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                   SeanKelson's Chrono Cross FAQ/Walkthrough
                              Version 11.0
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Table of Contents:
Version History
A) Disc One, Part One
    1) The Beginning
    2) A New World
    3) Trek to Termina
    4) Entering Viper Manor (With Guile)
    5) Entering Viper Manor (With Pierre)
    6) Entering Viper Manor (With Nikki)
    7) Invading Viper Manor
B) Choose to Save Kid
    1) Return to Termina/Viper Manor
    2) Hydra Marshes
C) Leave Kid
    1) Return to Termina/Viper Manor
D) Disc One, Part Two
    0.1) Hermit's Hideout/Into the Mist
    0.2) Back to the Home World
    1) The Blue Dragon
    2) The Mountain
    3) The Fortress
    4) Dimensional Vortex
    5) To Termina!
    6) Shadow Forest*
    7) My Favorite Alien*
    8) Investigating
    9) Masamune: Sword of Evil
    10) A Forgotten Future (The Dead Sea)
    11) A Portal Reopened
    12) Viper Manor... Again
    13) Hermit's Hideout/The Pearly Gates
    14) The Second Tear
    15) Song of Marbule
    16) The Dragons Six
    17) Back to the Fortress
    18) Riddle Me This*
    19) Murderer!*
    20) Another Soul Possessed*
E) Disc Two
    1) The Sea of Eden
    2) The Chrono Cross*
    3) The Flaming Orphanage*
    4) Tower from Another World
    5) The Final Encounter
F) New Game +
    1) About
    2) Extra Features
    3) Special Endings
G) Characters
H) Rainbow Equipment
    1) Getting Rainbow Equipment
    2) Shiny Materials
I) Lists
    1) Elements
    2) Armor
    3) Weapons
    4) Accessories
    5) Boss HP
    6) Key Items
J) Trapping Elements
K) Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross
    1) Storyline
    2) Terminology
L) Commonly Asked Questions and Game Tips
M) Other Stuff
    1) Author's Note
    2) Contact Information
    3) Future Versions
    4) Credits
    5) Copyright
    6) File Summary

*=Optional (Can be completed on either disc)

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Version changes:

v1.0 to v2.0
Walkthrough completed in around 4 updates.

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New Game + section added
Characters section added

v3.0 to v3.2
Legal precautions taken to make sure no one does anything naughty, like selling
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v3.2 to v4.0
Two new sections added: Rainbow Equipment and Lists

v4.0 to v4.5
Chrono Cross and Chrono Trigger section added.

v4.5 to v5.0
Armor List Added, other minor changes
Please excuse my slow speed on updating, I'm picking up the pace.

v5.0 to v5.5
Added Commonly Asked Questions

V5.5 to v7.0
More Commonly Asked Questions added
Accessories list added

Version 7.0 to Version 8.0 (10/18/00)
Added info from lots of e-mails.
Added some Commonly Asked Questions

Version 8.0 to Version 9.0 (11/03/00)
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Added the Boss HP List

Version 9.0 to Version 10.0 (11/19/00)
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Key Items list added

Section A: Disc One, Part One
    Segment 1: The Beginning

*** The Dream ***
1. Activate the crystal.
2. Get to the center platform.

As you start out, you will be in a dream.  This part is pretty much
straight-forward: Just follow the objectives.  This area is a maze:
Use the monsters you encounter while exploring to get used to the game.

*** Arni Village ***
1. Talk to Leena.

You wake up, realizing the previous incident was just a dream.  Explore
the town, training for battle if you wish.  On the docks is Leena.
Talk to her, and she will tell you to get her some Komodo Scales.

*** Lizard Rock ***
1. Fight 3 battles with Kid Komodos.
2. Slay the Mama Komodo

As you enter Lizard Rock, use the X key to move the boulder.  There is
your first Kid Komodo in this area.  Scare it once (so it runs through
the tunnel).  Roll the boulder by the tunnel in front of it.  Go around
and scare the Komodo again.  It runs into the tunnel and is blocked.
Fight it in a battle.  For the Komodo in the circular area (with the
exit), just chase it (be sure to run).  Eventually you'll catch it.
The third Komodo (take the lower path in the first area) is difficult
to catch.  When you first enter, ignore the Komodo and head to the green
tree.  Climb to the top of it, and head to the top of it.  You will
return to the main area, where you can get on the rock from.  If you
walk to the edge of the rock, a message will tell you to use X to jump.
Time it right, and jump on the Komodo.  It may take a bit of practice.

Boss: Mama Komodo
As you defeat the final Kid Komodo, the Mama Komodo comes.  If you have
fire elements equipped, use them (don't use them in the 3rd Komodo Pup
battle).  This battle isn't all that hard with fire elements.

After Mama Komodo dies, go on to Opassa Beach.

*** Opassa Beach ***
As you enter the beach, all destined to happen shall occur.  Just walk
to the end of the beach.

    Segment 2: A New World
*** Opassa Beach ***
You wake up on Opassa Beach.  Leena is no longer there.

*** Lizard Rock ***
Goal: Get through Lizard Rock
Just walk through.  The enemies aren't much problem.  Just remember to
use all remaining elements to heal, and try not to use as many elements
in battles.

*** Arni Village ***
Goal: Find Leena
Explore this "new" Arni Village.  Be sure to talk to Leena, who will
tell you to visit Cape Howl to see your grave.

*** Cape Howl ***
1. Get to Serge's gravestone.
2. Defeat Karsh, Solt, and Peppor.
Go straight forward in Cape Howl to get to the top of it.  Sure enough,
there is Serge's grave.  Suddenly, three dragoons come to capture you.
To make things even weirder, you now have a new, mysterious ally to aid

Boss: Karsh, Solt, and Peppor
Have Serge attack at all times (since his attack count as white, which
Karsh is weak against).  You can use Kid's elements, but watch your

After the battle, you can let Kid join.  Or, if you refuse her offer
multiple times, she will leave.  Don't worry, she'll be back.  The cool
thing is that Leena and her dog, Poshul join you now.

    Segment 3: Trek to Termina

*** Fossil Valley ***
1. Get through Fossil Valley
2. Have a Rematch with Solt and Peppor
You can go straight through, or choose to look around.  Either way,
Solt and Peppor want another fight at the end of fossil valley.

Boss: Solt and Peppor
If you happen to have a green element, use it.  Otherwise, these guys
are a pushover.

*** Termina ***
1. Talk to the lady polishing General Viper's statue.
2. Find a guide

Go straight forward (up the stairs) and talk to the lady polishing the

Having Guile be your guide:
Get Guile with you by talking to him in the bar.  The go to the right
of town to the shrines, where Korcha will get you to the Viper Manor

Having Pierre be your guide:
Get Pierre by talking to him in his rented room in Zappa's Smithy, then go
outside and talk to the kid running in circles to get the Hero Medal.  Give the
Hero Medal to Pierre and he will join.

Having Nikki be your guide:
Go to the Magical Dreamers boat docked at the harbor.  Talk to the people in
lower room, and Miki will come in.  Tell her that you will go look for Nikki in
Shadow Forest.

    Segment 4: Entering Viper Manor With Guile

*** Viper Manor Bluffs ***
Goal: Get to the top of the bluffs.

Climb up the bluffs.  There are 3 obstacles that will be in your way.
The rocks are the first.  They each drain 10 HP from each character
when they hit you.  The geysers will usually just annoy you, as when you
hit them they knock you down a bit.  However, sometimes they can help
you get treasure chests.  The third obstacles is enemies.  They can be
avoided if you pass their hole in the cliff when they are in the back of
it, though.  Once you reach the top, the soldier will fight you.  He's
not much of a problem, just use elements, especially Guile's technique:
Wandaln.  Be sure to heal (use consumables) after the battle, because...

Boss: King Moaman, Red Moaman, and Blue Moaman
This is an annoying battle, and the beginning of a series of boss
battles throughout Viper Manor.  Use elements on the opposite element
each individual moaman is innate to.  Focus your attacks on one person
so they don't use a triple technique.  It's best to take out the King
Moaman first so he doesn't get a chance to use Gravity Blow.  Once the
King Moaman is gone, the two other moamen are no match.  Just watch
your health.

    Segment 5: Entering Viper Manor With Pierre
Probably the most straight forward method into the Manor is with Pierre.

*** Viper Manor Gates ***
Go to the gates with Pierre and choose to work out a plan to get in.  Prepare
fight some dragoons, then fight your favorite teachers: Solt and Peppor!

Boss: Solt, Peppor, and... Ketchop
This time, they brought a friend.  This guy's all muscle: On his first attack
will eliminate a party member, even on a New Game +, when you are as strong as
possible.  Luckily, Solt makes a dumb move by reviving you.  I don't even have
to tell you to focus all attacks on Ketchop and heal very frequently with some
heal elements you could pick up in Termina.

    Segment 6: Entering Viper Manor With Nikki
*** Shadow Forest ***
1. Save Nikki
2. Find Nikki
3. Move the monster blocking the path.
4. Fight Zoah, Solt, and Peppor
5. Get into the well of the manor

First off, proceed into the forest, until you see Nikki surrounded by monsters.

Mini-Boss: Monsters
Nikki and three party members assist.  You don't control Nikki.  Focus your
attacks on one monster and let Nikki do whatever: He's there to take damage for

Follow Nikki into the cave under the waterfall.  He will join you on your quest
to the manor.  Open the chest to get the aroma pouch.  Outside the waterfall
are three tree/bush things.  Press X at them to fill the Aroma Pouch.  The
monster inside the cave will follow you if you use the aroma pouch on him and
has the scent he likes in it.  Take him to the monster blocking the path to
provide him with an appetizer, making him move.  Sometimes he fights you,
Proceeding on, you'll meet two familiar blockheads.

Boss: Solt, Peppor, and... Zoah!
Focus on killing Zoah.  Use green elements, since they are all yellow Innate.

After the battle, go in the cave.  Roll the boulder in front of the hole the
bugs are coming out of after killing the ghoul.  Now run up the river and get
the bottom of the Viper Manor well.

    Segment 7: Invading Viper Manor
*** Sneaking In
1. Obtain the Manor Key.
2. Enter the manor.
If you're stealthy here, you will fight few battles.
Start out by going up if you got here with Guile, or right then up if Pierre or
Nikki helped you in. To the barn you go, where you'll get the
Manor Key.  Dodge the green light, or you'll get caught.  Once in the
barn, say that you are here to feed the dragons.  Once you feed them
for one round (doesn't matter how many times), you will be told to get
the key that is in the cupboard.
Go back outside and head left from the bottom of the screen.  Using the
trees for cover, make your way to the door.  Some of the guards may catch
you as you approach the front door.  Just go in the manor from here.

*** Inside Viper Manor ***
1. Obtain and Wear the guards' uniforms.
2. Get the door combination.
3. Defeat a Cybot or Neo and Bulbs to get back to the lobby.
4. Get to the library.
5. Defeat Marcy
6. Defeat Lynx's Shadow
I will divide this section by the goals.

Goal 1:
Enter the manor and enter any combo in the door.  You will fall through
the floor into a cage.  Defeat the guards there and your party will
don their uniforms.

Tip: Some doors have an eye on it.  You'll have to fight a hard creature
if you open the door when the eye isn't closed.  If you fight the
monster, you can use this to gauge your skills against the roborgs, if
you can't beat the monsters, you probably can't eliminate a roborg.

Goal 2:
Go through the right door and into the first room (dining room).  Talk
to Glenn and the guard by him.  Follow Glenn back to the living quarters,
and examine the wall he was by.  It will have the door combo on it.
**Write down the combo.  If you use the Neo and Bulbs method of
returning to the lobby and you mess up the combo, you'll be forced to
use the roborg method.**

Tip: Don't walk along the carpet.  This avoids several annoying combats.

Goal 3:
Use the Roborg method if you are fond of your fighting skills: The
Roborgs are hard.  If you aren't so tough, use the Neo and Bulbs
section.  Also use the Neo and Bulbs section if you want to be able
to get Luccia and Pip in your group.  I recommend the Neo and Bulbs
section: It also gives you a growth star.

Roborg Method:
If you use this method and defeat the roborgs easily, the bosses here
shouldn't be much trouble.
For this method, proceed down the hall (with the dining room & living
quarters) and go up the stairs.  A roborg blocks your exit.  Talk to him
twice, and choose to bust him up.  You can also do this with the other
roborg, but I don't recommend it.

Boss: Roborg
Use green elements, and make sure you're good before you fight this guy.

Neo and Bulbs method:
Go to the right of the room where you got the uniforms.  Three guards
defend the treasure vault.  Don't say a word when they ask you for the
password.  The password is total silence.  After grabbing all of the
treasures, go to the pendant on the wall.  Whatever option you choose,
you go through a secret door and...

Boss: Neo and Bulbs
Use cure and yellow elements on these guys.  Throw all your attacks
at one: 1 enemy is easier than 2.

After the battle, Luccia looses interest in you.  In the corner is a
creature named Pip.  Release him, and it will join you later.
From here, proceed upstairs to the lobby.

Note: The door next to Luccia's lab is loaded with puzzles.  See more info
this under the Commonly Asked Questions section.

Goal 4:
Enter the combo into the door.  Once through, take a left.  The other
way is blocked by a roborg that you cannot fight.  Go across the bridge
and into the library.  Talk to the girl there.  You will go into a
battle with Marcy.

Goal 5:
Boss: Marcy
Be ready for a fight.  If you could defeat the roborgs, this will be

Afterwards, use the instructions the Prophet gives you.  Save at the
Record of Fate, as your biggest battle yet awaits.

Goal 6:
Boss: Lynx's Shadow
This is what I call a boss.  Use plenty of white elements.  Attack
at all times and watch your health.  Use your cures wisely.

After the battle, you make a quick evacuation.  Then you are faced with
an option that determines a lot: Save kid, or don't.

Section B: Save Kid

    Segment 1: Return to Termina/Viper Manor
Korcha will gladly boat you to Termina after you talk to the person at the

Here are the characters that saving Kid leads to:
New Characters:
Luccia, in Viper Manor
Korcha, Termina (After saving Kid)
Razzly, Hydra Marshes
Mel, Guldove (Late in the game)

    Segment 2: Hydra Marshes
1. Save Razzly (Optional)
2. Eliminate the dwarves
3. Destroy the Hydra

If you save Razzly, you must climb the log (in the first area) to the dead end
and use the Beeba Flute.  Fight the Wingape, then fall through the floor.

Boss: Pentapus
A red Innate character equipped with a sight scope should send this boss into
the underworld.  Use all elements except blue, and heal frequently.

Razzly will give you an advantage over the dwarves further into the marshes.

Mini-Boss: Dwarves
Magma bombs and green elements will show these guys who's boss!  Focus on one
pest at a time.

Beyond the dwarves is what you're looking for...

Boss: Hydra
Make one character yellow innate and the other Razzly.  DON'T use any yellow
elements: They heal this beast.  Use an abundance of green elements.

Pick up the Humour from the Hydra, and return to Guldove.  If choose to chase
down Mel, talk to Orlha in the bar and the person outside the temple.  Then go
to the residential tower.

Section C: Leave Kid
Upon leaving kid, Korcha takes the Astral Amulet and returns it to Kid.

    Segment 1: Return to Termina/Viper Manor
You'll need to find Korcha in the residential tower and talk to him.
After a long conversation, you'll get Korcha's boat.  Take it back to
Termina.  A few new characters are available.

New Characters:
Luccia, in Viper Manor
Macha, Termina
Glenn, Termina
Greco, Termina

Section D: Disc One, Part Two

    Segment 0.1: Hermit's Hideout/Into the Mist

*** Hermit's Hideout ***
Goal: Defeat Harle
You can find Hermit's Hideout using your boat.
As you approach, you'll discover that Viper got here first.  Beat
Harle in combat (she's a pushover).  Then, leave, after talking to

*** SS Invincible ***
1. Pass the tests.
2. Kill DeadHead.
Get to the SS Invincible by going into the mist.
As you board the pirate ships, you'll be given some tests.  The only
one that you may have trouble with is the captain's parrot: Polly.
Don't worry about beating Fargo, either way, he knocks you out.
You wake up to find the ship under attack by ghosts.  Kill the people
that come in your room, then run out.  Explore around.  Eventually,
you'll come to a floor with an Inn sign on it.  Go in the far right
door here, and go in the vent.  On the other side, the pirates hand
over the key.  Get downstairs and open the cellar door.  Make your
way upwards, and to the deck.  You'll fight DeadHead.

Boss: DeadHead
This boss is as annoying as Lynx.  White elements are the key.

    Segment 0.2: Back to the Home World

If you didn't save Kid:
*** Guldove ***
1. Get Kid and Doc to join.
2. Obtain Astral Amulet.
Just go to where Kid was.

Then (Both options):
*** Opassa Beach ***
Goal: Find the wormhole.
Walk around the beach a little.  You will find a green wormhole.  Use
the Astral Amulet here to teleport back to the home world.

    Segment 1: The Water Dragon

*** Arni Village ***
Goal: Get to Blue Dragon Isle
Talk to anyone you'd like again.  To get to Blue Dragon Isle, speak with
the fisherman and pay him 100 GP.

** Blue Dragon Isle ***
1. Cross the Pond
2. Defeat the band of dwarves
3. Eliminate Hi-Ho Tank
4. Receive the Ice Breath
Cross the pond by hopping lillipad to lillipad.  Eventually, you'll get
to the end of it.  Once you're there, you'll find the Fairy village
being overrun by dwarves.  Make your way into the cave.  The chief will
send a band of dwarves after you a bit after you enter.

Mini-Boss: Band of Dwarves
Not too hard, but not a pushover.  Magma Bomb or other elements that
affect multiple enemies are very helpful.  Focus on one dwarf at a time,
occasionally getting the whole mob of them with a bomb.

Now that their gone, follow the chief as he retreats.  At the bottom of
the falls, you'll face off with the dwarves and their Hi-Ho Tank.

Boss: Hi-Ho Tank
Take out the two dwarves on foot first.  Some Turn elements will help
if you cast them on your party.  Have some curing elements handy: the
elemental blasts the tank fires are aggravating.  Use all elements on
the tank: not the dwarves.

After the battle, you can go see the Water Dragon and obtain the Ice

    Segment 2: The Mountain
Returning to another world, you must get through Mount Pyro.

*** Mount Pyro ***
1. Use the Ice Breath on the lava
2. Defeat Solt and Peppor
3. Defeat Mini-Dragon
4. Challenge the Dragoon Devas

Throughout this volcano you'll have to use ice breath to avoid the fiery
lava.  Going forward a bit, you'll run into Solt and Peppor.

Mini-Boss: Solt and Peppor
This time you'll learn about trap elements.  If you have some trouble,
just beat up on Peppor.  He's busy beating Solt right now.

Proceeding forward, be 100% sure to save at the record of fate.
Because afterwards is...

Boss: Mini-Dragon
Water elements and cure are the key here.  If you have a character that
can use FrogPrince (Leena for example), try to pull that off.  Turn
elements are a helpful aid in this battle.

After the battle, save yet again.  Be sure to also fully heal.

Boss: Dragoon Devas
You're up against Karsh, Marcy, and Zoah.  Focus on one, and make sure
you're OK when it comes to having all elements.  Use a HealAll if you
find yourself low on health.

That ends Mount Pyre.

    Segment 3: The Fortress
If you thought you were finished with bosses, then reconsider.  This
section is crammed with bosses, hard and easy.  No Solt and Peppor to
entertain you though. :-)

*** Fort Dragonia ***
Like Viper Manor, I'm organizing this part of the walkthrough by goals.

1. Deactivate Red Crystal
2. Deactivate Green Crystal
3. Fight Taurusoid
4. Deactivate Blue Crystal
5. Fight Giant Gloop
6. Deactivate Yellow Crystal
7. Deactivate White Crystal
8. Fight Son of a Gun
9. Deactivate Black Crystal
10. Fight Bunyip
11. Get to the center platform
12. Beat Viper
13. Fight Lynx
14. And then...

Press X in front of a crystal to deactivate it.

Goal 1: Deactivate Red Crystal
Take the closest door on the right in the center room.  At the end is a
room with a statue.  Press X at it.  The watchkeeper always faces
different directions, but he always faces north.  Using compass
directions, get to the right gap to deactivate the crystal.

Goal 2: Deactivate the Green Crystal
This section is a maze.  I'll add some directions later.  At the end
is a crystal, but first you must fight a boss.

Goal 3: Fight Taurusoid
Boss: Taurusoid
Equip ALL of your yellow elements before this battle.  Green Trap
and Turn elements will also help.  Cast yellow elements left and right.
Use this general attack order from Stamina 7:
1) attack #1
2) attack #2
3) attack #3
4) highest category yellow element
Do this with all three characters.  You should get a cycle going.  The
Taurusoid will usually heal himself, but watch out.  He packs a punch.

Goal 4: Deactivate Blue Crystal
The puzzle here involves opening and closing treasure chests.  The
chests at each corner move the beam in different ways.  Make your way
to the big door you saw at the beginning.  Only one obstacle remains...

Goal 5: Fight Giant Gloop
Boss: Giant Gloop
Like the Taurusoid, Turn elements will help.  Use generally the same
pattern for giant gloop, except with red elements and cure elements.

Goal 6: Deactivate Yellow Crystal
Get to the right of the room, in the room with the "head, body, and
tail" puzzle.  The game identifies each character as the head, body,
or tail.  Use the blue carpet outside this room to get your party in
the following order:
Head, Body, Tail
Now go outside and across a path that just appeared.  Activate the
switch to get a stairway to appear.  Return to the room and be in this
Tail, Body, Head
Now you can proceed up the stairs you activated.  There is another
switch along these pathways across a path you just activated.  This
lowers the platform with the yellow crystal on it, allowing you to
deactivate the pillar.

Goal 7: Deactivate White Crystal
With the first four crystals activated, a room rises into the middle
of the center room.  Save before going in, then dash in and fight Son
of a Gun.

Goal 8: Fight Son of a Gun
Boss: Son of a Gun
Guile helps here.  Use any element, preferably not white, to deal with
Son of a Gun.  When he smiles, he saves energy for a powerful move.  If
he frowns, he'll quickly launch attacks at you.  This boss battle ends

Goal 9: Deactivate Black Crystal
Take the elevator up.  Now go to the same pillar you saw in your dream

Goal 10: Fight Bunyip
Boss: Bunyip
Use physical attacks on the first form, then go full force on the 2nd,
preferably using Luminare and MeteorShower.  A black Trap will help.

Goal 11: Get to the center platform
Like in your dream, go to the center platform, and through the door at
the top.

Goal 12: Beat Viper
Boss: Viper
Keep your party healed and use some green elements.  Viper is not as
hard as the other bosses here.  At the end of the battle, cure fully
(using consumables).

Goal 13: Fight Lynx
Boss: Lynx
No shadow this time.  Use Luminare, Turn elements, MeteorShower, and
whatever.  Make sure to heal frequently.  Use the same pattern of
attacks you used for Taurusoid, except with powerful white elements.

Goal 14: And then...
Upon beating Lynx, a strange cinema happens.  You'll understand
exactly what happens later, but just accept the fact that you are now
playing Lynx.

Boss: Serge, Kid, and another party member
Don't even try winning.  Your "friends" will take you out quite easily.

I won't spoil the storyline on what happens after that.

    Segment 4: Dimensional Vortex
You wake up as Lynx in this painted world.

*** Dimensional Vortex ***
1. Get Sprigg to join
2. Meet Harle
3. Join Harle
4. Leave dimensional vortex
Start out by moving upwards and stepping on the branch.  A creature
runs out of her house to collect it.  Go into her house while she does
this.  She'll let you spend the night.  Go down the ladder and save,
then as you leave her house, Sprigg joins you.  Go up to the tower and
into it.
Now Harle gives you a giant speech.  Once it's over, she will tell you
to choose your reality.  A figure walks into a door on the top floor.
Take the same door it did on the bottom floor (if it went left, you go
left).  Now you emerge on the top.  The figure is on the bottom floor.
Again, take the same door he does.  Keep repeating until you emerge in
an odd room, where Harle joins.  Without pulling the lever, walk to the
big pit in the floor.

    Segment 5: To Termina!

*** Hydra Marshes ***
Goal: Leave Hydra Marshes
Just go downwards on every segment of the swamp you are in.

*** Opassa Beach ***
Goal: Try using the Astral Amulet
Go find about where the wormhole used to be and use the Astral Amulet.

*** Arni Village ***
1. Talk to Marge
2. Fight Radius

After hearing the village's reactions to you being a demi-human, go talk
to Serge's Mom.  After the story, Radius challenges you to a fight.

Boss: Radius
Just use the general techniques you used when fighting Taurusoid,
except no green Trap.  Still use powerful yellow elements that will have
had to equip on Harle, Sprigg, and yourself.

After the battle, Radius joins you.

*** Fossil Valley ***
Goal: Go through Fossil Valley
Just walk on through.  I'd grab the Mythril here, as you can now forge
items out of Mythril.

*** Termina ***
1. Find out what happened
2. Get some new party members
Have Radius in your party: It will help when it comes time to get 2 new
party members.  Talk to people around the town, especially the soldiers
in the bar and Lisa in the back room of the store.  Go to the blacksmith
with Radius and talk to Zappa.  He'll join, and you'll get the Smith
Spirit: A very handy item.  Go to the house near the end of the bridge;
The one that was two stories high in Another World.  Talk to Van and
his father Gogh, and then a big family discussion will occur.
Afterwards, Van joins.  I agreed with the Frozen Flame part to get him
to join.

    Segment 6: Shadow Forest (Optional)
1. Obtain the mushroom
2. Get Funguy in your party

Note: you can't push the rock to closethe hole in Another World before you save
the guy trapped by the monster in Home World or else you won't be able to get
the Mushroom because the rock will be covering the hole and no monster will
exist, so you will not be able to get Funguy to join.

Go through the forest to a hole in the tree.  A monster guards a hole
deeper into the tree.  Fight him, and the person trapped inside gives
you a mushroom.  Leave the tree.  Look around the area that's right
before the area with the tree, and you'll find a small waterfall with
a cave inside it.  Talk to the man inside, and give him the mushroom.
After he joins you as Funguy, get his treasure.

    Segment 7: My Favorite Alien (Optional)

*** El Nido Triangle ***
Goal: Get the Star Fragment
At the bottom of the El Nido Triangle is a treasure chest.  After 4
battles, you can get the Star Fragment inside.

*** Sky Dragon Isle ***
1. Defeat Megastarky
2. Catch Starky
At the top of the pyramid is a treasure chest.  Open it.  Megastarky
comes after you.

Boss: Megastarky
Use any elements except white.  Megastarky isn't much of a challenge.

Now catch Starky by pressing X.  Chase him around, and when you catch
him, he will join you.

    Segment 8: Investigation
*** Viper Manor ***
Goal: Get Norris to Join
After talking to the guard blocking the docks in Termina, go to Viper
Manor.  Go down the well, up the ladder, and into the door beyond the
jail.  Talk to Norris.

*** Marbule ***
(Marbule is a town on an island.)
Goal: Find out about the S. S. Zelebes
Talk to Toma twice, and ask him about the Dead Sea.

*** S. S. Zelebes ***
I'll organize this section by objectives.
1. Find Fargo in his quarters
2. Find the Sage in the room by the hold
3. Watch Sneff's show
4. Play the compass game with Fargo
5. Go to the inn
6. Have Sneff turn you into cats
7. Steal the Handle
8. Get changed back
9. Challenge Fargo to a rematch
10. Chase the Sage
11. Fight the Sage
12. Get Sneff to join
13. Go to Nikki's boat

1. Find Fargo in his quarters
Enter the door with a skull and crossbones over it.  Talk to Fargo.

2. Find the Sage in the room by the hold
Enter the door by the hold.  Let the Sage by, then leave the room.
After the Sage goes through, talk to the person blocking the door.

3. Watch Sneff's show
Go into the show room by the dressing room and walk up to the stage.

4. Play the compass game with Fargo
Talk to Fargo.  He challenges you to the compass game.  No matter what
you will lose, and Fargo will get your boat.

Compass Game Trick:
Pause while the compass is spinning.  If the spinner is between south
and west, then press X as soon as you unpause.  It should land on
North or East.

5. Go to the inn
Enter the inn, and you will see an odd occurrence.

6. Have Sneff turn you into cats
Go back to the show room.  Walk to the stage, and Sneff will turn you
into cats.  Run out of the room once you become cats.
As cats, go investigate the room the ladder in the inn leads to.  Fargo
cheats when he plays, and cheats to be sure Sneff doesn't win.
That's really all you need to know, but you can go to the Magical
Dreamers ship as well as entering the kitchen as long as you're a cat.

7. Steal the Handle
Go back up the ladder.  The innkeeper will be asleep.  Grab the handle
that he uses to crank the magnet.  Now the game's fair.

8. Get changed back
In the show room, go through the hole in the thing that looks like a
fireplace.  Talk to Sneff, and he will change you back.

9. Challenge Fargo to a rematch
Go talk to Fargo, and challenge him to a rematch.  He'll lose on his
first spin.  You now have access to the hold, as well as your boat back.

10. Chase the Sage
In the hold, keep following the Sage.  Go through the exact door the Sage
goes through.

11. Fight the Sage
Eventually the Sage stops and fights.

Boss: Sage of Marbule
Lynx has a severe disadvantage in this battle.  Equip all healing on
your other two characters.  Have Lynx use his techs before he dies.
Use the same strategy the sage does: Cast a turn, then an element of
the opposite color (i. e. TurnBlue then MagmaBomb).  Try not to have
another Innate black character in your group.

After the battle, the Sage gives you the Fiddler Crab.  Use this on
the map where you see Dead Sea in green letters.

12. Get Sneff to join
Go to the casino and watch Sneff win the compass game.  He will then
join you in his dressing room.

13. Go to Nikki's boat
The person on the mast will now allow you to get to the Magical Dreamers
boat.  Go to the bottom room there.  As long as you agree to help,
Irenes will join.

    Segment 9: Masamune: Sword of Evil

*** Death's Door ***
Use the Fiddler Crab where you see Dead Sea in green letters on the
world map to get to Death's Door.
Goal: Proceed into the cave
As you go into the cave, Radius will notice the Masamune.  Tough, if
you proceed you'll go mad.  You'll have to leave for now.

*** Hermit's Hideout ***
Goal: Get Garai's Keepsake
As you enter, Radius will get the Keepsake and give it to you.  Be
sure to collect items from his home.

Note: If you cooled of the patch of hot ground with the Ice Breath in
Another World, there will be a plant here.  If Poshul is in your party,
he will dig up a new character.

*** Isle of the Damned ***
1. Defeat Garai
2. Get the Einlanzer

Make your way through the Isle, using the Garai Keepsake on the
mirror-like objects.  At Garai's grave, you fight Garai.

Boss: Garai
Garai usually uses tech skills, so use Strengthen, Weaken, and other
similar elements.  Use Harle's MoonShine tech to avoid being
eliminated by the techs.

Afterwards, you get the Einlanzer

    Segment 10: A Forgotten Future

*** Death's Door ***
Goal: Get to the Dead Sea
You can now proceed through Death's Door.

*** Highway Ruins ***
Goal: Defeat Highwayman
Proceed through the highway ruins, which begins the deja vu for Chrono
Trigger players.

Boss: Highwayman
Have some BlackOuts on hand to cure darkness.
At the beginning, use all physical attacks.  Then the highwayman will
use an attack that causes darkness.  Use every color of elements
except black: even if you use a TurnWhite element.  If the field effect
is all black, the highwayman will devastate you with a Rampage attack.

*** City Ruins ***
Goal: Find out about Lavos
There's a tower in the city ruins.  Climb it, and go inside.  Press X
at the red button.  Norris activates the display, and you'll find out
about Lavos.  Afterwards, proceed onwards.

*** Tower of Gheddon ***
1. Obtain Station Pass
2. Obtain Medical Book
3. Follow the Ghost Children
4. Go through the vortex
5. Fight Miguel

On the third floor, go to the right.  Go to the end of the room.  You
find out that you need a Station Pass to proceed to Arris Dome.  Go
back and talk to the ghoul near the beginning of the area.  He goes up
the stairway, where you will find a station pass.  Go to Arris Dome.
Most of it is cut off by rubble, but you can grab the medical book.
Now go through the passageway on the left side of the upper floor in the
main room.  Follow the ghost children, avoiding the bigger ghosts.
The children lead you to the rest of Arris Dome, where there is a
vortex that takes you to another area.  Save and proceed.  At the end
is the broken Nadia's Bell.  Read the plaque, and then fight Miguel
after hearing of more stuff from Chrono Trigger.

Boss: Miguel
A tough boss, indeed.  Don't even try putting a second Innate black
character in your group.  I used Starky, Irenes, and Lynx for this
boss battle.  Use powerful black elements in this battle.  Pulling
off a Frog Prince is possible.  Harle's MoonShine may help.  When
Miguel sags at about 1,600 HP of damage, finish him quick, or he'll
use Holy Light.  Make sure to spread Revives and HealAll/RecoverAlls in
this battle.

Alternate Boss Strategy (by [email protected]):
use Starky and give him four or five "Magnegate" elements, sold in Guldove.
he casts it on a party member, all of Miguels magic (Holy Dragon Sword) will
miss. Having more will allow you to cast it again when it wears out.

After the battle, fate makes a decision to destroy the Dead Sea and
its forgotten future.  Fortunately, the Sky Dragon saves you and
returns you to Marbule.

    Segment 11: A Portal Reopened
Now the wormhole on Opassa Beach is reopened, and there is also an
additional wormhole in Hydra Marshes leading back to the dimensional

Note: If you show a character to his self in the other world (show
Zappa to Zappa, etc.), they may give each other gifts.

*** Termina ***
Goal: Get ZOAH or Karsh to accompany you to Viper Manor
Troops have taken over Termina.  Go to the bar and the keeper unlocks
the door to the left.  Go through the door on the left, and through the
secret door on the back left wall of that room.  In the room, ZOAH and
Karsh approach you and give you a Tear of Hate.  One of them accompanies
you to Viper Manor.  It's best to choose ZOAH, since his lvl. 7 tech
skill is in the Manor.

    Segment 12: Viper Manor...  Again
Note: If you put ZOAH in the front of your party and open the treasure
chest in his room, you'll get his level 7 tech skill!

*** Viper Manor ***
I'm organizing this by goals.
1. Find Norris
2. Slow the water down
3. Kill the Roachster
4. Release the Prisoners
5. Defeat Hell's Cook
6. Defeat Grobyc
7. Defeat Guillot Twice
8. Escape

1. Find Norris
Enter Viper Manor (The Porre troops recognize him).  Go to the parlor
on the 1st floor, and he will give you the prison key.

2. Slow the water down
Enter the sewers through the kitchen or hallway vents.  The current is
too fast.  In the room you fall into are two barrels that you can push.
They will form a bridge leading to the control room, where you can
tighten the valve to slow the water.

3. Kill the Roachster
Enter the sewers through the kitchen vent and turn at the second right.
Tighten both valves, then head through the dam that you can.  At the other
dam, go up the ladder and open the valve, and then fight the Roachster.

Boss: Roachster
A Frog Prince is easy to pull off, and it does a good amount of damage.
Use elements frequently.  If you're prepared, the Roachster is as good
as squashed.

4. Release the Prisoners
Go up a ladder, and the prisoners will be released.

5. Fight Hell's Cook
Go to the room where Norris joined you in the Home World.  You will fight
the cook to save Riddel.

Boss: Hell's Cook
Use elements like Ice Blast and use some powerful elements and techniques.
Zoah's Toss & Spike will help a lot.

6. Fight Grobyc
Proceed to the throne room after saving Riddel.

Boss: Grobyc
Use RecoverAll and Heal frequently.  Lynx and Zoah's techniques will
devastate Grobyc.

7. Fight Guillot Twice
After you fight Grobyc, you'll fight this mad machine.

Boss: Guillot
Both times the battle won't last long.  Very easy.  Just make sure you
healed with consumables after Grobyc!

8. Escape
As you run away, Grobyc joins you.  You'll be out of there, and have
a boat.

    Segment 13: Hermit's Hideout/The Pearly Gates

*** Hermit's Hideout ***
Goal: Be Rescued by Polly & Fargo
Go talk to those in the hideout.  Riddel will join.  Serge then invades
with Kid.  Fargo will help you escape via his bird Polly.

*** SS Invincible ***
Goal: Get New Characters
On the Invincible, you will see some scenes.  Viper, Fargo, and Marcy
joins.  ZOAH or Karsh also joins (whoever you didn't pick).

*** The Pearly Gates ***
Goal: Get through all the talk!
Several scenes will trigger at the Dead Sea Ruins, a.k.a. the Pearly Gates.

    Segment 14: The Second Tear
Go to Guldove (Home World) and try to enter the temple.  Now go to
Guldove (Another World).  Orlha fights you.

Boss: Orlha
A Frog Prince and good elements will finish this girl off.

Now proceed to the temple and get the Dragon Emblem.  Go back to the
Home World and show the emblem to the guard at the entrance of the
temple.  Inside you will discover that Steena has the Dragon Tear and
will give it up if you gain the approval of the 6 dragon gods.

    Segment 15: Song of Marbule

*** SS Zelebes ***
1. Show Fargo to Fargo
2. Play a Song
3. Gain the Invincible Technique
Have Fargo meet Fargo aboard the SS Zelebes.  Several scenes will
trigger. After several scenes, Fargo gets his level 7 technique.

*** Marbule ***
Goal: Defeat all the monsters.
The scene shifts to Marbule.  The goal is self-explanatory, right?
After the monsters are gone, the Black Dragon in Another World awakens.

    Segment 16: The Dragons Six
Note: All dragons have a type of plate you can steal from them.  There
is also one trap element that will trap each dragon's element.  These
traps can be bought in Marbule after you perform the optional Song of
Marbule quest.

The Water Dragon:
Go to Water Dragon Isle and fight the Dragon.

Boss: Water Dragon
Steal from the Water Dragon (with Fargo) after it has taken around
2,000 HP to steal the Blue Plate.  Lay a trap for Iceberg.  Use
a Frog Prince if you have any trouble.

The Earth Dragon:
First you have to sink into the quicksand in the Home World.  Find the
object that blocks the path, and then leave via the sand boil.  The
people there will move the object after some time.
After they move it, the person where the Rockroach was blocking gives
you some Explosives.  Go into the next room.  Blast the Rockroach to the
right with the explosives.  Fight the one that is moving when he's
right by the edge.  Then push him or use explosives.  Fight the final
Rockroach and push him.  The sand boil in the middle bursts up and leads
to the Earth Dragon.

Boss: Earth Dragon
Steal the Yellow Plate at the initiation of the fight.  Use a trap to
catch Earthquake.  Heal frequently, and keep attacking.

The Green Dragon:
The Green Dragon rests on Gaia's Navel in the Home World.  To get there,
obtain the Ancient fruit from a Beeba in the Hydra Marshes (up the log)
in Another World.  Go to the same area in Home World, and a Beeba will
attack.  Talk to the other Beebas.  One tells you how to tame the
Wingape.  Do so, and he will fly you to the "Ancient Ground."
Once at Gaia's Navel, eliminate all the monsters.  Go back to where you
landed and you will fight the Tyrano.

Mini-Boss: Tyrano
A Pterodact fights along with the Tyrano in this fight.  Throw all your
attacks at the Tyrano, and you'll win before you know it.

Afterwards, Leah runs to investigate the growl and finds...

Boss: Green Dragon
After about 500 HP of damage, steal some green plate from the dragon.
Set a trap for Carnivore.  Just fight him the way you did the other
Dragons.  Zoah's Toss&Spike can hurt the dragon a lot.

The Fire Dragon:
In Another World, go to Mount Pyre.  A new cave opened up in the area
with magma waterfalls.  Beyond this is your friend from before, the "Kid

Boss: Fire Dragon
The battle starts out the same as the one against the dragon before did.
However, after some damage, the dragon shows his true self.  Immediately
steal the Red Plate and lay a trap for Volcano.  At this point also have
Fargo charge with his Invincible attack to do some serious damage.  Have
some Ointments to heal burns.  You will need lots of HealAlls and

The Black Dragon:
Complete the Song of Marbule quest before facing off with this dragon. 
if when you try to complete the Song of Marbule quest you cannot because you
didn't visit the dressing room on the Magical Dreamers boat after talking to
Sage, then you will have to just walk up to the pool where the Black Dragon is
sleeping and press X.

Boss: Black Dragon
You can steal the Black Plate from it at the beginning of the battle.  Set a
trap for FreeFall. Fight the dragon like you did the others.  Use level 7 techs
and powerful elements of any color.

The Sky Dragon:
With all the other dragon's relics, the Sky Dragon will now fight you at his
Isle in Another World.

Boss: Sky Dragon
As the Dragon casts Magnify, cast Diminish and steal the White Plate.
At any other time in the battle use Diminish when you need healing.
After 1,500 damage, be sure to lay a trap to catch the UltraNova
element.  Otherwise, you can go on and die by this devastating attack.
Again, buy traps in Marbule (After Song of Marbule?).

    Segment 17: Back to the Fortress
*** Guldove (Home World) ***
Go to the temple.  Steena joins and gives you the Dragon Tear.

*** Fort Dragonia (Home World) ***
1. Defeat Dark Serge
2. Switch Lynx with Serge
Upon entering, the Dragon Tear unlocks the whole fortress.
In the room where the white crystal was is...

Boss: Dark Serge
An Ultra Nova can devastate Dark Serge.  This is basically like another battle
against Lynx, except you are controlling Lynx.  Equipping Black Plate on a
member will do a great deal of good.  Use Lynx's Forever Zero and other techs.
Having an innate white character in the party is a bad idea.
Note: Any level 6 trap element will work.

Note: If you got the Big Egg at Fossil Valley (Another World) you can place it
in the incubators on the bottom floor to get a new character.

Go to where you became Lynx, and you'll be good old Serge again.  Remember to
re-allocate your elements.

    Segment 18: Riddle Me This (Optional)
*** Earth Dragon Isle (Another World) ***
After defeating the Earth Dragon in the Home World, go to the Isle in another
world and proceed to where the Earth Dragon was.

Boss: Criosphinx
If you answer all of the riddles right, you won't have to face the wrath of
this boss.  Answer riddles by casting elements of a certain color on the
Criosphinx.  If you get the last riddle right, he also won't fight.  The answer
to the last riddle for me was a white element.  Good luck.

    Segment 19: Murderer! (Optional)

*** Isle of the Damned (Another World) ***
Go to where Garai's tombstone would be in the Home World.  Take Karsh with you,
and you'll meet up with two familiar people:

Boss: Solt and Peppor
No lesson this time.  If you cast powerful elements, the warriors will prove
themselves powerless.

    Segment 20: Another Soul Possessed (Optional)
*** Forbidden Isle (Home World) ***
Just off the main continent is a little island with smoke coming from it.  This
is the Forbidden Isle.  Go there with Riddel and talk to the man in the house
the Isle.  Show him the MementoPendant that you get from the Murderer!

Boss: Dario
Possessed by the Masamune, Dario will fight you.  Immediately cast Riddel's
level 5 technique.  Have Riddel equipped with the Black Plate.  Fight this
battle as if it were Lynx.  White elements, and whatever else necessary.

Alternate Boss Strategy (By [email protected] (Erica Z)):
Equip Lynx with a Black Plate.  During the battle, only use plain attacks.  Use
no elements whatsoever.  Two of your characters will die, but Lynx will stay
alive.  As long as you only attack, Dario follows this attack pattern:
Attack - Black Element - Attack - Black Element
As long as you only attack, you should have no trouble staying alive.

Alternate Boss Stategty (by [email protected]):
Before the fight fill your Element Grid with nothing but Red and Green ATTACK
Elements, it will be a long fight but no healing elements should be nessecarry.
To start the cycle with out damage have your first character that attacks use 2
or 3 stamina points and then cast either a red or green attack element. For the
rest of the battle attack using any combination of 6 stamina points and use the
last point to cast a red or green element. Dario will use his turn to counter
your attacks, his attack depends on what you do, If you....
1) cast a green attack element, he responds by casting LoRes
2) cast a red attack element, he responds by casting Numble
So if every 7stamina points you end with a red or green attack element he will
never physically attack and will only cast LoRes or Numble, which have no
because he will not be able to attack.
a white attack element is answered with Conductarod will usually drop an
a black attack element is answered with a Recover All to himself
a blue attack element gets your character Weakened
and a yellow attack element gets a Bat's Eye
As you can see red and green elements are the way to go.

Alternate Boss Strategy (by [email protected] (Adam Ward)):
Fortunately, this strategy does NOT involve the Black Plate, so for the
people who don't have the Black Plate, they won't have to worry. :) Anyway,
take your strongest physical character (mine at the time was the main
character), give him/her NOTHING BUT BLUE ATTACK ELEMENTS. This strategy is
actually more effective when the character you're using is the only one
alive. Or, you can equip all of the characters with blue attack elements.
But anyway, use two Level 3 attacks (or whatever you prefer), then use your
strongest available blue element. I mainly had IceBlast's equipped. When you
use the blue attack element, this will cause Dario to cast Weaken on the
character who used the element. The beauty of this is that using Weaken
takes up Dario's turn! You can keep using the characters blue elements while
still attacking with Dario doing nothing but cast Weaken! It's amazing how
easy this is.

Alternate Bos Strategy (by [email protected] ):
if you keep attacking him on every turn using red elements, he only counters
with 'numble'.However , you have to attack him using the red element on
every turn for every character and you cannot do anything else.Beating him
is easy using this method.

After the battle, the Masamune finds a new owner...

Hold it, don't panic.  The Masamune final turns back into a good sword.  Now it
calls itself: The Mastermune!
Dario promises to begin the reconstruction on Viper Manor, and gives Riddel her
level 7 tech skill.

Note to Clear Confusion:
Some often wonder what the voices in the Mastermune mean.

In the year 12,000 BC, there was a magical floating kingdom called The Kingdom
of Zeal.  Magic flourished there, because the people were getting energy from
Lavos through the Mammon Machine.  There were three creatures here: Masa, Mune,
and their sister.  The original Masamune was made from Masa and Mune's spirit,
so to say.  The Masamune's attitude was shaped around that of it's owner.
Henceforth, someone VERY evil had to possess the Masamune before the events in
Chrono Cross.  After this event, Masa and Mune try to give up on their being a
sword, until their sister joins them.

Section E: Disc Two

    Segment 1: The Sea of Eden

*** Dead Sea Ruins ***
In the Home World, go to the Dead Sea Ruins and go to one of the Fate
Distortions.  Enter it.

*** Sea of Eden ***
1. Activate Past, Present, and Future
2. Fight Vita
Go to each island and press A at the Book of Fate there.
Afterwards, you'll challenge Vita, who determines her form based on whatever
Island you visited last.

Boss: Vita
Fight away. A Saints will assist.  Keep healing and you shall win.

*** Chronopolis ***
1. Fight the PolisPolice
2. Enable the Elevator
3. View some Info
4. Find the Chief
5. Get the Keycard
6. Challenge FATE

Shortly after you enter, the PolisPolice will fight.

Boss: PolisPolice
Pull of any elements that you might be able to.  This battle is very easy.

Climb the stairs to the second floor.  Go to the left door, and press the
by the ghost.  The elevator is now reactivated.  Go to the top floor and go
the left door.  The ghosts there tell of their experiment, and that the chief
missing.  Go talk to the ghost on the stairs in front of the 3rd floor door.
You will have to use the 4th floor door to get there.  He tells you that the
chief is overlooking the sea.  Go to the harbor on F1, save, and talk to the
chief.  He goes to start the experiment.  On F4 go to the left door.  After the
secrets of the Records of Fate are revealed, go to the left.  A Combot blocks
the path.  Fight him, and get the keycard in the chest behind him.  Save at the
harbor and then go down to the basement.  Fight the monsters blocking the path.
Go to the left of the door and press X.  The system identifies Serge.  Go into
the door and fight FATE, a.k.a. Dark Serge.

Boss: FATE
Attempt to steal from FATE.  I'm not sure what a FreeFall trap would do.  FATE
performs a countdown.  When the countdown reaches 0, make sure Serge is at
element level 8.  After FATE's countdown 0 attack, have each character perform
a level one RecoverAll.  Then use an attack to put Serge's element level back
8, then use Saints, which will do a massive amount of damage.  If you have the
Black Plate, equip it now and the battle will be made easier.

Alternate Boss Strategy (by [email protected]):
First get Glenn in your party.(Glenn helps you put damage on FATE with his twin
einlazers) Get Glenn equiped with two einlazers and Serge with the mastermune.
After FATE does 2 countdown attacks use healall. Finally get down to where you
can use saints (after using recoverall or photonbeam ect.). If FATE isn't dead
just use x-strike with Glenn and Serge and FATE doesn't stand a chance.

    Segment 2: The Chrono Cross (Optional)
*** Divine Dragon Falls - Another World ***
Go to the waterfall behind the lake near Arni Village.  You'll have to enter
from the left side of the lake.  Although the location isn't labeled yet, press
X by the falls to get in.
Climb the falls and place the Tear of Love and Tear of Hate on the alters.  You
can get the Tear of Love from the Back to the Fortress sequence described under
the Disc One section.  It can be completed in disc 2, though.

    Segment 3: The Flaming Orphanage (Optional)
Go back in time, to the event that changed Kid's life forever...

*** Hermit's Hideaway ***
Go to Hermits Hideaway and speak to Kid.  The Chrono Cross sends you to save
from herself...

Note: The Mastermune can also be used to go back into Kid's past.  I'm not sure
if you have to have it equipped or not.  Unlike using the Chrono Cross, you
will take all three party members back in time instead of just Serge.  However,
the power of the sword slowly gives away, and you lose party members from your
group temporarily as you proceed.

*** Lucca's House ***
Yet more deja vu for Chrono Trigger players.  Fight the Lava-Boys in every
Then save the children:
First Room: One child beneath the table, another behind the clock.
Second Room: One Child behind the plant
Balcony: One kid on the balcony
Room to the right of stairs: One kid under the bed
Go to the room up the right of the stairs and grab the Ice Gun on the wall.  Go
Into Lara's room and into the secret passage the kid told you about.  Using the
Ice Gun to put out any flame, proceed until you see a familiar person, one,
last, time.

    Segment 4: Tower from Another World

*** El Nido Triangle - Another World ***
Go into the El Nido Triangle with Starky and red elements equipped.  You must
have completed My Favorite Alien by now, if not, go complete it.  Go down to
where the Star Fragment was in the Home World and fight the monster by it.

Boss: Royal Jelly
Only red elements will hurt him, so equip as many red elements as possible.
If you aren't ready for the fight, run away.

Afterwards, Starky enters the spaceship and puts an Anti-Grav device on your

*** Terra Tower ***
Organized by Goals
1. Defeat the yellow doll
2. Defeat the red doll
3. Speak to the Prophet of Time
4. Defeat the green doll
5. Defeat the black doll
6. Defeat the white doll
7. Defeat the blue doll
8. Defeat the TimeDevourer

Note: If you have traps for any summons, you can use them on the dolls of that
color to trap the element.

1. Defeat the yellow doll

Boss: Terrator
If you don't have a trap for Golem, just keep the field effect all yellow. 

2. Defeat the red doll
After releasing several bridges and climbing stuff, fight the Pyrotor.

Boss: Pyrotor
Don't be fooled by him curing with tablets.  Immediately use a non-red element
after he heals to prevent him from pulling off RedWolf, unless you set a trap
for it.  Heal often.

3. Speak to the Prophet of Time
After some ladder-climbing, the scene will be like you're in Viper Manor...
The area appears as Viper Manor.  Go to the ladder and speak to the prophet on
Your way out.

4. Defeat the Green Doll
Upon leaving the bridge, another door opens, allowing you to fight...

Boss: Anemotor
Set a trap for Carnivor, and fight the way you've fought the rest of the dolls.

5. Defeat the Black Doll
Save at the Record of Fate.  Go to the left and avoid the enemies and get to
teleporter at the end of the area.

Boss: Gravitor
If you have the Black Mail, equip it.  Fight the same way you did the other

6. Defeat the White Doll
After saving, go to the right.  Run against the wind and proceed while the air
is peaceful.

Boss: Luxator
Same as Gravitor, except White Mail instead of Black Mail.  You can also trap
UltraNova... I think.

7. Defeat the Blue Doll
After the barrier goes down, save and go through the door.

Boss: Aquator
Use BluePlate and try to pull off a Salamander.   Orcha will work well here.
Set an additional trap for Deluge.  Use a RedField to make pulling off elements

8. Defeat the TimeDevourer
Proceed on.

Boss: TimeDevourer
Before you start, let me tell you that this is a 30+ min. battle.  Easy as
cheese, though.  Equip all your heal elements and use pure physical attacks,
maybe a summon once in a while.  DON'T cast a summon when it is the same color
as the TimeDevourer's innate though.  Heal whenever the boss throws attacks at
you.  Seriously, this is the easiest boss since the MamaKomodo.

    Segment 5: The Final Encounter
Goal: Defeat the TimeDevourer

Bad Ending:
Play the TimeDevourer as if it were a normal boss.  Rainbow equipment helps a
lot.  Otherwise, cure spells will be your way to survive.

Good Ending:
If you got the Chrono Cross, equip it on Serge.  Equip one color of every
element in each player's level one slot.  Here I will use the names Zoah,
and Serge to represent the party.
Get Serge up to level 8 and the other characters up to at least level 2. 
Perform whatever actions necessary to get the TimeDevourer to use a yellow
element.  After the yellow element, do as follows:
Fargo: red element
Zoah: green element
Serge: blue element
Fargo: black element
Zoah: white element
Serge: one level 1 (weakest) attack, Chrono Cross

If you have trouble pulling getting the TimeDevourer to cast a yellow element,
then do the following:
Fargo: yellow element
Zoah: red element
Serge: defend
Fargo: defend
Zoah: defend

The TimeDevourer should cast a yellow element.

This time, the figure in the barrier above TimeDevourer lives instead of

Section F: New Game +
As you scroll through the credits, it becomes hard to believe that that is all.
Well, it isn't.  You now can explore the world over again, in a New Game +.

    Segment 1: About
Once you beat the game, you are given the option to save.  Once you save, your
star level will be in yellow text, to show that you have completed the game.
Load your game, and choose to continue the game from before you fought the
Devourer, or select New Game + to start all over...  With everything except
summon elements and several key items.  Later in the game, when you get the
Chrono Cross, you can also retrieve all of your characters you have ever had in
any number of New Game +s or your original game.  To do this, simply go to the
Dimensional Vortex via Hydra Marshes and use the Chrono Cross (in Sprigg's

    Segment 2: Extra Features
You start your New Game + with a Time Shifter and a Relief Charm.  The Time
Shifter allows you to change the speed of the game.  You can speed it up by
pressing R2, and slow it down by using R1.  The Relief Charm makes it so you
don't always have to have Serge/Lynx in your group.  You also wake up with the
Time Egg in your hands, so you can fight the TimeDevourer at any time to see
special endings.

Oh, by the way.  Did you have trouble feeding the dragons at Viper Manor 100
times?  I did.  Using slow motion, this feat becomes possible.  And you don't
die from a heart attack, either.

And also...  If you ever stumbled upon a little place called the Bend of Time
(Go to the small islands south of the main continent and press X, the area is
not labeled until you find it), you remember that there was a door there that
was locked and never to be opened until the time is right.  Well, the time is

And I thought the Chrono Trigger deja vu was over...  In this room is a monster
that orders you to do 3 laps.  From the door, run around the room three times
clockwise, staying by the railing.  Each time you do a lap, you here a noise.
After you complete this exercise, a much greater challenge awaits.

Boss: Mystical Knights
Ozzie, Slash, and Flea!  Back from Chrono Trigger, Magus's friends are ready to
fight the night away!  You should be ready to, too.  Don't underestimate these
bosses: They are VERY strong.  If you have Sprigg's Forget-Me-Not-Pot, equip it
on her.  If she delivers the final blow, you can dopplegang these villains (or
use them in the Grand Slam!).

Start off by focusing all attacks on Ozzie.  Rainbow equipment and items that
reduce the duration of status effects will help.  Use only physical attacks,
then a ForeverZero when Ozzie sags (or beat him up with Sprigg).  If you
figured it out, target Flea next.  Then go for Slash, and you'll win without
much struggle.

Alternate Strategy: By [email protected]
When fighting Ozzie, Flea, and Slash, give Red Brooches to everyone you can and
make sure that someone wearing a Red Brooch has some Ointment Elements, to cure
Berserk status.  Then you can just wait out Ozzie's MaxDefense, which puts the
trio to sleep as well as rendering them immune to attack.  If you can withstand
Berserk and cure everyone quickly, you don't have to worry about waking the
three up- you can heal, use a ____Field element to set up a summon, or use
Strengthen and whatnot to power up..  And for the love of god, KILL FLEA
FIRST!!!  That androgynous freak is about the only one you honestly need to
worry about.  Also Pilfer/Pillage/Snatch from the hermaphrodite for Flea's
Vest, you get Ozzie's Pants and the Slasher as rewards afterwards.  Ah, the
memories...  :P  the Pants are the strongest helmet in the game, but they make
you Blind, Afraid, and Dizzy.  Maybe someone has a problem with flatulence?

Now the monster has you guess a number of laps.  If you're right, he gives you
the Dreamer's Sarong, which will increase your element power by 8 at the
beginning of a battle!
    Segment 3: Endings
Here are all of the special endings I have heard of.  I'll add detail as I get
to the endings.

Ending #1: Programmer's Hideout
Before you talk to Leena on the pier at the beginning of the game, and if
isn't in your party.
Go behind the scenes to meet all of the people who made this game!

Note: There is a mysterious door that is completely locked in the programmer's
ending.  If you are 100% sure (no rumors) how to open it, I'd love to know!

Ending #2: All Hail, General Kid!
After you go through the vortex and before you infiltrate Viper Manor.
In this ending, Kid acquired the Frozen Flame as she goes off to Viper Manor

Ending #3: Comedy Act
After invading the Manor and before you go to the dimensional vortex.
This ending is hilarious!  I won't tell you any more...

Ending #4: Nikki's Concert
Same as #3, except Nikki and Razzly must be in your party.
Put on a concert!  It's that simple.

Ending #5: Retirement
Before rescuing Riddel from Viper Manor and after you can control Lynx.
Retire and go live in Marbule.

Ending #6: Just Give Up
After rescuing Riddel and before Harle leaves after getting to the Pearly
What would've happened if Lynx had never gone to Hermit's Hideaway to see how
Viper was doing...

Ending #7: Records of Fate
Before defeating FATE and after Harle leaves.
A lame ending.

Ending #8:
Just like ending #7, except you must have the Mastermune.
In this ending, you see what happens with Dario alive.

Ending #9: The Dragon's Revenge
Beat the game before getting the Chrono Cross but when you are able to go to
Terra Tower.
In this ending, the TimeDevourer helps the dwarves in destroying all of the

Section G: Characters
Here is how to get every character to join you.  I'll add the level 7 tech
skills soon, and have listed the characters in alphabetical order.

Extra Note:
By taking characters to things that concern them in other worlds, (i. e., Leena
to Cape Howl once you have engraved your love for Leena on it) you can see
special events and scenes.


Taking the Doctor:
Choose not to save Kid.  Go to Guldove and go see Kid after saving the
Invincible and visiting the Burned-Out Hermit's Hideaway.
Level 7 Technique (HangTen):
Find the Medical Book in the Tower of Gheddon.  When you are able to have Doc
your party, leave him out of your party and give him the Medical Book.

Adopting a Dragon:
Take the Big Egg from the nest in Fossil Valley (Another World) by going up the
ladder and down the bone ladder to the left.  Place the egg in the central
incubator (take the only elevator down to get to the incubators) in Fort
Dragonia (Home World).
Level 7 Technique (Big Breath):
Go to the large dragon skull in Fossil Valley (Another World) with Draggy in
your party.

Joining Forces with Cap'n Fargo:
Fargo joins on the Invincible along with General Viper.
Level 7 Technique (Invincible):
As described in 'Song of Marbule*.'

Picking Fungi-Man:
As described in the Shadow Forest* section of Disc One, Part Two.
Level 7 Technique (Myconoids):
Take Funguy to the cave where he joined and examine the new mushroom there.

Helping Glenn:
Choose not to save Kid.  Go to the entrance of Termina when you arrive there
from Korcha's boat.  After the conversation, go talk to Macha.
Level 7 Technique (Dive&Drive):
Learned automatically at 40 growth stars.

Getting to join:
After choosing to save Kid or not, you will wind up back in Termina.  Go to the
shrines and follow Greco into his house, where he offers to join you.
Level 7 Technique (GraveDigger):
Take Greco to what would be his house in Termina (Home World) and talk to the
old person who has been talking to the ghost.

Commanding Grobyc:
Grobyc joins after rescuing Riddel from Viper Manor.
Level 7 Technique (StrongArm):
Have Grobyc inspect the coffin on the 2nd floor of Chronopolis.

Getting Guile to join:
Talk to the lady polishing Viper's statue in Termina (Another World).  Go into
the bar, where Guile joins.
Level 7 Technique (LightninRod):
Learned automatically at 35 growth stars.

Getting Harle:
Harle joins you in the dimensional vortex.
Level 7 Technique (Lunalretic):
Learned automatically at 25 growth stars.

Getting Irenes:
As described in the Investigating section of Disc One, Part Two aboard the
Level 7 Technique (SirenSong):
After 'Song of Marbule*,' take Irenes to the doctor in Marbule (Home World) and
talk to him twice.

Getting Janice:
Conquer the Grand Slam in the SS Zelebes.  To do this, equip Sprigg with a
Forget-Me-Not-Pot (which allows creatures to be in her Dopplegang ability as
well as at the Grand Slam).  Travel the world (or just go to the Bend of Time),
fighting powerful monsters, and letting Sprigg deliver the final blow.  (You
the Forget-Me-Not-Pot under the stairway in the Chronopolis.)  Now you have
monsters that can actually beat Janice's beasts.
Level 7 Technique (What'sUpDoc):
Place Janice in front of your party and talk to the creature at the Bend of
Time several times.

Gaining the aid of a Dragoon Deva:
Go to the hidden room in Termina (Another World) after the Dead Sea is
destroyed.  He can join then.  If he doesn't, he joins later on after you
Level 7 Technique (Axiomatic):
Get it after completing the section 'Murderer!'

Getting Korcha:
Choose to save Kid.  Korcha joins in Termina after you get the Hydra Humour for
Level 7 Technique (BigCatch):
After you get through Terra Tower, check the mermaid tank in Termina (Another
World).  Then speak to the mermaid at the shrine area.

Getting her to join:
She constantly requests to come with you.
Level 7 Technique (HotShot):
When visiting Lucca's burning house (Section: The Flaming Orphanage*), enter
password L-A-R-A (L1-Triangle-R1-Triangle) at the machine in the first room.

Getting Leena:
At Cape Howl (Another World), refuse to let Kid accompany you (refuse her offer
three times).  After spending the night in Termina, Leena joins you.  Poshul
also joins, if he hasn't yet.
Level 7 Technique (MaidenFaith):
At the beginning of the game, when on Opassa Beach, tell Leena that you will
always remember that day.  After Serge is 'reborn,' talk to Leena's mother when
Leena is at the front of the party.

Getting the Scientist's Help:
After you decide whether or not to save Kid, go to Viper Manor and find Luccia
on the balcony.  Follow her down to her lab, where she will join.  (You might
have to release Pip from his cage while invading Viper Manor)
Level 7 Technique (TestAmeba):
Go to the sewers under Viper Manor (Another World) and find the strange object.

Getting a Cave Girl:
Leah joins when you search for the Green Dragon.
Level 7 Technique (TripleKick):
Learned automatically at 35 growth stars.

Getting him to join:
You will find out sooner or later...
Level 7 Technique (ForeverZero):
Learned automatically at 35 growth stars.

Getting Korcha's Ma:
Choose not to save Kid.  Macha joins along with Glenn.
Level 7 Technique (DirtyDishes):
Learned automatically at 35 stars.

Getting Marcy:
She joins on the SS Invincible along with General Viper.
Level 7 Technique (WebSurfer):
Learned automatically at 40 growth stars.

Joining Mel:
Choose to save Kid.  When Mel steals Kid's elements, choose to get them back.
Come back after The Flaming Orphanage* event in Disc Two with Kid in your
Talk to Mel to get her in your group.
Level 7 Technique (Tantrum):
Learned automatically at 40 growth stars.

Hiring the Dancer:
She joins in the restaurant of the SS Zelebes after you complete the Song of
Marbule section in Disc One, Part, Two.
Level 7 Technique (DanceOnAir):
Learned automatically at 35 growth stars.

Getting the Straw Doll:
Go to Arni (Home World) and get the shark tooth from the fisherman in his
basement.  Give the shark to tooth to the would-be-fisherman in Arni (Another
World) in his basement.  Mojo joins as you leave.
Level 7 Technique (HoodooGuroo):
With Mojo in your party, talk to the fisherman in Arni (Home World).  Take Mojo
to Arni (Another World) and talk to the cat statues in the following order:
Lasery, Aurey, Lickey.

Rocking on with Nikki:
Described in the Trek to Termina section.
Level 7 Technique (LimeLight):
Take Nikki to the other Nikki on the Magical Dreamers ship by the SS Zelebes.

Activating the Experiment:
Get the Life Sparkle where the Hydra would be in Hydra Marshes (Another World).
Use the Life Sparkle on the pool on the balcony of Viper Manor.
Level 7 Technique (BamBamBam):
Take NeoFio to Sky Dragon Isle (Home World) and try to stop the red creature
from chasing the butterfly.  Go up the stairway and go back down.  Walk up to
the red creature and press X.

Enlisting Norris:
After you become Lynx, talk to the guard blocking the path to the port in
Termina (Home World).  Go to Viper Manor, where Norris will join in the back
room of the prison.
Level 7 Technique (TopShot):
After rescuing Riddel, return to Viper Manor with Norris and talk to the other

Hiring a Cook:
Orcha joins after you defeat his evil form while rescuing Riddel from Viper
Level 7 Technique (DinnerGuest):
Place Orcha at the front of the party and talk to the cook in Arni Village

Getting Orlha:
Give Orlha the Sapphire Brooch in Guldove (Another World) after you control
Serge again.
Level 7 Technique (SisterHoods):
Have Orlha speak to Doc in Guldove (Home World).

Hiring a Hero:
As described in the Trek to Termina section in Disc One, Part One.
Level 7 Technique (StopOfCyrus):
Give the Prop Sword to Pierre.

Getting Pip:
Release Pip from his cage while Invading Viper Manor.  Chase Pip through the
hold when the Invincible gets haunted, and Pip will tag along with you.
Pip is one of the more complex characters.  The game keeps track of what color
elements he has cast and have been cast on him.  If black, red, or green have
been used on him more than white, yellow, or blue, then Pip evolves into a
form.  If it is the other way around, Pip evolves into angel form.  Pip evolves
a first time, but he still evolves one more time.  Here's the chart:

                                              /--Black--Green--Red--> Devil
        /--Black--Green--Red--> Half-Devil--|--White--Blue--Yellow--> Rainbow
Pip ---|
        \--White--Blue--Yellow--> Half-Angel --|--Black--Green--Red--> Rainbow

Level 7 Technique:
Based on how Pip evolves.  You get the skill at 40 growth stars.

Getting Man's Best Friend:
Find the Heckran Bone under the bed in the room above the restaurant in Arni
Village (Home World).  Give it to Poshul, who is by Radius before you talk to
Leena at Opassa Beach.  If you don't do this, Poshul will join when Leena
Level 7 Technique (Unleashed):
After Serge is re-obtained, take Poshul to Arni (Home World) and talk to Leena.

Getting Radius:
Described in the To Termina! section in Disc One, Part Two.
Level 7 Technique (VitalEnergy):
Learned automatically at 35 growth stars.

Getting the Fairy's Help:
Fight the Pentapus, as described in the Hydra Marshes section under the Choose
to Save Kid section.
Level 7 Technique (Raz-Flower):
After Serge is 'reborn,' take Razzly to Water Dragon Isle (Another World) and
talk to Rosetta.

Having Riddel tag along:
After rescuing her, she joins at Hermit's Hideaway (Another World).
Level 7 Technique (SnakeFangs):
Obtained after the event 'Another Soul Possessed*.'

Getting him to join:
Start a new game.
Level 7 Technique (Flying Arrow):
Learn automatically at 35 growth stars.

Piecing Together the Skeleton:
Find all of his body parts, all in Another World.  One is up the ladder inside
the big skull at Fossil Valley (he will hop out and come with you).  The second
body part is in the Hydra Marshes in a small cave.  The third piece of Skelly
in the cave under the waterfall in Shadow Forest.  The fourth piece can be
obtained by talking to the element/material trader in Guldove.  The fifth piece
is given to you by an explorer at Water Dragon Isle.  The final piece of Skelly
is in a cave in the first are of Isle of the Damned.
After all of this, go to Skelly's house.  It's to the right of Viper's statue
Termina (Another World).  Talk to Skelly's grandma.  Re-enter the house and
to Skelly.
Level 7 Technique (OnARoll):
After Serge is 'reborn,' go with Skelly to Termina (Home World) and talk with
the bartender.

Getting Sneff:
As described in the Investigating section in Disc One, Part Two aboard the
Level 7 Technique (SwordTrick):
Learned automatically at 35 growth stars.

Getting Sprigg:
Shake the berry tree in the dimensional vortex and get to Sprigg's house before
she does.
Level 7 Technique: Sprigg does not have a level 7 technique.

Joining Forces with the Alien:
See the My Favorite Alien* section under Disc One, Part Two.
Level 7 Technique (StarStruck):
After getting to Terra Tower, go back to Starky's spaceship under the El Nido
Triangle (Another World) and check the hatch inside with Starky in your party.

Getting Steena:
Go to the shrine in Guldove (Home World) after defeating the six Dragon Gods.
Level 5 Technique (HydraShadow):
After Serge is 'reborn,' and after you defeated the Hydra, go to where the
Pentapus would have been in the Hydra Marshes (Home World).  Fight the
Level 7 Technique (GaraiShadow):
Take Steena to Garai's grave on the Isle of the Damned (Home World).

Getting the Vegetable:
Cool the hot ground at Hermit's Hideaway (Another World) with the Ice Breath or
Ice Gun.  Go to Hermit's Hideaway (Home World) with Poshul to dig up this guy.
Level 7 Technique (VegOut):
Take NeoFio and Turnip to the pool where NeoFio was 'born' in Viper Manor
(Another World).

Getting Van:
In Termina (Home World) after you get Lynx, go into Van's house and go to Van's
Level 7 Technique (PiggyBoink):
Learned automatically at 35 growth stars.

Getting Viper in your group:
He joins after Dark Serge and Kid invade the Hermit's Hideaway in Another
Level 7 Technique (FlagBearer):
After getting Serge back in your group, take Viper to Termina (Home World) and
speak to the bartender.  Examine the tapestry on the back wall of the back

Obtaining the Blacksmith's Help:
Go to Zappa's Smithy in Termina (Home World) with Radius in your group.  Zappa
also gives you the Smith Spirit when he joins.
Level 7 Technique (BallsOfIron):
Learned automatically at 40 growth stars.

Gaining the aid of a Dragoon Deva:
Go to the hidden room in Termina (Another World) after the Dead Sea is
destroyed.  He can join then.  If he doesn't, he joins later on after you
Level 7 Technique (Toss&Spike):
Go to Zoah's room in Viper Manor.  Place Zoah in front of your party and open
the treasure chest.

Section H: Rainbow Equipment
The ultimate equipment in the game, that will make your party better than all
other enemies and bosses...

    Segment 1: Getting Rainbow Equipment
After you visit Fort Dragonia in the Home World (to get Serge back) as well as
getting Zappa in your party, go talk to the Another World Zappa with Zappa in
your party.  Make sure you have a rainbow shell with you.  If you don't have
one, there's one at the abandoned trading cart in Arni (Another World).
You'll find out that you need a better hammer.  Go to Marbule (Home World) and
go to the cave where the Black Dragon would be.  You can buy the Master Hammer
here from someone for 10,000 gold!  Equip Zappa with the Master Hammer, and go
talk to the Zappa in Another World.  You can now buy rainbow equipment!

    Segment 1: Shiny Material

Whenever you defeat a monster with a summon spell, that creature turns into a
shiny material instead of giving spoils.  You can only get shiny materials once
you are able to forge rainbow items.

For example, you destroy 3 Alphabats with the GrimReaper summon, and then get 3
of the corresponding shiny black material (Shiny Soot).  The shiny materials
listed here:

Summon Color-Shiny Material
White - Shiny Salt
Yellow - Shiny Sand
Red - Shiny Ember
Green - Shiny Leaf
Blue - Shiny Dew
Black - Shiny Soot

Basically, to get shiny salt, defeat an enemy with Saints, for shiny sand with
ThundaSnake, etc. A good place to get shiny materials is the Bend of Time (The
little cluster of islands: sail up to it and press X).  Using the YellowField,
RedField, GreenField, and BlueField will help out A LOT (there is no WhiteField
or BlackField...).  Also, if you're playing a New Game +, the Dreamers Sarong
(from behind the locked door at the Bend of Time, you get it after doing
everything inside that door) will stop you from accidentally killing enemies
when you were only trying to get your element level up (The Sarong starts you
out at level 8).  Here's some hints:

All elements except white/black:
Go to the pillars closer to the door, they tend to have less and weaker
Equip Serge/Lynx with two Dreamer's Scarves.  Equip the people who will cast
summons have a Dreamer's Sarong and, of course, the element.  Allocate every
Field element (of all 4 colors) onto Serge/Lynx for his level 2 area of his
grid.  Start off a battle by casting the field, then cast the element.

Equip non-attack elements of white and black (RecoverAll and Genius, for
example) onto the level 1 area of everyone's grid.  Equip everyone with a
Dreamer's Scarf except the white or black innate person who will cast the
summon.  Equip him/her with a Dreamer's Sarong.  Start off the battle having
character who will use the summon cast his spell of the summon color.  Then do
the same with the other two characters.  By now, the summoning character should
have enough stamina to do a weak attack and cast a summon.  It's easiest to do
this on the pillars closest to the entrance.  Those enemies aren't only weaker
and greater in numbers, they also tend to not use elements that often.

It's easiest to get shiny material in a New Game + because of the Dreamer's
Sarong.  I did obtain 3 Prism Mails through some struggle in a normal game,

NOTE: You get the Field elements as spoils from the bosses in Terra Tower.  You
get level 8 summons of every color as spoils from each of the six dragon gods.

Section I: Lists

    Segment 1: Element List

Quick List:

Name - Levels - Classification - Area of Effect - Special (If applies)

Black Elements (By Alpha):
Anti Black - 3/5 - 'Anti' Element - One Enemy - Innate Color Must be Black
Black Hole - 6/0 - 'Trap' Element - All Enemies
Black Hole - 6/2 - Attack - All Enemies - Innate Color Must be Black
BlackOut - 2/0 - Healing - One Ally - Consumable
Diminish - 6/2 - Affecting - Everybody
FreeFall - 5/0 - 'Trap' Element - All Enemies
FreeFall - 5/3 - Attack - All Enemies
Genius - 4/4 - Affecting - One Ally
Gravitronne - 3/5 - Attack - One Enemy
Gravity Blow - 1/7 - Attack - One Enemy
Grim Reaper - 8/0 - Summon - All Enemies - Innate Color Must be Black
Hell Bound - 4/0 - Attack - One Enemy
Hell Soul - 2/0 - Attack - One Enemy
Imbecile - 4/4 - Affecting - One Enemy
MotherShip - 7/0 - 'Trap' Element - All Enemies
MotherShip - 7/1 - Summon - All Enemies - Innate Color Must be Black
Nostrum - 6/0 - Healing - One Ally - Consumable
Seal All - 6/2 - Affecting - One Ally - Innate Color Must be Black
Turn Black - 1/7 - 'Turn' Element - Anybody

Blue Elements (By Alpha):
Anti Red - 3/5 - 'Anti' Element - One Enemy - Innate Color Must be Blue
Aqua Ball - 3/5 - Attack - One Enemy
Aqua Beam - 1/7 - Attack - One Enemy
Blue Field - 5/3 - 'Field' Element - Everybody
Blue Whale - 8/0 - Summon - All Enemies - Innate Color Must be Blue
Cure - 1/7 - Healing - One Enemy
Cure All - 5/3 - Healing - All Allies - Innate Color Must be Blue
Cure Plus - 3/5 - Healing - One Ally
Deluge - 5/0 - 'Trap' Element - All Enemies
Deluge - 5/3 - Attack - All Enemies
Frog Prince - 7/0 - 'Trap' Element - All Enemies
Frog Prince - 7/1 - Summon - All Enemies - Innate Color Must be Blue
Ice Blast - 4/4 - Attack - One Enemy
Ice Lance - 2/6 - Attack - One Enemy
Iceberg - 7/0 - 'Trap' Element - All Enemies
Iceberg - 6/2 - Attack - All Enemies - Innate Color Must be Blue
Medicine - 2/0 - Healing - One Ally - Consumable
Nimble  - 4/4 - Affecting - One Ally
Numble - 4/4 - Affecting - One Enemy
Turn Blue - 1/7 - 'Turn' Element - Anybody
Vigora - 6/2 - Affecting - One Enemy - Innate Color Must be Blue

Green Elements (By Alpha):
AeroBlaster - 4/4 - Attack - One Enemy
AeroSaucer - 2/6 - Attack - One Enemy
Anti Yellow - 3/5 - 'Anti' Element - One Enemy - Innate Color Must be Green
Antidote - 2/0 - Healing - One Ally
Bat Eye - 4/4 - Affecting - One Enemy
Bushbasher - 3/5 - Attack - One Enemy
Bushwhacker - 1/7 - Attack - One Enemy
Carnivore - 5/0 - 'Trap' Element - All Enemies
Carnivore - 5/3 - Attack - All Enemies
Eagle Eye - 4/4 - Affecting - One Ally
Genie - 8/0 - Summon - All Enemies - Innate Color Must be Green
Green Field - 5/3 - 'Field' Element - Everybody
Heal All - 4/4 - Healing - All Allies
Heal Plus - 6/2 - Healing - One Ally - Innate Color Must be Green
Heal - 2/6 - Healing - One Enemy
Info Scope - 6/2 - Affecting - One Enemy - Innate Color Must be Green
Sonja - 7/0 - 'Trap' Element - All Enemies
Sonja - 7/1 - Summon - All Enemies - Innate Color Must be Green
Tornado - 6/0 - 'Trap' Element - All Enemies
Tornado - 6/2 - Attack - All Enemies - Innate Color Must be Green
Turn Green - 1/7 - 'Turn' Element - Anybody

Red Elements (By Alpha):
Anti Blue - 3/5 - 'Anti' Element - One Enemy - Innate Color Must be Red
Fire Pillar - 3/5 - Attack - One Enemy
Fireball - 1/7 - Attack - One Enemy
Inferno - 5/0 - 'Trap' Element - All Enemies - Consumable
Inferno - 5/3 - Attack - All Enemies
Magma Bomb - 2/6 - Attack - One Enemy
Magma Burst - 4/4 - Attack - One Enemy
Ninety Nine - 6/2 - Affecting - One Enemy - Innate Color Must be Red
Ointment - 2/0 - Healing - One Ally
Red Field - 5/3 - 'Field' Element - Everybody
Red Wolf - 7/0 - 'Trap' Element - All Enemies
Red Wolf - 7/1 - Summon - All Enemies - Innate Color Must be Green
Salamander - 8/0 - Summon - All Enemies - Innate Color Must be Red
Strengthen - 4/4 - Affecting - One Ally
Tablet - 1/0 - Healing - One Ally
Turn Red - 1/7 - 'Turn' Element - Anybody
Volcano - 6/0 - 'Trap' Element - All Enemies
Volcano - 6/2 - Attack - All Enemies - Innate Color Must be Green
Weaken - 4/4 - Affecting - One Enemy

White Elements (By Alpha):
Anti White - 3/5 - 'Anti' Element - One Enemy - Innate Color Must be White
Holy Healing - 6/2 - Healing - All Allies - Innate Color Must be White Holy
Light - 5/0 - 'Trap' Element - All Enemies - Consumable
Holy Light - 5/3 - Attack - All Enemies
Mag Negate - 6/2 - Affecting - One Ally - Innate Color Must be White
Magnify - 6/2 - Affecting - Everybody
Meteor Shower - 4/4 - Attack - All Enemies
Meteorite - 2/6 - Attack - One Enemy
Panacea - 4/0 - Healing - One Ally - Consumable
Photon Ray - 1/7 - Attack - One Enemy
Photon Beam - 3/5 - Attack - One Enemy
Purify - 4/4 - Healing - One Ally
RecoverAll - 3/5 - Healing  - All Allies
Revive - 1/7 - Healing - One Ally
Saints - 8/0 - Summon - Everybody - Innate Color Must be White
Strong Minded - 4/4 - Affecting - One Ally
Turn White - 1/7 - 'Turn' Element - Anybody
Ultra Nova - 5/0 - 'Trap' Element - All Enemies - Consumable
Ultra Nova - 6/2 - Attack - All Enemies - Innate Color Must be White
Unicorn - 7/0 - 'Trap' Element - All Enemies - Consumable
Unicorn - 7/1 - Summon - All Allies - Innate Color Must be White
Weak Minded - 4/4 - Affecting - One Enemy
White Out - 2/0 - Healing - One Ally - Consumable

Yellow Elements (By Alpha):
Anti Green - 3/5 - 'Anti' Element - One Enemy - Innate Color Must be Yellow
Brace - 2/0 - Healing - One Ally - Consumable
Capsule - 3/0 - Healing - One Ally - Consumable
Earthquake - 5/0 - 'Trap' Element - All Enemies
Earthquake - 5/3 - Attack - All Enemies
Electro Bolt - 4/4 - Attack - One Enemy
Electro Jolt - 2/6 - Attack - One Enemy
Golem - 7/0 - 'Trap' Element - All Enemies
Golem - 7/1 - Summon - All Enemies - Innate Color Must be Yellow
HiRes - 4/4 - Affecting - One Ally
LoRes - 4/4 - Affecting - One Enemy
Phys Negate - 6/2 - Affecting - One Ally - Innate Color Must be Yellow
Thunda Snake - 8/0 - Summon - All Enemies - Innate Color Must be Yellow
Thunda Storm - 6/0 - 'Trap' Element - All Enemies
Thunda Storm - 6/2 - Attack - All Enemies - Innate Color Must be Yellow
Turn Yellow - 1/7 - 'Turn' Element - Anybody
Upheaval - 3/5 - Attack - One Enemy
Uplift - 1/7 - Attack - One Enemy
Yellow Field - 5/3 - 'Field' Element - Everybody

    Segment 2: Armor List

Quick List:

Name of Armor : Defense : Magic Defense : Evd% : Materials From Disassembling :
Cost to Forge : Special Features

Capes:  (Children's Size Only!)
Cloud Cape : +7 : +6 : +15 : 1 Bone, 1 Iron, 2 Carapace, 2 Seed : Cannot Forge
Stardust Cape: +9 : +8 : +11 : 1 Bone, 1 Mythril, 2 Screw, 2 Seed : Cannot
Wisp Cape: +4 : +3 : +12 : 1 Bone, 1 Copper, 2 Leather, 2 Seeds: Cannot Forge

Dresses: (Female use only!)
Carapace Dress :+6 : +8 : -3 : 1 Bone, 1 Mythril, 4 Leather, 2 Fur : Can't

Diva Dress : +10 : +12 : -3 : 1 Bone, 1 Mythril, 1 Denadorite, 2 Feather, 2
Scale, 2 Leather, 2 Fur : Can't Forge

Feathery Dress : +2 : +4 : -3 : 1 Bone, 1 Copper, 4 Feather, 2 Fur : Can't
Scaley Dress : +4 : +6 : -3 : 1 Bone, 1 Iron, 4 Scale, 2 Fur : Can't Forge

Screwy Dress : +8 : +10 : -3 : 1 Bone, 1 Denadorite, 4 Feather, 4 Scale, 4
Leather, 2 Fur : Can't Forge

Bronze Mail : +3 : +3 : -3 : 1 Bone, 1 Copper, 1 Humour, 1 Fur : 200 Gold
Iron Mail : +6 : +5 : -3 : 1 Copper, 1 Iron, 1 Humour, 1 Leather : 560 Gold
Ivory Mail : +1 : +1 : -3 : 1 Bone, 1 Humour, 1 Scale : 60 Gold

Mythril Mail : +9 : +8 : -3 : 1 Iron, 1 Mythril, 1 Humour, 1 Leather, 1
: 2,000 Gold

Prism Mail : +16 : +14 : -3 : 1 Denadorite, 1 Rainbow Shell, 1 Leather, 1
Carapace, 1 Shiny Ember, 1 Shiny Dew, 1 Shiny Leaf, 1 Shiny Sand, 1 Shiny Salt,
1 Shiny Soot : 24,000 Gold

Stone Mail : +12 : +12 : -3 : 1 Mythril, 1 Denadorite, 1 Humour, 2 Leather, 2
Carapace : 9,310 Gold


Black Plate : +7 : +4 : -3 : 2 Copper, 2 Iron, 2 Mythril, 1 Eyeball, 1
1 Screw, 1 Shiny Soot, 2 Shiny Salt : Cannot Forge : Black Elements heal the

Blue Plate : +7 : +4 : -3 : 2 Copper, 2 Iron, 2 Mythril, 1 Eyeball, 1 Carapace,
1 Screw, 2 Shiny Ember, 1 Shiny Dew : Cannot Forge : Blue elements heal the

Green Plate : +7 : +4 : -3 : 2 Copper, 2 Iron, 2 Mythril, 1 Eyeball, 1
1 Screw, 1 Shiny Leaf, 2 Shiny Sand : Cannot Forge : Green Elements heal the

Red Plate : +7 : +4 : -3 : 2 Copper, 2 Iron, 2 Mythril, 1 Eyeball, 1 Carapace,
Screw, 1 Shiny Ember, 2 Shiny Dew : Cannot Forge : Red Elements heal the wearer

White Plate : +7 : +4 : -3 : 2 Copper, 2 Iron, 2 Mythril, 1 Eyeball, 1
1 Screw, 1 Shiny Salt, 2 Shiny Soot : Cannot Forge : White Elements heal the

Yellow Plate : +7 : +4 : -3 : 2 Copper, 2 Iron, 2 Mythril, 1 Eyeball, 1
Carapace, 1 Screw, 1 Shiny Sand, 2 Shiny Leaf : Cannot Forge : Yellow Elements
heal the wearer

Energizer Suit : +6 : +4 : -3 : 1 Copper, 1 Iron, 1 Mythril, 4 Feather, 4
2 Leather, 1 Shiny Salt : Cannot Forge : Automatically Recovers HP

Bronze Vest : +2 : +2 : -0 : 1 Copper, 1 Fur : 100 Gold
Iron Vest : +5 : +4 : -0 : 1 Iron, 1 Fur, 1 Fang : 420 Gold
Ivory Vest : +0 : +0 : -0 : 1 Bone, 1 Fur : 40 Gold
Mythril Vest : +8 : +7 : -0 : 1 Mythril, 1 Fur, 1 Fang : 1,200 Gold

Prism Vest : +14 : +12 : -0 : 1 Rainbow Shell, 1 Fur, 1 Fang, 1 Carapace, 1
Shiny Ember, 1 Shiny Sand, 1 Shiny Dew, 1 Shiny Leaf : 19,200 Gold

Stone Vest : +11 : +10 : -0 : 1 Denadorite, 1 Fur, 1 Fang : 3,990 Gold

    Segment 3: Weapon List

Quick List:
Name : Attack Power : Hit% : Materials : Cost to Forge


Bone Axe : +0 : +0 : 1 Bone, 1 Copper, 1 Fang: Cannot Forge
Iron Axe : +5 : +1 : 1 Copper, 1 Iron, 1 Humour, 1 Fang : 560 Gold
Rainbow Axe : +17 : +3 : 1 Rainbow Shell, 1 Copper, 1 Humour, 1 Fang, 1 Shiny
Ember, 1 Shiny Dew, 1 Shiny Leaf, 1 Shiny Sand, 1 Shiny Salt, 1 Shiny Soot :
24,000 Gold
Silver Axe : +8 : +2 : 1 Copper, 1 Mythril, 1 Humour, 1 Fang, 1 Screw : 2,000
Stone Axe : +12 : +3 : 1 Copper, 1 Denadorite, 1 Humour, 2 Fang, 1 Screw :
7,980 Gold


Prismarang : +12 : +2 : 1 Rainbow Shell, 1 Feather, 1 Scale, 1 Fur, 1 Shiny
Ember, 1 Shiny Dew, 1 Shiny Leaf, 1 Shiny Sand, 1 Shiny Salt, 1 Shiny Soot :
24,000 Gold
Rockerang : +7 : +1 : 1 Denadorite, 2 Feather, 2 Scale, 1 Fur : 7,980 Gold
Silverang : +3 : +0 : 1 Mythril, 1 Feather, 1 Scale, 1 Fur : 1,600 Gold
Steelrang : +0 : +0 : 1 Iron, 1 Feather, 1 Scale : 420 Gold

Betta Carotene : +6 : +0 : 1 Rainbow Shell, 4 Seed, 1 Shiny Ember, 1
Shiny Dew, 1 Shiny Leaf, 1 Shiny Sand, 1 Shiny Salt, 1 Shiny Soot : Cannot
Carrot : +0 : +0 : Cannot Forge/Disassemble


Bronze Dagger : +2 : +1 : 1 Copper, 1 Humour, 1 Fang : 150 Gold
Iron Dagger : +5 : +2 : 1 Iron, 1 Humour, 1 Fang : 420 Gold
Ivory Dagger : +0 : +0 : 1 Bone, 1 Fang : 40 Gold
Mythril Dagger: +8 : +2 : 1 Mythril, 1 Humour, 1 Fang : 1,200 Gold

Prism Dagger: +19 : +4 : 1 Rainbow Shell, 1 Feather, 1 Fang, 1 Shiny Ember, 1
Shiny Dew, 1 Shiny Leaf, 1 Shiny Sand, 1 Shiny Salt, 1 Shiny Soot : 21,600 Gold

Stone Dagger : +12 : +3 : 1 Denadorite, 2 Humour, 1 Feather, 2 Fang : 7,890

Pack of Lies : +15 : +3 : 1 Denadorite, 6 Eyeball, 6 Fur : Cannot Forge
Private Deck : +10 : +3 : 1 Mythril, 3 Eyeball, 3 Fur : Cannot Forge

Bone Glove : +0 : +0 : 1 Bone, 1 Leather : 40 Gold
Bronze Glove : +2 : +1 : 1 Copper, 1 Humour, 1 Leather : 150 Gold
Granite Glove : +12 : +3 : 1 Denadorite, 1 Humour, 2 Leather, 2 Fang : 7,980
Iron Glove : +5 : +2 : 1 Iron, 1 Humour, 1 Leather : 420 Gold
Mythril Glove : +12 : +3 : 1 Denadorite, 1 Humour, 1 Leather, 1 Fang : 1,600
Spectral Glove : +17 : +4 : 1 Rainbow Shell, 1 Humour, 1 Leather, 1 Fang, 1
Shiny Ember, 1 Shiny Dew, 1 Shiny Leaf, 1 Shiny Sand, 1 Shiny Salt, 1 Shiny
: 24,000 Gold


Agent Gun : +3 : +0 : 1 Copper, 1 Mythril, 1 Eyeball, 1 Humour, 1 Screw, 2,000
Ferrous Gun : +0 : +0 : 1 Copper, 1 Iron, 1 Humour, 1 Screw : Cannot Forge
Denadorite Gun : +7 : +1 : 1 Copper, 1 Denadorite, 2 Scale, 2 Screw : 7,980
Plasma Pistol : +11 : +2 : Cannot Forge/Disassemble
Shockwave Gun : +5 : +2 : Cannot Forge/Disassemble
Spectral Gun : +12 : +2 : 1 Rainbow Shell, 1 Copper, 1 Scale, 1 Screw, 1 Shiny
Ember, 1 Shiny Dew, 1 Shiny Leaf, 1 Shiny Sand, 1 Shiny Salt, 1 Shiny Soot :
24,000 Gold


Great Hammer : +9 : +5 : 1 Copper, 1 Iron, 1 Mythril, 1 Eyeball, 1 Fang, 1
: Cannot Forge
Master Hammer : +15 : +5 : 1 Bone, 1 Copper, 1 Iron, 1 Mythril, 1 Denadorite, 1
Eyeball, 1 Fang, 1 Screw : Buy (Not Forge) for 10,000 Gold

Kitchen Stuff:

Besom Cu29 : +2 : +1 : 1 Copper, 1 Humour, 1 Carapace : 150 Gold
Crystalpan C6 : +14 : +4 : 1 Rainbow Shell, 1 Humour, 1 Fur, 1 Carapace, 1
Ember, 1 Shiny Dew, 1 Shiny Leaf, 1 Shiny Sand, 1 Shiny Salt, 1 Shiny Soot :
24,000 Gold
Frypan Ag47 : +8 : +2 : 1 Mythril, 1 Humour, 1 Fur, 1 Carapace : 1,600 Gold
Ladle Fe26 : +5 : +2 : 1 Iron, 1 Humour, 1 Carapace : 420 Gold
Saucepan Si02 : +12 : +3 : 1 Denadorite : 2 Humour, 1 Fur, 2 Carapace : 7.980
Spatula Ca20 : +0 : +0 : 1 Bone, 1 Carapace : Cannot Forge


Bronze Lure : +0 : +0 : 1 Bone, 1 Copper, 1 Scale, 1 Seed : Cannot Forge
Iron Lure : +3 : +1 : 1 Bone, 1 Iron, 1 Scale, 1 Seed : 560 Gold
Mythril Lure : +6 : +1 : 1 Bone, 1 Mythril, 1 Scale, 1 Seed : 1,600 Gold
Prism Lure : +15 : +3 : 1 Rainbow Shell, 1 Bone, 1 Scale, 1 Seed, 1 Shiny
1 Shiny Dew, 1 Shiny Leaf, 1 Shiny Sand, 1 Shiny Salt, 1 Shiny Soot : 24,000
Stone Lure : +10 : +2 : 1 Bone, 1 Denadorite, 2 Scale, 2 Seed : 7,980 Gold


Brass Pick : +2 : +1 : 1 Copper, 1 Feather, 1 Fur : 150 Gold
Iron Pick : +5 : +2 : 1 Iron, 1 Feather, 1 Fur : 420 Gold
Mythril Pick : +8 : +2 : 1 Mythril, 1 Eyeball, 1 Feather, 1 Fur : 1,600 Gold
Pebble Pick : +12 : +3 : 1 Denadorite, 1 Eyeball, 1 Feather, 2 Fur : 7,980 Gold
Porcelain Pick : +0 : +0 : 1 Bone, 1 Fur : Cannot Forge
Prism Pick : +17 : +4 : 1 Rainbow Shell, 2 Feather, 1 Fur, 1 Shiny Ember, 1
Shiny Dew, 1 Shiny Leaf, 1 Shiny Sand, 1 Shiny Salt, 1 Shiny Soot : 24,000 Gold


Brass Rod : +2 : -1 : 1 Copper, 1 Eyeball, 1 Humour : 150 Gold
Denadorite Rod : +12 : +1 : 1 Denadorite, 1 Eyeball, 1 Humour, 1 Feather, 2
Screw : 7,980 Gold
Floral Rod : +16 : +0 : Cannot Forge/Disassemble
Iron Rod : +5 : +0 : 1 Iron, 1 Eyeball, 1 Humour : 420 Gold
Mythril Rod : +8 : +0 : 1 Mythril, 1 Eyeball, 1 Humour, 1 Screw : 1,600 Gold
Porcelain Rod : +0 : +0 : 1 Bone, 1 Eyeball : Cannot Forge
Rainbow Rod : +17 : +2 : 1 Rainbow Shell, 1 Eyeball, 1 Screw, 1 Shiny Ember, 1
Shiny Dew, 1 Shiny Leaf, 1 Shiny Sand, 1 Shiny Salt, 1 Shiny Soot : 21,600 Gold


Bronze Shot : +0 : +0 : 1 Copper, 1 Humour, 1 Feather : 150 Gold
Prism Pellets : +15 : +3 : 1 Rainbow Shell, 1 Humour, 1 Feather, 1 Scale, 1
Shiny Ember, 1 Shiny Dew, 1 Shiny Leaf, 1 Shiny Sand, 1 Shiny Salt, 1 Shiny
: 24,000 Gold
Silver Shot : +6 : +1 : 1 Mythril, 1 Humour, 1 Feather, 1 Scale : 1,600 Gold
Steel Shot : +3 : +1 : 1 Iron, 1 Humour, 1 Feather : 420 Gold
Stone Shot : +10 : +2 : 1 Denadorite, 2 Humour, 1 Feather, 1 Scale : 7,980 Gold


Silver Staff : +0 : +0 : 1 Mythril, 1 Eyeball, 1 Humour : 1,200 Gold
Spectral Staff : +9 : +2 : 1 Rainbow Shell, 1 Eyeball, 1 Shiny Ember, 1 Shiny
Dew, 1 Shiny Salt, 1 Shiny Leaf, 1 Shiny Sand, 1 Shiny Soot : 19,200 Gold
Stone Staff: +4 : +1 : 1 Denadorite, 1 Eyeball : 2,660 Gold


Copper Swallow : +2 : +1 : 1 Copper, 1 Humour : 100 Gold
Mastermune : +15 : +4 : Cannot Forge/Disassemble
Sea Swallow : +0 : +0 : Cannot Forge/Disassemble
Silver Swallow : +8 : +2 : 1 Mythril, 1 Eyeball, 1 Humour, 1 Feather: 1,600
Spectra Swallow : +17 : +4 : 1 Rainbow Shell, 1 Feather, 1 Scale, 1 Shiny
1 Shiny Dew, 1 Shiny Leaf, 1 Shiny Sand, 1 Shiny Sat, 1 Shiny Soot : 21,600

Steel Swallow: +5 : +2 : 1 Iron, 1 Humour, 1 Feather: 420 Gold
Stone Swallow : +12 : +3: 1 Denadorite, 1 Humour, 2 Feather, 2 Scale: 7,980

Bone Sword : +0 : +0 : 1 Bone, 1 Leather : Cannot Forge
Bronze Sword : +2 : +1 : 1 Copper, 1 Humour, 1 Leather : 150 Gold
Einlanzer (first) : +13 : +4 : Cannot Forge/Disassemble
Einlanzer (second) : +18 : +4 : Cannot Forge/Disassemble
Hero's Blade : +3 : +4 : Cannot Forge/Disassemble
Silver Sword : +8 : +2 : 1 Mythril, 1 Humour, 1 Leather : 1,200 Gold
Spectral Sword : +17 : +4 : 1 Rainbow Shell, 1 Humour, 1 Leather, 1 Screw, 1
Shiny Ember, 1 Shiny Dew, 1 Shiny Leaf, 1 Shiny Sand, 1 Shiny Salt, 1 Shiny
: 24,000 Gold
Slasher : +15 : +4 : Cannot Forge/Disassemble
Steel Sword : +5 : +2 : 1 Iron, 1 Humour, 1 Leather : 420 Gold
Stone Sword : +12 : +3 : 1 Denadorite, 2 Humour, 2 Leather, 1 Screw : 7,980
Viper's Venom : +15 : +0 : Cannot Forge/Disassemble

    Segment 4: Accessories

Quick List:
Name : Effects : Materials : Cost to Forge (Helmets Only) : Notes

Atk: Attack
Def - Defense
E% - Evade percentage
H% - Hit Percentage
M.Def - Magic Defense
Mgc - Magic Power
Pro. - Protection Against

Black Brooch : None : Cannot Disassemble : Pro. Anti-Black and Black status
Blue Brooch : None : Cannot Disassemble : Pro. Anti-Blue and Blue status
Green Brooch : None : Cannot Disassemble : Pro. Anti-Green and Green status
Red Brooch : None : Cannot Disassemble : Pro. Anti-Red and Red status effects
Yellow Brooch : None : Cannot Disassemble : Pro. Anti-Yellow and Yellow status
White Brooch : None : Cannot Disassemble : Pro. Anti-White and White status

Antitoxinal Cap : Def +1, M.Def +1 : 1 Copper, 1 Shiny Leaf : Pro. Poison
Antiviral Cap : Def +1, M.Def + 1 : 1 Copper, 1 Shiny Dew : Pro. Flu
Plaster Cap : Def +1, M.Def +1 : 1 Copper, 1 Shiny Sand : Pro. Sprains
Poultice Cap : Def +1, M.Def +1 : 1 Copper, 1 Shiny Ember : Pro. Burns

Angel Charm : None : 1 Copper, 1 Mythril, 1 Shiny Salt : Pro. Anti-White
Daemon Charm : None : 1 Copper, 1 Mythril, 1 Shiny Soot : Pro. Anti-Black
Earth Charm : None : 1 Copper, 1 Mythril, 1 Shiny Sand : Pro. Anti-Yellow
Flame Charm : None : 1 Copper, 1 Mythril, 1 Shiny Ember : Pro. Anti-Red
Forest Charm : None : 1 Copper, 1 Mythril, 1 Shiny Leaf : Pro. Anti-Green
Sea Charm : None : 1 Copper, 1 Mythril, 1 Shiny Dew : Pro. Anti-Blue

Earring of Hope : 1 Iron, 1 Mythril, 1 Denadorite, 5 Humour : Increases HP
during battle
Earring of Light : None : 1 Denadorite, 4 Humour : Increases HP during battle
Gold Earring : None : 1 Mythril, 3 Humour : Increases HP during battle
Silver Earring : None : 1 Iron, 2 Humour : Increases HP during battle

Bronze Helmet : Def +2, M.Def +1 : 1 Copper, 1 Screw : 100 Gold
Iron Helmet : Def +3, M.Def +1 : 1 Iron, 1 Fang, 1 Screw : 200 Gold
Ivory Helmet: Def +1, M.Def +1 : 1 Bone, 1 Screw : 40 Gold
Mythril Helmet : Def +4, M.Def +2 : 1 Mythril, 1 Leather, 1 Fang, 1 Screw :
1,600 Gold
Prism Helmet : Def +6, M.Def +3 : 1 Rainbow Shell, 1 Fang, 1 Screw, 1 Shiny
Ember, 1 Shiny Dew, 1 Shiny Leaf, 1 Shiny Sand : 16,800 Gold
Stone Helmet : Def +5, M.Def +2 : 1 Denadorite, 1 Scale, 1 Leather, 1 Fang, 1
Screw : 6,650 Gold

Defender : Def. +1, E% +6, M.Def +1 : 1 Mythril, 2 Feather, 2 Leather, 2
Defender Plus : Def. +3, E% +12, M.Def +2 : 1 Denadorite, 2 Feather, 2 Leather,
2 Carapace
Dragoon Gauntlet : Atk. +3 : 1 Iron, 2 Fang
Dragoon's Glory : Atk. +3, H% +3, Mgc. +2 : 1 Denadorite, 2 Scale, 2 Fur, 2
Dragoon's Honor : Atk. +1, H% +2, Mgc. +1 : 1 Mythril, 2 Scale, 2 Fur, 2 Fang
Dreamer's Sarong : None : 1 Mythril, 1 Denadorite, 1 Rainbow Shell : Start with
element level at 8
Dreamer's Sash : None : 1 Iron, 1 Mythril, 1 Denadorite : Start with element
level at 2
Dreamer's Scarf : None : 1 Copper, 1 Iron, 1 Mythril : Start with element level
at 1
Flea Vest : M.Def +13 : 1 Mythril, 10 Feather
Forget-me-not-pot : None : 5 Bone : Memorize skills for Dopplegang ability
Hero's Medal : E% +24 : Cannot disassemble
Hero's Shield : Def +1, M.Def +1 : Cannot disassemble
Memento Pendant : M.Def +4 : Cannot Disassemble
Moonglasses : None : 1 Iron, 1 Mythril, 1 Denadorite : Reduces damage taken
Ozzie Pants : Def. +13 : 1 Denadorite, 10 Fur
Power Glove : Atk. =1 : 1 Copper, 1 Fang
Profiteer Purse : None : 3 Bone, 3 Copper, 3 Iron : Get more money!
Resistance Ring : None : 1 Mythril, 2 Seed: Decreases duration of status
Resistance Ring : None : 1 Iron, 1 Seed : Decreases duration of status effects
Sight Scope : H% +3 : 1 Iron, 2 Fur
Silver Loupe : H% +2 : 1 Copper, 1 Fur
Stamina Belt : None : 1 Mythril, 2 Eyeball : Recover stamina faster
Stamina Ring : None : 1 Iron, 1 Eyeball : Recover stamina faster
Star Fragment : None : Cannot disassemble : Pro. flu, burns, sprains, poison
Sunglasses: None : 1 Iron, 1 Mythril, 1 Denadorite: Increases damage you
Third Eye : H% +4 : 1 Mythril, 3 Fur

Elbow Pad : Def. +3 : 1 Iron, 2 Leather
Knee Pad : Def. +1 : 1 Copper, 1 Leather
Waist Pad : Def. +5 : 1 Mythril, 3 Leather

Gold Pendant : M.Def +2 : 1 Iron, 2 Carapace
Silver Pendant : M.Def +1 : 1 Copper, 1 Carapace

Pendragon Sigils:
Pendragon Sigil A : None : 1 Mythril
Pendragon Sigil B : None : 1 Iron
Pendragon Sigil C : None : 1 Copper

(What the Pendragon Sigils do:)
Whenever an enemy attacks you with an element (NOT a tech), it makes it so your
attack with your sword does extra damage of that element. Obviously, if you're
fighting something like a dragon, that will only cast spells of his own color,
the effect is very small (about 20 extra damage). Some enemies, like Dark
will cast spells of different elements, and rarely even opposite color. I think
the effect of having the opposite color makes do about double damage.
Once you get imbued, the effect is very easy to notice.
The better the sigil, the more elements it will work with...

Magic Ring : Mgc. +1 : 1 Copper, 1 Scale
Sky Djinn Ring : Mgc. +2 : 1 Iron, 2 Scale
(for Stamina Ring/Resistance Ring, see Other)

Magic Seal : Mgc. +4 : 1 Mythril, 3 Scale
Power Seal : Atk. +5 : 1 Mythril, 3 Fang

Dancing Shoes : E% +6 : 1 Copper, 1 Feather
Kung-Fu Shoes : E% +12 : 1 Iron, 2 Feather
Winged Shoes : E% +18 : 1 Mythril, 3 Feather

Golden Tiara : M.Def +1 : 1 Copper, 1 Iron, 1 Mythril
Trashy Tiara : M.Def +1 : 1 Bone, 1 Eyeball, 1 Humour, 1 Feather, 1 Scale, 1
Fur, 1 Leather, 1 Fang, 1 Carapace, 1 Seed, 1 Screw

    Segment 5: Boss HP
This section is in alphabetical order.

Boss Name                  | Boss HP
Anemotor                   | 2500
Aquator                    | 2800
Black Dragon               | 3900
Cassowaries                | 500
Criosphinx                 | 13,000
Dario                      | 3500
Dark Serge                 | 3000
De-Hydrate                 | 1042
DeadHead                   | 700
Dwarves (Hydra Marshes)    | 90 each
Dwarves (Water Dragon Isle)| 200 each
Earth Dragon               | 3100
FATE                       | 5000
Fire Dragon (1st time)     | 3400
Fire Dragon (2nd time)     | 3400
Garai                      | 1990
Giant Gloop                | 800
Gravitor                   | 3000
Green Dragon               | 3700
Grobyc                     | 2800
Guillot                    | 1001
Hell's Cook                | 2800
Hi-Ho Tank                 | 1000
Highwayman                 | 2000
Hydra                      | 700
Karsh (Cape Howl)          | 115
Karsh (Mount Pyre)         | 370
Ketchop                    | 260
King Moaman                | 245
Luxator                    | 3000
Lynx (Fort Dragonia)       | 1000
Lynx (Viper Manor)         | 1000
Mama Komodo                | 160
Marcy (Mount Pyre)         | 300
Marcy (Viper Manor)        | 525
Miguel                     | 1950
Neo 'n' Bulbs              | 160
Orlha                      | 1800
Pentapus                   | 600
PolisPolice                | 3200
Pyrotor                    | 2400
Radius                     | 750
Roachster                  | 1245
Sage of Marbule            | 1500
Sky Dragon                 | 3800
Sun Of A Gun               | 365
Taurusoid                  | 1200
Terrator                   | 2200
TimeDevourer               | About 10,000
TimeDevourer (2nd time)    | About 12,500
Tyrano                     | 1600
Viper                      | 820
Vita (Unus, Dos, and Tres) | 2500
Water Dragon               | 2800
Zoah (Shadow Forest)       | 200
Zoah (Mount Pyre)          | 430

    Segment 6: Key Items

Ancient Fruit:
Getting It: When searching for the six dragons, go to Hydra Marshes and defeat
the Beeba.  (As described in 'The Dragons Six')
Using It: As described in 'The Dragons Six' under 'The Green Dragon.'

Angry Scapula:
Getting It: Read the letter inside the cave under the waterfall in Shadow
(Another World).  (As described in 'Characters -> Skelly')
Using It: As described in 'Characters -> Skelly.'

Aroma Pouch:
Getting It: Inside a chest in the cave under the waterfall in Shadow Forest
(Another World).
Using It: As described in 'Enter Viper Manor (With Nikki).'

Astral Amulet:
Getting It: If you choose to help Kid, then Kid gives it to you.  Otherwise,
gives it to you when you go back to check on her.
Using It: Travel between worlds at Opassa Beach, and travel to the Dimensional
Vortex from Hydra Marshes.

Beeba Flute:
Getting It: Defeat the Beeba in Hydra Marshes and he hands over the flute.
Using It: As described in 'The Dragons Six -> Green Dragon.'

Getting It: Find it in Fossil Valley (Another World).
Using It: Sell it to Glenn and Riddel at the shrine in Termina (Another World).

Big Egg:
Getting It: Take it from the nest in Fossil Valley (Another World).
Using It: As described in 'Characters -> Draggy.'

Black Relic:
Getting It: Defeat the Black Dragon.
Using It: Allows you to enter the Sea of Eden.

Blue Relic:
Getting It: Defeat the Blue Dragon.
Using It: Allows you to enter the Sea of Eden.

Book of Poems:
Getting It: Speak to the waitress in the pub in Arni (Home World).  Speak to
same waitress in Another World.  Talk to the waitress in the Home World again.
Using It: Give to the waitress in Another World to get a Rainbow Shell (?).

Card Key:
Getting It: A treasure chest on floor 4 of Chronopolis.
Using It: Access the basement of Chronopolis from the elevator.

Chrono Cross:
Getting It: As described in 'The Chrono Cross*.'
Using It: Use it as an item and as an element...

Decor Shield:
Getting It: On the wall in the puzzle room in Viper Manor.
Using It: Place it on the suit of armor in Viper Manor.

Dragon Emblem:
Getting It: Show the priestess in Guldove (Another World) the Tear of Hate.
Using It: Use it to get in the temple in Guldove (Home World).

Getting It: Get it from Garai in Isle of the Damned (Home World).
Using It: Use it to destroy the Masamune.  Also, equip it on Glenn to be able
get the other Einlanzer from Termina (Home World).

Getting It: Talk to the first person you meet in the cave on Earth Dragon Isle
(Home World).
Using It: As described in 'The Dragons Six -> Earth Dragon.'

Fiddler Crab:
Getting It: Defeat the Sage of Marbule on the SS Zelebes.
Using It: Opens the passageway to the Dead Sea.

Garai Keepsake:
Getting It: Go with Radius to Hermit's Hideout (Home World).
Using It: Use it to got through the mirror-like objects on the Isle of the

Good Backbone:
Getting It: Inside a cave in the Hydra Marshes (Home World).
Using It: As described in 'Characters -> Skelly.'

Green Relic:
Getting It: Defeat the Green Dragon.
Using It: Allows you to enter the Sea of Eden.

Green Tinkler:
Getting It: Talk to the dwarf in Orlha's pub after speaking to the shrine
in Guldove (Another World).
Using It: Use it to bend plants in Hydra Marshes.

Getting It: As described in 'Investigating -> SS Zelebes.'
Using It: Without this, Fargo can't cheat at the compass game.

Heavy Skull:
Getting It: Walk up to the skull of the dragon in Fossil Valley (Another
Using It: As described in 'Characters -> Skelly.'

Heckran Bone:
Getting It: Under the bed in the back room of the Arni (Home World) pub.
Using It: As described in 'Characters -> Poshul.'

Hero's Medal:
Getting It: As described in 'Characters - Pierre.'
Using It: As described in 'Characters - Pierre.'

Hydra Humour:
Getting It: Defeat the Hydra in Hydra Marshes (Home World).
Using It: Give it to Doc to cure Kid in Guldove (Another World)

Ice Breath:
Getting It: As described in 'The Water Dragon.'
Using It: Use it to freeze lava in Mount Pyre.

Ice Gun:
Getting It: On the back wall of Lucca's room.
Using It: Put out fires in Lucca's house.

Komodo Scale:
Getting It: Say 'You're probably right' to the fisherman under the sawfish in
Arni (Home World).
Using It: Give it freely to a kid in Arni (Home World) to get a free Uplift.

Life Sparkle:
Getting It: A chest in Hydra Marshes (Another World).
Using It: As described in 'Characters -> NeoFio.'

Manor Key:
Getting It: Cupboard in the dragon stables at Viper Manor (Another World).
Using It: Opens the front door of Viper Manor.

Medical Book:
Getting It: As described in 'A Forgotten Future (The Dead Sea).'
Using It: Give it to Doc to get his level 7 tech skill.

Memento Pendant:
Getting It: As described in 'Murderer!*.'
Using It: As described in 'Another Soul Possessed*.'

Mixed Bones:
Getting It: Inside a cave in the first area of the Isle of the Damned (Another
Using It: As described in 'Characters -> Skelly.'

Getting It: As described in 'Characters -> Funguy.'
Using It: As described in 'Characters -> Funguy.'

Parlor Key:
Getting It: After you become Lynx, return to Viper Manor (Another World). 
the pot in the room with the prison.
Using It: Opens the locked door on the first level of the manor.

Pelvic Bone:
Getting It: Talk to the material trader in Guldove (Another World).
Using It: As described in 'Characters -> Skelly.'

Prison Key:
Getting It: Norris gives it to you while you are trying to rescue Riddel.
Using It: Unlocks the prison area of Viper Manor.

Prop Sword:
Getting It: Find it on the stage in the Tower of Gheddon in the Dead Sea
Using It: Give it to Pierre and it becomes the Hero's Sword.

Red Relic:
Getting It: Defeat the Red Dragon.
Using It: Use it to enter the Sea of Eden.

Relief Charm:
Getting It: Star a New Game +.
Using It: Use it at a save point to switch Serge or Lynx for another character.

Safety Gear:
Getting It: In Hydra Marshes (Another World), speak to the man by the big pit
(The Pentapus would be below if it was Home World).
Using It: Prevents loss of HP while walking through the poisoned marshes.

Sapphire Brooch:
Getting It: Defeat Orlha in Guldove (Another World) after rescuing Riddel from
Viper Manor.
Using It: Show it to Orlha after you become Serge again to get Orlha in your

Shark Tooth:
Getting It: As described in 'Characters -> Mojo.'
Using It: As described in 'Characters -> Mojo.'

Smith Spirit:
Getting It: Zappa gives you the Smith Spirit when he joins.
Using It: Use it at a save point to forge weapons, armor, or accessories.

Star Fragment:
Getting It: As described in 'My Favorite Martian*.'
Using It: As described in 'My Favorite Martian*.'

Station Pass:
Getting It: As described in 'A Forgotten Future (The Dead Sea).'
Using It: As described in 'A Forgotten Future (The Dead Sea).'

Sturdy Ribs:
Getting It: Get it from one of the people on Water Dragon Isle (Another World).
Using It: As described in 'Characters -> Skelly.'

Tear of Hate:
Getting It: In Termina in the secret room behind the bar, Karsh gives it to
Serge (Lynx at the time).
Using It: As described in 'The Chrono Cross*.'

Tear of Love:
Getting It: Get it after you switch from Lynx back to Serge.
Using It: As described in 'The Chrono Cross*.'

Getting It: Kid gives it to you in Termina (Another World).
Using It: Use it at a save point to switch between party members.

Time Egg:
Getting It: Defeat the TimeDevourer on top of Terra Tower, OR start a New
Game +.
Using It: Use it at Opassa Beach to go to fight the TimeDevourer one last time.

Time Shifter:
Getting It: Start a New Game +.
Using It: As described in 'New Game +.'

White Relic:
Getting It: Defeat the White Dragon.
Using It: Allows you to enter the Sea of Eden.

Yellow Relic:
Getting It: Defeat the Yellow Dragon.
Using It: Allows you to enter the Sea of Eden.

Section J: Trapping Elements

Most information in this section was provided by Wolvie  ([email protected]).
This section tells what enemies give what elements.

Red Elements:
Inferno - Radius, Tourminators (Mt. Pyre)
RedWolf - Hotdiggity in Mount Pyre (Home World)
Volcano - Tragedienne*

Blue Elements:
Deluge - Water Dragon
Iceberg - Water Dragon
FrogPrince - Water Dragon (when getting Ice Breath)

Yellow Elements:
Earthquake - Solt & Peppor (Isle of the Damned)
Golem - Centaurpedes in Hydra Marshes (Another World)
ThundaStorm - Solt & Peppor (Isle of the Damned)

Green Elements:
Carnivore - Green Dragon
Tornado - Tragedienne*
Sonja - PreyMantis in Gaia's Navel (Home World)

Black Elements:
BlackHole - Tragedienne*
MotherShip - ShadowCats in Fossil Valley (Home World, after Dimensional Vortex)

White Elements:
UltraNova - Sky Dragon, Luxator
Unicorn - Dodo in Fossil Valley (Home World), Luxator

* Tragedienne - These monsters appear in the Tower of Geddon and announce what
spell they cast before the battle.

        Special information for trapping from certain monsters:

    Solt & Peppor (Isle of the Damned) - Got 10 earthquakes & 2 thundastorms:

Here's how I did it. First, make sure you equip as many single and multiple
character heals as possible, then reason for that I'll explain.
Next, and obviously equip as many trap quakes and you want and spread it across
your characters so you won't get caught off gaurd in case one constantly misses
with their attacks and doesn't build up the slots quickly enough. You'll only
need one set of trap thunda since its not used that often by Peppor/tall one (I
always forget which is which) and you'll eventually want to get rid of him and
focus on solt, otherwise they'll be too powerful and it won't work.
Now for the battle, the enemies and bosses in the game have a general pattern
attack and Solt & Peppor's is Attack, Strengthen/Hi Res, Earthquake,
thundastorm. Sometimes the pattern goes without the Strenthen/Hi Res.
For the 1st round, have your characters attack one character, I chose Peppor
'cuz he uses the more powerful tstorm and his pattern is less predictable,
they reached slot 5. then use trap quake immediately. Then defend until they
the first quake. Then trap quake or if you're not confident use trap
thundastorm, because peppor uses it right after solt's quake and you might not
be fast enough to trap tstorm as well. Next, repeat the pattern of attacking
trapping, but with a warning; make sure to don't get greedy and watch your hp
carefully to heal/recover/cure all whenever needed because you WILL get hit and
get hit hard for a few rounds till you kill off one of them. Even then, you get
hit often by quake 'cuz solt uses it consecutively in a round with no break.
Also, their attacks will accumulate damage. Still, don't heal right away. Wait
till you're low then one heal all should recoup most of your party's hp. You
throw in a low level non-yellow element, tablets are good, to mix up the field
color since the traps will accelerate the field being one color. I suggest
this because the field will turn yellow before you know it and although S&P
aren't that strong, their quake usually does only avg. of 30+ damage, Karsh is
especially vulnerable to them. You can use revive too if you made a mistake.
Now, once you've killed of Peppor you must be saying "even if I just use only
weak hits, Solt'll eventually die before I can rack up the elements." I used to
think that too. Here's where stocking up on healing elements is really
necessary. When you heal your party only one elments that heal the entire
and use the single member heals except consummables , i.e. heal, cure, cure+ ON
THE ENEMY, in this case Solt, when their low-on-hp/about to die animations
shows. That way you can extend the battle as long as 1: the enemy keeps using
the element you wish to trap. Some only use it few times, I think. But many
to have any unlimited supply 2: you run out of elements yourself, in which case
you can abruptly end the fight with a tech since you know the enemy is close to
death anyway. 3: till you're happy with your gains, again the fight. You should
have one person cast the trap and the others defend to prevent killing him too
At this point you may want to shy away from strong attacks in case you
"accidentally" kill the enemy with a extra damage attack. It happens with Lynx

Section K: Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross

    _-+-__-+-__-+-__-+-__-+-__-+-__-+-__-+-_     Segment 1: Storyline
The storyline/time line of Chrono Trigger and its sequel is very complicated.
I'll summarize it here.  Any help and corrections is GREATLY appreciated.

Time Line:

I refer to two 'groups' in this time line:
Crono's group: The adventurers in Chrono Trigger.
Serge's group: The adventurers in Chrono Cross.

65 Million BC:
Humans are very primitive.  They hunt beasts and trade, and those that do not
fight remain hidden.  This is because the human race is threatened by a highly
evolved form of dinosaurs: Reptites.  Crono's group aided in defeating these
creatures when they stole their Gate Key, their key to traveling through time.
Later, they came back to finish off the Reptites and their leader: Azala. 
stood defeated, and at a last attempt, summoned a great being from the heavens:
Lavos.  'La' meaning big, and 'vos' meaning fire.  After this, the castle
collapsed into the ground, not to be uncovered for another 65,000,600 years.

At this point, there was an alternate world, different from Home World and
Another World, that was created.  In this world, Crono's group did not come
in time, henceforth the Reptites conquered the world.  This is the world of
which Terra Tower was summoned from.

12,000 BC:
Humans feast on Lavos's energy that they extract using the Mammon Machine.  A
magical kingdom is created, hovering above the world currently in the Ice Age.
Magic flourishes in this kingdom, and everyone uses the power, and all abuse
especially the ruler: Queen Zeal.  She has ordered the construction of the
Blackbird, a gigantic ship similar to an airplane.  At this time there are also
three gurus, who realize that the acts of Queen Zeal are wrong.
Guru of Time - Gaspar
Guru of Life - Melechoir
Guru of Reason - Belthaser
Melechoir takes action, and is imprisoned down in the ice covered world.
Crono's group saves him, and then proceeds to eliminate the Undersea Palace,
where Zeal is harvesting power from Lavos.  Crono's group makes it to Zeal and
temporarily defeats her...  Only to then be crushed by Lavos.  Zeal's servant,
Dalton takes Crono's group and imprisons them in the Blackbird, seeing that
were the only ones left after a giant gate opens, sucking in Lavos and Schala.
(I'm not sure how Lavos and Schala melded into the TimeDevourer or how Lavos
returned to the original world.)  Crono's group made it to what was left of
civilization after escaping the wreck from the Blackbird and defeating Dalton.
Dalton had modified Belthaser's ship: the Epoch (which can be found in ruins in
a hidden panel behind the desk in the library of Viper Manor once it is
revisited).  The Epoch now had wings in addition to it's time traveling
features.  However, Crono had died while fighting Lavos, but was brought back
life thanks to Gaspar giving the remaining group the Time Egg.
From here, the Undersea Palace rose from the sea, and became the Black Omen.
The Black Omen remained hovering in the sky, until Crono's friends destroyed

Note: This is the time period where Janus and Schala lived.

Sometime between 12,000 BC and 600 AD:
Lavos summons Chronopolis to the Sea of Eden and sends Terra Tower to fight it
(in attempt to eliminate any future advancements after he was destroyed?).  The
residents of the Chronopolis win, and seal up Terra Tower.

600 AD:
Magus attempts to summon Lavos.  Magus's army, consisting of creatures called
Mystics, fought the kingdom of Guardia.  Crono's group assisted greatly.  After
Magus's defeat, Crono's group then sent Ozzie, Slash, and Flea off of the chain
of life.  Somehow, they ended up at the Bend of Time.
The palace of the Reptites became uncovered, and an explorer named Toma said
that the Rainbow Shell was there.

1000 AD:
Crono's group begins their quest.  The king is framed for stealing the rainbow
shell and illegally selling it.

Between 1000 AD and 1006 AD:
FATE creates the known world in Chrono Cross.

1006 AD:
Miguel and Wazuki get blown into the Sea of Eden during a harsh, electrical
storm caused by Kid traveling through time.  Serge makes contact with the
Flame in the fifteen minutes while the Chronopolis is shut down because of the
storm, which heals his panther poison and registers him as "arbiter" to the
computer system.  Wazuki becomes Lynx, and Miguel is forever trapped in the

1010 AD:
Serge drowns and is saved by Kid in the Home World.  The fisherman in Arni
chooses to become a fisherman in the Home World.  Somehow, the Sea of Eden is
transformed into the Dead Sea in the Home World.

1020 AD:
The events in Chrono Cross occur.

1999 AD:
Crono's party destroys Lavos, and saves the human race.  The eliminated future
is deposited into the Dead Sea.

2300 AD (Before Lavos was defeated):
Crono's group winds up in the future, and learns of their destiny.

2300 AD (After Lavos):
People flourish, and the Chronopolis is drawn back in time.

    Segment 2: Terminology
Please send me any terminology I have forgotten.  There's just too much!  I'm
also adding a lot more!

Main Characters:
Chrono Trigger:
Marle, Crono, Magus, Lucca, Robo, Frog, Ayla

Chrono Cross:
See character section.

Azala - The leader of the Reptites.
"Arbiter" - The last being that made contact with the Frozen Flame.
Belthaser - One of the three gurus.
Cyrus - A great knight of Guardia.  Glenn's (from CT) brother.
Dalton - The servant of Zeal.
Dario - Riddel's long lost suitor.  Murdered by Karsh while under influence of
the Masamune.
FATE - The rebuilt Mother Brain system.
Flea - One of the three Mystical Knights.
Garai - The lead member of the Acacia Dragoons.  Slain by Radius while he was
under the influence of the Masamune.
Gaspar - One of the three gurus.
Glenn (from CT) - Frog before Magus transformed him into a frog form.
Janus - Schala's little brother, who later became Magus after falling through a
time portal and grew up under the instruction of Ozzie, Slash, and Flea.
Lavos - A being that feasts on the energy of Earth, waiting to come out of the
Earth's crust in 1999 AD and destroy the world.
Magus - A wizard who attempted to summon Lavos in 600 AD.  His attempt failed
because of Crono's group defeating him.  He then fell through a time portal and
served as a prophet during the time of the kingdom of Zeal.
Masa - Mune's brother.  Part of the Masamune.
Melechoir - One of the three gurus.
Miguel - Leena's father.
Mother Brain - A system that created a series of robots.  It developed a hate
for humans, and idolized Lavos when he destroyed the humans.
Mune - Masa's brother.  Part of the Masamune.
Mystics - Creatures that were in great rivalry with the humans during the AD
time period.
Nu - A once hunted creature that is also used for guards.  Some also believe
that life begun, continues, and will end because of the Nu.
"R" Series - The series of robots built by Mother Brain.
Reptites - A highly evolved form of dinosaurs that once threatened the
of the human race.
Ozzie - One of the three Mystical Knights.
Schala - The princess of Zeal.  She made a clone of herself, who is known as
Slash - One of the three Mystical Knights.
Spekkio - A monster that lives in the End of Time.
Toma - Two different people, both are great explorers.
Wazuki - Serge's father.
Yakra Family - A series of monsters that imitates the chancellor's of Guardia.
The commonly attempt to frame people.
Zeal - The queen of the magical kingdom of Zeal.

Dreamstone - A power source that was used in the Mammon Machine to re-forge the
Epoch - A ship used for traveling through time.
Frozen Flame - An energy force extracted by Lavos that has the power to make
dreams come true.
Gate Key - An item used through the course of Chrono Trigger created by Lucca
Ashtear for opening 'gates,' or, portals through time.
Hero Medal - A medal that has been around since 600 AD.  It's wearer is
typically called a hero.
Neo Epoch - An improved Epoch.
Masamune - A sword the adapts to the personality of its owner.  Became evil
after being wielded by a very evil person.
Mastermune - The evolved Masamune.
Moon Stone - A sun stone that has lost it's power.
Sun Stone - A stone that has been under sunlight 24/7 for over 60 million
Rainbow Shell - A giant shell that is used to make legendary weapons and armor.
After it was revealed from the Guardia treasury in 1000 AD, its shards were
scattered throughout the world.
Records of Fate - Objects that link directly to FATE.  These allow FATE to give
instruction to the inhabitants of El Nido.
Time Gate - A gate used to travel through time.

Another World - In this alternate world, Serge drowned at the age of 7.  The
Records of Fate here give different instructions than they do in the Home
Arni - Village in Chrono Cross
Arris Dome - A dome in the future in which a time gate existed.
Bend of Time - A place in another dimension where monsters gather to fight each
Chronopolis - A futuristic research building.
Dead Sea - Transformation of the Sea of Eden in the Home World.
Death's Door - Entrance to the Dead Sea in Chrono Cross
Earth Dragon Isle - Home of the Earth Dragon.
El Nido - The world Chrono Cross and Chrono Trigger occurs in.
El Nido Triangle - A section of ocean in Chrono Cross where Starky's spaceship
End of Time - The end of all things.  An empty space.  Once, the Guru of Time
stumbled upon this area.  His ship still remains there, floating through
nothingness with his companion, Spekkio on it.
Fossil Valley - A valley where excavations take place.
Fort Dragonia - The only dragon ruin that has not broken apart in the Chrono
Cross world.
Gaia's Navel - Home of the Green Dragon
Guardia Kingdom - The largest kingdom in the world of El Nido.
Guldove - A town on a small island in Chrono Cross.
Hermit's Hideaway - Home of Radius in Chrono Cross
Hero's Grave - The resting place of Cyrus.
Home World - The world parallel to Another World.
Hydra Marshes - The only place where hydras still exist in the Chrono Cross
Isle of the Damned - The isle where Garai's grave is in Chrono Cross. 
by demons.
Marbule - A city of the demi-humans in Chrono Cross
Mount Pyre - A mountain that blocks the path to Fort Dragonia.
Pearly Gates - Entrance to the Sea of Eden in Chrono Cross
Porre - Small town in Chrono Trigger.
Sea of Eden - The place where the Chronopolis lies.
Sky Dragon Isle - Home of the Sky Dragon.
Termina - Port city in Chrono Cross
Terra Tower - A great tower of the Reptites summoned from an entirely different
Viper Manor - The manor of General Viper, who rules Termina.
Water Dragon Isle - Home of the Water Dragon and faries.
Zeal - A magical kingdom where magic existed.

Section L: Commonly Asked Questions/Extra Tips
Here are some tips and secrets of Chrono Cross that don't fit anywhere in this

Tip: By taking characters to things that concern them in other worlds, (i. e.,
Leena to Cape Howl once you have engraved your love for Leena on it) you can
see special events and scenes.

Tip: If you run away after stealing from an enemy, you lose the item you stole.

Tip: You can equip the Forget-Me-Not-Pot on anyone, and it will work.

Tip: You can get the level 7 summons (except FrogPrince) by using traps on
common enemies in the game.  Here's a list of enemies and their summons:

Golem (Yellow) - Centaurpedes in Hydra Marshes (Another World
MotherShip (Black) - ShadowCats in Fossil Valley (Home World, after Dimensional
RedWolf (Red) - Hotdiggity in Mount Pyre (Home World)
Sonja (Green) - PreyMantis in Gaia's Navel (Home World)
Unicorn (White) - Dodo in Fossil Valley (Home World)

Tip: An easy way to get Shiny Materials is by disassembling caps that can be
stolen from various enemies throughout the game.

Tip: You can get the Profiteer Purse in Van's house in Termina (Another World).

Tip (Making Pilfer work nearly 100% of the time): When you have the 3rd slot
available, just use a normal attack, I usually choose weak then use pilfer. In
other words, don't use pilfer alone and don't let the enemy squeeze in a turn
the middle of it, otherwise you'll have to attack + pilfer again.

Tip (Leveling-up): Everyone knows that you can level only so far after you gain
each star right? So, in parts of the game where you boss battles one closely
after another, like the dragons and rescuing riddel scenario, you can maximize
your stat gains by fighting regular battles immediately after you gain a star
until you've maxed out. That window of opportunity does not accumulate,
if you gained another star without fighting in some battles. i.e. lets say
getting 31st star you can get one set of stats, and by set i mean around 3-5
stats and not just hp+2, but if you get the 32nd without getting that set, you
can still get only one set not two so on and so forth. I'm doing that with all
my characters after I gain a star.

Tip: Doreen is Masa and Mune's older sister. She likes dreams alot. In Crono
Trigger, she is in Enhasa and when you talk to her she will warp around. When
you talk to her for the last time, she will tell you that she is Doreen.

Yes, the amount of e-mail I get is overwhelming.  I am putting commonly asked
questions here.  Maybe this will slow down my sudden surge of e-mail.

Q: I can't fight the Black Dragon!  Whenever Fargo talks to Fargo, he just says
Stuff about how Marbule will always remain the same and...
A: Walk to the pool where the Black Dragon is sleeping.  Press X, and you will
pick up the Black Relic.  You cannot fight the Black Dragon because you did not
go to the dressing room on the Magical Dreamers ship after defeating the Sage

Q: How do I use a double technique?
A: First, you must get both characters that use the tech to the appropriate
element level, then they both must have enough stamina to do an attack.  Go to
elements to where one skill used in the technique would be, and it will have
been replaced with the double technique.  Example:

To use X-Strike (Glenn's and Serge's skill):
Glenn must be at element level 3 so he would be able to use Dash & Gash.
Serge must be at element level 3 so he would be able to use Dash & Slash.
Both characters must have 1.0 stamina or above.
Go to either Glenn's or Serge's element menu.  Go to where Dash & Slash/Gash
would be, and that technique will not be there.  X-Strike will instead.

Q: What are the double techniques?
A: Here's the list of known double and triple techniques:

Double Techniques:
Serge (3)/Glenn (3) - X-Strike (Red)
Kid (3)/Mel (3) - DoubleTake (Red)
Guile (5)/Sneff (7) - SwordStorm (Black)
Norris (7)/Grobyc (7) - PitchBlack (Black)
Radius (7)/Viper (5) - VitalForce (White)
Karsh (3)/Zoah (7) - DragonSpile (Green)
Nikki (7)/Miki (7) - Flamenco (Red)
Draggy (7)/Leah (7) - DraggyRider (Yellow)
NeoFio (7)/Turnip (7) - TossedSalad (Green)

Triple Techniques:
Serge (5)/Leena (7)/Razzly (7) - DeltaAttack (White)
Serge (7)/Kid (5)/Sprigg (Must be doppleganged into Slash and be at level 4) -
Z-Slash (Blue)

Q: What do frames do?  (My Favorite Martian, Seashell, etc.)
A: Frames are just other message styles.  Go to the configuration (or whatever
it is) and select Custom for your message style to choose between frames.

Q: I can't cast a summon element.  What have I done wrong?
A: To cast a summon (like FrogPrince), you must allocate it to a character with
the same attribute color.  In battle, not only does that character have to be
up at the proper element level, but the Field Effect must be all of the same
color as the summon.  (The field effect is in the upper left corner, whenever
an element is used the color of that element is added to the middle of the
field effect and the other colors on it move outwards.)  If you currently have
0 growth stars (out of any number), then you cannot use a summon, since using a
summon consumes a growth level temporarily.

Q: I went into the fog after getting the boat instead of going to Hermit's
Hideaway.  Now nothing happens at Hermit's Hideaway!
A: This is perfectly normal.  You just miss out on fighting Harle. Any
questions that aren't answered here I will answer for you, just e-mail me.

Q: How do you get  in your party?
A: It tells you how in my characters section.  If that character isn't listed,
you can't get him in your party.

Q: How do I use elements?
A: Elements are "opposite" to each other as follows:
Red - Blue
Yellow - Green
Black - White
As in any other RPG, opposites are good against each other. When you get an
element, somewhere in its description (in the allocating menu) is a number,
a symbol, then another number. The first number is the level of the element.
not sure what the second number is, I think it's the amount that the element
be below its level.
Above, I've probably jumped the gun. To "equip" (called "allocating") elements,
go to the pause menu, then to elements, then to allocate. Each character has 8
"levels" of elements, represented by columns that grow as you gain growth
You can equip any element on the list, as I have described above.

Q: Where can I buy trap elements?
A: Marbule (Home World).

Q: Where can I see the wreck of the Epoch?
A: To see the wreck of the Epoch, return to Viper Manor after you beat Lynx's
Shadow there.  Walk behind the desk in the library, and you will here a noise.
Press X where the sound is coming from, and you'll be given an option to go
a secret panel in the floor.  The Epoch is down there, or what I thought to be
the Epoch, at least.

Q: How do I use the Chrono Cross?
A: Follow the instructions under the last section of me Disc Two section.

Q: Where do I get Shiny materials to forge my rainbow weapons?
A: There's a whole section under Shiny materials.  Look there.

Q: How do I beat Dario?
A: There's a boss strategy listed under 'Another Soul Possessed' (Disc One,
Two).  Check there.

Q: How do I get the treasure in the room in Viper Manor that's to the right of
Luccia's laboratory?
A: To get the treasure, you have to take the shield off of the wall (I think
that's where it is).  Put the shield on the knight without a shield.  Then,
the statue onto the place where it looks like it should go (by the other
a little up though).  A door appears between the statues.  Now you have to come
back after getting Viper in your group.  There's a secret switch behind where
the guard was.  Press that, and you'll get the secret treasure.

Q: I have a different (maybe better) way of beating .
A: Send it in to me at [email protected]  I'll publish it, giving you credit,
of course.

Q: Is Squaresoft making a sequel to Chrono Cross?
A: Not that I know of.  If they were, it would be on Squaresoft's official

Q: I just checked my e-mail and there's a ton of junk mail!  Please, take my
e-mail address out of the credits!
A: Just e-mail me.  Simply include an alias you would like in place of the
e-mail address.  I get a lot of junk e-mail, and I'll gladly replace your
address with an alias for you.

Q: Hey!  The question I requested you put on here isn't on!
A: Sorry.  I'm busy enough.  Just e-mail me again.  I do leave some questions
out because I don't feel that they are needed in my walkthrough, but just ask
and I'll tell you the exact reason why it was left out.

Q: One mistake...  Poshul is a girl!
A: Sorry.  I'm pretty busy, I don't have the time to get gender correct for
animals!  Anyway, I didn't feel like going through this giant walkthrough and
fixing every single mistake.

Q: I was left out of the credits!
A: I'm sorry!  Sometimes I accidentally delete mail before I put the name in
credits!  Just tell me and I'll fix that!

Q: I just became Lynx, and now all my previous characters aren't with me!  Are
they gone forever?
A: No, you get them back when you become Serge again.

Q: How do I return to the Dimensional Vortex?
A: After the Dead Sea is destroyed, go to where you wound up when you left the
Dimensional Vortex, then use the Astral Amulet.

Q: I never got the Green Tinkler!  Now I can never get through the Hydra
A: Not true.  If you missed the Green Tinkler, you can still get around the
marshes, it just isn't as easy.

Q: That door at the Bend of Time...
A: It can open when you're playing a New Game +.

Q: How do I cast trap elements?
A: To set trap elements, just cast them during battle, as demonstrated by Solt
and Peppor.

Q: There's this treasure chest in Viper Manor...  A trap door opens whenever I
try to open it.
A: To get that treasure chest, open it from the back (as something on the back
wall comments "Respect my behind.").

Q: Hey!  You can't name a character Crono or Chrono!
A: I wonder why...  No, seriously, I don't know.

Q: What happened to the Masamune?  All the sudden it's in 1020 and it's an evil
sword!  What's up with that?
A: The following is from [email protected] (Darkmoogle Hackupo):
I know who was holding the Masamune in 1005! "The day the Masamune was stolen"
I'm referring to one of the new ending in the PSX Chrono Trigger.
 And after you fight Solt and Peppor with Karsh in the Isle of the Dammed
  I think it quite obvious but It is Lynx who made the Bloodshed in Guardia
because at the exact time 1005, 1003 were the events of Kids and Serge
FATE know all because it control time and destinies itself!) And. Lucca Ashtear
House (or orphanage..) is as you remember in CT is really close to Guardia
castle and well it in Guardia so that could explains Lynx's business in Guardia
perhaps it was a way to "convince" Lucca to "cooperate" and knowing that the
Masamune was a trigger to some events in the future he had to steal it (another
fate or history circle..)And.. do you remember when Karsh finally explain what
happened when he went to the Isle of the dammed killing (wounding) Dario?.
well look who here! Lynx
  and he take the Masamune WITHOUT GOING MAD!!, why would you ask? well because
he was the last owner of the Masamune! and that why he left the Isle of the
Dammed with it and put it where it should be to trigger the event that Should
happen that that is near the death's Door and before that event before the
and Dario event was the Garai and Radius event here to it was FATE who make so
that it has to happening the timelines! et voila!

Q: Why did you copy and paste part of my e-mail into your walkthrough?
A: Sorry.  I'm busy as a bee.  And believe me, re-writing stuff is a pain.  I
usually copy and paste parts of e-mail that can be copied and pasted.

Q: Where can I buy revive elements?
A: You can't.

Q: I can't find the wormhole in Hydra Marshes!
A: I'll tell you the directions to the wormhole in Hydra Marshes. Note that you
must have at least defeated Miguel (I think that's his name) at the Dead Sea
before you can get to the wormhole.

| /

The A is where you're supposed to go. The X's have more beyond them, but you
don't have to go there. When you go through A, you wind up at B on the map

*** |

The * represents open area of swamp. The wormhole lies on a tiny hill a small
way up from what looks like a moldy greenish brown log.

Hope this helps, and, sorry if the ASCII maps are hard to understand. I admit,
I'm not an ASCII artist, and this is my first time making maps. Well, practice
makes perfect.

Q: How do I bend the plants in Hydra Marshes?
A: To bend the plants, you need an item called the Green Tinkler. You get the
Green Tinkler in Guldove (Another World). Talk to a dwarf in front of Orlha's
bar after you have visited the temple in Guldove. You may not be able to get
Green Tinkler, but even if you can't, you can still get through the Hydra
Marshes, although it is a tad tricky.

Q: How do I get all of the characters in Chrono Cross on my team at one time?
A: Yes, you can get all of the characters. However, you have to play a New Game
+ to get all of them. Use the method used in the New Game + section. Just take
different paths to get characters (Save Kid, Don't Save Kid, etc.) each time
play through. Here's generally a basic plan:

1st time through - Save Kid, Guile as Viper Manor Guide
2nd time through - Don't Save Kid, Nikki as Viper Manor Guide
3rd time through - Beat game with Harle
4th time through - Pierre as Viper Manor guide.

Use the New Game + Character Retrieval Method and... All the characters!
(Except, not Lynx and Serge at the same time)

Q: Is Guile actually Magus from Chrono Trigger?
A: No.

Q: Is Guile actually Gil from the game Magical Dreamers (never released in US)?
A: No.

Q: Is Glenn actually Frog from Chrono Trigger?
A: No.

Q: Is there any relation between Glenn (Chrono Cross) and Frog (Chrono
A: I don't know.  Go ask Squaresoft.

Q: Is Luccia actually Lucca from Chrono Trigger?
A: No.

Q: Is Serge actually Janus/Magus from Chrono Trigger?
A: No.

Q: Is the guy at the Bend of Time Spekkio from Chrono Trigger?
A: Probably not.

Q: What's up with Ozzie, Slash and Flea being at the Bend of Time?
A: I don't know.  I'm not in any way affiliated with Squaresoft, just let me
clear that up.

Q: I think  is actually .
A: Go on and e-mail me.  Please, give a reason.

Section M: Other Stuff

    Segment 1: Author's Note
For those who care, I live in Colorado Springs.  And, my last name is not truly

The first site I contributed to is www.gamefaqs.com.  Thanks to their
great site, other sites have also accepted my FAQs.

I won't stop typing away at my keyboard until I finish any incomplete
FAQs of mine.

Other FAQs written by me:
Legend of Mana FAQ (Completed)
Chrono Cross (Incomplete)

Future FAQs:
Final Fantasy 9

Send any suggestions for new FAQs to me, please, and I will consider writing

Please place the site you found this FAQ on in any e-mail you send to me.

    Segment 2: Contact Info
My e-mail is [email protected]  I read all my e-mail, and attempt to
reply to all of it as soon as possible.  I appreciate it if you don't ask a
question that is answered in the walkthrough, but I will answer all questions,
since it isn't always easy to find things in an FAQ.

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    Segment 3: Future Versions
Next Update: Early December
Next Version: Version 11.0

I'll update at the beginning of every month.  Unfortunately, I still have not
added the following items, which I predicted to add to version 10.0:

Complete Terminology
How to Play Section
Stealing List

A lot of information from e-mails you guys sent me!  I'm way behind on adding
info from e-mails to my walkthrough, so don't be surprised if the size of the
credits greatly increased with version 11.0!

    Segment 4: Credits

Special Thanks Section:
Special thanks to Squaresoft for making this game.
Special thanks to you, for reading my walkthrough and making it worth
Special thanks to the sites that have this walkthrough on it.
Special thanks to [email protected] and [email protected] for telling me about
lots of stuff; there's too much to list!

Thanks Section:
Thanks to everyone that e-mailed me about corrections and such.
Thanks to www.gamefaqs.com for helping me with catching the third Kid Komodo.
Thanks to the strategy guide for Chrono Cross for helping me with several
Thanks to [email protected] for helping me out with some stuff about the
three gurus.
Thanks to [email protected] for telling me some stuff about characters and
Thanks to [email protected] for notifying me of an error I made: I said Janus
was a girl, he's actually a guy.
Thanks to [email protected] (Keith Dorough) for helping me get the
treasure chest in Viper Manor.
Thanks to [email protected] for notifying me about another gender error: Poshul
is a girl.
Thanks to [email protected] (Darkmoogle Hackupo) for telling me that you
can't name a character Crono or Chrono.
Thanks to [email protected] (Darkmoogle Hackupo) for telling me what
happened with the Masamune.
More thanks to [email protected] (Darkmoogle Hackupo) for other things he
has contributed.
Thanks to [email protected] (Curtis Jaffe) for telling me what the Pendragon
Sigils do.
Thanks to [email protected] for a bit of miscellaneous information and a boss
strategy on Miguel.
Thanks to [email protected] (Exodus), [email protected] (Evil Gizmo),
[email protected] (King Nebuchadnezzar), [email protected]
(James Aguirre), [email protected], and [email protected] for
information on the 9th ending.

Thanks to the following for alternate boss strategies:
[email protected] (Ozzie, Slash, and Flea)
[email protected] (Dario)
[email protected] (Miguel)
[email protected] (Dario)
[email protected] (FATE)
[email protected] (Dario)
[email protected] (Dario)

Thanks to the following on GameFAQs message boards:
M a s t e r, Hong, Halbarad, K Grind

    Segment 5: Copyright
Copyright, 2000 SeanKelson
This document is protected by all copyright laws of the U.S.  What that
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 You may use this on your site, but you must ask me first, and you must
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Lecture over.

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