances of falling into oblivion.  Take your
 time as much as possible and check your angles.  While this stage is
 great when it comes to camera angles and layout, it is also a real pain
 to survive! There are two sections to Sky Deck.
 Skydeck a GO! GO! (Type 1) -
 This section is for Sonic & Tails (this is Tails' only part).  After
 being fired out of a cannon, you must carefully make you way across
 the railings underneath the Egg Carrier to reach a cannon that you can
 use to destroy the main gun in the center that is shooting at you.
 Also, Sonic gets a second sub-section after the first part.  This has
 him running across the deck while being shot at by cannons.  Listen
 for the warning siren. When you hear it, the Egg Carrier is about to
 make a dive. Grab on to one of the cannons or handrails on the ground
 or you'll be swept off the wings to your death.  At one point, Eggman
 is launching many missle planes.  Be sure to jump from ledge to ledge.
 Don't stand on a ledge if it is starting to fall or you'll literally
 have the floor fall out from under you.  Eventually you'll get to a
 big cannon with several rocket pods around it.  Wait till the big
 cannon is facing you to fire the rocket down it's barrel to blow it
 up and move on to the next section.

 General Offensive (Type 2) -
 This section is for Sonic & Knuckles (this is Knuckles' only part).
 Make you way up the tilting deck.  Be sure to let the camera lead you in
 the right direction. At one point the entire deck will go completely
 vertical and Sonic will need to grab on to the ladders to make it.
 For Knuckles, this stage is unique in that there will be a lever when
 he first enters.  Most of the time, an emerald shard will be behind
 a closed garage door.  To get the door open, use the lever (by holding
 the Y button and pushing against the lever) to tilt the whole ship
 causing the doors to swing open. Making the ship tilt different
 directions opens different doors. The same goes for the large sliding
 pieces in the center of the deck.  Move the ship, and the sliding
 pieces will slide to one direction or another revealing places
 underneath where you can dig for emerald shards.

 5 . 9    Lost World

 Playable by:  Sonic, Knuckles
 Sonic's goal is to get to the center of the temple.
 Knuckles goal is to find three hidden Master Emerald shards. 

 Lost World is considered by many players to be the finest stage in the
 game!  For Sonic, it offers the longest play time and the most varying
 gameplay options.  This stage is not a speed stage, but more of a puzzle
 stage.  When SonicTeam took a trip to South America to inspire them,
 they used a lot of the photographs they took there as textures to be
 used in this stage.  The music is also incredible.  Lost World has
 three parts, although the last part isn't really part of the stage
 per say.
 Tricky Maze - 
 This section is for Sonic only.  It has Sonic running through some
 tunnels at the entrance to the temple.  Eventually he'll reach the
 first savepoint and the entrance to the Anaconda Room.  Once inside
 there will be a large stone anaconda moving in circles around the
 center of the room.  Be careful not to fall in the water here or you'll
 die.  Go left and there will be a round switch.  Press it to raise the
 water. When the anaconda comes around, carefully jump on it's back and
 move towards it's head.  Stand there for a moment, making sure to keep
 yourself on the snakes head and eventually the camera will shift to
 show a beam of light coming from the ceiling.  Jump off and hit the blue,
 square switch.  This will unlock the first lock on the exit door.  Now
 jump up to the nearby platform and press the next round, water switch to
 raise the water again. Repeat this process until all three of the square
 switches have been pressed. The door will open and you can exit this
 Danger! Chased by Rock! -
 This section is for Sonic & Knuckles (the later part of this stage is
 Knuckles only part).  Sonic will reach his next savepoint and have to
 run along the edge of the temple. Once he gets to some doors, it will
 be very dark and Sonic will run into some mirrors.  Point the mirrors
 at the larger mirrors to reflect the light and lightup the room. Take
 your time so you don't fall into the water and die.  I loose more lives
 here than at any other part of the game!  Take it slow and you
 should be fine.  Eventually you'll get to a part where there is no
 more place to walk and just a long row of rings.  A lot of players seem
 to get stuck here for some reason.  All you have to do is use the Light
 Speed Dash (see section [3.1]) to get across.  Sonic will then jump
 into some running water and will water slide to the base of the
 waterfall. Hit the red bumpers to get you across the water.  Now Sonic
 will face a giant boulder rolling after him ala Indiana Jones!  Just
 keep pulling down on the analog stick and you should out run it.  Go
 through the doors to enter the Temple's main chamber.
 As soon as you enter the giant central room, go right to where the blue
 button is. Press the button twice to line up the tiles on the wall.
 When all the tiles flash, they are now empowered and Sonic can run
 along them vertically!  Climb them and go right.  There will be a small
 spot at the top right of the tiles where you can stand on top of the
 tiles.  Once there, jump on top of the dropping spikes and then into
 the room above them.
 Once the camera adjusts, turn around and you'll see a red button.
 Press it and a row of rings will stretch across the room.  Use the
 Light Speed Dash again to get across and to the next section.
 Leading Lights -
 This section is only for Sonic and it only houses the animal storage
 device that Sonic must jump on to exit the level.  When Sonic gets here
 the first time, a cinema will play out here.  There is also a really
 cool mural of Perfect Chaos shown destroying a city.  Be sure to use
 the D-Pad to take a look at it. =)
 5 . A    Final Egg

 Playable by:  Sonic, Amy, E-102
 Sonic's goal is to reach the Egg Carrier reactor core.
 Amy's goal is the reach the end and evade the sentry robot, ZERO.
 E-102's goal is to find and destroy the Sonic target plush doll.
 Final Egg is a typical Sonic final stage.  It has Sonic running through
 the bowles of the Egg Carrier in search of Dr. Eggman.  For Amy, it's
 a path she must take to escape. For E-102 it houses the swatbot target
 range. There are two parts to this stage.
 Mechanical Resonance (Type 1) -
 This part is for Sonic & Amy.  Avoid the lazer beams and the Egg
 Keeper robots.  At one point, Sonic will reach a series of spinning
 tubes.  When you reach the second series of tubes, there will be some
 speed boosts in the center.  Be sure to hit the left most speed boosts,
 as the center and right ones often send Sonic flying off to his death.

 There is a special sub-section of this area that only Sonic has. It
 features lots of moving platforms for Sonic to jump across.  You may
 need to go through the level several times to get used to the jumps
 that need to be performed here. Take you time and jump with causion.
 Crank the Heat Up!! (Type 2) -
 Sonic, Amy and E-102 all share this section.
 Once Sonic or Amy reaches the crab elevator, they will get different sub
 versions of this section.  In a later part of Sonic's version is the
 part where E-102 does his shooting practice on the plush Sonic, Tails
 and Knuckles dolls.  There are way too many things to do here than I
 willing to cover.  Just be ready for some wild stuff on Sonic's version
 and also, be ready to use your Light Speed Dash just before the end to
 reach the animal storage device that Sonic must jump on to end the
 5 . B    Hot Shelter

 Playable by:  Amy, Big, E-102
 Amy's goal is the reach the end and evade the sentry robot, ZERO.
 Big's goal is to catch his pet frog.
 E-102's goal is to destroy E-105.

 Hot Shelter is the only stage that Sonic, Knuckles or Tails never visit
 during their adventures.  It's mainly for Amy and E-102 although Big gets
 just the first part of the first section to do some fishing. There are
 two sections here.
 Bad Taste Aquarium -
 Amy and Big must make it through this section.  For Amy there are lots
 of tanks of water and ladders to climb.  There is also some spinning
 handles she needs to turn to manually open the watertight doors.
 Red Barrage Area -
 This section is for Amy & E-102.  Interestingly enough, it starts
 in the Egg Carrier's bathrooms!  Head out and eventually you fall
 through a shaft and be in one of the main engine rooms. Ride the
 cogs around to get to the door.  There will be a long platform
 on the other side.  The camera will zoom waaaay out. Be sure to use
 the D-PAD to line yourself up with the connecting rod if you choose
 to walk over or use the Hammer Flip attack (see section [3.4]) to
 jump across.  For E-102, all you have to do is target and shoot the
 button to activate it.  This will spin the platform and lead you on.
 From here Amy will have to place jewels into the correct holes to
 open the doors.  She will have to do this twice.  The second time,
 one of the jewels will be high up on the support beams. Just hit
 the nearby bumper spring to get up there.  Also if you knock ZERO
 off this part's ledge, he will leave you alone until you are done
 placing the jewels into their slots.
 For E-102, instead of the jewel slots, he will have to ride the
 lower level trains to the battle with E-105.  Be carefull and jump
 from car to car.  When there is no more cars to jump to, switch
 trains.  Eventually, you will reach the engine of the right train.
 Press the button to stop the train and get off.  When you hit the
 savepoint just before fighting E-105, be sure to aim up above you
 and grab the invincibility.  It will make fighting E-105 much


 There are six bonus games inside of Sonic Adventure.  The characters
 unlock these bonus games during their adventures just like with the
 action stages.

 6 . 1    Sky Chase Act 1

 This has Sonic & Tails attacking the Egg Carrier in the Tornado
 airplane.  Players of Sonic 2 on the Genesis/Megadrive will remember
 this mini-game well. =)
 Use the analog stick to dodge and either the attack button or the jump
 button to fire a short burst of bullets.  Hold down either of these two
 buttons and move the crosshairs over a target to lock on.  Release the
 button to fire.  The more targets you destroy, the better your
 percentage rating at the end.
 You'll fly around the EC a couple of times before the EC's main gun
 shoots you down.

 6 . 2    Sky Chase Act 2

 This is just like the first act except that this time, Tails has
 upgraded the Tornado so that it can convert into a rocket jet! This
 act has more stuff to shoot and and much more to be hit by.

 Use the analog stick to dodge and either the attack button or the jump
 button to fire a short burst of bullets.  Hold down either of these two
 buttons and move the crosshairs over a target to lock on.  Release the
 button to fire.  The more targets you destroy, the better your
 percentage rating at the end.

 At the end you will have to destroy the EC's main gun by shooting at
 it when it's blast shield is open and it's not firing at you.

 6 . 3    IceCap (Snow boarding)

 Both Sonic and Tails can access a special version of the IceCap
 snowboarding stage where you have to go through hurdles to gain points.
 Other than this, it's exactly the same.  For every hurdle you pass
 through, you get a "x 1".  If it takes you more than three seconds to
 get to the next hurdle you have to start over at "x 1".

 6 . 4    Sand Hill (Sand boarding)

 Both Sonic and Tails can access a special sandboarding bonus game.
 You have to go through hurdles to gain points. For every hurdle you pass
 through, you get a "x 1".  If it takes you more than three seconds to
 get to the next hurdle you have to start over at "x 1".

 This is much more difficult than the snowboarding since the landscape
 is much bumpier and there are more obstacles.

 Note: This bonus game IS available in both Sonic's and Tail's quests.
 it can be easily overlooked though.  The entrance is in the MR Rain

 6 . 5    Twinkle Circuit

 This special version of the first part of Sonic's Twinkle Park stage is
 playable by any of the main six characters.  Be sure to hit the speed
 boosts and watch out for those 90 degree turns!

 6 . 6    Whack-A-Sonic

 This game is only available to Amy.  Since this mini-game was designed
 for Dr. Eggman, the idea is to hit the Sonic & Tails heads that pop up.
 Avoid the Dr. Eggman heads or you'll loose points.  Once Amy receives
 the Long Hammer Upgrade item (see section [7.2]),  there will be Super
 Sonic heads that pop up which are worth 500 points.


 There are two ways to upgrade your characters.  There are the temporary
 upgrade items such as the action stage item boxes and the permanent
 character upgrades found in the adventure fields.

 7 . 1    List of action stage item boxes

 When in action stages, you'll find the following item boxes:
 Rings         = Item boxes containing rings can hold five, ten or a
                 random number of rings (possible 5,10,15,20 & 40).
 Speed Shoes   = Not to be confused with Sonic's Light Sneakers Upgrade
                 item, the Speed Shoes will speed up any character
                 for ten seconds
 Invincibility = This will make any character invulnerable to attack
                 for fifteen seconds.
 Shield        = Will allow a character to receive one hit without the
                 character dropping their rings.
 Mag. Shield   = The magnetic shield will also protect characters for one
                 hit, but it will also gravitate nearby rings towards the
 Extra Life    = This item will give the character an extra life.  Also,
                 the image in each box will be different for whatever
                 character you are currently playing.

 7 . 2    List of character upgrades

 Characters themselves each have a number of personal upgrade items that
 will help them with their quests.  Once you receive an upgrade item, you
 have it perminatly.

 Sonic's Upgrade Items:
 | Item             | Where                  | Purpose                  |
 | Light Speed Shoes| Station Square sewer   | Gives Light Speed Dash   |
 |                  | (though manhole)       |                          |
 | Ancient Light    | Near Floating Island   | Gives Light Speed Attack |
 |                  | (sitting on a rock)    |                          |
 | Crystal Ring     | In SS Hotel Lobby,     | Light Speed Dash will    |
 |                  | second floor. Use the  | take only 2 seconds to   |
 |                  | Light Speed Dash       | charge up instead of 4   |

 Tails' Upgrade Items:
 | Item             | Where                  | Purpose                  |
 | Rhythm Badge     | Echidna Tribe in Past  | Improves Tails Attack    |
 |                  |                        |                          |
 | Jet Anklet       | Sewer behind Twinkle   | Makes Tails fly faster   |
 |                  | Park Entrance          |                          |

 Knuckles' Upgrade Items:
 | Item             | Where                  | Purpose                  |
 | Shovel Claws     | Cave near Tails' House | Gives Digging ability    |
 |                  |                        |                          |
 | Gold Gloves      | On cliff above Big's   | Gives Light Attack       |
 |                  | house in rain forest   |                          |

 Amy's Upgrade Items:
 | Item             | Where                  | Purpose                  |
 | Warrior Feather  | When you beat Whack-   | Gives Spin Hammer Attack |
 |                  | A-Sonic first time     |                          |
 | Long Hammer      | Beat Whack-A-Sonic     | Gives Spin Hammer Attack |
 |                  | a second time, by      | more range and also adds |
 |                  | beating your last      | Super Sonic to Whack-A-  |
 |                  | high score             | Sonic mini-game          |

 Big's Upgrade Items:
 | Item             | Where                  | Purpose                  |
 | Lifebelt         | Ice Cave               | Gives floating ability   |
 |                  |                        |                          |
 | Power Fishingrod | Under Big's bed at his | Helps get Sonic Emblems  |
 |                  | house in rain forest   | due to stronger string   |
 | Fishing Lure     | In sewer behind        | Helps get Sonic Emblem*  |
 |                  | Twinkle Park           |                          |
 | Fishing Lure     | MR rain forest in cave | Helps get Sonic Emblem*  |
 |                  |                        |                          |
 | Fishing Lure     | In IceCap action stage | Helps get Sonic Emblem*  |
 |                  | near dinosaur skull    |                          |
 | Fishing Lure     | In prison cell aboard  | Helps get Sonic Emblem*  |
 |                  | Egg Carrier            |                          |
 * 2000g+ fish won't appear in action stages until the special
   lures are collected. (All may or may not be needed, though).

 E-102's Upgrade Items:
 | Item             | Where                  | Purpose                  |
 | Jet Booster      | In room on upper level | Gives Hovering           |
 |                  | of inner room of EC    |                          |
 | Gun Upgrade Item | In room opposite of    | Makes gun fire more      |
 |                  | room where booster was | rockets per shot         |
 |                  | only after EC crashes  |                          |
 |                  |                        |                          |


 This section will tell you everything you need to know about raising
 A-Lifes (Chao).  This is a sort of game inside of the main Sonic
 Adventure game.  But this is no mini-game.  Raising A-Lifes is a very
 detailed and fun thing to do and it is sure to bring you endless extra
 hours of replay value to Sonic Adventure.
 This section is based on Mike White's ([email protected]) wonderful
 A-Life FAQ 2.0 (and yes, I got his permission to use it).  I've taken
 the liberty of updating some of the sections of this FAQ with
 information I've discovered while playing the game (hence version 2.1).

 If you want to found out even more more about A-Lifes, be sure to
 visit Mike's upcomming A-Life FAQ website at the following URL:

 8 . 1    What is an A-Life?

 The A-Life concept was first introduced in SonicTeam's other landmark
 character game,  NiGHTS, for the Sega Saturn. In that game, the main
 points of interaction were hatching them, herding them together to mate,
 and not accidentally killing them.

 The concept has since evolved tremendously, presenting us with what is
 essentially a virtual pet in Sonic Adventure for the Sega Dreamcast.
 However, with the quest modes and ability to interact with your A-Life
 in the colorfull Sonic Adventure main game, as well as the portable VMU,
 the A-Life is much more enthralling than any other virtual pet
 available. This section will aid you in finding and raising these little
 guys, to help overcome the language barrier of the Japanese version.

 An A-Life in Sonic Adventure are alternately known as a "Chao", though
 in order not to confuse them with the Emeralds, or the character Chaos,
 A-Life will be used throughout this section.

 8 . 2    Where do I find them?

 A-Lifes start out as eggs roughly 2/3rds as tall as Sonic or any other
 character, save for Big or E-102. Ordinary eggs look like Easter eggs,
 white with blue dots and a red bottom. Silver, gold, and black eggs
 represent special A-Lifes. Here's how to find all the ones available at
 the start of the game.

 Station Square
 Two eggs are available in the main Chao Garden (explanation of Chao
 Gardens to come later). You can find this by entering the hotel (large
 building with sliding doors) and going up the elevator. 

 A third, golden egg is available in  a shop in the section of town you
 emerge in after Speed Highway with Sonic. There is a building with a
 large courtyard in this section. In this courtyard, in the grass next to
 a brick wall, is an egg-shaped rock. Retrieve the rock and enter the
 antiques shop (Not the Burger Shop). Set the rock down. Retrieve the egg
 on the podium. Place the rock on the podium to deactivate the security
 doors, a la Indiana Jones. Pick the egg up again and leave.

 Mystic Ruin
 Eggs are available again the Mystic Ruin Chao Garden. Run up on the
 ground in the valley next to Tails' house. Head into the cave and jump
 into the mine cart.
 More eggs, these ones silver, are available through an egg dispenser
 located behind the waterfall. Push in a large block on the side of the
 lake and an egg with pop out. Wait till it drifts to shore to retrieve

 Egg Carrier
 When playing as Amy, during the sequence where E-102 frees you, go out
 and win the Whack-A-Mole game to open the door. Then return to the
 cells and  open the second one. Retrieve the black egg.

 Note that any A-Lifes acquired from the Egg Carrier will have a weird
 demonic smile that some of us find rather cool.

 8 . 3    Where do I take them?

 Eggs must be taken to Chao Gardens to hatch. Chao Gardens are safe
 havens where nothing can hurt them. Upon entering a Chao Garden, all the
 animals you've rescued during the action stages will fly off you, so you
 can combine them to A-Lifes, as described later.

 Each Chao Garden can hold a maximum of 8 A-Lifes at power down. If a
 Garden has 8 A-Lifes in it, you cannot pull an A-Life out of a VMU into
 it (see below for details on how to do that). You can bring A-Lifes from
 other Gardens through teleporters (see below) or hatch a new A-Life (see
 below), but the next time you play, the number of random A-Lifes over 8
 will have moved to a different Garden.

 Station Square
 Enter the hotel, and take the elevator up.

 Mystic Ruin
 Run up on the ground in the valley next to Tails' house. Head into the
 cave and jump into the mine cart. This is my least favorite Garden.
 It's too cluttered. Be careful you don't fly off the edge!

 Egg Carrier
 To get to the Carrier after beating the game, head to the train station
 in Mystic Ruins. Enter the lower door with the arrow pointing down. Jump
 on the raft. Alternately, just outside the hotel in Station Square, on
 the small dock extending into the water, there is a small boat. Jump
 into it.

 On the forward section of the Carrier, jump on one of two switches
 mounted side by side on the side of the lower deck to call a tram. This
 will only work if the switches are lit, which I don't think they are
 during the actual game.

 If you are on the aft section, take the circular platform elevator on
 the deck down. You will wind up inside the Carrier, as you will with all
 characters at some point during the normal game. At one end are three
 doors. At the other, atop a series of staircases, is a closed door with
 six lettered buttons on the floor. Jump on the buttons to spell out
 E-G-G-M-A-N, in order. The door will open. Jump on the teleporter in the
 center of the room past it.

 Incidentally, this is my favorite Garden. However, animals brought to
 it tend to disappear on their own too quickly.

 Hatching them
 To hatch the eggs, which can only be done in the Chao Gardens, pick them
 up with the Y button and then press and hold the button down. You will
 begin to caress the egg.  Then set the egg back down and it will pop
 open. You can also attack the egg or throw it to make it hatch, but this
 will make the A-Life upset with you.  You'll have a much happier A-Life
 if you gently hatch the egg.

 Getting from Garden to Garden
 Once visiting 2 or more gardens, the lens-like teleporters become
 active. Holograms saying 'SS', 'MR', or 'EC' will appear over active
 teleporters, indicating their destinations as the Station Square Chaos
 Garden, Mystic Ruin Chaos Garden, or the Egg Carrier Chaos Garden,
 respectively. This will save a lot of walking. If you pick up an item or
 A-Life and carry it into the teleporter, it will be brought with you to
 the destination Garden.

 Note that depending on the character you select, only some of the
 teleporters will be active.  For example, since Amy's story never takes
 her to Mystic Ruin, the Mystic Ruin teleporter does not work for her.

 Saving their Progress
 Make sure your VMU is inserted in your controller. If you don't have a
 VMU, get one! There's no point to this section without one. The
 characteristics of all your A-Lifes are saved automatically as they
 progress. You can pull an A-Life out of a VMU into the game (details on
 this later) and power down the system, and it will retain all its
 statistics when next you visit that Garden. To save the results of all
 that occurred in the Garden, simply leave it, or reset the game.

 8 . 4    How do I take care of my A-Lifes outside the VMU?

 How to pick them up
 Always pick up your A-Life with the Y button. Picking up items and
 A-Lifes is the only function of this button, so you don't have to worry
 about hurting them.

 Petting them
 Hold the button you are picking them up with (ideally Y) and press a
 direction on the analog stick. Your character will nuzzle the A-Life,
 making it happier. If your A-Life is standing in front of you waving its
 arms, this is what it wants.

 Combining with animals
 You rescue animals by destroying Eggman's robots, and touching the animal
 that is released. Upon entering the Chao Garden, all rescued animals will
 fly off you. These animals will disappear, though, if you leave the Chao
 Garden. To combine an animal with an A-Life, pick the animal up (Y
 button) and simply hold it in front of the A-Life. The A-Life will then
 merge with it. The animal will fly off and eventually vanish, and you
 cannot pick it up again. The A-Life will take on some of the physical
 characteristics of the animal.  For more information about the effects
 of animal combining, see section [8.5] as well as the tricks section
 Mating A-Lifes
 Once you have taken care of your A-Life long enough, it will evolve into
 an adult. It will transform into an egg and then reappear with its
 animal characteristics more pronounced. If you are afraid your A-Life is
 dying, remove your VMU until the sequence is complete. It seems
 immediately thereafter, your A-Life will sit down, and a field of
 flowers will sprout up around it! Pick up the A-Life you want to mate
 with it, and put it down in the flowers and touch them together.
 A new egg will appear!

 This new egg will have different stats depends on its parents. I've had
 one start out with nearly a hundred in all areas. They will also possess
 some combination of their parent's animal characteristic.

 I've also noted that some A-Lifes get quite upset if you mate them with
 the A-Lifes you rescued from the Egg Carrier (denoted by their
 insane-looking jagged-tooth smile). This has caused a few inappropriate
 for print but highly amusing comments, but for here I'll just say you
 can make the unhappy A-Life happy again with coconuts.

 Feeding A-Lifes
 There are trees in all 3 Chao Gardens. If you look at them, they all
 have nuts growing on them. Wait long enough (10-20 seconds), and these
 will grow into brown coconuts. Walk to the tree and press Y. Your
 character should brace against the tree. If not, reposition yourself
 and keep trying. Hold down Y and move the analog stick around. The tree
 will shake, and soon the ripe coconuts will fall. Press Jump to get off
 the tree and pick up the coconuts. Walk into an A-Life while holding the
 coconut for it to eat it. This is the first thing you should do upon
 hatching it.

 Be careful! Coconuts falling on an A-Life will damage it! It will also
 make it very unhappy. The ideal solution in this situation is to feed
 the damaged A-Life the coconut that whacked it. Come on. It's the least
 you can do.
 Food will also come out of your VMU if you remove an A-Life from it and
 it has a stock of uneaten nuts (details of this later). Consult the
 chart on VMU items in section [8.5].

 As for what the effects of feeding these to your A-Life will be. The
 random event item, though, will make it very unhappy. I recommend
 throwing it somewhere they can't get to, like deep water. Everything
 else will have its normal effect.
 All food vanishes upon leaving the Chao Garden. Coconuts regrow
 indefinitely. An A-Life will eat any food if it wanders into it.

 Killing A-Lifes
 This is why you use Y to pick up an A-Life. If you attack an A-Life by
 jumping on it with a spin attack or something similar, it takes damage,
 which you can see on the Status Screen if you load the injured A-Life
 into your VMU (again, details later). You can heal your A-Life with
 coconuts if this happens. Damage the A-Life enough, and it will reach
 0 hit points, form into an egg, and fade away.
 If this starts to happen, remove your VMU and restart your system. You
 will preserve all your A-Lifes stats, though nothing of what happened
 in all the time you were in the Garden.

 You cannot drown an A-Life by holding it underwater till you die.
 Incidentally, have you ever noticed Amy drowns *exactly* like Lara

 If you dig up an invincibility with Knuckles, don't touch any A-Lifes!
 It will hurt them.

 I use Amy when fiddling with my A-Life's, since her jump doesn't
 constitute an attack.

 8 . 5    The A-Lifes gestures and actions

 Your A-Life won't just sit around inertly when you're not attending it.
 Part of their magic is the wild and varied things they will do, prancing
 about, having the time of their lives. Here's how to understand them

 Facial expressions and thought icons
 An A-Life with its eyes wide open is not especially happy or sad. It's
 just content.  If an A-Life has X's in its eyes, it is very upset.
 Comfort this poor creature by feeding it coconuts.

 An A-Life with a thin horizontal line across its eyes is very happy,
 actually. Good job!

 When an A-Life has its eyes half-closed, it is tired. Feed it coconuts
 to try and get it to sleep and regain energy. Tired A-Lifes tend to fall
 asleep more often during races. (Note some breeds of A-Life seem to be
 this way permanently)

 An A-Life with a dot over its head isn't thinking anything in particular.

 An A-Life with a question mark over its head is trying to decide how to
 act or react next. Just watch and wait till it decides.

 If an A-Life has an exclamation mark over its head, it's been surprised
 by something. It may react very positively, or very negatively to this,
 or sometimes not at all.

 If you see a heart over your A-Life's head, then it's quite happy with
 your most recent action. If you see it with a heart over its head for no
 apparent reason, it's very happy with you.

 An A-Life with a funnel-like swirl over its head is very disgruntled
 about something. Perhaps you just walloped it over they head with Amy's
 mallet. I'd suggest a heaping helping of coconuts.
 An A-Life thrashing on the ground crying is throwing a tantrum. Feed it
 coconuts to calm it.  Alternatively, if an A-Life thrashing around in deep
 water can't swim properly yet! Get it out of there!

 If an A-Life is just sitting quietly, it may be
 tired, or just uninterested in doing anything. Maybe feed it or pick it
 up, or better yet, play with it in your VMU.

 An A-Life waving its arms directly in front of you wants to be petted.
 See section [8.4] on how to pet your A-Lifes.

 Young A-Lifes with low run skill will crawl around. They may try to walk,
 but they will trip, emitting a small 'pchick' sound. Train them in the
 VMU so they can walk.

 Trained A-Lifes will walk around freely, swim in deep water effortlessly,
 and even fly around in the sky! Scores of trained A-Lifes are a veritable
 flurry of activity, scurrying about happily.

 8 . 6    How do I raise my A-Life in the VMU?

 The VMU is an integral part of raising your A-Life. It's also fun! Note
 that in order to do this, you WILL need working batteries in your VMU.
 You cannot raise a healthy A-Life exclusively in Sonic, or exclusively
 in the VMU. You must use both.

 Putting it into the VMU
 Pick up the A-Life you wish to deposit into the VMU. Walk to the
 controller platform with the red button and VMU. Jump on the red button.
 Press Y. Select an empty VMU and press A. Your VMU will suck the A-Life
 into itself, assuming there is enough memory. This will take much longer
 if it is the first time you are putting one in.

 If you are using a Godzilla VMU, you must delete the Godzilla game first
 via the file manager screen in your Dreamcast. You cannot recover this
 game unless you own Godzilla Generations, but since both games are
 fairly monotonous in my opinion, it's no major loss.

 The VMU can only hold 1 game at a time. To access the file manager
 screen, start the Dreamcast without a CD (GD) in the drive. First select
 the Clock, the the Lips, and choose 'English'. Highlight 'Back' and
 return to the main screen. Select the VMU and delete the Godzilla game.

 Removing it from the VMU
 Jump on the red button again. Select the A-Life you wish to remove.
 Press A. It will come flying out, along with any uneaten items.

 Swapping it in the VMU for one in the game
 You must remove the A-Life in the VMU before inserting a new one. There
 is no method to swap that I know of.

 Transferring it to another VMU
 Remove the A-Life from the VMU, then put it into the VMU you wish it to
 reside in.

 Starting off your quest
 Remove the VMU from the controller, replacing the plastic top. If the
 screen is blank, press 'sleep'. If nothing happens then, check your
 batteries. Look at the icon on the bottom of the screen. If it is a
 notepad or clock, press 'mode' until it is a deck of cards with a spade
 on it. Press A.

 After the Sega logos you come to a title screen. At the bottom right it
 says A+B. Press A and B together at the same time, and you're off on
 your adventure! The first thing that will happen is a question will
 scroll by the bottom. Choose the first option, "OK!", and you're on
 your way. Now just leave the A-Life to walk on his own, and he'll beep
 when something occurs.

 Each quest encompasses 5 stages out of a possible 15.

 Menu and Submenu translations
 Pressing A while your A-Life is just walking along uneventfully will
 bring up the menu screen. Don't be intimidated! Here is a translation
 of all the choices, in order, from top to bottom. Elaboration will
 follow below. Japanese romanji is in [brackets].

 - Status [Sute-tasu]
 - Item [Aitemu]
 - Game [Gamu]
 - Mate [Omiai]
 - Battle [Taisen]
 - Owner [Mochinushi]
 - Friends [Otomodachi]
 - Map [Mapu]
 - Settings [Setsuteto]
 - Chao Name [Chao no Namae]

 - Status: The first screen shows your A-Life's name, his attitude (which
 I may translate at a future date), and current / max hit points. The
 second screen (press A) shows your stats. The maximum for each stat is
 999. They break down in this order:

 - Swimming [Oyogi]
 - Flying [Hikou]
 - Running [Hashiri]
 - Strength / Power [Chikara]

 - Item: This gives you a list of all the items you've gathered from
 chests, or the match game. See below for a translation. Press A to eat
 the selected item. The list can scroll off the screen, but no down arrow
 is present to indicate this.  You can hold a maximum of 8 items. Any
 items earned when your item list is full will be lost.

 - Game: It's Concentration! Or close enough. You're given a quick peek
 of the nutss, then they are hidden on you. You have to match them all
 up to win. You can make 3 mistakes before you lose the game. Winning
 gives you items to eat and improve stats. Perfects give you better
 items, usually.

 - Mate: Connect 2 VMU's to mate. See section [8.9].
 - Battle: Connect 2 VMU's to battle. See section [8.9]

 - Owner: Displays information about you, the A-Life's owner.
	Telephone Number
	Favorite Thing
	A Secret of yours
	Fastest time through VMU Adventure

 - Friends: This is where you see another owner's information during a

 - Map: This shows your current location, how far you are on your quest,
 and how many meters your A-Life has walked. Each quest seems to be
 roughly 18000M in length. The bar on the first screen shows how far you
 are towards completing the level you're on. The second screen shows the
 path you are taking, a la Outrun. See below for a full map of the

 - Settings: You can alter your current settings here. Note that in text
 entry fields, if you scroll down far enough through the Japanese
 characters, you will reach numbers and the alphabet.
        Sound: On / Off
    User Data: Do exchange / don't exchange (Blocks the display of your
	           Owner data during a linkup)
   Data Entry: Change your Owner data.
               Sex: Male / Female
               Blood Type (A, B, O, AB}
               Birthdate (YY/MM/DD)
               Telephone Number
               Favorite Thing
               A Secret of yours
 - Chao Name: Rename your A-Life. Again, scroll down past the Japanese
 characters for the western alphabet.

 Playing the matching game
 A recap of the matching game: You're given a quick peek of the nutss,
 then they are hidden on you. You have to match them all up to win. You
 can make 3 mistakes before you lose the game. Winning gives you items to
 eat and improve stats. Perfects give you better items, usually.

 After extended play, I have noticed vague patterns in the puzzles, but
 they are too subtle to accurately write out. Basically I try and
 remember at least 3 or 4 pairs, so as to essentially guarantee a win.

 Sometimes I will intentionally miss a guess, so as not to be stuck with
 the prizes of a perfect, of which only one, the Chao Nuts, is of any
 real stats-building use.
 Fighting quest enemies
 Sometimes on a quest, your VMU will beep, and a big '!?' will appear on
 the screen. It's fight time! Press a button. On the bottom are six dots.
 Press the button so the highlighter stops on an empty one, and you
 attack! Damage inflicted depends on your power rating. Also,  you gain
 an extra attack per 200 Strength. If you have a 200 strength, for
 instance, two dots will be white during the first attack. Succeed in
 hitting one, and the highlighter will keep going for you to get the
 second. If you miss the first time, you forfeits all remaining attacks.

 Winning gets you an item! Choose one of the three dots next to the
 treasure chest to open it. AFter that, your A-Life will give you a
 message about the battle; scroll past to continue your quest. It's a
 good idea to eat something to heal up if you're damaged, especially in
 the first quest or two. Play the match game to get nuts to eat.

 Losing does not seem to kill you immediately, but can have fatal
 long-term effects, it seems. See [6.3] for an example.

 Choosing your path
 At the end of a level, your A-Life will come across a signpost. Hold
 down A to speed the text. He'll ask you a question. The third option is
 to let the A-Life decide for itself which path to take. The first two
 choices are destinations. Consult the map below to understand this
 choice. You start out at the far right, and move left. When asked which
 direction to take next, choosing the top option moves you left and up,
 while the second option moves you left and down.

   |(Climb)   |\
   |----------| \ __________
      \E102/     \|City    |
   ___________   /|(Fly)   |\
   |Ocean     | / |--------| \ __________
   |(Swim)    |<              \|Ocean   |
   |----------| \ __________  /|(Swim)  |\    <---
                 \|Desert  | / |--------| \ _________
   ___________   /|(Walk)  |<    \Big/     \|Beach  |
   |Crystal R.| / |--------| \ __________  /|(Walk) |\    START
   |(Walk)    |<              \|Cliff   | / |-------| \ ________
   |----------| \ __________  /|(Climb) |<             \|Plain  |
    \Knuckles/   \|Tree    | / |--------| \ _________  /|(Walk) |
   ___________   /|(Climb) |<    \Tails/   \|Forest | / |-------|
   |Swamp     | / |--------| \ __________  /|(Walk) |/
   |(Swim)    |<              \|Desert  | / |-------|     START
   |----------| \ __________  /|(Fly)   |/
                 \|Jungle  | / |--------|     <---
   ___________   /|(Walk)  |/    \Sonic/
   |Cave      | / |--------|
   |(Fly)     |/

 In brackets below the location name is the type of action your A-Life
 performs in that location. The tab below some areas lists the
 characters you encounter in that area (this last information provided
 by Gogeta).

 When the A-Life asks you a question
 A little envelope will appear in the lower left when your A-Life has
 something to say. Hold A down to speed the text. It's usually asking
 you your personal information if it requires a response. Enter
 anything, since you can edit it later. Messages not requiring a
 response are safe to ignore.
 Other random events
 Sometimes you'll come across a treasure chest. Choose one of the three
 buttons to get an item (or not). This is the only situation in which
 you may get the lousy random event nut (aside from a post-battle

 Your Chao may also get into trouble through tripping, slipping,
 drowning, or falling asleep; press A to get it on its way. 

 It can also encounter dolphins, birds, or bounce on a (seemingly) big
 ball depending on the environment. Again, press A to get it on its way
 (I think these make it happier, though). 

 You may also run into Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Big, or E-102. Press A
 and he flashes a peace sign, and off you go.

 Item translations and effects
 Below is a listing of items, where they are found, what they do, and a
 vague guide to recognizing them. Basically, though, it's OK to eat
 anything, except you may wish to conserve the last two (the latter to
 throw in the ocean and dispose of in a Chao Garden).

 These will heal a little HP too. Outside the VMU, they look like generic
 round nuts of the colour indicated, with a stem sticking out the top.
 Found in chests, or from non perfects in the match game:

  | Lemon:  [Kiiroi Mi]      Swimming +4    Color: Yello               |
  | Japanese: The only word with a box it it, in the middle, 5 chars.  |
  | Plum:   [Murasaki No Mi]   Flying +4    Color: Purple              |
  | Japanese: Starts with what looks vaguely like a G, 6 chars.        |
  | Grape:  [Aoi Mi]          Running +4    Color: Blue                |
  | Japanese: First char. it like a T, second char. it a t with a      |
  |           stroke at 7 o'clock, 4 chars.                            |
  | Cherry: [Akai Mi]  Strength/Power +4    Color: Red                 |
  | Japanese: First char. is like a T, second char. resembles an       |
  |           upside down 4, 4 chars.                                  |

  Found in chests, or from perfects in the match game:

  | ChaoNut: [Chao No Mi]    All Stats +4 : Will also heal some HP     |
  | Japanese: First char. is like an extended F, second char, is a     |
  |           very small one, 5 chars. (Looks like blue A-Life head)   |
  | StarNut: [Hoshi No Mi] Punch Power x2 : I don't notice any         |
  |                                         difference. It may only    |
  |                                         last a single level.       |
  | Japanese: First char. it like a t with a nub at the bottom and a   |
  |           tiny stroke beside it, 4 chars. (Looks like a carrot)    |
  | Haste Nut: [Sekkachi No Mi]  Speed x2 : No difference here either. |
  |                                         It may alter the speed of  |
  |                                         the highlighter in combat  |
  | Japanese: First char. it like a stretched t, scond char. is a      |
  |           small arc with " above it, 6 chars. (Looks like a pepper)|
  | LifeNut: [Haato No Mi] Recover All HP : Don't eat them immediately |
  |                                         Save them for later        |
  | Japanese: First char. resembles / \ , second char. is a dash, 5    |
  |           chars. (Looks like a heart-shaped apple outside the VMU) |

 You get this sometimes from a chest, and your A-Life isn't happy about

 Random (lazy?) Nut: [Yarukinashi No Mi] - Causes your A-Life to suffer a
 good or bad random event in the VMU; makes it very unhappy if eaten
 outside the VMU. It's the only 7 char. word. (Also looks like a carrot)

 8 . 7    Advanced A-Life Raising

 Evolution is when your A-Life sits down, forms into an egg larger than
 the one it hatched in with a pointed tip (disturbingly identical to the
 one it forms into when it dies!) and re-hatches with its animal features
 more pronounced.

 Evolution seems to be triggered simply by taking care of an A-Life in
 the Chao Garden for a time. The A-Life does not have to be trained in
 the VMU or combined with an animal for this to occur. The exact triggers
 and benefits to this are unknown to me at this time.

 Gaining Hit Points
 Hit points too are a rather cloudy issue, and seem to be gained simply
 by tending to your A-Life in the Chao Garden. I've also seen them gain
 hit points from racing.
 After playing with a single A-Life in an otherwise empty Garden for a
 time, pulling it out and inserting it into the VMU regularly to check
 its progress, I believe I can safely say that the criteria for gaining
 hit points are rather random. In other words, you can't perform specific
 actions to make them gain hit points, just take care of them.

 When Playing Sonic Adventure
 While playing Sonic Adventure, if you have an A-Life in your VMU, it
 will be mimicking your actions on the VMU screen! If you jump, it will
 fly, if you climb a wall with Knuckles, it will climb, if you attack,
 it will start punching. I think this has something to do with their
 development, but I'm not sure what.

 The God-Chao?
 I recently got my A-Life, LAUCHAO, up to level 999 in all his stats. I
 had raced him once when they were all hovering around 900, and he seemed
 pretty speedy.

 However, when I maxed him out, he suddenly grew insanely fast in all
 areas. I'd say he's about as fast as Sonic at top speed. He climbs like
 a maniac, flies like a demon, and swims like a dolphin on an overdose of
 adrenaline. This was, to say the least, startling, and quite fun to
 watch.  Mind you, it takes a rather obsessive person to GET an A-Life
 to 999. :)

 Also, once you beat all of the chao races (including the emerald race)
 there will be a black god chao in position one everytime you race
 the emerald race.  His is funny to watch because he will give all the
 other chao a huge head start by just laying on his side after the race
 begins.  Then when he feels ready, he gets up and makes it to the end
 before anyone else and lays back down on his side.

 The Animal Systems
 There are 15 different animals all falling into five different "color
 systems".   When you collect animals in the action stages,  if you look
 close enough, each animal's image at the lower right of the screen has
 a colored box around them. Those colored boxes denote which system that
 animal belongs too.  The different color systems increase different
 attributes, and when also used together in large numbers, can give
 you the special, colored Chao (see section [11.5]).

 The following list shows what animals there are, what color systems they
 belong to and what kind of increments to your Chao's stats they

 Yellow system
 Sea otter  Give 4 and receive Swimming +2 
 Penguin    Give 3 and receive Swimming +1
 Seal       Give 3 and receive Swimming +1

 Purple system
 Swallow    Give 4 and receive Flying +2 
 Parrot     Give 2 and receive Flying +1
 Peacock    Give 2 and receive Flying +1

 Green system
 Deer       Give 4 and receive Running +2 
 Rabbit     Give 2 and receive Running +1
 Kangaroo   Give 2 and receive Running +1

 Red system
 Gorilla    Give 4 and receive Strength +2 
 Lion       Give 3 and receive Strength +1
 Elephant   Give ? and receive (unknown)

 Blue system
 Koala bear Give ? and receive +10 to random attribute
 Mole       Give ? and receive +10 to random attribute
 Skunk      Give ? and receive +10 to random attribute

 Another thing to note about the 15 different animals are the different
 A-Life poses they give your Chao.  The following list shows what animals
 are in what system, what action stages you can find the animals in and
 what they'll make your Chao do.  You will need to give your A-Life at
 least two of the same animal to gain that animals pose.

 (EC = Emerald Coast, WV = Windy Valley, CP = Casinopolis, IC = IceCap,
  TP = Twinkle Park, SH = Speed Highway, RM = Red Mountain, SD = SkyDeck,
  LW = Lost World, FE = Final Egg, HS = Hot Shelter)

 Yellow system
 Sea otter  EC,IC,HS          Backstroke.  
 Penguin    EC,IC,HS,LW       Skating on one foot.
 Seal       EC,IC,HS,WV       Dance.  

 Purple system
 Swallow    WV,CP,SD,SH       Spinning in place.
 Parrot     WV,CP,SD,RM       Sings.  
 Peacock    WV,CP,SD          Lays down on side.

 Green system
 Deer       TP,SH,FE,HS       (unknown) 
 Rabbit     TP,SH,FE,EC,CP    Somersaults.
 Kangaroo   TP,SH,FE          Shadow boxing.

 Red system
 Gorilla    RM,LW,IC,FE       Beats a drum.
 Lion       RM,LW,SD          Cleans face like a cat.
 Elephant   RM,LW,TP          Plays hide and seek.

 Blue system
 Koala bear EC,CP,TP,SH       Plays the trumpet.
 Mole       WV,IC,RM,LW,FE    Plays with a shovel.
 Skunk      SD,HS             Draws on the ground.

 8 . 8    How do I race my Chao?

 One of the fun (and required) aspects of raising an A-Life is to pit
 them in a cute race to the dea... er... well, the finish, anyway. Here's
 how to go about it.

 Where to go
 Head to the Station Square Chao Garden (see [3.1]), and enter the large
 double doors near the VMU. Jump on the big red ENTRY button to open the
 menu screen.

 Race selection
 There are three possible selections, in this order, from top to bottom:
   Chao Race
   Practice Race
   Multiple Entry

 The first is the race that counts, the second is race against A-Lifes
 equivalent to your own, and the third is to enter more than one user
 A-Life into a single race. Press A on your selection to move to the
 A-Life selection. Press B to cancel.

 There are now 4 gems that appear, each corresponding to a different
 course. From left to right, here are the races, and the skills tested
 in each.

    Pearl: Ball Pushing Race. Strength, then Running.
 Amethyst: Basic Foot Race. Running. Swimming and brief Flying if your
           A-Life opts for the alternate path.
 Sapphire: Super Foot Race. Running, Swimming, brief Flying, Strength
     Ruby: Swimming Race: Swimming, brief Running

 Win all 4 of these in the Chao Race mode, and a fifth gem will appear.

  Emerald: All-Inclusive Race: Very long, testing all abilities. Mostly

 A-Life selection
 You don't have to have an A-Life loaded into the VMU to race it. Simply
 select the VMU, or the Chao Garden the A-Life is in to open up the
 selection screen for that area. Choose the A-Life you want to race out
 of the ones available. If you wish to cycle to a different area, just
 press the L or R top triggers. Press A to enter an A-Life, then down to
 select the red button, and press A to start the race. Press B, or select
 the blue button to cancel.

 If you've chosen a Multiple Entry race, you can enter up to 8 A-Lifes
 from any combination of VMU's and area.

 Camera control
 During the race, use the digital D-Pad to manipulate the camera. Press
 left or right to cycle through the A-Lifes. Press Up for the higher
 course view, press Down for the behind-the-A-Life view.

 Urging your A-Life on
 Occasionally through the race, a white sparkle will appear around a
 random (usually trailing) A-Life, and the camera will switch to follow
 that one. Press any button to give that A-Life a boost of speed. Make
 sure you don't press the button unless the sparkle is on an A-Life you
 want to do good! Don't do it for computer A-Lifes!

 Prizes for winning
 Winning each of the Chao Races gives you a Sonic Emblem, for a total of
 5, including the secret race. Your A-Life will also gain a gem on its
 chest identical to the one representing the highest-level race it has
 won.  Children of that A-Life will also carry the same symbol.

 Stats required for winning
 In order to safely win all 5 races, your stats in all areas must be
 over 300. Any victories slightly below this level seem to be based more
 on luck.

 8 . 9    How do I interact my A-Life VMU with another A-Life VMU?

 When connecting to another VMU to perform either mating or battling, it
 seems necessary that both A-Lifes must have evolved at least once.
 Otherwise you get an error message of some sort.

 Connect two VMU and select the Mate option from the main menu of
 both VMU.  Some hearts will start to appear on the screen.  It takes
 a minute or so for the process to be complete.  Eventually you'll get
 a message to disconnect the VMU.  Then you'll see both Chao on the
 screen.  Just pres any button.  Now you have new eggs in both VMU
 along with the Chao.  You can verify this by going to the Status
 screen (first option on the main menu) and you'll see an egg there.
 The eggs seem to mix the A-Lifes a bit, but for the most part it's
 just about as random as when you mate in the Chao Gardens.

 To get the egg out, go to the controller in a Chao Garden and press
 the red button.  You'll now be able to select to remove just the
 egg if you like.
 First of all, connect the two VMU and select battle from the main menu.
 Each Chao will be temporarily downloaded into the other VMU.  Once the
 transfer is complete disconnect the two VMU.  Then your Chao will be
 able to battle your friends where as your friends will be controlled by
 the computer.  Defeat your friends Chao and win a prize!  Since the
 transfer is only temporary, if you defeat your friends Chao, it doesn't
 really affect his/her Chao.  It's kinda like you just fought a
 "representation" of the other person's Chao.


 Like the A-Life mini-game, the Sonic Emblems offer a whole extra level
 of replay value to Sonic Adventure.  If you can get all 130 of the
 Sonic Emblems, you will have truly mastered the action stages of this
 game.  Use the "Emblem" option on the main menu (the second option),
 to replay the action and bonus stages too collect all of the emblems
 at any time and to view which emblems you currently have.
 9 . 1    Different characters, different goals
 When replaying the action levels the second and third times, the goals
 will be different.  Here is a list of what the goals for the action
 stages are for each character.

 Sonic the Hedgehog
 Emblem C - Make it to the end of the stage
 Emblem B - Make it to the end of the stage with at least 50 rings
 Emblem A - Make it to the end of the stage under a certain amount
            of time

 Miles "Tails" Prower
 Emblem C - Beat another character to the end of the stage
 Emblem B - Beat another character to the end of the level with
            at least 50 rings
 Emblem A - Beat an even FASTER character to the end of the stage

 Knuckles the Echidna
 Emblem C - Find three Master Emerald shards
 Emblem B - Find three Master Emerald shards without using hint balls
 Emblem A - Find three Master Emerald shards within one minute
            (A trick to doing this is to take your time finding the
             three shards. Then pause the game and select restart.
             The shards will still be in the same place.) 

 Amy Rose
 Emblem C - Make it to the end of the stage.
 Emblem B - Make it to the end of the stage with at least 50 rings
 Emblem A - Make it to the end of the stage under a certain
            amount of time

 Big the Cat
 Emblem C - Catch his pet frog
 Emblem B - Catch a fish larger than 1500g and then catch his frog
 Emblem A - Catch a fish larger than 2000g and then catch his frog

 E-102 "gamma"
 Emblem C - Make it to the end of the stage
 Emblem B - Make it to the end of the stage with at least 50 rings
 Emblem A - Make it to the end of the stage under a certain amount of
            time. (Sometimes less that what you start with)

 9 . 2    Total number and locations of the emblems

 Emblems A,B,and C for each level with each character --------------  96
 Four emblems found at each adventure field ------------------------  12
 Emblems earned in Minigames ---------------------------------------  10
 One emblem for each character's ending-----------------------------   7
 Chao race emblems -------------------------------------------------   5

                                                   Total Emblems --- 130

 It should be noted that many characters share the mini-game emblems.
 For example, if you get both the emblems for Sand Hill using just
 Tails, the two emblems will also show up on Sonic's mini-game menu
 screen although only two emblems were received (instead of four).

 There are 12 emblems hidden around the three adventure fields.  Some
 can only be reached by certain characters.

 Station Square
 Inside the Station Square Burger Shop near when you fought Chaos 0.
 On a ledge across from the train in the station.
 High in the air in the alley near the Casino.
 Cut the grass with Tails in front of the Town Hall (the first area
  where you fought Chaos 0).

 Mystic Ruin
 On the cliff near Tails' house.
 Under a fallen tree on the path to Big's house in the rain forest.
 Inside the tree of Big's house.
 Use Knuckles to jump off the bridge to the Floating Island and fly
  to the left.

 Egg Carrier
 On the diving board in the pool room.
 Inside Eggman's bedroom step on switch to make bed open down.
  (EC must have it's wings extended.  Use the button under the
  chair in the control room to change between modes).
 On top of the large spinning radar dish.  Very high up.
 First use the switch to make the Egg Carrier's wings extend. Then, go
  on the platform to the inside of the ship. Ride the lightrail car to
  the other end of the ship. Jump in the cannons to break the large
  boxes. The Emblem is in one of the boxes.

 9 . 3    General Advice on obtaining emblems

 Most of the hardest emblems to collect will be the ones that require
 that you complete a stage under a certain amount of time.  For Sonic,
 using the Spin Dash Attack a lot can really help.  Even more help is
 knowing the shortcuts through the stages.

 Also, collect all of the characters power up items before trying to
 collect all of the emblems.  This will make it a lot easier.

 For more tips on collecting emblems, I'd recommend checking out Eric
 Bickle's great Sonic Emblem FAQ available at http://www.gamefaqs.com.

 9 . 4    How to Catch Big's Twinkle Park Fish

 Catching Big's Twinkle Park 2000g fish is the single hardest thing you
 will have to do in the game (next to maybe getting both emblems in that
 dang Sand Hill special stage).  I haven't met a single person who didn't
 have trouble catching that fish.  Even I had trouble, and no two people
 say they catch it the same way.  But here is what I know...

 1) You need to make sure you have the lures.. all of them.  Strange
 thing happend to me though.. apparently I collected the lures in the
 wrong order and some of them I never collected, yet it STILL WORKED!

 2) You'll know you've got the lures you need when you see mechanical
 fish in the Twinkle Park pool.  Only these robot fish will weigh 2000g
 or greater.  If you don't see any robot fish, you're waisting your time
 and you need to get a lure or something.

 3) Once you see robot fish in the TP pool, just start fishing them,
 trying to find the biggest you can.  It took me three or four catches
 before I landed a 2005g one.

 9 . 5    What do you get when all emblems are collected?

 So what's all this effort for?  Well, other than the satisfaction of
 completely mastering the game, nothing so far.  But I have read rumors
 that SonicTeam is going to offer a special download for those people who
 have all 130 emblems.  What this download will do, when it will be
 available, or if it will even exists is yet to be seen.


 One of the really neat aspects of Sonic Adventure is that the game has
 an open architecture.  SonicTeam programmed the game so that special
 downloadable files could be put into your VMU that can actually alter
 the game itself!  The following VMU downloads for Sonic Adventure are
 only available by using your Dreamcast to dial-up to the internet
 using the Sonic Adventure disc which in turn connects to an exclusive
 SA website.  For more information on the following downloads, including
 instructions on how to download them, visit Kirk Bender's Sonic
 Adventure page at:


 Note: the first three downloads listed here were for the Japanese
 version of Sonic Adventure and probably won't be available to American
 gamers (See section [10.4]).
 10 . 1   The christmas/newyears download

 No longer available, this download changed the trees around the entrance
 to the Station Square hotel (among others) into singing trees that would
 play music when you got near.  A message would also appear in the lower
 part of the screen that said "Happy Holidays from SonicTeam!".

 10 . 2   The QUO mini-game download
 This is a downloadable mini-game that adds a "find the flag" style game
 to Sonic Adventure's adventure fields.  While not a fantastic game in its
 own right, it is a fine example of how the main SA game can be modified
 to unlock new play options.  For example, in the small 34 block file that
 is downloaded to your VMU, it contains the game data, a digitized photo
 of Yukawa San (his image is what your looking for), and a sound
 sample of Yukawa yelling "Yosh!".

 10 . 3   The menu voices downloads

 These downloads are of particular interest for several reasons.  First,
 they introduce the technique of how to upload your Sonic Game Data to
 the SA website.  Simply go to the File selection screen in SA (via the
 options menu) and when you have your save file highlighted, press
 both the Y and A buttons at the same time.  The music will pause for
 a moment and then you'll hear a jingle sound.  Your game data has now
 been packaged into a small file on your VMU for upload to the website.
 There are two voices available for download.  They replace Tikal's voice
 that speaks every time you enter a game menu.  The first voice is of Dr.
 Eggman.  The second voice is of Sonic.  Furthermore,  Sonic says most
 all of his quotes in English!  So instead of hearing Tikal say "Memori
 ka-do erande kudasi", you hear Sonic say "Select your Memory Card".
 There is a different sound for each menu and all these sounds together
 only take 3 blocks on your VMU.  Kinda neat! =)

 10 . 4   Dreamcast launch party download

 Shortly after the Dreamcast was released on 9/9/99 here in the states,
 Sega released the first US VMU download/addon for the game. It's a file
 that changes Station Square into a Dreamcast Launch Party with balloons
 and banners everywhere.  How long this download will be available is
 not known.

 10 . 5   More To Come!...

 When SegaTeam ported Sonic Adventure over for US gamers, they also
 designed many new, yet unseen VMS downloads for here.  What these will
 be is yet to be seen.  Don't plan on being able to download the first
 three listed above since they were only in Japan. Instead, expect new
 and interesting download for the American SA gamers.


 Sonic Adventure wouldn't be a Sonic game without tricks and secrets.
 Codes and hidden stuff are a staple of every SonicTeam game.  I'll be
 updating this section whenever a new hidden feature to this game
 is discovered.  NOTE: If you want to print or redistribute codes that
 you find here first, please at least reference me (Chris Kohler) and
 this FAQ.  I give all credit when possible and so should you.

 11 . 1   The PC desktop wallpaper

 If you insert your Sonic Adventure game disc into a PC CDROM drive,
 you will have access to a directory called "extras".  Inside you'll
 find a number of Sonic Adventure desktop wallpapers you can decorate
 your PC's desktop with.

 11 . 2   Twinkle Circuit Tricks

 When playing the Twinkle Circuit mini-game, wait till the exact moment
 when the start signal says "GO!" and press the jump button.  This will
 give you a speed boost and cut a few seconds off your time.

 Also, you can control the camera placement by pressing up on the D-Pad.
 You can choose between a cockpit view, a trailing view and an overhead
 view.  This camera control also works when playing the begining of the
 Twinkle Park action stage with Sonic.
 11 . 3   One and a half play

 When a player is playing Sonic's action stages and Tails is on the
 screen, a second player can control Tails with a second controller. Any
 rings Tails collects will be added to Sonic's totals.  Be careful to
 not make Tails break open any shields, invincibilities or Extra Life
 item boxes as those will not be added to Sonic and will be wasted.
 This feature may seem trivial to most people, but you'd be surprised
 how much fun it can be trying to outrun player one (who's playing Sonic)
 when you're controlling Tails. ;)

 11 . 4   The secret Chao puzzle game

 After you start up the Sonic Adventure game, place a controller into
 the D port on your Dreamcast and have a VMU in the controller.  A hidden
 Chao Puzzle game will appear on the VMU screen.  It is a tile based
 puzzle game where you have to use the Dreamcast's controller to move the
 pieces of a moving picture around to win.  After every five puzzles you
 solve, a little animation will play on the VMU screen.

 11 . 5   Getting the Special/Colored Chao

 When you hatch a newborn, blue Chao, feed it only animals from the same
 color group (at least 20) before it forms an egg to become an adult.
 You must give it all three of the animals in the color system you
 select. See section [8.7] for more information on the animal color
 systems.  Here is a listing of what each color system produces.  Also,
 once you've mutated your chao once, you can continue to mutate it a
 second time by giving it upwards of 50 animals.  The second mutation
 is much more dramatic.
 Yellow system = Alien Chao
 Color: Green and yellow two-tone.
 Give your Chao a mixture of at least 20 of the yellow system animals
 before it becomes an adult and your Chao's head will grow long and
 will resemble the alien from the famous "Alien" movies (the ones with
 Sigourney Weaver)!  If at all possible, use a Chao that has the evil
 grin smile on his face (black chao typically do)... it looks cool!
 Purple system = NiGHTS Chao
 Color: Purple.
 Give your Chao a mixture of at least 20 of the purple system animals
 before it becomes an adult and your Chao will resemble the main
 character from the Sega Saturn/SonicTeam game, NiGHTS!

 Green system  = Sonic Chao
 Color: Green at first and gradually becomes blue.
 Give your Chao a mixture of at least 20 of the green system animals
 before it becomes an adult and your Chao will start to resemble
 Sonic the Hedgehog! 

 Red system    = Dragon Chao
 Color: Red.
 Give your Chao a mixture of at least 20 of the red system animals
 before it becomes an adult and your Chao will get spikes on the
 top and back of its head resembling Dragon spines.  The second
 evolution of this Chao causes the face to get flat, the body turn
 bright red and your Chao will get a barrel chest.
 11 . 6   Button Tricks

 Whenever you pause the game, the pause menu will be in the center of
 the screen.  If you want to see the paused screen without having the
 pause menu, press and hold both the X and Y buttons at the same time.
 This is great if you want to take screenshots.
 Also, if you ever get stuck and want to get back to the main menu of
 the game in a hurry, press and hold all four buttons (X,Y,A,B) as well
 as the START button at the same time.  This will immediatly take you
 back to the main menu without having to reboot your Dreamcast.

 11 . 7   Easy extra lives

 With Knuckles, goto the beachfront in Station Square (in front of the
 Hotel and Train Station entrances).  Dig into the small patch of grass
 until you get an electric sheild.  This may take several tries.  If you
 cannot get a sheild from digging in the grass, try the nearby beach
 sand.  Just move a little every time you finish digging.  Once you have
 an electric sheild, go into the lobby of the hotel and walk up the
 stairs and stand on the first red button.  This will form a line of
 rings, of which the first three will automatically gravitate towards
 you.  Since you are standing on the button, they will continue to
 re-spawn and in no time flat you will have 999 rings and an additional
 nine lives!  Easy 'eh?

 Also, an easy way to get extra lives with Sonic, is to replay the first
 section of the Red Mountain action stage (see secion [5.7]).  If you are
 a skilled player you should be able to get through this section with
 little effort and there are tons of extra life item boxes scattered
 around this stage, more than anywhere else in the game.

 11 . 8   Amy in Casinopolis (bug)

 Yes, Amy Rose can visit Casinopolis, but it is not on purpose.  If you
 take Amy to the Hamburger restraunt you will find a dummy holding his
 hands out in front. You can take this lifesize dummy and carry it over
 to the entrance to Casinopolis.  Place the dummy a generous distance
 from the highlighted target in which you use to open it with the other
 characters. Now, here is the tricky part:  After getting a good running
 start (Amy at her top speed), jump onto the  dummy's arms.  Now as
 quickly as possible, do her Catapult jump (X).  If you placed the dummy
 in the correct spot, and you are able to reach it, hit the Target with
 Amy's hammer.  This will open Casinopolis.  You can play it just like
 Sonic; however the pinball games will change, in that she will walk on
 the surface instead of roll into a ball!  If you lost the pinball and
 fall down to the sewers, you will see how fast Amy can really run!
 Beware that if you beat the stage your game will lock up!

 11 . 9   Twinkle Park Pass Card

 Whenever you beat the game with all the characters, you will find a card
 in the grass in front of the SS Train Station. Take this card to Twinkle
 Park and it will let characters who normally cannot enter go in.  There
 they can go into the Twinkle Park Raceway and race in the bumper cars.

 11 . A   Change Sonic's snowboard color

 Just before entering the snowboarding part of the ice stage (in the
 short cave), press and hold X to get Sonic's blue snowboard (previously
 seen in Sonic 3 and Sonic Triple Trouble) instead of his blue and yellow


 With all the things I've covered in this FAQ, you'd think I'd know
 everything there is to know about the game.  Far from it!  There are
 still some many things that are unexplained. This section covers those
 things as well as some facts about the game you might find interesting.

 12 . 1   Minor camera and collision detection glitches

 I hate to say it, but this game isn't perfect.  Sonic Adventure suffers
 from one of the biggest problems of 3D action/platform games, camera
 problems.  Sometimes the camera will get stuck in a wall or be facing
 the wrong way.  Don't blame SonicTeam though.  It's a problem facing
 most free-roaming games of this type, including Tomb Raider and Mario64.

 Whenever you get the camera stuck, I usually find tapping the D-Pad will
 get the camera unstuck.  If that doesn't work, try using the L & R
 buttons at the top of the controller to move the camera away from the

 The other problem in Sonic Adventure concerns some poor collision
 detection in parts of the game.  There may be times (albeit rare) when
 you stand at just the wrong spot and you'll fall through the scene to
 your death for no reason.  Again, these incidents are rare, but they do
 happen none the less.
 Both of these problems (especially the second) were due to the rushed
 and pressured schedule SonicTeam was placed under to get the game out
 by Christmas 1998.  Sega has corrected almost all of these problems
 in the US domestic release.

 12 . 2   Often unnoticed graphic details

 When in "The Air" section of the Windy Valley action stage, be sure to
 stop to enjoy the dandelions.  They actually give off seeds and will
 give off more if you touch them.
 When in the Echidna Village of the past, take a close look at the smoke
 coming out of the fire.  No matter how close you get, it still looks
 like real smoke.  Amazing!
 On areas where there is a lot of wind (both action stages and adventure
 areas), if the wind is strong enough it will make Sonic's spines
 move around.

 On the IceCap stage, the red spring bumpers, save points and even
 Sonic's spines are all covered with ice.  Also, you can actually see
 the characters breath when they breath if you look close enough.

 12 . 3   Unused music tracks and recycled Sonic tunes

 If you go into the sound test menu located under the Options section,
 you'll find a complete listing of all the music and sound effects in the
 game.  If you go through all the songs you'll notice a few tracks that
 don't appear in the game.  If anyone out there knows where any of the
 following tracks do appear in the game, please let me know.

 Egg Carrier - The Ocean
 I have a feeling this was the music that was supposed to play when you
 visited the Egg Carrier after it crashes into the ocean.  But instead,
 the regular Egg Carrier music plays.
 I've only had to continue once since I've owned this game, but when I
 did, I didn't hear this jingle play.  Is it for something else or does
 it appear somewhere in the US version?
 Title: Station Square
 Title: Mystic Ruin
 Title: M. Ruin -the Past-
 Title: Egg Carrier
 The only one of these I have heard in the game was the "TITLE: Egg
 Carrier" one that played when the EC was transforming, but I don't
 think that was the intended purpose.  More likely, these tracks were
 supposed to play when the "loading" screens were being shown for each
 area since they last just about the same amount of time.

 Jingle # C
 This jingle is missing the guitar solo avaliable in Jingle B and does
 not seem to appear anywhere in the game.

 Jingle # E
 This jingle never appears in the game.  It sounds a heck of a lot like
 the kind of music that plays at a "Level Select" type screen (think
 Sonic 2).  Could this music be for some yet unseen menu in the game?
 Note: This music did play in the Limited Edition version of Sonic
 Adventure (the one rentable at Hollywood Video only). It played when you
 tried to select the unavailable "Internet" option.

 Recycled Sonic Tunes
 Six songs in the game use previous Sonic songs:

 The Air section of Windy Valley uses Sonic 3D Blast's Green Grove theme
 (Genesis version).

 The start of Sonic's version of Twinkle Park (with the alternate
 version of Twinkle Circuit) uses Sonic 3D Blast's Panic Puppet theme
 (Genesis version).

 Red Mountain's type 1 uses a piece from Sonic 2 (Genesis) Mystic Cave 2
 Player.  It's the piano part at one point.

 The Stage finished music is obviously a remix of the Act Finished music
 in Sonic 3 and Sonic and Knuckles .(Genesis).

 The High-Speed Shoes theme, as well as the Invincibility theme, use
 pieces of the title screen of Sonic Mega CD (the import Sonic CD, Sega
 CD).  High-Speed Shoes uses a sound effect from the song twice (that
 funky sfx which I can't explain right now).  Invincibility uses an
 actual part of the song in the vibraphone part.

 12 . 4   Egg Carrier Chao Garden's building

 When you visit the Egg Carrier's Chao Garden there will be a small
 building at the top of the hill with a door on it and a large radar
 dish spinning at the top.  This door is the only door in the game
 that never gets used anytime during the adventure quests.  Could it
 have a secret purpose, or is it just part of the scenery?

 12 . 5   Metal and Mecha Sonics

 When you visit the Egg Carrier docking station on the edge of the MR
 rain forest, you'll notice two robotic looking Sonics floating in some
 liquid containers.  The black one with the wheels on his heels was Metal
 Sonic from Sonic 2 (on the Genesis/Mega Drive).  He was the second to
 last boss in that game.  The other dark blue and silver one was Mecha
 Sonic from the SegaCD game, SonicCD.  Both are rendered perfectly with
 pose-able arms legs and even fingers.
 Ever since I released this FAQ I've seen several "codes" to unlock
 these two.. alas none of them have worked. For a while I had hoped that
 they would somehow be playable. But let me end the confusion now by
 saying: THE METAL & MECHA SONIC's ARE NOT PLAYABLE.  I've tried everying
 humanly possible.. played for hours upon hours trying and have decided
 that it just isn't to be. Please stop flooding my email box with bogus
 codes and questions as to how it can be done.  I've decided it cannot.
 (See section [12.9])

 12 . 6   The Hamburger Shop Statue

 Standing outside the Hamburger shop in Station Square is a man with his
 hands held out.  Upon closer inspection, you can see that this man isn't
 even alive, he's a statue.  Even more, you can pick this statue up and
 move it around.  The purpose of this statue has been and remains a
 mystery ever since the games release.  One use found for the statue was
 to help Tail's to reach the Jet Anklet Upgrade (See section [7.2])
 easier by standing on it in the sewer. But in truth, this isn't really
 needed.  Another use is in the Amy in Casinopolis Trick (See section
 [11.8]).  But since this trick is really more of a bug in the game, this
 also is probably not the intended purpose for this iten.

 Maybe this statue really has NO purpose in the game other than as a
 piece of the burger shop.  Many have tried to find uses for him, but so
 far it appears he's mainly just there for looks.

 12 . 7   The Moving Enchidna Statue

 When you are in the Mystic Ruin Rain Forest and standing near the
 entrance to the temple.. just as your turn to look at it.. you will
 usually see the temple statue of the Enchidna move.  It's head will
 turn. What purpose this serves is unknown, but most think that it just
 does that for effect to grab your attention to the steps. Strange.

 12 . 8   Changes in US & Internation Versions

 When SonicTeam came to America to tweak and fix the US version of SA,
 they also made several minor changes. Here is a brief list of some of
 the more noticable changes.

 1) Most all major camera problems corrected.
 2) Amy's Attact Mode: Amy goes farther.. to the second door.
 3) Big's Attact Mode: Big takes longer and doesn't even catch the fish
 4) The Train stations now have annoucements over intercom.
 5) Emblem List screen added to Emblem Main Menu Option.
 6) Multiple Language selection added.
 7) Sonic's footprints are made in the sand on first stage even when
    Tails is following him.

 12 . 9   Hoaxes and False/Unconfirmed Codes

 For some reason, several people think it's funny to post false codes on
 the internet and see them get propogated.  Normally, I would care less
 about such things.. that is until I start getting tons of emails from
 players asking why such-and-such code doesn't work.  So to help every
 one out (including myself), I've compiled a list of codes that either
 are just hoaxes or just plain don't work for some reason.  If you see
 any of the following codes on the net, you might want to tell the
 person distributing them that they are probably bogus and to remove it.


 Mega Team
 Type: Confirmed Hoax
 Found: GameSages.com

 Details: Win the game with all the characters. Super Sonic will then
 become avalible, win the game with him and all the crystals. Return to
 the character select screen and any character you pick will be Mega and
 go 4x his/her original speed.

 Why False: "..all the crystals..?" Whatever. I've beet the game multiple
 times and never noticed an increase in the characters' speed.


 Play as Metal Sonics Code One
 Type: Confirmed Hoax
 Found: GameSages.com

 Details: After highlighting Sonic on the character select screen press
 A+X+Y+L+R+Left (not analog). Now just press Start.

 Why False: Several of the buttons are selection and cancle buttons so
 pressing them automatically causes the screen to change, thus making
 this code impossible to perform.


 Play as Metal Sonics Code Two
 Type: Unconfirmed Hoax
 Found: Usenet

 Details: A secret "second keycard" can be obtained somewhere in the
 game by Sonic after all 130 emblems are collected. Taken to the
 Egg Carrier Docking station and placed against a computer, it will unlock
 the robots. You proceed to fight the robots until you beat them and then
 they become selectable

 Why Unconfirmed: Key's existance cannot be confirmed and source was less
 than credable when asked for said key's location.


 Super Knuckles 
 Type: Unconfirmed Hoax
 Found: GameSages.com

 Details: Complete the game with all six characters, then complete it
 again as Knuckles. Then quickly hold X + B at the character selection
 screen. Knuckles will give a thumbs up pose to confirm correct code

 Why False: Unable to test. Others have tried and failed.


 Play as Robotnic
 Type: Unconfirmed Hoax
 Found: GameSages.com

 Details: Beat the game with all six players. Then Beat it again as Super
 Sonic. While the cedits are running press B+A+X+X+Y+START. When you play
 the game again you will be able to play the game as robotnic in a new

 Why False: Unable to test but sounds too much like the fake 'play as
 metal sonics' code or 'play as Chaos0' code.


 Version 1.00 - 03-02-99
 The Ultimate Sonic Adventure FAQ released!
 Version 1.01 - 03-02-99
 Twinkle Circuit camera control trick added.
 Version 1.02 - 03-03-99
 Many grammer fixes.  Added purposes of Gold Gloves (was Gold Knuckles),
 Long Hammer & Gun Upgrade upgrade items.  Many other minor text changes.

 Version 1.03 - 04-12-99
 Added info about Metal Sonic from Sonic 2
 Added extra lives tricks for Sonic and Knuckles
 Added a bit more info about the "MISS" sound test item.
 Added what the Pink Elephants make your Chao do.
 Corrected the number of total Chaos Emeralds (whoops!).
 Other minor wording changes and formatting fixes.

 Version 2.00 - 09-09-99
 Changed VMS to VMU
 Changed Big's frog to his name "Froggy"
 Changed Adventure Area to Adventure Field
 Changed Green Crystal Key to Wind Stone
 Changed Blue Crystal Key to Ice Stone
 Changed Tails' Rythum Broach to Rythum Badge
 Changed Silver Knukcles to Shovel Claws
 Changed Bomb to Self-Destruction Switch (destroys monkies)
 Changed Floating Island to Angel Island
 Changed Amy's Solder Feather to Warrior Feather
 Changed Gamma's JetPak to Jet Booster
 Changed Tails' Ankle Bracelet to Jet Anklet
 Changed Sonic's Light upgrade to Mystic Light
 Revised Basic Plot and many canges to Adventure Quest info.
 Fixed explanation about different Tornado planes.
 Added how to catch Big's Twinkle Park 2000g fish
 Changed VMS to VMU and added more info about game save data.
 Added info on new Emblems Menu option.
 Added Amy in Casinopolis Trick/Bug
 Added Twinkle Park Pass card Trick
 Redid info about Metal Mecha Sonics.
 Added Various changed between versions sections.
 Added Hoaxes section.

 Version 2.10 - 10-04-99
 Updated Stage Emblem lists for several characters
 Updated Unused Music tracks and added "recycled songs" info
 Revised the Easy Extra Lives trick
 Renamed the Chao fruit to their Chao nut names
 Added Dreamcast Launch Parth VMU Download
 Moved the Alternate Snowboard hoax to the actual Tricks section
 Added Play as Robotnic Hoax
 Added info abou how to enter Sand Hill from Adventure Field
 Added info about Moving Echidna statue in front of temple
 Added info on how to beat NiGHTS Pinball
 Changed Tails Tail Whip to Tails Attack
 Changed Tails Flight to Propeller Flight
 Changed Knuckles Fireball to Punch Attack
 Changed Knuckles Thrust Attack to Dash Punch
 Changed Amy's Hammer Flip to Jump Attack
 Changed Amy's Hammer Spin to Spin Hammer Attack
 Changed Big's Fishing Rod Attack to Lure Attack
 Changed E-102's Rocket Gun Attack to Laser Gun/Homing Missle Launch
 Changed E-102's Roll to Rolling Mode
 Changed Sonic's Light Shoes to Light Speed Shoes
 Changed Sonic's Light Upgrade to Ancient Light
 Changed Sonic's Light Bracelet to Crystal Ring
 Changed Knuckles Gold Gloves to Fighting Gloves
 Changed E-102's JetPak Booster to Jet Booster
 Changed Electric Shield to Magnetic Shield
 Changed One Up to Extra Life
 Changed Speed Shoes to High-Speed Shoes
 Fixed typo in Tails Adventure Quest
 Fixed number of rings required in Casinopolis
 Changed Africa to South America in Lost World stage description
 Changed Hedgehog Hammer to Whack-A-Sonic

 14 . 0   CREDITS

 This is a list of those involved with the creation of this FAQ.
 Chris Kohler ([email protected]) -
 Hey, it's me! =)  I'm the guy who wrote most of this 200k monster.  If
 you have questions about the FAQ or info to submit, please send me
 Mike White ([email protected]) -
 Mike is the guy who wrote the A-Life FAQ that I've included inside this
 FAQ.  When I was just starting to play with the Chao, I found his FAQ
 to be invaluable.  Thanks for letting me use the info, Mike!

 Kirk Bender ([email protected]) -
 Kirk has been on top of all things VMU related since the Dreamcast was
 released.  I saw a few of his posts on USENET about translations he's
 done, and when I found his page I was really impressed.  Thanks for all
 the great info Kirk!
 Scott Smith ([email protected]) -
 I was able to find all the emblems except for a few missing in the
 adventure fields.  It was Scott who tiped me off to where to find them.
 I think he may have been one of the first persons to find them all.
 Way to go Scott!
 Brent Erk & Jeff Rumble -
 Thanks to these guys for staying late at my apartment to help me figure
 out how to raise A-Lifes and collect E-102's emblems.  They saved me
 alot of work.  Thanks
 Omar Sharar -
 Omar submitted information to GameSages (http://sages.ign.com/) about
 how you can use the D-Pad to change the camera positions when racing on
 the Twinkle Circuit.  Thanks Omar for sharing!

 "Tails" -
 No.. not THE Tails.  This is the webmaster of Sega2000.com.  He gave me
 some great info about the game and also hosts this FAQ on his website.
 Nick Bennett ([email protected]) -
 Nick helped clue me in on what E-102's gun upgrade does and that to get
 Knuckles' A emblems you have to get them in a certain order.  He also
 clued me in on who the black Metal Sonic was.  Once he told me, I felt
 stupid for not remembering.  :)  Thanks Nick!
 ElectricPhase -
 One of my fellow posters on the Sega Dreamcast Tech Pages Message Board
 (http://www.canadawired.com/~gvink/Sega/index.html) first pointed out
 to me the purpose of Knuckles' Gold Gloves. You da' man ElectricPhase!

 Dark Viper ([email protected]) -
 Dark was the guy who told me he's gotten the "MISS" to come up when
 fishing with Big.  Unfortunatly, I still can get that to happen. Thanks
 anyway Dark Viper!

 Dragon Lord ([email protected]) -
 This guy was a bounty of info. =)  He clued me into what special Chao
 pose the pink elephants provide.  And he cleared me up on the fact that
 there are actually 7 chaos emeralds (not just six).  Thanks!
 Prowler ([email protected]) -
 Prowler was the first to find this bug that allowed Amy to enter
 Casinopolis.  Neat one Prowler!  He also helped me check on various

 Foxphoenix -
 Fox sent me updates to the stage emblem lists for some of the characters
 as well as some updated "unused music" info. Thanks.

 Dragon Lord ([email protected]) -
 This friendly fellow has sent me much info including the names of the
 Chao Nuts, the Dreamcast Launch Party VMU download, and some emblem
 update info. Thanks a lot Dragon!

 Sonique the Hedgehog -
 Sinique (cute name btw) also sent me updated stage emblem lists making
 it easy for me to confirm them. Thanks.

 Jon Nichols -
 This person sent me info about the strangly moving satue in front of
 the Mystic Ruin Rain Forest temple. I had actually known about this
 before, but had forgotten to mention it in the FAQ. Thanks Jon.

 Kurt Asbestos -
 Kurt sent me a really detailed explanation on how to play and BEAT the
 NiGHTS Pinball game in Casinopolis. He even let me quote his writing in
 my FAQ. Thanks Kurt! All that playing wasn't for nothing! =)

 Jarel Jones ([email protected]) -
 This great guy sent me literally TONS of info and corrections to my FAQ.
 Infact, almost half of all the corrections/additions made in the 2.10
 update were from him!  Way to go Jarel.  You're awesome!

end of file.

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