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Digimon World: Digital Card Battle FAQ/Walkthrough v1.0
for the Sony Playstation
by Robert Jennings
This document Copyright 2001 Robert Jennings

Note: I plan on updating this soon.
Table of Contents

1. Advice
   -Deck building
2. Walkthrough
   -Starting a Game
-Mega Area
   -Beginner City
   -Flame City
   -Jungle City
   -Igloo City
   -Junk City
-Giga Area
   -Dark City
   -Pyramid City
   -Sky City
-Tera Area
   -Steep Road
   -Wiseman Tower
   -Infinity Tower
   -Infinity Tower A
-After A
  -Myotismon Set
   -Beginner City
   -Desert Island
   -Beginner City Again
   -Dark City
  -Second Digidestined
   -Beginner City 
   -Flame City
   -Jungle City
   -Igloo City
   -Pyramid City
   -Sky City
  -Extra Arenas
   -Beginner City
   -Flame City 
   -Jungle City 
   -Igloo City 
   -Junk City 
   -Pyramid City 
   -Sky City 
  -Original Digidestined
   -Beginner City 
   -Flame City 
   -Jungle City 
   -Igloo City 
   -Junk City 
   -Dark City 
  -Dark Masters
   -Infinity Tower
   -Steep Road
  -Return to Wiseman Tower
   -Wiseman Tower
  -Grankuwagamon and Ken
3. Special Thanks

1. Advice

Deck Building

-You can only use four of the same card. This doesn't make much sense 
since the maximum amount of the same card you can have is six.

-Never use too many of the same level digimon(too many Rookies). Using 
too many Rookies isn't always a good thing. It's true that you'll always 
have a good card to play, but they usually aren't as good as a Champion, 
and aren't as good as an Ultimate. 10 rookies, 7 Champions, and 3 
Ultimates is a balanced amount.

-Don't use too many option cards. A lot of option cards usually means 
that you won't draw a digimon very often. It's possible to win using a 
deck with more option cards than digimon (It's shown in the manual as a 
special point bonus) but is very hard to use. 10 option cards is good.

-You should usually have your partner digimon in your deck. Your partner 
digimon can be equipped with power ups, and is better than a regular 
rookie. (Partner cards are indicated by a P next to the R on the card.) 
Armor digimon usually have power around the champion level but are still 
considered a lower level, so you can use a card like Hacking. Note: By 
the end of the game you will have three partner digimon.

-Stick to 1-2, or at the most 3 colors of cards. More than 3 types 
usually makes it hard to digivolve. Example: You might have Greymon (A 
red Champion) and Skullgreymon (A black Ultimate) but unlike the show, 
Greymon cannot digivolve to Skullgreymon unless you use a special 
digivolve option.

-If you have digivolve option cards (Speed Digivolve) available, they're 
good to put into your deck. Digivolve option cards can get you out of a 
tight situation even if you don't have the right amount of DP.
Some can even save an armor digimon from a loss.

-The computer tends to like to use the card that resembles itself. So if 
you're facing Meramon, there's a good chance he'll try to use Meramon.

-Don't constantly discard your cards. If you run out of cards and have 
no digimon left, it's over for you.

-Don't get used to using only armor digimon. In your search for them, 
you might discard several good cards. The only exception to this rule is 
when you are fighting A.(this isn't a typo, the name of the enemy really 
is A.)

-Don't always assume that the enemy is going to use a certain move. 
Several times the computer uses the wrong move and loses because of it.

-Digimon have support effects that are sometimes better than your option 
cards, so take the time to look.

-Don't be afraid to use the All-or-Nothing Gamble. I don't like to use 
it often, but it can sometimes save you if you don't have any good 
support or option cards.


Starting a Game
The game will ask you to set the sound and if you want the polygon 
battle on. Next the game asks you to put in your name. After this the 
game tells you to pick a partner digimon. Your choices are: Veemon, 
Hawkmon, and Armadillomon. Each digimon has a corresponding deck so pick 
wisely. Veemon is a good choice for beginners since he has three 
digieggs (I picked Veemon in my first game). The game asks if you would 
like to know more about the world. Say yes if you want to, but you don't 
have to. You will be able to save your game now. Note: If you don't have 
enough data, you won't be able to save.

Mega Area
Mega Area is the home to the 3 new Digidestined: Davis, Yolei, and Cody. 
Mega Area consists of 5 cities: Beginner, Flame, Jungle, Igloo, and 
Junk. You start in Beginner city where you'll face Agumon several times 
in various forms throughout the game.
Beginner City
-Before the Battle Arena
When you arrive in Beginner City, the Battle Arena isn't open. This is 
true for the other cities as well. Go to the Battle Cafe, and talk to 
Betamon. He will ask if you want to take a tutorial. You don't have to, 
but if you are completely unfamiliar with the battle system, you should. 
After talking to Betamon, whether or not you took the tutorial, talk to 
Babamon. This will open up the Battle Arena which is where you should go 
next. If you want, you can challenge Betamon before you go to the Battle 
Arena. To do so, ask him to battle. When he asks if you want to take the 
tutorial again, say no, then he will ask if you want to battle.
-Beginner City Battle Arena
This Arena isn't too hard. The 1st match is Agumon. He uses three 
different colors in his deck. Basically, you should be ready for just 
about anything out of the three colors he uses(Red, Green, and Blue). 
The 2nd and last match is Babamon. Babamon has a better version of 
Agumon's deck. It uses the same three colors that the Tri-color Starter 
Deck used. After winning in the battle arena, you will get an Option 
Pack as well as an Ultimate level card. I'm pretty sure that the card 
reflects on which deck you started with. You will also get the password 
to Flame City.
-After the Battle Arena
After beating the Battle Arena, nothing serious happens, but you can 
challenge Agumon and Babamon in the Battle Cafe if you want to. If you 
got any good power ups for your partner digimon, you should equip them, 
because you probably don't have more than three. You should also put the 
new Ultimate card you got into your deck. After you've done what you 
want to do, you should go on to Flame City.

Flame City
-Before the Battle Arena
Once again, the Battle Arena isn't open, so go to the Battle Cafe. Davis 
is there as well as a digimon who right now, is identified as ??????. 
(She won't reveal her name until much later.) Talk to Davis and the 
digimon and the Battle Arena will open. Davis tells you he has something 
to give you. Come back after the Battle Arena.
-Flame City Battle Arena
The main type of card here is red, so be careful if you use blue or 
green. Meramon is the 1st match.He seems to rely on Meramon cards, and 
sometimes Solarmon for his Crash ability. 2nd is Pheonixmon. He uses 
which uses cards like Birdramon and Aquilamon, but be careful facing 
Aquilamon since it has powerful circle and triangle attacks. The 3rd and 
final match is Veemon. He uses a lot of dinosaur digimon. Once again be 
careful using green cards, because Veemon has Tyrannomon, who can 
severely hurt green cards.
-After the Battle Arena
After you defeat Veemon, visit the Battle Cafe and talk to Davis. He 
will give you a digiegg for your digimon. The digiegg depends on your 
partner. If you have Veemon, you'll get The Digiegg of Courage, and 
you'll be able to use Flamedramon. If you have Hawkmon, you'll get the 
Digiegg of Love, and be able to use Halsemon. If you have Armadillomon, 
you'll get the Digiegg of Knowledge, and be able to use Digmon. Also 
note that the fusion shop has opened.
Jungle City
-Before the Battle Arena
There is only one thing to do here. Go to the Battle Cafe and talk to 
Yolei(who is incorrectly named Keely). This will open the Battle Arena
-Jungle City Battle Arena
Like the name of the city might suggest, the digimon in this Battle 
Arena use green cards, so red and black cards are perfect (Namely the 
starter deck if you picked Veemon). Also, if you have Devimon or 
Demidevimon, this is where they'll come in handy. The 1st match is 
Vegiemon. Most of his cards are worth 30 DP so he'll have no trouble 
digivolving. Next is Ninjamon. His deck is essentially the same thing as 
Vegiemon's deck. Now since Yolei mentioned Veedramon being the battle 
master, you'd expect this to be the last match. Well it isn't, but 
Veedramon is next. If he doesn't get his Veedramon card, he's in a lot 
of trouble, so if he has it in his hand, try to make him drop it. Last 
is Wormmon. Just be careful because he uses green and black. Note: You 
may notice that you can save before Wormmon. The truth is that you can 
save every three fights.
-After the Battle Arena
Nothing much to do here. Just talk to Veedramon and get the password to 
Igloo city.

Igloo City
-Before the Battle Arena

-Igloo City Battle Arena
Igloo city's digimon all use blue cards except the final one. The 1st 
match is Frigimon. He uses lots of healing cards like Premium Steak and 
Lucky Mushroom. 2nd is Whamon. I don't think he is quite as hard as 
Frigimon but he has defensive cards. 3rd is Garurumon. Once again, this 
is not the final match. He uses the Hitter cards, which increase power 
by 500 and allows him first attack if you used the corresponding attack. 
Be careful if he has one in his hand and even if he doesn't, because he 
could use a gamble and get one anyway. Last is Stingmon, the digivolved 
form of Wormmon. This time he uses a pure black deck, so the same 
strategy you used last time should work.
-After the Battle Arena
Talk to Cody after the Battle Arena to get a partner digimon. However, 
these two aren't Hawkmon and Armadillomon. They're Patamon and Gatomon. 
Pick whichever you'd like. You'll get their digiegg later. Anyhow talk 
to Garurumon, he wants a rematch since he wasn't himself when you faced 
him the first time. Beat him again to get the password to Junk City.

Junk City
-Before the Battle Arena
Go to the Battle Cafe and talk to King Sukamon. He wants you to clear 
the Battle Arena of the evil digimon, which opens it up.
-Junk City Battle Arena
Junk city uses rare type digimon. Hagurumon is the 1st match. Not much 
to say about him, but be careful of the rare cards support effects 
because they can turn a battle around. Shellnumemon is next. He fights 
your digivolving with cards like Numemon. 3rd is someone you might not 
have expected, King Sukamon. Which uses a lot of Sukamon cards and 
causes you to discard cards. The final match is Shadramon, Wormmon's 
Digiegg of Courage form (Aren't you getting tired of this guy?). His 
deck is a lot like Stingmon's but he added red cards to this deck. Once 
again, the same strategy should work fine.
-After the Battle Arena
You won't get the password from Shadramon. So go to the Battle Cafe and 
talk to King Sukamon. He won't give you the password, because he 
supposedly "let you win". You'll have to go through the Battle Arena 
again, but this is essentially the same thing, it just doesn't have 

Giga Area
Giga Area is where T.K. and Kari are. The 4 new cities are Dark City, 
Pyramid City, Sky City, and Desert Island. You will not go to the Desert 
Island until after you defeat A. You start in Dark City, where you will 
defeat Wormmon once and for all.
Dark City
-Before the Battle Arena
Talk to Wormmon in the Battle Cafe to open up the Arena.
-Dark City Battle Arena
1st is Wormmon. In the 2nd round, Wormmon digivolves into Stingmon. 3rd 
is Shadramon. The 4th round isn't the last round, but Wormmon Digivolves 
using the Digiegg of Light to become Quetzalmon. Last is the Digimon 
Emperor that you've been hearing so much about.
-After the Battle Arena
After you defeat the Digimon Emperor, visit Wormmon in the Battle Cafe. 
He will give your digimon a second digiegg. Friendship for Veemon, 
Sincerity for Hawkmon, and Reliability for Armadillomon.

Pyramid City
-Before the Battle Arena
Go to the Battle Cafe and talk to Angemon to open the Arena.
-Pyramid City Battle Arena
The 1st match is Centarumon. 2nd is Tyrannomon. The 3rd and final match 
is Angemon. This Deck focuses heavily on defeating black cards, 
otherwise, he shouldn't be a problem.
-After the Battle Arena
There isn't much to do unless you have Patamon as a partner, if this is 
the case, talk to T.K. to get the Digiegg of Hope. Then go to Sky City.

Sky City
-Before the Battle Arena
Go to the Battle Cafe and talk to Gatomon. She asks you to go to Wiseman 
Tower, but according to rules, you have to battle her first. 
-Sky City Battle Arena
1st is Wizardmon. 2nd is Aeroveedramon. He is very similar to Veedramon, 
so if he was easy, you shouldn't have much trouble. Last is Gatomon. Her 
deck resembles Angemon's deck, so there shouldn't be a problem.
-After the Battle Arena
Once again, there's not much to do here. But if you picked Gatomon from 
Cody, talk to Kari to get Gatomon's Digiegg of Light. Next, go to Tera 

Tera Area
Tera Area is Digital Card Battle's final Area. It has 3 new "Cities". 
They are: Steep Road, Wiseman Tower, and Infinity Tower. Ken, who used 
to be the digimon emperor is here.

Steep Road
-Before the Battle Arena
Go to the Battle Cafe and talk to Ken. He'll let you choose between the 
remaining partner digimon. Talk to Megadramon to open up the Battle 
-Steep Road Battle Arena
The 1st match is Goburimon, who a terrible deck making this is an 
incredibly easy fight. The reason is simple: With 5 different colors, it 
is very hard for him to digivolve. The 2nd match is Demidevimon. He is 
very clever, and if you use green cards you'll be in trouble. Last is 
-After the Battle Arena
Megadramon won't give you the password because he wasn't the real master 
there! Now Gigadramon shows up. Talk to him to open the Battle Arena 
again. This is the exact same as the first one, except it has one extra 
fight, and Gigadramon isn't much harder than Megadramon.

Wiseman Tower
-Before the Battle Arena
Go to the Battle Cafe. There you will see Metal Greymon(the Agumon from 
Beginner City has digivolved). Talk to him to open the Battle Arena.
-Wiseman Tower Battle Arena
Here you will face the Champion forms of the Original Digidestined 
digimon. The only exceptions are Metal Greymon and Weregarurumon who 
you've already faced at their champion level. All matches here are 
pretty difficult, and will only get harder. 1st is Togemon. 2nd is 
Kabuterimon. 3rd is Ikkakumon. Make sure you save here. 4th is 
Birdramon. 5th is Weregarurumon. He uses a revised version of his old 
deck and he was actually harder for me than Metal Greymon. Last is Metal 
-After the Battle Arena
Talk to Metal Greymon to get a digiegg for your third digimon. The 
fusion shop here is the best and can fuse any level of card.

Infinity Tower
-Before the Battle Arena
Go to the Battle Cafe and talk to Venommyotismon to open up the Battle 
-Infinity Tower Battle Arena
This should be the final battleground, but it isn't. 1st up is Tuskmon. 
Next you'll face Phantomon. One of his most dangerous cards is 
Phantomon. Your best chance is to hope he uses it as a support, because 
as a support, he can be useless depending on the situation. 3rd is 
Megaseadramon who acts like a complete idiot when he's talking(He sounds 
like a machine). I advise saving, but after this save you can't go 
anywhere until you clear Infinity Tower. 4th is Machinedramon. Last is 
Venommyotismon. After Defeating Venommyotismon, he starts to repeat 
himself, something must be going wrong. Don't turn off your Playstation 
because there is nothing wrong with the game. You will now have to face 

Infinity Tower A
I call this Infinity Tower A because this is almost a completely 
different thing from Infinity Tower. The screen becomes discolored, you 
cannot save and you cannot leave. However, you can customize your deck, 
and I highly recommend creating a separate deck just to defeat him. Make 
sure that you have plenty of cards that lower the opponent's health 
because you'll need them. Also any cards that lower the opponent's 
attack power to 0 are good too. Lastly, make sure that you have all 
three of your partner digimon in your deck, You'll probably need at 
least two of them.
-Before the Battle Arena
There is only one thing to do. Go to the Battle Cafe and talk to 
Rosemon. This will open the Battle Arena
-Battle Arena
Get ready, there's only one fight, but it could possibly be the hardest 
one in the game. A is very powerful, but as if that wasn't enough he 
cheats and moves your partner digimon to the bottom. That is why you 
should have several other cards. His first hand is always the same, and 
it is pure evil. His first digimon will always end up be Apokarimon. He 
has a ton of health, and attack strength. This is why I told you to have 
health and attack lowering cards. Lower his health with a support card, 
and after that, your starting digimon shoud be gone anyway. Now discard 
until you find a partner digimon. Definately armor digivolve. Now 
beatdow on Apokarimon. Once he's out of the way, you shouldn't have much 
trouble winning, but it might take a couple of tries to win.
-After the Battle Arena
The credits will roll, but don't think that's the end of the game, 
because you've only cleared the first half of the game.

After A
Now that you have defeated A, there is still a lot to do. This Part of 
the walkthrough will go through that.

Myotismon Set
To start the second half of the game, you have to go through the 
Myotismon set which starts at beginner city. There are actually two 
Myotismons, one on Desert Island(You finally get to go there) and one in 
Dark City.

-Beginner City
Here we are back in Beginner City, but now there have been a few 
changes. Now Tai is in the Battle Cafe. Tai asks you to keep an eye out 
for Myotismon, so why not look around? Head to Desert Island.

-Desert Island
Once again you'll have to customize your deck. Why? Because The 
Myotismon here has special rules for his arena. Only he can use option 
cards. That's right, take all the option cards out of your deck, because 
you can't use a deck with option cards. Anyhow, talk to Myotismon in the 
Battle Cafe to open up the Battle Arena.
 -Battle Arena
This place could be a bit difficult without option cards, but if you 
have good digimon, it shouldn't be a problem. 1st is Leomon. 2nd is 
Devimon. He shouldn't be too hard. 3rd is Metaletemon. Last is 

-Beginner City Again
Back in Beginner City, Tai says that he thinks Myotismon has learned his 
lesson. Rosemon is also here. She says that somebody is causing trouble 
in Dark City, so go check it out.

-Dark City
When you arrive at Dark City you'll notice the Haunted Arena, but you 
can't go there yet, so go to the Battle Cafe. Myotismon is there, but 
this one looks different. Talking to him will open the Haunted Arena.
 -Haunted Arena
Don't take the name to mean anything different, the Haunted Arena is 
just like a normal Battle Arena. The 1st Match is Bakemon, and lots of 
cards in his deck try to steal your HP. 2nd is. Last is Myotismon. After 
you defeat him, he will say he wants a rematch. I faced off against him 
three more times, and I didn't get anything major, so I'm assuming that 
you can't get anything out of it.

Second Digidestined
Note: I'm not sure if you have to beat Greymon first.
Remember how Davis said he'd like to battle you some time? Well now's 
that time. You have to beat the Second Digidestined in this order: 
Davis, Yolei, Cody, T.K., and Kari. Even after this you still can't face 
Ken though.
-Flame City
Talk to Davis in the Battle Cafe for the oppurtunity to battle him. He 
isn't too hard, but be careful if he uses Veemon because he can armor 

-Jungle City
It's time to face Yolei. Like Davis, try not to let her use Hawkmon for 
the same reason.

-Igloo City
Cody's next. Same drill here, only face Armadillomon if you have to.

-Pyramid City
T.K. is the next in line, for me he was very hard. His deck is like a 
much more powerful version of Angemon's. Do not let him use Patamon, I 
didn't and he was still very hard, so I can't imagine what it would be 
like to face Pegasusmon.

-Sky City
Last is Kari. Don't think that just because she uses female digimon only 
she's easy. Lots of female digimon are actually pretty strong. Be sure 
to notice the difference between Gatomon(Rookie) and R-
Gatomon(Champion). While you're here in Sky City, talk to Wizardmon in 
the Battle Cafe. He has a magic wand which can get you some very good 
cards id you know the passwords. I'm going to list them now.
Code                    Digimon
A-VEEDRAMON             Aeroveedramon
H-KBUTERIMON           Hercules Kabuterimon
JIJIMON                 Jijimon
MTLETEMON               Metaletemon
MTLGARURUMON            Metalgarurumon
OMNIMON-1               Omnimon(fire/red)
OMNIMON-2               Omnimon(water/blue)
PIEDMON                 Piedmon
VENOMMYOTIS             Venommyotismon
WARGREYMON              Wargreymon

Extra Arenas

-Beginner City
There is no Extra Arena in Beginner City. Instead, You'll face Greymon 
in the Battle Arena. In beginner city you'll see that the Battle Arena 
is closed. Talking to Greymon in the Battle Cafe will reopen the Battle 
-Beginner City Battle Arena
This Battle Arena is different from the old one. The 1st match is 
Penguimon. He shouldn't be too hard. Next is Rosemon. She uses option 
effects that could harm you or help you. Next is Greymon. He's not much 
harder than Agumon just be careful of his Greymon card.

-Flame City
If you go back to Flame City now, you'll notice something called the 
Extra Arena. Go to the Battle Cafe, and you'll see Exveemon. Talk to him 
to open up the Extra Arena.
 -Flame City Extra Arena
The Flame City Extra Arena has most of Veemon's forms. The 1st match is 
Exveemon, who is a lot like Veemon. The 2nd match is Flamedramon, who is 
still a lot like Veemon except he can have Veemon armor digivolve into 
Flamedramon. The final match is Raidramon he is basically the same as 
Flamedramon, except Veemon can digivolve into Raidramon and he uses 
black as well as red.

-Jungle City
Jungle city has two Extra Arenas, but one is called the Beet Arena. 
We'll start with the Extra Arena. Just like the last arena, you will 
face three of the digimon's forms. This time it's Hawkmon. You'll face 
Hawkmon, Aquilamon, and Halsemon. Once again, all three are basically 
the same, except Halsemon can have Hawkmon armor digivolve.
The Beet arena is hosted by Hercules Kabuterimon. The 1st Match is 
Kuwagamon. The last match is Hercules Kabuterimon.

-Igloo City
The Igloo City Battle arena is almost the same as Jungle City's, but it 
uses Armadillomon instead. Just like The last one, all three digimon, 
Armadillomon, Ankylomon, and Digmon, use the similar strategies.

-Junk City
Junk City doesn't have an Extra Arena, but go there anyway. The Battle 
Arena isn't open, so go to the Battle Cafe. Talk to Thundermon(he's new 
here) and he'll open the Battle Arena. The 1st match in this arena is 
Thundermon. 2nd is Metal Mamemon. Last is Superstarmon(a gold version of 

-Pyramid City
Pyramid cities arena is just like all of the others, only this time it's 
with Angemon's forms. 1st is Angemon he shouldn't be much harder than 
last time. 2nd is Baronmon. He's like Angemon, but he has red cards 
added to his deck. Last is Pegasusmon who is like the other two.

-Sky City
The last Extra Arena has all of Gatomon's forms. Talk to her to open it 
up. This is like The Pyramid City Extra Arena except for a few things. 
1.You're facing Gatomon's decks. 2.Tylomon uses blue instead of red. 1st 
in line is Gatomon. She's shouldn't be much harder than last time. 
Nefertimon is second. She uses the same type of cards as Gatomon. Last 
is Tylomon, Gatomon's Digiegg of Reliability form. She's like the other 
two, but she uses water as well as her other cards. Now head back to 
Beginner City.

Original Digidestined
You can now face the original digidestined, but there is something you 
have to do first. Before you can face them, you have to face the 
ultimate level of their digimon.

-Beginner City
Back in Beginner City, the Battle arena is not open(This seems to happen 
a lot). Go to the Battle Cafe to see Wargreymon. Talk to him to open the 
Battle Arena. I'm not going to go through the Battle Arena because it is 
identical to the last one, but it has Wargreymon instead of Greymon. Now 
you can face Tai. Tai's deck isn't as it sounds. The description makes 
it sound like he only uses ultimates, but he doesn't. The only thing you 
should seriously look out for is Wargreymon.

-Flame City
Flame City is where you'll find Garudamon and Sora. Face Garudamon 
first. She shouldn't be much harder than Birdramon. Next face Sora. She 
isn't very hard either. Note:Even though you'll see Paildramon here you 
can't challenge him.

-Jungle City
In Jungle City you'll find Lilymon and Mimi. Face Lilymon first, you 
should be able to use the same strategy you used on Togemon. Against 
Mimi, you should still be able to use the same strategy.

-Igloo City
Matt was very difficult for me to defeat, but you won't have to worry 
until you beat Metalgarurumon. Personally, I think Metalgarurumon is 
easier than Weregarurumon. Next you'll have to face Matt. Matt heavily 
relies on Gabumon's forms, so hope he doesn't get Garurumon since he can 
destroy you rather quickly using him.

-Junk City
I don't understand why Joe is in Junk City, but that doesn't matter. 
Zudomon's deck has a weakness in that he usually ends up damaging 
himself. Joe is also pretty easy to defeat, so you'll be going to Dark 
City soon.

-Dark City
Megakabuterimon and Izzy are in the Battle Cafe. Battle Megakabuterimon 
first. He does use traps like the description says, but he tends to use 
them at the wrong times. Izzy isn't too hard, but don't underestimate 
the bugs he uses since he backs them up with good option or support 
cards. After beating Izzy, you'll get your reward for this whole set. 
Izzy give you the Mutant Fusing data. This will warn you if your card 
fusion will end up out of the ordinary(I've never been warned of a 

Dark Masters
You won't actually face all of the Dark Masters here(you've already 
defeated Machinedramon). You will instead face Metalseadramon, 
Puppetmon, Ladydevimon, and Piedmon. To open this up, go to the Infinity 
Tower's Battle Cafe and talk to Piedmon.
-Infinity Tower Battle Arena
The 1st match is Metalseadramon. He will crush you if you're not 
careful. He tends to use cards that support blue or weaken red cards. 
2nd is Puppetmon. His description says that he may be out of practice, 
and it's probably right, because he was easy for me. He uses yellow 
cards, though, and those support effects usually hurt you. Ladydevimon 
is 3rd and she uses cards that are usually a gamble that will greatly 
help her. Last is Piedmon, who uses all for Dark Masters. If you're 
quick enough, he won't even get a chance to use any of them since they 
are all ultimate.

Piximon is at the Steep Road Battle Cafe, so go there now.
-Steep Road
There's no Battle Arena involved in this, so it's easy to complete this. 
Just go to the Battle Cafe and talk to Piximon. Now you can battle him. 
He shouldn't be very hard to beat, but don't underestimate him.

Wiseman Tower Again
You have to head back to Wiseman Tower again for this Battle Arena.
-Wiseman Tower
Talk to Metalgreymon to open up the Battle Arena.(Funny thing is that he 
says Wargreymon was just a step to the next digivolution. This makes it 
sound like you'll be facing Omnimon, but you aren't.)
-Wiseman Tower Battle Arena
You will be facing all of the ultimate digimon in the order that you 
faced their champion form the last time you were here. In case you've 
forgotten, that's: Lilymon, Megakabuterimon, Zudomon, Garudamon, 
Metalgarurumon, and Wargreymon. In actuallity, they are not any harder 
than the last time you faced them.

You can finally face Paildramon, but not the normal way(Just facing him 
in the Battle Cafe). You have to do the Extra Arena again. To face 
Paildramon you have to return to Flame City, so go there now.
-Flame City
You can't battle Paildramon in the Battle Cafe. You need to go to the 
Extra Arena Again to battle him. You'll face Flamedramon and Raidramon 
before Paildramon. He can be hard depending on what hand he gets. If he 
gets hitter cards, be very careful, as a wrong move could result in a 
quick defeat.

If you go to Jungle City, the Battle Cafe has someone new, Shurimon. 
Face him in the Extra Arena just like Paildramon. You'll face Aquilamon, 
Halsemon, and Shurimon. Shurimon is like the other two, except he uses 
more yellow cards than green.

Next is Submarimon in Igloo City. You'll face Ankylomon, Digmon, and 
Submarimon. Just like Shurimon, Submarimon is like the other two forms, 
but he also uses blue cards.

Magnaangemon is next so go back to Pyramid City. Challenge him in the 
Extra Arena there. You'll face Baronmon and Pegasusmon but they 
shouldn't be a problem. Magnaangemon's deck can completely wipe out 
black cards fast, so try not to use them.

Go to Sky City and challenge Angewomon in the Extra Arena. You have to 
face Nefertimon and Tylomon first. Angewomon is almost identical to 
Magnaangemon, but she has more of the cards that Gatomon used.

Grankuwagamon and Ken
Head back to the Steep road, and you'll finally have your chance to face 
Ken, but you have to fight Grankuwagamon first. He is very similar to 
the other forms you've faced, just a little harder. Ken can be tricky if 
you don't get good cards. Don't panic though, he should be easily 
defeated if you play right.

You'll be doing the Extra Arenas all over again. This time you'll face 
Raidramon and Paildramon first, who are identical to the last time you 
fought them. Magnamon shouldn't be very hard either. The description 
says he relies on armor digimon, but he didn't use one at all against 

It's time go to Jungle City. Go to the Extra Arena and you'll face 
Halsemon, Shurimon, and Sylphymon. The first two use the same strategies 
again, so if they we're easy before, they should be easy again. 
Sylphymon shouldn't be too hard either, but he/she(not really sure 
which) uses cards to lower your attack to zero, or attack first.

Same drill, you'll face Digmon and Submarimon, who shouldn't be much 
harder than last time. If you move fast and with good cards, you 
shouldn't have trouble.

This time you'll be against Baronmon, Pegasusmon, and Seraphimon. They  
can all destroy dark types, just remember that Baronmon uses red as well 
as green.

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